Episode 34 – Stephen Linsteadt 2

Scalar Heart Connection is a culmination of ten years of research into the geometry of consciousness.

This process explores the connection the heart has with the heartbeat of the Earth, Sun, Galaxy, and beyond. Stephen Linsteadt describes the heart as the interface between mind-brain consciousness and universal Consciousness. When we become heart-centered, we move into greater harmony within ourselves and with the planet as a whole.

In this episode we spoke with Mr. Stephen Lindsteadt who is a researcher in the realm of consciousness and heart expansion and has developed a software that helps people reconnect with themselves in the most fundamental way – through their heart.

This book describes how life’s challenges provide opportunities for transformation. They often force us to seek refuge and guidance with our nonindividual self. Yet, it is the Heart of Understanding, the Buddha self, that we find difficult to access in our conditioned responses to personal affronts.

Scalar Heart Connection™ is only one of many tools that we can utilize to help us reconnect with our inner creativity, where our moment-to-moment responses align with intuitive and unitive consciousness.

Stephen says reconnecting with the inner voice of our heart’s innate wisdom is vital if humanity is going to survive the 21st Century.

Find Stephen here: www.scalarheartconnection.com

A big thanks to Stephen for making the time to be on HXP.




Please use the below link to purchase Stephen’s book we get a small (very small) percentage if you use our amazon portal. Thank you!


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