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At the New England and humane handling brain hemispheres at entertaining and mentally invented telling me right out and killing frontotemporal occipital I at the things that is the authentic take you to hello ladies and gentlemen this is our episode with Mr. Stephen things that is the developer founder of a program called scaler heart connection and he is just a warm individual I found the work that is doing the interesting as I was working in for the show but after he did session on me I was sold there were things that came up that I haven’t told anyone so there is certainly something happening with the work is doing hopefully you guys enjoy this episode it was actually raining pretty hard during the interview and I could’ve removed the under sounds but they’re actually pretty amazing and really said the spirit kind of like that came with Morpheus is singing is red share with you guys enjoy this episode really interesting as per usual get to our YouTube channel and subscribe is also Twitter I stay pretty active there at the human XP I just put up our page go there like garbage and make sure that you check out student in connection.com very intriguing work to doing thank you so much for listening the human experiences entering your heart chakra as we speak to my guess night Mr. Stephen Winstead Stephen think you so much for being your serve will continue to Atrix be brought out in the it’s a great pleasure to be here with you so Stephen if you could just give our listeners some background about who you are and what you do I think that would help what I’m I tell people that I’m a student of the heart and that comes from other my experience with working with people on the emotional level I have a background in natural health I’m also a certified nutritional consultants I have been working with people about consulting with their them on their health and what I have found over the years is that many of the physical symptoms that people have can also be tied to their emotional situation so that’s that’s how I sort of got into this worried considering what is scaler par connection yes you are connection is a tool actually it’s a method or you could call the process that helps people navigate through I would say subconscious beliefs or maybe these negative beliefs are have patterns that we tend to pick up from childhood and just from cultural conditioning and these are the believes that oftentimes put us into limitation and it’s the limitation that stands in the way of our relationships in some of our career goals are creativity and can also as I said play a role in our our physical health content so I mean I found out about your work and I wanted to book you for this the show we sent a couple emails and you agreed and then you insisted that I have a session before we do the interview which I thought was a great idea it was kind of mind blowing actually the process and I learned I learned a lot about myself I had no idea that the computer and my heart could kind of indicate these things Iquitos more about how this process works and what you use how did you come up with the will of the process itself has a few I guess you’d say iterations it I I studied things like the UN method or a resident three patterning and so I had a sense of how to approach sort of the subconscious mind if you would using applied kinesiology that was know has been the standard and what I wanted to do was find a way to reach the subconscious through the heart and the reason for that is because when you’re working with someone from a distance it’s really highly impractical to do muscle testing because first of all there not present and then if you as a practitioner muscle testing on yourself and the person met on the other line of the following has no real connection with what’s happening and so I and I had a friend and I was telling him about sort of what I wanted to do and they said well I work with my sister by asking are hard to pick a number that’s that would be on the menu as opposed to doing that the muscle testing and I thought that’s brilliant because of all the research and I’ve been seeing about how the heart is connected to them to future events and then the way that the heart is you know change more information goes from the heart to the brain and the other way around so there’s this whole idea of heart consciousness now the heart is connected to this feel that I would say and limited intelligence and so I essentially put together a menu of statements that I could use to ask the heart when I was having a problem what it would do I need to know how can I approach my problem in a different way instead of responding are reacting from my brain consciousness is a way that I could tap into a greater knowing or a higher wisdom and so that that’s out of matrix came about now the question is will how to how does it work and I have to sound is the I don’t know how it works I think that I’m I believe that we are surrounded by synchronicity and what I spread mean by that is that you notice certain events happen in our lives that we would say were total coincidences but when we look at the coincidence seems to have a deeper meaning the quinces and guided us in a way or solve the problem for us and and that in that respect that to me is true synchronicity so I thought well you know why can’t I just has to heart directly to give me the guidance instead of waiting for some external synchronistic event to happen so the way I look at it is that how does the heart know what number to pick that showing up in a computerized program and the answer to me is the same way to synchronicity knows when were having a problem in knows how to give us that direction so this mean this idea of heart consciousness seems to be the core of much of your work and writing how did you come to realize that this was the root to cueing in connection with the world and what set you on the path thinking that we are intricately connected into the universe around us I think that I have been student of quantum physics for many many years and I just love the idea that the the way form of matter is sort of and it’s unlimited it’s like we caught the probability function where all the possibilities exist simultaneously in sort of in this field this quantum field and when you look at it it that field has a vibration it has a a residence and if you go back to a lot of your religious scriptures and mystical tax you find that they also talk about this outsider nonlocal intelligence that is connected to a vibration and so is thought that that synchronicity the sources synchronicity could be accessed through vibration and when I was looking at heart math in some of the research that say noetic sciences is doing through Dean rate and others I realize that that the heart is is a vibration mean that the the heart is beating 72 times per minute and when you look at that is that vibration you start to see that 72 times per minute the next octave above that is 144 and you know hundred 44 comes up and a lot of these religious texts also so that caught my attention and then you keep going up the ladder and you find it pretty soon you get to the vibration that’s the same numbers the diameter of the earth the diameter of the sound the diameter the moon and so you start to feel like there’s this number this vibration is connected not only to our heart to the solar system and universe while setting it is so profound to me because during the session that we had there were some physical problems in my in my body that I hadn’t shared with anyone that came up in the session but also through the session there was this sort of I don’t know the sort of Eureka moment that hit me and make share that that he was just that I have to be passionate about the work that I’m doing to be happy and it blew my mind that interview just kind of guiding me through this question answer process putting into a computer could kind of listed this response from antiquity you we say to that I say well that’s that’s what I say in and people that I work with us sort of the universal responses while and that goes back to synchronicity if we if we realize that were connected to this field of unlimited intelligence and we just as human beings I think we are crossroad when across was a think is great place where we are evolving into place will we are tapping into a higher sense of awareness higher consciousness if you will and without I find it their all kinds of tools that are coming out people are the understanding that we have these abilities and so scalar connection is is really just a bridge to help people really connect with what they already know you notice like how elephants noticing on is coming before it comes or how different animals know when an earthquake is coming before it actually happens out there would Sheldrake is been doing a lot of experiments on how dogs know when their owners are coming home before before there’s any physical way for them to know that so is there is this sense of knowing and I think all scalar connection is doing is just helping is connected you in another part of the process the offer to your client is looking to these quantum healing codes these are sound that resonate with chakra help produce balance how did your interest in sounds as a healing tool come about in what led to this creation of the quantum healing codes well I think because I’ve always been interested in vibration I studied in Germany actually what they call by residents and this study and by a residence uses Oriental medicine is sort of the foundation but in Oriental medicine there was looking at the symptom and then tracing it back to the cause what is the what is the root dysfunction that is happening in again on and energetic level and so I started to see the body as frequencies and so for example the kidney has a different vibration them the the liver and so I was always looking at the body is a is almost like an orchestra and one point I found a book called the Bible codes through Dr. Horwitz and he talks about these vibrations which are this officio codes and 90 see them all over the Internet a lot of people are familiar with them and I when I looked at those numbers in this was probably 15 did 18 years ago I realized that in the harmonics that those vibrations could actually be put together his links then they created triangles and that’s really bizarre if you’re familiar with Symantec semantics is the study of sounding you see in sound also how vibration gives rise to geometry and so I was looking at these vibrations these harmonics of these towns and I realized at some point that the triangles were coming together to create Metatron’s cute and Metatron’s cute this is the same as saying the 20 at the entrance and so that gave me this idea that I could put these statements into a geometric pattern if you work and each one of those geometries each one of those notes were referring to the different chakra emotional centers and so really just gave me a way to take all these different statements that we could ask the hard questions about and have them organized by chakra help them organize for the different houses in the zodiac and all their archetypal energies so’s way of simplifying it at the same time when we have a disruption in say the solar plexus chakra and we used it the tone for that it just seems to bring that positive vibration deeper into a cellular level to having this this really gets me excited just hearing about this this concept lightning here would you say is the most striking thing that you’ve witness as far as someone who’s used your technique as a means to healing well I hesitate to use the healing or the cure word but that have been situations where a different public presentations that I give around the country eight select people from the audience and and they like to come up in like a short version which is similar to the person we have on the app where people can come up with a simple and having this problem the problem is enticed people, with a pain in the knee for example and then we and so we asked the heart will what is sort of the energetic issue there were what do we need to know to move that energy through and is just amazing how people will suddenly go into this deeper place at they were expecting me you you have that experience where you know you have one issue in and seminars take you to really really deep levels and and so people will find issues around just moving forward in life so there’s there would be an example you can say will moving forward might be connected to the knee and so negative the root cause and was holding them back to have this great epiphany to have this great well and they want back into their see the end there there walking with no pain in all I don’t want to say that they were healed or that we cure them but it is interesting how that that sometimes happens have you ever had a session in which you felt like you had to retool or kind reassessed any of your own ideas well I’m constantly resetting by ideas because I just had a session just over the weekend with a family and we did one of the the family members wanted to do a session around of an ancestral trauma that they felt that there was some something that happened the past there holding onto in the and that present moment and so that’s all we had to go on was just well with think we want to clear some job trauma in the family tree and one of the things that come up is what is the beginning of the of this negative vibration that’s in the group are in the person and it can be an age they can be that time in the world it can be again there is a section for ancestral pattern but what came up was an age and when we asked her to show us the age you came up 49 well 49 ended up being the age that my great great grandfather was killed in the Civil War 49 was the age of my daughter-in-law’s mother when she died 49 was the age of my grandfather when his other daughter committed suicide and 49 just sort of came up everywhere Hentges shifted everybody in the room just got this incredible sense that we were connected in some way actually to the energy of those people and so that changes your mean that echoes that’s a big well when suddenly the heart is giving you a number that is going across all these multiple generations it was really profound and really makes you think about how does that how does that happen mean what what how does the heart know all that into the other bring that up and into for the first time people felt like they were integrating these these events in the past and at the end of it you know there are people around that had years of feeling a sense of anxiety unit into the session a just actually went away is like there’s this whole shift in and just the energy dynamics within the family group so I mean with the scaler heart connection and the theory in your technique it uses a lot of esoteric and psychological terminologies such as chakra is Metatron’s Cuba we talked about ego consciousness is it possible for someone to get something from this without understanding any of those things the short answer is absolutely there is the free version on our website@scaleheartconnection.com you can just click on precession and just ask you to type in what is your issue in and you just pick numbers and you pick a number of you hit enter and the heart give you feedback on what you need to look at and that’s all you really need to know that the longer answer is that I think when a society that is still very connected to our thinking into your we want to see the science behind it so probably that’s why I spent a lot of time talking about neuropeptides molecules of emotion in getting into these different terms and a lot of people do appreciate that and it gives their mind a certain comfort in terms of understanding how this works but but like I said the heart doesn’t really care about what we know what we think we know it is a matter fact I think that probably everything I think about how it works is not really sure that it all goes beyond our minds ability to even comprehend some level, I’m sure we fascinated by all this so amines is some of your writings on the human body empty vacuum scaler waves define energy you said that potential is only manifested by me provide the frequency information to your thoughts and intentions of what we want to create and what is that mean and does it mean to that entail that we are kind of like radios come walking around yeah I guess it doesn’t mean if there is this cosmic orchestra the question is are we into to the that cosmic orchestra and I think our thinking and our ego centeredness sometimes gets in the way of truly being connected to something that is outside ourselves something that is bigger than ourselves so I get all these beautiful big words are just a way of explaining the concept that we really don’t understand so I think it’s it’s okay that we all look at it from our own perspective you mean I think the heart goes beyond the boundaries of religion are the boundaries of whatever or philosophical beliefs are I find it skill heart connection really that deeper level appeals to everybody sort of car cross culturally so that that is one of the beautiful parts that I I like about it is that it helps us all connect with our hearts we can connect with the hearts of others have that so powerful in will would you say is so something that would be subconscious says sorry can’t control the weather this beautiful music in the background what would you say is some of the subconscious material that reduces the connection in our lives and maybe drives us in nonproductive ways well one of the things that I see is people wrestle with a sense of self-worth and I think that’s also a societal problem because we can to value ourselves revalue others based on our career status how much money we make the size of our house on the cars we have and when we don’t measure up to what we think a be our parents expected our friends expect then that really has a very detrimental effect to how we see ourselves and if there’s one thing that I enjoy it more than anything else it’s helping people see that they are valuable that they are a unique part of this whole cosmos and that they they contain and they have the power the whole cosmos behind them to and I think that’s one of the major ills that we had because in that we we tend to separate we restart the judge and criticize others based on all kinds of false ideas and it seems like quantum science is moving closer to verify some of these things like quantum state dimensional structures are nonlocal fields in what is what is your opinion of this and you think that we are getting closer to using this type of technology in our everyday lives we sure are is really exciting to see science step up to the plate finally say well you know there there is a scientific work physics physics explanation say telepathy of this whole idea of entanglement so not everybody’s onboard with it the had the evidence is becoming more more overwhelming and the problem is we don’t always understand how it works but were starting to see the applications of it so more more experiments are done the say yes the idea of being able to read someone’s mind is is a real phenomenon we can ignored anymore the the ability of the heart to respond physiologically to an event that hasn’t happened we can explain it but there is a mean time and time again in the laboratory it’s it’s documented out so I think that we just need to give ourselves permission to tap into that and limited intelligence and I think that we will move into a whole new paradigm which is needed because I think that if were going to survive as a species we need to connect with and by that I mean connecting to our heart connecting to the hearts of the other so we and others so we can ultimately connected the heart of the planet if we did that then I think our approach the plant the each other would be a completely new

So basically you’re ahead of your time by 5 to 10 years well I don’t know what you what I started but I I think now it’s just is become a more commonplace and I think because the the residences there people are just automatically stepping into that idea of of this higher consciousness is sort of and if they are its opening to us and you talk a bit about reconnecting with our inner creativity how how important to think that is I think creativity is everything because any anytime we’ve advanced in any in any endeavor it’s always because we’ve gotten out of the box and you know that it was it Einstein who talked about the the intuitive mind being more valuable than the sort of that the thinking mind because is the intuitive mind it gets outside of what we perceive to be true and as soon as he can do that we might find that there are trues out there that we had even considered so when I think of creativity I think of going outside of those confinements of our own conditioning diming you spend a lot of time paining and you seem like you are you have moved into a better place because of that is there is there anything that you would say to someone struggling with some of their connectivity issues within themselves well let’s stay with creativity because I think that we all are creative and when we start to doubt ourselves we start to have issues with our self-worth one of the first things that goes his creativity and I see so many times people when they think of creativity there like you know I used to sing when I was young but somehow I didn’t think I was good enough for used to be an artist when I was young and I just you know I had an experience where I was criticized so I stopped and I think the the idea creativity takes this outside of ourselves and if we could just enjoy the process of mean I love paining because I might have an idea what I want to paint but at the end of the day I never pain when I started out the pain there’s there’s always this outside influence it comes in and one thing struggle suggest another one and before I know it great is something entirely the on myself and asked why pain is this for the just the pure surprise of it and so I think it with people can just step into their own personal power and just create for the fun and excitement of discovering new things without judging are criticizing I just think will be a whole lot happier have to go through the man where where can people find your work Stephen@skillheartconnection.com that is the best place because there is articles they are there some videos that describe the process there is the the book called scalar connection and we were document the prime healing codes I also have a book that’s called quantum healing comes it comes with a CD that explains how to use the codes and you can you hear the cards for yourself cool more we will deftly provide links for everyone in the post but I really do appreciate your time soon thank you so much for being here well thank you for having has been a pleasure this is the human experience and we are getting at here

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