Episode 157 – Conquering Fear, Addiction & Alcoholism, w/ Karla Juvonen

Karla Juvonen is a Physician Assistant practicing in the state of Minnesota, where she lives with her three children, three cats, two dog, and one ex-husband. She enjoys reading, baking, playing the piano, and above all, spending time with her family.

She previously enjoyed copious amounts of cheap liquor, which she has now replaced with Diet Coke by the liter. She is very active in her recovery community, leading meetings, working with other addicts and alcoholics, and speaking at treatment centers with regularity. She has learned how precious life is and has become incredibly grateful for second chances.

Karla has written her first book, titled “From the Brink of the Drink”. Which we’re going to be covering this evening. In the book, Karla bares it all. From the toll that addiction can have on a person’s life and finally her victory. Karla’s mission is to HELP OTHERS especially those who find themselves in situations such as the one she lived.

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