Episode 151 – Dr. Matthew Loop – Using Social Media to Brand and Build Your Business

Matthew Loop is an expert in social media marketing, helping entrepreneurs and businesses of all kinds to connect with the customers that need their help the most.
After a period of dire financial circumstances earlier in his life, Matthew took an interest in social media and human behaviour, using what he learned to boost his chiropractic practice. In 2006 he decided to create a DVD for other chiropractors, so that they could find the same success. The income from this secondary source eventually surpassed his primary income.
Matthew went on to become a consultant, speaker and author, training several thousand people, speaking at venues such as Harvard University and establishing two profitable seven-figure companies from scratch. His book: Social Media Made Me Rich teaches the reader Matthew’s reliable blueprint for how to achieve the same online success for themselves.

To Find Dr. Mathew Loop and his book CLICK HERE.

You will love this episode!


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