Transcript for Episode 151 – Dr. Matthew Loop – Using Social Media to Brand and Build Your Business

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experiences in session my name is Xavier

katana my guest for today is dr. matthew

loop dr loop is a best-selling author

speaker philanthropist and the highest

paid social media revenue strategist in

north america he’s helped brand brands

celebrities startups and small business

owners multiply their influence impact

and income by harnessing the power of

the internet Matt thank you so much for

being here it’s a pleasure welcome to


Xavier I’m thrilled thank you so much

for having me yeah it’s it’s it’s really

interesting I mean I have your book here

and it is a Bible of social media I mean

I can’t think of anything that isn’t

in this book it’s it’s 500 pages I mean

how did you how did you get to a point

where you thought okay I’m gonna write a

book about you know becoming a social

media strut I mean how did you do that I

mean you did your PhD I doubt that your

PhD thesis was on you know how to be a

social media strategist no PhDs and

social media well it’s very interesting

because I knew I always wanted to write

a book but when you think of writing a

book it just seems like this huge

mountain you have to climb and I’ve been

training people way back into my space

days I’m not do you remember my space

Xavier sure yeah okay so what’s a way

back then when everyone thought it was

kid stuff I just happened to be at the

right place and in the right time and

you know we can certainly expand upon

that story a little bit later but I knew

that I had this this message that I

wanted to get out and also this new

medium that I had found certainly no one

knew what social media would eventually

evolve into but you know throughout that

time I’ve just been very fortunate to

keep my finger on the pulse of what’s

going on and a lot of hard knocks a lot

of learning on my own because there

weren’t any any manuals or video

tutorials and other business coaches

that you could really learn from to grow

their you know brand or companies so it

was just a very interesting scenario

coming back and that in that day so

again I learned from the school of hard

knocks basically you don’t just hang

your sign and in your office and expect

people to come through the door you know

you I don’t care how great of a doctor

or if you have a small business you

still have to get out there and learn

how to communicate so that’s just what I

got good at using social yeah I mean

it’s it’s absolutely essential having a

social media presence I think is key to

the success of any business you know so

was there a point I mean a lot of this

involves psychology just human

psychology so there in your book you

mentioned the psychology of persuasion

as something that that influenced you

and what about psychology you know how

do you think psychology affects how we

perceive a brand or

the image a person portrays yes that’s a

great question so I’ve always been

fascinated why we make the decisions

that we make when it comes to purchasing

and early on I didn’t really understand

certain elements of business and or

psychology until I got my hands on a

book by well two books one was a myth by

Michael Gerber where he talks about the

technician the entrepreneur the manager

and I realized I was a great technician

in the office I was great at adjusting

people helping them but I totally missed

out of the entrepreneurial training in

school and right around that time I also

connected with Robert she’ll Dinis book

influenced the psychology persuasion and

when he talks about these factors like

consistency reciprocity

you know Authority liking scarcity you

know like all these things that

influence that I really began to learn

and discover how to apply them in my own

business ethically so I could move that

person that knew they had a problem they

needed a solution like some people are

just still really really stubborn they

might know that they need this

particular thing but yet there are

objections there’s fear holding them

back there’s all these things that were

planted in their minds in some way shape

or form so I just got really good at

learning how to use social media to

overcome those objections and then build

my brand in such a way that I

established myself as an authority that

I was the only logical choice when

somebody was looking for you know that

specialty Wow I mean you you call

yourself the highest-paid social media

revenue strategist in North America

that’s that’s quite a claim right so I

mean I I guess you know because of NDA’s

and stuff you can’t discuss you know the

companies and/or the celebrities are

there any people that you can name that

you’ve worked with I’ve worked with

fortune 500 companies

many brands that you’re right I do sign

NDA’s I don’t know any other social

media revenue strategist or strategist

for that matter that has a private jet

mastermind or does some really cool

stuff like we do so I’m pretty confident


say that because I’ve looked around and

then you’ve got all you got a lot of

social media strategists which do great

work but revenue strategy is really

finding those hidden profit centers in

the company those high leverage areas

where you can tap into and ultimately

make some minor tweaks in some cases and

you see exponential growth so my work

really functions more along the lines of

a detective I should say interesting I

mean you I mean from just you know

scanning the book I couldn’t there was

no way for when you read the whole thing

in one week but I mean just scanning the

book it seems like you’re you’re more of

an analytical guy like you you have a

very cerebral way of kind of like

putting things together so I mean would

you say there’s a type of personality

maybe someone that’s like outgoing is

there a type of person personality that

makes social media interesting does that

make sense as a question yeah yeah yeah

I’ve seen it work for introverts just as

well as extroverts quite honestly and by


even though I do speaking all across the

country I consider myself more along the

introverted lines of thinking and the

great thing is when you start putting

yourself out there you one you just have

to get comfortable speaking with an

inanimate object at the camera I mean if

you can if you can do that like you talk

to a friend it’s not so bad in that

regard so I’ve you know I’ve seen people

Excel from both sides of the spectrum

those that are very outgoing extroverted

and others that are more reserved I

can’t say that it’s one more so than the

other it’s just about when you’re going

into any social media venture one I like

to look at this is using business as a

force for good and really aligning

certain things at you having them in a

role like it like I don’t just work with

any company based on my attitudes values

and beliefs you know I have to resonate

on a much much deeper level if I take on

a project or whatever and I always

encourage my clients yeah of course

everyone wants to generate more revenue

in their their business but you know why

will they what is your purpose of doing

what you do I mean do you have a greater

purpose of maybe ending child sex


you know like connecting with something

that’s deeper to where you connect your

product your brand to a mission that’s

maybe on you and that excites me that

gives me goosebumps and if you I just

find that if you connect to a big enough

why and your purpose is great enough

listen challenges are gonna happen we’re

all gonna get knocked down but it’s just

it’s gonna keep you going so I like to

fuse that with whenever I’m working with

clients and/or just my content online

and if I’m even the slightest bit scared

of putting something out I try to

reconnect with the the greater meaning

in my life hmm okay okay that makes

sense to me you know let’s let’s let’s

define marketing because I I feel like

some people could think that you know

because you’re influencing you’re

persuading someone in some direction

there could be some sort of like ethical

you know breach that perhaps you’re

treading the line of you know and and

maybe you know because because you’re

influencing this decision that it’s it’s

tricking you in a way you know so how do

we define marketing yeah I don’t believe

in tricking shenanigans or hard selling

or like hard market like one you always

have to be truthful in your marketing

period I mean that should go without

saying hopefully you have a great

product that is for the benefit of

mankind you know like those are things

that I believe are standard but

marketing is simply your ability to

communicate to the right person at the

right time in such a way that they get

the big idea and listen they were are we

gonna use your service or product anyway

but sometimes they need a little bit

more hand-holding for instance you know

I mean if somebody might have an

objection about like well you know if I

if I buy this is you know is it let me

give you a let me give you a good

example okay for it for example I I work

with a lot of chiropractors as one niche

for instance and one of the common

questions that they get a lot from

patients is you know once I go to a

chiropractor do I always have to keep

going now regardless of where that thing

came from you know a smart way to answer

that question would be well I mean do

you feel like you always have to keep

going to the dentist and then somebody

would be like well well yeah it’s your

teeth you know you got to get regular

hygiene and maintenance on your teeth

every few months and well going to the

chiropractor is the same way most people

forget about their spines until they’re

in pain so why wouldn’t you you know go

to the chiropractor every few months to

get a line make sure things are moving

properly so you don’t have any maybe

degenerative problems when you’re older

you’re not hunched over so again it’s

about like ethically influencing and

answering you know if people have the

right objections well I should say if

somebody let’s say can’t afford your

service you would never try to sell them


like oh hey you know stack the value all

this stuff man I believe in transparency

and turning people away that are totally

unqualified so there is a line that you

have to tread but if you look at it from

a communication standpoint that’s all

marketing is and the better you are at

communicating your message to the right

person it’s like as you educate them

it’s the logical thing to do would be to

buy the product you know I mean it’s not

like you’re misleading them in any way

shape or form right so you’re informing

them and you’re giving them an informed

sort of calculated version of you know

what the product does so that’s a can so

they so that it can be a beneficial

exchange on both both ends of the

equation sure sure sure now I might

listen I might know that if I give a

hundred percent money back refund mind

if it’s money-back guarantee for six

months I might know that will increase

my conversion that the person will buy I

don’t believe that’s unethical at all

because I stand behind my products and

programs and they’re really good they

change people’s lives every single day

so again you have to have something

that’s really really good that goes

that’s a standard and then once you have

that you know you’d why wouldn’t you

want to stack the value so people if

they pay a hundred dollars they get five

to ten times the value in return on the

front end and they have a guarantee and

they have these things it’s just like

who doesn’t want to receive more value

for this product that they pay yeah for

sure of course

so I mean is there can you think of a

tale of two products maybe we’re

marketing succeeded on one side and and

the other and maybe the product on the

other side was even a better product but

the marketing was just there

you know the marketing worked more

effectively and so people kind of leaned

in the other direction uh well I can

think of I don’t mean I don’t want to

throw companies under the bus

per se I’m thinking of a company I died

you know there are there companies that

use certain principles in certain

marketing and they do not have the best

products I mean I could go into the the

fast food realm of things where

companies that have been around for

decades and decades they’re really well

known and they built a lot of trust in

the public market yet these companies

are arguably

in some part responsible for the

diabetes heart disease crisis that we

face because they consistently push junk

now I’m not saying that the average

person that works there you know listen

they’ve they might not have any clue but

at a certain level you got to know that

your product is is not really good on

the human body it’s scientifically

proven to all these carcinogens these

chemicals and whatever so I’m not gonna

you know risk getting a cease-and-desist

letter here but but you you know what I


so yeah but there are companies that

have done that very well I like to think

that if you understand sales marketing

and influence you almost can turn the

tables and really use business as a

force for good to get something out in

the world that betters humanity in some

way shape or form you know whether

that’s through cleaning oceans or just

helping somebody live a better quality

of life yeah I mean I think that is how

you hit you know you hit the nail on the

head there with me I feel like that is

my motto is you know developing products

or creating things that are going to

make the world a better place sure and

and I think I think the trend is moving

in this direction that were more earth

conscious we want to pick companies that

are using materials that are recyclable

and you know we want to lessen this this

footprint that we have on there sure

sure sure

and also I find myself like I agree with

everything you just said and I also find

myself wanting to spend money with

companies that do align with just a

bigger mission that pay it forward

either through service and or monetary

donation so for example you know I just

spoke with

who is starting a separate company and a

percentage of their proceeds are going

to be donated through helping to end

trafficking which is which is amazing

you know I love that I rally around that

so hard

inside I’m happy to spend money with

companies like that in fact I go I go

out of my way to because I know it’s

going to make a bigger just a positive

impact in the world yeah yeah of course

so you know let’s let’s break this down

for someone who is in the beginning

stages of you know perhaps the branding

aspect of a business and establishing

that that social media presence like how

do we you know how would we how would

you train that person what would you

tell that person first I would say that

positioning is 90% of the ballgame we

live in a very watered down market I

mean regardless of what business you’re

in there’s a lot of noise out there and

it’s getting harder and harder to just

stand out and you know get your piece so

to speak so you really have to think

about again the psychology going back to

you know I can show you a lot of the

strategies and tactics on social media

Facebook or Instagram LinkedIn or

snapper while these platforms and yeah

they’ll work to a certain degree based

on your business based on your situation

your offer and all these things but if

you oh the positioning game if you know

how to establish yourself as an

authority like you know we’re connecting

right now because you know we talked

earlier just about for example you saw

me on LinkedIn you my book look very

interesting there were certain winnings

the techniques here well there were

certain things that that drew you to my

content in retention and I know we have

a lot of mutual friends based on your

previous guests right so like I’m

thinking you want to harness those same

so same thing so definitely one thing

that you can do to elevate your brand in

the marketplace to differentiate you is

to write a book now that’s not a short

term play but to have something with

your name on it it’s really bit it’s a

big deal because less than 1% of the

population writes a book another way

that you can position yourself is to get

in certain circles you know with

celebrities that have good I should say

good will in the marketplace that a line

maybe the

or maybe you’re working with these

people or you’re finding ways to work

with these people maybe you are just

getting in the circles and you know

getting photos or videos or whatever any

way that you can separate your brand

personally and your company from

everyone else out there

another thing is aligning with companies

that have spent tens of millions of

dollars on branding already you know

when when I was offered an opportunity

to speak at Nasdaq for instance I took

that for a couple reasons but one of the

prime reasons is Nasdaq is a household

name that is just you know to elevate my

brand to differentiate myself from all

the other social media you know people

out there like you align with brands

that are credible in your space that

ultimately there could be bigger

opportunities another thing is the

philanthropy element you know not a lot

of businesses if you look at them

collectively are using philanthropy

enough in their business model and if

you if you do that in conjunction with

everything else that we just talked

about well now you just have another

notch in that belt you know and then if

you’re featured on the news that’s

another credibility thing let’s so

there’s all these things that I lay out

in my book and that I’ve talked about

online that did matter is in terms of

first impressions professional

professional photos like looking the

part and all these things is somebody

goes onto your website within the first

few seconds like your foot is in the

door or else they’re moving on to a

different website and yeah exactly

so if you can at least get that initial

couple seconds like oh wow this person

looks like somewhat of interest they’re

delivering value into the world and let

me check out their blog post their

podcasts or this then you have the

opportunity to further that relationship

and now like build your email list build

your podcast subscriber list and you

know things things like that so I always

look at that before I ever look at

social media strategies and tactics how

was your brand positioned in the eyes of

the general consumer that you want to

service you know if you look like a

surfer and you’re trying to service like

a high-end affluent business market

that’s going to be a difficulty and you

might be extremely knowledgeable however

the first impression

might turn people off to like turn your

audience off because they expect a

certain thing so just things to consider

huh you know it’s interesting Matt

because there’s there are a lot of you

know Hollywood types that that follow us

on Twitter and I you know I’ve had

interactions with them and and it seems

like you know there’s a lot of

gatekeeping that happens you know as

expected you know they have to do this

as you know people who are under you

know social social scrutiny they you

know they’re examined more than than we

are about you know who they align with

so so if you know if you can secure that

sort of endorsement I mean you’re you’re

you’re on a rocket ship right sure how

important is authenticity because I feel

like you know that is kind of a selling

metric for me if I get that sense of you

know this person isn’t really being

authentic there’s there’s you know if I

even if that even registers on my radar

I just I close off right yeah yeah and

that’s a separate art form honestly you

think oh I can just I could be myself in

front of camera but a lot of people

can’t do that either they get all tight

they just they’re not themselves and so

that takes it takes practice I think

initially I should get going and you

should always try to ground yourself and

connect with people close to you

initially even what I used to do on

camera I still do this sometimes my wife

will be directly behind the camera

holding it I find it in and I’ve

analyzed this in my own videos videos

that I just do from a tripod I mean I

can speak like I would to a normal

person to a friend a colleague and

whatnot but I find that if my wife is

behind the camera I just seemed to open

up even a little bit more of my

personality shines better and I’m just

more of myself so you have to cut a hack

you know your strengths and weaknesses

and really take a critically analytical

look at maybe how you can be the most

genuine you and like that’s just one

example of doing that just you got to

get out there and don’t worry initially

I mean if you’re not a certain type type

of person don’t be that that’s not you

and it but it’s how

you like how you how you come across in

terms of your nature and that’s gonna

depend on the market but you have to be

I’m a big believer in authenticity

people will find you out very easily in

today’s world you know the whole fake it

to the make it thing I mean I believe

you have to look the part in certain

regards right but you know you don’t

have to have a million dollars to look

like a million dollars you know that I

mean you can buy a nice suit at

relatively cheap I just think that you

got to know your audience and then not

get too tripped up on the techie geeky

stuff and deliver value when it wouldn’t

doubt be an asset that’s been my motto

when in doubt just be an asset help

somebody get closer to the solution that

they’re looking for and you

automatically have a notch up and a new

level of credibility for sure you know

there’s so many times so many examples

that I can think of where someone has

approached us about being on the show I

mean we get I don’t know like 300 400

messages a day on Twitter and you know

10% of those are people who want to be

on the show and immediately you know if

if the person is approaching me in the

sense of you know if I sense a sort of

aggression about wanting to be if

they’re being pushy about it or if they

feel entitled about being on the show

you know because I’ve done this it

doesn’t work but when when someone is

just sort of humble takes a step back

and says you know how you know how can i

you know I’ve done this I’ve

accomplished this how can I be an asset

to you how can I help you and what

you’re doing it it stops me and it gets

me to pay attention

sure sure I love what Joe polish says he

always says life gives to the givers and

takes from the takers yeah it’s so true

you know but yeah if you can win and out

if you can lead with value that’ll

that’ll shock people I still get shocked

when I have somebody say that’s Matt I

don’t know what to say sometimes I go

okay because there are a lot of takers

in this world so just you know do the

opposite and that will get you very far

well you think it’s a trick you’re like

you know what’s the catch what’s going

on okay so I’m wondering you know give

us some gold here so maybe

something you haven’t released on an

interview or you know something that you

don’t traditionally put out in a public

space is is there anything that has been

sort of a key to you know something

you’ve done well you’re successful yeah

absolutely great question I think that

when you’re going out and just trying to

build a foundation on social media you

need to really take some time and craft

your story like what that’s gonna be in

the market like what your your life your

vulnerability is your strengths so when

I first go into any new market initially

when I was servicing doctors and


I had this video made about my story

where I came from the 700 square foot

duplex that I lived in for many years of

my life in a small town Monroe Michigan

so they could see like they liked the

piers the picture here’s where it was

and then now because of how I learn to

leverage social media this is where it’s

taking me and they could see the whole

journey and that video and it probably

has it has over a million views right

now just that one video and then this

like shares and likes like crazy so I

find that if you have a video or a

written personal story with a photo of

yourself and your family you can use

that to allow the market that that to be

your first impression at any market that

you go into and you can also back in

that like if your people are reading a

story and they connect with you you can

certainly have a call to action at the

very very bottom you know for example

when I was launching my book social

media made me rich here so I can do the

same for you in these new markets that’s

what I did I’d lead with my story so

people kind of knew who I was and I

hooked them in right from the beginning

to you have like the first two or three

sentences you got to hook them in so I

would say something like here’s

something many might not know about me

it changed the course of my life and

it’s a big reason why I’m committed to

paying it forward

those first two sentences make people

curious and then that third third or

fourth sentences you want to get into

the trauma or to a situation that me as

the reader wasn’t expecting like wow

like one of my clients he almost lost

his daughter in her third month of life


that really shaped who he was shaped his

business and many other things that

related to his overall story but it’s

something that you weren’t expecting

early on and it stood out from all the

other junk in the newsfeed he had a nice

picture of his family there was no

call-to-action button like on Facebook

like like a lot of marketers put it

looked like an update from a friend in

the newsfeed but it was a sponsored post

you know to his market and so that thing

took off like wildfire and I can give

you countless examples of something like

that so tell your story put it out to

the market and Facebook I’m not gonna

get too techie geeky because we’re not

both in front of a screen but when you

sponsor anything or you boost a post on

Facebook that just means that you’re

gonna pay some money for Facebook to

show your post to more people and you

can do that through your Facebook fan

page or you can go back in what’s called

your business ads manager to create an

ongoing campaign and Facebook has one

option back there called the engagement

option hmm which is basically a fancy

way to boost a post but we do have

metamour targeting options essentially

so yeah you can target males females of

certain ages certain languages by

keyword interest by jobs I mean whoever

your ideal target market would be you

want to get really well-known in front

of them and you want your story to be

well known because while all these other

entrepreneurs or marketers or whoever

they’re saying hey here’s my stuff buy

this now and click here and we’ve all

seen that one in every four posts on

Facebook as an ad it’s very annoying

even for someone like me that does very

well and makes money doing this I don’t

I don’t like to see that in my newsfeed

all the time so I understand how the

regular public is so if you approach it

from a way that doesn’t look like a

promotion at all and it’s that’s really

not your your foots gonna get in the

door so much easier in and that story

will be sticky in their minds and I and

I remember the stories my mother used to

tell me when I was five years old hmm

it’s it’s a beautiful thing if you

understand the power of storytelling and

confuse that with something that you

would give away for free in exchange for

a name and email going back to my book

what I did is I gave away the first six

chapters for free plus a presentation on

how to

generate your first 5,000 fans in the

next 30 days on Facebook and like that

was my quote offer at the very end but I

gave away more free stuff so they would

read my story they would go and click

the link in the actual post and by the

way they would have to read the post to

get all the way down there and and by

then if they read the entire post that’s

somebody that you’re gonna want in your

circle right because they’re they’re

much more I would say heart-centered or

maybe committed and they’re they’re just

a more a better quality of person that

you’d have on your subscriber list yeah

so I mean you’re taking them through a

sort of hierarchy of you know it’s kind

of like a funnel of you know okay this

person has gotten to this point and you

know they’ve they’ve read through this

so they’re they’re engaged they’re fully

committed and and now we can bring them

to a point of you know introducing a new

idea perhaps or you’re taking them to a

new space where you know something else

is available to them yeah absolutely and

I this is where I don’t sell anything on

the front end there I just want to give

them more value for free here take these

first six chapters you’re gonna learn a

lot and then once they once they have

those six chapters now they’re on my

email list off of social media where I

can now educate them and then stack the

bonuses and the value like hey well this

is you read the first six chapters what

did you think and if you like that

here’s what I have for you on our launch

bonus page we’re gonna give you the book

but you’ll also get access to our

private group and all these other

bonuses so you want to make it just

irresistible that you couldn’t possibly

refuse like wow that’s that’s really

great offer for such a minimal price and

then then people can do whatever they

want afterwards so I like to I’ve never

been a really hard sell guy because I

didn’t like how then felt you know some

I think people like to be educated and

quote sold but no one likes to be

pressured I think there’s a line there I

mean there’s so many there’s so many

layers to this of just really

understanding it and I guess it could be

overwhelming for you know someone who’s

just launching a business to get into

the marketing side of it which is why

you know they would hire you know a

marketer or people who are you know


can do this for them right so I mean

yeah well yes what makes a good marketer

I mean how do you know how can you tell

when you’re when you’re shopping for a

Marc marketing professional how can you

tell that you know okay I’m making the

right decision when I pick this person

well the the unpopular thing I’m about

to say is that first of all you need to

get your hands dirty now that doesn’t

mean you have to know all the techie

geeky stuff about this and I believe in

delegation you know I have a team for a

lot of the things that we that we do but

look at the most successful

entrepreneurs all the all the names that

we all know and I can guarantee you

they’re putting some time in either

creating the content or they have their

finger on the money in the marketing of

those two elements of the business and

they’re just involved they’re not

totally hands-off there so and I find

this a lot with clients you know going

to let’s say a facebook advertising

example you know you could hire an

agency they’re a dime a dozen and we

even have an agency – that helps certain

clients but if you don’t know some basic

metrics and how to track your stuff what

you can measure you can improve and if

you can’t measure it there’s gonna be an

ignorant tax that you will pay and

listen I mean people you know there’s

there’s definitely value in can you

still hear me yeah yeah yes sir

Xavier you’re still there yeah I’m here

can you hear me hello yeah yeah I’m here

man can you hear me guys looks like we

have an audio issue just hang tight for

me really quick be right back


okay we’re back

sorry about that ladies and gentlemen I

deeply apologize seems like Matt last

week we had a guest on and it seemed

like everything that could have gone

wrong went wrong and it was just chaos

it was pandemonium just cuz I’m trying

to you know like I’ve done we’ve done

like a hundred and fifty or so of these

episodes you would think that I would

have this down by now you know and I

just um I panicked and and poor guy I

mean he he was just he’s just left you

know like with a broken broken heart I

don’t know I don’t know but okay so to

pick it back up I mean I think we were

totally forgot what we were talking

about actually yeah we were talking

about so you know hiring a marketer and

whatnot I was just mention I was

mentioning the fact that what you can

measure you can improve and every guru

that we all know they have they have

their hands in some way shape or form

they’ve all gotten their hands dirty so

you need to understand certain concepts

and I related fatalities and as an

example it’s good to know certain

metrics to strive for you know when you

pull things out when you keep them going

really really basic stuff and conversion

metrics because if a company is not

performing to a certain basic standard

then well you don’t need a year to find

that out you know you need like a little

bit of time and budget and then you

could say well that’s not that strategy

is not working we need to shift so I’m a

big believer in like most of my work is

actually consulting clients and

companies training their teams or

training them personally on how to

really implement an effective strategy

and protocol that they can either bring

in-house and have their finger on the

pulse of and I just find that works just

a lot better in so many cases but if you

are gonna hire somebody externally one

you need to be very clear what you’re

looking for you can’t just expect a

marketer to okay well I’m gonna look for

somebody that is great at search engine

optimization getting my website ranked

at the top of Google but I also want the

same guy to do Facebook advertising for

me or even Facebook advertising can be

split into so many different layers you

know when people think of advertising

they think of just classic lead gen type

stuff and while there is a time and

place the elegant method that I just

described for you the personal story

type of thing that is still advertising

we are spending money to put our message

in front of the right people on social

media it’s just an more elegant way and

then with the great thing about social

media like Facebook we can we can quote

re target people on the back end what

that means is somebody interacts with

your content watches your video for 50

percent of the time we can show them

more cool helpful content it gets them

closer to the result they want to

generate so it’s almost like we can

follow up like we would Evo email on a

regular basis and the more you follow up

well the more likely somebody is to

consume your content and eventually buy

your stuff it’s it’s pretty simple in

that regard so is there a time and place

to hire somebody absolutely but I just

find so many times that the business

owner is just a little bit more ignorant

on the process and they don’t know what

to look for so they usually spend a lot

more money than what they need to yeah

yeah for sure and you know it sounds

kind of square and you know the way

we’re kind of relay it sounds you know

kind of almost boring but you know there

there are it does you can kind of create

a game out of it in a way you know have

you heard of someone named Shep Gordon

yes yeah I mean the the the book is

great as well

they made a documentary about him as

well i Richard Linklater I think did a

documentary and the way he was able to

get and he managed these these bands as

you know and he was able to get these

these people that were relatively

unknown to absolutely explode it was

amazing talent that this guy had yeah

that’s fine I mean listen if you’re

gonna and I and I found this to be true

when I first started out learning how to

communicate with people

aka marketing it’s it’s exciting because

you know let’s say you don’t have to go

to school and get a your MBA to put up

an ad on Facebook to figure out if it’s

gonna drive people into your

email list or not I mean there’s I like

that stuff I like figuring out what’s

what’s working what’s not what people

are resonating with what makes them

share the content the most and that’s

pretty fun and then yeah once you start

making sales and helping people that’s

that’s a really amazing thing but but

yeah I don’t you know there’s it doesn’t

have to be as complicated I think as a

lot of people think mm-hmm and I think I

mean I think there’s a certain point

where where people I don’t know I mean

we’re moving into this this different

way of you know the way we look at

content has changed you know like people

have an attention span that’s so low

that I mean if you’re not hooking them

immediately you know if you’re not

getting their attention immediately

they’re already switching the channel

they’re switching the the dial they’re

changing things around you know so I

mean I’m sure you’ve heard of the Pareto

principle right can you go into that

please the I just drew a blank

rado principle is the 80/20 rule where

80% of your sales is gonna come from you

know 20% of your core audience and I

think I’m pretty sure that’s it yeah

yeah yeah okay so I was thinking of

something else my mind slipped um 80

like it’s true like there’s a gentleman

John Roulin he wrote a great book called

gift ology and he actually talks about

this in terms of gifting to the top 20%

so I’m a big believer in finding out

you’re loyal people the people that are

taking the most action that are

consuming your content on a regular

basis the like I mean those are

extremely valuable relationships that I

find for example people that consume my

book a certain percentage of those

individuals will then go to the next

level which might be a video training

course and another group of those might

go on to one of our seminars here in

Atlanta or in the Caribbean another

group of those might opt for a total

immersion mastermind or whatever that is

and so you should definitely be keeping

track of your hyperactive buyers or your

hyperactive engagers all those things

and you know again we do from RN to and

once you figure that out

then you know whether it’s through

customer loyalty gifting through its

anything else to reward these people and

just surprise and over-deliver you

should be over delivering to all of your

customers kind of like giving them that

ritz-carlton experience but with those

individuals in general I mean we’re

always trying to Surprise them for

instance and you know get them a cool

gift or like keep our name in our brand

in front of them whether it’s through

Facebook the retargeting sequences

element so if you I think if you dial

that in correctly and you really build

that loyalty it probably takes less than

20% quite honestly to really grow I mean

to achieve every milestone that you

wanted you know what I mean I mean

you’ve you’ve mentioned Facebook a lot I

mean is that is that kind of the the

social media platform you prefer I mean

is there is there a different sort of

style for each one I mean Twitter

I feel like Twitter I we have the most

success on Twitter so I don’t really

like Facebook at all really it’s gonna

be different based on your goals

objectives and the type of brand that

you have I’m most active I mean if you

look at my tweets I’m probably most

active on probably most active on

Twitter but I get the least engagement

on Twitter because you know celebrities

for example if you’re a UH sure you know

the president or whoever it is I find

that a lot of celebrity brand like

really high-level celebrity brands just

get a ton of engagement Facebook we get

a tremendous amount of engagement over

that way I like from my again this is

this is really gonna vary by business so

one if you’re just starting out

wondering which medium you should be

going into first it’s a good idea to

pick two or three and start to test the

water to connect with your ideal

audience and if you find that more

people are engaging with you on Facebook

well that could definitely be your

primary go-to and there are other

reasons why you might start there too

especially with the advertising and the

targeting there’s no other social

channel that has as good of advertising

and targeting capability as Facebook in

my opinion so if you want to really

reach your ideal person with a flip of a

switch in a few

seconds that would be a very smart play

you know for that but again depending on

the business Twitter has their own

advertising platform as well and there

is certain value I mean you can

literally target followers of another

big brand let’s say you’re in personal

development self-help low you could go

run an ad to all of Tony Robbins

followers which would make a lot of

sense but you then again you’d have to

test and see what’s working well you

know we’re just gonna offer them a

subscription link to our podcast is it

going to be an ethical bribe are we

gonna try and sell them something so

you’re gonna have to test things on your


other companies now are experimenting

with networks like Instagram or tik-tok

you know tik-tok is hottest app out

there you had this at this stage it’s a

younger demographic however I’m seeing

very similar things that what I saw on

YouTube back in 2006 when it first

started I’m not gonna go as far as say

that it will be that but you know it’s

pretty amazing when you can pop up a

video and get thirteen thousand video

views in an hour or less one of my

clients did a simple video about posture

and stretching and bam 200,000 views

later in a matter of three days no I

mean that’s pretty darn good exposure so

again you’ve got to test any of these

mediums and certainly if you have a

specific question about your business I

mean tweet me or Facebook me and I can

kind of give you some insight where I

think you might be better off starting

right yeah but good a bit as it goes

across the board yeah I mean it’s really

interesting this sort of spectrum a

friend of mine made this very clear to

me and the way he put it I think was

really interesting but you know it’s

it’s like there’s there’s only so much

retail space that you have on your phone

your screen is limited to a certain size

right so there’s four or five apps that

sort of dominate your your home screen

sort of page and you know each each of

these different apps like whether its

Instagram they have they do have this

totally different demographic and I was

you know it’s funny that you mentioned

tick tock because I had just I just

downloaded it and I was I was kind of

exploring it and going through these

different videos it’s it’s really

intriguing and what I noticed is the the

good marketers

the people who you know know what

they’re doing for celebrities they’re

already on there they’re already getting

the celebrity produce content for

tick-tock it’s already up it’s already

there they’re already verified and then

you know mentioning Instagram it seems

like you know it’s it’s a it’s a very

fine balance you know like if you know

that you’re gonna reach more people on

Instagram and maybe maybe there’s

something in your demographic that just

connects with Instagram better maybe you

have a business that you know is a

fashion business and you so you take

more pictures and know people are on

Instagram more to look at pictures right

so so would you would you recommend that

people are on all default platforms or

just like once you find your niche focus

on that you know that one specifically

yeah I so I I like the idea of having

accounts on all the channels certainly

but you will dig deep roots and one or

two maybe but this is where like I said

you’ll have to test the first five and

you know even including snap you know

snap is very interesting because it has

the behavioral targeting that Facebook

actually had to do away with I mean you

can target by geolocation people live in

the moment there you can target by

income some pretty fascinating things so

I’m just a big believer in testing and

then really digging roots into one big

platform so even though I do have a

presence on all these channels in terms

of my advertising spend for our

companies you know I would say probably

80% goes right into Facebook because

it’s still with over two billion people

it’s our target market for who we’re

servicing the most which we can deliver

value and you know we’ve just got

everything down to a science now that’s

not to say that that’s gonna be like

that tomorrow and I’ve listened I’ve had

accounts banned in the past on different

social channels I remember on YouTube in

2006 where was the wild wild west hmm

you know you just you’re putting stuff

up and not really a fence it wasn’t

offensive content it’s just you know

YouTube changed their Terms of Service a

you know a year later you couldn’t add

something in a video you couldn’t say

this or whatever it was like really but

really benign stuff

and boom channels were gone overnight so

that would that taught me early on is

that I won I need to use social media in

large part to get people onto a list

that I control whether it’s my eat

whether it’s my email list or a text

list or something where I’m not crippled

if Facebook changes an algorithm like so

many people have been you know I’m just

used to boosting posts and spending

money on advertising so I don’t I

understand the game but a lot of the

brands that we work with they’re kind of

shocked when one to two percent of their

five ten million or more followers see

their content they never look at their

insights before they assumed that

everything was getting out there and no

no it’s a Facebook is a pay-to-play

platform they’ve got an obligation to

shareholders so that’s just the game and

the smarter you can play that well you

know you you can do some pretty amazing

things I’m so glad that you mentioned

that I think that’s crucial to know that

and to exercise that because you know if

we look at these these large but you

know megalithic sort of companies that

they are the middlemen for you know

reaching your audience and the sooner

that you’re able to cut out the


the better your off you’re gonna be you

know and the people who are religiously

consuming your content and believe in

what you’re doing and follow you they’re

going to they’re going to want to do

that they’re going to want to know you

know if whether it’s an app that you put

out yourself or an email list they’re

going to want to be on that list

absolutely it’s just don’t don’t go

through the school of hard knocks like I

had to go to go through and it was just

I I can’t say enough about building your

your home on a platform either that you

control or migrating people anyway so

you just need to play for the long haul

I mean if something happened to our

channel boom we least we have that

communication we could start somewhere

new and there’s a law censorship going

on not to get into that side of the

conversation but regardless of how you

feel about certain things I’m a big free

speech advocate you know mice myself and

because I realize if you don’t you can’t

just before some of it like that’s not

the point even though I might find


was repugnant hey you know right I have

the opportunity to turn that channel off

or not to listen or whatever but big

tech you know they want to be the police

in many regards and and who’s to say

that what you you empowering the average

person to better their finances to

better their health whatever that may be

who’s to say that that might not be

fringe one day or you might not be

looked at as wait a minute you’re going

against the status quo here yeah we’ve

got to keep these people in a line so I

just would be very always keep that in

the back of your mind you know build

your audience but think of a way that

you can get them on the list you control

yeah yeah I agree a hundred percent I

mean we’ve covered it here on the show

and it does seem very Orwellian in the

depression which sort of this is all

going and you know from from the privacy

concerns with you know the way facebook

is operating Google as well and you know

sort of editing search results and I

mean you don’t know when you’re gonna be

in the crosshairs of that if they just

if some dude working at Google decides

one day you know I don’t want this

person to kind of appear in search

results today so you know you’re yeah

it’s a very it’s a very scary thing and

I just say it could happen to anyone so

we could go he could go a lot deeper in

this conversation but yeah you want to

protect yourself and certainly just be

you know you’d be aware for sure Matt

we’ve got about 12 minutes

I mean is there what else can we mention

how can we wrap this together in sort of

a bow that I mean what let’s let’s talk

about you know maybe if someone is just

sort of getting off the ground and what

do you say to that person look what kind

of advice do you give to that person

because I mean I encounter a lot of

people that are you know the the podcast

market is completely saturated you know

thanks joe rogan for telling everyone to

have a podcast you know thank you you

know no disrespect intended I love that


but I’m just saying you know like

everyone has a podcast now everyone does

and so you know when I hear about

someone telling me that they want to

start a podcast now I’m kind of like you

know you missed the Pope a little bit

you know what

I mean so what do you tell you know

people just entering a very saturated

market in many regards yeah so the first

thing that I always try to like when I

even when I work with somebody that the

first thing that we always put together

is a value piece so even if it’s the

most saturated market whatever that is

we’re always looking for an angle to

like how okay again how can we go back

to the basics how can I deliver value

even it’s in the saturated market to

where somebody would see this and it

would be just something that they would

want you know like even if you’re in the

paleo niche and you’re giving away 20

free recipes well you know maybe the

recipes never go out of style and people

are always looking for new recipes so

that would be a very simple and easy way

to build your list that you know you

could then communicate with later on so

I always go back to that store how can I

think of something of high value and

just stack on the bonuses initially

whatever I need to do just to get my

foot in the door build my email list and

then you know as we start to use a

channel for advertising whether that’s

Facebook LinkedIn snap Twitter or

whatever that is we’ll find which one is

going to produce the highest quality

person in our funnel and then we just

will keep that going consistently

meanwhile you can then start to develop

your own foundation and brand so I like

to reverse engineer my market if you’re

going into a market like paleo there’s

going to be certain things maybe that

the top people have on their sites and

are doing I don’t like to reinvent the

way I like to see what people are doing

and then potentially do it better or it

at a higher level and some of these

things trend sometimes it’s really

consistent information for long periods

of time so you have to know your market

inside and out and preferably you have a

lot of experience in that you know you

just because you might have went to

school to become a dentist doesn’t mean

you have to stick in the dental arena

you might have a hobby and you’re really

good at fixing cars or something that

you can just put out educational content

and people might resonate with you

because of how you talk the shirt that

you’re wearing because you look like a

down-to-earth guy

you just never know and but once you

start putting content out you will get a

feel for who’s in your audience but I

always lead with something a free value

and then you can worry about okay bill

ding an actual site a home online that

features you in a very very worthy light

and then if you want to even if you

don’t have any product services or

programs but just to have some type of

home and then be you know work on what

we talked about earlier those

positioning factors and thinking how can

I elevate my brand I look at my status

positioned myself so that I’m looked at

as credible right from the get-go that

I’m differentiated with X amount of

people and I realized that some of you

right now you might not be in a position

where if there’s an opportunity for you

to invest five thousand or ten thousand

dollars to be in a circle with certain

people or at a high-level corporate and

how you’d be able to piggyback on a name

well you can still doesn’t cost you any

money to go and network with local

meetup groups and just to meet people

and you know you’d be surprised and how

far that alone can take you just about

just by saying hey you know I well if I

would have you know going back in time

the fastest point from A to B would have

been for me just to find somebody that

would potentially have been doing what I

want to be doing and say well how can I

even whatever I have to do to learn from

this person even if it’s to work for

free I’ll absorb the knowledge I’ll do

whatever it takes I’ll eat dirt but if I

can learn how this millionaire this

multi-millionaire became as such well

that’s that’s again the fastest path so

I don’t mean to go on like separate

tangents here but it kind of all comes

together in terms of a foundation you

have to lay a strong foundation through

the value that you deliver based on

anything else and then once you have

that foundation that you can worry about

either the site or other strategies and

tactics like you might learn in my book

or something else but I think that a lot

of entrepreneurs they forget about that

even if they have a just an amazing

television show or podcast or whatever

they’re just not getting you know

they’re still relying on that one

channel they don’t have an email list of

10 20 50 thousand people that they can


anytime that you know to tell them their

new podcast episode is out as opposed to

just waiting for the subscription on

iTunes or whatever so you know I’m kind

of old school like that yeah for sure

and you know just to just to edit what I

said I mean I’m not saying don’t start a

podcast if you want to start a podcast

please do that but I think it’s it’s

really good to kind of meter your

expectations of where you’re gonna be I

think people have some sort of you know

I don’t know like a impression that

they’re gonna conquer you know

everything when you know start just with

you know the first step first you know

figure out which microphone you’re gonna

buy before you have hopes and dreams

about you know like changing the world

exactly you know and then you have to

decide like I talked about in my book

you know once you get your ideas and you

decide you want to create something

whatever that is if it’s a podcast and

online course whatever whatever that

something is and ya have that free

giveaway attached to it and then you

know map it out like I like I kind of

show you like what do you want to

deliver in this thing what is your

short-term goal what is your long-term

goal who do you want to help the most

and then you know when you have that

then you can apply the strategies the

tactics and just just layer on

everything else and see how amazing this

beautiful world that we live in is I

mean it’s it still blows my mind I

remember when I I didn’t have an online

business you know where I still had my

primary practice and I just had an idea

I knew there was something to this

internet thing and then I began to kind

of work it and slowly but surely that

snowball turned into an avalanche hmm so

I mean big big things can happen and

it’s a lot easier now my gosh I like

maybe the Savior you know this too but

at five six years ago even you used to

have I mean you’d have to have like five

or six programs or pieces and tools to

be able to do everything like that

a Cara or clickfunnels does nowadays you

know if you’re talking about like online

business type stuff with shopping cars

with the email management system all in

one place the sales page is a landing

page it’s it’s insane how I don’t want

to say how easy it is

but but it’s pretty easy I mean to give

this get set up with something well I

mean I think the toolkit has changed so

you know when you when you know what

you’re doing the kind of the knife that

you’re using is changed upgraded the

knife but I mean if you’re still just

kind of like chopping around you’re

gonna cut yourself you know so it’s good

to learn the basics and understand kind

of the realm and you know your approach

and I think having just a mission

statement like you know what what

problem are you solving I mean that’s

that’s kind of the mantra of everything

and you know what makes you as a company

what what are you what are you doing

what value are you providing to people

why should why should I give you my

attention you know why should I give you

my money you know more than that so so

Matt I mean I really enjoyed this

conversation man where can people get to

your work where can people find your


sure absolutely book is available in

book stores Amazon you can even go if

you went to social media made me rich

dot-com slash gifts gif TS you can

download the first six chapters there

I’m pretty active on social media so you

can find me at Matthew loop ma tthe w LP

and you know if you’re an entrepreneur

or business owner you’re looking to to

grow in any way shape or form using

social let’s have a conversation

and see where you were highest leverage

areas are you know there could be a lot

of opportunity and I’ve just found that

it’s still in a very abundant and

prosperous time regardless of what goes

on on social media there there will

always be opportunity it’s just about

being able to leverage that connecting

with people that have already been where

you want to be and just figuring out

those those shortcuts and there are

people that will tell you that there are

no shortcuts in business but I don’t

find that’s I don’t find that’s true I

mean you could learn social media on

your own you could learn how to

advertise on Twitter and Facebook but

then you how long is that gonna take you

hours a day and or you could just take a

course and figure some stuff out through

a person that’s already generating

millions and millions of dollars it’s

pretty simple learn the systems and you

can apply to your own niche but but yeah

any way that I can help you guys

just feel free to contact me on social

100% I love that just to add to that

little bit there’s a there’s an old

quote by Tony Robbins and he says you

know business deals are like buses

there’s one every few minutes so don’t

think that you miss the bus you know on

the business side of things guys we’re

gonna get out of here my my guest for

tonight dr. matthew lutz


which you can find at bookstores and we

will definitely make that link available

on the website we usually hang out on

the community server you can find the

link to that it’s all my links comm

slash the human XP the invite to that is

usually open you’re welcome to come join

us there thank you guys so much for

listening we will be back next week with

a new guest have a good night

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