Episode 143 – Dr. Joe Vitale – Reality Creation, Law of Attraction, Relationships, Overcoming Fear

Dr Joe Vitale is an author and speaker who teaches how the principles of the Law of Attraction and the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono system, can bring people the success and healing that they desire in life. An expert in marketing and copywriting, he has crafted various courses and books to get his message across, including The Attractor Factor, Zero Limits and Attract Money Now. These sit alongside his various marketing and writing instruction books, such as Hypnotic Writing and Zen and the Art of Writing.
Joe is one of the stars in the movie adaptation of The Secret. He has also appeared on such outlets as Larry King, Newsweek and CNBC’s “The Big Idea”. He has delivered talks in many countries about the Law of Attraction and also has a variety of courses available to help people in their understanding of it, such as his Miracles Coaching Program, Zero Limits Mastery and the Attract Miracles Course. He’s been called “The Buddha of the Internet” and after his huge weight loss, “The Charles Atlas of the Internet.”
Joe is also a musician, having created a number of “Healing Music” CDs, moving from being someone who had never really sung in the shower, to becoming a singer-songwriter that was getting mentioned in Rolling Stone magazine.

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