Transcript for Episode 143 – Dr. Joe Vitale – Reality Creation, Law of Attraction, Relationships, Overcoming Fear


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work I’ve been studying for well over a

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my name is Xavier katana my guest for

today is dr. Joe Vitale dr. Joe Vitale

is an author speaker and spiritual

teacher best known for his appearance in

the movie the secret he is regarded as

one of the top copywriters and most

successful marketers on the planet Joe

has an incredible story of at one point

in his own life being homeless on the

streets of Dallas where the books he

read taught him the metaphysics and

positive thinking he needed to use the

law of attraction in his own life to

gain worldwide fame and success Joe is

also a musician who has been featured in

Rolling Stone magazine he’s delivered

talks in many countries around the world

he’s been referred to as the Buddha of

the internet he has appeared on such

outlets as Larry King Newsweek CNBC and

now the human experience Joe it is truly

a pleasure thank you so much for making

the time to be here welcome to hxp thank

you and looking forward to this very

moment I’ve seen what you’ve done in the

past heard some of your interviews and I

thought I can’t wait for my turn and so

this is this is the moment this is the

one I’ve been waiting for you know

you’re a success in life when you get to

be on the human experience podcast wow

that’s that’s so that’s such a huge

compliment coming from you especially

thank you so much for for making a point

to do that so I mean Joe some people

might not know who you are some it may

be very briefly if you could just kind

of give us a little introduction about

what you do who you are please Wow okay

we can do that I am primarily an author

I have written 70 some books some of

them have been the best-selling life

changers so I’m told

I wrote the attractor factor I love

wrote a lot of self-help spiritual books

metaphysical books but I also wrote a

lot of nonfiction market being publicity

copywriting advertising kind of books

early in the 1990s I was one of the

first internet marketers when the

internet showed up and wrote one of the

first books on internet marketing way

back in the mid 1990s but I also had a

spiritual side so I was writing

spiritual books along the way and one of

those books the attractor factor got

noticed by a woman in Australia who

called me up and said she wanted to make

a movie about the law of attraction one

of the concepts in the book and would I

be in it but ended up being a

life-changing decision because as you

know that movie was the secret since

then I’ve been asked to write spiritual

book speak on spiritual subjects and

most of the marketing copywriting has

been left aside because everybody wants

to know what’s the metaphysics of

success so what am i I’m an author I am

a musician as you said

I am a speaker traveling around the

world talking about all of these

different subjects and I pretty much

just follow my passion of that I mean

you you seem like you’ve crafted you

know you’ve created the dream life for

yourself there you know going from where

you went to where you are now and the

the notoriety that you’ve gained and and

worldwide success really and I mean the

the law of attraction is something that

in circles now I think is very

well-known about and very highly spoken

of so you know let’s let’s start there

there was I think there was an interview

that you did in Huffington Post where

you talked about your collection of rare

books you and you mentioned you learned

about the law of attraction in some of

those books so you know what is the law

of attraction and which books of yours

you know helped you understand it well

that’s a great question and it opens up

this wonderful treasure chest because

I’m a book a holic I absolutely love

books and when I was homeless in Dallas

is you had mentioned in the intro I

expect most of my time in the Dallas

Public Library which was a blessing and

a curse you know I was blessing this

Here I am and the Holy Grail the the

vault of wisdom but it was also a curse

because I was broke I was unknown I was

didn’t have money for anything and

didn’t ever car food any of that but it

was reading all of those books the magic

of believing by Claude Bristol that 1953

it came out of course thinking Grow Rich

the Dale Carnegie material but what most

people don’t know is the law of

attraction has been around for a very

long time and there are books from the

1800s and the early 1900’s that talked

about the law of attraction and I was

able to read those books because of the

library most of those are in the public

domain now and you can find them with a

5-second google search but the law of

attraction in the most simplistic form

is basically saying whatever your focus

on is what you’re going to tend to

attract into your life it’s not that

simple but that is the basic

kindergarten elementary definition of

law of attraction what you

kosong with your thoughts and feelings

is what you’re tending to get in your

life pretty quickly mm-hmm

yeah you know we’ve had we’ve had many

scientists you know the credentialed

scientists that are physicists and we

talked about this and in quantum physics

it’s represented that this is possible

that this is a real phenomenon that that

occurs you know with entangled particles

and you know just superposition so you

know there is a mass seemingly behind

what’s going on here with projecting

your thoughts and reality creation

intention manifestation so you know

let’s let’s break it down a little bit

more than that you know like let’s say

let’s say that you I mean in that

position of being homeless on the

streets let’s say that that you

encounter a person that you know has no

money there or they’re struggling with

their finances what is the first tool

what is the first thing that you give

them what is the first tool that you

give them to you know start to draw in

success money that’s a great question

but it’s a difficult one to answer

because if I take myself now and go back

in time to visit the Joe on the homeless

streets of Dallas in the late 1970s and

began begin to share some of the things

I know now that Joe would probably deck

me he would punch me he would not want

to listen to me because he is starving

he is broke he is skeptical he is

miserable he wants to know how do I

survive and I’d be showing up saying hey

your thoughts create your reality if you

can change your thoughts you got to get

a different reality I can imagine that a

homeless person would be not open to

that maybe if I left a brochure that

said here are the top five things to do

to begin to change your current

situation it would include things like

well call 2-1-1 in the United States

there’s lots of phone numbers not just

9-1-1 but other phone numbers you can

call and you can get shelter you can get

some food or I would say something like

you know what if you haven’t eaten go

sell your blood go get 10 bucks or your


we’ll get a hundred bucks and go get

some food in your belly right now after

that once they’re able to hear me

I might start entertaining the idea that

you know what you are thinking is

leading to what you’re doing and what

you’re doing is leading to what you’re

receiving and what you’re receiving

isn’t necessarily what you want right

now so you have to back up and start

looking at your thoughts so I would find

some sort of entry point that would say

your thoughts are creating your reality

and I know depending on where somebody

is at they’re going to be incredibly

resistant or if they looked at me as an

authority figure and thought well he was

homeless once maybe he knows what he’s

talking about they might open their mind

and listen so it’s an awkward place to

start because it’s really difficult to

know what what exactly is the right

thing to say to somebody who’s in a mess

and you really want to say you know what

you created that mm-hmm yeah yeah I

resonate I can you know I understand

what you’re getting at and I think it’s

important you know and I think I mean I

had mixed feelings about the secret and

how it was received so I’m curious you

know to understand what you felt after

it came out because it felt like to me

that people you know thought that they

could just sit back in their bedrooms

laying in bed and think you know

something into the universe have this

magical intention go out and sit back

and it appears at your doorstep you know

that’s just not how it works right yes

and I would totally agree with that that

was a stumbling point in the movie

itself no I would defend the movie to

begin with whether I was in the movie or

not I’d say go watch the movie the

movies inspiring the movie is a

introduction to a self-help principle we

all need to know but that’s the key it’s

an introduction it is not a collegiate

course it’s not a four-year program it

is not the encyclopedia of all the

techniques principles in psychology you

need to know to change your reality it

is basically a introduction on a very

introductory level

yes visualizing what you want meditating

over it are all part of how you create

it and attract it but it’s incomplete

from that standpoint I’ve been one of

the critics of the movie myself I was on

Larry King twice and I think it was the

first time when I said this is the flaw

people are looking at the movie and

seeing all they have to do is click

their heels together imagine a car or

bicycle or soulmate and the doorbell

rings and they go and answer it and

there is that there’s their wish

fulfilled I do believe in magic and

miracles I do believe that that is a

possibility but I mentioned I’ve written

70 some books I’m a musician I have 15

albums out at this point I’m in 17

movies I have about 15 other books I

want to write a couple that are already

done none of this kind of productivity

happens by sitting in a chair and

visualizing it hmm it begins with

sitting in a chair and visualizing it

but at some point you have to take

action and that’s the missing secret the

people like Jack Canfield who’s also in

the movie and is a great teacher has

pointed out that the word action is in

the word attraction there is a hint that

the law of attraction involves action so

that’s where I would agree with the

critics and say look it’s you know I

would defend the movie it’s an

introduction but it’s also incomplete

because it’s not as easy as sitting in a

chair and visualizing and I and I think

I think that is a stumbling point for

many people as as you said and you know

so so Joe like when you know when we’re

thinking about what we’re thinking about

I you know how do we start to pick apart

and sort of diagnose okay this is the

aspect of my thinking I need to look at

and work on how do I piece that apart

you had great question so let’s see if

we can open our brains here and I mean

literally try to look at the operating

system of our own mind the way we create

reality is mostly unconsciously we

thinking about things obviously I was

thinking about this interview you and I

having it back and forth this is totally

unscripted I don’t know what you’re

gonna ask you don’t know what I’m gonna

answer people are listening or just

going with the flow but they’re

speculating they’re thinking they’re

getting triggered in different ways on

the conscious level but the creations in

our life happen on the subconscious /

unconscious level the conscious mind is

very very tiny it is very very impotent

it’s trying to steer a ship and this

ship is imagine that famous scene of the

iceberg where ten percents above water

in 90 percents below water ninety

percent is the subconscious mind that’s

where our programming is our life

experience our mental paradigm our

belief system the data of our mind that

is really pushing the ship is below

conscious awareness so we have to do our


in the subconscious mind that’s where we

have to go now you can use the conscious

mind to get there you can write it and

aim it and actually visit the

subconscious mind with lots of different

tools and techniques but we need to

become aware of a few things for example

we create with emotion we create with

emotion in fact you cannot create

without emotions but most of us are

focused on hate or we’re focused on fear

what I prefer is to have people focus on

what they love focus on their passion

focus on their pleasure to actually move

and create in a new direction a lot of

the reasons people are suffering is that

they are focused on what they’re afraid

of and they’re worried all the time

which is the form of channeling your

energy into a creation that you actually

don’t want so I I think the God it’s so

hard to answer your question but that’s

that’s a brilliant question but the

answer is along the line of acute

self-awareness acute self-awareness is

where it begins mm-hmm yeah you know I I

really love your answer it triggered a

lot of different thinking patterns for

me and you know just looking at the

different blocks that I have in my own

you know thinking and subconscious mind

where you know let’s let’s say for


that there you know I mean most people

are thinking about money so let’s let’s

just put that let’s just keep using that

as an example but I mean let’s say

there’s some sort of pre-existing trauma

or pre-existing paradigm belief system

that you have against money maybe when

you grew up you thought money was an

evil thing you know maybe you thought or

maybe you saw something in others and

you know it I created something in you

that that now is blocking you know this

sort of neural pathway that connects you

to you know the higher universe or

whatever the universe is attempting to

show you right mm-hmm well there is a

lot of that data and we do get

pre-programmed in fact by the time we’re

five or six years old as science and

psychology has shown most of us are

already wired and unless we do something

dramatic and conscious and with

awareness and purpose and intention we

will pretty much keep that wiring until

the day we die and we do want to become

aware of it for example my father was

born in 1925 so by the time he was 5

years old

he was living through the Great

Depression in America so for his world

and all the people around him his

parents his family that neighbors the

government the newspapers the media they

reinforced in the most unforgettable way

that there is not enough there is not

enough money there is not enough

abundance there is not enough food there

is not enough security you are going to

live in lack and limitation and want and

unfulfilled desires till the day you die

well my father died recently he was 93

years old and he never ever shook those

beliefs that were anchored in him as a

child here’s the lesson though being his

son I inherited those beliefs when I was

growing up he would tell me things like

the best way to double your money is to

fold it over and put it back in your

pocket and I thought well that’s funny

that’s clever and that’s useful double

you know fold my money put it back in my

pocket and he would say things like your

best friend is the dollar bill in your

pocket well I grew up here

that and so I also downloaded his

information like money’s bad money’s

evil money corrupts and there isn’t

enough to go around to begin with anyway

so no wonder I struggled with money I

was in poverty for ten years I was

homeless until until I began to do that

internal soul-searching dissect your own

brain acute ruthless awareness that I’m

referring to and they began to realize

wait a minute that’s a belief system

what he taught me was a belief system

that for him was reality was still a

belief system but for him it was reality

I inherited it when I began to wake up

to the idea that beliefs create reality

and if I can start locating those

beliefs and changing them maybe I would

get a different reality well I by most

measures I’m a pretty successful guy in

a lot of different areas but that has

only happened from D programming the

software that I inherited now I’m saying

this because you and every listener has

downloaded limiting beliefs mindsets and

paradigms from parents from the

community from the culture itself that

may or may not be serving you today and

what you have to do is look at that and

say am i successful am i okay with money

do I have the spirituality I want or the

health I want or the relationship or

family I want or am i struggling in

certain areas in all of these cases you

want to start to speculate what might I

be believing that would create that

reality in me now and your beliefs

aren’t necessarily and probably are not

yours you’ve adopted them unconsciously

but this is the kind of work we’re going

to have to do oh yeah I mean that’s so

powerful my condolences for the loss of

your father and I it seems it seems like

yes you know it that’s such a huge

process as

of this deprogramming unlearning as you

said I mean Joe I want to ask you you

know have you have you ever been around

someone lets you know where there’s just

an energy or of a vibration that you

feel and that feeling because of that

resonance or that vibration it feels

like almost you know you could manifest

anything anything is possible when

you’re around this person you know it’s

it’s almost like a I don’t know like a

magnetism that just you know it sort of

flows out of them as if you know they’re

capable of just doing anything what is

that what is that when a person is

harnessing that feeling what is that

what a wonderful question it leads me

down a couple of different roads that

I’m excited to talk about well first of

all that is a person that has done the

inner work that is somebody that has

already removed the limiting beliefs to

their own inner passion their own inner

desires and their own limitations

they’ve removed it they’re starting to

live a life of zero limits and many of

these people like Jack Ma Alibaba they

seem like they have no ceiling to the

possibilities of what they can create

because they’re coming from this

connection to life force that doesn’t

have anything interrupting it I think

that the homeless version of me had all

kind of limitations and blocks that were

not in my conscious mind they were in my

unconscious subconscious mind that would

prevent me from seeing any sort of

vision or going for anything more than I

wanted to be an author so I was hoping

I’d be able to write books and get

published someday and I wanted to have a

place to live and have a car and have a

roof over my head

those were the very basic visions today

my visions shock and surprise and

inspire me and one of the things that’s

going on is I’ve removed those inner

limitations when we’re around people who

have done that I think there is a fire

that we catch you can block it I mean

you can easily just say well those

people are crazy or that’s unique or you

know they were born under special

circumstances or the astrological chart

was right for them you can dismiss it

but what I prefer is to be a

around those people this is why

masterminds which Napoleon Hill talked

about in the master or the thinking Grow

Rich in his first course before that the

law of success in 1925 his revised

version in 1928 he spent a lot of time

talking about masterminds a mastermind

is win six eight or so people get

together to support each other and going

for their dreams they exchange resources

and business cards and such but they’re

also catching fire from each other’s

energy and if you have that kind of

combination where everybody is a Jack Ma

or you know Steve Jobs or somebody

that’s more of a visionary that is going

for wild things you start to drop your

own limitations and ride their energy

wave I get excited talking about it and

I actually hope that this is what I am

for other people that in some way shape

or form I am what you’ve described

inspiring other people to go for their

dreams because I believe that’s my

mission I’m here to inspire people to go

for and achieve their dreams

so fascinating question just love that

yeah yeah I do get that from you and and

you know it seems like for me in my

experience of others lately it seems

like more people are you know hip or in

tune to energy vibration and and those

types of words or language that maybe

before you know they weren’t really

talking about like this wasn’t you know

like the quote you know woke you know

there wasn’t really a thing it wasn’t a

mean so you know I want to talk about

the universe and its signals you know

because we this this seems to happen in

an almost mystical way in my life where

you know most let me just back up a

little bit

most people don’t really see how much

work it takes to do what we’re doing run

this show amongst the other things that

we’re doing in with this company and you

know it so it gets frustrating you know

it really does and not not that they

don’t see it but that you know there are

these struggles that

I’m experiencing myself and I’ve you

know there’s been a few times where I’ve

been ready to walk away from this you

know and and it’s it’s been challenging

but every single time that happens it’s

like the universe mystically you know

glaringly obviously you know without

question put something in front of me

that says no this is your path this is

where you should continue I love that I

have a flag theory okay I’ve written

about it on my blog a couple times and

the flag theory is this when you start

to go for a dream you stated intention

whether it’s like you writing or

starting your show or it might be with

me starting a business or writing a book

or wanting to create a new music album

you look for the signs that tell you

what to do next and I call them the red

yellow green flags if there’s a green

flag there’s a sign that’s the door

opens the window open something

synchronistic seems to happen that’s a

green flag it says keep going keep going

but if you get a yellow flag and that’s

a bump in the road that’s where you got

disappointed that’s where there was a

snag that’s where you had a meeting and

the person didn’t show up or you

expected a investor and the investor

changed their mind there’s a yellow flag

on the road now the yellow flag doesn’t

mean stop the yellow flag means pause

the yellow flag means pause its

cautionary much like if you’re driving

down the streets at least in America and

you got the red yellow and green the

yellow paint a bit cautionary slow down

a little bit right here you might have

to stop so the yellow flag is a time to

pause and reflect and oh should I

continue in this direction or I am I

being advised or signaled to go left

right back up pause for a little bit or

do something different if you don’t pay

attention to the yellow flags they turn

into red flags red flags can hurt red

flags mean you didn’t pay attention to

the yellow ones so now you are hurt now

there was you know some sort of painful

occurrence it could be anything from an

accident it could be anything from a

you have to pay some money it could be a

missed opportunity there’s any number of

things so what I tell people is you want

to pay attention to the green and yellow

flags when you say you want to do

something which that’s stating your

intention a great believer in intentions

intentions are a way to align your body

in your mind and your energy to go in a

particular direction

it’s your target an intention is also a

way to tell the universe I call the

universe too great something and I

titled one of my recent albums the great

something is a nod to this mystery and

the great something is trying to tell us

here’s what you do next and if we don’t

listen that’s what we get the yellow

flag we don’t listen to the yellow flag

hey that’s gonna get a full stop and now

we’ve really got to regroup and find out

where we want to go next

so I want to pay attention to the green

and yellow flags and that’s what I tell

people and again this is as you pointed

out mystical it’s almost like it’s a I

don’t know it’s like a quantum

unexplainable esoteric invisible hand

moving us and the pieces around us to go

in a certain direction in some ways it

feels like I’m just an actor here I’m

just playing my part in some game of

life scripted by the great something and

I play my part because if I follow the

green flags and the L effects he likes

pretty juicy and some cool things happen

but if I don’t pay attention to the

flags I could hit a red one red ones

tend to hurt hmm yeah there’s there’s so

much there to unpack and it does seem

like you know reality has this way of

reminding us kind of where we are on our

journey as as we start to create these

intentions for intentions for ourselves

but you know my real question is is it

becomes a little bit complex to me

because then you know we get into this

idea of are are we choosing you know is

is there this freewill

aspect to things or you know is how does

this work is it the illusion of choice

that I have and am i is it you know this


in this preset place that that I’m going

how does that work yeah that’s the guys

that’s the philosophical armwrestling

Grand Challenge these days people talk

about the F free will or not and I’ve

given that quite a bit of thought first

my first answer is yes we have free will

and that means if you are being inspired

to do something that inspirations coming

from what I’m calling the great

something but you don’t have to follow

it if free will you can say no you can

say no to the universe and you can say

no thanks not me give it to the next

person you are completely free to do

that now my side insight is when you do

say no to the universe you miss out on

winning the lottery so to speak because

that inspiration is going to bring some

sort of magnificent miraculous magic to


and when I say lotto I don’t mean that

the cash prize but some sort of

satisfaction that is very deep it is

more than a bodily felt just that felt

good to do it’s more of a complete life

experience satisfaction and that could

be as simple as a woman gets inspired

open a bakery because she likes cooking

dog cookies or something and she does it

and says yes there’s a fulfillment there

that isn’t there otherwise but she has

free will she can say now I don’t really

want to open a bakery that’s a little

too complicated so I I see that’s the

first level but here’s the most recent

thought I’ve had about this and I

haven’t shared this publicly anywhere

but I thought to myself when people are

in an argument about having free will or

not and there’s somebody saying you know

you don’t have free will you just simply

don’t have free will and they’re adamant

about it I could look at him and say

change your mind about that go ahead

change your mind because if they have

free will they should be able to change

their mind hmm if they don’t have free


they’re going to be stuck thinking and

believing that statement so just it’s a

little rough but at the same time I

think there’s something

they’re for the people who really say I

don’t know I I totally believe that

there’s climate change that’s gonna

destroy us all in the next 20 years I

might say okay if you’re free will don’t

believe that mm-hmm and they will find

it very difficult I think it’s because

in some ways free will is an illusion I

think that we are being led by the nose

by the great something to what end I

don’t have any idea I’m here as an actor

on the play to write it’s so profound I

mean I you know there’s so many

different directions that we could go we

could spend all night on this subject

alone and try to figure this out but I

think we would just end up in this sort

of circle talking about the same thing

so let’s let’s move forward you know

let’s talk about fear let’s talk about

you know something that people face

often but you know let’s let’s make it a

little bit interesting let’s talk about

your fear Joe I mean what is what is

something that you are truly afraid of

what an interesting question you mean

right now just something that you you

know that’s that’s in your thoughts

something that that you think about that

is you would you know classify as a fear

maybe you know maybe if you were

external to yourself and maybe you if

you were counseling someone that is you

know under your teaching maybe you would

have a different answer than your own

behavior for what a fascinating question

and I am being transparent and I am

taking that in and I’m going to answer

that in a truly authentic way so at this

point in time as you’re interviewing me

I’m going through a divorce now that is

the most emotional cathartic expense of

traumatic uncomfortable is it a strong

enough word to describe how dark and

unpleasant this experience has

there’s everything from grief to guilt

to regret there have good nights that I

considered taking my own life and I

wasn’t close enough to do that and no

enough tools to pull away from that but

to be candid those thoughts were there I

loved quarter to lost my father during

this as well I have had one relative who

did try to commit suicide also recently

and so I am in a place where I am

entirely recreating my life going in a

new direction ending a long-term

relationship actually beginning a new

relationship doing it at age 65 which

also is mind boggling to at least me

because I thought well at age 65 I’ve

done it all I’ve created my Empire I

have worked decades to create this

Kingdom that I have and I’ve been in an

apartment for the last eight months so

there is that that is going on that is

very real and very raw

now as I tell you this and I’ve never

talked about it with this depth through

this extent I also want to say that

there were a couple times on social

media Instagram or Twitter where I

posted a couple short videos and I was

doing it to tell people look social

media is an illusion

you see happy faces you see people

partying and dancing you see funny

little clips of animals and babies and

you see me and you see me from time to

time smiling as big as can be but you

don’t know that five seconds before that

I may have been in tears and five

seconds after that was photo was taken I

may have been in tears what you see is

an illusion because we only share and

pose the very best of what’s going on in

our lives in a sense it’s an ego trip

and we’re wanting likes and applause to

say hey look how great you’re doing so

we cherry pick our life moments but I

posted a couple where I was saying life

is not that fantastic for me

all the time so I’ve been learning a lot

from Stoics and stoicism and marcus

aurelius and Ryan holiday and all those

guys and they are actually helping me

survive yeah they’re helping me survive

and I’ve shared that on social media as


pointing out everybody I wrote a song

that’s it’s a big deal it’s there’s a

lotta there’s a music video about it and

was in Rolling Stone magazine and all of

that it was called everybody’s going

through something and I wrote that

everything I think in 2012 but boy oh

boy I did not know just how much people

are going through and I didn’t know just

how much I would go through everybody is

going through something

including me wow wow wow

Joe what a what a powerful moment in

this interview you know it felt like I

could hear a pin drop just in that

moment that we just had and created and

I you know I sincerely deeply appreciate

your authenticity and your willingness

to be open and vulnerable in this moment

here with us and everyone that is

listening and everyone that will hear

this episode I’m sure they will

appreciate that openness from you

because you know sometimes it’s easy to

look up to our heroes and regard them as

impervious you know they’re invincible

they you know we it’s it’s a

misconception you know we’re all human

we all have our our faults are our

things you know that that make us human

and remind us that we are human so you

know I I sincerely sincerely appreciate

your your ability to really be open with

us you know here now I am you know I

want to talk to you about you know like

when let’s talk about relationships

let’s talk about when two people feel

like they’re falling in love it’s it’s a

good segue with with what you’re talking

about you know so meningococcal

yeah that’s another big question yeah

welcome I thought you’re one of the most

thoughtful and intriguing getting

in-depth interviews I’ve ever done over

the last few decades so this is a joy

and at the same time you have me dancing

on my toes to keep up with you so

relationships I’ve been in to long-term

relationships both of them lasted 20

years which I think I should get a medal

for that and now you know third one I

don’t know that that’ll last 20 years

because I’m 65 but who knows you know I

don’t want to put a limiting belief on

myself my lifespan or relationships but

I’ve often wondered especially over the

last eight nine months is up going

through this separation that people do

drift apart and the very people that

might be coming together because of a

magnetism that they may not even

understand themselves yes there’s some

mutual interests and yes there may be

physical attraction and yes there may be

something esoteric surface that’s

simmering that’s bringing them together

at some point that may just simply

dissolve mmm I don’t know that that’s a

bad thing my parents stayed together 60

some years and I don’t know they were

happy most of that time I think the

old-school people did you know our

parents and grandparents probably stayed

together until the death because they

took that oath and because they were

afraid to do anything else and despite

it all they just kept biting their teeth

and maybe not talking to each other and

not being intimate with each other but

still live together because they just

force themselves to get through it I’m

toying with writing a book called win

truths collide when truths collide and

the idea behind it is if two people who

are together and a happen together for a

very long time start to drift apart

because of an organic very natural

interest in something else

not necessarily somebody else but

something else then they will probably

not be able to easily be together I

think that there’s something that’s more

natural and organic and loving to allow

that unfoldment I don’t know that that’s

really easy because if both people in

the relationship start to drift apart

and they’re not really honest with

themselves one or the other may be very

bitter that may be very resentful they

may still want to hold on to the known

but then I got to take a helicopter and

not even a helicopter we have to go in

outer space and look down mmm at this

whole concept and start to realize that

look life has an eponym Evan flow to it

but doesn’t necessarily fit the legal

parameters of marriage there is an

epinephrine a higher perspective and

from a universal life span that is

saying it is quite natural to drift

apart it may be natural to stay together

till the end as well I’m not dismissing

that we’re just having this freeform

dialogue and I’m sharing some thoughts

right including the idea that hey at

some point truths may collide and you

may drift apart right and that’s okay

right and you know in it it really seems

like you know back to you know this

greater awareness of this larger picture

this very mystical unknown about you

know what our lives are and the

direction of them and you know maybe

what we even reflect into ourselves as

what success may or may not be you know

I mean there are people who have tons of

money but they are bored unhappy and you

know on the verge of suicide so you know

money isn’t everything and I think I

think also importantly to know you know

in in the regard of relationships and

those types of experiences when you know

when we experience that sort of

disconnect there’s there’s a healing

there’s a profound healing that’s that’s

required where we look into ourselves

and we’re learning to love ourselves

again right so you know what would you

offer in those terms

in the in the terms of healing trauma

and looking at ourselves with love and

compassion yeah big big questions again

from my own personal experience and over

the decades of working with different

people as you know as a coach to them or

mentor to them or hearing from them and

they read my books and listen to the

audios I would say that the number one

thing that we all need to relearn

including myself is a self appreciation

a self approval a self acceptance I want

to say self love but too many people

rushing in with that’s all ego and I’m

not talking about an ego I’m talking

about a healthy respect for yourself a

healthy grading of your life and

everything you’ve done all the decisions

you’ve made with an acceptance with a

non-judgmental loving appreciation and

the bigger word that I’ve been holding

back to bring in here for the right


is forgiveness and it’s not forgiving

anybody else I mean that’s part of the

picture and we always talk about

forgiving somebody who caused the trauma

or drama or the people we blame for

certain things there is a forgiveness we

need to do there but the bigger

forgiveness is a forgiveness to

ourselves to each of us a forgiveness to

myself part of what I’ve wrestled with

when I said you know guilt and

resentment grief is a self punishment

that was coming from a lack of

forgiveness to me we will be more

empowered we will be happier we will be

healthier when we forgive ourselves for

what we have deemed wrong that is the

the big lesson it’s the self-acceptance

of appreciation and forgiving ourselves

to get there

yeah yeah it’s resounding Joe I mean I

this this conversation is such taking

such a deep turn I knew it would be a

powerful conversation but I had no idea

that we would go here and you know have

such a moment so many moments of so much

wisdom that you know you’re offering

there there are some questions that we

should probably get started on now okay

so here we go so Alec asks if you were

to wake up naked in the middle of a city

with a hundred dollars and no knowledge

in anything other than the basics of

what you preach how would you go from

that point of being wealthy and of that

point to being wealthy enough to buy

that city to buy that city yes that

would so yes

well what a wonderfully constructed

question I wake up nude with a hundred

dollars but at the end of a certain

period of time I own the city so wow

this is cool you can get some amazing

listeners here well I would go back

Robert Alan did the challenge 20-some

years ago it might have been longer I

don’t know he’s the real estate guy and

the books called the challenge I would

tell people to go read it cuz it’s still

around it’s always inspired me and he

was the guy who would say give me five

people from any unemployment line as

long as they have a driver’s license I

will have them owning land in 30 or 90

days and then we’ll have $5,000 in the

bank they will know how to create their

reality that will be empowered and

they’ll be able to be in business and

the LA Times followed him wrote about

him he’s also the guy that did another

challenge where he said take away my

wallet leave me with $100 and my

driver’s license drop me in any fairly

mid-sized city and I will own property

in 30 days and I will be making money

from it and again he did that so I know

that these things are possible in this

particular case it’s bothering me that I

wake up nude can’t even have underwear

have to wake up noon this is $100 just

get it I’m gonna run to the local store

and buy pants I’m probably thinking like

I render the goodwill mission and run to

the hello I’m Brenda another homeless

person and say hey do you have an extra

pair of pants

I understand homeless people are pretty

nice to other homeless people so I’d

probably be there but but I mean Joe I

think if I if I can speak for Alec maybe

he was talking about the later stages of

you know that that aspect of wealth

creation when you know you’re managing

multi-level aspects of you know like a

business and corporation well let’s back

up a little bit because I want to make

sure I answer his question okay I’ve

often said that an answer to

homelessness is empowering people and

one of the ways to empower them first is

with inspiration letter than letting

them know I and others were homeless and

we got out of it so you can – the second

is is by leveraging the internet and

I’ve said look even if you’re broke the

public library has computers the public

library will let you use them for free

you can go online so you can start to

begin a business but what business what

you do the third thing is I would tell

people to look at their life experience

and their education their interest in

their hobbies trying to find what they

do that might be unique that they can

turn into a digital product that could

be an e-book that could be an audio book

that can be a video book if it’s just

done at the library on the computer it

can very easily be an e-book you just

type it up and I have met many people

who thought I have nothing to offer and

I talked to one person and he said well

I in the past time my past time I raised

Tomatoes oh okay that’s a product there

are people who do not know how to raise

tomatoes those people are your audience

so you even if you’re a beginner at

raising Tomatoes would be writing your

little ebook on how to raise Tomatoes

with the idea that you’re going to be

offering it to the beginners that are

below you I’ve met a woman one time and

I was exploring the same thing

saying okay she wanted to make money she

had no money she heard you can do it on

the internet and as I talked to her she

said that she had taught herself how to

play the guitar and I said okay how did

you do that she says well I just figured

out that and rather than making full

chords I just make chords out of my two

fingers so I made scaled-down chords and

I said that’s brilliant turned that into

a little digital product on how to learn

to play the guitar and you know a

weekend with only two fingers hmm

and she did making money so this is the

direction I would go in and then to

answer your question once it got bigger

I’m a big fan of delegating I do not

know at all I don’t know how to build

websites I don’t know the techie side of

most of the Internet I’m more of a copy

guy and more of a content creation kind

of a person and so I do what is my

strength and I delegate out what I need

done giving it to people who find it

their joy to do mm-hmm I’d be doing

things like yeah I think that’s that

actionable advice I like that answer

um and like I said I mean we we have

some amazing listeners that are highly

into intellectual so this question you

know it kind of goes in that same vein

this is from berbils he he asks at this

time do you have a clear understanding

of what works and how to get there like

as as a professional athlete might or is

it still fuzzy sort of cheerleader hype

and that’s what he that’s who he wants

to know I love the question I have a

very clear answer and a very clear

practical way let me give you a quick

summation of this I’m a fan of brain

science I’m a fan of fan of

neuroplasticity I’m a fan of learning

how the brain operates to get what we

want in general our reticular activating

system the RAS in the back of our brain

is already programmed to bring us into

survival it’s on alert to tell us if

there’s any dangers in the room

and that’s where our fear shows up

that’s where our weary worry shows up

because it’s alerting us to that what

most people don’t know is that you can

program the reticular activating system

to go for what you do want so the very

first step very real scientifically

proven repeatedly done by millions of

people by now certainly by me and

written about in my various books state

your intention what do you want to have

do or beat and you have to do it with

clarity you have to pretend that this

intention is going right to the hands of

gods so to speak or if you were gonna

order a coat and you went to the

department store you wouldn’t say give

me a coat you would say give me this

color give me the style give me the size

and give it to me by Wednesday so the

intention is the very first thing the

second thing is you want to make it

image some sort of graphical

representation because your brain

responds to images it’s not enough just

to write it out in the intention you

need a photo a graphic and art piece

this is why vision boards are so talked

about by everybody from Oprah to the

people that were in the secret a vision

board is a board where you put the

examples of what you want to attract

into your life it could be a car could

be a house it could be money it could be

a relationship so you want some sort of

visual because the brain responds to the

visual this is a fact the next is you

want to look at your visual with an

emotion because the emotion fires the

brain and turns on the neurons that it

will activate the reticular activating

system to alert you to ways to to

achieve it so you need to be able to

look at it with emotion but the emotion

most people have is fear or worry or

hate as I mentioned in the beginning of

our wonderful interview here I said you

want to focus on what you love the thing

that you’re wanting to attract should be

something you’re passionate about it

should be something you’re excited about

so when you look at the image or you

look at your intention you’re actually

feeling a rousing juicy exciting emotion

if you look at it you don’t care or

you’re flat then you haven’t found what

you actually want

these things all activate the brain and

then the third thing is repetition the

brain responds to repetition if you want

to learn anything you just keep

repeating it and they’re all memorize

the song or the poem by the foreign

language or whatever it happens to be

this is why so many people are told put

up your vision board or write down your

intentions and look at a morning noon

and night my reputation these steps are

concrete scientific proven to work take

them to the bank mm-hmm yeah I love it I

love it Joe and I love those practical

tips that you know I could soak those up

all day you know I wanna switch gears

again and I know we’ve gone and you know

with some some in different angles with

this interview and so you know with with

all due respect Joe I mean no disrespect

whatsoever I value your work very highly

so but I want I have to be real with

this I have to be real about the way

that I feel with this and in my own

authenticity you know I want to ask

about you know this this sort of

industry of you know let me pay me money

to teach you how to make money right so

I mean there’s of course you know that

some people can afford that and God

bless them you know but I you know see

but do you think there could be this is

the industry that you’re in I’m sure

with I mean there was there’s I could

drop names I don’t want to but I’m sure

there are some seedy practices in that

vein of operation right so you know how

do you feel about that

and if you could address that please

yeah it’s a wonderful question and I

appreciate you being so honest about it

I am not in favor of that kind of

manipulation of people’s situations or

their feelings or their despair I am all

about inspiring people to get their

results I have given away and still give

away so much because I was homeless I

was in poverty I know that sting I know

what it’s like the starve and be

insecure and be worried

even in terror and to be suicidal

because of those worries I wrote a book

called attract money now I give it away

it said attract money now calm why do I

give it away it is a complete book with

seven steps in it seven steps that I

have used to help people attract money

no matter where they’re at the very

first step is involving their mindset

because I don’t think they can get

anywhere until the mindset is cleared up

you can feed people all kind of

principles and practices but if at the

heart of their soul they don’t think

they deserve it or they think money is

bad or they don’t think they are going

to ever achieve anything because that

they are lacking in some way they will

sabotage their own efforts to success so

I give away attract money

my secret hope is once they read it and

apply it don’t have money and then

they’ll come back and they’ll buy

coaching with me or other books by me or

you know come to an event or something

at that point but I don’t want anybody

ever to be so broke that they’re putting

their last dime in on somebody who has

promised that that dime is gonna turn

into Millions

I’m not that guy I don’t endorse anybody

who was doing that and I have a long

list of things I give away free attract

money now is just one of them to help

those people who are actually in a place

where they can’t help themselves

otherwise that’s what I’m in favor of

doing you know reach down and help

people and then hopefully they’ll pass

it forward and they’ll help other people

when they get off their off the ground –

mm-hmm I love that I love that you know

you you pay it forward because that’s

you know that’s the sort of the law of

things you know that’s the sort of

that’s the best way that you can connect

with the the higher purpose or the

higher power and kind of wake up and

look at yourself in the mirror and

accept that unless I mean unless unless

you you know widely speaking it seems

like there is this I don’t know you know

this this spiritual war that’s that’s

happening on this planet against you

know light and dark and it almost seems

like the dark is winning so now more

than ever it’s important for us to be as

real as possible to give to those that

are less fortunate than we are and you

know really be

present as much as we can we do need to

shine our light there is a war going on

the dark is not winning the light is

winning but all of us need to turn on

our brightest inner spotlight in fact

there’s a meditation that I can just

describe it and people can do it

whenever they like it’s the idea of

pretending that there is like a pilot

light inside their chest a dot of life

like at the end of the tunnel or if they

know the old furnaces and ovens where

there’s a little bit of a light there

that the kindling has started but

there’s not a big blaze and so they look

at that little bit of light in their

chest but doesn’t start to imagine that

it expands because you turn up the gas

or you add more logs to it or just with

your intention you imagine it gets

brighter and brighter and then treating

it as a kind of a meditation that bright

light begins to expand in your entire

body where the light goes down into your

legs it goes into your feet it goes up

into your chest it goes into your arms

it goes into your neck it goes into your

head until you become this being of

light and then as this being of light

start to imagine that it is way to

eating out from you like radiating from

your aura and going out and touching

other auras and we can keep expanding

this even right now with all the people

listening if they can just pretend and

play with this little image and see this

fire of love this light emulating from

me and from you and then from everybody

else on here that it’s expanding too

it’s reaching everybody that’s on the

call and then all the people who aren’t

on the call and all the people and their

neighbors and the family until the whole

planet is ablaze with light and as we

know we don’t have to do anything to get

rid of the dark all we have to do is

turn on the light mm-hmm-hmm there’s

there’s actually a really great analogy

that I heard you know if if you just if

you just take you know a dark room and

you walk into it you know and you light

in the center of that room one single

candle it will you know it will to fill

that that

room but if you if you try to do the

opposite you know if you try to take

darkness if you try to take a dark room

and apply it you know to light it it

just doesn’t work it doesn’t work in the

same way so I mean Joe we’re we’re

wrapping this up I mean it we’re a

little bit over its flew by you know I’d

love for you to sort of take all of this

together and you know tie it into a bow

you’re a fantastic speaker so you know

maybe the larger message or larger

purpose for the the you know the the

long-term view of a person’s life and

their meaning and all those things well

I want to remind people that the miracle

is now it’s not in the past as nice as

it might have been it’s not in the

future it’s nice as we want it to be the

past and if you do not exist except as

mental constructs all we have is this

moment I mean literally this moment is

the miracle and then realize that you

are in this moment you are part of the

miracle all of life is this wonderful

puzzle and I have a piece to play when I

play my piece my puzzle fits into the

game of life and when you play your

piece your part fits into the game of

life and then life begins to work so I

encourage people to tune in to their

soul look for those green flags follow

their passion trust the great something

and realize this is the miracle I’m so

powerful I mean this it really does seem

that you you know you are teaching

people to be aware of the science of

miracles and you know you’re you’re

giving it a science and it’s it’s needed

more than ever now it really is so Joe I

mean here’s here’s your chance you know

you want to plug I mean I know I do is

there a tour coming up or you’re going

to be speaking anywhere I know you’ve

got a bunch of different books in the


I know there’s a there’s a master class

that people can attend with you where is

the website how do people get there is

there is there a certain book zero point

which which one would you like to

recommend yeah Wow I do so many things

or in so many books so much music it’s

it’s tough to just say one thing I have

a website called vitaly life mastery

calm by tallies my last name vit

a le vie tally life mastery calm there

are courses there there are free courses

their introduction to miracles

attracting money there’s all kind of

things that are absolutely free or only

cost five or seven dollars my books are

on Amazon books like zero limits have

been incredibly popular the awaken

millionaire is popular the attractor

factor that I mentioned a couple times

are popular my musics on iTunes Amazon

Spotify everywhere the album I was

referring to is called the great

something and the book I was saying

anybody can have for free is attract

money now just go to attract money now

dot-com or it’s also at bite alley life

mastery calm and I just want to thank

everybody for listening and thank you

for inviting me Godspeed to all of you I

am incredibly grateful to be part of

this journey ah thank you so much Jose

hang tight for me we just do the outro

here thank you so much guys what an

amazing credible credible interview

I mean Jose work is truly resounding I

can’t recommend it enough I mean there’s

there’s so much of this that he puts

into a science and a formula that

sometimes we need we need that formula

we need and we’re missing that gap in

our minds so I do recommend picking up a

copy of any number of his books that

that are available awaken millionaire is

a really really good one but that’s

that’s gonna do and you will make those

links available in the in the

description of this video and

in on the website so that’s gonna do it

for us here if you made it to the end

thank you so very much if you are not

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