Episode 134 – Dr. Richard Louis Miller – The Healing Power of Psychedelic Medicine

Dr. Richard Louis Miller is a clinical psychologist with a keen interest in the potential of psychedelic medicine to treat health conditions and to help us to explore our consciousness. He explores the history of psychedelic research, the results of recent studies, and looks at this potential in his book Psychedelic Medicine.
Dr. Miller is the Founder of the renowned Cokenders Alcohol and Drug Program and is also the Founder and Chief Caretaker of Wilbur Hot Springs Health Sanctuary. He has been a Consultant to the U.S Department of Justice, an Advisor to the President’s Commission on Mental Health and has also held a Faculty position at the University of Michigan and Stanford University.
Richard hosts the Mind Body Health & Politics radio talk show and has seen his work featured on TV shows such as Dan Rather and Phil Donahue, alongside coverage in publications such as Time and Newsweek.

Go buy the book and find Dr. Miller just click here:

In this episode we spoke to Dr. Miller regarding the socio-economic conditions that have oppressed our culture and society in regards to Psychedelic Medicines

You will love this episode!


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