Episode 13 – Robert Bruce – PPSD (Part 1)

This is our interview with Robert Bruce.

Where we discussed his book, Practical Psychic Self Defense.

Robert Bruce (born 1955) is an English-born mystic author living in Australia. Bruce is best known for his studies of out of body experience, which first became public in the early 1990s through his activity in the alt.out-of-body Internet news group. Over time, he collected and peer-tested his findings in an evolving set of articles, A Treatise on Astral Projection,[1] which he later expanded upon substantially to form his first book, Astral Dynamics, which has sold over 50, 000 copies as of 2008.[2]

In 2008, Robert Bruce was listed as one of the world’s foremost OBE experts by EnlightenNext magazine.[3]

Energy Body Development

Whilst prototyping a visualisation-free method of out of body experience for blind people, Bruce discovered a form of mental focus on parts of the body called tactile imaging,[4] which is based on the sense of touch. This method was released in the mid-1990s in Bruce’s tutorial New Energy Ways, or NEW for short. Robert claims that these sensations are caused by pre-movement neuron charging and discharging, and that this also stimulates the human energy body. This finding is in accordance with the claims of Eckhart Tolle and the Taoist teachings of Mantak Chia.[5]

Bruce largely avoids traditional Eastern terms for aspects of the human energy body, considering them a significant barrier to Western understanding and acceptance.[6] Bruce believes that many Eastern ‘visualisation’ practices were not designed to be visual at all, with this interpretation being received by the West solely due to translation issues.[7] By this reasoning, Western visualisations are largely misguided and ineffectual, whereas through explicitly working directly with visceral sensations, NEW is not. This direct nature gives NEW several of the qualities of a biofeedback system, most notably instant gauging of stimulative success. This additional intuitiveness over visualisation is claimed to allow noticeable results in a matter of minutes.[7] Tolle taught a method of focusing on physical body awareness as a way of connecting with The Now, that is similar to Bruce’s Tactile Imaging methods, but Tolle does not offer a system of energy work per se.[citation needed]

Through exploratory manipulation of energy with NEW, Bruce has mapped out energy centres on the human body beyond the familiar spinal chakras. In his terminology, Taoist dantians are termed “energy storage centers”, and Vedic chakras are examples of “energy centers”

Astral Projection

The Mind Split Effect

A key concept in Bruce’s theory of projection is the Mind Split Effect.[8] In contrast to the traditional view that projection leaves the physical body empty of consciousness, Bruce’s interpretation is that physical consciousness remains in-situ, but is subject to a duplication process. According to this theory, after duplication the multiple versions of a projector’s consciousness operate largely independently, building up separate but simultaneous memory traces that compete when they recombine (cf. Schroedinger’s cat), confusing later recollections

Find Mr. Bruce’s work on his website: www.astraldynamics.com

Transcript: http://www.thehumanxp.com/robert-bruce-practical-psychic-self-defense-transcript/ 


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