Transcript for Episode 13 – Robert Bruce – PPSD (Part 1)

the human experience is underway we are

diving back into the paranormal with our

guest tonight mr. Robert Bruce his book

is practical psychic self-defense my

co-host dr. G is in the studio mr. Bruce

welcome back to hxp

it’s a pleasure to have you here there

there were a couple additions I mean you

you you revised did you revise it you

updated the edition of the book how how

did how did you do that

i i completely rewrote the book through

well I originally did it in about tooth

in the year 2000 I think it was with the

first edition and it actually came about

as a result of an argument I had with my

publishers and one of the publishing

editors who should be nameless took

issue with some of the things you know

some things even in my first book after

a dynamics and we sadhana psychic self

defense in that and anyway the it ended

up with like like ten page letters going

backwards and forwards and we ended up

with about a dozen people other authors

publishers and professionals in the the

field quite well-known people sitting in

and what she you know being CC these

emails of that and I won the argument

but right at the end of it while I was

like banging the table saying if I wrote

a book like that it would have this in

it and this in it like to do it that way

and bug it your ideas you know they’re

stupid and I publishes it great we agree

with you here’s a contract I wasn’t

intending to write it but they gave me

actually gave me a formal contract so

yeah your your writing style was a lot

different I really enjoyed the animation

in in the words that you use and I loved

especially how you compared negative

entities as a sort of malware and the

universe as

operating system that was really cool

that’s a pretty pretty effective analogy

anyway just to finish that story real

quickly the I rewrote practical psyche

self-defense handbook in about 2011 2012

I did a major rewrite on it and because

since I first wrote that my experience

and understanding had grown enormously

and I’d come up with a lot of new

countermeasures and understanding in

protocols and then that and as I sell a

lot of feedback from people that had

that book ideas and that how to make the

book better so I applied that and this

is where the second edition came from

and it’s very slick they love it yeah

you can tell that their there is a

different energy to it with I have both

versions I have the first edition and

the second and you can you can tell the

difference in the the passion level

change so if we could just get right

into it what do you what do you think

the main cause of psychic attack is mr.

Bruce I don’t know there I suppose it’s

bad feelings oh but in my experience

it’s probably being in the wrong place

at the wrong time it’s like if you I

mean if you are saying what is the main

course of shark attacks worldwide but it

generally comes down to there’s lots of

reasons you can apply it to it but it

comes down a lot to being in the wrong

place at the wrong time

having the right genetic makeup the

right psychological makeup and because

keep in mind we’re dealing with

hereditary spirits as well coming down

through family lines which were caused

by like curses maybe hundreds or even

thousands of years ago and still alive

today as there were hundreds of years

ago then of course you get malice from

people you get jealousies

for example a wealthy businessman

enemies and the enemy go is if the enemy

is a type of person that has psychic

abilities and brooms a psychic attack

can result or he may go and hire a black

witch organ tissue for witch doctor yeah

you describe these as like almost

thought projections or thought

constructs that are stuck out in the

astral realm and they’re just kind of

attaching themselves to these other

people so to speak well that that’s one


hmm interesting so so how do you

distinguish a psychic attack versus just

a negative kind of thought or thinking

pattern the symptoms are different I

mean I like an anxiety attack for

example can and often does have physical

conditions which are well-known for

example some people have like a wheat

intolerance because you know all all

modern wheat today is genetically

engineered genetically modified it was

done in the 60s using primitive methods

now some people are very sensitive to

that now work with a lot of people who

have anxiety attack depression problems

and get them off weak wheat and all

those problems stop now the symptoms are

very much like a psychic attack you can

even say in some cases like a demonic

attack but yeah that I always look for

physical causes first but there’s a big

variety of different types of entities

and different scenarios which can relate

to you know a person or a family coming

under psychic you take it’s not one size

fits all

I mean petty family jealousies and

people that just don’t like you you know

come into contact with a sociopath

psychic it’s like a path that has some

psychic abilities that’s a bad so rope

can you kind of like take us through the

backdrop of there seems to be a

hierarchical element we described this

last time on your ass on here

of you know you have these thought

projections you have these negative

constructs that are occupying the space

but then on top of that there seems to

be another level where there are

entities and there are levels of

intelligence have you had experience in

interacting with these kind of entities

or what is you know what is the

engagement they have with humanity yes

I’ve done that people are more

comfortable thinking that you know

negative entities I call them necks or

negative entities which is classes

everything from a common negative type

thought form that’s just annoying up to

the higher demonic type attacks which of

course much nastier but people are more

comfortable with them you know calling

them forth forms they don’t like to

think of them as being real but then

again angels and spirit masters and

things like that they’re of course real

real real hotel digs but I mean here

you’re looking here at two sides of a

coin here one side being negative and

the other side being positive and like

complement each other and it’s like the

two sides of the magnet positive and

negative and it is like a balance in the

universe between these two great forces

yeah which we’re working on in the year

yeah but yeah I’ve had experience with

the higher entities and that includes

angels as well as demons and spirit

masters and things like that so on both

sides could you could you share for our

listeners maybe one of your own personal

experiences with one of the tougher

demons or one of one of some of the

tactics that you use to kind of get out

one of the more stronger entities that

that have affected you

well III come under attack here I’m

quite quite frequently given your work

that I do every probably wants a month

I’ll get some kind of a psychic demonic

attack what is that what does that mean

exactly I’m sorry to interrupt but what

is like what how do you sense it can you

kind of take us through the process also

yeah well it’ll offer it can happen

through Skype you can calculate through

email but often it work comes from

giving distance healing and help or

personal help including healing and

exorcism now when you’re healing

somebody you’re trying to release them

from something negative when you do that

you will make enemies and the demons and

the evil spirits come when you like they

are quite jealous vengeful type

vindictive creatures so if you mess with

their territory with what they are doing

they of course will immediately attack

you and that typically starts out as

it’s a bit likening anxiety attack you

feel it tingling in the energy body

rather other singling and heavy

neediness and you’re you often I feel

your mind becomes polluted you’ll get

all these horrible thoughts in my mind


cannibalistic sexual you name it icky

nasty stuff I will try to get into your

mind and of course if you don’t have

good control of your mind then you know

that that is a big problem so but you

also can get cramps and pains in the

body you can get them anywhere you could

double up with stomach cramps get leg

cramps southern pain sudden pains that

come and go with no apparent reason is a

primary symptom like if you get a sudden

pain in the shoulder or the back for a

minute or two and then it goes away and

then it comes back you know the analogy

of like a witch sticking a needle into a

wax doll you’re like an effigy honest

yeah like the typical voodoo type thing

you know that is actually a really good

example of how it happens if you have a

like a voodoo doll which is magically

connected to a living human being and if

you torture that dog put it over the

fire stick pins and then you will you

know cause enormous problem

for the the person that represents so

that so that person that’s doing that

type of work that negative work on an

individual say they have like a how does

how does that work I mean what is your

understanding of it is it just like the

concept of prana or the energy is being

directed into that individual what is is

it just working on another realm that we

can’t completely understand how does

that actually that thought form get to

become an attack on another individual

well there was they in that situation

there any magical attack situation there

using the magical law of analogy where

you get a doll and you might make it a

wax you will get a maybe a photograph of

a person you might get a hair sample or

a bodily fluid sample which you would

incorporate into the doll you would then

baptize the doll in the exact exact name

of the person you want to attack and

though it’s rituals to kind of

personalize it and then you would by

preparing the the doll if this is

similar to any magical attack he would

reject like a dark fluid into the the

doll or the whatever you using you could

be using a photograph various methods

for doing this and you would project

like a a dark fluid which has negative

intentions attached to it and in that

case I mean what it’s exactly the same

as giving healing to somebody energy

healing but it has with the opposite

intention and well if you know how to

heal somebody to give energy healing you

know already how how to attack somebody

because the technique is exactly the

same only the intention is very

different you mentioned you mentioned in

your book that they’re like stress and

the lack of sleep can open your aura for

and make you more susceptible to attack

do you find do you find that sleep


and the lack of sleep is also an

indicator of a psychic attack yeah

definitely I mean sleep is hugely

important with if you ever under psychic

attack I mean you must get sleep because

one of the most common number-one goals

of any negative entity that is attacking

somebody and intending to attack them

for a while in sleep deprivation now if

you can deprive a human being of sleep

for a few days their mind and they will

go to complete mush and all of their

natural defenses drop so you can see why

that would be a high priority for an

evening and it weighs that last like

that I work with – I mean do anything

you have to do I mean using my

countermeasures which involves of course

you know leaving the room

sleeping in the car has to get another

house go to a hotel these things don’t

travel well and if you go from one room

to another or even to another another

house or a hotel you’ll often get a

break of at least a day before it’ll

come back again so that gives you a

break but you must get sleep go to your

doctor get some good drugs whatever it

is you must sleep you know absolutely

otherwise you will lose the battle so

you also mention in your book that I

mean it there’s a lot of people talk

about how cleanliness is next to

godliness and you say that negative

entities kind of attached to garbage and

uncleanliness why do you deserve a

vibration that’s that’s that they’re

attaching to I’m not really sure on the

exact I mean you could call it a

vibration but what you have is let’s say

you compare a you know a normal person’s

room which is you know clean and tidy

with fresh sheets and that and smells

nice it’s regularly cleaned and vacuumed

compare that to like a an older batch of

the type I’m sure we all know somebody

that is you know that hasn’t changed his

sheets in a year

and you know there’s rubbish pile up he

hasn’t vacuumed the carpet for a few

years and there’s like you know food

stuff a bit of dog poop dried up in the

corner and huge piles of dirty clothes

and that I know a man like this and I

visited him a while back and he was

having attacks and I clairvoyantly saw

this thing and this this man was so bad

if you know for you nice Steptoe and son

the old TV show in England but it was

like he would open the door to this this

you know the main bedroom in this house

you could only get the door open halfway

could you hit a box to get into the room

you had to take a very large step over a

big pile of books and stuff and then you

have to sort of filter your way through

piles of old clothes and things and it

was really smelly and then you get to

the bed which had you know filthy sheets

and stuff he did change his pillow slips

occasionally but the room was smelly

you know smelled like a dog kennel

almost now I saw this entity was like a

large snake and this is the very common

type of entity they actually show up in

photographs quite often and you get a

snake like it’s like the size of a say a

25-foot anaconda quite a big snake and

you can see this like sores diving

through the garbage and under the bear

through the old clothes and that they

seem to be attracted to that sort of

environment yeah yeah I mean you you

talk about some of the core affirmations

I’d like to get into that a little bit I

like them though they say they’re good I

am loved and I am worthy I’m safe and

free I am powerfully protected I am the

master of my body and ruler of my mind

why do you think these affirmations are

so effective well though in a

psychological sense those are some very

very core needs for any human being it’s

like poor to be lower and worthy to be

be how could it be safe

and to be free a very bike or need

psychologically but and the more these

are used by people and I have thousands

and thousands of people using them

regularly they have gained I mean apart

from the sauce are they were given to me

by a master and the they have

accumulated war and well now how the

Mayo used yeah so they it so they’re

growing is powerful but and that is

something simple its I tried to stay

away from anything religious I mean pick

a religion I mean they’re not trying

religious paraphernalia and things like

that the religious approach to psychic

attack it’s pretty much like the New Age

approach to the psychic attack and that

involves prayers and angels and

visualizations and things like that and

to be quite frankly it doesn’t work I

mean I’ve tried those things to death

now I’m sure there are priests and that

of various religions that have a great

deal of faith and that is ingrained in

them that can actually have an effect

that can actually do some good with

their prayers and rituals but it is a

person it is not the words and the books

itself the average person picks up a

Bible and starts reading prayers and

things like that you know like get

behind me Satan and things like that I

mean the entities we just laugh at you

they don’t work that’s what a difference

there if you get an experienced priest

that is like experienced with entities

and demons and things like that but it

is the power of that person the personal

power which makes the prayers and the

rituals work and we’re talking magical

rituals here the Catholic Church

particularly uses quite a lot of magical

rituals in their services so have you

thought of magical organization in that

sense have you found any specific

symbols that are effective against

warding off entities the pentagram is

the probably the most effective and that

is a pentagram that has to be drawn

correctly you must start in the bottom

left-hand corner and you must do it in a

clockwise motion because when you start

at the bottom-left corner and do it

clockwise and that is that banishes the

earth element is very specific if you

start from another corner you will be

banishing the air element if you go in

another another direction you go

anti-clockwise you will be evoking or

invoking the earth element now the

pentagram management works because there

is 99.99% of the problem entities in the

world are earth element entities human

beings are element beings we walk on the

ground we are of the earth and so the

entities that trouble us are also bound

now my research and exploration into

that gives new meaning to the earthbound

that the meaning of earthbound in that

there is a layer of any energy a very

thin that covers the surface of the

earth every surface over over the oceans

over the land up trees up walls of

houses on the roofs and through the

inside walls as well every surface is

covered with this energy and this energy

is caused by lightning strikes now at

any one time in we have 7000 lightning

strikes per minute hits this planet

that’s an average so what you have here

when when lightning hits the planet

apart from melting a bit of sand or

something even if it hits the ocean you

know creates a bit of steam the a

massive amount of electricity floods out

instantaneously over the entire surface

of the earth just above the surface of

the ocean I mean like a millimeter above

it and over the land instantaneously

covering the entire planet so you have a

field of energy which has been around

for like billions of years which is like

perpetually dissipating this field is

known about scientifically and it is

said that if lightning

cease to strike the earth for 30 to 60

minutes this field would dissipate quite

quickly and it is in this field which is

like a separate dimension which

earthbound spirits you could say earth

type spirits earthbound spirits are

bound they are locked into that like a

null dimension and you’re talking about

these are two dimensional beings they

are like a shadow on the ground that you

cannot see they are capable most of them

are projecting a three-dimensional shape

like a hologram above them and when you

see an apparition or something like that

they have this shape which is you know

incidentally generated through your own

body image so it’s an ex human being

ghost then a person have with them a

built-in self-image and you know where

your eyes are your sight your viewpoint

and that and that it’s very much like in

the astral dimension the if you have to

project there you look exactly as you

perceive yourself to be and it’s the

same thing with spirits whether they’re

ghosts demons negative spirits whatever

and these are my thoughts on this and

the protocols I use are quite provable

you can demonstrate them but of course

you need some kind of an attack to be

going on in order to actually prove this

because if you have somebody under

attack let’s say it’s a baby six months

nine months of age and the baby is rigid

and screaming and maybe this is gone for

a couple of days if you take the baby

into the back garden if you’ve got a

lawn and you put a garden hose down on

the ground and turn the water on

so it’s gushing water and you walk

through that water or over it and you

hold the baby so that the little baby’s

feet just brush the water as you cross

it the instant you cross that water the

baby goes limp

stop screaming instantly and it’s like

the baby just woken up it’s Gugu okay

and they usually fall asleep within

20 seconds because I exhausted very

interesting so yeah you go into this in

your book and you you talk about how

running water is a pretty effective

barrier against these beings so does

this correlate back to the

electromagnetic connection with the

earth and and the grounding that we have

with the earth and that layer that

atmosphere layer that you were talking

about yeah definitely it goes back to

that because if you force a neck this is

what you’re doing when you put running

water gushing on the ground or even when

you jump in a shower a bathtub doesn’t

work because the bathtubs insulated

unless you have the tap running and then

it’s then it’s connected to the water

pipe and to the you know the dam

wherever the water comes from it has a

good earth there and also depends on the

salt content as well but you’re creating

a very strong earth now in my experience

if you can force a negative type entity

even a demon into contact with a

powerful electrical earth but then that

demon is instantly de manifested and is

sucked back into the planet now the the

planet that we if we live on is like a

huge electric dynamo it has a commanding

it feels like it like an electric engine

and and the and the poles you’ll find

the energy moves in into the planet and

out you have to land on it you get this

it’s sort of a thick working donut with

energy going on and you know you’ve got

the aurora borealis and that which is

evidence of that happening so but in

personal experience when you do it it’s

obvious they’re going somewhere and all

you’ve done maybe is you let’s say if

you want to capture and entity you can

capture an entity with a garden the hose

in various other ways and just by

putting a loop of garden hose or maybe a

big coil of garden hose next to the tap

and you stand on top of that and then

you turn the tap on and the entity can’t

get away because if you have the hose

going around the outer circumference of

the pilothouse first the water goes

through there first and there’s no way

out and therefore you’re standing on the

big pile of host discussion through it

and it will pretty quickly D manifest if

the entity even if it’s fairly well

entrenched in a person have you

experiences have you done this

personally before many many times yeah

for myself I actually actually that

method there for banishing I actually

developed that on the flight now all the

methods I teach in there I might get

some ideas by doing research and talking

to people and what they’ve done and I

always have to try it out in the field

situation and I had I was using running

water and this was about while I was

halfway through writing I was actually

doing the final editing of the original

psychic self defense Wow and my son came

down my orders suck then and he was

having this massive attack and he

arrived here and that was a day i got a

a the face of a demon burned into my CRT

monitor yeah which i’ll get to in a

minute but the he came down was having a

really really rough climb and so you

know i was immersed in different

countermeasures so I seized the

opportunity direct him outside and I did

some pentagram banishment using the god

names I banish you in the name of you’d

hear above here etc etc and I did that

several times and then I’ve grabbed the

whole I walked it over the hose I host

his feet down and he was really in

trouble I mean he could barely talk and

barely stand and and you know he was

like stone-cold sober but really when in

trouble and then I had the idea and I’ve

got like oiled the garden hose up about

30 yards of hose there and I grabbed him

and you see he’s my father like powers I

was forced him over the to stand amongst

wells of the hose in bare feet and then

I put the hose running and washed it’s

least found so it’s really effed and

then I did some more banishment for good

measure because these um these are life

and death situations you know if you get

it wrong the person could die I mean

they could die from the actual attack or

they can go off and drive headfirst into

a truck or kill themselves elavil crime

crime bad fats Manhattan

so and after a couple of minutes now

this had been ongoing for about at the

time probably 30 minutes and this is why

he can’t ever see me for help and after

about a few minutes 45 minutes on the

guard in the house he said I’m feeling

like home now dad it’s okay it is it’s

going on and and he had he’d had a

number of attacks like that and of

course learning that of course when he

had attacks after that he would seek

large quantities of running water like a

water main pipe and will remain pipes

line every street in our society it

would come down one side of the road or

the other and it’s a matter of finding

it and if you’re under attack if you

walk across one side from your house say

and if nothing happens you cross the

road and walk to the other side to the

far side of other people you know where

people’s other Gardens start your cross

a water main and you’ll know when you do

because the problem will stop so mister

basically what is water running through

it because the running water itself

seems to generate an energy as well as

having a big earthing effect there seems

to be an energy involved with the actual

running water so let’s just if we could

simplify this just for a little bit for

our listeners if a person finds

themselves in a position where they feel

like they’re being psychically attacked

what is what is this thing that you

recommend that they do first well in the

front of my book the practical psychic

self defense handbook after a lot of

feedback from users of that book they’re

like right there’s a quick start go it’s

the first thing you fire

if you’re under psychic attack do this

now number one get in the shower now

just the act of jumping in your normal

shower will stop ninety-nine percent of

demonic attacks anything it’ll stop it

cold and this is why you’ll find many

people when they have like a psychotic

break a major anxiety depression episode

the type where they would need to be

hospitalized they are often found when

they call the ambulance they often found

in the shower and they may have been in

the shower all night or even for a

couple of days because it’s pre-clear it

out even though they don’t have the

knowledge which is in my book the

understanding of it that explains it

they know they get in the shower and

suddenly they feel okay the mental

pollutions gone their minds working okay

all the weirdness is gone these weird

sensations you’re getting and and then

after which you step out of the shower

and it starts to come back you know you

pretty quickly work out that I was okay

about the next year again and you find

it stops again so in a situation like

that you talk often talking about

life-threatening attacks here you feel

like you are literally losing your mind

and you might be suffering a lot of pain

you may have difficulty walking with

spasms and cramps and tremors and so you

get back in the show and you can find

and you can’t work it out because no

one’s ever told you but once you

understand this when you get under the

shower you make a plan what you’re gonna

do next because get under the chair out

the attack stops and they say what am I

going to do okay well I try going

another left Earth or the overhead

lights on light some incense lots and

lots of incense I mean if you’ve got a

packet of incense they’re like all of

them you know because normally you need

a sensor where you gonna burn some

granules to create a lot of smoke for

incense but if you’ve only got incense

sticks and then light a dozen at a time

and and that will help the overhead

lights will help put some music on you

can get pots and pans back

together causing percussion which helps

to break up the astral lights the

energies which the entities are using to

manifest and there’s lots of things

depending on the situation and

combinations of plays each other manages

what and different denominations work in

appreciation so mr. Bruce do you do you

think that these these methods are

simply treating the symptoms in a way it

was is there has there been a point for

you personally where you’ve seen these

psychic attacks stopped completely is

there like a disconnect that you’ve had

to make with certain entities I have

done that and I’ve experienced it myself

yes including major demonic attack on

myself many years ago and I’ve done it

with people as well but normally what

happens here it’s it’s a difficult thing

to grasp because an entity will have

like a psychic attachment I caught which

it is attached to a person let’s say

like a little spear and like a barbed

spear and they hook it into a person and

then they have something like the you

know the silver cord of Africa

projection the connector after a body to

your physical body it’s something like

that which connects the entity now what

happens is of course when you get in the

shower expose yourself to a strong

electrical earth I mean using earthing

bedding sheets you can buy products for

this now it has amazing health benefits

too you can buy a bed sheet which goes

over the bottom half of your bed which

has copper and silver threads woven into

with the fabric so when you and this is

connected to your power outlet and wired

up to the ground outlet only or you’re

connected to a metal water pipe or to a

stake in the ground outside and various

ways you can do it so sleeping like that

is the equivalent of sleeping in the

shower and it will also help to drain

that dark fluid out of a person if it’s

been a long-term type of attack

interesting do you find that people

start to because I’m kind of nocturnal

and I like to be awake at night do you

find that people kind of drift into


I mean you in your book you talk about

how most attacks happen at night and

you’ve rarely seen an attack that occurs

while the Sun is up so why do you why do

you think at nighttime and the shadows

have such an influence on these

negatives Greenville the reason for that

is I mean I can tell you one thing there

is a completely different set of magical

laws in operation at night from sundown

to sunset one completely different set

of magical rules applies and in the

daytime from sunup to sundown another

set of rules apply and it generally the

negative type entities are much more

powerful at night they’re negative

entities will operate during the daytime

but usually inside houses you know

sellers and things are they’re out of

the sunlight the sunlight seems to be

detrimental to them like it is for you

know the vampires and the movies it

seems to be very very detrimental to

them so they avoid it and they’ll often

go you know go on a ground go into a

cave or in a cell or the darkest room in

your house to avoid it and of course

they are more active at night

interesting they’ve done studies with

you know they say like artists and

people that are kind of dabbling with

kind of a darker energy

they’re usually night owls or they’re up

later at night do you think they’re kind

of like playing with that in within that

sphere well they can do feeling is

always a bad idea but I don’t want to

give you the idea that the left-hand

path is completely evil it’s like the

left-hand path and magic is a valid path

so is the right-hand path and of course

everybody usually ends up on the middle

path eventually will you have an

understanding of the entities and forces

which is different to how we’ve been

programmed in the modern world I mean a

lot of demons out there that you’ll be

particularly the higher

once they’re not what you think they are

in fact they used to be called gods

hundreds and hundreds of years ago

in various inner groups you know that

around the world and angels of course we

also know very very little about them as

well well and these entities normally

keep to themselves magically you can you

know have some contact with them but you

need to do the training and that and get

an understanding of what you’re doing

before you get into that but just

dabbling of any kind of dabbling is

always dangerous have you got any

insight into what those spirits or

entities want to do within this

dimensional realm or why they have what

are they doing with doing in this space

basically well there’s a lot of

different types I mean you can compare

the greater reality which is what we’re

talking about the unseen world which

permeates over overshadows our world

it’s like saying talking about the ocean

you say you look at the ocean and you

say oh there’s you know thousands of

different creatures and entities in

there and some of them are be largely

harmless I mean like crabs for example a

relatively harmless if you tread on one

it might nip you you know some of the

bigger ones might you know make you

bleed if you run into a shark of course

if it’s a wrong type of shark it might

eat you or by the leg off but if it’s

other types of sharks of course a

basking shark and that they’re harmless

you know and you know depends on the

situation I love that an hour I’ve been

asked I love that analogy of almost

playing in that space you know like

people that are deep-sea diving you know

they got to be aware of certain elements

there’s sharks right there’s there’s

angler fish there’s there’s scarier

animals so it’s almost that if you kind

of play in that astrum as above so below

they’re gonna be other kind of things

that are gonna be scarier to deal with

is that does that sound fair it does but

but in the sense you’re talking about

there that what you just said then as

above so below that is a part of a quote

from the Emerald Tablet and the Emerald

Tablet which is like the foundation of

the Hermetic magical police I have the

it says as above so below

absolute truth no ambiguity now if you

if you work like I do and I frequently

work with deceased spirits and I visit

the afterlife and I’ve been studying the

afterlife for like 40 years

and when you start us you start to

understand that as above so below and

most people when they die for example

don’t know they’ve died because their

world is like unchanged I mean for

example if somebody dropped an atomic

bomb on your head right now and mine

simultaneously we’re half a world away

we both noticed this big flash of light

and maybe a rumble for a second say wow

what was that and you know and then we

go on with our conversation and we’ve

both ceased to exist of course along

with many other people vaporized but now

we were to continue talking for a very

long time and maybe a couple of weeks

would go by and then at some point we’d

say well we’d be talking for a long time

and let’s go get a cup of coffee and we

would stand up and I would appear from

behind your monitor and you would appear

for behind mine now we could find

herself in my house or your house or a

mixture of the two and we go make a

coffee and maybe we get a cup of bagels

and we’re sitting there drinking our

coffee and eating our bagels but the

interesting thing here is you could

drink down half your copy but glance

away plants back your coffee cups full

again you take a big bite out of your

bagel glanced away and can’t look back

again it’s it’s whole again you know it

keeps repairing itself it’s an anomaly

now this is the afterlife there’s free

coffee and bagels

how bad can it be interesting


so the mystery joke there sorry

mr. first do you think do you think that

these negative entities beings they feed

off of our emotions like do they feed

off of our fear and the anxiety that we

feel after an attack is occurring all of

the above the human energy body and the

human being produces lots of different

types of energy you have emotional

energy you have sexual energy and you

have raw vitality and all those things

are you know they’re the coin of the

realm for different entities the Incubus

succubus type entity for example feeds

mainly on sexual energy and they can be

a very big problem I have some people a

lot of issues that they’ve had a

condition going on for a couple of years

and they’re applying all of my gambling

element as I stand and what other

cabbages some of these entities are

really intractable very very difficult

in shifts and the problem comes because

as we’re talking about the electrical

earthing in that there were different

stages of attachment in a psychic attack

now the stage one attack means that an

entity is a couple of feet out from you

it’s attached to your energy body at

that point now when it moves further in

it will start to infiltrate your mind

and your chakras and when it gets this

hooks in and integrates your India

chakras it moves like inside of your

physical body and this shields you from

electrical earthing and light and other

things which are detrimental to negative

entities and that’s why they do it

because then they can stay in there and

this is why when you come under an

attack it’s a really good idea to take

action very very quickly because give it

a week or two and these things can

become a lot more entrenched I mean

something which is a minor problem can

become a major life-threatening lifelong

problem if you don’t take the right

action toward

giving example so a young lady gorgeous

young lady a couple of years ago came

down and I’ve got to know her and she

was out working temping in a mental

hospital you know about 20 miles from

here and she worked there a couple of

days and in the morning she felt this

real nasty psychic attack and mine was

getting polluted weird thoughts and

weird sensations in the body weird

fluttering and tingling and like

feelings like hands touching her and she

was a very distressed now she knew

enough from talking to me in a lunch

break she went down to the ocean now she

went to the ocean and walked into the

surf up to her knees and it stopped once

you’ve got about 10 15 feet from the

edge of the ocean and she thought well

that’s better and she walked along a bit

but when she came out and walked back

towards her car it you know it nothing

happened there which it can do it could

just like with the shower it it gets off

of you and waits for you to come away

from the water and then it gets back on

you in this case she felt fine she drove

back to her place of work but about an

hour after getting back to the same

building the same thing happened again

and she had to leave early and she

worked went to the beach again tried the

same thing again but it didn’t work this

time she went to the water and it

released from her she felt fine but went

back to a car and as soon as she stepped

out of the water 15 feet away it nailed

her again and she did that a few times

and then you she was in serious trouble

so she came down to my place and you

know unannounced you turned up about

7:00 p.m. and when a person has a

problem like this I will usually

experiment in some way shape or form as

well as helping the person because I

either Suzie I’m you have to take

advantage of field situations to to

learn more about what’s happening so I

did a couple of experiments on which

were very very interesting with her over

about 20 minutes you know

she was hanging in there and I knew I

could get rid of it because it’s recent

and then I took her outside my door I’ve

got this like 40 feet of messy old

garden hose coiled in just the right way

so that the first hose

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