Episode 106 – Nassim Haramein on Unified field theory – physics, the connected nature of everything and more

Nassim Haramein is a scientist that has spent much of his life trying to find a unified theory of everything, using the connections between physics, mathematics and other disciplines along the way. His work has led to him creating a number of groundbreaking theories and patented inventions, as well as founding a number of bodies to help further humanities progress. He is the founder and Director of Research at the Resonance Science Foundation (previously the Resonance Project Foundation that he founded in 2004), a body created to explore unification principles and their possible implications on our world.

In 2014, Nassim founded The Resonance Academy Delegate Program, the first and only unified physics educational program of its kind. The RSF also researches ancient artefacts, exploring the possibility that a more ancient and more technologically advanced civilization may have existed on the planet before our own, one that could do incredible things that we still can’t today. In 2015 he opened a laboratory which he oversees as the Executive Director of Research and Development.

He leads a team of scientists and engineers in trying to find ways to apply his theories about vacuum energy and gravitational effects. Torus Tech LLC was born to move the technology development into the for-profit world where it might be monetized and resourced in a manner that would allow it the best chance of developing. An element of trying to store vacuum energy is the utilization of crystal technology called ARK Crystals. The core of Nassim’s findings is that there is a fundamental geometry of space that connects us all, from the very tiny quantum scale, all the way up to the massive events and bodies in our universe. As part of this, Nassim’s paper Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass, a paper that predicted the charge radius of the proton, was confirmed with more accuracy than any other theoretical framework. A feature-length documentary called The Connected Universe is based on Nassim’s work.

A profound scientific researcher, Nassim Haramein has spent over 30 years researching the interrelationships between the sciences in an attempt to understand the polyhedral geometry of space. Initially founding the Resonance Science Foundation (when it was called the Resonance Project Foundation), Haramein became the Director of Research. The foundation as it stands today explores the frontiers of current research in physics, and Haramein’s research findings are fundamental to the field, describing the mechanism of gravity and the information in the space-time manifold. Consequently, Haramein has published many books, spoken at many scientific conferences and his work has even been exhibited in a documentary- The Connected Universe, which explored his discoveries and their implications for future research. Subsequently, having led many studies which explore unification principles, Haramein now is a director of his own laboratory. Specifically focusing on cosmology, quantum mechanics, mathematics, chemistry and biology, Haramein also acknowledges sociological subjects including anthropology and history in the construction of his cosmological theories. This multidisciplinary focus that Haramein’s has acquired has led him to concentrate on the quantum and molecular scale of cosmological objects within the universe.

Haramein explains the origins of the universe in a simple, geometric fashion, and has an unusual research method: observing articles written at the beginning of the 20th century and comparing them to current research theories. As unique as his ideas are, Haramein has and continues to make a significant contribution to ideas at the frontier of scientific knowledge. Specifically, in his paper ‘Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass’ Haramein predicted the charge radius of the proton with greater accuracy than any other scientific published paper. The accuracy of Haramein’s finding was acknowledged in a research experiment by the Paul Scherrer Institute. Consequently, the success of Haramein’s work gives implications towards a new unified cosmological model, by which recent observational astrophysical data additionally supports. The consequences of this finding are profound, and in the future, it is hoped that his work will lead to a new scaling law- sizing x-ray, stella, cosmological and galactic systems. As a result, the implications of Haramein’s research bring a new level of understanding to science and consequently life; opening up a path for cutting-edge technologies.

Find Nassim here: https://resonance.is/


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