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strangers thank you for listening I had

a lot of time alone to ponder how is the

natural world occurring and how did I

end up in the middle of it like the

strange thing for me that all of a

sudden we arrive here and we have this

thing we call consciousness and if we

were to tap just one billionth of a

percent of what’s in a centimeter cube

of space we could run our planet for

thousands of years the next step in the

human evolution I believe very strongly

is to actually learn the more

fundamentally what gravity is and learn

to control it and then free humanity

from being stuck on only one planet it’s

very difficult to bring new ideas to

this world much of my work has been

censored it’s extremely difficult for me

to publish because it was right along

the lines of what I was thinking earlier

that maybe the space is responsible for

matter not matter defining the space


what’s up folks

Xavier katana here you are listening to

the human experience our guest for today

mr. Nassif

and we get into wow the interconnected

nature of the universe and the work that

he’s doing over at the resonance

foundation very interesting episode I

think you guys will really enjoy this

one thank you so much for listening the

human experiences in session my guest

for today is mr. Nasim Hermann Nasim

it’s a pleasure sir thank you for making

the time welcome to hxp thank you thank

you for having me Seema I’ve been

following your work for a long time but

many people might not know who you are

can you just give us an introduction of

who you are Who I am is a very deep

question I think that most people

contemplate throughout their lives but I

have been doing physics for some thirty

years I wrote I think significant

physics theory that have a deep impact

on the standing of ourselves the world

around us and our relationship to the


some of these theories are now confirmed

by experiments and it’s a theory that

unifies quantum physics with relativity

that unifies gravity with the quantum

world of subatomic particles and atoms

so this was something that I instant

worked on for a good portion of his life

after he wrote relativity because there

was this chasm that was generated as a

result of his equations between the

physics we use for the big stuff like

planets and stars and galaxies and and

all this stuff and the atomic structure

you know electrons protons and subatomic

particles so after all this kind of came

to bear Einstein worked literally till

the day he died like he was working on

net lay in to the last minute trying to

find a solution

that would unify those two physics hmm

very interesting so I mean this has been

a problem in Western physics for a very

long time

a sort of gap in understanding between

the macrocosm and the microcosm exactly

and you know the two views don’t agree

with each other one says that space-time

is smooth Einstein field equations says

space-time is smooth it’s curving and

the curvature of space-time produce

gravity but these equations

Einstein field equations don’t actually

define exactly what is space-time you

know and then quantum theory says it’s

not smooth it says that it’s quantized

that it’s discrete that is it’s little


little particle and so the two don’t

agree and that makes it so that we can’t

find a way or so far it hasn’t been

found either than what I wrote a way in

which gravity which is Einstein field

equations can be applied at the quantum

level of the subatomic particles and the

particles that makes up the material

world but the thing is is that the big

things that Einstein field equations

deal with like planets and stars and all

this stuff is all made out of small

stuff you know like particles that makes

the quantum world and so really it’s a

deeper question and it is a question of

how is the quantum world able to

organize to make what’s called a

classical world or the larger microcosm

that we experience every day and that

leads to even deeper questions which is

what is the source of organization how

does things know to come together in

certain ways that make it possible for

us to even be here and

to be able to ponder the question in the

first place you know right and so that

is very profound and you would expect a

theory that would unify the fields of

relativity and quantum physics would

answer some of those deeper questions

about transcends biology how does

biological system all of a sudden

self-organized it’s very it’s a big


you know biological systems are very

complex and for them to occur on the

random function is very unlikely

extremely unlikely and so what is the

source of their organization how do cell

know to divide in livers and hearts and

everything else to produce an organism

with a hundred trillion cells like a

human being with a thousand billion

billion chemical change every second

that makes everything work just fine you

know all these things are unanswered

questions that you would expect a

unified view of physics would start to

answer it would start to tell us what is

the source at the very profound at a

very fundamental level how did you get

into solving this equation like why did

you feel this draw towards solving this


early on when I was a kid I didn’t fit

in very well into the educational system

into society in general I was kind of an

odd kid I was in Canada I was odd in the

way that the color of my skin and my

name was odd relative to the people

there you know I have a Persian name you

know Iran at the time was unknown almost

me most people there didn’t even know

there was a country with that name I was

born in Switzerland I was never in Iran

but you know even being from Switzerland

I had a different culture at home and I

thought differently I was very

interested in nature and because I

didn’t have much interaction with the

external world I develop a sense of my

internal self in relationship to nature

in which I wandered a lot I had a lot of

time alone to ponder how is the natural

world occurring and how did I end up in

the middle of it like the strange thing

for me that all of a sudden we arrive

here and we have this thing we call

consciousness and we’re able to you know

interact with this world and it’s like

how did this all happen how did I get


what is this thing I called my

consciousness and how is this world

coming together and so I I sat in

meditation thinking about those things a

lot and when I did you know when I

observed nature or even when I observed

people I could see there was pattern

this one thing I could see that was seem

to be everywhere is that there was

pattern that they you know like the

patterns that the branches of a tree

that the the patterns that makes the

leaves of a flower you know the way

people interact when they walk together

you know I could see all kinds of

patterns and I thought well these

patterns must emerge from somewhere I

mean took me years before I realize yeah

those patterns are actually based on

mathematical constants that that you

find in nature like the way branches

divide the way roots divides the way

your fingers grow the way you know your

arms relative to your body are very

specific ratios like all these ratios

that nature seemed to use points to a

some kind of fundamental geometry that

must be present right you know to

produce those patterns and that

intrigued me and I wanted to understand

it I wanted to know and those questions

were not the typical questions that

ten-year-old asked and so I you know I

wasn’t getting answers to some of these

questions and I was really inquisitive

brain that launched me into really kind

of examining some of the fundamental

assumptions we make about reality and to

think that there may be places where we

missed important actions that makes up

the way we write math the way we write

physics if we modify those axioms a

little bit to actually match better what

we observe in nature we would get to

different conclusions and so I explored

that and that

you know why not pursue this through a

traditional course why not pursue a PhD

with a university or something like that

because I didn’t fit in very well in the

educational system and funny enough my

father is a child psychologist that you

know was very much involved with the

director of the child psychology section

at the University of Montreal for years

he was he did his PhD under Piaget which

is the father of child psychology I was

the perfect case study case because I

just didn’t fit in well

I eventually early on had to leave the

educational system I got into the ski

industry I was a professional skier for

many years of professional climber you

know I was backcountry guide and all

this and now you know and because I love

nature and I loved being in nature all

through those years I continued pursuing

this lifelong quest to understand the

basis of reality the basis of nature I

realized when I finally you know choose

to dedicate my life fully to that

endeavor I realized that if I were to go

back to the educational system I would

have to accept very specific ways of

thinking very specific ways of thinking

about the world that I was not willing

to compromise you know I wanted to learn

but I wanted to learn in a way in which

I could make my own opinion about what

was being taught okay and I didn’t feel

like the educational the the standard

educational system was gonna allow me

that latitude that that freedom because

the the search was was mainly for

self-satisfaction that I was not even

thinking that I would ever publicize it

or you know talk about it in the public

or anything

it was from my own self-satisfaction so

I so instead I decided to study in the


I used the university libraries and the

university resources that I could get to

to learn so I sold all my equipment I

let go of all my sponsorships I mean I

had rosin two fairly high levels of

proficiency in the ski industry I was

one of the top-rated skier in Canada you

know and I I let it all go and I moved

into a van and I spent five years in a

van you know traveling around mostly

staying put in desert area and mountain

areas and studying some 15 to 20 hours a

day it was very very intense seven days

a week five years non-stop to catch up

on all the physics and all the math and

all the ancient civilization that I was

studying as well and everything I needed

to study and be able to move as fast as

I could

in trying to elucidate this great

mystery to see my you know I really want

to get into what we call reality the

nature of reality I got a chance to

watch the connect Universe last night

and something that you talk about in

that documentary that you produced was

how empty our reality how space makes up

most of what we see in the observable

world is that accurate yeah exactly that

was one thing that had shocked me the

most when that was in high school before

I dropped out was that I asked I think

it was my chemistry teacher at the time

you know what is matter made of and what

is the percentage of space in matter and

I was very very much shocked to find

that the material world everything we

the chair you’re sitting on the desk

everything the walls everything is made

out of 99.99999% space and and the

things that we’re saying is not space is

not really anything like physical it’s

actually electrostatic fields that

and interacting with each other and

because they interact with each other

it appears solid to us so we call it

matter but it’s not actually stuff it’s

actually just charge or fields in the

space and so I start to think even at

the time when I was about 13 or 14 I

started to think that maybe we should

study the space

maybe the 99.999999% that makes up the

space that’s providing the energy for

the rest of stuff that we call matter

and so that was really kind of a launch

point for me I started to think maybe

space is not empty

maybe space is full full of energy okay

and you’re talking about the vacuum is

that that we were referring to yeah so

eventually in physics I realized that

the fullness of space the energy in the

vacuum was discovered almost a hundred

years ago and that space in quantum

theory in quantum field theory is not

empty at all it’s full of energy and not

a little bit full it’s extremely full of

energy so people might have a hard time

visualizing that so for the listeners

I’m gonna give you a visual you know the

space you’re in right now for instance

is full of electromagnetic field

it’s got radio waves it’s got infrared

it’s got galactic cosmic rays it has all

kinds of stuff happening in it and

because your senses are not necessarily

tuned to those frequencies you don’t

realize that there’s all this stuff

going on in the space around you or even

in the space inside you now you know

since atoms are 99.99999% space you know

like you’re made out of that space too

and you gotta remember that now if you

think about all these electromagnetic

waves that are going on in the space

around you you can imagine that there’s

higher and higher and higher and higher

frequencies where the wavelength

is getting shorter and shorter and

shorter and the energy levels are going

you know is getting higher and higher

and higher right you can imagine that so

it was found in quantum field theory

that actually you can’t get space to

stop oscillating meaning if you try to

get rid of all the electromagnetic

fluctuation and cool the area even to

absolute zero you still have oscillation

called plunk oscillations

they’re called plumb because they have

the plunk link in in wavelength and and

it’s a very very small value meaning

it’s it’s a very very high frequency if

you if you were to take a little clock

oscillator and you grew it to the size

of a grain of sand then the proton which

is teeny in the middle of an atom would

be from here to Alpha Centauri in

diameters so you can imagine it’s

happening these oscillation of the

electromagnetic field is happening in

the structure of space-time at the

quantum level that billions of times

smaller than an atom so we generally

don’t know it’s there but they were

predicted by theory a long time ago and

it’s been ignored largely because the

number is insanely large meaning the

amount of energy in the semi cube of

space because of these little

oscillations exceeds the mass of the

universe by 39 orders of magnitude it’s

it’s huge it’s the amount of energy in

space in the structure space in terms of

electromagnetic plant fluctuations is

huge but it’s critical to quantum theory

and they can’t get rid of that number

and so that really intrigued me because

it was right along the lines of what I

was thinking earlier that maybe the

space is responsible for matter not

matter defining the space

David Bohm was responsible for coining

the holographic universe right mm-hmm

okay so I was just gonna ask why is

there such a big gap in our

understanding of I mean how can we

harness this empty

that’s the thing is so the equations you

know first of all I was very intrigued

because I thought wow if we could have

the energy available in the structure of

space and and I’m gonna correct your

terminology there again you know we have

a tendency to say empty space and what

I’m telling you is that there is no such

thing so the structure of space it’s

called vacuum fluctuation or quantum

vacuum fluctuation and in physics if we

were to tap just one billionth of a

percent of what’s in a centimeter cube

of space we could run our planet for

thousands of years so it was very

appealing but more importantly what it

was leading to and eventually what it

said when I started to write the math

and write the physics and all this for

that is that all of the material world

is actually a function of that energy in

space of that information network that’s

in space you can think of every little

oscillator a little every little plunk

oscillator has a little bit of

information and that’s where it it

starts to relate to bombs idea of a

holographic universe and eventually the

holographic principle that was point by

doof and such skin which is very

accurate to describe the surface of

black holes and their energy level and

their temperature and this holographic

view has been growing quite a bit it you

might have seen on covers of magazine do

we live on in a holographic universe is

our universe a holographic projection

we’re starting to discover that the

interest maybe this information network

that’s occurring at the very fine level

at the very fine-grain of space-time so

it’s saying that Einstein was right

space-time curves but if you get really

really close to space-time if you look

at the very very small level of

space-time it’s actually not smooth by

its dragger

in little bits of information of a plant

link and so I used that I eventually you

know it took me some twenty five years

to get there you know all the complexity

of physics is it’s hard to write a

unified view of physics because you have

to study many different fields of

physics that usually don’t get studied

together you know because it takes a

lifetime to study only one so I was

fortunate that by studying independently

I could study much faster I didn’t have

any exams of function you know so I

could study much faster but eventually I

realized maybe this information

structure of space-time is the source of

what we call the material world and of

course if we understood these

mathematics if we understood these

physics it would change everything we do

everything we know in technology in the

way we interact with the world and how

we produce energy how we how we

transport ourselves you know I mean

we’re talking space drives your

teleportation I mean all these things

became possible if this was true so I

pursued it and eventually I realized

that I could write equation which led to

the holographic math solution where I

just looked at the information and how

it behaved in the structure of space and

I couldn’t output exactly the mass of

protons the mass of electrons the way

atoms produce forces and all this all

this to spell out of it and it was very

very precise and now it’s been verified

in laboratory so many questions there as

painting why is spins entry in force

mean I’ve seen you cover this several

times why spin so II to all

okay well think about it this way so

imagine that base is full of these

little plonk oscillators and we’re gonna

equate that to the water in your bath

and so you’re in your bath you’ve got

water in there and you pull the plug

okay and you have a rubber ducky right

and you have the rubber ducky on one end

of the bath far away from the plug and

it’s not doing anything

it’s just bopping along over there it

doesn’t have any coherency it’s not

doing anything you could know this for

predict you know it’s just going up and

down and and bopping but if you bring it

close to the drain all of a sudden is

gonna start orbiting right it’s gonna

start orbiting the brain because water

is going down the drain and the surface

of the water is curving and in that

region of the bath all the molecules are

spinning together comoving together

producing coherency and so that

coherency is not present on the other

side of the bath so you’re not seeing

the rubber ducky spinning you’re not

seeing the rubber ducky being attracted

to anything so you think there’s no

gravity in that region right but in the

region where all the little particles

are Co moving they’re spinning together

there you see that the rubber ducky

seems to be attracted to the center of

the orbitals right and you would say oh

there’s a gravitational force there

right there’s a mass there so imagine

the same thing in the structure of space

managing that the structure of space is

all these bits of information

oscillating and imagine that like only

in the region where they’re coherently

cool moving then you experience them as

there’s something there all of a sudden

there’s a master you’re calling it a

proton you’re calling it an atom you’re

calling it you know a star you’re

calling it a galaxy right like a galaxy

is a good example that people can


like a huge smoothie you can imagine

that the smoothie is occurring in the

structure of space itself like a

hurricane right but you’re seeing the

stuff that stuck in the hurricane that’s

stuck in in the spinning but what is

actually spinning is that field of

information in the structure of


not sure if I understand that the field

of structure of space-time you lose a

little bit more so imagine that

space-time is like a superfluid like the

water in your back right and so where

space-time is spinning like this it’s

coherent like all the bits of

information are coherently Co moving in

that region of space dare you see it as

a gravitational field you see it as like

oh yeah if I put a rubber ducky here if

I put a star here it’s gonna orbit and

it’s gonna feel like it’s being

attracted to the center of the galaxy

you see what I’m saying okay if you put

the same star in between two galaxies

you don’t see that right gravity is not

pulling on it anywhere there because

base time in that region is not orbiting

it’s not spinning it’s not coherent hmm

so where spin is present is because this

coherency in the structure of space-time

this there’s a vortex there if you’d

like that is what we call gravity so

Einstein was correct in his equation

that gravity is like the water surface

curving in your bath going towards the

drain and that’s what he described it

described as space-time as a surface

curving space-time curvature it’s called

but he didn’t describe space-time so so

eventually you didn’t realize that it’s

curving because the bits that makes up

space-time are spinning in that region

that’s what’s making it curved hmm

interesting interesting so that’s why

spin is so critical because if you

understand that all of a sudden you have

a very important key this is very very

important if this is true that means

that if you succeed in spinning

space-time you can create gravitational

fields you can create mass you can

create curvature in space-time which

means that of a sudden you can produce


drives or you know you can make things

that would allow us to produce

artificial gravitational field or

control gravitational field and that

would lead to a very different

civilization than the one we have today

you know we’ve evolved the level of

civilization we have today because we

eventually learned about electromagnetic

fields magnetic fields we figured out

how to interact with them how to control

them to make electricity to make

everything we see in our modern society

the next step in the human evolution I

believe very strongly is to actually

learn the more fundamentally what

gravity is and learn to control it and

then free humanity from being stuck on

only one planet you have been listening

to the human experience to hear the rest

of this episode with miss Ernestine

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