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up guys as promised this is the second

part of mr. robert bruce his book gives

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frosting mr Bruce if I could just bounce

in here so so this earth system seems

pretty complex the way that everything

is structured from these genetic

attachments that we seem to have and

these karmic attachments and a it does

seem like spiritual warfare is is there

a reason that you think have you

discovered a reason for why this is

happening on earth well I can theorize

to that I mean I’m very pragmatic in my

approach to this and you have to be to

make any headway you have to let go of

all religious bias II and everything

that’s not usual will test it out there

feel the ultra-right doesn’t quit but

you haven’t had a scar guard the only

annoying thing like I said you could say

one you could say there are natural

unseen predators in the world now that

is probably part of this now just like

in the physical universe predators are

very valuable like if you look at how

but I think they reintroduced wolves

into Yellowstone Park and the land is

recovering because it correct it causes

the huge amount of damage when you’re

done when you remove natural predators

because they do a service they keep the

gene pool clean they and you know

various other things there everything

works in high

now we’re talking about something in

there you’ve got these beautiful deer

and rabbits and that roaming around and

you get these evil wolves coming in

killing them eating them alive sometimes

you know and if it all that’s evil let’s

kill it off the poor little dear but if

you kill them off what happens to the

deer you get massive overpopulation

overfeeding they kill off a lot of

plants and the land starts to die

because the lands been put on a balance

so predators are necessary necessary in

an environment you could say we have a

similar sort of thing biologically with

viruses and bacterias and things like

that now back to human human beings you

could say that it is the interactions

between the positive and the negative

sites between the dark side with the

demons and bad spirits and that and the

angels and spirit masters it is the

interaction between those with human

beings in the middle the cause evolution

to occur spiritual evolution to occur

right and that’s about as close as I

come to it because wherever I look in

the universe in the physical world in

the spiritual world the afterworld

everywhere I keep seeing one thing

standing out and that’s evolution it is

everywhere and so because it is

everywhere it must have something to do

with the reasons why things are the way

they are hmm interesting so so this does

aid in our natural evolution do you find

do you find that in death and in the

afterlife that these attachments that we

have follow us over not in the afterlife

now once a person physically dies it’s a

whole new ballgame now the ghost keep in

mind there’s a mind split effect occurs

at death which can affect what actually

happens you could say you have your real

time afric body the the lowest level

energy body to the physical when the

physical body dies that is like the

ghost that can be occasionally seen and

most ghost sightings of deceased people

happen within you know within two to

four weeks of a person dying you get

various phenomena and that which you’re

quite common now but if a person does

not move on then that person can through

associated touching physical beings like

trying to give relatives hugs in that

you can end up like earthbound because

when you touch as a ghost when you touch

and loved one let’s see you try and hug

your wife or your daughter or something

you will soak up like living physical

universe energy through by osmosis just

by trying to hug somebody and keep in

mind that you’ll just pass through them

you might give them a bit of a shiver

they’ll they’ll notice it and that’s one

that’s one side of it how do you think

we can dissuade these beings from

attaching to us I mean you at the

beginning of this this recording we we

discussed I mean you say that it’s being

at the wrong place the wrong time but

how can we protect and strengthen our

auras and our fields so that these these

entities aren’t even you know persuaded

or you know drawn to us well well you

can you can strengthen your natural

fields quote or if you like what part of

your aura by living a good life and

thinking good thoughts you know living a

good life eating eating good quality

food all of that helps getting some

exercise I mean people are fit and

healthy generally have less problems but

they are not excluded from them there is

they generally have West problem but

doesn’t stop them I mean I’ve had lots

of people that are super fit athletes

that I have come to me with Venus

demonic possession attacks and things

like that so it doesn’t exclude you but

it does reduce your chances in general

of picking up something but curiously in

your travels like when you’re out you

know in town you’re not going about your

life when you come up to come into


something that may be trapped in a

building now keep in mind these things

can’t cross running water and our towns

every street and every house is like

surrounded by every apartment building

is surrounded by running water and

entities tend to accumulate particularly

deceased enter these ghosts tend to

accumulate in areas that are surrounded

by water because they can’t cross the

running water and most of them don’t

know how don’t know why but having an

understanding I mean just the

understanding I pass on in my book the

practical psychic self-defense handbook

gives you pretty much all you need to

know because if you deal with these

things fairly quickly in in infer the

effective way just by using running

water and that and like you get a

problem occurs in an evening don’t delay

having a shower you know take take

action do something about it but as for

dissuading them in general this would be

like trying to discourage fish from

eating shrimp or trying to discourage

sharks from eating whatever lead the

communicator is not that good but

letting the higher demons the more

intelligent demons usually only

interfere with a human being for a

reason that could be something

hereditary reddit orissa people happened

hundreds of years ago but sometimes you

can negotiate with a demon and you can

create a deal with it where it will

leave you alone and give it you find

have to find out what it wants and then

you come up with an arrangement where

you give it what it wants and it might

be something really simple like on the

fourth of July at sundown you will light

a candle for a red candle for it and

maybe burn a little bit of tobacco as

like an offering remembering its

birthday remembering its special day and

something simple like that is will often

and if your face I mean you’re faced

with something that is incredibly

difficult to get rid of and it’s

incredibly difficult to find

anybody that can actually do anything

about it if you want to try and forcibly

remove an entity for many years now I’ve

had people coming to me that has seen

dozens and hundreds of healers and

teachers and that but if you have a

series of real problem they often the

problem is intractable you can’t get rid

of it using you guess I you know

spiritual new a kind of stuff it very

often doesn’t work and they’re the ones

which usually of course end up coming to

me and even all of those I can help most

of them probably ninety five percent of

them but there when you get involved

with something you know some some things

we don’t understand enough off and all

the circumstances and some problems will

continue for a time until something

changes what was an instance where this

happened it was happen for you where you

had to make some kind of contractual

deal with an entity I’ve done that with

various people over the years a couple

of dozen people where they’ve had some

contact they can hear a voice or

something like that and if you get past

maybe the shouting and screaming and

insane talk that’s going on inside the

head and sometimes they want something

very very simple it may have been you

know something that happened 100 years

ago or so maybe you know a couple of

times I found people they wanted an

apology for something to happen a few

hundred years ago maybe somebody was

burnt at the stake and one of your

ancestors was involved and this person

is still really really angry because of

what happened so sometimes an apology

works sometimes changing your surname

changing your name can work in many

cases if you get an intractable problem

many people have done this it’s kind of

social death for most people but it’s

you know the family will go or we’ve got

to give you his own name the family name

and that but you can do it but it’s a

good idea if you don’t tell anybody do

it in secret

to take another name you can also not do

it legally you can do it like magically

like have yourself baptized in a

completely different name but I know a

lot of people that have changed their

names Rudy pole and to something

completely different and new and the

problem is stopped overnight and they

had serious problems before you know

change the name and it just goes away

because it’s a lot of demons are like

lawyers and if suddenly your name was

Braun and you change it to Smith well on

their contract they are only attacking

the Browns the Smiths are not involved

there for the entity goes away and it

stays away unless you change your name

back it could come back have you have

you witnessed a demon or entity affect a

large group of people when you hear

about that i have seen it to an extent

where an entity will affect maybe 70

people or so at one time i had i did a

workshop several years ago the feathered

pipe ranch which is a place in near

helena montana and beautiful place

lovely people there and we were on the

last day of a seven day workshop so we

knew each other pretty well it was about

70 people there big room and I’ve

arranged for a young woman who had a

serious demonic attack going on to come

down at the end of the day and I think

it’s about 5pm she was due to turn up

and she turned up about four o’clock and

i’m presenting i’m talking to these

people as we go and she quietly slipped

in a lovely looking young blonde haired

woman about 24 and she very quietly

impolite he slipped in and sat near the

door she found the chair and her friend

who drove her down the sat next to her

very quietly politely now just about

everybody in that room ninety percent of

the people in that room hated her on

sight and they could not explain it

because i used this

because we actually had another session

after that because I noticed what

happened and so extended it and I’ve got

a show of hands and those people would

have meant it and like yet seventy-five

percent of the people admitted it and a

bunch of other people admitted

afterwards went in and private to me I’m

and this included one of the group

leaders there who is a very spiritual

person and this person is very trouble

because how could that happen like I you

know I meditate for a few hours a day I

you know I’m a vegan long-term vegan and

this and that and how could this happen

that I suddenly feel hatred surge in me

I could be so affected by a demon a

negative entity whatever you want to

call them and these things these

entities some of them are very powerful

and I believe like you know for my

examples at times I’ve seen this happen

many times it’s like they have like a

charisma they can project is one way of

thinking about it another way is that

the entity you could sail the demon can

split it selves up into a hundred

different it’ll like an astral

projection where you you produce an

energy copy of yourself it’s possible

that a higher demon can create like a

hundred copy to itself and these go out

and attack the people in the room those

that are approachable and obviously

there’s some in there that couldn’t get

through to but I tend to lean in favor

with the simplest solution that is there

it’s an atmosphere it produces which is

like it’s like a thought form where the

atmosphere is is impregnated with the

thought of this this person’s horrible

you hate them you know stay away from

them you’re picking up basically how the

entity feels about this person and but

yeah I that was one case and I’ve seen

many many other I mean a lot of the

people that come to me that have been

demonized for you know sometime have

these amazing stories and they’re very

very similar it’s like people hate me

it’s like you could go up to a counter

to get a hot dog for example and the guy

they’re serving you is nice

in that if one of these people walks in

behind you the person will instantly

hate them and it’s like what what you

know they’re really rude to them you

will see this happen quite commonly that

just serving people and stuff they come

into contact with gas stations that it

just suddenly route to them for no

reason apparently and this is a part of

the demonization whereby they the end of

the drive to alienate the victim from up

the support of other human beings which

kind of makes sense in a certain way if

you are trying to break down the will of

another human being if you’re trying to

drive the divide and conquer but I have

a quick question for you Robert is

there’s a lot of renewed interest in the

gnostic traditions and people are

starting to kind of get a better

understanding of the background

concerning you know you mentioned you

hood huh Bob hey the Jehovah God what is

your understanding that you’ve explored

this space and this is kind of down the

rabbit hole question but what is your

understanding of the Demiurge and the

role of say Jehovah and Satan and these

type of entities that have this

tradition in other religions and their

role in what’s going on with these I

guess lesser demonic beings I might not

know i mean i could easily my cup simple

something believable here but some of

the bigger questions i really don’t know

why this is happening it’s thats Sarah

no I find it more US persons to do to be

able to deal with these things and

foreign practical ways of other you know

getting rid of these things I basically

try and find things that situations that

negative entities don’t like like if you

have a household and if you know I I do

this routinely a drill we come under

attack here it’s quite obvious I feel

that my wife feels that it’s obvious

we’re getting the symptoms we go for a

drill I mean the house is always lovely

and clean but we like a sea

sir and we burn some frankincense and

myrrh maybe a bit of cocoa in a mixture

in a sense it’s a census you know the

thing you swing by chains and you’ve got

a a Chuck I’ll cup in there burning and

you put granules of incense on you see

them used in churches yeah and I swing

that and of course it creates a huge

amount of smoke we put on some special

spiritual music and we are very very

careful how we talk to each other

because we’re on alert for influences

coming in like I said the girl turned up

at the workshop everybody hated her this

place have it in a relationship you know

you will suddenly come out with

something really hurtful or safe things

in the wrong way and before you know you

at each other throats or one person’s in

two years and the other person doesn’t

know what they’ve done but we wrote very

vigilant about that so we’re very very

careful and thoughtful about how we

conduct ourselves we put on some lovely

music and we just keep lighting the

incense we smoke the house out really

smoke up I mean you can see the smoke in

the air you can’t see the other end of

the house through a pipe box an asshole

what I’ve done no we do that we’re

creating a place which a negative entity

would find a horrible demand it’s a very

uncomfortable for them to be there

lovely spiritual music beautiful organic

incense and lots of it and you know we

are to light up from there was you know

if it’s bad even symbols and things like

that even if I have to fumigate the

house if it’s worse than that I used the

hot red hot chili and you burn that in a

sensor or in a in a cast-iron frypan and

you need like smoke goggles and a wet

towel for that one because of the burn

your lungs and the ultimate of course is

burning software powder and of course

that is poisonous to you and to animals

so you’ve got to get the kids the

animals out of the house and you have a

few sensor areas you can make them using

like ashtrays and that where you you

like the cup of it the charcoal cup so

it’s glowing and you put like a half a

teaspoon of

for powder which you can buy from the

Bunnings you can buy it from any

gardening type shop you can buy

agriculture sava for a couple of dollars

is very very cheap and I’ve got a home

depot they’ll have it there in the

gardening section and you put like half

a teaspoon on there don’t drown it and

you like the ones at the phone to the

house you shut all the windows then you

leave the house for an hour and then you

come back hold your breath open a couple

of windows and wait till this you know

for the fumes declare and this after

doing it it makes your house smell

beautiful because sulfur absorbs odors

it absorbs nasty odors and they will

also kill any insects in the house as

well weevils cockroaches you know

anything will it will kill them fleas

they all die so you kind of fumigate

your house getting care yeah and that

click cleanse your house out of and that

will also burn away negative energies

that may have built up and think about

it’s like a dark pile of smoke I build

up in a dark room somewhere well the

sulfur fumes actually destroy the the

dark energy to the building up in the

house so that’s ruthless to the last

resort yeah try and since first can we

uh can we get into some channeling like

you talk about you talk about

overshadowing and possession and and I

there’s a lot of there’s some material

floating around and the New Age movement

that has come about through channeling

work like these these people have

channeled this material and they’re

they’re pushing it around what’s your

view on on channeled material well it

depends on the material I mean there are

good spirits in the world and angels and

they will sometimes um you know pass

information for a human being in various

ways now whether it is a voice that is

heard of vision that is seen or even

where the entity will you know inhabit a

person for a while

and you know and then pass on

information through that person could be

spiritual information and you look at

people like you know you know Joseph

Smith of the mutt of the Mormons people

there something similar happened there

he encountered these angels or beings of

light which passed on this information

to him and other religions in the world

contain this sort of material at least

some of it that’s been passed on to them

so there are good spirits as well but

it’s like you can tell the information

is Blanche fruits I mean you have to

take that information and you’ve got to

apply logic and reason to it and if it’s

anything practical and there you’ve got

to test it out and see if it works

because it doesn’t work you know I’m a

firm believer in what works works you

know regardless of how well it should

work theoretically which is what you’re

dealing with today a lot of things

including channel material on how to

deal with spirit entities and and demons

than that a lot of the methods given

don’t work and in fact I’ve read some

books get by well-known authors dealing

with you know negative spirit entities

and that and who and these spirits are

channeled spirits claim that spirit

possession is impossible it cannot

happen like a spirit cannot enter a

person like a bird flies into a tree for

example now I know that is a lie now

when pushed and of taking information

here from an author named Allan Kardec

from over 100 years ago he wrote the

spirits book the mediums book and I’m

quoting from the mediums book yeah and

when he pushed the people because he had

some experience with people being

possessed in that they did admit then

that well if a spirit does interfere

with a human being it’s only because the

human being has something inside of them

which is like what is inside the spirit

so like attracts like and that’s why

you’ve attract

the spirit here now I totally disagree

with the whole like attracts like thing

it’s been hugely corrupted and it and

it’s used as Maxim’s are generally

faulty it doesn’t work in real life and

it definitely doesn’t work in the

spiritual universe not as a maxim that

covers everything and this is the

argument i was having when the idea for

us off of the contract for the practical

psychic self-defense handbooks the

original and where I want the argument

was I mean these people were stuck in

the rut of its Karma it’s this and it’s

that you know as nothing you could do

about and it’s like the person suffering

attack they’re bringing on themselves

some why they’ve been dabbling if

they’ve got bad thoughts or they’re a

bad person like an alcoholic attracts an

alcoholic spirits sort of thing and

where I want I’ve done extensive work

with children including babies six and

nine months years of age now I’ve seen

babies like 6-9 months years of age

which are suffering full-blown demonic

attacks and these babies are screaming

they’re rigid there’s physical damage

occurring you know muscles tearing and

things like that horrible things and

I’ve proven these are attacks with the

mother’s consent of course it comes with

me by walking the baby across running

water and there’s instantaneous stops

stops the attack and you walk across it

as soon as a baby crosses that water the

baby it goes limp and it’s googoogaga

happy little baby falling asleep now if

I take and I’ve done this many times if

I take one step back over that water the

way okay scream go so baby I’ve done

that with babies I’ve done it with my

own children I’ve done it with myself

I’ve literally once I was in a situation

where i was under a major attack and i’m

standing one side of a water main that

was crippled with spinal sciatic pain

had to stagger out of the half to go

home but when i pass through the gate

where the main water pipe is going right

under the game you could see the astral

there had been was disturbed weather it

being replaced

or worked on recently now is massive

plane I was hoping I’d tears running

down my face and the instant I step

through that gate the pain stopped and I

go well I’m okay now this is an item

about 8pm in the dark and I thought well

I’d go back and join the party one step

back down I went instantly and oh that’s

a good idea hobble back you know through

the gate again it disappeared again I

did that a couple times before i

realized there was something over there

though I can’t see there’s biting me I

couldn’t sense it I’m quite sensitive it

was just there now I experimented with

this I move my foot up to that pipe very

very slowly sliding along the ground and

when I got to an exact point and my

tippy toe just crossed the water I could

feel a spasm and pain instantly shot up

my leg into my back and I was like

almost crippling pain and pull it back

pain stops so I had pain no pain pain no

pain pain no pain and I’ve done that

experiment dozens of times with myself

and with other people and it’s like

valid it this is what’s happening we

don’t know exactly what’s happening here

but we have a pretty fair idea keeping

it very simple that these things

whatever they are cannot cross running

water and using that one print so this

is my gift to the world I mean some if

you go back into the myths and of the

past you come across records where

ghosts and werewolves and vampires are

not allowed they can’t cross running

water various things like that can’t

cross running water and it’s like it

still myths and old wives tales and this

is where your vampire movies and that

come from even the fact that a vampire

must have your permission before it can

enter your home but once it has

permission you cannot revoke that that

is also valid a lot of spirits need your

permission before they can actually

attack you

trine possess you they try and elicit

permission permission the big issue

which applies to many spirits but not

all so it’s complicated I know the

basics here and I know things at work

but there are some fine details and that

you know the different types of entities

and that which I don’t know enough

details on yet to give like a you know a

credible description I can very easily

make something up totally believable

which I believe a lot of other authors

and people that write on these subjects

and people that channel do that they

that you get this religious belief

system biases which got to fit this

theory in these books and the things

which are commonly accepted and you fall

into that trap I mean this is why we

have a scientific method to protect the

realm of science from bias and hearsay

and all the things which would destroy

science because you know a scientist is

by definition an open-minded skeptic and

when you take information you must it

must be through personal experience and

of course there is empirical knowledge

which is the things which have been done

experiments and things which have been

worked out which everybody is

continually researching looking for

errors as you know trying to make sure

that scientific record is absolutely one

hundred percent the truth as far as they

know it today so I’d like to get more of

an understanding of you know you you and

your experiences unions and robber Buse

Robert verse says the man what is your

understanding of based on everything

that you’ve said everything experiences

you had of reality of what this entire

thing is what you make of it what is our

place in it how do we make sense of this

or how have you made sense of it at all

well I make sense of it primarily by

focusing on what’s in front of me and

keeping it simple you know the KISS

principle keep it simple that works and

also by you know getting rid of any bias

78 years ago was

so a master materialized to me in my

room I was standing up the overhead

light was on and the math to explain to

me why I couldn’t make any progress now

at the time I had a typical New Age type

belief system probably similar to most

of your listeners but the master

explained to me that how this worked and

how this I was blinding myself to the

actual grade of reality I could see bits

and piece of it but when you tried to

work with it a lot of it was unworkable

didn’t make sense and he explained to me

the way of the master and he said it has

always been this way and it will always

be this way because this is your only

way it can happen and that is basically

to apply scientific method to

spirituality basing Thunder under basing

your beliefs which are very important on

personal experience only and he

explained to me how to do it he said

write a list of all the things you

believe in and you’ll get page after

page of stuff particularly relating to

spiritual metaphysical things and he

said then write another list of the

things you believe in which are based

upon part of personal experience your

own and i ended up when I did that the

first time I had a little piece of paper

with about nine items on there and I had

several pages of other things which I

now had to discard and it is to make

what happens there the things which you

within the realm of personal experience

and anything on that list which is a

one-off experience you’ve got to put an

asterisk next to it because that’s a

one-off personal experience you seen one

UFO for example and now you need to

really find more you keep a lookout for

that but explain to it is it your core

beliefs what you take into your heart

those nine things I took into my heart

not discarded the rest if these things

in your heart your core beliefs he says

to use an analogy here they’ve these

beliefs form perceptual filters for your

mind and these filter out information

that flows between you and the greater


collective consciousness or of higher

reality including your high itself now

your higher self and the divine live in

absolute truth in absolute reality in

the now now just imagine the typical

person’s like me back then before I did

this let’s say to use an analogy my core

belief system of triangular I’m putting

my hands together making a triangle and

now you put that triangle over the top

of your head now everything that you

download from the collective

consciousness inspirationally creatively

music science spiritual thoughts

everything has to pass through that

triangle that triangular filter now

let’s say that all truth and creativity

is spherical orbs of truth round orbs

odd truth now if you force an orb

through a triangle you are going to

destroy it or severely damaged it and

this is why we have so much trouble

communicating with our higher selves

with God with spirituality is because we

have so many beliefs inside of us which

are just not true and they’re not based

on personal experience a lot of the

things which we believe in I just untrue

and you look for out all the literature

in the new age is not just a new ages

everywhere you’ll find errors that

people have made hundreds of years ago

50 years ago have been put into print

and now they’re commonly accepted

beliefs like you were saying earlier

about alcohol and tobacco attract

negative entities if you just believe

that then it’s obviously you’ve got you

can’t smoke you can’t drink because you

might attract something to you but if

you examine that a bit more closely

you’ll see it’s not really quite like

that and there’s nothing wrong with you

having a glass of wine with your dinner

or two it’s it goes like that but the a

psychologically comfortable way of doing

this which explained to me was one you

have your core beliefs in your heart

those nine things hold out your left


and there you have your probabilities

list things that you think are probably

true but you’re waiting personal

experience before you take it into your

core beliefs so you’ve got a bunch of

things here and then you hold out your

right hand and there is your

possibilities list things that you think

are possible are in the universe but you

don’t have enough information or

experience to take that to the probable

list or into your core beliefs and the

things in your probable list are waiting

personal experience before you can take

any item from there and place it in your

core your core beliefs in your heart and

this is what blocks us from our higher

self this is where I came from I put

this into practice darling many many

years ago and this is why my approach to

the greater reality is quite different

from anybody else’s because it must be

based on personal experience now

fortunately I have a lot of personal

experience in the arrows I’m interested

in yeah I really like that I like the

core belief system is mr Bruce we have

some questions that were submitted to us

if you don’t mind they’re they’re a

little bit off-topic they’re not psychic

self-defense related they’re going up

there Miraval shall we move on sure I

have a document about that experience I

call the catch basic concept which

details that experience with the master

and the the process of purifying your

belief system so i used to do if you

want i’ll give you a copy of that and

you can make it available for download

it’s a PDF feel absolutely def ok I’m

finished ok so the first question is

I’ve been waiting years on the Kundalini

book which was referenced on his website

as coming soon it looks like

astrodynamics doesn’t make a direct

mention of such a book anymore is there

but there is a reference to a program

called the energy body Kundalini and the

chakras which is also not yet available

is there a book if not when is the

program going to be available the

program was released several months ago

we put a

since souls into karate and that’s a

video based program probably on that 20

20 hours or so video and everything I

know about Conda Lee and the program is

called raising Kundalini and if you go

to my website at astrodynamics calm and

go to the catalog you’ll find that’s at

the top there one of the raising

Kundalini that’s the program so we have

a lease at now wanted to do the program

first before I wrote the book on it

which will be called probably Kundalini

dynamics because I like the name is

descriptive because I’m getting a lot of

feedback helping people to raise

Kundalini through this program and I’ve

learned lots of other little bits and

pieces on you more than the basics but

I’m getting lots of other feedback and

interesting stuff from this program so

I’ll probably start on that book and

probably six months or so time and it

you know probably give me six months or

so to write it and I’ll be released

through my publishers red red will and

have the roads cool next question astral

projection and lucid dreaming is it the

same or is there a relationship between

those two there is a relationship I

should explain this in the second

edition of astrodynamics now there’s two

editions of that to the first one was

released in 1999 and I’ve totally

rewrote it in 2010 and we released a 10

year anniversary edition it’s my best

seller by far that wonderful book and I

explained this in there basically if you

start with real time after projection at

the bottom at the bottom here which is a

closest you can get to the physical

universe and this is like projecting in

the real world you’re like a ghost in

the real world so you’ll find yourself

walking around your house and that and

everything looks pretty much the same

now you have dreaming lucid dreaming and

wake induced lucid dreaming ah

that is actually a lot easier than

learning how to consciously astral

project and it’s actually much more

powerful in many many ways now anything

to do with the dream mind is a

projection into the mental dimension

it’s a projection of the mental body and

this is why dreams lucid dreaming and

waking juice lucid dreams a lot more

memorable and when you’re in those

experiences your mind feels more normal

which means you can remember things

better like who you are what you’re

going to do you have a plan now in an

astral projection you have from real

time after projection you go up a

gradient into the after all planes and

realms now there’s a direct parallel

with these and the mental dimension so

if you hold them side by side you’ve got

the astral dimension the mental

dimension here and they go from the low

area both of them have a real time zone

level so the mental dimension you have a

level you can project into real-time

like a ghost in the real world and it’s

a lot more solid and they all have they

have a you go higher you have the after

all planes and you have the mental

planes now these are the same thing you

are just perceiving the after appliance

from the mental level so they’re bit

more different a bit more colorful a bit

more complex Percy from the their mental

dimension and there are higher bodies

and higher levels beyond that but those

are the ones that need to focus on

because any experience with the others

is incredibly rare so what most people

have now whether you have a mental

projection or a an astral projection and

how high in the astral astral planes

real time or whether you have a lucid

dream or wake induced lucid dream that

it depends upon how your chakra is a

functioning and you check with a very

complex things so the combinations of

your chakra is and how they are

functioning during experience you will

have a part a normal projection is part

astral and part mental body and there is

a mixture there a variable mixture

people have mostly astral and you will

find if it’s mostly astral they’re stuck

in the real time zone and that is a a

projection of the flesh of your body and

this is provable if you study it that

you are projecting from the flesh and in

that state you will find it’s difficult

to think difficult remember who you are

what sort of plans you might have had

it’s a very sexual environment you know

you have these strong animal instincts

because this basic human beings are

animals well you know and we’re related

to every other animal on the planet in

that sense but yeah there’s a mixture of

astral and mental you could say energies

in most astral projections and this is

why you get such a different range of

experience with all these different

oddities you know a huge range of

different types of experience where

people experience different things from

other people it’s not consistent and

this is why because of how the chuck was

are functioning and the chakras are of

course quite unique so yeah that

basically explained that’s my working

theory at the moment and it’s very

workable it works okay next does the

moon have anything to do with astral

projection and what is on the Dark Side

of the Moon I think it does I have

something to do it because human beings

are affected by the full moon

particularly and some people are

affected by the new moon I personally I

am affected by the full moon I don’t

notice the near moan but I do am

affected by the the new moon and I do

tend to I find I tend to have more

astral projection spontaneous after

projections and visions around that time

when the moon is full and a lot of other

people do too the I mean it’s definitely

not to do with the ESA the gravity of

the of the moon you know you think these

massive gravitational force is that

because often there is a moon up in the

sky and the date on that we can’t see

that the moon is there

or if they’re at night you know with a

new moon the moon is still there we just

can’t see it you know because it the

angle is wrong it’s not reflecting light

off the Sun so it’s definitely not the

gravity I think it may be something to

do with the light reflecting off of the

moon but that’s just a guess there’s no

real no real understanding of why that

is you know that happens but it

anecdotal evidence does suggest that it

does affect people are considerably as

to what is on the Dark Side of the Moon

I’ve been to the moon many times and

it’s basically you know more of the same

is just the light is a lot lower it’s

kind of darker as for anything I may

have found on the moon I don’t generally

talk about that okay ah is it possible

to pull someone out of their physical

body and into the astral realm I have

tried that to death you wouldn’t believe

how many times I get asked to do that

and I’ve tried that but what happens is

if it actually fits any with what we’ve

other things would be talking about if

if you and I synced up and let’s say I’m

going to meditate doing after projection

at the time when you are going to bed

and you’re going to be relaxed it’s like

10pm waiting to come out of your body

now to figs happen here if I astral

project to your room and I approached

you and I try to pull you out of your

body you will sense interpret that as a

massive psychic attack very unpleasant

you’re not massive tingling shivers you

may feel the hand and summit trying to

pull you out of your body and I kind of

guarantee that you’re going to panic you

know in that it’s very unpleasant

experience there now the other thing is

let’s say I caught you just at the right

time whereby you are going to be jazzed

about after projecting over there at the

right time maybe I’ll try and pull you

at your body’s already loose and one

after a projector can touch another at

the right time but this would be very

tricky to you know coordinate but let’s

say us there at the right time in the

arms already floating loose then I could

grab that arm and gently pull you the

rest of the way to your body because

you’re already out you want you asked

her body is actually just floating still

inside your physical body but it’s

already separated now that would work

and you wouldn’t get the negative side

effects of the unpleasantness of you

know trying to force you to after a

budget now I have done this on many

occasions but the problem there is it’s

very very rare that you would remember

what has happened that nothing like

before I mean I could take you and we

could travel together and I’ve traveled

with other people we could go to Paris

and you know fly around the Eiffel Tower

go to the moon and do all kinds of

things but I always guarantee you won’t

remember this when you wake up no matter

what I say no matter what you do there

is a problem with after projection in

that in order to produce an astral

projection your physical body mine must

be in the process of falling asleep now

that’s kind of mandatory now in order

for you to re-enter your body you must

be in the process of waking up you need

some kind of arousal there to allow the

astral body to re-enter you now what

happens after you have to project a good

part of your energy shifts into the

astral body and you will feel paralyzed

and really weak and very tired and

normally you will just go to sleep and

when you go to sleep you will bomb enter

stage 1 2 3 sleep very very quickly

we’re in a couple minutes you’ll be on

stage for asleep which is quite deep

sleep now in that state sometimes an

alarm clock or somebody trying to wake

you up will fail if you’re you know

because you’ll feel really really tired

and because a lot of energy is also out

of your body which makes you more tight

and so you are not

to be able to reintegrate now if you

come back let’s say we say we’ll stay

out five minutes this is more workable

and then you’re going to try and get

back into your body passion Lee savagely

shouting your success well that will

hopefully make an imprint of a powerful

memory that we you will realize in your

mind as you wake up you’ll have the

memory of it that’s a technique I teach

people usually ten seconds out of body

for the first OBE and then dive back in

passionately screaming success to try

and make it an impact on on the human

mind but longer than that you know it

could be several hours before your

physical body will wake up and if you’re

at you you’re in your astral body if you

try and get back in before then your

physical body will feel cold and damp

and very dead it feels like dead meat

and it’s quite shocking and a lot of

people being traumatized not knowing

that they’ve got out of body and they

try to get back in the physical bodies

fall into a deep sleep it’s not easily

awakened and the subtle sensations of a

returning after body are usually not

enough to awaken the sleeping physical

body mine so you’re laying on top of

your physical body and it feels cold and

you will think oh my god I’ve died and

you go into a panic usually if you don’t

know what’s happening what to do there

of course is just to go on your way

explore the astral you’d probably won’t

remember it in the morning but as you

can see it’s quite a complex thing it’s

not something that’s easily done pulling

somebody out yeah okay last question

from our guests here do you have you met

any aliens in your journeys yes I have

yeah I have several yeah I’ve seen giant

spaceships the size of battleships or

aircraft carriers and I’ve been in

company when I was like 19 I was in the

mercantile marine Merchant Navy you know

cargo ships and going from where I am to

around Darwin particularly up that way


often see these giant ships coming down

and they looked like imagine an asteroid

the size of quite a big ship and it’s

like football sort of shaped with made

of iron with pock marks in it like a

typical asteroid and but this has like a

bright blue green or are very distinct

around it and we had one landed probably

half a kilometer five hundred yards off

the port bow on a beautiful klebs

moonlit night and it decelerated and it

slipped into the water without a splash

and we saw two in one night lots of

things like that I was also physically

abducted at least twice that i know off

and i recovered the memories to one of

them i was in the company of my mother

we were making a small road trip like a

35-minute drive and coming back about

midnight and we were like literally

abducted and we lost four hours of time

and we got home we finished that journey

we left about midnight we got home about

four thirty am so at least four hours

missing and I recovered those memories

many years later because I always

remember the first part of it driving

along the road this brilliant light

appearing through the trees going

through a wooded area and the ship

moving out and years later want to

recover the rest of the memory this

fairly spherical ship very quickly

landed on the road wrap went down and I

me I drove my car carefully up the ramp

and turn the engine off and put the

handbrake on now something was

communauté telepathically controlling me

which is a little bit like possession in

a way but it’s kind of done remotely and

I we’re takin up onto this huge ship

which is in high orbit not Lowell but is

a really big ship and the room we were

taken to there was a few little greys

you know running around involved but

most of the people there were the aliens

were human looking

quite human and there was a ballot it’s

like something out of Congress you

imagine you there was a big room and

there was this huge ball of light in the

middle about the size of a you know

30-inch monitor but a ball which was

glowing and throbbing and policy unlike

a dyess in the middle and there is a

better hundred chairs or more big

comfortable expensive looking chairs

like you’d find in Congress or something

positioned around this central ball and

there was about a hundred people

probably sitting there or less and my

mother happily smiled and went and sat

down and looked to the ball and kind of

zombie doubt you ever seen the Dark

Crystal it’s an old animated puppet

thing for men on the exact it’s kind of

like that anyway but I didn’t sit down I

was talking to a man and it wasn’t I was

excited and he took me aside I mean you

know I took me away from that room we

went for a walk around the ship and

while we were walking there were some

big windows they’re like bait windows

but spaceship he looked like you’d find

on in a Star Trek on a galaxy-class

starship big windows and we could see

the earth we’re obviously in a high

orbit and you know looking down and he

explained to me what was happening he

says he said for hundreds of years we

have been abducting human beings

astrally and also physically when we can

if it’s convenient but also astral

projected doubles keeping them on most

people when they project they just sleep

project which means they just the astral

body just comes out of their body and

floats above the physical body mimicking

the sleeping position so they abduct

those and they do the same sort of thing

with them he said the ball of light in

the middle is a telepathic communication

device he said what we’re doing we are

programming healthy social trends into

your population and things like equal


you know anti-racism you know really

good healthy things which had been

growing around in the world for the last

hundred years you know racial equality

sexual equality all kinds of things like

that and yeah that’s about all tell you

about that at the moment but because I’m

not allowed to talk about anything other

beyond that but what he did say he said

the reason they’re doing this they’re

very benevolent he says your

civilization has to pass through a

narrow very narrow window like a an

envelope window and a mailbox he says

and you must do it in this exact way and

pass through that little slot in order

for you to become a type 1 civilization

and enlightened civilization and if he

said we’ve attempted to do this before a

number of times he wouldn’t say how many

but he says and if you he said we’re

very hopeful this time he says but if

you fail it’s like we’ll just have to go

back and do it all again takes a couple

thousand years well interesting mr Bruce

I just wanted to thank you for for doing

this with us again and you’re definitely

an interesting guy you have a lot of

really interesting stories what do you

have in the works right now I know that

you have a workshop that you’re doing

you want to tell us more about that

right they will pop in the programs we

have an astral dynamics com where we

have the raising Kundalini program the

astral projection mastery program

they’re very extensive programs are all

in hi-def now we also have manifestation

and self-healing a program which was

actually a workshop which was filmed

professionally at the edgar cayce

foundation in virginia beach the IRA

foundation and long story i ended up

with copyright of that for that one i

also have a a workshop coming up if you

go to glide wing calm glide wing calm

that starts in about a week or two

about a week’s time I’ve done of the

paper in front of me and that is the

practical after projection energy work

intensive and this is the five-week

course using hemi-sync technology audio

trance inducing audio signals and the

idea of that is for five weeks we work

on you know these cds and we teach you

the basis of energy work and astral

projection exit techniques but it’s done

in such a way it’s live in the fact that

we have our private forum there where

all the people taking part can ask me

questions every day I will solve

problems and troubleshoot things are the

going on give you your best advice very

very funny we have a lot of fun but it’s

a bit of a commitment from most people

because it got runs for five weeks and

you know the idea is if you work for one

hour a day with the cds and also do some

energy work and after projection exit

work and that as well probably ends up

two hours a day a little bit of reading

then you know you have the maximum

chance of succeeding in having a natural

projection including their things like

the slight discomfort theory of the the

short OBE technique ten seconds out of

the body we push that and it here we

have a great deal of success it’s

probably the most successful course on

astral projected that ever be made cool

okay with that dr. G you got anything

else man no Rob thank you so much for

coming back it was absolute pleasure you

by the way it’s feel listeners i also

have a community unit or with a few

thousand members at a lot of free

material and that is at astrodynamics

org o RG astral dynamics org you might

want to put that up and yeah I

definitely wanna link on the website for

everyone together send you that document

the catch plastic concept once we finish

this recording looking looking forward

to trying that course out and having

like a real real Asheville dynamic

all right all right wait but I mean even

if you can’t take part every day for the

five weeks I mean it’ll give you a good

chance to review it and you know get a

good feel for what’s happening sound

good cool well this is the human

experience and i’m xavier my co-host dr.

G just thank you to Robert Bruce for

doing this again we will catch you guys

next week

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