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another homerun episode this is our

conversation with mr. wim HOF just to

give you guys at the atmosphere for this

conversation it was conducted in wins

hotel room when we walked in he’s

wearing a towel he has his feet in a

bucket of ice so truly a classic setting

to conduct a face-to-face interview this

was a six month long process of

coordinating and schedules but truly

worth it we get deep in this

conversation we talk about the

pharmaceutical industry we talked about

how Western medicine has betrayed

humanity we get into spiritual warfare

we talk about how to reconnect with

yourself in nature this episode is full

of information in the middle of our talk

wim shares a very personal hard-hitting

experience that happened to him and his

family it was heartbreaking to hear

about but for him to open up to us on

that level is what we we live for and me

in these interviews what we that’s what

makes everything worth it to have

someone you’ve never encountered before

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listening we are sitting with the

legendary mr. wim HOF whim thank you so

much for doing this sir yeah right on

okay nice of you to invite me human

experience as I heard yes sir so I

actually really just want to know what

does it feel like we are at longevity

conference you’re about to speak you’re

sitting just want to describe to anyone

listening wim is in a towel and he’s he

has his feet in a bucket of ice so when

you’re very much living up to the wim

HOF tradition how does it feel to be

speaking in two hours to a record size

crowd 4,000 5,000 people how does it how

does it feel oh I didn’t know where as

much as you say you like numbers like

four or five thousand people I didn’t

know that now I’m scared haha though I

the thing is what I do I believe in and

it is scientifically proven and we are

about to embark in a yeah in studies

revealing human potential to the fullest

and it’s coming and I’m very excited

about all this yet also a little bit

frustrated because why does it take so

long as we discovered this already two

and a half years ago and and public ate

it published it in the best of magazines

in the world for the first time in

scientific history showing that the

autonomic nervous system related to the

immune system as well as the endocrine

system can be influenced in a very short

period of time like a couple of days

maybe in like 10 minutes so so when yes

yes we’re gonna we’ll get to that point

so I mean

for the people who are listening that

may not know who you are and what you do

what is can you describe briefly what

what is it a wim HOF method method take

came about after say 3035 years of

practice and experiences in nature i

challenge my body I felt at the

beginning like a soul search I was

looking for a deeper meaning of life and

I couldn’t find it in society it’s a

yeah to profane to not appealing to my a

deeper sense of what I was looking for

so you go in a soul search and it did a

lot of visited a lot of traditions

disciplines and esoteric disciplines

traditions cultures languages

philosophies Buddhism Hinduism plein air

religions and and yet no not the

connection which I was longing for

feeling within myself as a missing link

I found when I got into the ice water

and ice water is a natural element its

temperature it’s an impact on the body

and then suddenly if you just ripe

enough to go in and it’s igniting a

deeper power within which is a natural

power and it has been awakened and then

from yeah I was like 18 years or 17 18

years yeah it’s when it all began and

from there I so naturally that we are

able to do so much more than as we think

possible let’s yeah i loved i love that

lets can we can we talk more about that

i mean what is so what is something that

we are able to do that maybe traditional

science or medicine teaches us that we

can’t like what is what is something

that you have found through your work

and exploring consciousness and

spiritual different

what did you find that the human body is

capable of as I was talking about

philosophies traditions colleges

disciplines but also spirituality like

religion I came up with the key to go in

as deep as nature mentor to be inside of

ourselves proving what never has been

proving in scientific history up till

now that we are able to go not only into

the autonomous nervous system which is

outside of our will but not now anymore

but all to the subconscious and for that

normally I’d to Train like a yogi for

years and years and seclude yourself

back in a cave and be able to esoteric

into secret disciplines or Christian

mysticism and all that yeah and now it

is just being done in a couple of days

hey what’s happening so that that’s it

there is no secret anymore and alter the

Buddhists right now they give a way they

opened up and their deepest of secrets

within the doctrines of the of Buddhism

and they they handed over they it’s

opening up well and possibly i will meet

the Dalai Lama very soon oh it’s being

organized I get the Ripper

representatives gold but it’s not a real

interest to me real interest is being

done by proving scientifically do that

we all are able to tap in to our

physiology enabling us to experience

much more spirituality a physiological

depth related to say health strength

happiness which is a hormonal issue yeah

and we are all able to tap into those

systems of ours much more not only that

now comes the interesting part the ex

ending the consciousness spirituality at

a yoga asana yoga chitta vritti nero da

da da da sua soir paiva sternum is

potentially 1200 years ago yeah telling

us hey yoga that’s the union of the

little soul and bake so that’s a jihad

map parmatma I was reading about all

this but hey it doesn’t make sense what

is this what is that and now they see

it’s expanding consciousness and

expanding consciousness actually going

consciously into the brain and fusing

older by neurons and neurotransmitters

synapses into all the parts of our brain

creating the right brain waves like

gamma theta della and we have shown this

that it doesn’t take hours of meditation

or years of meditation to get a sense of

going deeper into the brain we are now

able not only to go deeper into our

brain and show it that’s what we do with

the Stanford University so non

speculative is my way right of showing

it right it’s not a matter of believe

anymore it’s our data and from data we

will learn to look different to reality

and have a sort of a paradigm shift like

think different oh that’s possible so

then it gets subconsciously into

ourselves and we learn to be different

because in the end it’s the mind over

the matter but we lost this belief we

lost this connect a contact this

connection and now we are bringing this

back so the most interesting part for me

is only about to begin to show that

expanding consciousness is possible

creating new neurological pathways in

the brain doing it with the best of

universities and neurobiologists showing

that we can get rid of fear trauma PTSD

depression or anything like that

we have the ability as mammals even as

humans mammalian physiology plus

neocortex the very fast neurological

pathways you are going on oh no no no

not on creating cultures buildings like

this Alton hotel and and skyscrapers and

bridges and shooting people to Mars and

and all that but not being able to get

in our health happiness and strength

that’s poor and not only that one but

also the spirituality the abstract

spirituality believin feelin here right

now that we are able to create new

neurological pathways leading up to

wonder every day which is a natural

feeling a natural state of the mind to

see the Wonder every day which is

expanding consciousness which is

creating consciously new neurological

pathways I’m into that right now because

the rest we already have proven that it

is not yet really coming top down so

implemented so everybody is able to

understand it is already a fact that we

are able to tap into the autonomic

nervous system and the cream systems and

the queen is hormonal so what what is

happiness those are hormones right what

is strength those are hormones what is

health that’s the immune system yeah we

have shown very with thousands of data

non speculatively that we are able to

tap in to those systems far more than

ever thought possible scientifically and

now it is signs but from there we go

into this abstracting called this

spirituality and really we will take

these abstract things because nobody

where is the fear how to deal with

trauma rowdy water emotion we don’t know

no we alienate it from our feeling we

alienate it from harmony with nature and

the result is now that we are in a sort

of a confusion we can shoot people to

the moon we cannot even reach in our

brain so when I mean you’re right i

agree with you one hundred percent that

there is the sense of confusion and

there I mean this is why meditation yoga

have recently become so culturally

phenomenal because we are as human

beings we are looking for answers we’re

looking for some level of truth we were

looking up for some level of

connectivity within ourselves you’ve

done you’ve done some really amazing

things like you you’re known for the wim

HOF method which involves in breathing

exercises and also enduring cold I think

I think there was what what has been the

the most kind of insane thing that

you’ve done as far as I mean the

perceptual kind of something that people

wouldn’t believe that you’ve done been

able to do through these through the

methods that you have found it yeah the

thing is I’m crazy about life but I’m

not an idiot no nor a fool maybe

sometimes but you know hey don’t take it

too serious we take it on light but not

when you are hanging by one finger at

one-half kilometer in midwinter in a

cold climate then you have to then you

need to control real control beyond any

doubt beyond any thinking or minding or

go swim and lose the way under the ice

because you have no goggles no

experience before but I felt I could do

that and I did I did those things far

more than anybody thought possible or

run a marathon without shorts

in midwinter a bi minus 20 minus 30

degrees Celsius and and you know all

these things or climb Mount Everest to

the depth zone in shorts and a more of

those things like 26 of those World

Records Guinness World Records that

attracted in the end the scientists

because they saw but he’s doing things

that are humanely actually not possible

he’s doing it let’s test him so they

began to test me and then they found out

compared to the existent studies that I

was able to counter act on say a

bacteria being injected and no reaction

or create a stay in warmth in the core

for 80 minutes while being in freezing

temperatures and just wearing shorts and

complete a completely immersed yeah and

more of those things and they took the

blood and everything and it showed that

all kinds of things were happening that

could lead up if I was not just the

exception but just an example of how the

physiology could go ad that it could

lead up if I was able to reproduce this

with a test group two enormous new

insight in the capabilities of our human

physiology for every body and for that i

created a method which is accessible and

very effective for everybody and it

consists of three limbs like breathing

cold gradual cold exposure and mindset

it showed that me with my mind only in

front of her in the hospital connected

to giving blood and lung me too hard

meter that i was able

without moving just by my thought going

in for 80 minutes to raise metabolic

activity within the cell with three

hundred percent that’s our mind that’s

the placebo no that’s our mind and

everybody has this but everybody lost

the belief to use it they believe the

direction so right now we are proving

this by neurobiology neuro scientists

neuroscience immunology intensive care

of nuclear science even with NASA so

it’s no longer mumbo jumbo it’s not

longer hocus pocus it’s the magic of our

physiology and bringing it back as

common sense to every person in the

world and how i use you as a window

because what I found it’s not only

believe it’s what we are I found out in

nature heart nature which is a just

merciless but righteous I found out the

right way the way nature meant it to be

not the way we thought it should happen

and how it is systemized and how this

sodomized like full industries para

sighting on our being disease we are it

is just the clients of that whole the

industry they don’t want us to become

aware aware of not only aware they don’t

want us healthy healthy they want to

take away the symptoms but not the

course so so it’s it’s truly

revolutionary what you’re what you’re

what you’ve been able to do and you’re

you’re at speaking events such as this

and you’re teaching people now how to

find within themselves the window to

health and the connection with nature

that they that they have inherently that

we all have inherently is there one

specific moment when I mean

there must have been a point in your

life where what caused you to go in this

direction to look or something were you

were you seeking were you seeking answer

I’m looking for I think it was a you

know yoga they call it karma you can

call it destiny but what is that it has

been coerced may be genetically to come

about you know like nah not being

righteous in the in the past life or

somebody passed it on genetically and

something happened and it happened with

me when I was born I was born almost a

suffocated because they did new I’m part

of a identical twin so they didn’t knew

there was a second way I was the second

one and so I was born too late in a cold

whole way almost suffocated Wow so I

survived over there and it gave me

because I had no reference of mind as a

baby but you get a psychic imprint and

that changed me in the course of my life

becoming a seeker not being like my

identical twin brother just normal so

anybody who is a was just taking up this

seeking into the depth or finding out or

awakening the depth because nowadays the

fact is able to get there and I my

brother is not my twin brother my

identical twin brother is not able to do

what I do because he wasn’t there

internet he lives like everybody so and

I now he is taking up in her and he is

teaching people as well but not as good

as I am of course no no just no

speculation I’m an investigator I filed

there was more I

I had to come to those with that at

terms and so I became a seeker I visited

all kinds of disciplines cultures like i

said already before yeah and i found out

the cold water yeah that was like my the

time when i was born was cold i had to

survive you could become very sensitive

if you have no oxygen inside and you

survive you get into this different

modus and i was looking for that and i

found it i made contact with that

traumatic experience within my psychic

body which is the electrical body a

nervous system it’s a nervous system

thing yeah right and once i got into

this cold I really became a way I felt

hey this wow this feels good no this

made contact with my traumatic

experience and now I had a the ability

to go into that consciously so that is

feeling good it’s connection that made

me strong that made me able to have

control within myself about a with the

deepest of the deepest go past the there

thinking because the thinking had no a

function at that moment because no

functionality because it was not there

as a baby yeah you know but it was just

a psychic imprint and we lost this

connection with this deeper part of the

brain which is the reptilian brain the

brain stem right now we are doing all

kinds of studies with all kinds of

universities Detroit is San Francisco

and over on the brain stem right and it

seems to be that we probably have found

a way not probably we really found the

way to tap into those areas were before

scientifically we had no idea how to get

into that more than say Madison do you

believe that Western medicine

as much I mean it seems that you’re

saying that Western medicine go too much

into symptom much bubble behind behind

where we can be if we simply tune into

this aspect of ourselves of connecting

to our psychic bodies and connecting to

these different ways of of of healing

ourselves we why you said it but where

do you see consciousness now where do

you see the consciousness of the planet

yeah let me use a little metaphor I said

like Western medicines and chemistry and

laboratory settings very fine

instruments they have to do to go into

even the DNA and see how it all works

etc it’s like a beautiful car and it’s

driving you’re driving around but

actually with a little shortcut using

you to Lex you will get home with what

we have we got plenty to get to word

where we should be but we lost that way

and that’s why we use the car we go all

around but we never feel cute we never

feel at home and it’s going around and

around and around so that’s my little

matter for what I see right now a

metaphor the thing is at Western

medicine I’m not against any evolution

or any way of the establishment right

out of the safe pharmaceuticals and a

food industry but they’re actually

messing up our with our physiology and

chemistry absolutely and yeah they

should be overtaken and not with a

hippie culture note with a real culture

called science yes yeah and it’s time

it’s time now I know that you’re working

with Andrew cooverman out of Stanford

yeah what is it what is some of the work

that your work working on with him it’s

coming so very soon we have all kinds of

meetings with very powerful people and

annexed here we’re going to conduct


big studies and I cannot reveal too much

about it right now because he is in

charge of the scientific itinerary I

just say I’m very excited he sees the

effectiveness and the possible

consequences are huge we are going to

make history that no doubt no doubt and

well I got a last thing or what I say

about him he says this is most possibly

the new way to control the mind in the

future for a human mankind and no less

so what are we talking about hey that’s

a big mystery Oh spiritual we don’t know

we don’t know wow it’s so big no its you

its little it’s simple and we bring it

back where it belongs within us taken

away sorrow and unnecessary pain and

suffering and going into loops bang

direct and how is going to be manifested

by talks like this and further on of

course we will endorse it with science

with science yeah I absolutely love that

you’re using that methodology and you’re

connecting it back to science it seems

that you’re very decided on the idea of

using science as a vehicle because it

seems for for the masses and for the

public it’s it’s very important to back

up the claims with hard data with

information um you can call it heart

data can it cold hard data you know

where at the heart yeah it making sense

again damn too deep and everybody will

understand because it was their old

auditor real knowledge it really comes

from the heart but we need to go past

this mind thing for that we need to

heart data yeah so you know yeah you

started you started this early on i mean

you know

just with the method but you wrote a

manifesto on consciousness in the 70s

what was what was that manifesto called

when you were 23 I wrote many things and

but I had yoga as a technique and my

first book was about silence climbing in

silence that was after my wife died

suicided emotional and and yeah I made a

song when I was 17 and it was about try

try to find yourself in one way or

another the only thing you can help is

your health that of yours and of others

then you get these lines of I remember I

was a kid playing down the beach didn’t

worry about a thing the game was the

only thing I reached and with my bucket

am with my Spade a new casas to mate I

was satisfied I had no problems to hide

I never forget the day again again my

child is childish simplicity walked away

and never forget that day my childish

simplicity walked away I was standing

there a little man in menswear every day

the same again for that rotten bargain

working on that machine producing

natural glycerin the stuffed who

destroys yourself you’re only me your

health that is they actually the

awakening when I was 17 and I was just

alone there and still nice song maybe is

going to be a hit someday who knows but

the thing that actually the drive I had

since I was born and you know if nobody

does it I do it and after I produced all

these results in the University

and it came on television I thought I

was driving my bicycle through Amsterdam

and I thought and I saw these images eh

it’s very easy to kill somebody who

found a natural method to go into the

autonomic nervous system and the immune

system their hormonal system in the

depth of our physiology far more than in

scientific history has been displayed or

published or proven and that that will

kill not not people I mean it will make

them healthy and get give them back

their self-control but will kill a sick

industry yeah hey that could be

dangerous but I’m not gonna live in fear

I decided I just keep on and now too

many people know so that’s my tactics

man I seem very you seem very strong and

you have you have a presence that is

very real you know you have a very raw

presence you don’t hold back doesn’t

seem like you ever rolled back and you

have you have this natural sense of

being present like you’re bright you’re

just in in the moment you’re in present

in the moment you mentioned mentioned

your wife dying so I mean that must

affect your heart right oh yeah

completely demolished and broken and

shattered and the society is sometimes

quite senseless but I had four children

and I took care of them they they they

gave me all the purpose to to continue

every day not to think but to take care

of them and that really made me survive

and be okay but this awkward feeling of

a broken heart it just was suppressed

but always had his influence deeply so

we’re but by going into ice water and

climbing even without gear steep walls

like almost risk in my life no try

find a deeper silence than this nagging

nagging emotional being my wife was not

there anymore I had to be there for my

children yeah so yes and that that

really was a big big big big lesson far

more than I could swallow or learn off

or take on at that moment just overtook

me and yeah broken heart is a broken

heart but her a broken heart is one is

senseless world is another so right now

I got out of this at that Valley now i’m

working with all these children of mine

they are adults they have been studying

and they are full of fully commitment

and what i do they believe in it and a

day I chair like children like or like

any family we are very we were shattered

oh but now we are like a new nest and

it’s all working to get a very good to

the chemistry I learned of all these

things maybe it’s karma again because I

didn’t understand or why why and that

why now turn into a if I God now the

knowledge to take away what made my wife

suicide which is a schizophrenia mental

disease the disease of the brain

infection inflammation then am I’m going

to prove that we all are able to cure of

those diseases terrible not being in

control of yourself is horrible and she

was a sweet mother beautiful woman very

intelligent heightened awareness and

then this devil inside this non control

being there neurology completely gone

that makes you she didn’t just decide to

go and jump from an 8th floor that was a

whole lot behind

and now I’m about to prove neuro

neurological and that we are able to

counteract on this because at that time

nobody had any idea and I suffered there

from so it made me into an investigator

and I went into nature I found my

silence and I will I will silence all

those scientists who think you cannot do

anything about this and this is the way

and we have to take medicines and kill

the symptoms we don’t know the course as

a them yeah absolutely there is no

right for some unnecessary suffering in

this world and as we are able to take it

away in all industries are just blocking

this that’s not only no evolution it’s

murder yeah we are if we are able to do

that we have to tackle them and we have

to do this together we gotta do this

together with we are beings of light

let’s be like light and speed up when I

you know I’m very curious to know your

opinion on very touching story by the

way your wife dying thank you appreciate

you stitch airing that with us dunno I

want to know your opinion on the usage

of psychedelics there are organizations

such as Maps in the Hefner Institute

that are using drugs psychedelic drugs

like MDMA LSD to help heal PTSD and

other issues that that people face what

is your opinion about the usage of these

camp I’m doing article sitting yes I i

I’m doing study two together and we are

going to do we’re part number two of the

of the spirit molecule together with

Rick Strassman yeah rickster hi Rick

Strassman and me we had some


mill traffic going on he thinks that the

that you need in a endogenous exogenous

trigger you know trigger from outside

try to create is a dmt yeah and I say no

to endogenous it’s already inside you

just there is a formula and the formula

is the melatonin minus co2 makes DMT but

you got to know how to do that is with

these breathing exercises and I want to

show that first by taking away say

trauma PTSD and depression all which is

that for what they take MDMA a

psychedelics like LSD and ayahuasca and

more of those yeah and I will show that

we are able to regain a sense of control

for those who are suffering from those

conditions mental conditions so a they

are good some of these drugs hormonal

triggers for those who ever say terminal

cancer or a really deep psychosis and

all that and they are in this loop

neurological loops in inside it breaks

it it just shattered through and then

they have a sense of relief and but what

we do is still I’m into the studies now

and they will show that there are

different ways without drugs to deal

with these mental loops such as

psychosis depression PTSD fear anxiety

and all that yeah so uh yeah now my

opinion anything that works hey okay man

but if we can do it by ourselves and it

works even better yeah I think that if

if we’re able to naturally do this using

techniques like breathing effective

breathing and

reconnecting with nature why why not why

not use what’s in ourselves all ready to

help heal ourselves right so I’m for for

someone that’s may be listening to us

speaking right now what is something

that they can do apply to their lives

directly to help them it may be someone

who’s suffering struggling with

depression or anxiety or fear or there’s

something going on with them what would

be one piece of advice that you could

give them that would help them cope with

that there’s a right and a left side in

our brain the left side is more

irrational and the right side is more

peeling irrational the right side a is

more the one who implements inside of

our psyche in our subconscious and the

left side is taking it a rational Russia

now wow I can tell you guys learn to see

rationally that we are able to tap into

our physiology are knowing deep and have

been proven that in scientific realm’s

community so we are able to do that you

are able to do that we are made to be

able to cleanse our psyche our neurology

immune system anything our brain our

heart our organs anything and it’s

related to the autonomic nervous system

as they and it’s outside of our will as

they said and it’s no longer that that

creates a belief i believe a that’s

possible so it is not not possible it is

possible then I’d get into the right

hemisphere of the brain which is

implementation this subconscious there

you will change only by believing

already then use breathing breathing

make the neurotransmitters the neurons

the neurology way better and we can do

this we can become alkaline any time

like in 10 minutes and you can prove

that with these little papers pH papers

yeah they do it for the swimming pool

you know you can piss on it and have a

before proof yeah acidic and then you

begin to do with your breathing and we

got a free course for that on the inner

fire doctor now mm-hmm just look at it

and you find out and prove it to

yourself that you are able to become

alkaline from being acidic before

breathing go for it you believe it you

see it you feel it and 10 minutes later

yeah again and then it’s alkaline from

yellow to blue and green is in between

all kinds of shapes and and that makes

and we have just proven this in a

completed study with the University

again Rep reducible 48 people that we

are in the lymphatic system and that’s

where all the acidic acidity of our body

accumulated by our stressful lives and

all that is being stored into the

chemistry we are now able to get into

that and and clean the old yeah and

that’s it so you begin to believe hey we

are made as nature manda to be to become

a happy strong and healthy that’s the

hormonal system and immune system okay

that creates and that the implementation

part the a subconscious part of our

being directed by implementation into

the last left the whatever say at the

right hemisphere of our brain which is

related to the subconscious yeah will

make us different in very short period

of time a couple of days just begin you

better believe it that it is so we are

made to become happy strong and healthy

like any animal walking in down there if

we are depressed or half conscious and

and it not being convinced it’s like not

being effective within nature we are not

built to be so we are built to be alert

we are built to be strong and happy and

and healthy just to be effective that’s

our mammalian physiology but our brain

is us up is messing us up with

all what we have learned in schools etc

now you learn a new thing we have proven

already by science it’s yet not coming

top down it’s not really implemented

into the masses but we are a full

chapter in the university books already

and it’s about the endocrine systems the

immune system and the autonomic nervous

system we are built to be able to have a

lot more control over the homeowner

system and the immune system or say to

become happy strong and healthy at will

you better believe it and then you begin

with the breathing and with the

breathing you are able to take away what

is being stored up in acidic state

chemistry within the lymphatic system

and to clean the body you clean yours

don’t you now clean your body to you do

it with breathing so then the mind is

suddenly into itself and we are able to

go with this breathing cleansing and

therefore creating the right chemistry

in brain

enabling us subtle to get a neuro

neurological control of the brain stem

which is the directory of our primitive

urges like endocrine system immune

system adrenaline cortisol endorphine

melatonin even dimethyltryptamine it’s

all there it’s amazing it’s really trim

that’s amazing because life is amazing

and we are amazing and now it’s time to

wake up to that and come at terms with

it women do you believe and you know i’m

i’m going into the fringe a little bit

here but do you believe perhaps that on

this planet here on earth that there may

be a war a spiritual war like oh maybe I

mean why are we fed this propaganda why

are we fed these systems of control wire

why is the pharmaceutical industry set

to keep us sick I mean why why all these

systems of control that we face and

that’s a that’s the question why is it

all there but I don’t think it’s an

interesting anymore now too interesting

to get into are we able to become happy

strong and healthy at will is that

interesting or is it interesting why is

it that the power structures and the

money gaining purchase within us make us

so depressed so out of control they’re

going with like six cars that makes you

more happy bigger than one car or one

house and a lot of as good girls and and

or strippers at cedra this Saxon door

and and and the power and all that why

is it that we are not experience the

depth of ourselves and not being able to

express love the way it should and way

nature meant it to be you know it’s so

beautiful all because we had a

disconnected and we are being maintained


by people who are just applying to a

primitive urges like power because of

their insecurities everybody is in the

same insecurities nobody knows that

there is a deeper understanding where

they notice a deeper power and we all

victim to the same mass psychological

infrastructure cold society and

civilization you know how many people

are depressed in our so-called high

civilized society yeah and is is that

society is that civilization no it’s a

it’s a it’s a way down somewhere into

hell yeah and so much lottery within

maybe your uncle guy has cancer maybe he

is getting dementia maybe he’s getting a

Roma to eat the threat is in psychosis

and that and we think it’s normal and

it’s sake so why it is so is it

evolution it could be the power thing

the mind thing the mind is able to

multiply and to duplicate and and and

gain more yeah more energy over others

and that’s being done because of going

outside of your brain and not going into

it and we are still in this evolutionary

passage where we have to learn to

control the mind know what the Bhagavad

Gita set of two thousand or 5,000 years

that we are already very simple and mind

not under control is your worst enemy

and in control serum it’s your best

friend so we are still into that that

now we are able to shoot people to the

moon it’s time that we shoot ourselves

oh shoot I go for my happiness

preferably health

and my strength and be able as a mother

to guarantee this for a child if we are

able by University proof not little time

bigtime that every mother actually is

able to guarantee health strength

happiness or love it that’s love non

sentimental love then the war will go

away because the war is all based on

possession yeah interests politics

bollocks and speculation and all that

but not about your home where we should

be caring and sharing and as we are not

able to have our security de we have to

prove this by guaranteeing every person

scientifically that we are able to tap

into the physiology in a way to

guarantee for every mother in the world

and that’s what everybody wants the

security to guarantee health strength

and happiness so we go back to the love

and then that’s the most valuable and

you don’t need all these pearls in 10

cars and six houses and big buildings

just have a nest that’s beautiful Wow

wim HOF my good sir just what an

incredible message and that you’re

spreading it I admire it and respect it

so much and for you to be gracious

enough to allow us into your hotel room

and you’re about to speak to you know

four or five thousand different people I

thank you so much for you know your time

your presence the work that you’re doing

and your energy and your fire and you

know I understand now why it’s called

inner fire when where can people find

your website where can people go to find

more about your work edifier dot NL in

fire dr dot and now an l is for the

netherlands you know

in the name wim HOF method dot-com one

half method calm and there is a free

course and just get into it because we

are into a inter sense common sense and

a lot of love i love you guys love you

you guys heard it here this is xavier

katana with the human experience wim

again thank you so much sir for making

the time and your towel and your bucket

of ice and love it man we’ll see you

guys next week


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