Transcript for Wim Hof on Breathing Techniques, Human Performance & Breaking World Records

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big dip and then I came across the

television and the newspapers they took

me on and began to challenge me to do

all kinds of things and I did them all

and although further 26 World Records

later I found myself being interested by

scientists the the challenge of gold

fool fully immersed with the body inch

of ice water is I found the real

connection I was looking for a deeper

connection than we all experience in

comfort zone a viewer modern daily life

and I showed people within four days who

had no former experience in the cold to

go for hours and hours on end in shorts

in freezing temperatures up to the top

of a mountain and dance the Harlem shake

up there you know man in ice water in

those times like 40 years ago that that

was something that was a crazy man an

idiot nobody goes into my sport nobody

that because the coal is is hostile is a

hostile forest is something you need to

keep outside of yourself I just went

into nature found out by trial and error

all of my instincts my god and my


and found out that the cold actually is

my warm friend you are the doctor you

are the one who is able to intervene

into your chemistry right now what is

the pharmaceutical industry done it’s

become a business it’s like there you

know there is no profit in a cure there

is nothing to be gained by curing

patients so it becomes this recurring

cycle where you’re addicted to drugs

opiates and these medications that you

know essentially there’s nothing being

cured so folks

Xavier katana here Wow wim HOF you may

have heard of him in this conversation

we go over not only just the methodology

but the science that when his team and

the work that Wynn is doing how it’s

affecting the traditional understanding

of healing and health and how we

understand our bodies and ourselves this

podcast is about reducing stress

reducing cortisol and talking about the

interconnected nature of all of us so

hopefully you guys enjoy this episode as

much as I did this was our second

episode with wim HOF and it really is

remarkable thank you guys so much for

listening here is mr. wim HOF


the human experience in session might

guess for today is mr. wim hof wim it is

a pleasure sir thank you for making the

time to be on the show today

thank you let’s heat it up and good so

so busy with all kind of things

internationally there’s a lot of

pressure well a lot of things going on

and that was not like 40 years ago the

way of the death bread I thought that

there must be more than meets the eye

and that’s a that actually is a is a

jungle of nothing and there you are in

front you know somewhere inside that

jungle of the mind there must be a way

to understand the world better than the

way I was meeting it I saw a lot of

suffering and depression and disease and

a war and chronic stress and all that I

saw that in the world and I thought that

there must be another way yes there I

went into looking into scriptures and

all kinds of things philosophies

traditions cultures languages

disciplines but none of them could meet

the challenge of gold fool fully

immersed with the body into ice water

his for I found the real connection I

was looking for a deeper connection than

we all experience in comfort so we havea

modern daily life I found it in ice-cold


i Scott worries yes it is painful it is

painful or at least we think it is

painful it wasn’t to me

because I was a man in who a seeker the

seeker of the soul soul search him and I

did all those things like karate and

Kung Fu and and yoga and all those

things but

the cold water really is like a katana

it’s like a knife it’s like a sharp

knife you don’t feel it but it goes

right through you to the bottom of

everything is where the mind is being

stilled and only what remains is the

experience so there is there is

something about the cold water that when

you immerse yourself in the cold water

it snapped you into a sort of state of

awareness a hyper conscious sort of sort

of state of awareness absolutely you can

call it hyper you get all of hype oh uh

yes outside of the minds conditioning I

was looking for that I did not know at

the time you know by thought hey this is

it and this is because of that ah blah

blah blah blah I had no reason but only

feeling that feeling I followed all that


every day I was you could fight me in

the water

and actually I kept it very secluded

because you know man in ice water in

those times like 40 years ago that that

was something that was a crazy man an

idiot nobody goes in the ice water

nobody that because the coal is is

hostile is a hostile force it’s

something you need to keep outside of

yourself when you go into the cold water

you naturally go into deeper breathing

the first time you go into cold water

you automatically do it’s not fully the

reflects goes oh yeah you know what it

is that is that the body needs to meet

up with the cold impact with the power

of the stressful impact which is a power

of force on the body and therefore it

needs to change in chemistry and how do

we do that how do we change the

chemistry by deep breathing and that’s

what I did I remain calm but the

breathing really went deep so the

chemistry there changed and I could stay

in the water and that was very

remarkable was a first meeting with ice

water and with my idea of what I was

learned with that ice water is a hostile

forest something new a it’s gonna make

you sick

and I was just looking at it witnessing

a but I can do it

I feel I can do it I was playing around

with the ice surrounding eyes a thin

layer of eyes there was I was playing

with it I was witnessing that idea that

idea of hostile force and all that it

was not it made me breathe deeper and

collect consciously deeper within myself

and it felt good

wim do you think do you think that you

are some sort of special human or do you

think anyone can do this this is

available to anyone right yes absolutely


25 years I did it on my own I thought

yeah everybody was saying he is this is

crazy man he is doing that they don’t do

what he is doing because it’s no good

it’s the very unhealthy is very

dangerous and and all those things and

then I came across the television and

the newspapers they took me on and began

to challenge me to do all kinds of

things and I did them all and all more

further 26 World Records later about

myself being interested by scientists

and those scientists began to run

experiments on me whereas normal people

cannot say take bacteria on injected and

not become sick I did not became sick

and when people are exposed to ice cold

water in an experiment their core body

temperature will go down drastically not

me and where the blood is a very

vulnerable to flama Tory Marcus my blood

while being in the ice no reaction to

inflammatory markers whatsoever and they

had never seen that before

inside and then they said but you are

the Iseman and I said no everybody is

able to do this I can teach people

it took me lots of years in the end his

simplicity and the effectivity and at

accessibility of a door

and I show people within four days who

had no former experience in the cold to

go for hours and hours on end in shorts

in freezing temperatures up to the top

of a mountain and dance the Harlem shake

up they’re not suffering from cold and

all know they had reconnected with their

inner depth the way nature meant it be

and then four days later all these guys

and a percent score whereas the control

group was injected as well with a bet

yeah David Icke and my group all of them

100% did not became sick yeah I read

about this yeah wrecked the immune

system and that’s the way we are built

but we think Cole is it is a hostile

forest and we live in a comfort zone

behavior and we got conditioned no guys

we are weakening our systems inside and

those are there yes and when I want to

talk about the physiological effects of

cortisol and stress what’s happening in

your brain I mean this is not conjecture

or just speculation as you like to say

that this has now become science these

these people are now studying what’s

happening in the brain as we start to

induce cold exposure and the breathing

methodology so if you could just talk

about what’s happening there in the

brain when you’re when you’re immersing

yourself like this what’s happening in

the brain is that you learn to connect

with the deepest part of the brain where

is in scientific literature medical

literature it was it was stated we are

not able to get into the brain stem into

the autonomous nervous system the

autonomous processes of the brain and

thus we are not able at will to go into

the hormonal system which is residing in

the deepest part of the brain spoiled

aqueduct of Grahame is fair but it’s

just me then the thing is we are able to

reconnect at will to go in a very

stressful environment being able to

activate at will their the adrenal axis

and with that with the adrenal axis

activation at will you become the best

of your functionality to confront the

stressful situation that is in short now

they are not only saw in brain scans

that I was reconnecting with the deepest

part of the brain now they are seeing

that we actually are in the DNA itself

and they are doing the studies both in

Michigan the brain studies and in San

Francisco the studies on the DNA and

they see that by learning to go into the

cold you learn not only to breathe

deeper your vascular system to become

optimized and the boat the deep

breathing and the adaptation or the

conditioning of the vascular system to

be able to adapt to cold temperatures

those two they reflect on the DNA itself

and they make protective proteins they

make them activated the dust the

protection around itself that means all

the cells is being guaranteed and with

that the longevity mechanisms of the DNA

which is a teleme but also the

inflammation Ani transcription factors

which is all dealing with the same DNA

the inflammation is going down very

favorable for the transcription factors

for the genome expression

okay that’s great another thing is that

the length of your life is going to be

longer because you are

able to activate protective proteins

around a cell which in turn helps the

telomere to stay intact and each layer

is that is about his cell division and

the cell division keeps on going

that means you the length of your life

is being affected effective positively

and they are doing their studies right

now in a San Francisco and there are

more studies going on and a lot of

publications car are going to come this

this year over already completed Studies

on inflammation and chronic pain cuz

this this shit works they work and they

are not mine

they are work for everybody I just went

into nature found out by trial and error

all of my instincts my god and my

intuition and found out that the coal

actually is my warm friend it brings

about great amounts of energy a great

vascular condition a protection for the

DNA the ability to connect with the

deepest part all part of my brain and

thus we take over control over our lives

you know it’s it’s amazing to me and one

of the reasons that I love speaking to

you is because you know we break down

what’s happening scientifically within

the body in the microcosm but also we

talk about the larger perspective of the

macrocosm and how it’s affecting the

larger picture picture as a whole

because what is the pharmaceutical

industry done it’s become a business

it’s like there you know there is no

profit in a cure there is nothing to be

gained by curing patients so it becomes

this recurring cycle where you’re

addicted to drugs opiates and these

medications that you know essentially

there’s nothing being cured it’s it’s

just a big business exactly and you’re

talking opiates and that is part of the

endocannabinoid system and we had no

visible connection with that possible

impossible for humans and that is as

well as stated in the magic medicine

books and now I have shown to go

intuitive and cannabinoid system

big-time and I tell once again now the

study is going to be a comparative study

where I will teach people who are

dealing with the terror of the mind like

bipolar condition and I you know we’re

gonna cure them or make them give them

back a sense of control within a couple

of days after 10 years of medicines so

what is that it is exactly as you say

people who are in industry their goal is

not to cure you but their goal is to

keep you as a client and that is almost

its its natural almost to do that

because that’s the way you make your

money but I say it is sick it is a sick

system the money suddenly is motivated

to keep people actually from real curing

we have to change our paradigm we have

to change our lifestyle our weight

thinking we are able as we are proving

it in science over and over we are able

to become much more in control of our

hormonal system and immune system and

therefore are able to master and

guarantee our own health happiness which

is mood which is hormones which is the

connection and strength which is energy

and the control of the adrenal axis it’s

all there it’s what we show through

science people app to hey if you want to

stay dependent on a doctor that is when

you got trouble you go to the doctor and

you take pills because the doctors they

know they the pills are really not a

cure it’s just killing the symptoms

killing the signals killing the

messenger not the core

because they yeah the industry wants

clients today they are not going for for

cures cures is when you go with your

concentration with your focus and with

your breathing in the cold shower then

you are able to go to the core the core

is namely a wrong chemistry in the body

and it’s sounding a pain signal or and

many other signals to show hey get your

focus here get your concentration here

do something about this

there is absolutely the ability to cure

and to remove the course of the of the

wrong chemistry inside which in the end

becomes a disease

that’s all logical I mean in in in in

animal world there are no hospitals and

no pharmacies they kill themselves they

go within themselves we on top we have a

big conscious power willpower and we can

learn to use that to cure ourselves to

direct our mind power which is neurology

its neural activity together with the

hormones and the breathing is very

effective to take away the course of

disease and you know many chronic

diseases yeah the professor’s now tell

me I work a lot with professors and

doctors they tell me and 20 years is

gonna collapse the whole system the

healthcare system is gonna collapse you

know why because of chronic diseases in

chronic diseases a time for the time

being still are able to be patched up

with all kinds of pills medicines but

it’s certain amount they become

invulnerable immune to their medicines

it’s great for the industry but very bad

for our health and then what will happen

with their chronic diseases it will


it will change it says you are not doing

anything about this so I’m gonna look

for a different way you know I I find it

you know puzzling that around us every

day you know we we sit on a subway and

we don’t know the person who’s sitting

next to us we don’t know their name

we’re so immersed inside of technology

and our phones we don’t look up out of

our phones to see what’s happening

around us we’re so disconnected by

something that is supposed to connect us

we’ve been disconnected from nature from

each other

from ourselves and with that you get a

chemical of disconnection

to be socially with each other you touch

each other you be with each other you D

tense each other now we keep our

tensions inside there is no physical

contact anymore

so the oxytocin which is very important

for our blood flow in our body to D

tense and to detox it’s not there so

what happens you get people begin to

suffer a kill number one in the West is

cardiovascular related diseases and one

of the factors the courses is the

individualization absolutely it has a

chemical effect and if we build up a

lack of oxytocin which is very important

for the blood flow to go without

calcification and then another thing is

that the consciousness of ours we can

think that we can communicate by

telephones but we actually have to go

back to the tribal that the direct way

talking to each other being with each

other there is all the right chemistry

going on and through telephones the

technology goes on but what nature shows

us that we have to communicate that we

want to communicate that we love to

communicate but we have been

build so individualized that now we are

in the telephone you see everybody into

the telephone because now we have a

little device which it goes against the

way we have learned to deal with our

neighbors and fellow people in the

cities it’s completely impersonal and

and in the telephone we can we can go

back into our intimate relationship with

people but how strange that has become

yeah so all the technology great that

shows only the reflection of an aha of

the possibilities of our mind but really

we have to go back to our tribal being

being with each other we have to change

the paradigm so because nobody is

listening to this that’s why I go

through science and then we show hey

suddenly we are able to reconnect inside

by doing some breathing and cold

exposure and being in the family you’re

like a tribal B tribal man it’s good for

us chemically is the right thing to do

then you become in charge in control

over your happiness strength and health

which is the hormonal system and the

immune system and that is the way nature

built us and we are equipped with all

those tools only we are wrongly schooled

how to use them and how to guarantee

these core values of lost core values

namely the guarantee to become happy

strong and healthy

it seems like we are on the precipice

you know either either we find something

that is a fundamental change we correct

something in the system that is so

fundamentally flawed and so systemic and

so widespread and there’s so much

disease and it’s so rampant and people

are suffering from mental illness from

depression to bipolar to so many things

and and we need so badly things like

this people like you who are teaching

others to connect with themselves again

to connect with nature again yeah the

next step is to show this by science and

I’m doing that already we have tens of

thousands of data showing a man this has

never been seen before

and now there are people able within a

couple of days to change the control

over their physiology intensely and very

deeply and guaranteeing them to be able

to say and off bacteria and off

inflammation and our depression

therefore or impaction and it’s all

there so we just give the people a

choice try to make it as widespread

possible with your podcast and show the

guys their non dogmatically there is a

choice you want to become happy strong

and healthy

scientifically endorsed we got it

we found the techniques and this is the

shortcut to go back into the image in

nature of ours which was originally

built to be happy to be able to be happy

strong and healthy and every time when

it goes out of balance out of this

control to come back and those

techniques we have so our concern ume

Sevilla bring this out there and who

showed and that that is the next step

because we are not forcing people we are

no religion we just signs

non-speculative choice you can make

there’s no Dharma if you want to be

happy strong and healthy here it is yeah

I mean women like I consider the work

that you’re doing incredibly important I

know that you are working with many

people in your training them they’re you

know they’re taking your courses and

they’re learning about this so that they

can teach to others and in the last in a

few years I mean I think the first time

that we talked it was you know you

weren’t as widely known and now it’s

it’s like you’re on Vice you’re on so

many other different programs where

people are talking about your work

people are discussing your work and the

information is getting out there I mean

when what do you say to someone you know

struggling with depression listening to

this and they are struggling with some

level of disease what is something they

can do for themselves it has been made

so complicated that depression you go

home he can do that with pills and

medicines I tell you it’s not in

psychotherapy alone is not good enough

you yourself are able to make the change


right now within our power begin to

breathe deeply inside and let go deeply

inside and let go just keep on doing it

for 30-40 times until you feel light had

it loose in the body that means that you

have changed the chemistry the blood and

the blood goes to the head

in Indy brain there is the chemistry

wrong because there is a lack of

serotonin melatonin dopamine balance

that is what is creating the depression

and now because you are regulating the

right chemistry with that blood straight

flow to your head you are a rebalancing

the dopamine serotonin levels and since

the depression is gone because there’s

balance so his absence of balance there

is depression or has over tangent you

got over tangent or depression go too

much or too little but we don’t know how

to keep and to change the chemistry and

dust to get the balance back and I tell

you with the free app if you just

download the free app and get into this

practice I can explain it all but there

is no not too much time and time really

you don’t need time they made it too

complicated let’s take it on simply you

are the doctor you are the one who is

able to intervene into your chemistry

right now

deep breathing follow the app and you

find out

we got many many people hundreds and

hundreds who are treat of depression

it’s all not scientific it’s anecdotal

but who cares they are healed and so are

you so are you able to heal your self to

make the chains those are all the stress

factors of the past they have resulted

in chronic stress causing a deregulation

in the immune system causing

inflammation going through from the gut

through the gut barrier to the brain and

they are causing the depression of the

dopamine serotonin and now you are able

to turn all that process because it’s

biochemistry and we are as shown in

hospitals how to get a hold of the

biochemical processes and become in

charge and consciously at will and make

the change within there so do it what is

the biggest challenge been for you

through this process of you know coming

forward with your work has there been

something that you’ve you know struggled

with or something that has you know

personally or you know business-wise has

there been anything like that I lost my

wife at 95 at for children’s he suicided

and she was so enthused kids in front a

schizophrenic and I had no power and now

I have the power because I went on a


I worked now with those four kids every

day together we are happy and it’s all

great and I have a new little baby I’m

back in the lab back in business back in

the life everything you know why because

I went off because I believe there is

more and that following that belief is

coming finally across something deep

inside which always was existence only

never been schooled that way with

I tell you from from the start as a

young kid you are stupid you are stupid

you are stupid you’re stupid

what do you think that hasn’t got any

effect on you of course it does

now the lies they are very devious

they’re getting in with that we have to

learn about history and mathematics and

they brainwash us they brainwash us in

in primary school then in secondary

school then in the university to become

a member of a society a system which is

making money not happiness not strength

not health no money and that’s gorgeous

all the chronic stress but nevertheless

they do it anyway and I tell a man I

love people and people should go back to

the senses the comments and we’re in the

core values to be instructive because

people need it so in the primary school

there needs to come subjects not only

mathematics in history and language but

happiness strength and al and practicing

it so they never lose the balance the

natural balance and the sense of control

within ever because a happy man doesn’t

eat six cars to become more happy than

five cows four houses or ten wives and

or women ten man I don’t know you know

all these numbers like money we are no


we are happy beings we have strong

beings and healthy beads if we just keep

in our balance like a baby the ladder

grow up in love to become the most

beautiful of beings the mind is so

beautiful if it only has natural growth

and development without force without

narrowing the consciousness to become

twisted if you become all been happy

strong and outlet

while goes and then you can see in the

neurology of the brain it all connects

to each other you can see it in brain

Spence unhappy people they have just in

activity people who are depressed they

have inactivity in certain parts of the

brain logically there is no pressure

there is not the right chemistry and

they don’t know how to solve it

we are wrongly scooped and now what this

method does is bring back the right

blood flow everywhere in the brain and

with that the inmates control from the

brain over the hormonal system which is

guiding all the body it’s done present

the way nature meant it to be but if we

have like a garden and you don’t water

the corners of your garden then suddenly

that becomes very dry and it dies

and that’s what we deprive our braids

that’s what we have to learn the kids to

never get lost there in the brain and

given always the right chemistry that’s

what I show I show it in brain scans I

showed in the blood with tens of

thousands of data this isn’t true method

and it works without money it’s you

coming back to the belief that you are

able to direct all the systems within

yourself and to have easy your mind that

means control over your brain that means

control over your chemistry and it’s


the chemistry as simple as it is follow

end up breathing that changes the

chemistry and you believe suddenly is

able to connect your neurology suddenly

is at will is able to do right the

hormonal system and the immune system at

will it’s all there you can look it up

it’s your chores you want to be happy

strong and out there it’s there we love

you but it’s not about you know hippie

love something this is real strength

this is this is real strong a happy and

healthy when my friend thank you so much

for your time man I know we spent a

whole other hour doing this and there

there were some sound technical issues

but you know you were so very gracious

with your with your time and and lending

your energy and your presence here where

can people find the wim HOF method calm

is that where they go to the website

yeah that’s a that is a way if you go

wim HOF method calm you get

automatically at the website that is the

website I think yes that is the website

and there is the app you can download

the app there from if you want more

there is more of course but we have to

make costs we go all over the world we

are spreading the news and we are doing


everywhere in the world 11 universities

right now because they are finding out

that this works and and these are a lot

more studies but it’s all very costly so

if there is a free app you can learn it

all you can learn about the physiology

under and the know-how and the

scientific studies so there for free if

you want more you get into the travel

into the online video course and yeah

the events I do

you can either camp become a therapist

with us within a year and that means you

can become a teacher of the method yes

and I tell you this will be part of the

healthcare system all over the world in

the coming years it’s already been

accredited in the u.s. it’s gonna go all

over the world the whole world is

talking about this and why because it

works and why in the end because it is

scientifically endorsed it shows that in

many many angles of many disciplines

scientific disciplines that it is that

works when my friend thank you so much

for your time we’re gonna get out of

here guys this is the human experience

you have been listening to my guest mr.

wim HOF find his work at the wim HOF

method calm thank you guys so much for

listening you will hear from us next


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