Transcript for Tom Bilyeu – Conquering the Mental Game (Founder: Quest Nutrition)

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heart is melting right now that’s

amazing I don’t think we’ve ever had a

moment like that on the show before when

you’re unshackled from all of that

emotional baggage like what do you want

to create bring into the world that’s it

that’s all that exists is right now so

if right now sucks

you’re in real trouble what does guys

believe you’re gettin here and Wow

what a phenomenal episode mr. Tom bill

you of quest nutrition’s really amazing

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you Tom my good sir welcome to hxp

thank you for having me on I’m excited

to be here so Tom it’s a pleasure I mean

you I feel like you’ve probably had this

conversation many many times but you you

founded you’re most known for finding

quest nutrition and this is a company

that exploded in revenue why don’t you

tell us about that

it and describe that feeling for us of

finding a company and having it do so

well well it was um it was born out of

misery so it’s it was just an incredible

experience and really shows what happens

when you stand up and take a look at how

you’re feeling about everything that

you’re doing and you make a new demand

of yourself so my partners and I had

been building a technology company for

almost a decade before that and the

company was doing quite well and I just

wasn’t having any fun I didn’t feel

fulfilled I was chasing money and just

came up emotionally bankrupt at the end

of all that and so I had actually quit

that company and told my partners you

know I can’t keep doing this and I

really want to find fulfilment and

passion and build something that I care

deeply about something that I’m excited

about and long story short they felt the

same way and so we put ourselves on a

ticking clock and said if we don’t hit

certain revenue goals by X period of

time that we would sell the company and

start something that you know we’re

really passionate about for three very

different reasons the answer to what we

were very passionate about was health

and nutrition I grew up in a morbidly

obese family so I was just really really

focused on trying to solve that problem

and save my mom and my sister and

because it was coming from that place of

being deeply empathetic to their plight

and being so passionate to help them and

I wasn’t blind to the fact that

obviously there were hundreds of

millions if not a billion plus people

that were struggling with food in the

same way that they were it just turned

business into something completely

different and it turned it into creating

value for other people serving other

people and being able to lead with

compassion and that was such a profound

shift for me because I had spent so long

telling myself the narrative of somebody

who was willing to suffer to get rich

and once I switched that narrative to

somebody who was willing to suffer to

help of their people then everything

changed and he did more revenue in a

single day at Quest than our previous

company did annually so it was just such

on such a much grander scale and to see

that the social awakening and the way

that technology had really made

everybody so hyper connected and changed

the dynamic between a consumer and

company was just amazing to see that you

could be rewarded and that you could

treat being authentic and naturally

wanting to help people as a marketing

tool right and the better you were to

people and the more you put yourself out

there and the more you tried to connect

and build a community that it came back

to you in the form of big business so I

mean it’s we’re living through this

profound shift and it’s one of those

things that as you see entrepreneurs

wake up to this and as you see more

companies embrace it and stop trying to

hide behind the corporate veil but

instead you know really step out front

and say what the company stands for who

you are as people what you’re trying to

bring into this world that it comes back

to you because people can really feel

that and there’s that sense of authentic

connection that you just couldn’t have

before so it’s it is such an exciting

time to be an entrepreneur and it was so

neat to see that when we really turned

our backs on thinking about money and

instead just really started thinking

about value creation that everything


Wow you know there’s a there’s an

article that I copy pasted for the

research for this interview and the

title of it is how this protein bar

brand grew 57,000 percent in three years

and it’s written on September 30th 2015

and the question someone asked you was

did you expect the company to be this

big and your answer was yes we expected

it to be this big if not bigger I mean

wow just you know you’re I want to touch

on what you said about turning things

around and not chasing money because you

know in the few years of running this

program I’ve talked to many people who

who kind of preach the same thing I mean

how would you define success that’s a

really individual question and I think

I’ll give you an answer and it’ll be

very specific but it’ll be specific to

me so I don’t expect this in any way

shape or form to be universal but I

think people have to set a goal for

themselves and part of that is breaking

free of small thinking breaking free of

seeing yourself with all these

limitations and foibles and and really

you know when you’re unshackled from all

of that emotional baggage like what do

you want to create

bring into the world and when you dream

freely and then turn that dream into an

actual goal and then create the steps

that you know that you’ll have to go

through to get to that goal and then

acquire the skills to actually do it

whether or not you alternately

accomplish that gigantic goal or not to

me is irrelevant to success it’s about

putting yourself legitimately on the

path of pushing the envelope of your own

potential so that’s how I think about

myself is purely can I wring every drop

of potential out of myself through the

acquisition of skills that are in

service of a goal larger than myself so

I’m very action-oriented it needs to be

aimed at something specific and it needs

to be so big an audacious that it scares

me and so for me the pursuit of that the

just naked raw not unafraid because I’m

afraid all the time but that you act

even in the face of fear that is my

definition of success do you feel that

in some way you’ve escaped the matrix in

in some strange way just because I don’t

think I’ve ever seen a company do this

before I mean you go from the startup

company into being a you know a billion

dollar revenue company it’s just it’s

mind-boggling I would say for most

people it would redefine how you kind of

look at the world when you’re absolutely

crushing your expectations for how well

you want a company to do yeah so the

notion of escaping the matrix has sits

at the absolute heart of my existence

and once I realized that the matrix was

the perfect metaphor for your own

mindset then yes I’ve escaped the matrix

because I’m not held back by my mindset

at least not in any debilitating way and

I do work every day to you know empower

myself further and further and gain more

skills and be less compromised by fear

and insecurity then I think it’s an

ongoing process you know it’s not as

sort of neatly binary as you see in the

movie but yeah I do think that I’ve

escaped in that sense and quest in many

ways was a result of people

look at gaining skills and how do I get

better and how do i improve and how do I

look at myself and recognize where I’m

weak and you know really set our sights

on the goal and and then really really

move towards that and you know a lot of

what happened at Quest was being

prepared for the right time so you know

I don’t want people to think that there

isn’t some timing involved in this but

that to me is is irrelevant you really

have to set that aside you really have

to be preparing yourself for what you

want to do so that when the opportunity

presents itself that you’re able to

execute against that and that that

notion of execution is what I’m obsessed

with Wow

yeah it’s really really intriguing

there’s a bunch of articles in front of

me that you talk about wealth creation

and that when you care about wealth

creation that you need to add one

element to the equation which is to

solve a big problem and the bigger the

problem is the bigger the financial

opportunity is can you kind of expand on

that a bit yeah definitely so there’s a

guy named Peter Diamandis he’s the

founder of the XPrize which is an

amazing philanthropic organization that

looks at the biggest problems that we

face as a society and tries to

incentivize the crowd to come up with

solutions to those and he has a great

quote he said if you want to make a

billion dollars help a billion people

and it’s you know very elegant and

obviously an oversimplification but it

gets at the real truth of the matter

which is that people will pay for value

so when you think about the things that

you pay for in your life there are

things that you pay for gladly where you

almost can’t believe for that amount of

money that you can get that product or

service because it delivers that much

value to you and if as entrepreneurs

that we really look at that and say we

have an obligation not to just be clever

marketers but we have an obligation to

create something that’s worth selling

and that as more people buy it they’re

empowered and the world at large is

empowered because now you can sell and

you can sell like really with enthusiasm

and passion because you believe that

you’re making that person better that

you’re making the world better

and phil knight the founder of nike

talks about this in his amazing book

shoe dog which i highly recommend people

read and in it he said you know i’d been

a sales person before and i’d always

been terrible but i was actually really

good at selling at nike and when i

looked internally for the reason why the

answer was very simple that belief is

irresistible and what i was selling was

my belief that running made the world a

better place and that these shoes made

you a better runner and i thought man

that’s so right on like once that’s

exactly what it was like for me at Qwest

it was easy to sell because i believed

in the product i believe that if you ate

this instead of something else that you

were actually going to be in better

health that you were going to feel

better you were going to potentially

live longer you were going to look

better and you know that you start

putting it in real context like i’m

thinking about my mom and my sister

they’re going to be in my lives longer

they’re going to be happier but you know

thinking about people that have kids

they’re going to be there longer for

their children or they’re going to be

able to you know build something that

they otherwise might not have had the

energy to build or the longevity or

whatever the case so you know you can

you can really pour yourself into that

kind of thing and the beautiful thing

about any grand endeavor is that it will

yield to time energy and focus and so

when you’ve got that energy and you’re

willing to put in that time and that

focus because you believe in it

ultimately even the hardest problems

that we face are going to fall away and

as they fall away if they’re falling

away to commerce to a business that’s

built on bringing value into something

beautiful for the world then you know

you get that amazing combination of

generating real wealth which can be

leveraged to make other things come true

because to me money is just a

facilitator and if you’ve earned that

money facilitating something amazing you

know garnering those resources will only

let you facilitate more great things

yeah I love the eloquence and in your

explanations through these questions

we’re going to keep going with the

Entrepreneurship angle here for a little

bit longer but being an entrepreneur

seems like it’s almost a trendy thing

nowadays I mean if I hear about another

kid who has invented the next best thing

and sold it for you know 40 billion

dollars I’m going to have it I just I

can’t take any more and I mean I’ve been

in the startup world for at least 10

years building companies and I want your

opinion on what you think about where

startup culture has evolved to and kind

of what is going on here yeah I’ll take

a slightly different viewpoint and I’ll

say this finally the world Revere’s

people who are building something and

they revere in themselves the ability to

create something now a lot of them just

like a kid who’s looking up at a

basketball star instead of thinking

about wanting to be capable of a

championship performance he’s thinking

about wanting to be a champion and the

difference between those two is vast and

it is so important and so people look at

entrepreneurs and they’re thinking about

a big house a fast car lots of money

girls you know whatever it is that

they’re they’re thinking about instead

of thinking about building something

that matters but at least we’re living

through this moment in time where people

like Steve Jobs or Elon Musk or Richard

Branson people look at them and they

want to be them these were the geeks

these are the ones that were picked on I

mean Elon Musk was literally bullied and

beaten and one of the things that he was

trying to do was to escape that when he

left to you know ended up in Canada

first but that was why he left South

Africa and the fact that we now as a

society look up to them the way that we

used to look up to rockstars to me is

absolutely breathtaking because at the

end of the day an entrepreneurs job is

to build something that matters an

entrepreneurs job is to build something

that is so valuable that people will

trade their money for it and since you

trade most people are trading time for


you’re literally trading time for that

entity your mo

valuable thing so if people can actually

do that create something that is so

unbelievably valuable that people are in

essence trading their time for it it’s

that’s so amazing to me and so yes it’s

trendy and yes a lot of people are doing

it purely because it’s trendy but man

I’ll take that I’ll take that juice and

try to get people to understand that

it’s even more powerful than you think

once you switch your mindset from I want

the car the house the jewels and start

thinking about I want the resources that

allow me to build things that matter I

want to have global impact I want to

learn how to hold myself to metrics and

learn how to move and shift and acquire

new skills as the market demands it

you know entrepreneurship to me is is a

very amazing expression of what it means

to be garnering skills in service of

something bigger than yourself

yeah that’s such a beautiful explanation

and really really connect with that I I

just I don’t know a part of me is a

little bit bitter or just I just don’t

handle it well anymore I just feel like

everyone wants to become an entrepreneur

for the sake of making a billion dollars

and it’s you know it’s not as clarified

as you just kind of made it and I mean

it’s something that I think there was an

article that you wrote it says that

entrepreneurs are made not born how did

you get to a point where you were how

old are you now 40

this was 2016 where you guys were

exploding how how did you go I mean was

there an understanding was there

something internal did you start

meditating did you start following a

certain group or did something happen

internally other than your desire to

solve a problem for the external world

did something happen to you on the

inside that might have reflected this

explosion with your company and it the

success of your company

well a it’s a really important for the

world to know that there were three of

us that started the company and the

other two guys just incredibly talented

entrepreneurs as well and so and we were

on three very different paths so

whatever you know things that I did was

you know but one third of the puzzle and

for me it’s really been a very long

journey of self-discovery that was born

out of massive insecurities and not

feeling good about who I was not feeling

good about what I was capable of feeling

like I was trapped feeling like I could

do more I could be more but I didn’t

know how and really movies were the

things that helped me understand what

that was and the matrix is the perfect

example and was as close to a lightning

rod moment as I had where I saw this

perfect allegory for what was really

holding me back which was my mindset and

once I realized okay your mindset is

what’s holding you back then I could

begin attacking that mindset and

building a new mindset identifying the

things that hold me

back like one thing that is invisible I

think to most people is what you build

your self-esteem around matters so I

think people just think of Oh ego is bad

or you should have self-esteem but the

fact is that what you build yourself a

steam around could be self-destructive

so for instance I used to build my

self-esteem around being right now if

you build your self-esteem around being

smart or being right it’s a trap and

you’re going to fight for dumb ideas

just because they were yours and you

want to prove to everybody that you’re

really smart you’ll also put yourself in

a room full of people who aren’t very

smart so that you can be the smartest

person in the room you start doing all

this behavior that’s very


to acquiring skills and service of a

goal that’s larger than yourself right

so you’ll start to see a through-line

looking and very consistent on what I

think is the meaning of life which is

that and when you’re building yourself

seem around being right being smart it’s

a fixed mindset as Carol Dweck calls it

in her book mindset and switching over

to a growth mindset and instead of

believing that my talent and

intelligence were fixed traits that

could never be changed and so it was

just a genetic lottery and I had to find

my place in the world to feel good about

myself with those you know limited

qualities so you expand your mind into

saying no no I can be as smart as I want

I can become as talented as I want in

anything that I’m willing to really put

in the work now Angela Duckworth has an

amazing book that’s sort of a compendium

in my mind – mindset called grit and she

talks about look innate talent matters

but effort matters twice as much so as

long as that’s true people don’t need to

worry about you know what their natural

gifts are worry about what you want to

do and what you want to get great at and

then just put a whole lot of effort

behind that and so you know for me I’ve

been on that quest for you know call it

20 years almost where that’s been the

central obsession of my life is

improving my mindset improving my skill

set and and measuring it against what

I’m able to do in the real world

yeah you know there’s there’s going to

be a lot of people listening to this

show who see your success and their of

course they’re going to reflect that

back in themselves and want something

similar and whether they’re building

your own company or whatever they’re

doing and we do have a lot of

entrepreneurs that listen to this show

was there a point where you felt like

giving up you felt like I can’t do this

anymore I just have to let this go a

hundred percent when I went when we were

building the technology company and I

went to my partners and I said I quit

literally you know that was me saying

okay the traditional path to

quote-unquote success where I make a lot

of money and I’ve got the big house and

all that it’s it is so draining

emotionally and never were truer word

spoken than somebody who said the only

thing you actually have is the present

moment that’s it that’s all that exists

is right now so if right now sucks

you’re in real trouble so I have wanted

to find a way to enjoy my right now and

so that became the mandate with business

was business was going to serve my right

now it was going to be something that I

believed in today it was going to be

something that I felt passionate about

today it was going to be activities that

I was going to be able to enjoy right

there in that moment and that was one of

the reasons that you know a huge part of

our marketing strategy was to celebrate

transformation was because that was

awesome to see and it was awesome to

know that we were contributing to that

and it was awesome that the community

was getting excited about the brand

because it had helped them transform so

all of that was like exactly delivering

what I wanted business to deliver which

was momentary happiness right now today

as well as what I call framework

happiness where you’re trying to become

something so it gave both sides of the


yeah is there something that you could

offer people that are listening that

let’s say that someone is pursuing their

dreams and they’re failing and they’re

they’re trying and they’re doing their

best and it’s just not working what do

you say to someone

not position they need to focus on two

things one skittle acquisition so they

need to identify what are the skills

that they need in order to succeed at at

what they’re doing and if they’re

blaming anything on the outside

economics family circumstance how they

grew up you know whatever they’re

holding themselves back it is merely a

set of skills so no matter what you’re

trying to accomplish

if you become so good they can’t ignore

you as Steve Martin says then they won’t

ignore you but you’ve got to put an

unending amount of time and energy into

that and that brings me to the second

thing which is you’ve got to think of

yourself to the lens of a lifetime not

the lens of a moment set another way be

patient now the reason I don’t like

using the word patient is it’s that’s

very passive to me and I think people

just need to understand that it’s not

like you grind for a week or a month or

a year you’ve got to be grinding for

decades now if you’re grinding for

decades and you’re really getting better

and you’re developing your ability to

understand what skills stand between you

and executing on what you’re trying to

accomplish and you get very good at

deliberate practice and acquiring those

skills and making sure that you’re

really pushing the boundaries of the

capabilities ultimately success is going

to relent to that right time focus and

energy if you’re putting enough time

focus and energy on something ultimately

it will relent but people want it fast

and I get it and you should act with as

much speed as humanly possible but

you’ve got to be going all-out all the


for decades this is not something that

happens overnight yeah and you know I’ve

done that and there gets to a point

where you just start to burn out so what

do you mean what’d you say to that when

when you are pushing so hard all the

time that you’re pushing 16-hour days

you no longer have a social life all

you’re doing is working on your company

or your project or whatever you’re

working on and you’re just so passionate

involved immersed in it that you know

it’s it’s become everything that you do

you know it’s happened to me has it

happened to you

yeah for sure and you know my answer to

that is know thyself if you want to take

a day off take a day off right this

isn’t a moral thing and I think people

get caught up in that so

first of all I don’t believe everybody

should be an entrepreneur I just think

everybody’s capable so if you a person

who shouldn’t be an entrepreneur is

someone who doesn’t want to be an

entrepreneur cuz it’s hard as hell so if

you’re going to do it then it better be

fun right and you better enjoy the

process like I absolutely I am obsessed

with learning I’m just obsessed I would

find it fun to learn even if I was

living on a desert island and nothing

that I was learning had immediate

application I just enjoy the process of

garnering knowledge so and then I like

helping people

so any business I’m going to be involved

in has to help people that’s just that’s

got to be because that that’s fun in the

moment right so one person writes in

like my goal in doing this podcast is

that somebody in your audience is going

to write in and say my life is a little

better because of that podcast now

that’s the juice for me so that’s why I

you know want to engage so heavily and

build community and engage my community

is I really love the moment of awakening

in someone’s eyes when they realize just

how much they’re capable of if they’re

willing to put in the work over the long

run like that’s fun for me

but let me tell you if I need a day off

I’m going to take a day off even though

I pride myself on getting out of bed

fast hitting it like today I was in the

gym before 3 a.m. yesterday I was in the

gym at 2:30 a.m.

so like I’m a total grinder I love that

I eat it up it’s a huge part of my

identity but if I wake up one day and

I’m like holy hell like for real I’m not

feeling this today then I’m going to

take time off and man I’ll but shut down

at Christmas because I want to spend

time with my family so you know know

thyself don’t be like but you can

achieve balance by aggressively going on

two ends you know work hard play hard

yeah you know it’s it’s really easy to

talk about and truly he to say and to

put into practice there’s a whole other

story for me anyway and I mean kind of

like you said know know thyself very

very true very wise of you to say that

yeah I’m curious to know when we first

started this process of setting up this

interview the first thing that I noticed

from quest as a brand was that there

were people who were just

maybe kind you know it was like this

window to kindness is the strangest

phenomena because I email a lot of

people and you know we we get a lot of

emails and just the communication was

always on a level where it felt like

someone on the other end actually cared

what you were saying and that affected

me personally it is this something that

you employ into your philosophy as a

company and I mean is this something

that you kind of put into your employees

or how did that happen yeah 100% so

there were three things that I looked

for in hiring employees and number one

was ambition yet that grand ambition

number two was Drive you had to have the

willingness to see it through and number

three was compassion so you know we

weren’t looking for hyper-competitive

people or anything like that we wanted

people that were legitimately

compassionate that actually feel empathy

for other people can connect that want

good things for other people and that’s

a big thing for me is when somebody can

want good things for another person like

that’s somebody I want to be around yeah


um I want to shift gears here I want to

get into I want to try to get

existential with you if we can ask it


what is your regard to consciousness

consciousness altering substances

psilocybin I mean where are you in

regards to meditation consciousness but

using substances to enhance your your

cognitive performance all of that so I’m

a big believer in meditation and for me

everything comes down to the science of

the brain and that was really a big

breakthrough for me when I first went on

the journey of self-improvement was to

really ask a very fundamental question

which is if I were an athlete what would

I focus on the body okay well then if

I’m trying to be a mental athlete I need

to focus on the brain I need to

understand how it works I need to

understand neuro chemistry I need to

understand the anatomy of the brain and

by understanding all of that stuff I was

able to literally visualize it and

being able to visualize it and

understand the mechanisms that were at

work then I could fall prey to less and

less of cognitive biases or mood swings

or whatever the case may be because I

understood the mechanisms behind it

right so that was a very big thing for

me I would say that I’m not like when I

think about who can talk about

consciousness on a level that just like

makes my jaw hit the floor

you know sam harris comes to mind I

don’t I don’t have that kind of deep

wisdom in that area I haven’t spent time

thinking about it like that and the same

would hold true for the use of drugs for

you know altering consciousness but man

my thing is if if you’re struggling from

anxiety depression anything like that I

say use every means that are available

to you and it just strikes me as very

odd if there was something somebody

wanted to try for themselves that people

were opposed if it’s for them on them

and it’s just them hell yeah like give

it a shot and I think that we don’t

really understand the human mind yet for

all the things we do know I think it is

a vast ocean that we don’t know I mean

you sound you sound like you’re a pretty

positive person I mean where do you see

the growth of humanity going in the next

10 20 30 years considering current

events well you start pushing it out 30

years and and now I think so I consider

myself an amateur futurist I’m on the

board of the XPrize which literally

they’re part of their stated mission is

to assure the future in and the reason

that I find that also fascinating is its

inevitability so the future is coming

whether we want it or not and I am as

you said I’m very optimistic I’m very

optimistic about the future I’m I’m not

naive to the fact that a lot of the

stuff is going to have to be very deeply

thought about and we’re going to have to

address things but 30 years from now I

think that at a minimum you’re going to

see a massive biological argument

augmentation that will be living through

the transhuman phase where people are

putting microchips in their brains that

were you know growing organs in

in labs which they’re already doing by

the way but I think that that will

become incredibly commonplace that will

be 3d printing organs but brain

augmentation is is really fascinating

and we just had so I have a new show now

called impact theory and we just had one

of the most dynamic neuro scientists on

the show a guy named Moran Cerf the

episode have a man moaning ah amazing

Murphy is an amazing scientist amazing

amazing so he was talking about may

talked about it on your show as well he

was talking about some of the work

that’s being done to basically map the

neurological firing patterns of

different regions of the brain and so if

somebody is struggling with neuro

genitive decline that they can go in

there and map out how that particular

area of that particular person’s brain

fires and then as it hits a critical

point where it’s degenerated too far

they will literally remove or bypass

that part of the the biological brain

and insert I’m not sure if it said

or exactly what it is but they would put

in something artificial that would take

over and replicate the way that that

brain fires and all those different

circumstances and that’s already being

done now so you can imagine what’s going

to be happening in 30 years I think it’s

going to be amazing I really think that

you know if you follow Ray Kurzweil

something like 87% of his predictions

about the future have come true and he’s

saying in 2045 we’ll hit the moment of

the singularity which is where

technology will be advancing so fast

that like a black hole event horizon we

can’t possibly predict what happens

after that and people sort of round that

to the moment where they think that

we’ll be able to upload our

consciousness it’s it’s utterly

fascinating and of course one has to at

least ask the question are we already

living in the matrix yeah yeah that’s a

really good question ask actually um you

know I would you are you a transhumanist

I mean do you feel like you would be up

for uploading your consciousness living

forever no question no question I’ll

never be an early adopter I think

there’s a lot of risk involved in that

but I once the technology matures

absolutely so

yeah I’m I uh I have stated many times

publicly that I plan to live forever so

that’s definitely the game plan wow

that’s that’s that’s impressive man I’m

not sure if I would follow in those

looked at I’m not no judgment here you

know was has there been a any certain

thing in your life that has impressed

you the most or had the most kind of

gravity in your life for you any book

person event anything like that it’s

interesting I’m going to tell you what

the first thing was that before you

finish that that left so forcefully into

my mind there is a certain look that my

wife gets sometimes when we’re all alone

and we just lock eyes and she gives me

this look that is the facial equivalent

of pure love and that sad to me is the

juice like that

that’s my everything if every moment of

my life could feel like that I truly

would need nothing else

I doubt heart is melting right bad

that’s amazing I don’t think we’ve ever

had a moment like that on the show

before good my why are super super

obsessed with each other and we just we

we’ve been together now for 16 years and

we’ve been through everything from

poverty to you know tremendous success

and highs lows but through it all we’ve

really made sure that we were growing

together and and that isn’t easy but

that is like at the end of the day for

longevity you’ve got to want to change

right like I’m a guy who’s obsessed with

adding new skills thinking in new ways

not letting my ideology become Dogma and

so to get two people to grow in that

same way

it actually takes recognizing that that

look and that person’s eye is incredible

and it’s amazing and you should note it

and talk about it and enjoy it and you

know cultivate the ability to get back


yeah absolutely yeah so true and you

know I want to leave it on that sort of

cliffhanger for the members content side

Tom where can people find your work

where can people get to your website and

what you’re doing

so at tom bill you is the best way and

my last name is spelled a little weird

and that’s B as in Bravo I ly e you and

then I have actually so I’ve moved into

a founder role at quest nutrition I’m no

longer involved on a day to day basis

but I founded a new company called

impact theory and so you can also check

out everything at impact Theory calm

cool this is the human experience thank

you so much for listening we will get

you guys next week

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