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I’m honored yeah it’s a sense of

responsibility you know huge this is you

know right it’s the first time that I’m

sharing this story you have no idea how

you know you can actually touch

somebody’s life and only decide that we

put attention into it it’s already

something very very big what’s up guys

this is a 90 degree turn from what we

usually have here on the human

experience but that’s what this show is

it’s about the human experience we had

on the fashion icon

Simonetta Lane and there’s so much stuff

that she’s doing and we get into a lot

of that in this conversation so

hopefully you guys enjoy this one thank

you guys so much for this meet the human

experiences in session my guest for

today is mrs. simonetta lean and

simonetta it’s a pleasure welcome to hxp

thank you so much I’m very honored to be

here thank you so Simonetta I you know I

find who you are fascinating I mean

you’ve been given accomplishments such

as best-selling author TV radio

personality journalists international

fashion icon blogger influencer brand

ambassador entrepreneur philanthropist

how it is that’s a lot

how many like about the same age you’re

34 right yes yes so how does a person

accomplish this by the age of 34 it’s

remarkable never stops I’m very very

passionate about everything I do and you

know that passion I always say that it’s

the key of everything if you don’t have

that you have to look for it because

when you have it then you’ll have the

strength to do everything that I have

been doing because when you were saying

all these things I was like oh my

goodness really it’s true I mean 34 yes

I’m still young and I also lived in you

know and in Italy I travel a lot I’ve

been to India many many times I kind of

lived there a little bit of lifting Cuba

for a little bit and then I’m living in

the US so a lot of things and you know

being really focused on what do you want

to accomplish and be very clear what you

where you are going and of course it’s

not easy it’s a everyday journey that

you have to decide and re determine

every every single day but I think

that’s the key I love that I love you

know the passion behind that I feel the

same way I’m very passionate about

everything I do

was there a moment in your life in your

career where you felt like okay this is

a turning point this is what I want to

do this is where my passion is this is

what I want to do for the world

yes when I moved to the US it was of

course a big step imagined that I was

living in Italy and I have my family I

have my house I had my job I have my

friends I had left my comfort zone

sometimes you know people hear this

they’re like wow but at the same time

they guest care right because it can be

something scary leaving everything but

that actually was the best decision I

have it may sometimes I always say to

people get out of your comfort zone can

be you know the key moment and of course

you have to be very aware of what you’re

doing and that was the moment even if it

seems crazy but you have that passion

that passion really

I’d see you and when I moved to the US I

really had this connection inside of

myself saying I want to transform

everything I do in paying forward I

really think that in 2017 whatever job

you do if you want to make an experiment

with yourself and open your life a

little bit to others you really discover

a world inside yourself that you did not

you know really maybe even knew it was

existing so the key when I moved to the

u.s. also the u.s. inspired me I have to

say the u.s. is it’s a country that it’s

very open to charity and that kind of

feeling I found a lot of people really

opening I would say their heart and

their possibility to make my ideas

working because you know I had already

the idea beyond my foundation which is

the wish wall it was started first with

a blog but it was mostly I was actually

interviewing at that time celebrities

about their wishes come true and how

they can inspire people but when I moved

here and was out of my comfort zone I

had you know so much passion he just had

to work I don’t have to explain you have

to work because it was just such a big

jump interesting yeah I spent this whole

week thinking about this episode with

you and how do I connect this fashion

icon entrepreneur we interview a lot of

different entrepreneurs and we range in

the type of people that we bring on but

you know just like how do I tie in

fashion into consciousness and what’s

going on in the world and it just he was

puzzling it was the strangest like sort

of fusion of two different things

and how would you say fashion effects

culture humanity and what we’re doing in

our lives

well fashion it’s a form of art I’m an

artist my first degrees in fine art so

I’m a painter so I was always fascinated

by fashion because of you know it shows

outside of courses like you are going

outside with a piece of art if of course

you are aware of it so to me fashion of

course I’m from Italy I always say you

know that it’s in my blood we have style

you know in other words you know we’re

but but yes it should be more of being

aware that when you wear something is

not just only you know piece of clothing

yeah sometimes it could be but if you

really want to put attention into it

you’ll realize that again it’s a piece

of art it’s something that can

communicate except Lea who you are

inside and it can inspire people my blog

it’s called empowering style under the

wishmaker project and I interview mostly

women about their job and you know their

lives and how they impact the world in

style because of course when you imagine

you go inside a room right with that

style that it’s really your style if

people see you so that’s why fashion to

me became a way of communicating

allowing people or actually helping

people to make them more aware of what

they’re communicating and what they want

actually to change about themselves you

know fashion could also help your mood

to help your day you know sometimes

maybe you are a little bit down and you

kind of force yourself to go inside your

word room and say okay I’ll change my

day I always say easy things simple

things can really do a lot so fashion

can be of course a simple and easy thing

that we can put attention in our

everyday life and understand there’s a

bigger meaning about it you know I love

that I love that fashion is art and I

agree you know when I do look in my

closet and I’m looking for something

nice to wear there is a sense of

confidence and there is a sense of

presence that I feel when I look good

absolutely how do you jump from I know

the wish wall is a big passion project

for you you know how do you go from

fashion icon to wanting to help people

the wish wall it’s a way for me to meet

real people real stories I am a

storyteller I record you having to

impose I’ve read from Forbes I wrote my

first novel number in my second book so

I’m passionate about writing and reading

you know true stories also fashion it’s

a way that allows me to get to know

another part of the world that gives me

another perspective and at the end it’s

all in the same big circle I would say I

just got it from another angle for

instance I get to interview many many

beautiful women that I also meet through

social media I use social media a lot to

really go and meet interesting people

you know fashion brings of course that

happy part with that you know where do

maybe also deep interview and bring that

a more intimate part of that person I

can discover you know details of that

person through their style it allows me

I would say to go a little bit deeper

you know again simple way but know

better people to me it’s a deep

connection it’s not absolutely an

external thing it’s much more yeah I

want to touch on the wish wall because

this is such a big thing for you

is there a wish that touched you the


yes it’s an incredible story it keeps on

actually touching me because he had so

many parts it was the first physical

wish wall that we decided to do and it

was here in Philadelphia we’re talking

about September 2015 when Pope Francis

came to Philadelphia I had this idea of

the whoosh wall but it was still a work

in progress

I shared I would say my idea with the

city and as an artist as well you know

was visualizing this wish was a physical

as a mural you know and I shared this

idea so how can I bring you know from

the online version because they first

started like I was saying kind of a blog

in the physical world and so they gave

me all the help and we were able to put

up this event so this physical wish was

I imagine a massive wall with a

beautiful graphic and we put up an event

a lot of people came they put up

beautiful wishes I decided to go with

all this colored pieces of paper and we

put up something that was beautiful that

event itself changed my life almost the

end of the event a girl comes and she

basically writes this wish very quickly

put it up and she starts crying and she

runs away and I go after her while

quickly I’m breathing her wish and

basically she’s asking me to help her to

get who killed her sister I stopped her

and she tells me you know my sister got


you know hit-and-run accident and

basically we have to fill in that you

know we live in a big city the city’s

forgetting us we don’t know what to do

we don’t want that people will forget my

sister and I had no idea that actually

this was a very famous story in the city

of Philadelphia and I had no idea how to

deal with it I mean I was very new at

the u.s. I’m still very new so I just

felt that I had to do something so at

the end of the event we pick one wish

that we feel that granting that wish we

can impact the community the most and so

we thought if we can help this family we

can help a lot of families are going


the same issue showing that they’re not

alone so the first thing that I wanted

to do was renaming a street after this

woman that was killed by the way she was

my age so I felt you know this strong

connection and I’ve tried to reach out

to the family you have also to know that

many times people put up a wish and then

it’s not that easy to grant wishes I had

to really go through and of course it

was a very touching story so then I had

then to talk with the mother the mother

was crying it was you know very hard but

at the end I told her I’m here to help

you and she trusted me and we went and

we talked with the city and this lady

was killed on December 23rd of 2014

there was two days before Christmas and

I said it’s under September we have two

months we have to run industry before

anniversary yeah of course everyone told

me you are crazy

yeah what do you think I mean even in a

small city two months it just I mean it

takes a lot of time I always say when

you really want something you know

sometimes also a miracle happened we

didn’t even actually know until that

exact day if they were putting up the

sign but I would still remember December

23rd we go there and they’re putting up

the sign so that was the first thing

like amazing thing and then we were able

to put up with the city and triple-a and

Clear Channel a big billboard because I

said listen maybe someone will talk and

so they put our big billboard and a

reward for whoever you know what health

and gays I prayed a lot and sometimes

really miracle happened this is to me

it’s a miracle because exactly a year

after they put off the wish I received a

phone call the same exact day thing we

got him and so they got the killer and

the killer now he’s in jail so he

admitted it was him and it’s something

you know that I still cannot explain I

still cannot believe that happened again

I changed my life completely because

when you see with your eyes that things

like that can happen I mean

yes miracles do have to happen and do

exist that’s a touching story yeah it is

you know I love your idea of service to

others and that is also one of my

personal like philosophies you know

that’s what I do is is I do my best to

serve others as much as I possibly can I

feel like if more of us were doing that

at the world would be a better place

absolutely and that’s why you know I

created this according to pay for war

philosophy I cannot do all the work I’m

just you know one person but if I can

inspire you when you and you and we keep

on doing even small things you have no

idea many times even a small gesture

common under someone’s wish can change

that person’s life you have no idea how

you know you can actually touch

somebody’s life and only the fact that

we put attention into it it’s already

something very very big so if we all

should start at least to do a little bit

yes we can absolutely increase this the

quality of life actually very yeah it’s

kind of like the butterfly effect you

know it’s like one small lesson that can

have this massive impact on so many

people’s lives you know we’ve we’ve

talked about your successes and you know

the things you’ve done let’s talk about

your failures let’s expose because I

think the perception many times is that

success is like an overnight thing and

not at all your life at all it’s a

constant struggle you know and so I mean

what’s one of those failures those

moments where you learned from that


it happens every day like I was saying

before while I have that passion that

passion has to be searched every single

day I personally made the best choice

for my life which was really following

the original path I would say and I

always say you have to find your own way

but please find a way you cannot think

that you can accomplish everything you

would like to accomplish in life without

commitment it was I last week I had a

person that I helped with all my heart

and actually that thing instead she got

it completely in the opposite way and

you know actually ended up and not in a

nice way and that you know of course

brought me down and to meet that

struggle death struggle that you were

talking about that’s the best tool to

struggle inside ourselves I always say

when you’re doing something please try

one more time always said to yourself

one more time because you think it’s

over that one more time with all your

heart will open doors that you didn’t

even you know could have opened for you

while I was talking with you I had an

image when I was 14 and that was maybe a

biggest failure I think it was 12

actually and I just moved from one

school to another and I’m the only child

did not have friends my parents were

very very busy and at this time I still

don’t know why I did invent that I had

like some kind of disease or something

and I wanted to see if you know the

other kids liked me enough to you know

feel sorry

I wouldn’t be there you know with them

and this is you know maybe it’s the

first time that I’m sharing this story

if I think about you know like a biggest

failure all the kids were really oh my

goodness no can you die well no we want

to you are our friend and I felt you

know my goodness they care about me then

of course they discovered that I was not

dying and then they hated me right and

then I have to you know we start on your

relationship at the

and of the three year of school we were

friends again that was a big failure

because I think me I did not have

confidence in me but that taught me I

can be like just because I am me and of

course like I said even if I had so many

successes every day you know do not

think that success that happened

overnight that’s the you know the

struggle we do not have to be defeated

never never never never always every day

it’s a new day and that door closed

well I’ll open it in another way it

always works is why I always say dreams

really do come true but it’s all up to

you if you want them to come true yeah

you know so many things there I didn’t

want to interrupt your flow there and so

many things moving through my mind as

you were speaking the last thing that

you said left me with an old quote that

I love from Picasso that said something

like good artists copy great artists

steal they’d love that quote but that

sense of originality and being yourself

and not hiding who you are and just

being honest with yourself just being

honest with who you are even if you’re

stealing you know to me it seems like

when we start to do that more and when

we start to communicate in the most

honest way possible

other people start to do the same thing

back you know it’s all my feeling when I

can get someone like you on to the show

and and then we have such a real moment

where you know you’re telling me about

this childhood story that you’ve never

mentioned before I live for those

moments curious about in the business

side of it working with these brands

what is one of the biggest brands that

you’ve worked with so I would say ilaria


she’s an amazing woman she’s one of the

Fendi sister she actually inspired me a

lot so she was a designer of Levendi

semen so it was like a branch of Effendi

and she decided to create her own brand

based on the recycling part these she

inspired me because she keeps them you

know showing me how again fashion is an

art so fashion can be something that can

bring new ways from a culture also point

of view so she recycles everything

well she creates bags and jewelleries

and that kind of items everything that

was wasted she uses this to make luxury

pieces and they are absolutely stunning

and it’s amazing while you go through

the story of a bag because she puts you

know the story she explains you you know

I saved this button from I don’t know

the beer tap and I you know put letter

that I you know was wasted here and

there around it and it becomes like

gorgeous so she gave me this idea of how

you know we should strive for those

designers that can bring innovation and

can bring again something new I don’t

know if you heard about it but a fashion

can also be used as technological I

would say aspect so for instance now

they are creating bras that can detect

if you have cancer it’s very interesting

they were like if fashion can really be

useful for so many things so she

inspired me so much now I am actually

the official ambassador for shahida

Paradis another extremely important

woman for me

right now she’s Indian and she advocates

for women in India and try really to

help as many as she can to become

entrepreneurs so when she came and she

told me I love what you do I love you

know you’re presenting to the fashion

world to social media the wish wall

foundation what can we do together I

went through her stuff and I saw many

many styles that I was first

all inspired as a woman because she has

this concept of women that have to be

women I would say really you know

beautiful and classy and colorful and

all those scholars you know that I saw

because I was in India many times I saw

those colours and I know actually the

energy that those colours can give to

people and they are the same colors that

I picked for the wish wall so I picked

like a selection of clothes and we

created a capsule collection that

actually for sale now until thinking may

something like this that helps the

wishful foundation so 30% of the

proceeds will go to the visual

foundation so to me it’s first of all an


I mean before me she had people like

Beyonce Demi Lovato Paris Hilton wary

her clothing line so it’s like amazing

and of course shows me that through you

know my influential part of my life I

would say I could use you know that part

for a project that can instead help so

many people because in fact the campaign

is called heart to heart and so she will

help I would part of the proceeds hurt

women in India and I will help other

meaningful wishes come true so it’s a

way of women that can collaborate and

create something that empowers create

something actually concretely achievable

and yet in style really intriguing I

love that technology aspect of measuring

cancer in bras that’s huge yes I’m sure

that you’ve garnered a large following

with everything you’ve done and these

women girls who want to be like you is

there a message for them that you would

give them what would you tell them you

know I receive so much love actually

really yes that I received this message

from on a serum from a girl that told me

you know you are the role model that you

know was looking for and if one day I’ll

have a child or a daughter I wish she

could be like you and that of course I’m

honored yet it’s a sense of

responsibility you know huge I feel the

protection of so many people there you

know they feel the power

my work and they keep on supporting me

and encouraged me and that it’s just

it’s huge for me and I will keep on

telling them remember a leader without

the first follower is nothing so you are

braver than me because if you are you

know kind of encouraging me and you know

you see me a leader without you I’m

nothing and so remember how courageous

you are in believing I would say and

recognizing other people’s amazing ideas

now when I started the wish wall I also

received like this distorting how does

this work and it was like maybe you know

the crazy idea that someone said open

this is genius you know

and then it’s thanks to that person that

I started to do what I’m doing you

remember that you are the key of when

you actually encourage someone else you

are the key for that someone else do

actually succeed and someone else will

do the same for you so always to

remember that when you give to others

you’re part of something bigger when you

encourage other people you know really

come to you and life come to you and

brings you more yeah you know I really

loved that I loved all honesty in that

you know something we do here at the

show is we’ve had many many people on

and many you know big very big names

when when I look back I’ve found in my

own ability to be honest when I

completely open myself during an

interview it’s when I get the most back

from the the person that is doing it you

know and and then after they are over

they will tell me that you know they

will remark and say you know I’ve done a

lot of interviews but I’ve never had

that happen to me so yeah I truly

believe in being open with who you are

and honest with everything that you do

and I like to look at it as if you look

at a coin has two sides both positive

and negative and if you can turn the

coin if you have 10 negative thoughts

and you

earn the coin for one of those thoughts

into positive it’s like this cascade

starts to happen people who have

negative self images if they just turn

and one of those thoughts they’re having

into a positive thought I think things

like the wish wall the stuff that you’re

doing the service to others is really

truly helping people capture that and

also while you are talking I had this

image because maybe someone listening to

us is getting it and maybe someone it’s

like really in deep problems and say I

understand that but I cannot turn that

coin that happens as well so I just want

to talk to that person do not feel

discouraged if it seems that everything

is going wrong just try another time

remember when you go home or whatever

remember this Timo told you try another

time do not get discouraged do nothing

that everything goes wrong only to you

it happens to everyone no it’s a it’s a

simple idea but it’s hard to do you know

it’s hard because again you have to

battle with your mind and many times if

you actually try another time and you

put that heart maybe you know you can

turn your vision a little bit and like

you were saying but after a little bit

then you start to change your way of

thinking it’s all inside ourselves and

if it’s also outside because of course

the outside of the reflection of what we

have inside and all the causes that we

put in the past and start to put

positive causes if you start from now to

put positive causes you can easily

change the course of your lives of your



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