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relax your senses and allow us to take

you on a journey we are the intimate

strangers thank you for listening you

know they talked about that you have

this infinite power to do all these

different things with everyone’s read

one of these books but I think every

time we we pick up another book it’s

kind of saying that we need to get Rhian

couraged about that idea and that maybe

we didn’t believe the last book because

that’s really kind of like the gesture

so at a certain point you have to say

you know what I got this I know it

already this is my my family my lineage

my tribe my cosmos my universe so what

I’m gonna do from here now because like

if my energy is designed to be put into

the women to be put into the children to

be put into the community of the family

the foundation that we’re developing on

earth I don’t have time to put my energy

into an argument or put my energy into

someone else’s misconceptions about


later teams in earlier 20s I got a

chance to really pioneer also in the

business world quite a few different

things and so I met a lot of people and

in that experience I basically learned

that just because you you know you you

have all this fame and the reality or

whatever it doesn’t mean you know

anything about the spirits when it gets

to the point where you know somebody’s

bringing some knowledge and truth it’s

ringing with you it’s resonating but you

don’t have a clue what they’re saying

which means you’re probably learned

something then then you should probably

more tap into the tone and the vibration

so it actually makes sense now that

people are looking deeper into

quote-unquote mindfulness looking deeper

into their lives and what’s happening

around them seeing the Groundhog’s Day

type of effect of basically going in and

out of a job every single day seeing

grandma leave grandpa leave and nobody

know where they’re going so people

actually are starting to really come

into this cosmic alarm clock wake up and

this means that the party is about to

get started


what’s up folks indeed your katana here

and what an amazing episode do you have

for you guys today with mr. James ball

Mar otherwise known as seventh Bomar we

get into a lot of really amazing

information in this episode James is an

entrepreneur he’s a thinker he is an

inventor and he’s getting into a lot of

the things that really strike a chord

for me and hopefully they do for you as

well we get into timing and flow the

body mind soul connection week we talk

about communication we talk about

ancestors we talk about being on the

path cryptocurrency money there’s so

much information in this episode I don’t

think there is anything we didn’t cover

full you guys enjoyed this episode as

much as I did

please get to us on Twitter at the human

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name thank you guys so much for

listening here is mr. James the human

experience is in session my guest for

today is mr. seven Bomar 7 my good sir

welcome to hxp Wow Savior we finally

made it to this point of really really

delivering something amazing and special

and I’m so privileged to be able to

enjoy that with your audience how you

doing yeah I’m good man I’m so glad that

we could finally connect we both have

such busy schedules and we’ve been

trying to make this happen for a while

so I’m so glad to have you here and to

bring some of the awareness and and

knowledge that you have to our audience

for sure I have a lot to deliver you

know I think this has actually been a

long time coming we share a lot of

mutual fans are in and also let’s say

fans followers believers truth holders

seekers lighthouses you know a lot of

mutual connections just in this

collective community yeah and it’s also

bringing us to a really really unique

crescendo where we’re coming together

and we’re sharing things more than ever

and you know my job my duty

my gift to humanity is definitely to

ensure that we’re able to keep forging

those bridges strongly and that were you

know really connecting just from from

the level of truth and understanding

what we’re going into and how that’s

going to benefit all of humanity and

then also kind of looking central to the

person you know I don’t want to

generalize much in this conversation

today it really will be about directly

the person understanding themselves much

of what I do is really about just that

connecting the person with themselves

and I of course share information that

I’ve learned along the path and that

I’ve experienced in the wisdom that I

gained in order to be able to assist

humanity because I see the collective

and I respect the collective and so

that’s that’s where I’m at

I just want to course start this off by

giving thanks to really the ancestors

who are our DNA they’re the memories

they’re the connection and they’re like

for us as in this stage of being seeds

you know they’re the blueprint of how we

become trees and so they’re always

holding space there is another level

there’s always something greater and

more massive and so let’s get to it yeah

let’s let’s dive right in so you know

seven I know you and you know I consider

us friends and I know you as an inventor

I know you as someone who likes to you

know look at things and create tools

that better help humanity and and other

people for you know the larger picture

the larger perspective how would you

address a question like you know who is

seven Bomar how do you introduce

yourself in that regard yeah you know

it’s always one of the most challenging

questions and I would say that only

because you know when you’re trying to

cram like a whole life full of

experience like even for anyone it’s

like when I hear people’s stories I’m

like man you should write a book and

then after you hear 215 people story

like men every maybe it’s just that

everybody has an amazing story so when

you try to narrow that down to two

something could be a bit tough however I

can you know just speak in respect to

what I am doing now which is obviously

upliftment mindfulness and really really

you know setting the bar for what we’re

looking to to get out of our experience

spiritually and so I started that when I

was younger I started studying spiritual

works by more or less

demand from my mother who was actually

looking into all the spiritual

traditions herself to really find her

connection with God and then also my mom

had more of an awareness that obviously

the system was a bit rigged especially

when they came to school and and it came

to many different things so in our

household we were really encouraged to

read books there was no TV we made our

own clothes we did a lot of stuff that

you know especially now and even then

wasn’t traditional so it set some pretty

good seeds inside of even what we

practice now is being you know as I say

the New Age and yeah we’re more mindful

about what we’re eating in our food but

I was doing this when I was younger that

I also had a very strong process of

becoming acclimated with spiritual

knowledge and I always say that

spirituality as we know it is actually

the study of spirits and so there’s this

other level of spirituality if you may

that actually gets a lot more deeper

than the topics that are generally being

discussed in the spiritual arena these

days and so that’s really what I was

raised on is I was raised on a lot of

the understanding of principalities

rulers dominions other forces that you

can see princes of the air and these

different kind of things that kind of

give more of a hint to that there is

like frequencies forces resonances

vibrations that either can be for or

against what you’re looking to achieve

in your experience and so I really got

to a point now all this was course being

in bed to a young person so when you’re

telling someone that’s you know 11 or 12

years old that you can ask God for

whatever you want they kind of take that

literal so you know there was just a lot

of connection with a lot of spiritual

knowledge that I took so internally that

when I got into my later 20s

it really had grown to quite a big bush

and that’s what kind of led me off into

the spiritual experience with uh you

know sharing with others and creating

all these platforms and the things that

I’ve done today but I can say that it

did have also a slingshot slingshot

effect so I really spent my teens in my

early 20s really exploring the world but

also from like a spiritual eye that was

still kind of in rebellion to the whole

idea of going back to something like

let’s say a dogmatic tradition or going

back to even something like meditation

and getting closer to God so I was

kind of a kid that was like I’m so tired

of seeing that I’m just trying to get

into the world and experience the world

so I actually did that I through my

earlier later teens in earlier 20s I got

a chance to really pioneer also in the

business world quite a few different

things and so I met a lot of people and

in that experience I basically learned

that just because you you know you you

have all this fame and the reality or

whatever it doesn’t mean you know

anything about the spirit so for me it

was a bit disheartening because I

thought I would get answers from those

people in relation to those things and

and so it also put me on a path to to go

inward and to start you know getting if

I always say if you don’t see the portal

you can be the portal so basically I

went into this next layer of creating

what it was that I wanted to see come

from the spiritual reality into the

physical reality okay so what I’m

hearing is that there was a foundation

that was laid for you in early stages of

your of your upbringing of your

development that was encouraging you to

look for this knowledge that this inner

standing as you say

yes we’re sure and you know I we live

life forward we get it backwards right

we live life forward we understand it

backwards so the truth is is that it all

of it to me seems like a design you know

even when we talk about synchronicity in

deja vu we’re really talking about

something that we feel like already

occurred and it’s not an isolated

phenomenon it’s not just something one

or two people were experiencing it’s

something that all of us are

experiencing and because that you know

it begs the question to look deeper into

you know what is our life really being

configured for and always say just like

your fingerprint each person has

something unique going on and to unlock

that uniqueness is actually the gift

because if you can do it for another

person based on how you did it to


this always puts us in a position of

greatness so what a person masters

themselves they also put themselves in a

position to show someone else how to

reach self mastery so I could say for

sure that I was calibrated for what I’m

doing right now as because I’m on track

I’m on point I feel like I’m

synchronized with my experience in this

life so the goal is of course is to get

everyone into that on track in sync with

themselves in the environment that’s

around them and letting them learn how

they basically create everything that’s

around them through different levels of

their projection and it goes a bit

deeper than just saying hey you know the

way you think is what you you know what

you experience and how you feel that’s

kind of surface we go a lot more deeper

and we start looking into the mechanics

of language we start looking into

cleansing your body we start looking

into lots of stuff to see you know just

what we can put in our Arsenal to

actually begin just like a manual for

the body a few may so that’s what we put

a lot of our work into so for sure I

would say that’s something that I was

guided to do all of my life now I’m here

and I guess what here should be since we

were getting into this and explaining

this to an audience who hasn’t heard

maybe possibly hasn’t heard anything

from me before what we did develop is is

actually at a certain point I’ve kind of

received this massive transmission of

language like codes in the language and

I took all that work to not get

long-winded about it and I wrote it or

tried to do the best that I could in

condensing it into a book that’s called

the code

the matrix and the codes of the matrix

is like my last will and testament to

earth it was like me saying okay I think

I’m leaving because I’ve seen some stuff

and I’ve experienced some stuff that

makes that possible

however the saddest thing would be if I

left without being able to transmit how

I unlocked and unraveled this language

so they can unlock and unravel the mind

from its confusion and so I wrote this

book called the code of the matrix which

is very encrypted it’s kind of like a

cult classic within itself at this point

and it went viral so on the second day

it had like 500,000 views and so I

literally went from c’est la vie world

to maybe I should stick around for a

little bit because I was getting a lot

of questions about things I had wrote in

the book and things that also other

people were experiencing but they hadn’t

necessarily got this far in some tenses

with realizing what exactly was going on

so that message started it started seven

years ago it started with obviously one

person now we’re at I checked just the

other day and we’ve actually jumped

members were actually around 38,000

members now so it’s building steam and

we’re going into a whole new level of

this also we’re like really pioneering

sovereignty because you know I didn’t

really get on the phone a day to just

you know tell people about you know who

I am and what I’m doing and all the past

stuff I really like to bring people up

to speed

write her now you know just so they get

the most out of it but it’s kind of

clear that we as a people have to move

into sovereignty and I’ve even given

myself a personal deadline and my group

of personal deadlines which is like 2020

because it definitely shows that we’re

now stable enough as a community to

begin to support each other physically

financially emotionally etc as the

conscious community and then we’re also

ready to break away out of some of this

governance and hindrance that’s always

around us because of things like the

monetary system and things like the

draconian legal systems and the things

of ways stuff is structured and now that

these kind of disruptive technologies

that put the power back into the hands

of the people such as let’s say

cryptocurrency are coming out then this

also means that we want to be awake and

aware for the potential of what it can

do for the conscious

so that’s what we also do is we look at

stuff in real time we do our best not to

judge and just really observe and see in

fine meaning within everything and then

we put it in its place so that way it’s

serving us and not degrading us but we

still know that all of this that we’re

seeing is us and it’s a part of the

projection so we have this thing called

all itself and that basically means that

you know the only thing that’s really

going on here is the time in which it

takes you to learn everything around you

is you and however long that takes

though right so we want to bring people

closer to that awareness and we find

also especially now that that awareness

is achieved by environment being around

others that have have gone into the

stage of awareness to some shape or form

also because again each person has a

uniqueness actually unlocking that

person and seeing the gift that they

have to deliver but also we look at

these productivity tools and this is

kind of how we have a foot in what we

call the fake matrix and the real matrix

we look at productivity tools like asana

and and different things that are able

to link people on a massive scale and

actually coordinate major projects that

are like the quantum change that the

world needs to see since we’ve given

ourselves such a short period of time so

we’re making ourselves available all the

time and we’re getting a lot of

assistance from these different realms

that actually have the ability to change

what is actually happening on earth into

a more harmonic balanced experience

based on the tools that are given and so

the only thing it takes is just someone

that knows how to adapt to that someone

who feels like that’s their calling and

then they just snap right into it okay

wow there’s there’s so much information

there you know I’m looking at just the

syllabus for you know one of your

courses and it covers everything from

celestial mechanics vibratory energetics

deprogramming holistic wellness currency

I mean how do all these things connect

in I mean how do we learn from all of

the knowledge and information that’s

that’s available to us well you know

that’s the interesting part you know I

have a real smooth way of summing this

stuff so it’s good that we’re having

this conversation today because you know

you can get a lot of data and


and it actually have no real practical

use to your spiritual growth if you’re

just taking all that information in and

it’s just kind of hitting you in the

face or going to the side and you know

you’re not really getting what’s being

transmitted and the reason why that

happens is of course because we already

know and it’s important to establish and

this is stuff that we go through is

especially in the 2017 phase is just

getting into the all-knowing realizing

that you know there’s no amount of books

that you’re gonna be able to read or

you’ve probably read enough books at

this point they talk about your

greatness they talk about how your God

you know they talk about that you have

this infinite power to do all these

different things with everyone’s read

one of these books but I think every

time we we pick up another book it’s

kind of saying that we need to get Rhian

couraged about that idea and that maybe

we didn’t believe the last book because

that’s really kind of like the gesture

so at a certain point you have to say

you know what I got this I know it

already this is my my family my lineage

my tribe my cosmos my universe so what

I’m gonna do from here now and so this

is a big aspect of what we teach is

first getting in the knowing because

there’s an infinite amount of data this

is literally five that we’re dealing

with this is this is literally the

spiral of time so it creates from the

same force a multitude of things that

look different but really all come from

the same source so because of that it’s

almost like us going out and there’s

nothing going nothing wrong with going

out it’s just like going out to have fun

but we have to remember that that’s

exactly what it is you don’t want to

make an illusion of a nightmare your

reality right so when I say go out we

have to remember that we have these

states right like where we go into

meditation we have these states where

you know we’re doing something for

ourselves nobody else is involved it’s

just for ourselves and then we have

sleep kind of you can kind of put that

on that category and in this state we

are doing everything from the outside in

meaning everything is going constantly

into our consciousness the only thing

that’s left then for when you come out

of sleep when you come out of meditation

or when you come out of doing something

for yourself and individually for

yourself is to come out to everything

that’s where you’ll find me that’s where

you find Xavier that’s where you even

find your children your grandma that’s

where you

you find that outside so it’s important

observation to realize that obviously we

drilled in four years about how language

is really a program and now a lot of

people are starting to talk about it

there from the language of spells and

all these different things so they’re

catching on but there’s something to

remember about language and that’s their

language is a tool that is is decrypted

by the brain so when we read something

from a sheet of paper or even hear

somebody talking to us in a language

especially about English it’s got to

come through the brain first and because

the mouth is actually there between what

I would say is the the brain and then

there’s the heart so when I’m getting at

here is that if you’re perceiving

something from your brain and it’s got

to get to your heart before you truly

really understand what’s being said or

what you’re reading but it somehow

doesn’t make it that far and it just

comes right back out of your mouth then

this could create a pretty disastrous

reality so what I’m talking about is is

that many people are trying to process

consciousness from their brain they’re

trying to process you what their sister

and their brother are really trying to

say to them when they’re trying to

really a system or when they’re crying

out and need assistance they’re trying

to do that from their brain in the brain

because just how it’s setup biologically

is not designed to actually handle stuff

like that in most cases it’s only

designed to either say yes or no and

because the person can’t generally do

one of those they kind of get what we

call double minded or confused versus if

you take a moment and process what

what’s coming in and then let it go into

your heart then you can see and feel

more of what needs to be done and how

you should respond so of course you know

to me you know like I’ve tell you a lot

about English so there’s a lot in

English that’s very tricky so what

happens is is that sometimes when you’re

talking or even when you write something

to someone you could think that it’s

coming across one way but it’s coming

across entirely different sure just the

moving movement of one word a typo not

adding s to something all these

different mistakes that can actually be

made casually could actually change the

entire meaning of the sentence and what

the person is is thinking that you’re

saying and this is also even happens

verbally happens

or obviously literally but more more of

it literally and verbally so if I’m also

talking in English and the person’s

hanging on every word and they’re

literally saying I didn’t understand

what you said last that’s all brain

because nothing’s actually going into

the heart so there’s a technique that we

also use about when it gets to the point

where you know somebody’s bringing some

knowledge and truth it’s ringing with

you it’s resonating but you don’t have a

clue what they’re saying which means

you’re probably learned something then

then you should probably more tap into

the tone and the vibration like here the

tone and the vibration and the essence

of the person if you start losing track

of whatever they’re saying and what

you’ll find is just like a kid that can

you know you can watch a movie I said

it’s kid as a kid watching movies and

foreign languages and if you’re just

watching the movie you get what’s going

on even if you don’t speak the language

and it’s just because the way the

rhythms and the tones and the sounds and

the environment is being put together

right so this is more of the language

that the heart speaks and now I would

encourage people even though we’ve just

come out of a major brain phase they

call it the fifth son everything’s

external we perceive everything from the

outside now we’re in the sixth son phase

coming in and this is everything

internally so it actually makes sense

now that people are looking deeper into

quote-unquote mindfulness looking deeper

into their lives and what’s happening

around them seeing the Groundhog’s Day

type of effect of basically going in and

out of a job every single day seeing

grandma leave grandpa leave and nobody

know where they’re going so people

actually are starting to really come

into this cosmic alarm clock wake up and

this means that the party is about to

get started like I am a pure optimist in

every extent I realize that even if you

reverse engineer the body alone or a few

flowers you can tell right away that

whatever put this together which I

believe is us is highly intelligent

because you don’t get stupid you don’t

get intelligent things from stupid

beings right so this gives us a

benchmark also it’s like maybe what’s

actually happening is and this is I’ll

just say maybe to play with it that

there are multiple high levels to all of

these realities and different

experiences that you can dive into

however just like let’s say for instance

a person who is really on point with

everything they’re doing in life and

really want to stay on track and working

on themselves they

want to get into conversations and get

dragged down by things that are not

harmonic with that frequency they can

that’s it’s their work they can have a

tendency to be involved in that for a

time but technically your environment

governs who you are after a while so I

would then assume that let’s say if

there were some higher massive

life-forms which I’d like to call the

higher self that the conversation

between us and the higher self would be

almost non-existent until we moved up to

a level to where it would be worth

having a conversation with us because

that’s also how I treat life myself if

it’s like if it’s not worth my time and

it’s not worth my energy the biggest

thing that I’ve learned is not to give

it because like if all my energy is is

designed to be put into the women to be

put into the children to be put into the

community the family the foundation that

we’re developing on earth I don’t have

time to put my energy into an argument

or put my energy into someone else’s

misconceptions about reality that the

reality that they’re experiencing etc so

what I’m saying is is that as we become

more effective as we become more aware

of what we really are

we spend less time actually just in this

regressive which we call let’s say for

instance the past the moon reflecting

you know remembering all of that past

based stuff we spend less time there and

more time in the projector more time on

the tip of the Sun more time in spaces

that actually create the modes that the

reality experiences next so we put

ourselves into this position because the

body the mind the soul in conjunction is

very powerful so it’s more than capable

of doing it in fact it’s kind of

overkill so it’s only just a matter of

the linking the connecting the synergy

there’s also a galactic time I will say

that no matter how much I’ve tried to

push to do certain things at certain

times and points in this last seven

years it’s been like hitting a wall not

because there was some dark diabolical

being trying to stop humanity from

coming together but that it just wasn’t

time and it was gonna throw off

sequences so later on habit that needed

to happen in the future and then when we

move ourselves into that kind of let’s

say hyper dimensional spectrum we can do

that with our mind the mind is hyper

dimensional it sees the pass it’s aware

the Pres

and it can go into the future so we had

that the dreamworld can do it so we have

these faculties if we choose to use them

that are very hyper dimension that they

give us a 360 or a three-dimensional

approach to what’s happening around us

so if we’re using this two-dimensional

approach though yes no good bad that’s

going to only give us a certain amount

of the awareness of what’s really

happening so knowing that though it

actually should be like a Eureka moment

you should click your heels because this

would then be the reason this would be

the reason why maybe you didn’t get

along with that other person maybe you

didn’t get to the stage in life that you

wanted to get to yet this is and I could

say for sure because I’m not only the

client I’m the president this is

something that when I put to practice it

made such dynamic changes it landed me

in Costa Rica it landed me around or

around amazing brothers and sisters to

share you know knowledge energy and love

with it also landed me into instructing

this community of hundreds of thousands

of people there’s just 30,000 members

but hundreds of thousands of people from

all over the world Wow I mean you know

something that I think about did you

speak about this is you know in my early

days when I was sort of waking up you

gained the sort of awareness to what’s

going on here there was no Google to

search about this stuff you know I had

no idea what was going on at all yeah

and now it’s it seems like everyone

knows about this you know people are

practicing Kundalini Yoga people are

talking about this you know quote New

Age movement this knowledge is so old it

comes from thousands of years ago but it

seems like there’s this proliferation of

awakening or knowledge or transmission

that’s happening on this earth that we

can observe we can measure we can see

this I mean you can go to Google Trends

and click this and look at where things

are charting on a graph I mean where do

you see this headed are we leading up to

a precipice or real eating up to a

moment of something happening on this

planet or is it something progressive

that we’re realizing more and more you

know slowly

well I always say that the ancestors are

not in the past they’re in the future

because it’s a vibrational frequency so

if something’s on a massive vibrational

frequency and has come into some level

of harmonics then technically it

wouldn’t be in the past because the past

is like a vacuum it would be in the

future and so what’s actually happening

is we’re headed back to the future and

as we get closer to it what we see is we

see the actual reason why we’re here we

see why we jumped in the time machine

but the consciousness can go to the Past

it can stay in the present and it can go

to the future so it’s a time machine so

we’ve chosen to be in this space right

like we’re actually in this space right

now if you’re in full control of your

consciousness you’ve chosen to be here

it really puts us into this position of

looking at okay in history the change of

every epoch was determined by the

currency it was determined actually by

the money so contrary to what most

people think the first letter in the

English alphabet which is a when you

turn it upside down is actually the

symbol of the are up which is basically

a cattle

and it’s because this cattle was so

central to the first group of people it

actually equated to their wealth how

many cows you had determine how many

wives you had how much land you had and

everything else so that was the first

current but that also was the Godman the

God even as it is today the Bible or two

bulls are tubal-cain that Horned God

which is still used in the Wiccan

tradition and is still you know contrary

to what most people think the God of the

Old Testament was also for the people

the God and the money okay so now let’s

see if we find another instance of this

when gold became money it had the same

thing going on especially in the

committin empires you had the gold face

gods basically and you had monatomic

gold being produced from the five based

pyramids you had all this affinity going

on with gold and gold was the money and

gold was the God okay and then the

secret of our gold is is it contains the

same frequency throughout the universe

so it actually does really resonate and

connect like an antenna to a lot of

things if you know how to use it

properly we find several instances of

this it proves that what I’m saying is

actually a fact that even to the point

that we moved into these industrial ages

the computer ages now we’re a course in

this computer agent the creature has

become God for many of these people the

height of the computer age is not just

how much people worship their cell

phones and their computers they don’t go

anything where we’re without them they

do more with their computers and they do

with themselves honestly but it’s the

next stage of where computers go which

is actually artificial intelligence that

gives us a grander hint to what exactly

is going to happen here even with

quantum computing with computers being

able to access another spatial of time

to do calculations or another space or

quantum space to be able to do larger

calculations hence to what we’ve already

discovered and that’s every single

technological device that we have on

this planet is a direct plagiarise ation

if you may or taken away from something

that is already functioning in the body

it’s facts cameras our eyes and tendons

our hair all the different components

that you can think of are in the body

and taken

that original will of the grand creation

that we put together so if that’s the

case then you can literally then back

engineer things like quantum computing

and realize that yeah the consciousness

has an ability to go into another

spatial to try to answer problems that

it can’t figure out on earth

and we’ve we got people that do that

right like they go into meditation they

go into dreams and they figure out stuff

so if we keep going in that direction

and we try to find a connection between

artificial intelligence and what’s going

to happen to us spiritually in the

future because AI is gonna reach

singularity at 2020 it actually means

it’s kind of like the beginning and the

end of time is going to happen and

everything that is ever needed to be

known if you may like confirmed is going

to be known and confirmed now for many

people it’s going to be confirmed to

them by AI because they treat AI like a

god they feel like that it’s more

smarter than them with deep thinking

neural networks and billions of

different sets of data that it learns

and in response to that if you ask it a

question how to create a better

aerodynamic design how to call something

like this to happen in the future how to

drop crime in this community when you

ask it questions like that it’s able to

come up with more efficient answers than

the standard human being now say

standard because there’s there is some

some graduating human beings that are

not being asked those questions but what

I’m saying also is is that okay so if

we’re gonna get to this AI singularity

where they’re gonna ask a AI and you

know what’s going to happen do we have a

soul and then when AI virtually

literally virtually drags them through

the entire reality of data showing that

for sure we have souls

we have all the the knowledge and the

confirmation it’s just not been put in

front of everybody because nobody has

presented that question yet so you got

presidents that even if you ask them

what about God they don’t have real

answers so what happens when they try to

instill something like an AI as the

president because it’s the smarter one

er can make most of the decisions and

then when they ask it as they’re doing

now what about spirituality what about

this and it starts giving them real

answers that’s gonna equal confirmation

for them but this is gonna be a kind of

a sticky moment and this is what we’re

preparing for and it’s because still

just because you find out something it

doesn’t mean that when you say oh okay

now I believe that it doesn’t mean all

of a sudden just everything changes from

there like you begin the process just

like all the rest of us this process

could take three years it could take

seven years it could take two lifetimes

it could happen in one week one month

but what I’m saying is it doesn’t happen

immediately just because you confirm

that you have a soul so after that

there’s gonna be this process and this

is what I believe is the the clean up

connection the community that begins to

happen in the future because you’re

gonna have all these people now knowing

they need to get their soul developed

but they’re gonna need to know how to do

that and it’s gonna need to be clear

it’s not gonna need to be some new

marketing outlet that’s just trying to

sell you another meditation DVD it’s not

gonna need to be like you know just

somebody that’s trying to invite you

down for you know arm testing to test

your strength it’s gonna have to be so

concisely because it’s gonna need to

meet these intelligent people where

they’re compartmentalizing themselves

and standing so that’s why we also are

very abreast of all the data and

technologies from metamaterials all the

way down into by all organisms to you

know simple stuff too complex like we

don’t really miss anything but it’s very

interesting because when you know

metaphysics first

and then you master let’s say certain

levels of metaphysics you can go into

anything and in fact if you just master

anything that’s why we try to get a

person to look into their uniqueness

because they can master that a lot

faster once you see the steps of mastery

that’s applicable to anything and then

those applications just like what we see

in the world now and we want it we want

to change this but still the things we

use in the world pretty much every day

were developed by one or two people so

let’s not be surprised if a group of

people a thousand people who cares

starts to implement especially

disruptive solutions to how the reality

is normally running where it’s not a

question of if they want to let you in

or not but you’ve created something that

really allows people to create to go to

the alternative and ignore all the old

paradigm stuff so that’s why I also if

we look at let’s say open source

technologies which are happening now we

see this startup phase that everybody is

into right and then that keyword

disruption ilysm where you can literally

take down a Merrill Lynch you can

literally even go after a JCPenney or

whatever by simply creating something

that is more inclusive let’s say Etsy

versus JCPenney like what’s the

difference the difference is Etsy

includes everybody stuff that they

create by hand

JCPenney wants to send you the next

shipment from China and it’s a big

difference JCPenney is going out of


ads he just posted their highest quarter

numbers to date so it’s really not a

choice you see what I mean for the

JCPenney group either they go back to

the Black Forest or they start getting

mindful themselves and so this is what’s

happening in we want this the collective

is powerful and strong we’ve learned a

lot of experiences and that’s what I

accredit the crazy stuff that goes on in

the past because sometimes to get people

to agree on something they must see what

they don’t agree on right there’s a

brand new app that just does that that’s

knocking all the apps out of the box it

doesn’t link people together about with

what they like it links them together

with what they don’t like so all of

those things we can take and weak

because it comes from a core spiritual


mento and value we can take those things

and restore them to their original

wealth and then distribute them back

into the community Wow whenever I hear

you speak there’s so much information

and you know you and when you hear

something when you feel something that

is true it rings inside you can feel it

through your cells moving through your

body and I want to go back to currency

because this is a big sort of topic of

conversation you know with Bitcoin

cryptocurrency and and we’re we’re going

in relationship to money and wealth it

seems like to me that the bankers and

those who were originally holding all

the wealth in the world they’re a little

bit scared right now at these disruptive

technologies that are coming out would

you agree with that most definitely I

mean it’s a frenzy right now I mean I’ve

never seen the world like this but I’ve

only been here 38 years right so the

truth is is that it’s a very very

interesting time because we have a lot

of third-party groups meaning that not

directly and related to the government

that are also making a push to at least

stabilize their own reality and I’m not

saying that these people like

consciousness or any of that but you

know everybody has different levels of

instincts so some are looking at this

like hey this is not a stable system we

need to create one on our own and a lot

of these new technologies such as the

blockchain you always say where there’s

a great level of power there will also

be a great level of fear if any of these

things if it’s just misused it can equal

like the the next level of our nemesis

right so we have to learn how to grab

the wheel like I always say big ship

small rudder earth is a big place but

it’s still controlled by just one small

current and that current is basically

who who is able to really bring in that

next level of the paradigm because

everybody wants that so it’s clear that

the next level is sovereign it’s more of

like you become your own bank because

here’s the thing if I work 16 hours a

day which I do in all my money and my

time and my energy has to be sent

through what I would say is a

necromantic funnel and let me explain

that we got this dollar it’s dead

presidents okay it’s made with all this

paper that

it’s basically a magical blend because

the people who put it together they were

papist even their teacher was named

papist and what is it what a Pappas is

is the person who knows how to cut roots

they know how to use different types of

trees and in different types of ink and

create talismans that actually are able

to pull down the power of the stars and

put it right into that symbol and that

symbol that paper that talisman

so with money money has this thing going

on where it’s literally connected to

what I would say is a club of vampires

you know maybe people don’t want to

speak directly about it but we already

know it the whole debt system has got is

sucking on the life force of our entire

species so because of this we have to

see what that is energetically and is

that really harmonic with the next level

of where we want to go and obviously

it’s not the old paradigm is the dead

presidents okay so when you put

something dead onto a talisman and then

you put its signature on it

it’s necromancy right legs a bit looks

like you said that that’s old stuff okay

so that’s generally now the broker if

you may which is why a lot of people are

broke this is the broker between you and

your energy like if you go work your

energy you get income but when you work

you’re supposed to get outcome so it’s

basically like you you go to the job and

they’re charging you for the time you’re

spending there so these are the deals

whether we are aware of it or not that

we actually have with the current

financial system and so when we can see

a day where the value is put back into

the hands of the people which is what’s

happening now like cryptocurrency

basically has no innate value it’s only

speculation but it’s already driving a

300 billion dollar market that is

estimated to be worth 10 trillion

dollars and it’s just because even

though somebody will say well

cryptocurrency doesn’t have any innate


neither there’s a dollar solely because

it’s not backed by the gold standard so

because of that this is like this is the

time of our lives we haven’t seen

anything like this necessarily and since

I don’t know a Nimrod

so what I’m saying is is that so if I

worked at 16 hours a day and I only want

4 for whatever it is that I’m putting in

whatever service I’m giving to the tribe

I only want back something that is

harmonic to me which would then in this

case be my own cryptocurrency the

connection is so clear the level of

prosperity is so abundant you could take

a hundred dollars and turn it into

10,000 with that kind of clean

cleanliness running through your own

current this is why we have to

understand the word currency comes from

the word current as a reference to power

is a reference to energy moving through

you and so of course yeah you don’t got

a lot of money you have a tendency not

to be able to go that many places you

got tons of money you pretty much can go

anywhere so we want to restore that

original system which is about your

chakra centers your it’s about your

Kundalini if you don’t have a lot of

current in Kundalini you can’t astral

travel you’ll be grounded so that’s

what’s happened to the earth is that

it’s delegated it’s literally been

hoodwinked it’s delegated all of his

energetic centers over to an external

force a dead president and then has lost

the ability to use their true internal

visa their ability to go anywhere the

astral body the lucid dreaming they’ve

lost that in exchange because they got a

now because they are transferring this

current they got to spend time so when

this time comes into play and people

have to exchange their energy for time

it locks them into that life-and-death

loop and you’re talking about beyond

‘god with people like even when you’re

trying to put terms on what the soul is

inside the human body it’s only an

underestimation so this is why each

person then actually has this huge

allotment they call it the Dharma right

they have this huge amount of currency

stored up and they just don’t know how

to release it

so this puts us into a whole different

area than the society is right now

because think about it now people don’t

want to really see you shine they don’t

really want to see you like if they

start talking about you and and it just

becomes like a conflict and it just so

that’s the direction things have been

going and then and that all has to do

with the money in the necromantic system

and then now what cryptocurrency even

means is that in the crypto or when you

crip something like encryption it’s

literally taking these dead presidents

and it’s making them no more it’s

putting them into another system to

where you can no longer trace even where

it was in the first place so it’s

basically vacuuming up all the dead

presidents off the dimension so that

people can get out of the old paradigm

of the debt system signing their names

on two-dimensional pieces of paper and

saying they’re now in debt getting their

social security cards and all this stuff

and put in the Exchequer and all these

different ceremonies and things going on

around who we are the straw man that

kind of stuff all that’s old paradigm

and then the truth is is that when a

person unlocks their uniqueness that’s

when they come into the full realization

of that until then they kind of like

believe it but it’s something they need

to see it in themselves and the only way

they see it and this is what every

teacher should know the only way that

person will ever see it is if you unlock

it within them begin that and that’s the

tap dance there is something being built

we’re constructing as it goes like we’re

scaling it up and it’s true and it’s

genuine because it’s about us and it’s

about the facts and the facts are if

we’re separated we can never be stronger

we come together we’re stronger we’re

more expanded so what we’ve been doing

is we’ve have been creating these

nucleuses and then what happens from

there is we begin to see those teams

accelerate into whatever their projects

are and reach completion faster and this

is all something that actually just

started within the last two months so

we’re always pioneering something new

but we literally know now this stretch

between here in 2012 is about your pop

personal sovereignty it’s about you

realizing that true power

just when you walk up to your light

switch and you turn it on and it comes

from you and by all means this what we

have here this collective this spectrum

it will go into its infinitude see

there’s nothing actually that can

prevent that but us that’s why I

encourage people hey get out of your own

way get out of that mine the monkey mind

that Gregor that has been constructed

from the time that you were designing

your chakra centers from one to wherever

you are now get ready to commit that

thing to the fire and let it rise like a

phoenix into its new stage and then stop

bringing the old paradigm back into the

new phase like because that’s just

pulling you back don’t let people pull

you in there realize the power of

environments get out of there already

realize that when you set those

intentions and resonance we can take you

from there

yeah man I mean wow I just you know

another reason that I really resonate

with a lot of the things that you’re

doing is there’s so much of this aspect

of mystery that surrounds us or this

this idea of you know looking externally

for these answers and you know and we do

this all the time when we’re looking for

you know this grooc aspect of things

where we’re looking for something

external to ourselves but what we either

learn through experience or we end up

finding out is all the answers that

we’re looking for are already here

they’re already inside of you

they’re already within you and sometimes

I wonder what am i doing what what is

going on I mean are we really making a

difference you know is it possible to

shift this current trajectory that were

on and it really feels like social media

has become the opiate of the masses

where you know we’re in this sort of

illusion of connectivity but it’s not

that it’s not we feel like we’re

connected but it’s it’s not we’re not

connected and we stand in elevators and

we stand in subway cars we don’t know

the person’s name standing next to us

you know what what can we do to help

each other help ourselves you know I

mean what is your answer to that so how

do we how do we help others well what I

do is is that you know I’d look at any

kind of problem because you know how

they say in entrepreneurship that you’re

supposed to look at problems that

everybody is having and try to come up

with solutions and then maybe that’ll be

another successful company right so if

we take that right into the spiritual

scope when we say okay well what’s the

issue that every that everybody is

basically facing in this and you’re

right this virtual connectivity and

gonna get it like it serves as like a

pacifier or a bandage to a wound that

eventually just bust open because the

person still needs that connection and

also each person virtually plays a

unique key to unlocking another person

like we’re literally designed to work

like that

so if we can’t connect on that level

that means that we don’t actually find

our connection in our purpose so what

we’ve done is we actually just designed

the tools like I’m not here to kind of

like you know just discuss the tools

that we’ve designed and what we’re doing

just as it’s like some kind of pitch but

I will say that I encourage the teachers

and the leaders and and and and the

thinkers to sit down with these

questions and say okay

well if we’re even asked him that means

there’s not that many solutions so what

can we introduce it’s a new solution and

what I found is is that it was like a

hybrid connection and this is what we’re

rolling into right now with with our

mindful projects because also let’s say

for instance someone has done a lot of

work on themselves and let’s say they

create a community you if you get a

person coming right out of Vegas into

that community they’re gonna wreak havoc

on that community they’re literally

gonna come like two atmospheres up

they’re not even gonna be able to

breathe it’s gonna be sick to them so

you need to have some kind of onboarding

process right so we thought about all

this we went through the entire process

we even created ambassador training for

that specifically it’s like the own

boarding process of actually getting a

person into the realization of how to

connect with others use certain metrics

like we take a person through actually

just first unlocking themselves like if

you look at all the life paths what you

learn is not that everybody is different

but that there’s a different aspect to

self so when you learn even how to

communicate to let’s say a four or a

five and how not to communicate to them

you get further along so this time that

you learn really something that applies

to you

it also redundantly just goes right back

into assisting the person that you’re

communicating with so then and that’s

like a symbiotic relationship then right

so that’s kind of what’s first is

teaching the person how to stand on

their own – how to be self-motivated

where self motivation comes from like

how your your dreams and desires a

change like when you were little a

simple pager I memorize but I was young

I just wanted one of those pagers and

then I was like working I was I did

roofing for a month as a younger kid in

the hot California Sun just to buy that

pager and when I got it it was like oh

now try to give me a pager I’m gonna be

like huh and it’s like because and then

later on you know it’s the car like

remember your first car I mean come on

it’s like so there’s the stage but now

give you a car and it’s like oh no

another bill you know you process it

different so we have to be ready to look

at ourselves now and say hey what’s

motivating you right now because if it’s

nothing there is no fuel in the tank

baby and we need to do something about

that and obviously the healing because

you know nature we’re in a connection

here already we’re in a marriage it’s

just about whether we want to go back

and reestablish that connection any blue

zone just find one around where you are

any blue zone when you get in that area

if you’re still one of those people that

you’re cool with nature you love the

birds and things but you still feel a

little anxious when you’re there you

want to get out of there like you want

to go you know maybe downtown go to you

maybe have the the city bug right

what you want to do is is you want to

get into areas that have a stronger dose

of nature because nature is not the same

in every place that you go and so if you

go into a blue zone one day two days

DejaVu start increasing at least two to

three times about this recollection that

you had about self it’s like I always

call it the smell that reminds you of

grandma’s house like you just get

triggered with this all this different

stuff so it increases the rate of that

because what’s happening is that

atmosphere that’s around you look at the

term at most fear the atmosphere that’s

actually around you needs to be

regenerated needs to be patched so these

are ways that that’s why I say that’s

above so below weak that you can use

tools that maybe directly around you

maybe one plane flight away to actually

change your entire life but if you’re

trying to do it another way it cuz then

it becomes like if you’re trying to do

it in the fake matrix as I call it it’s

always like the moment I get at this

amount of money the moment I get this

job the moment that she grows up the

moment that he leaves school the moment

that and it never stops so in the truth

is is that you have to be back on the

wheel and be like okay you know what

this is common sense though if I put

myself somewhere where I can charge and

regenerate then I will have more power

not less and so let me get my let me go

get some grounding and let me go ahead

and fly it from here if it’s worth it to

you now that’s another thing that’s why

motivation is important and even some

people are motivated by the fire some

people are motivated by let’s say the

fear cuz the fear is the fire leave

that’s the ferry right this is the kind

of thing where the person literally

always needs the fire under there but in

order to do the next thing they need to

feel like there’s an impending disaster

which is immature so

the thing is that when you get to a

certain level of maturity it’s like you

don’t need that finder your button but

until then generally most people make

big changes in their life when some

disaster happens I always say prevent

the disaster or get out of the disaster

now by just boom and that’s why they say

they move in mysterious ways

it’s just all of a sudden they like yo

what are you doing packing my stuff

where are you gonna leave me in fact

your stuff you see just how

flabbergasted the environment in the

frequency that you’re in is that is

about if you’re trying to make it Advent

out of that and that’s when you catch it

that’s when you realize like let’s say

if there’s any dark part of the reality

it’s that those vibrations that want to

keep you in that same whole pattern and

once you start realizing what’s going on

there’s other notions like when your

energy gets drained you know you’re

about to go do something big and person

always calls you and argues with you and

then you go in there and now you’re all

in the dumps now you got to pretend that

you’re happy when you got to watch out

for that kind of stuff and you got to

remember this is about you like before

you start talking about everybody else

remember other people are on different

levels of time so this means that person

that you’re sitting next to while you

may be in I don’t know five hundred and

thirty to a nine B they be on 506 D and

just because you guys are in the same

space doesn’t actually mean that you’re

on that same wavelength so we have to

remember that actually when we go into

another wavelength we warp the reality

around us then all of a sudden you’re in

another country now you’ve changed into

another planet countries are the ads

below planets so you’ve gone to another

planet now now you’re there’s a new

language there’s a new custom so now you

got a new a new consort cuz all the

planets are our wives our wombs right so

now you have this new consort so that’s

that’s adventure right that’s that

that’s bed the burkhart which is the

original Indiana Jones that’s the the

mindset the Explorer society that’s the

essence of that and that’s why I was

saying that see when things get closer

to the bottom of the vortex when it’s

about to turn around you only see

everything at its distortion and it’s

just greatest Distortion judging ain’t

gonna help you you could just judge all

day you could be a critic and

judge all day and let it drag you down

but when you know where you’re at you

know where you’re going and that’s

exactly how plants grow so it’s like now

I know where I’m at I’m in that I’m in

the vortex but I’m choosing to be here

because I’m in a craft or a rocket that

can easily jettison out of this with

quite a few brothers and sisters with me

so we have to really understand that you

created this this is like your

Playstation all of the the bugs and the

the animals and the insects that your

parents left it up to your aunt to your

recent ancestors to even put those

together like I said when they wasn’t

thinking about oculus rift and they

weren’t thinking about PlayStation

actually they weren’t thinking they were

knowing and so the only thing that’s

happening firm up for us right now is

we’re just one click away we’re one

click and the moment that thing clicks

in place which can happen for anyone

anytime they want we’re not waiting on

2012 2020 or anybody else’s dates

anytime you’re ready to line up boom

just like today you’re gonna hear what

you need to hear but you hear it in a

different way it’s like somebody could

come with the same thing you’ve read

powerful people to Jordan Maxwell’s you

know everybody had something in their

the Daniel winters you know everybody

had something but it’s also what space

are you in when this is coming to you

and if it’s coming to you at that key

point which of us are at that key point

where it’s pivotal to making the choice

to choose yourself Fitness that’s where

the expansion happens so it’s not just

like for me data data data even though I

got it

like if a person wants to go at it 60

million at least

all decrypted like holds left in the

grid after the last shutdown of what

happened here on earth last time which

is another story

but I have that information but what is

it worth that’s the thing it’s like like

gold and diamonds like we like we leave

we don’t take that stuff with us

knowledge even the brain gym stuff that

stuff doesn’t go with this what goes

with this is the truth in the essence

and it’s always us so if we can live in

that now

and that’s why it’s like everything is

the incue bation everything is a stage

we can’t believe for one moment that

what’s happening here isn’t a grand

design in our favor and that’s what it

is it’s like don’t be surprised if when

you’re leaving here all these draconian

zand all these whatever the next enemy

Illuminati’s or whatever just are waving

like they’re in costumes because they’re

all programs even a person themself can

just be living as a program or a script

acting like a character in a mainframe

doing only yes and knows like a binary

code a person can literally be that way

or they can jump into that next side of

self that wholeness as we call it as you

know and start really seeing that you

know what I see

what I see you know how they always say

that just learn from somebody else like

I want you to tell me earlier learn how

when I was Jesse James you need to learn

how to learn from other people’s


men I can say now is the greatest time

because it’s not a mistake though you

got to realize some people went down

paths to draw maps for us and now we

take that path and we look at it from

the bird’s eye view which is the highest

state of our consciousness and we can

see where we’re going but if we come at

this at all from that old paradigm

dualistic I’m judging you phase you can

judge me phase how are you gonna judge

me when I don’t even know myself you

don’t even know you how you judge me

does he make any sense so this is where

the empowerment comes in because

obviously the systems are designed to

disempower they’re designed to push you

down to make you feel like you’re just a

citizen you know this guy is over you

all this kind of stuff right so

obviously that doesn’t make sense

anymore and this is where the segue

comes in truly and it’s like okay but

here’s the alternative this is not just

another glorious speech on another

sanctimonious Sunday that’s not what

we’re talking about we’re talking about

if you first of all if you’re trying to

get out of the vortex if you start

letting stuff out of the cargo like all

that baggage like all that grief even

before all of that because you’re trying

to go through the mine just clean your

colon all that stuff is going to get the

vibration up and it sure is the planet

it exists if you don’t get to another

level the whole thing will just

disappear because it does work on

specific mechanics it does have it see

you know they wanted us to believe that

you know it’s soul so you can’t control

and it’s just we don’t know where I go

no we know everything about this and

more all the knowledge what that’s here

fie how plants grow how you can take

radiolaria seeds from the earth patterns

in your mind how you can manifest and

create things bring them from the

external world and into the internal the

male womb the female womb immaculate

Partha Genesis you know being able men

being men becoming women women becoming

men men and women living in the same

body hermaphrodites all these different

things are all what we’re looking at

that’s all our history that’s all our

legacy so instead of let’s say that

disempowering us right that’s our fuel

and that’s why I said it in the

beginning of this conversation giving

things to the ancestors who are the DNA

who are the memories because do you know

when a person gets really old what do

they have just their memories

and they can sit in those memories and

smile and every single thing because

they can actually tap back into the

essence of energy that’s in those

memories that’s so resounding man I love

love hearing you speak man love when you

get into the flow on the rhythm of

things you know something that I do is

it when I’m in the middle of putting out

all the various fires and and you know

just just dealing with all the things

that I that I deal with and I start to

realize my problems aren’t that big when

you just think about how vast and

massive to see this universe is this

place that we exist in is I realize that

I’m just creating this I’m doing this to

myself it’s like putting a magnifying

lens on my problems and my issues and

what’s going on with me but when I just

think about you know no you know I’m

just I’m making this so much bigger than

it really is you know something

something I wanted to ask you about

James is how important is what we put

into our bodies like how important is

the frequency and the resonance of the

things you wanna address just what you

said first because I think that that’s

really what people are going to be

experiencing more than anything that’s

why we’re all really in synchronicity is

about so what’s really happening like

just what you just said like what is

what is the reason for that like why are

we experiencing almost like a assailant

in our own consciousness why would I

want to destroy myself why would I want

to tell myself things bad why would I

want to experience anxiety why am i

doing this to myself

right so when I went to the higher

vibration yeah that’s exactly how I did

it by asking about just the whys

literally the why because if we look at

that that symbol the Y’s anytime you

look into a corner of a wall you see the

why and the reason for this is because

the truth is when we process language we

have to remember there’s a specific

scripture about this in the Old

Testament which is coming from like the

old stuff remember that a lot of the Old

Testament is coming right out of the

Sumerian tablets so there’s this part

where one of the gods it’s like hey you

know it looks like they’re down there

they’re constructing their building

they’re coming together we need to stop

this because if they keep going with

this then they’re gonna be able to scale

the heights and they’re gonna even be

beyond us and then the question is

presented so how can we do this this is

actually in the Old Testament I’m just

paraphrasing how can we do this and then

there were some suggestions offered and

one of the angels said basically let’s

do it with language

so then after that there was a

commission to go down and change the

languages and anybody who’s read the

Bible knows about this and then when the

people that’s what began Babel because

nobody could understand each other so it

just sound like you were just babbling

and then eventually people divide it

from each other now sometimes people try

to take that story literally they

actually try to imagine like a literal

thing going on and this is destroys it

that’s why knowledge really locks out

the profane what’s actually being said


truthfully you have to dig deeper into

how you are processing the experience

and if it’s coming through the language

which it’s always suggested to us to

think about this it’s always suggested

to us to read about this experience that

we’re having now we’ve taught ourselves

something because kids don’t come out

speaking languages so we’ve taught

ourselves something languages like you

know these high radicand demotic script

languages they have to teach themselves

that and so what they literally do is

they take a beautiful mind literally and

they set it at war with itself

that’s what language these modern

languages have done so there’s literally

because if there’s a logical side of the

consciousness right and then there’s a

intuitive side to the consciousness and

when they are not complementing one

another just like the masculine and

feminine forces then they’re at war and

so thus then the battlefield of errata

then presents itself the entire text and

the Mahabharata texts are talking about

the wars that go on in the mind they’re

not talking about external deities the

fifth son had everything looking

external and people building temples

we’re truly the conflicts were happening

inside why they were building the

temples you know it seems because it’s

like what’s happened to us is that we

went outside looking for something and

never found it because it was within we

should have never left even when a

person thinks that they’re alone you

take a breath you think breath is like

nothing it looks like nothing right

it’s like water looks like nothing and

then we learn then hey you know the most

powerful things you can’t even see so if

seeing becomes a confirmation for what’s

supposed to be going on man come on

that’s the mind job and that’s why we

call them master Minds the only person

that can walk themselves out of that

maze are the master minds and the master

minds are here to walk others out of

that maze when they want to in the

ancient traditions they drew that same

maze so you can walk yourself out of the

corridors of the Minotaur there’s a

Minotaur in the middle of the

what is that symbolic for the a the

first letter the Arak the first God the

horn God getting out of that hole

Minotaur maze getting out of the mines

look at the Anunnaki tradition it says

the same thing oh we sent them to the

mines to mine the gold so you got people

literally in their own consciousness

mining themselves asking themselves

questions they hardly know the answers

do confusing themselves right so we’ve

been turned against ourselves that’s

even how it reflects in the reality

right like people are literally like you

said they jump in the elevator and it’s

like it’s crickets you know you can’t

come around any of me and the fan

without doing a dance get a hug maybe

you were sitting in ceremony you know

cuz we gotta you know that’s how we work

you know what I mean it’s it’s it’s a

celebration basically so that’s that’s

what we want to restore because when we

see anyone doing this and acting the way

that way that distorted way we know it’s

just because they need love and they

also need

unconditional see people gotta

understand love is now a word by itself

it’s used often it’s used on Twitter a

lot instagrams it’s used on Facebook I

love you guys I don’t even know you how

does that work but I guess it can’t

happen at the highest stage of your

consciousness but unconditional love

that’s different and I can even say I’m

on that path I’m on the path of learning

that unconditional love is when there’s

no actual reason completely why you’re

doing it because you got to say man and

somebody’s down there and they’re

affected in a disease are you at the

level of faith yet that you’re ready to

show unconditional love right we gonna

test that faith so the thing is is that

but if you’ve already broke through a

couple atmospheres you can see the

distorted code on the guy you already

got the insert to perfect it it’s

nothing for you to walk up and to do

that so that’s what I’m saying that’s

the next stage for us and it’s something

that we’re returning to though right

like we have to know that this is not

wise like wow I mean man it just sounds

like sci-fi and it’s like actually no

this was the past as tech nology like

technology’s not a new word all of what

we have in all of what we’ve been


we now bring here into this space and

that’s why I said I’m just present on

earth I’m actually here for the women

and the children and the family that’s

what I’m really predominantly working

with now in this next seven years of

this growth and putting in some really

sound communities blueprints inventions

and things that we already have ready so

we’re lighting this thing up and also

people can be involved like that’s why

we we set up a system to scale up now

because we’re finding after seven years

finally people are like you know I think

they talking about something I think

this dude is onto something let me just

listen to them I don’t know though maybe

their mom but let me see and that’s what

I call us the tap dance because even

after all of that like I need to now get

that animated so if you out there you

know how to do that I now need to get

that running under a soundtrack you know

that’s how it is right now we need to

make it a to like something that people

say oh wow vibes hashtag vibes as we’re

pulling them back out of the digital

verse right because remember this is the

key and this is the last thing I have to

say about just this topic there was a

statement that was made by one of the

smartest men in the world and I’m not

going to name any names but the

statement was this see the mistake that

was made with the Western world in how

they were thrown off is they went the

way of the bit

when the other side of the world the

other superpower went the way of the


and when they went the way of the atom

it was so much more so because obviously

you see even the Western culture it’s

going the way of the bit everything is

just a computers and data and we know

damn well this AI cannot beat no real

human it’s just not possible like put a

human on DMT in front of him in and see

what happened I mean like you know just

put some ultra right-brained or

left-brained logical person there you

know see it’s like give it a real shot

but that’s what I’m saying that’s the

beauty of this we have all this time to

be together to do the cleanup process of

our oceans to see the corals come back

to be out there scuba dive and hanging

out with the dolphins really seeing what

the does because now you’ve gotten your

vibration right to where you can speak

that language you see the mean it’s like

opening it up that’s why I say it’s the

great opening this is like I spent eons

waiting on this and all I am is a weapon

of mass creation so we on point

mmm I love it man I really truly love it

and you know we worked really hard to

you know bring this together and have a

point where you and I can both connect

and and have this conversation I feel

like we covered a lot of really really

great topics and really really great

things that that people will really

benefit from seven my friend where can

people find your work and get to more of

what you’re doing here more of what

you’re saying and talking for sure they

can catch us that secret energy that’s

where we’re at and we got some massive

things going on there if you see us

there you’ll find us we’re also on

instagram at Astro quest at my personal

YouTube Facebook page excuse me which is

understanding you know you could check

me out over there

and so yeah I met them everywhere and

we’re here for you and this is what’s up

so I also wanted to say man thanks to

human experience we’re holding the space

oh yeah it’s a pleasure my friend who we

had shot this before and it was great

for us but we wanted to you know really

make it great for this audience and I

just want to say you know the audience

is so so so fortunate to have someone

like Xavier who’s putting this time and

attention like he just didn’t like I’ve

literally we had to make like three

rescheduling so at any point he could

have been like you know what what’s up

with this guy I don’t know what’s up my

head it’s off their mind but he stuck

with it and also the universe wanted to

time it perfectly to make sure you know

some of this fresh new stuff is right

here on the platter for them knowing

that that’s how it is you know so thank

you for you know you know sticking into

it I’ll even call you today I was like

yeah we good you like yes no yeah man oh

wow I’m uh you know I have my hand on my

heart I thank you so much seven that

that means a lot and yeah we put we put

a lot into this so just to recap so it’s

secret energy calm and then if if anyone

searches your YouTube for your YouTube

seven Bomar on YouTube they’re just they

can just plug that into Google right for

sure yeah we have seven years of content

so that’s what I would encourage a

person is I remember when you’re seeing

anything the further back you go like

there’s like literally hundreds of

recordings so I literally was just given

the mission in real time of how I was

experiencing as I was going through the

process so it’s important to remember

you can join get into this in real time


and it will click you know if you go

back into the past maybe you hear

something that makes you sit down and

think about things a little bit more hmm

I love it my friend guys this is a human

experience we are gonna get out of here

thank you guys so much for listening

please do check out my guest 7bo mart

search search for that on Google and you

will find it thank you guys so much for

listening you will hear from us next


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