Transcript for Richard C. Hoagland, Ancient Civlizations/Astronauts, End of the Kali Yuga?

joy this conversation the human

experiences in session my name is Xavier

katana my guest for this evening is

Richard C Hoagland Richard is an author

scientist researcher and former NASA

consultant and Museum space science

curator who has spent his career

analyzing and investigating the data

generate generated by space missions

Richard served as the science advice

advisor to Walter Cronkite and CBS News

Richard also hosts the other side of

midnight which is ranked in the top 10

base best late-night radio shows in the

world today phenomenal show Richard it’s

such a pleasure and an honor sir welcome

to XP I had to fix my hair before the

show started because I mean I’ve been

listening to you Richard for so long I

mean back in the the sort of heyday of

art Bell God rest his soul

but you know I would get this as I was

telling you I would get this little

clock radio and put it I was just a kid

you know and so to go sort of full

circle and to have you on my show

tonight with us tonight I am just I

couldn’t be more chuffed I’m so happy

about this you know a few years ago

living with my parents and my siblings

in Jersey and the middle of the night

the transistor radio those little cheap

transistors they were about the size of

a pack of playing cards and they played

on a small battery and they had a

horrible speaker and everything you

heard was totally distorted hmm and you

didn’t care anyway I would listen to

that little transistor radio to Long

John Neville broadcasting from wor

across the river Manhattan on a show

that basically was the template for the

other side of midnight okay even I even

stole his theme music

oh wow that’s an interesting story I

mean who knew you know it’s it seems

like the work of generations you know I

admire your work so much and I sort of

picked up where I could you know where

you left off and the the stuff that

you’re doing and the stuff that Art Bell

did when he was around and so you know

hopefully we can get to the bottom of

some of these mysteries that have

plagued us our consciousness and I mean

it’s it’s really interesting what’s

going on in the world today right now

Richard because that’s one way I mean

the world is on its head and it’s all

lighting its snow like this is every

apocalypse that everybody ever wrote

that Marvel you know chain pole movie


yes it’s not the way the planets

supposed to be operating but obviously

something far beyond what they’re

telling us is going on

I know honest great fear for back I’m

intrigued that more and more people are

using that term because I think I

claimed it some years ago the problem is

that when you have an unprecedented

historical event which in the worst case

scenario predictions the United States

alone could kill up to 2 billion people

in the next few months you can’t just

sit back and do nothing can’t not wonder

about all the disparate and frankly

confusing and blatantly contradictory

data that’s coming in on this and it’s

very important to people for listening

to keep their heads source things

multiple make sure if you’re tracking

something very controversial like the

Cobra virus is a bioweapon that you

really have your sources down because

this really forces us to go back to good

old journalism which is don’t take

anything is true unless you can get it

from three independent sources and it’s

very hard on the Internet to know what’s

it dependent or what just being passed

around mm-hmm

I mean it’s it’s it’s really phenomenal

what’s going on because I think you know

Richard I mean if art bell was talking

about this you’ve talked about this I

have mentioned this on my show that we

are on we were on the precipice of the

threshold of something massive and you

know my antenna I were up and and I

would talk about this and mention this

and now it’s here we are here now we are

in the pandemic this is the the


you know has hit the fan and so it’s

it’s now it’s it’s circling around in

the ceiling and it’s gonna hit the wall

and I think I think you know fear is

what’s for sale and business is really

booming it’s really good because I think

people are afraid people are scared

because they don’t know you know what is

actually going on it’s it’s like nobody

knows what’s going on and I think

they’re not knowing is by design I mean

when I look at the pattern of official

responses to this going back to the

first report out of Wuhan which I think

was in December I have noticed a bizarre

lagging by our team our guys in doing

everything they could to stop this I

mean I know what the rhetoric is all you

have to do is forget the rather give up

the facts there are dated events going

on on the record it’s available to

everybody like the internet and what the

rhetoric is coming out of Washington the

White House and all that and what’s

really going on are totally separate

things there is such foot-dragging

but I want to propose a controversial

idea okay what

Xavier if this was not accidental if in

fact this is a plan pandemic or the

whole planet or some purpose some goal

some with you that object yeah that’s

that’s what I feel too that’s I mean

that’s what what my

intuition is saying is that there is

something larger that we’re not being

told about what’s going on really how do

we how can we determine what is really I

mean this virus is real it’s very real

it’s out there it’s in the wild but

we’re not being given the entire full

story when when are we ever given the

full story about anything that happens

ever Franklin’s response to the woman

after the second Congress when they

finally finished the Constitution a

woman asked her you know what kind of

government do we have mr. Franklin and

he said a republic if you can keep it

you know the price of a democracy price

of this republic speaking now from the

insular position as a citizen of the

United States is to be vigilant because

people all the time are trying to put

stuff over us I mean this this is not

just due to the internet it goes back to

you know first forms of government power

all that thing about absolute power etc

etc so I think citizens have to do is to

maintain a constant vigilance and now

because we have these exquisite social

media feedback mechanisms if we see

something we don’t like if we see

something that’s out of line

anomalous doesn’t make sense we can let

everybody know which means it’s a lot

harder for the bad guys to slip stuff

over on us provided we go in skeptical

and not buying the first order like you

know this is the idea this this virus

was a transfer from bats to humans in a

wet market it whoo hot I know it sounds

logical and possible and all that I

don’t buy it for a second you know why a

the only level for bio weapons military

laboratory for biological warfare in all

of China is only 20 miles from downtown


you know his art what about ding ding

ding ding ding right and to

the spokesperson or the Chinese foreign

ministry the other day weeks after I

speculated on the other side of midnight

could this have been an op with the deep

state without Trump’s knowledge prepared

had done this released this virus in

Wuhan to basically attack China and is

the Chinese official foreign ministry

response a kind of a veiled confirmation

of that model I mean that’s one

hypothesis I mean more day here’s more


I have little or no doubt that this is a

bioengineer virus that somehow got out

that seems no I know yeah how do I know

because a Francis Boyle professor

Francis Coyle who literally wrote the

international treaty on bio warfare by

where the United States ostensibly got

rid of its biological weapons in past

treaty negotiations going back you know

a couple of decades he has come out and

said firmly from all his information

this is a weapon that somehow escaped or

if you want to be really conspiratorial

was deliberately released now obviously

you got to ask the question why would

the Chinese if they’re developing a

weapon why would they release it in

their own country and the answer

obviously was in this scenario they

didn’t somebody else did to make real

bad times for the Chinese for even

beginning to work on such an awful

weapon now there’s also other data

there’s a Harvard professor who had

Chinese students has been arrested for

espionage there’s reports of a Canadian

laboratory high level facility with

Chinese immigrant workers scientists who

were who were basically expelled by

Canada because they stole things from

the lab there’s a lot of very murky

paper trails as to where this came from

but the thing that I find most strike

if this was just a natural mutation

you’d only expect there to be one string


the Chinese strain of Kobe 19 with me so

far yeah in fact now there are reputable

papers from Orion researchers in a

variety of countries claiming that

they’ve now detected different genetic

variants in this disease it’s different

in Europe than in China it’s different

in the United States than in Europe or

in China and the idea of having three

simultaneous credibly infectious and

dangerous mutations of the same virus

all within a few weeks just just doesn’t

make sense

this looks to be by design so who wants

the entire world to get infected with

coronavirus 19 and what does it really

do besides killing off a percentage of

the elder population what does it really

do I mean there’s the meter I mean

there’s so many different directions and

now data is coming out it seems like the

data is changing every few minutes you

know the story is changing about what it

does and who would effects and I guess I

read an article today that was that came

out today that twenty to forty twenty to

forty years olds were affected by the

virus as well that’s true I mean about

this that’s very true right up until

like January January I think this was

confined to China then the same day that

we got our patient zero I guess it was

Washington State the South Koreans got

their patient zero in South Korea and

the two nations began a very very very

different set of protocols deal with us

the South Koreans have really been able

to handle this without

torpedoing than committing suicide with

their economy the United States no

because we had no testing because our

president Richard Richard the minutes


endemic unit of the National Security

Council we’ve done this to ourselves

Savior and my question is why the hell

have we’re only gonna know that through

time right so can we wait with Richard

Ben is listening to you we could have a

week what can we do about this I mean

obviously what’s going on is as you said

fear porn I mean this is the status quo

right now they want everyone to be

afraid very afraid so how do we not bite

into the fear because that seems to be

the underlying you know like I said the

status quo of it well without adequate

testing everybody is potentially

carrying this thing without knowing

except of course for anybody in in

months and months so I’m pretty sure I’m

okay for the time being but people who

are involved in social interactions you

know who go to bars restaurants right

Subway’s there you know the usual normal

things of 20 percent real life you’re

going to interact with an awful lot of

people and a number of those are going

to be carrying this have no symptoms and

they will give it to you now if you’re

young and you’re healthy according to

the latest information you do get very

sick that’s why they have to take these

young kids forties fifties it’s a

hospital and put them on ventilators and

intensive care because unless they have

intensive care these big dumb people who

get this they will die the difference is

that young people with intensive care

survive sadistically and older people do

not I believe the average age of the

deaths northern Italy in the Lombardy

region is 80 point three

of course critics are saying whoopsie

most even would have died anyway I mean

that’s an aberrant thought because if

you have elderly people who have

compromised immune systems or some kind

of respiratory problem or they have

diabetes or they have cancer or they

have a heart disease or any one of a

number of factors now then we know the

statistics make it more likely we can

get this you’re gonna die to say that it

wasn’t the Coleman virus that killed

them is nuts because if they hadn’t

caught the virus they’d still be with us

and I see people Xavier it’s shocking

who basically say well if we do nothing

it won’t affect most of population and

we need those deaths to build up the

so-called bird immunity

Richard let’s zoom out let’s zoom out

okay let’s I under I know my audience I

understand you know everything you’re

saying right now so what I want to do is

I want to zoom out to the larger picture

and I want to talk about you know where

we are headed what could be the possible

implications of what has happened well

I’m moving you to wait wait wait a

second hold on a second let me just

finish let me just finish my body my

question no no I don’t want to hang on

just let me just finish what I was gonna

say and then you can speak please don’t

interrupt me please so all I was gonna

say was you know if we are what are the

possible you know results of this are we

moving into a cashless society or is

this a mechanism of controlling people

even more are we being invaded by aliens

I mean what is going on and you know

hopefully you can answer that remember

this is a very complicated story so

pieces of it need to get sequence since

everybody is being driven nuts with

airport you know they think if they’re

gonna get this they’re gonna die and the

latest statistics are that if you’re a

gun that you get this you can get very

very sick and if you don’t get to the

hospital yes would probably die the

problem is that all these young people

who are partying

there’s no tomorrow on the beaches of

Florida you I presume I’ve seen the

aerial photographs right yeah if they

get sick and they’re rushed to the

hospital they were overwhelmed the

limited hospital facilities that we have

here in the United States and that means

an awful lot of people are going to die

because they literally will not be able

to get medical care breathe so there are

two things we need to keep in mind this

is not a disease without a cure there is

new information coming out of Stanford

which I was astonished last night to see

actually was being touted by Fox and

there is a there’s a Stanford study I’m

getting hoarse there there’s a Sanford

study which shows that if people who

have no symptoms but are tested positive

for the virus take a drug that’s being

out in the public sector since 1945 it’s

called chloroquine mm-hmm it’s another

form is called Koro Quine forget the

rest of it but it’s on the website

do you have that stanford paper if not i

will send it to you I’ve read it I did

come across that and I did read it I did

see it and what they were implying was

that this malaria drug that people use

when they are in when they go down to

like South America or something like

that you know they prescribe this drug

for malaria and it actually destroys the

gokova 19:00 virus it actually disrupts

what’s happening in the exam yes if you

if you go and look at the paper you’ll

see microscopic slides showing the virus

in a petri dish with various dosages of

the sparkline

and the final slide it’s pitch black

it’s eliminated all the virus with a

very small dosage taken a couple times a

week so you can take it prophylactically

meaning you can get it for the doctor’s

prescription can’t get it over the

counter it’s gotta marry doctor but it’s

freely available here in the United

States personal supplies run out

apparently it’s harder to get in other

parts of the world and I’m not quite

sure why because malaria is a major

problem in certainly swampy jungle

mosquito infested parts of the planet

like Panama Thailand etc cetera so I’m

I’m wondering why we could still get it

here but you can’t get it other places

and the good news is this is a study

conducted by really reputable folks it’s

not a pipe dream it’s not you know lost

hope if you take it before you are

exposed it will prevent percentage of

the population from getting this and if

you take it after you have the symptoms

apparently it helps a lot moderate the

symptoms and kill off the virus which is

exactly what you would want the best of

all possible worlds and it’s really

really really cheap and simple to make

okay dosages are horrendous pain so so

you should put that paper we will his

credibility is everything now in the

internet put that paper up on your

website point out that it’s Stanford

research a number of mainstream doctors

they would not put their reputations on

the line and claim this unless it was

true Richard let’s let’s do let’s zoom

out what would be the larger purpose of

having people shelter in sausages a beer

please would you let me go my own pace

you do this you have a script I don’t

have a script there’s no script you mean

stop telling me to speculate about

things I don’t know I mean I’m not gonna

I want to hear understand your opinion

that’s why we had Shane I want to deal

with the disease first I want to

specially about where it porn

where it came from second so let me give

you the second breakthrough are you

aware of sherry Edwards work you asked

me about this before the show no I don’t

work late doesn’t ring a bell off the

top of my head yet

sherry Edwards for the last 30 years has

been working with patients with all

kinds of diseases and treatment

protocols with people that have

literally insoluble medical crises that

would have died if they had not come to

her and she has fixed them I have done

three shows I think with sherry either

as the main guest on the other side of

midnight or as a contributory guest with

a panel of other people and I had a

major film actor from Hollywood who

became her patient several years ago and

he was medical community had given up on

they said just go home and die there’s

nothing we can do

sherry Edwards protocol fix it so what

does she do on her website what you do

is you log into her website I will give

you this link after the show put it up

on her site if you want it’s up on the

other side of midnight you log on to

Sherry’s website with a microphone which

has to be a broad-spectrum microphone so

that it catches all the frequencies of

your voice you literally record about 30

seconds of audio and then her computer

program analyzes the sound frequencies

in your voice and in terms of per word

for the last 30 years those frequencies

correspond to elements and parasites and

nutritional deficiencies and diseases to

which you are exposed at the moment you

make the recording so then what she does

she takes them she takes that recording

and she gives you a protocol of

frequencies that you listen to me

through headphones and the frequencies

Thanks what is raw I remember that show

now yeah it is running and it’s

breakthrough and it just needs replica

Tory trials there are several health

care workers after the first show we did

for our adopting Sherri’s technique

they’re in touch with earth they are

exposing their own patients to these

protocols people have severe respiratory

problems so we can see if they get

better quickly and they’re getting

better quickly now they don’t have coded

but cope it is a is a corona virus it’s

one of the family of viruses some of

which produce the common cold so if you

test this on one illness or two

illnesses or three the likelihood is

because the illness itself is systemic

to this idea this hypothesis but it’s

really about modulating frequencies in

the so called torsion feel but that’s

what the body really is doing when it

takes supplements or takes food or takes

you know if just nutrients it’s easily

rearrange encino mix within your body

and you can do it either with material

stuff molecules or you can do it by

corrected frequencies I know this sounds

Radek radically like like magic no it’s

not it’s really advanced science and

again we’re trying to build up a

database of patients with logs with

files with you know contact information

so I mean we had one woman who literally

had gone to her doctor the day before

and she found that she literally had the

flu documented the day after she went

through this protocol and her symptoms

were gone in ten minutes and that went

back to the doctor and said where’d the

Peugeot you shouldn’t be in bed for two

weeks so we’re in look we’re working up

a list of people for whom this works and

the coronavirus is don’t do any other

virus it attaches to you know your cells

the same way it needs receptor

it’s binding agents at each a whole

lifecycle to replicate it overwhelm you

and kill you if you can interrupt that

cycle with frequencies can you imagine

people all over the world who are

desperate for hope now all they do is

use their social media and their

microphones and their headsets and they

dial into her website and they can

become immune and if they do catch it

they can be cured by an appropriate

playback of the right frequencies so you

know it it does seem that there are

mechanisms of fighting this that are

holistic and it’s really interesting

because I remember this rash of deaths

that of holistic doctors do you remember

this Richard this happened I mean this

was happening and I was a huge bunch of

microbiologist who suddenly wound up

dying all over the planet so you look

incredibly suspicious like somebody

didn’t want these smart guys and women

around when something was going down so

you know I’m curious to know do you

think I know you’ve studied the Kali

Yuga you know cycles and the span of

them and what happens in them you’ve

done shows on them which I’ve loved are

we nearing the end cycle of a Kali Yuga

re changing cycles well as you know I’ve

had some guests on including Vedic

experts from India who claimed that the

Kali Yuga cycle ends in 2025 I’m a

little bit skeptical of such a precise

date because there’s been such

controversies over the antiquity of the

Kali Yuga self-value Yuga cycles

themselves the you know the ancient

Vedic texts the equivocation of names

and numbers and years and assigning here

is a certain span of time but what I can

say is that just

look around the planet and you look at

the measurements that I did with droppin

all over the world with the Accutron the

physics is unquestionably changing

dramatic and my feeling is it’s

correlated with the end of the

processional cycle the so called no.20

bumps syndrome the full Mayan calendar

thing except when Robin and I went to

Chichen itzá and I was able to measure

the Kali Yuga not the cover you could be

got frequencies of the Cooper Khan

pyramid it was then that I realized that

probably the 2012 date was wrong because

the original archaeologist back in the

1940s who tried to translate the Stella

from the Mayan Long Count to adjust it

to be in sync with the Gregorian

calendar I think they messed up by three

or four years and which means that 2012

really didn’t happen until the

transition between 2016 and 2017 that’s

the real end of the Mayan calendar as my

astronomical recomputation of that

calendrical translation would have it

and lo and behold the world radically

changed between 2016 and 2017 did it tha

it did I mean there have been several

cycles where it seems like the world as

we knew it has changed radically but not

like this not quite like this ever

recorded unprecedented you know so I I’m

curious you know what you think Richard

of what could be the possible direction

of where is this going where is this

leading towards without without

injecting any fear porn you know I just

I’m just curious to know your

perspective you’ve talked to so many

leading scientists research

authors and you know just were

brainstorming live on air well again I

don’t want to hyper because fear

paralyzes people can’t think when

they’re if they nobody was hyping any

fear porn whatsoever that is not the

objective of this conversation I’m

trying to quell the people are just

freaking out as they have to stay inside

for a couple of weeks I mean I’m on a

couple weeks I live even if it’s six

weeks or eight weeks or 18 months of

cares we have never been more connected

to each other by all these technological

means then we have been before I mean

we’ve got the Internet

we’ve got tick-tock we’ve got Twitter

we’ve got Skype we’ve got zoom

we’ve got mmm Instagram I mean I have

seen I know you’ve seen this a million

times to go to a restaurant right and

you see a table with four people and

they’re out for dinner and you say oh

isn’t that nice and they’re all sitting

there within two feet of each other

staring down at these stupid things in

their hands with their phones so they’re

not even talking to so why are they

freaking out that they can only talk to

each other for a few weeks maybe by

going through Instagram or Skype or

whatever as opposed to being

face-to-face in a restaurant but that

will keep their grandparents alive that

will keep the the old folks down the

street alive in other words are we so

selfish now that with this incredible

cornucopia of technological wonders I’m

not talking about the economic that’s a

that’s a different thing people are

having to stay home without jobs is a

horrible thing thank god they’re a boob

that’s going on in Washington to get

money to be I’m just talking about

people who I you’re emotionally freaking

out but they have to be they didn’t have

to stay inside you can go outside to

walk walk the dog you can go to this

grocery store you just can’t hang out

like those idiots in Florida

and contaminate everybody to take it to

people but we now know are going to die

if they get this without treatment I

agree with you completely it’s it’s like

a petri dish and so it just shows that

it shows a huge disrespect to you know

just what’s going on other people the

space of other people and it’s quite

offensive to see behavior like that when

everyone else is you know doing their

best to follow you know what we’re being

told and the rules were staying inside

and you know then other people are kind

of just on the well if you listen to my

show I just you have every weekend you

and listen to me talk about the visits

on the other side of it let’s talk you

know you know that one of the mantras

that I’ve been saying not for years

basically impelled by this change of the

physics which affects not only beagles

and begonias is you know save you would

have said but human beings consciousness

astrophysics geology the weather this

physics modulates everything right if

it’s changing it’s gonna affect

consciousness and the effect I’ve seen

on consciousness overwhelming over and

over and over again for the last several

years now is the good are getting better

and the bad are getting worse all these

self-involved are cystic idiots parading

around on the beaches of Florida when

Florida is a state full of seniors think

of it you can’t go anywhere and fight

about bumping into a senior citizen are

these people that’s stupid that they

want to just kill them all off or don’t

they believe it and the reason they

don’t believe it is because politically

there’s almost one half of the political

spectrum which has been saying for weeks

now it’s a hoax it’s just you know it’s

just fake media it’s just those folks

lying again and they’re people who had

believed this and now those folks have

changed their tune and I was very happy

to see that Laura Ingraham and Sean

Hannity on Fox last night talk to

the Stanford study as a as an antidote

to the awful fear form

they’ve been spreading by basically

claiming it’s all nothing just you know

run your daily life as if there’s

nothing going on because that of course

kill the very people that you love

mm-hmm yeah I mean there was there’s a

doctor dr. Sarah Konrath and she did an

empathy and narcissism and the the

changes in it and how it used to be that

most people were empathetic and they

would relate with others and there was a

low level of narcissism and then it

flicked and now most people are

narcissistic they sort of gravitate

towards narcissism and there’s less

people that are empathetic are we sure

that’s true or is it observational

selection because depending upon what

media did you use to find your sample

you can get different populations in the

same population that will maybe kind of

tend toward that remember the good are

getting bad it’s just I’m seeing these

social changes going on around us at

such speed and we’re finding

simultaneous that we have horrible news

and really great news in this you know

the same broadcast it’s like we’re being

given choices which path are we going

follow despair or oh and there’s real

hope out there

you’re saying that it’s it’s possible

for us to choose which path we decide to

select based on what we think in the

vibration that we’re resonating at yep

yep so if we choose the path of you know

peace and harmony and those things we

selected yeah the community a safe way

cuz right now you know it’s I mean when

Robin and I and of course you know I’m

mr. Desmond my condolences she would sew

up to her eyebrows helping

people if she was here and all of this I

mean the worldwide pandemic that you go

to help you know fix but we went to

Central America and we were sitting at a

little restaurant where we were measured

keeps Anita and our whole crew was there

the NBC crew and we noticed our producer

was sitting at a table you know this

little restaurant couple tables over mul

by herself she had a laptop open on the

on the table and she had a set up for

dinner for one and we wanted to invite

her over to our table you know community

and she looked up and she smiled she

says no I’m having dinner with my

significant other I looked at the screen

and there he was on skype in New York

and here we are in the middle of Walla

Walla in a jungle and they were having

dinner together via the internet and I

say to myself why can’t people

understand how incredibly blessed we are

we can see each of our loved ones for

this period that we don’t want to infect

but we can talk to them we can

communicate you could share things I

mean I would get anything about your

Skype call but I’m so sorry man I mean I

I remember that episode I remember when

she passed and it’s been here it doesn’t

seem like the ear to see but but if I

could just see her so everybody out

there calmed down you can see the people

you love this too will pass this is not

the end of everything on the end of

civilization and all that fear born this

is a transition for instance I’ll give

you an example you want to hear a

positive side to this please so many

corporations now realize as my old

friend arthur c clarke told me 30 years

ago he said to me

this is the dark age 30 years ago he

said dick anybody who commutes more than

30 seconds from office to all is a fool

and now of course we have all of these

corporations with huge resources setting

up the mechanisms so that parents can be

parenting their kids at home keeping

them safe doing productive jobs by ask I

presume or whatever and still interact

with each other but not infect the

community and therefore implicate you

know terrible things for civilization as

all its going to change I think let me

get through this I think we’re going to

be better as a culture because we’re

going to value more the personal contact

that we can’t have right now and we’re

going to decide we’re going to use that

in social situations where personal

contact is everything yes as opposed to

where it’s just because we’ve always

done it that way and the technology

didn’t let us do it any other way

and now the telecommuting technology is

there so that we could restructure time

so that it’s more human this I think is

gonna wind up with making society

certainly Western society or human in

that the personal needs of family and

friends and personal time is going to

become more valued as we realize what

we’ve lost temporarily because it’s

deity rias if we’re so selfish to go out

and try to hug everybody yeah I mean I

was I was just thinking that actually I

was thinking about how much we take for

granted the things that are right in

front of us and now you know that

they’re no longer right in front of us

no longer that we have access to them

directly and I was at the grocery store

the other day Richard and you know it it

it really struck me how easy we have

things and how much I appreciate just

small things how meaningful it is just

to be able to go to the grocery store in

a normal way you know yeah and and I

said sure thingies please as you said at

the beginning of the program you know um

you interrupt my might you interrupted

my thought he got me what you know

like I just my point being was just that

you know we we’ve we’ve been so it wired

to be this way

and I think what you said at the

beginning where this is not normal for a

planet to endure

I mean why why do you think this is

occurring then Richard to me do you

think well one of the possibilities

again without hyping the fear part cited

source of course I’ve been watching

obviously president our president is is

that normal I think everybody would

agree so I watched very carefully

because I keep saying to myself often

someone achieving back position wind up

doing whatever he’s presented with a

choice everything wrong and I know

there’s a lot of Trump people out there

screaming at the you know radio right

now is that oh my God he’s an a/d no I’m

just watching someone do everything like

for instance you say to media on record

months it’s a hoax it’s all gonna go

away it’s gonna be like a miracle it

will never have happened and that kind

of thing

it’s on record you can’t take the words

back because you said them and then

yesterday you come out and say well I

always thought this was a pandemic long

before the World Health Organization

call it no you didn’t you said it was a

hoax so we’re living through this

whiplash where what we hear from

officials yesterday is not the same

thing they’re saying today and again

this I believe is endemic to this


I’m in the physics the processional

cycle where things just go caddywhompus

it’s almost like Xavier half of the

population can’t talk to the other half

of the population they’re talking ask

them they’re talking through them but

they’re not talking with them it’s like

they’re saying the same words but each

side to them those words mean something

radically different and I’m looking at

this and this has been going on out for

at least three years and I’m saying I

wonder if this is another symptom of

this transition between Vedas between

the cycle the Yuga cycles because during

those times

everything gets very noisy and confused

and contradictory it’s almost like

dissonant frequencies blasting you like

think fingernails on a blackboard

compared to a Gregorian chant one is

pleasurable the other is ah I can’t

stand them dissonant frequencies break

so think back to your Western Bible

remember the first time god looked down

and decided that he didn’t like what was

going on and wanted to destroy humanity

what happened as a result of that

intervention by God in the Western pipe

plagues right and then afterwards that

was the cataclysms and afterwards the

flag would not communicate divided

language I’m beginning to think that

that ancient ancient cautionary tale is

applying not to you know like Esperanto

or English or Sumerian or Akkadian or

whatever I’m thinking it applies to the

idea that even if people speak the same

language at some point in terms of

consciousness they’re not communicating

and that’s what the

biblical reference is telling us and

it’s connected to major terrestrial

changes is it not in the Bible is that

what we’re going through is this a is

this a kind of a signal that something

is coming it’s physical and this is only

a prelude to a lot more complexity and

problems up ahead again I don’t know but

I’m just raising this as a possibility

because again while we have time there

are things we could be doing that we’re

not doing now and we need to do that as

a community but we need to do them

socially distancing ourselves physically

I mean imagine if this happened we

didn’t have all this technology that’s

true that’s a good point

imagine if you were really isolated and

you couldn’t see people for weeks and

there were no such things as delivery

services no such things as

communications that would allow you to

talk to your great-grandmother on the

other side of the planet and see her in

real time or have dinner with someone

2,000 miles away even though they could

be at the same table

Richard would it be okay if we talked a

bit about you know a muumuu ah and these

space no it’s in money I really wanted

to act it all together that leads

directly into my next speculation

I want to clearly label this as a

speculation okay I’ve been looking at

the trend since Trump was elected of the

things he’s done as opposed to things

have said but one of the big recurring

themes that he’s both talked about and

then accomplished was the creation of

this whole new military service the

so-called space force right is it

possible the space force

is part of this Tobin 19 equation is it

possible that this has not been

developed by the US or the Chinese or

the Russians or the Indians or the PLO

or the Israelis or anybody down here

suppose this virus is coming to us from

upstairs Wow and let me give you a

potential enemy remember Richard Dahl

ever had Richard Owen no no please

continue please continue Richard Dolan

is the originator of the so-called

breakaway civilization yes yes yes yes

yes which is that after World War 2 the

Germans with their incredibly advanced

are indeed into limitless energy

anti-gravity propulsion biomechanical

immortality all bunch of other

top-secret stuff that Hitler and his

guys rid too they took all that and they

live in the earth they became the 800

pound grill of the old joke man grill

asleep anywhere it wants to well where

does a breakaway civilization with

hyperdimensional physics and torsion

field technology sleep anywhere in the

solar system it wants to and they’ve

been developing separately according to

several lines of evidence I mean you’ve

heard these stories over and over and

over again about the secret space burger

well there’s more than one

there’s the breakaway out there there’s

the corporate secret black ops groups

down here and there’s been this tension

building between them for 70 years

is it possible the breakaways have

decided it’s time to move in on earth

and this virus is a deliberate effort to

begin to call terrestrial populations

starting with the boat the Nazis who

love to kill off

the elderly first you wanted speculation

okay okay we’re getting somewhere now i

mean i its interested you richard i mean

this is this is the the mind food i know

that we’re just speculating we’re just

playing a thought game but i mean that’s

that’s what the best thing is about you

is that you allow you know my mind to go

into a place where you know I wouldn’t

originally have taken it you know I mean

so the spaceforce

connecting that those two things

together I don’t I don’t think I’ve

heard anyone else mentions and other

folks to to fight them it’s obvious is

this a sucker punch by the bad guys

because they see what Trump and Al are

building which would be a counterforce

from the planet that could basically

hold our own and protect the planet

against them remember earth is the only

inhabitable planet the whole solar it’s

a blue jewel imagine if you want to

preserve their here here’s another wild

speculation have you noticed the amount

of carbon emissions on the planet in the

last two months has been done treating

radically like nothing that Dane

Wigington and the other you know climate

change researchers have been looking at

as a politically prepared to this you

can look now on the satellite imagery

and places like northern Italy recovered

and smog are now crystal clear the

purposes and the Swans are returned to

the canals in Venice yes exactly yes

it’s like when you see that gross

hydrocarbon industrial civilization when

you curtail it the earth desperately

tries to return to homeostasis to normal

to a more benign and life-giving

environment we just need to give her

half chance is it possible the

there’s some mad genius somewhere and we

won’t name any names but let’s say they

realize that if they inserted this into

the global population given a specific

characteristic so we’ll go back to that

in a minute it would have the effect

that everybody would have quarantine

governments have to shut down the

economy would have to be brought to a

halt for time being and the planet given

a chance to recover from the hydrocarbon

and again this is one of those awful

Hobson’s choices where in this scenario

someone said ok for this to work we’re

going to save X number of billion people

because we’re gonna save the planet but

a certain number of millions of people

because of the virus are gonna die did

someone make that horrible awful

agonizing choice because they see the

start problem of the planet itself dying

unless Western hydrocarbon civilization

is given other options presented

socially with other possibilities for

instance if as we were saying earlier

wanted again implications of this if you

look her and said ok all of this not

going to stores restaurants whatever

when things are back to normal

suppose corporate America decides that

having millions of people commuting to

offices each day burning how many

million gallons of gasoline on the road

sitting like in LA in the world’s

largest parking lot is not useful for

the environment and it’s more

cost-effective to have people

telecommuting from home in a big way

those who basically just handle

information it’s one thing if you’re you

know working for Ford or Chrysler or GM

cuz they just closed their plants

because you got can’t they card yet

without people robots eventually will be

able to make an entire car but

fortunately for the time being there’s

still stuff to people to do so they have

jobs which of course gets us back to the

whole idea

of a universal basic income andrew yang

Mitt Romney picking up on that the other

day and actually proposing as Republican

the government send everybody a check

for $1,000 or $2,000 a month until this

crisis passes there are some very

positive thing Savior that could come

out of this the only problem is if

someone designed this to produce those

at the expense of the numbers now would

be about 2 million deaths in the United

States among seniors alone yeah what

kind of price are we willing epicly to

pay for our own narcissists degreed

where we can’t transition to alternative

technologies while we have time unless

we are forced to and this is forcing us

to I mean we have to do this now right

and I mean we now see what the benefits

are you don’t all drive on the roads

every day I’d sit there for two hours

trying to get through stupid office but

we’ll humor exact the markers going back

to our newspapers statement you still

with me

mm-hmm so you know I love the trajectory

that that you’re talking about and you

know I can hope that humanity learns

from this and I mean there have been so

many guests that you’ve had on the show

a couple I don’t remember their names

offhand but there was a guest that was

working on you know you’ve you’ve you’ve

touched on free energy devices and

harnessing this technology in every

single time there seems to be this point

that these people get to where they’re

like oh whoa I would never patent this

because if I did I would put myself in

danger yes

I mean working out there actually I’ve

seen one technology which we’re looking

at helping which actually does have a US

patent but it needs a market and

now because of this shattering change in

our entire global economy one of the

again one of the positive things that

come out of this is people more willing

to look outside the box for technologies

which are life-giving and life

sustaining even if they’re taboo is it

possible that we exist in a simulation

Richard well if we did how would we know

what would be your clues if I saw you

know the same sort of code that we use

to code things in a programming language

I saw that same type of code in the math

that makes up our reality perhaps there

would be a you know correlation but I’m

not sure if it would be a causation yeah

that’s always been the problem that

we’ve had years looking at this whole

19.5 signature thing the idea to

describe tetrahedron and rotating

planets and energies coming up and it’s

coming to us by means of hyperspace that

could all be an elegant computer

algorithmic coding that’s kind of like a

clue that we’re not looking at reality

we’re looking at a new simulation I mean

that’s one of the possibilities that

over and over again recurrence of 19.5

just throughout the universe could be

telling us that our universe was

designed and we’re sitting on somebody’s

desktop a lot a few of those really

interesting programs Star Trek The Next

Generation explain explain what 19.5 is

to the listener if you take a plant

let’s say the earth or Jupiter and you

examine carefully you’ll see that the

largest upwellings of energy on earth

benefits itself as hot

and on Jupiter manifests itself as a

convective upwelling of hot gases occurs

at 19.5 north and south on planets of

the solar system all they have to do is

add mass and rotate and even on on

Neptune but the Voyager spacecraft got

their clue by 1989 we discovered to our

amazement there was a dark spot on

Neptune and I actually posted a paper

before NASA had come out with their

numbers predicting that the spot put the

spacecraft saw for millions of miles

away was going to be at nineteen point

five and lo and behold it was sciences

nothing if it’s not prediction so if

this pattern of the 19.5 signature is

telling us something about a universe

that’s been designed with certain

parameters then when you find this

example again and again and again you

have to ask yourself is it the universe

doing it or is it humans here on earth

trying to imitate a universal pattern to

make things happen and that gets us back

to the idea of our reliving from the

design simulation where someone has

given us this very clue that in fact

ultimately we are living in a simulation

hmm what about what about this

hyperdimensional physics you bring it up

a lot I mean how can we connect the dots

there because I mean there there’s a lot

of this in play I mean it’s always in


through intention you know where you

direct your attention but also could

there be a way to harness it I mean is I

mean is is all the fear and panic that

we’re generating feeding you know

something that’s out there that could be

hyper dimensionally active okay there is

a myth going on that perpetual motion

machines cannot exist yet they’re all

fake dudes that are all lies they’re all

you know the imagination of their

were a bit deluded and the answer of

course is that’s not true in order for

you to get energy from nowhere there

needs to be another source that’s all

just having to figure out a way to

either in nature or through technology

open a gate between our

three-dimensional reality and a higher

dimensional invisible reality which

surrounds our reality and modulates it

and that’s where the whole

hyperdimensional physics model comes in

because here is there oh well that’s one

of the terms I prefer the ether or the

torsion feel because these are frequency

analog waves that are interacting

they’re not digital database and that

whole analog world is where the energy

transfers take place I mean give me an

example we send a spacecraft to Pluto

right which is this little ice ball

sitting 4 billion miles from the Sun

we’re on a good day the temperature is

never above 300 below zero Fahrenheit

which is the freezing liquification

or the liquid nitrogen and what do we

find as we fly by Pluto we flying a

world absolutely amazingly geologically

active with geysers and with an

atmosphere and sluggishly moving pools

of liquid nitrogen and something like

you know geology active geology on a

world which is smaller than the moon

located four billion miles from the

center of energy and light the Sun and

it’s this dynamic world which is circled

by five objects five moons that also are

not obeying

normal celestial mechanics rules when

NASA was able to take a close look look

at them and I look at the Pluto system

Xavier and I say obviously this was a

system designed by our

great-great-great-great great ancestors

before the solar system went to hell in

a handbasket and it was designed to

produce an example of how

hyperdimensional physics literally keep

a world alive because the interaction

among the five so-called boons of Budo

included Charon and Charon itself in the

hyper dimensional model is ducting

enough energy into Pluto right now to

keep it geologically active and that’s

what the mainstream NASA guys are never

going to tell you

in fact I’ve had people planted in

audiences when Alan Stern does these

presentations on on the Pluto mission

you know the Horizons mission and they

deliberately ask him dr. stern where is

the energy coming from to drive what

we’re seeing going on a poodle right now

and every time he’s asked this question

he clams up and leaves the stage you

won’t answer it can’t answer it because

that will open the doorway to the unseen

physics were never supposed to know

about which may come out of the woodwork

because of this earth corona virus

calamity we can hope so and we can we

can hope well we can also try to force

River we can push it like mad which I’m

doing with the other sign of midnight

I’m going to do at least maybe one show

devoted partially each weekend to

various aspects of this virus

story this narrative including the

developing work of sherry and her

colleagues and this resonance protocol

that someone who has the corona virus

they’re exposed for few minutes to these

frequencies they get

better and one of her practitioners is

working with a woman in blog in northern

Italy remotely is remembered the whole

Bell nonlocality theorem also plays into

this if it’s truly hyperdimensional

truly ether you don’t need to be in the

same room to get this to work you can do

this anywhere kind of like remote

viewing tip to promote healing and

that’s what they’re working on that we

will be presenting the results of those

experiments in the coming days and weeks

we must provide people with real hope

based on the real physics of how to deal

with this and a whole bunch of other

planetary problems we have today I mean

people are gonna have so much time to

explore these other areas of life where

as before you know they were working

these nine-to-five jobs and they come

home they’re exhausted they have to deal

with her yeah dinner now they have time

to explore this stuff truly and get

their kids and hopefully there’s

stimulus packages we get paid it was

back on the sixties we would all get

together and we would you know fix

dinner and we bring it in on trays we’d

sit on the couch and we’d all watch

maverick together or the twilight zone

or the Alaskans or any one of a number

of these shows that was a communal

family experience and during the

commercials we would talk to each other

about was going on in the show we would

socialize we would interact we had a

time the sports in those days you know

television was live and it poured it

so you either would be there or be

square can you imagine all of the binge

watching but with everything I mean look

at the choices we’ve got look at the big

screens look at the stereo systems look

at the you know delivery services we can

get through this folks this is not the

worst thing that ever happened provides

at the

genomics are being watched and there are

two bills now going through Congress

that are going to make a lot of people

whole and are also going to work a long

way toward transforming the economics of

being the low man on the totem pole ie

the worker and it’s all being occasioned

by this stupid virus doesn’t it make you

think maybe somebody has released this

by design was my first thought actually

I’ve always wanted to ask you Richard

about the myth of Superman you know you

talk I mean you talked about a little

bit on the show your show but I haven’t

heard you bring it up again since that

and I think you were gonna do an episode

on it but you never really did that I

did I recall that I know I’m pursuing

the right book and I can’t track it down


but if I don’t get him I’ll get someone

else but to me the whole Superman myth

which of course exploded on this nation

you remember when no 1939 twice 92.5 I

see and what are the elements of the

Superman myth he’s powered by the Sun

distant planet super advanced

civilization who then sent up sends

refugee to earth to basically keep Earth

from doing the same thing now we look at

our work in the solar system what do we

find from NASA and Russia and Chinese

and Japanese and Indian and other

spacecraft data the remains of an

ancient civilization based on a planet

where there are not asteroids which blew

itself up which sent refugees to earth

to keep it

from happening again see where I’m going

mm-hmm yeah so so we are all the

supermen and with yes and our powers go

up and down with changes in the physics

can you imagine at the right time and

you disciples if instead of having to

build a machine to keep yourself warm

you can literally just think yourself

warm and ducked in energy from the ether

and completely maintain a non entropic

environment around you just by mental

and consciousness technique now be


yeah well we’re seeing in sharri’s work

how people think about these buyers and

the environment the frequency

environment they’re exposed to changes

its effect on them it goes away and

that’s at the bottom of the cycle can

you imagine if we’re coming to a

transition if this really is the end of

the Kali Yuga and the beginning of I

forget opening cycle is we’re going to

be seeing as Wilcox Vicente Wilcox all

kinds of things that look to be miracles

but they’re not because they’re just

part of the physic which is coming back

and June so that we could live on earth

the way we were intended to live and

that be something again this is not just

speculation it’s amenable to experiment

we can set I mean I’m sitting here

literally talking to you and on the

other side of the room I have one of

Charlie’s ESA’s pyramids that we talked

about on the show

a few weeks ago that amplifies the

physics it’s just like a wireframe

diagram of a small of their tall

tippy-tappy skinny pyramid kind of like

the memory pyramids in Africa

I’ve got it sitting here in the living

room and I’ve got a very sick house

plant sitting in the middle of it so I

can test what the effect is of this

amplified energy on the biology of this

sick little plant if you’re working I

don’t know I know that for about 45

minutes and I felt very strange for the

rest of the and I slept like a baby last

night I have not slept you know much at

all and I had my first really good

night’s sleep and the reason is that

this pyramid works the way you think it

is not only does it do things when

you’re inside it but it has a positive

effect on the environment around it or

like 10 or 20 feet Richard explain

explain the pyramid structure to the

people that don’t don’t know what you’re

talking about please well you know the

pyramid looks like right sure we’re

sighted four corners you can have four

sided pyramids

you can have three sided curve it’s

called tetrahedrons it turns out in the

physics who actually measure the energy

dynamics of stuff going on in pyramids

the very pyramidal shape plus what

they’re made out of the the actual

material in classic pyramids were

talking in a limestone calcium carbonate

that Tyrael assemble all in one place

with that geometry interacts with the

ether with the streaming torsion field

in a way that amplifies the effects of

the field on materials either within the

pyramid or in their proximity it’s

amazing isn’t it it’s a solid state

super 21st century advanced science and

technology coming to us from thousands

of years ago by cultures even then they

didn’t know I don’t think how it worked

I think it was handed down to them from

the leg

see cultures I get lavish that kind of

thing and that gets back to that we had

planetary wards before where we have

been social kicked back to the Stone Age

that we don’t remember almost anything

about how light used to be before the


think about the fall is the fall not

just know how to be being kicked out of

the Garden of Eden but actually 66

million years ago when the last

extraordinarily advanced ethical eyes

civilization if the solar system was

destroyed by an interplanetary super war

which wound up literally destroyed one

of the planets and living in a broken

solar system a broken physics as a

result which has not been fixed which

I’m very curious about why has it fixed

and which only comes back into what you

consider to be a kind of a human-like

phasing condition maybe once every

thousand years as that your disciples

change by a procession so if if the

Egyptian pyramids were some sort of

terrestrial marker then what would be my

marker as in a point in which the

pyramids are placed to where I was gonna

go was to sort of stave off some sort of

other event I mean if if the pyramid

creates this sort of energy structure

automatically by it through its shape

then I mean what would be the point of

building a massive huge huge one out of


well you don’t build them out of crap

you built the interior chambers out of

grab it if you build the bulk look here

without at limestone limbs to his count

house iam carbonate if you actually look

at the molecule calcium carbonate the

crystal do you know that geometrically

it has exactly

safe shape itself oh no I had no idea

Stan tenant found this out whoever built

the Pyramid of Giza with the 51:58

minute angle that’s the exact geometry

angle of the material the limestone

blocks the pyramids built out of why

because calcium carbonate is a hyper

dimensionally active material that you

want to build a huge solid state machine

to amplify that physics you build it the

same geometry because you get the same

resident frequencies around and I think

based on the work of Charles whose work

I cannot recommend highly enough you

probably should get a link to his

website see his name please charm seats

see I ESP pronounce Zeke’s okay he’s got

a web site I think it’s called star

pyramids or something like that anyway

once he discovered with a little help

from his friends like Payton was that

the pyramids over time seemed to have

geometrically change from the kind of

squat ones we see in Egypt to the tall

skinny ones we see just south of Egypt

the so called Beirut arrogance okay what

would be appointed that ah painting

geometry and geometry is merely a

solid-state reflection of frequency then

you’re changing the geometry because you

need to keep your solid state frequency

correlation it residents with changes in

the field and there’s several of these

pyramids in the south of Egypt they’re

in those nations what to make of that

one they’re not called me

I actually had the picture up on the

enterprise website it on the side of

midnight website but you can see side by

side taken the stunning panorama by the

National Geographic that these pyramids

over time dramatically a drastically

change in their geometry and several of

them you can see they built them up in

the the you know classic Egyptian style

and then halfway through building them

they change the angle so the top of the

pyramid has a different geometry than

the base the same as the Red Pyramid in

Egypt itself lay over that right one

it’s called the bent pyramid rises up a

certain angle then it changes angle and

the classic interpretation has been well

the guys I’m trying to build a pyramid

they realized once they built it they

got higher and higher it was too steep

was going to collapse so they changed

the angle so would collapse

that’s the mainstream explanation of

prophecy and I think it’s totally wrong

I think because it takes a lot of years

to build a pyramid these legacy

civilizations were imitating this

ancient science and physics they they

knew about it through their sacred texts

but they didn’t have you know the

materials said Moroccan stone granite

limestone to do this out of it

so they used what they had at hand okay

and as they were building these pyramids

the physics changed and they had to

change the corresponding geometry of

pyramid they were building otherwise it

would work it’s about frequency magic

it’s all about residence

going back to sherry Edwards work Wow

I mean

that’s a good point to pause and let you

know what the time is we’ve got about

five minutes left Richard so you know I

want to give you a chance to wrap this

together in your own way and you know

perhaps you know mention something to

the people who are you know listening or

going to listen to this

will include your website well I’ll give

you a chance to do that but you know is

there a message that you want to give to

people that that are gonna be hearing

this this episode yeah I think we’re

base we were poised on the edge of us of

a cascade of stunning positive

revolutions and whether it’s by design

or it’s just because that’s the way the

cookie is crumbling we’re being a chant

given a chance now as a planetary

civilization to kind of look around and

take stock of a whole bunch of things we

automatically have been doing like

social program or inherited habits that

happens this is giving us a pause to

make choices it’s ultimately all about

choice we have a choice that we can

decide when we come through this either

with the treatments or with cherries

frequencies or the development of a

vaccine or whatever we’re gonna get

through and culturally and in terms of

government they’re gonna make money

available they’re gonna print money like

there was no tomorrow it’s gonna get us

through this what kind of a society do

we want on the other side he’s kind of

like title and I show the other side of

midnight when we get to the other side

of midnight in this dark hour

what kind of sunrise do we want to add

do we want to commute just a mindlessly

work where we could do that home or do

we want to only commute to meet with

friends with family to take in wonderful

experiences like you know

theme parks natural wonders the Grand

Canyon one of my friends just before

they closed the border between Canada

and the United States was able to take

this family to the Grand Canyon blew his

kids minds this may give us Savior the

pause to think about the choices

remember it’s all about ultimately

choice the choices of what want to do

next and we need to make the choices a

good one I love it

Richard I mean I can’t recommend the

other side of midnight more and more

highly and if you’re on the chat server

in the community that we have you know I

post a link to the show whenever it’s

live but it’s live on Saturdays and

Sundays and I have an alarm set midnight

Eastern and today such an auspicious day

Richard to have you on the show it

tonight is the vernal equinox and so

happy vernal equinox hey Frank

it is Springs bring has sprung by the

way on Sunday night this coming weekend

I’ve having Sean stoned on as my guest

oh nice and Sean stone member folks is

Oliver Stone son and I obviously have

been be asking Sean about his great

director fathers agendas information

sources advanced warning that cetera et

cetera so you might want to tune in

Sunday night the other side of it very

good give the website one more time

Richard please the other side that

midnight cop guys you heard it here the

other side of midnight dot my guest

Richard C Hoagland I mean what an

incredible show ladies and gentlemen

really hope you got a chance to hear the

whole thing

I mean it’s a it’s a really interesting

time or our society our civilization so

conversations like this I think our soul

also cannot recommend the other side of

midnight more highly I mean what Richard

is doing over there is truly amazing

he really does bet his guests and it’s

it stands as my favorite show my

favorite show not being paid to say this


thank you guys so much for being here I

know we are in some dark times right now

people are scared people are afraid

we’re gonna get through it

thank you guys so much for listening

you’re hearing my voice right now you

are the resistance good night

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