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self-help as we speak to my guest mr.

Peter sage Peter it’s a pleasure sir

welcome to hxp and my pleasure indeed

it’s great to be here and very excited

to be on the show here I mean you have

such a wealth of knowledge you’ve been

in this industry for at least 25 years

you’ve started over 20 companies and a

wide range of fields you’ve received

numerous awards you’ve written at least

four books where does where does this

inspiration where does this Drive where

does this fire come from within you what

a great starting question and I would

have to say that that journey really

follows that the journey that a lot of

us have in terms of evolving and

maturity the the challenges with a lot

of people is that you know we get to

mature biologically without any say in

it but maturing emotionally or

spiritually is obviously a choice it’s

very different and not a path that some

of us are even aware that is available

to take and certainly in my my early day

is a lot of the impetus for the patterns

that I run the success that I had the

businesses I started were all driven by

in you know say my 20s or late you know

teenage years and my 20s were very much

driven by trying to avoid insecurities

trying to prove to the world I was good

enough trying to wear that S on my chest

so that people would actually validate

me and so a lot of my early achievements

it was kind of a two-edged sword you

know I got me into financial success it

got me lots of significance that people

saw me out but the trade-off was I was

very Hollow very you know very shallow

and very empty inside and I think

maturing through that and very fortunate

to have several insights towards my sort

of late end

– that really shifted the game for me

and so the reason I do things now and

the reason I know do what could even

appear to be similar actions and

behaviors from the outside perspective

I’ve driven very much from a deeper and

different place so yeah it’s kind of a

continuum of how I could answer that

question following the journey that I’ve

done mm-hmm okay okay so so I mean I’m

sure that you get this a lot what in

your opinion I mean you you you talk

about you know conquering insecurities

but I mean what in your opinion Peter is

is one of your your kind of your your

keys one of your key your your Keystone

to you know success or self mastery well

it would have to start with essentially

understanding a lot of the most limiting

patterns that we run many of which are

conditioned before we hit seven years

old and the biggest one is obviously the

the primary fear as I call it which is

the fear that were not enough and most

of us grow up with this fear because of

many different reasons whether it’s

having to act a certain way as a kid so

that we get approval from parents

because the method of teaching rewards

good behavior or withdraws approval from

bad behavior and so we learn to adapt on

how other people or how we think rather

other people would want to see us and

that instills a lot of insecurity now

that can be covered up by the flip side

of the coin by being too confident or

arrogant or self-righteous or it could

be you know manifest through

insecurities or shyness or pleasing

people or you know constantly getting

smaller boundaries that we don’t stand

up for so really understanding the

primary fear and its role that it plays

in our life is one of the prerequisites

or fundamentals of really understanding

self mastery I would put a very close

second to that which is tied in avoiding

what I call goop you know I spent many

years in goop swimming in this nasty

smelly sucks

it’s called gook GOP otherwise known as

the good opinion of other people hmm and

so many people are driven by the good

opinion of others because they’re

desperate to be liked to be validated to

be told they’re good enough to be

accepted to you know all the usual

suspects and if you only understood what

goop is as an illusion and how much

you’re selling yourself short on your

potential for fulfillment joy and love

you would only be too keen to get out of

it so you know in a very short brief

nutshell I would say understanding the

primary fear of the fact that we’re not


yeah and that could be not good enough

not it’s all enough short enough

good-looking enough rich enough certain

enough whatever it may be and getting

out of the good opinion of others so you

don’t walk through life as this

unconscious giant adaptation machine

always trying to adjust your behavior or

consciously or filter through things

before it comes out of your mouth what

you think other people will think or say

or yeah view us so yeah yeah Peter I

again we’re staying and you know that

that opinion of others is you know it it

seems like such a limiting limiting

thing in it and it can kind of box us in

it puts us in an in a in a box where we

you know we’re we’re we’re kind of

isolated by what others may or may not

think of us and and you know you’re and

and I find through your work it you know

you you really do focus on the things

that and I’m digging and I’m digging

right in here with with the conversation

with you just because I feel like I can

I can kind of communicate with you on

this level this quickly but in your work

you seem that it seems that you are you

address the willingness to experience

failure right away I mean is that I mean

is that it’s not a big part of your

teaching the the ability to fail and

learn from that that failure absolutely

if a failure will rather fear of failure

is what keeps so many people locked this

side of their potential and if you only

explore it what does failure mean to

somebody the projections that they

ascribe to failure and never what’s

actually experienced if they happen to X

go through that so yeah it’s a giant

illusion so giant ghosts so it’s like a

a hand puppet with a flashlight and

projecting a bigger shadow on the back

wall and so yeah is it yeah impossible

to avoid failure well yes if you never

try anything what’s that what’s that

what’s the point in being alive if

you’re not gonna do something remarkable

so for me failure is your capital now

you you don’t see a baby yet you know 12

months old trying to walk and falling

down and say you know sorry I’m not

gonna do this walking thing I’ve tried

four times now I hurt my knee I’ve

forget it I’ll just sit out the rest of

my life no no it’s all babies that don’t

have at that age the filter of the good

opinion of others are driven to go

through that experience that so that

they can get the feedback learn from it

adjust adapt to move forward well enough

that should be the same in learning how

to walk or business or mastering

relationships it’s the same process but

when we overlay on top of that all it

means I’m not good enough it triggers

the primary fear we tend to avoid it

which is why so many people spend their

entire life it usually takes me about

six hours in one of my workshops to get

people to really understand this

emotionally not just intellectually so

they actually act on it and adjust and

that is that most people spend their

entire life of engaging in behaviors

unconsciously that aren’t designed to

avoid emotions they don’t want to

include right justify as I’m not I’m not

cut out for that oh that’s just not me

oh no I don’t like that and it has

nothing to do with a conscious

preference has everything to do with

justifying the left side of the brain it

had to say oh no I’m gonna not engage in

that and yeah you don’t you don’t come

with excuse I’m not cut out for that no

this is not good after it means I’m not

willing to fail to learn until I get

good at it you don’t want to take you

your child and go to a surgeon who says

I’m a cutout brain surgeon I’ve never

had a lesson on how to do it but you

know I’m pretty cut out for this no you

want to know he’s been for four years in

medical school and gone and going on to

have experience and and everything else

is the same with life but he’s had to

yeah go through his trials and

tribulations in order to master and

include not good enough for fear of

failing his exams or you know not being

able to pay for college whatever it may

be it’s part of the journey that makes


yeah absolutely Peter you work with a

lot of very high-end business

professionals entrepreneurs and just

people in in regards to coaching and and

the way that you kind of help them with

with their lives and their businesses

you know what would you say is the the

first thing like let’s say that you’re

starting out with a client I mean how do

you how do you begin to kind of to

assess that what is necessary and how do

you how do you break break into the mold

of a person when you’re when you begin

to speak to them a couple of things one

is you know there’s only so many patents

of human behavior and working in the

industry and yet the field of

psychotherapeutic intervention and

coaching there for as long as I have

they become pretty easy to spot just

like this there’s only you know eight

notes on a keyboard and you know and

most musicians or composers can dial in

quite quickly on knowing which ones they

are and now there may be weave together

in different combinations that make

different sounding music but you know

they’re fundamental notes are the same

it’s the same with human behavior that’s

you know a thousand different

expressions of that but only so many

underlying notes that cause those

melodies to you know to act out so you

know how do you spot them the people are

a walking projection of their patterns

it’s it’s very easy to start to notice

but let’s look at the usual suspects

yeah one of the first things I go for us

what are the top driving needs of

somebody because that will tell me far

more about them than probably the person

that’s married to them knows and what I

mean by that is that you know we all

have a a certain amount of needs that

drive us and I chunk it down this is a

model I learned from you know working

many many years for Tony Robbins and

it’s a moral core

human needs and it breaks down the

personality into four needs the need for

significance in order to fill yeah yeah

independent unique special a personal

sense of identity and need for love and

connection and need for certainty and I

need for uncertainty or variety and then

we have the the needs of the that where

fulfillment comes from or the needs of

the the soul but needs of the Spirit and

that is the need for growth and the need

for contribution everything in nature

grows and contributes beyond itself in

some way or it’s taken out of the food

chain now in society today the two most

destructive needs that will take you

south every time is the need for

certainty which most people are addicted

to and the need for significance and you

know you can’t avoid these that they’re

part of the game we all have some level

of requirement for need for significance

and some level of required for any

percent see if I wasn’t certain that you

know the that the ceiling wasn’t gonna

be staying up in the room I was and I

wouldn’t be in the room so there’s a

basic requirement when you make those

your highest needs and it’s usually the

top two out of the six that drive them

80% of your behavior mm-hmm so if you

are a significance driven person you are

going to be constantly framing things in

a way that tries to make you look more

than or overcompensating for what you

perceive to be yeah we care as our

insecurities you’re constantly reminding

people about how great you are in subtle

or or not so subtle ways you know it’s

all about you it’s egocentric it’s what

can I get out of this conversation or

look at me or how do i elevate myself

yeah there’s no yeah there’s very little

humility no there’s this very little

focus on how do you serve somebody

else’s you know for the greater good for

their needs to make them feel special

not as a horse trade so they can approve

you and tap you on the shoulder and give

you a thumbs up and that’s just a

vehicle to lines yourself to seduce

yourself under the guise of contributing

when it’s really significant that’s

driving the bus or a certainty you know

I didn’t leave my job

oh no I have to know that my partner

loves me or yeah I’ve got to make sure

that I can pay the mortgage or now if

you are driven by those to us in your

top two I can predict most of these

scenarios that happen in your life as

opposed to somebody who has evolved a

little more yeah let’s say emotionally

who has let’s say growth and

contribution as higher needs or love as

higher needs than significance

uncertainty then yeah that’s a very

different life forget the outer world

circumstances or what looks it’s a very

different life now from how you interact

with it so that’s one of the first

things I really look for is what are the

real driving needs that are pushing this

person unconsciously 24/7 it’s

remarkable I love it Peter would you say

that you know like in with your when

you’ve had a lot of wide-ranging success

and in what you’ve done and working with

Tony Robbins and and sharing the stage

with other visionaries luminaries and

Bill Clinton you’ve been exposed to sort

of other side of success that I would

say not many people or not many people

have yet kind of accessed is is there

something that you did differently than

then then other people that were 20

years old

while you were while you were doing you

know while you were writing a book when

you were 18 I mean who does that

well I would say one of the the key

characteristics that I that was

responsible for a lot of my experience

which is success and a lot of failures

you know and it ties in is the ability

to handle or embrace uncertainty again

this is why you see it’s a very

different life somebody who is driven by

the need for certainty is not gonna go

on an adventure holiday they’re gonna

want to sit by the beach and they’re

going to research which airline has the

best safety record and they’re not going

to touch your destination as have a

terrorist attack and all the rest of it

yeah for me I I never really had much

growing up as a young kid I mean my

parents weren’t wealthy you know I make

my own games playing with sticks and and

with stuff there’s no iPads or O’Reilly

Internet in those things and I just had

a great yeah great childhood but I was

never afraid to lose anything because I

never started with anything and you know

as I went through school I started to

realize that a lot you know the only

people that that really get on in life

are the people that try things and if

they work they work and if they don’t

they don’t and if they don’t they try

something else and if you look through

history history is a great teacher but

history has one primary lesson and and

that is that yet I think the greatest

lesson of history is that we just don’t

learn or study the great lessons of

history because we repeat a lot of the

mistakes and so for me yeah I started to

see that you know history always has and

always will favor the risk-taker and the

paradox about that is that those that

risk the least usually end up with the

least it’s just if you if you’re driven

by certainty your brain won’t tell you

that when some mortgage to pay on Friday

you don’t know how to pay yeah so for me

the ability to handle an embrace

uncertainty was a big factor in me

trying new things swinging the bat going

out falling flat on my face losing

everything you know and I’m going again

because for me it’s not the having it I

don’t care about the having it I’m not

gonna take it with me at the end of the

game you know how do I know that because

the only people that tried that 3000

years ago with the Egyptians and what

happened we yeah we we came along dug it

up and stole it right so I’m not gonna

take anything with me so it’s not the

having it is they’re getting it it’s

swinging the bat and if you could

imagine what the primary pattern of life

is how do I know that because everything

that we understand in the physical world

or depending on how deep you want to get

the illusion of the physical world now

oscillates and vibrates at a frequency

we know that the primary pattern is made

up of yeah things that operate or

vibrate at a frequency yeah there is a

peak and a trough there is a number of

cycles per second in other words the

primary pattern of life is the wave and

the characteristics of the wave is they

go up and they have a beak and they come

down and they have a trough now if you

imagine your life now on a screen in

front of you


it’s a certain wavelength what kind of

life do you want to live in order to

avoid falling down into a deep trough

you’ve got to sacrifice that by having a

low peak and that’s a very narrow

bandwidth to live your life in which you

know it means that oh yeah I got to the

end and luckily I didn’t fail because I

didn’t try hard why would I want to live

that no that’s like going to a cinema

and paying money to watch a boring movie

I’m not gonna do that no I want my life

to to have yet to be a frequency that’s

so yeah tight yeah let’s get up in the

gamma range here yeah and yeah I know

that in order to see the view from the

top of the mountain I’ve gotta climb the

damn thing which means I can fall off I

can I have to I have to work hard and

I’m gonna have peaks and I’m gonna have

troughs and that’s the nature of life I

want my movie of my life to have

everything drama comedy tragedies

success romance that’s a movie that I

want to go to pay to see I don’t wanna

pay good money to watch James Bond

rescue a kitten out of a tree for 90

minutes yeah that’s that that’s not

that’s not the life I want to live just

because I’m addicted to certainty no

yeah if I don’t fall off the edge once

in a while I’m not living close enough

to it and that’s kind of the impetus

that drives me through this game of life

so that yeah you know something I’m

gonna crash and burn

why because I had a high mountain to

fall off and that was part of the game

wow wow

you’re good man it’s it’s good I like it

so as I was kind of going through the

research and we had Dave Asprey on a few

weeks ago and you know he he didn’t know

that you and I were gonna have a

conversation and while while he and I

were talking he it was funny he actually

mentioned you as as being one of the

most listened to pod podcast he’s ever


people that I took people that I’ve

talked to have told me that about how

powerful your your speeches are and you

know how you you just you simply you

seem to have this sort of secret code

into the human condition and you’re

you’re I mean you you somehow hacked the

system how are you doing this how have

you done this

I said to take a breath I see I’ve got a

little little welled up that’s that’s

exceptionally humbling to hear you know

I part of my messages I’m a normal guy

you know if people put me on a pedestal

then they automatically disconnect from

their own greatness by giving it away

under the illusion that I have something

more than they do and I could I could

never take credit for that I’ve been

very lucky so maybe you’ve had the

opportunity to study under some certain

masters or mentors I’ve had experiences

but maybe some people haven’t they yet

had the opportunity to have and yeah if

that’s the case and I can I can draw

some lessons from that and weave them in

a way that kind of makes sense because I

have to because I’m a pretty simple guy

you know I I dropped out of school of 16

I’m not academic and and sort of passed

that on to others what why wouldn’t I do

that and if I do have you know something

I mean everyone has their thing yeah and

mine is is probably just being able to

phrase things in a way that allow people

that understand what is either nebulous

or complex and kind of make it a little

more real and down-to-earth and that’s

what they do

and so you know hearing has is is quite

you know it’s very very touching I

appreciate it but again I too have the

code I would only have to say one thing

authenticity that’s what I try to be and

I’m not trying to say the right things

I’m not trying to have the right answers

and if I’m wrong and I’ve got blind

spots as we all do then please I’m open

to that because I’ve given up the need

to be right I’ve given up the need to

try to adapt myself to fit somebody

else’s pictures and I did that by taking

the emphasis on me trying to cover up my

insecurities as I did for many many

years to try to be somebody I thought it

was important and really start to focus

on what as I say nature gives you as the

best guidance and the way that life

operates to flow with the current of the

river rather than swim against it and

that is yet growth and contribution and

the membrane between the two is

cooperation why why would why wouldn’t

you pick up some litter in the park and

put it in the bin when nobody’s watching

because it’s the right thing to do

because yeah why wouldn’t you other

people say well why should I and this is

just two different ways of looking at

life and if I’ve cracked a code it’s

probably getting out of my own ego that

was such

burden for so many years and and maybe

learning a little bit about how to add

some more value and I said that would be

an and being a keen observer of people

as well not from a place of judging them

you know I found out that yeah if you

see somebody acting in a way that

doesn’t fit your pictures which is

likely to happen 100 percent of every

day that you’re alive because yeah

that’s guess what they’re not designed

to fit your pictures they’re designed to

project their own pictures and live in

accordance to their rules and dictates

yeah people do things for reasons that’s

a psychological fact may not be your

reasons may not be my reasons to they do

for reasons and so if you see somebody

acting out certain way and it does it

groans your gears it goes against what

you feel the world should be or look

like according to you then if you see it

as somebody doing something that’s their

fault you were immediately likely to

judge them and as soon as you just

somebody you lose all ability to

influence them or more importantly you

lose all ability to learn from it hmm

and so if instead if you see somebody

acting out of accordance with how you

think that they should act according to

your righteous dictates on how you think

the world should be no it’s seven

billion people have the same yeah

mindset of how they think it should be

in and they’re all different if you see

it as the limitation not a fault why is

it a limitation well they may not have

had the opportunity to experience life

the way you’ve experienced you don’t

know what this story is we all have a

story to justify Weber and yeah and so

if you see there’s their limitation

you’re far more likely to view view what

they’re doing with with compassion or

tolerance or yeah acceptance or

curiosity as to learn what you can learn

from it then you are judging them

outright for not being as yeah smart or

as intelligent or whatever is or as

right as you are so yeah that’s what me

a long while to give up that game to

give up judgment to stop criticizing

people because they didn’t fit my

pictures that yeah and and as soon as I


now I stopped fighting reality which was

yeah quite a quite a big thing for me

because I’ve spent many years fighting


only to draw the same conclusion every

time the damn thing keeps winning

you know you swim upstream and the

current will always win now you’ve got

energy you can fight the current you can

swim against you can drive hard and most

people go to their grave tryna play a

game and unfortunately a lot sooner than

they should do because they wear

themselves out relax and understand the

wisdom of the current just because it’s

not going in a straight line towards

your goal the current bends and if you

learn how to flow with that current

rather than resist it you’ll find it

will always take you down string to

where you want to go and that you know I

teach you a way back all living in

through me so life is flowing through

you rather than what I lived in for many

years which is buying me like I will

make it happen it’ll happen by me and

and that’s exhausting now so

understanding the latest what we know

now and science on how to flow with that

River and use the mind not to fight the

current but control your position in

current CS that’s been a good sailor a

bad sailor tries to control the river

well I got news for you

life’s a little more powerful and

smaller than we are go go try that game

and play I did for many years but if you

learn how to flow with with some of the

fundamental principles then yeah I may

appear as if I I have the illusion of of

having make my act together a little

more than the others hmm yeah well it’s

very love the analogy of the river Peter

what it is money the end goal I mean is

money and we we have to we have to eat

we have to survive you know you

mentioned you mentioned that you know

risk part of the risk you know it’s it’s

about you know really just taking that

risk and being willing to fail but at

the same time for me and starting this

show you know I left a six-figure job

and put all of my energy and time into

running this this show and it’s it’s

exploded because of that and I took a

big risk and there was there’s a big

reward my question to you is is money

ever the end goal is money should money

ever be the end goal

if significance and certainty are you to

highest driving factors then you’ll

probably try to make money your end goal

now there’s a massive fundamental flaw

with that which if you have anybody that

or experienced somebody

or been there yourself trying to make

that happen that’s that’s a hamster

wheel to nowhere yeah that’s a tunnel

with no cheese and even this short term

illusion and I talk about something

called the curse of the white rabbit

it’s like a dog chasing a rabbit on a

track that is mechanical like you’re

never gonna catch the rabbit not because

the dogs not fast enough for you not

because you’re not a good enough

entrepreneur not because you you’ve got

the best diet or the best trainer the

game is designed so you can never catch

the rabbit and there now analogy there’s

if you’re trying to chase the next goal

and for most people the goal especially

if money is fulfillment cuz money’s too

conceptual and we’ll talk about some

little more details I think I can add a

lot of value to people that are on this

hamster wheel yeah money’s conceptual

the only place in the universe it means

anything is in the mind of a human

that’s it it’s other than that it’s

pieces of paper with dead people on it

and it’s it’s shiny rocks yeah and shiny

metal and hard rock that’s about it yeah

we mean don’t you perspire called money

now if you are chasing the rabbit of

fulfillments which is ultimately what

you think money will give you by running

on the track of achievement no amount of

money is gonna fill that void you know

oh when I make my first million then

I’ll be okay well guess why you make

your first million and you still don’t

feel okay because now you’ve got to make

two million in case you lose the first

or yeah now you go or when it gets to

ten million yeah if you look back at

your 14 15 year-old self from where you

are right now and you are able to go

back and tell them what you’ve done away

you’re at that 15 yard you would look at

you say wow my god you made it you’ve

done what and you’ve traveled where and

you’re earning what and you’ve got your

own business did being or but you don’t

feel like you’ve made it because there’s

still another goal to catch there’s

still another rabbit on the track you’ve

got you know five fluffy white tails

pinned to the wall already and you know

you’re chasing the next one because that

fulfillment still isn’t there and so if

you start to think that by making money

the goal you’re gonna be happy you’re

gonna be unhappy when you perceive you

don’t have enough which is all the time

you’re chasing so let’s just look at

money for a second yeah money is

nothing more than a byproducts or a

consequence of adding value it is a

medium of exchange that’s all it is it’s

a universal medium of exchange that

we’ve created so that yeah five thousand

years ago when we were trading goats and

chickens and I wanted chickens and you

wanted goats but yeah but we didn’t have

a compatible way to find it because you

didn’t have any goats right now how many

goats to trade then we couldn’t do

business so money came along to be an

equalizer as a medium of exchange that’s

all it is you know people often misquote

money is the root of all evil

well I’m sorry that’s that’s that’s a

crock the love of money is the root of

all evil in other words if you are

selling yourself and your values in

order to try to accumulate this thing

called money then yeah we can have some

problems and yeah that’s that pattern

stems from a fundamental mistake that

society conditions which is having

people link mistakenly their self-worth

and their net worth together trace it

back to the to the primary fair oh I’ve

only got X amount in the bank you know

therefore you know I’m not good enough

Oh Society will tell me I’m good enough

when I’ve got you know X amount more in

the bank yeah it’s just us a crop you

know if Richard Branson lost all of his

money tomorrow

yeah or I did it’d be a damn good excuse

to go again I’m not defined by what’s in

my bank and yeah then there’s been times

where that’s been – a lot more than zero

that other people are here wouldn’t want

to swap over – for yeah yeah what it is

it’s at all money’s at all so let’s just

put it into a better perspective so

people can get it sure yeah if you sit

in front of the fire yeah and you say

I’m cold I really want some heat that’s

like going you know to life and saying

you know I’m poor I really want some


well the fires gonna sail all you’ve got

to kind of go out and fix some wood yeah

that’ll give you all the heat you want

no big deal oh no no no no give me some

heat first then I’ll go get some wood

that’s not gonna work

no I want money then I’ll go out and do

it no money is a byproduct for

consequence of adding value the last

time you got money was because you gave

something for it of value first to

someone else that you use that medium of


in order to pay for it and that could be

40 hours a week in a job or a product or

a service yeah you don’t walk into the

gym and say right give me some strength

I’ll go to lift the weights yeah that

doesn’t work you could have put the time

and you’ve got it you’ve got to go and

contribute something in this case

lifting a bar that’s too heavy to lift

in order for your muscles to grow then

you get the strength oh I want to have

money no you don’t you want to have what

you think money gives you because you’re

living in scarcity now were you driven

by certainty so why don’t you go and

focus on how I can add value become a

person of value contribute something of

value and you look over your shoulder

one day and say where did that money

come from

but if you’re chasing money you are

chasing your tail because you’re trying

to chase the effect not the course so go

focus on the course don’t lift the

weights go fetch the wood and money will

follow this was not it’s not difficult

it’s not conceptually hard to understand

but if we make if we make money into

something yeah and therefore we chase it

then it’s never gonna appear in

abundance in our life and you know let’s

talk about wealth for a second what is

wealthy very simple wealth is nothing

more than the perception of abundance

whose perception your perception my

perception you take some kid in Africa

and put yeah ten thousand dollars in his

pocket and he’s gonna feel a lot more

wealthy then you take a

multi-millionaire and take them down to

a million it can’t be the money if it

was the money they’d be like temperature

be the same for everybody would all feel

the same it was fifty degrees in the

room would all feel the same temperature

no money’s conceptual so it’s the

perception of abundance usually

triggered by gratitude and so what is

poverty very simple poverty is the

perception of scarcity usually triggered

by yeah fear figure of loss fear I’m not

good enough and trying to have more in

order to validate myself so how do you

become wealthy immediately by focusing

what’s abundant in your

if now that could be health it could be

a relationship it could be oxygen yeah

find something yeah and as soon as you

start vibrating at the level of

abundance then guess what happens yeah

we know this on the quantum law that the

outer world will start rearranging

itself in order to present you

opportunities that will then allow you

to go lift weights in the gym to get the

money you want yeah you still you still

gotta lift the weights this isn’t a

meditating on checks in the mail

now that will usually bring in a fiction

notice so yeah it’s about doing the work

we live in the physical world but we’re

also metaphysical you know so we have

the ability to impact reality with our

mind that debate is long gone anyone

here that’s still addicted to the

materialistic view of the world yeah as

been asleep since 1927

so yeah that’s if don’t even need to

have that debate just go to look at the

latest research in science and every

single attempt to validate materialism

has fallen flat on its face it doesn’t

exist this is a virtual simulation we

live in every scientist is credible is

coming to that–as west unless they’re

more addicted to their now the the four

years they’ve spent getting their PhD

and why they’re identified with that

being a real scientist and opening up to

new possibility in light of new facts

hey that’s my little my little soapbox

on it you nailed it I love I love the

fusion of the the metaphysics with with

the actual you know the the hard

practical advice and just the perceptual

shift I believe in that I practice that

and it’s a good segue into my next my

next sort of phase of this interview

gratitude you know you just mentioned it

how important is it to have gratitude

Wow there’s there’s two states that

allow you to raise your level of

consciousness and your frequency to a

much higher point and I can get into the

science on that if you wish but for

listeners that yeah we’ll have a little

more validation and thinking it’s

mystical or woowoo but those two states

are unconditional love and gratitude now

I focus a lot more on gratitude with a

lot of my students and people that come

to my workshops or seminars because so

few people

reference for knowing or understanding

or experiencing what unconditional love

is 99% of any love that people have in

their life what they think is love is

conditional love you know I love this

person I love that person until they

don’t fit my pictures yeah or I love

this until something happens that

violates my moral the world and yeah

yeah unconditional love yeah somebody

you know does something traumatic so

somebody you really care about how much

forgiveness do you have in the moment

versus want to pull the head off yeah or

send them to jail so to be punished away


unconditional love is unconditional love

conditional love is oh well yeah all of

you up to a point but again very few

people have references for that now some

people evolve into it yeah

the Nelson Mandela’s of the world the

mother teresa’s of the world very few

and far between now yeah

that’s why I focus on gratitude

gratitude is it carries a very different

energetic signature all of which can be

measured done almost any other lower

level of yeah of emotional signature see

most emotions are nothing more than the

after product of thoughts yes every

thought you have creates a chemical yeah

that that chemical or chemicals creates

a feeling in the body that then you call

an emotion so gratitude has a very

different signature or two most emotions

it puts you in touch with a heart

centered connection rather than a mind

centered connection most emotions

triggered our mind centered gratitude is

heart centered it transcends logic

yeah there’s and it raises the frequency

so if it’s if it’s such a key to being

yeah feeling wealthy no matter what you

think is in your bank account if it’s

such a key to raising your level of

consciousness and vibration so that life

can rearrange itself so you can flow

with the river rather than swim upstream

and bitch and complain about it then why

you know why does so many people not not

grateful why because they are

conditioned by society through the lure


for Mattie which nobody can escape yes

the current of the river yeah it’s the

95 percent or you will conform to your

surroundings in a world and outer world

now we know in the outer world are

simple yeah your body’s a 24/7

adaptation machine it doesn’t mind where

you put it it’s jobs lots of questions

jobs to adapt you put it in the gym it

will adapt you put it in McDonald’s it

will adapt it doesn’t carry its jobs to

do that but the mine’s the same the

inner world is the same you program

yourself with media and you start your

being exposed to the latest news and

news apps and push notifications and

what you’re being told is going on in

the world as a microcosm of what

companies and media want you to focus on

so that they can hook your attention and

drill you into a state of emergency

yeah biochemical response to keep you

tapped into watching their crap then

yeah you’re not gonna have a chance to

start thinking of things to be grateful

for and so I haven’t watched a news

report yeah I haven’t read a newspaper

15 plus years you know I don’t want and

if you think that reading the news or

watching like CNN yeah constant negative

news there is a way that you can you

know find out what’s going on in the

world I’m gonna you’re in

Disneyland yeah it’s like the world is

like the Amazon rainforest what’s going

on in the Amazon very simple

everything’s going on in the Amazon but

if you’re there at night with a

flashlight and you decide to shine it on

every scary object or look at this year

from being eaten by a snake or oh look

at this tree dying because it’s been

yeah got a parasite

then that’s what you want to focus on

then everything’s always available as

opposed to oh wow look at this

incredible hummingbird or look at this

new baby being born in as a rare species

of something or look at this incredible

flower everything’s available what do

you want to shine your light on

well I want to choose what I want to

shine my light I don’t want to be told

by somebody that’s got a hidden agenda a

news is not charity it’s a

commercially-driven deal and it’s

commercially driven based on people the

amount of people that engage in it so

they can charge rate card and justify

advertising dollars that’s the business

model everyone’s aware of that so

have a lot of very intelligent people

you have to come out of Harvard that go

to work on Madison you know Avenue that

you know figure out how to get your

attention to hook you into that game and

yeah if you are focusing on the MU if

you were exposed to the media it is

exceptionally hard to be grateful when

you only have to look around and realize

I can name five things right now I don’t

care if you’re homeless I don’t care if

you’ve got a terminal illness I can give

you five things right now to be grateful

for and it’s just a question of where do

you want to shine your flashlight yeah

wow that’s so so powerful you know I

love it reader I think it you know it’s

it it falls into everything that I’ve

I’ve been learning and kind of re

relearning in my own experience you know

the strangest thing kind of happened to

me a couple months ago some some

opportunities kind of opened up for me

and I would say my vibration changed you

know the the frequency up I wasn’t that

I was vibrating at changed and the most

it was like The Twilight Zone these

people who were vibrating at a lower

frequency than me they simply dropped

out of my life Peter it was like it was

as if I suddenly had no like my friends

people who I thought might were my

friends or they were just gone and you

know it took me a little bit to kind of

understand what was going on and and

deep deep down and in my gut and back of

my mind it was saying this this is

necessary for the next phase in your

life this is how these people are

blocking you from accomplishing the next

what’s what’s coming for you next

so I mean you you discuss this as well

you you talk about how we become just as

the people we are around our environment

influence and influences us as well I

mean can we talk about that a little bit

certainly and let’s use an analogy I

think most people can relate to let’s

grab a whole bunch of tuning forks and

let’s set them up around the room and

yeah they’re all let’s say tuned in for

the note C and

take my seat because that’s why I’m

vibrating it and I start vibrating and

see every other tuning fork that see

will start to vibrate Peter Simon I’ve

been going through life I’m on my own

path I’ve been exposed to a few

different things that I want to explore

and I feel a calling to become yeah F

I’m gonna be an F this is my game so

bang guess what happens I start

vibrating f what happens to all the

other C tuning forks they stop vibrating

in my world I don’t affect them they

don’t affect me either they disappear

out of my awareness and what will happen

is other people vibrating at F will

start to yeah I’ll start to notice I’ll

start to attract I’ll start to be in

harmony with and that’s essentially

what’s going on why because the primary

pattern of life is the frequencies the

wave we know that sound wave Lightwave

microwave radio wave doesn’t is

everything is made up of waves

yeah and that this reality ok n is is so

much of an illusion that people don’t

understand and it’s a convincing

illusion I think Einstein quoted that

it’s a persistent one you know let’s

just take a finger now you go into a

finger and you know you go through the

epidermis and the dermis into the skin

and then you get into the blood vessels

and the new go deeper into the cell and

then you go into the DNA and then you go

into the molecular structure and then

you go to the atomic structure and then

what happens you go a little deeper and

I give you a camera I shrink it down

little GoPro and say hey dude fly around

the inside of that atom and take some

pictures tell me what’s that we now know

there’s nothing there nothing the actual

illusion of what constitutes as matter

represents zero point zero to the power

of six one percent of the actual energy

availability impossible it was there

99.9 to the power six is energy and

potential there’s nothing there you’ll

be flying around a giant empty space

there is nothing there there is energy

in you know that is vibrating of fixed

patterns there’s nothing solid about

anything solid so I said wow that’s but

when I pull back I get the illusion of

solid so let’s go to modern yeah 4k

super high def LED television fire pick

somebody out of 300 years ago and put

them in the room 20 feet away they’re

gonna look and say wow look at all those

people living inside that television

now that looks so real it’s it’s so

convincing that it sounds perfect if it

is it’s them

and you get a bit closer and you zoom in

and you walk up if I don’t actually know

it’s not what it appears it’s actually


that’s strange and then you got a little

deeper he so I says you’re not any glass

it’s actually it’s it’s LEDs is three

flashing lights in primary colors and

then you’ve got a little even so I said

you’re not really it’s just it’s photons

of light that are vibrating at certain

frequencies there’s nothing actually

solid there and then you pull back

twenty feet and it’s a picture again

that’s the human body that’s the

materialism of the world of the illusion

that we live in so everything is

frequency you vibrated a different

frequency the people in your life that

are vibrating a different frequency are

gonna start to move away

it’s not magic its science yeah it’s and

that could either be a constructive

interference pattern or a destructive

interference pattern and a lot of the

time when people go through this

transition by upgrading their peer group

by tuning in to better quality

information see when you’re feeling

higher vibration so if it when you’re

feeling lighter there’s a reason for

that you are identifiying through higher

frequency with the metaphysical side of

you that something is the non-physical

metaphysical I either wave part of you

is radiational when you’re feeling low

frequency which is essentially what

gives math of the illusion of matter you

know if I was to raise the frequency in

this room and I was to look through

let’s say the x-ray spectrum I wouldn’t

see your body the Freedman my frequency

is too high I just see the density of

your bombs if I went even higher and

started emitting at the gamma spectrum I

wouldn’t even see bones that you see

like an apparition outline of the body

and so now if you identify with higher

frequencies by accessing gratitude

unconditional love joy humility

compassion forgiveness high frequency

you start to feel lighter why because

you’re more identified with the

radiation of a frequency side then

feeling upset guilty angry yeah

frustrated low frequency you feel

heavier why because

you identifying with the physical side

it has mass its gravitational not

radiational so therefore you feel more

down it’s it’s yeah it’s only basic

forms of science that we understand and

which one would you rather feel well

it’s a choice yeah what’s wrong is

always available if you want to shine

your light on it but guess what soul’s

right and by focusing on gratitude you

know whether it’s being grateful for

living in a time in human history that

our ancestors have dreamed about you

know whether it’s it’s living in a time

where we’ve got you know medical

intervention that can extend life that

there’s you know we can talk now to

somebody the other side of the world in

real time and see them and distance is

no longer a problem that we’ve got

technology that you couldn’t have

dreamed about twenty years ago you got

hot learning water antibiotics they

wouldn’t have had a hundred years ago

that you know we live in a society that

is so evolving that we don’t have to

rely on previous truth providers to give

us their version of the world which for

centuries was religion yeah and then for

the last five five hundred four hundred

years has been yeah traditional

Newtonian based science yeah we don’t

need that now we don’t need to rely on

our village guru to tell us how it is we

can log online and choose from a

multitude of different things and see

what resonates so yeah it’s it’s a yeah

how much more do you want to talk about

I could go on but you get the idea yeah

I mean it’s it’s really profound that

all these things are real and all these

things exist and that simply by changing

our perspective our viewpoint our you

know our the way that we see the world

and our own vibration that we can kind

of lift into another you know a new

experience a new level of experience and

that that element of elevating our

thinking I think is so crucial to

success on all levels on a personal

level entrepreneurial level and with you

know in relationships and with the

people that you care about your friends

your family your

and you know so so I wanna I want to

switch gears just a little bit here

Peter if you don’t mind too much I want

to ask you about you know I get I get a

lot of emails per day I can only imagine

how many emails you get per day but I

probably get about 30 emails a day a few

of these emails are people who are you

know trying to sell me something and you

know it’s it’s a typical sales ad and

it’s it’s a you know it’s it’s basically

it consists of I have this secret and if

you take my class if you take my course

if you pay me money I will give you this

secret and by me giving you the secret

you will suddenly also be able to make

money and be rich and be fulfilled and

be happy I mean you you’re you’re in

this industry where you know you’re

you’re in the self-help industry where

you’re helping others and you’re you’re

applying your wisdom and you’re giving

them your value but I feel that I mean

without mentioning names or anything

like that I mean it there there are

people in the industry that tend to not

they don’t walk there talk there you

know and it is just a sort of it is it

is a very snake-oil thing for them and

so I just I kind of want to get you know

your your real life your your

perspective on on what you think about

that huh topic very dear to my heart you

know I I’m on a mission to reinvent the

personal growth industry for the exact

reason that you just described you know

I’ve been in this industry nearly three

decades that there’s not a guru such you

could put on the table that I’m either

yea good friends with or yeah I haven’t

yeah I don’t know intimately in terms of

their work because I’ve studied the

industry foot foot for so long and 99 80

80 percent of people that get involved

in personal development self-help are

usually worse off twelve months later or

exactly the same but with a bigger

credit card bill and it’s all based

around what you

just said yeah go buy my stuff cuz

you’re you’re wrong you’re broken

something you’re missing something but

I’ve got the answer buy my stuff and

I’ll fix it for you and it’s sold on

false promises usually by people who

even if they’re well-intentioned are

more interested in what I can get you to

spend than I am in your absolute

authentic level of success and yeah it’s

the 80/20 rule

I want to reinvent that into the other

way around you know I want to raise the

bar across the entire personal growth

industry and essentially quite what it

should be which is should be the

personal growth and results industry

yeah and yeah there’s so many people on

this hamster wheel of ineffective

self-development solve with the wrong

intentions and it’s time that it got

shook up

and yeah I’ve yeah I’m I want to be I

think a lot of the reason I said people

resonate with some of my messages the

fact I try to be authentic you know I

don’t make promises I can’t keep

if I don’t yeah if I’m not worthy of

yeah being able to add value to you I

shouldn’t yeah I shouldn’t even

contemplate being allowed to take or

keep your money yes I provide programs

yeah I’ve got my flat ship three-day

event which I’ve put on I love to teach

it’s my passion I want to get out there

I want to add because it changes lives

and yeah I’m always constantly

reinventing it and upgrading into to

help other people I don’t claim to have

the missing ingredient but what I do

have a lot of the time is a fairly

decent mirror to hold up to reveal your

own greatness to show you some of the

blind spots that you’ve been running

through life they’ve being told that

yeah you need fixing yeah if there’s

nothing wrong you the presupposition is

that you’re broken no you’re not you’re

perfect you incredible you’re amazing

you may you may just be running some old

outdated patterns around some belief

systems you haven’t had the opportunity

to question for a while if I start any

premise that yeah you’re yeah you’re

wrong and you need to buy my stuff in

order to fix it then I need to get the

hell out of Dodge no that’s that’s

that’s not and it’s very where you see

people like that all right there’s some

exceptions in the industry and I’m a big

fan and fan and a good friend John

Demartini John’s yeah

John’s work very high-level George is a

lucky one of my mentors yeah beautiful

soul just I think it just wants to

contribute but you know I’m I’m tired of

the yeah buy my stuff too basically and

let me sum it up this way let me sum it

up remember we talked about the the

rabbit analogy with a greyhound yeah a

vast vast majority of personal growth

and development in the industry is

selling people things and ways to make

them run faster on the track to try to

catch the next rabbit what if there’s a

way where you could get what you wanted

without having to get the rabbit because

ultimately what you’re after is a

feeling it may be a feeling of certainty

it may be a feeling of significance it

may be a feeling of contribution or love

doesn’t matter what you think a million

dollars will give you is nothing to do

with a million dollars the Stadion hence

inherent value in a million dollars in

cash and the the only real value is in

the real world is if it’s cold and you

can set fire so don’t get some heat mmm

but money is a conceptual level of

invention by humans to measure a value

exchange so that you can go and exchange

it for something that you feel you want

that will ultimately give you a feeling

what did he get tap into that feeling

before yeah well then you could go chase

whatever rabbit you want because you

enjoyed you see the greyhound at the end

of the race is ecstatic

yes he’s wagging his tail his pennies is

is so happy why he got to run that’s

what greyhounds are born to do

entrepreneurs are born to build

businesses that’s what they do I’m not

saying don’t set goals I’m saying if

you’re chasing the rabbit out of a need

to get something to fulfill a gap inside

by focusing on something outside you are

running on a hamster wheel to nowhere so

yeah really understanding that the

industry is trying to sell you a faster

way to catch a rabbit that you can never

really catch and therefore what happens

you blame yourself yeah they take the

20% of people that would be successful

anyway regardless and they hold them up

as a poster child to say look and then

you beat yourself up because you’re not

one of them after you take the course

and try you know you Dardis for three

weeks to make it work no he’ll reply it

yeah or must be something wrong with me

that’s it’s time people found out the

truth there’s nothing wrong with you and

if there’s a way you could shift

contextually so that you could already

have the feeling that you want and

therefore yeah you can go out and chase

rabbits and your next million and your

dream partner but it’s an expression of

who you are to enjoy the journey rather

than a destination you’re desperate to

get to in order to feel good enough then

that’s a different game and that’s what

I’m working today

yeah Wow I’m so glad that you know it

was that question was you know on my

list but it was it was like a you know I

just I I’m so glad that I that I asked

you that and and you you answered in the

way that you did it really confirms you

know a lot for me and um so I mean Peter

were you know we’re switching around

here and we’re running out of time and

but you know one last question here um

sure if if there’s you know for that for

all the people that are listening to our

voices kind of speak right now and you

know whatever challenges they may be

facing whether you know it’s or it’s

starting their own business or whether

whether they’re fighting with their

girlfriend or boyfriend or you know

whatever’s going on with them

is there a single piece of advice that

you could give someone that they can put

into practice right away oh well he’s a

single bit of advice everybody not yet

everybody was the magic notes in the

orchestra and yeah life is an orchestra

so that there’s no magic pill but I’ll

I’ll share one thing that may resonate

with people which I think would make a

profound difference and it comes back

obviously to understanding you had an


you know the gravity well of the primary

fear or goop you know if you if you can

give up goop and all of that emotional

energy that you vest in trying to appear

a particular way even if you don’t think

you do it’s usually unconscious

yeah patterns that are running in the

background and I’ll share with with

listeners what I call my moviestar

metaphor yeah and and that is that most

people not everybody is starring in a

movie called my life yeah I think we

could all agree with that

yeah you’re in every single scene of

your movie you are the lead character

and your role is to play this role in

the movie called your life while you’re

here in this you know pseudo physical

existence now the challenge is that by

definition everybody else in your movie

will be at best a supporting cast like a

spouse or a child or a p.m. you know

close friend 99 plus percent of people

in your movie are only ever going to be

film extras yeah they play a bit part to

fill in the scene and the second that

they leave your scene you’re no longer

mentally associated to them and your

answer yeahwhat whoever’s in your next

mixing now the challenge is because

we’re so conditioned to see ourselves as

the movie star in our life we

automatically assume falsely that

everybody else sees us through their

eyes as the star in our movie well guess

what everybody else is starring in their

own movie which means by definition that

you’re likely a film extra maybe a best

a supporting cast or a very fusion of

small number of people so if you’re

walking through life I think you’re all

I’ve got up here this whale you know

classic and I say for it for girls these

days I don’t want to go down to the

supermarket for that makeup you know

what will people think or you know guys

think oh I’ve got to drive this car

because what will people think I Got

News for You listen carefully most

people don’t care enough about you to

bother to give an opinion because

they’re too busy being worried about

what they think you’re thinking of them

as the star of their movie and what we

do is we give away our power yeah

because we’re all running around

thinking everybody else is

yeah I’m staring at me how do I act in

this role so everyone thinks you know

I’m acting the right role as the star

they don’t care you’re an extra in their

movie and if you can skip the

understanding of that

yeah and it’s an everyday life you know

you go to the bar and a guy standing

there and he makes eye contact with a

yeah great girl and there’s a bit of

potential chemistry there and now that

they’re doing this exchange and the

guy’s thinking what if she noticed my

form oh yeah what if she’s noticed my

watch I want to notice I paid with a 50

instead of a 20 or you know what I’m

drinking or what is the girl actually

think in that mutual level of yet

nonverbal exchange oh you know I wonder

if my hairs you know gone frizzy in this

this nightclub I wonder if you know my

that ladder in my tights

yeah my parenting helis yeah I want

everybody’s playing the same game yeah

and and girls listen to this and all

ladies will understand the one thing

that they would crave some guy to come

up not to spin him aligned in his

version of his and he’s the next

astronaut all right

yeah or whatever he’s trying to leverage

on his business card title and give a

crap what what are women craving these

days authenticity here’s Who I am here’s

my faults here’s my good points here’s

why I pick my nose

here’s why you know what every did his

okay I’m so Wow somebody real that hell

did that come from you know we all want

to do business with somebody like that

do we know I’m so recognizing that you

know in today’s world of vibration where

people are getting more and more tuned

into trusting their gut rather than the

commercially driven biased agendas of

yes put out through the media there

imagine we had two televisions coming

out of each ear yeah one out of each

year that was sort of playing on the

screen all of our nonverbal thoughts

what would that be like hmm

scary for a lot of people but what if

that was the case because you imagine

what would happen oh hi yeah I think

this is the ideal deal for you you know

it’s tailor-made it’s perfect and then

you’d see on the screen

I hope I really need you to sign this

deal because I need the Commission to

pay my bills or you know you got the guy

in the girl scenario it’s like you know

honey I really see a future with us and

then he comes up on the screen yeah for

tonight yeah well I got news for you

authenticity when you get out of the

good opinion of others and you drop that

emotional baggage that’s the way it is

that’s the way it is we’ve kind of

secrets you already know what a person’s

truth is you’re just not listening to it

because you tuned into your thinking

sensor which has far more noise than the

subtle energies of your feeling sensor

which always not yeah we call it an gut

feel insufficient doesn’t matter yeah

doesn’t there’s not a police possible to

assault but doesn’t appreciate that and

listen to it

and so yeah if we could understand the

game that we play this giant bubble that

we walk around and called I wonder what

everybody thinks of me with one insight

can burst or piss that bob l’m have it

go and walk around in the freedom of

being US annexing ourselves or

authentically not from a place of driven

by significance that’s insecurities by

children by you know how can i make

other people feel the star of their

movie because that’s really what they’re

looking for and then wonder why all of a

sudden everybody wants to be part of

yours and probably be my best advice

yeah Wow Wow incredible

Peter I thank you so much for your time

your wisdom your words really really you

know hit home very very very powerful

conversation we’re having here what is

what is the next step for you sir what

is your I mean I are you are you doing a

new book are you is there a workshop

that people can attend what where can

they go to find out that information yes

I mean I I’m I’m all about trying to

spread my message trying to help as many

people as I can and reinvent this

industry as you said that’s that’s my

passion I used to be a hobby I know I

was a businessman first and entrepreneur

first and so the speaker second and now

I I’ve turned that into my physics is my

passion you know I got enough signals

from the universe saying you know stop

stop doing what you’re doing in the

business world I’ve to take that box go

help people you know really inspire

people go but really try and free them

from some of the limiting bondage of the

thinking that’s been mismanaged for so

many years because you can change a life

like that in a heartbeat and so yes I

might have a flagship event you know I’m

an entrepreneur still so I have what I

call the sage Business School I have a

three-day event the first day is all

about reinventing who you are it’s

nothing to do with business us it’s all

about kind of drilling down of the stuff

we spoke about then I’ll teach you how

to make money I’ll teach you the

mechanics of business I mean you cereal

teacher that these days I mean it’s yeah

it’s not difficult yeah we put some

really good spin on it to reinvent

entrepreneurs to give them the the

character and the techniques and the

tools to do it but I love to do that

that’s something that it’s a program I

host maybe once twice a year you know I

have a high-end group of people which I

call my family my master circle we go

away and do crazy things and yeah I do

some online coaching as well but my

passion and I am writing a book it is

gonna be coming out next year it is

going to be a road map for helping

people navigate their life with far more

use to be able to you know sail

downstream rather than fight the current

and yeah you can check check all my

stuff out Peter sage calm now I try to

make it as easy as possible I try to put

a ton of stuff out there on YouTube at

my YouTube channel to really help people

that I have limited resources and yeah

if you get the chance to come to come to

one of my event shake hands in person it

would be a pleasure to be able to see

you and yeah let’s let’s go change the

world together absolutely guys my name

is Xavier katana this is the human

experience you’ve been listening to mr.

Peter sage you can find him at Peter

Sage calm thank you guys so much for

tuning in

hopefully this episode affected you as

much as it did for me we will see you

guys next week


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