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the human experiences in session

our guest today is master montauk Chia

master chia it’s truly an honor sir

welcome to HIV thank you

master chia I’ve been reading your books

for many many years

I’m very honored for you to be here and

lend us your time and your presence and

your knowledge can you just tell anyone

that is listening who you are for anyone

who doesn’t know who you are can you

tell please I’m their main take Chia and

one that creating the universal healing

power in the healing power system in the

world about the practical about the Dow

and the cow of longevity yes please

continue and also what is Chi King tell

us what is Chi we actually the West

talked a lot of more we call energy in

the Chinese world will recall Medical

Qigong and in the West now they’re

talking about energetic medicine in the

future I mean energy is the energetic

medicine of the future because energy is

everything the whole beginning of all

the Chinese the bow practice will all

talk about chicken and a medical Qigong

that means the energy that you can

accumulate or you can produce or you can

keep or you can circulate this your

energy because we need any to everyday

to do thing but people only use one or

the way they don’t know how to use them

in proper way so they lose the element

they don’t use the energy very

efficiency so is the conserve and

recycled is the first step so everybody

can be very simple conserve and recycle

the energy like they say that we we have

always to use what 200 years so number

one we are the five alternative one

number two you have to conserve and

recycling so if we conserve it we can

use the oil to 400 years thousand years

eight hundred year a thousand years and

this is called a very simple conserve

your energy and fly out some energy from

alternative way

or we call Chi from the fou-fou Chi from

the food

Gucci from the environment Gucci from

the nature could chief from the

planetary gucci from the universe we can

take in we have to digest them exhort

them and elimination them also the chi

outside so they call Qigong how to

practicing the chi that around us and

use them okay yes we have very very

interesting so this knowledge has not

entered the Western medicine system yet

so there’s not very much science behind

moving this energy in your body what are

some of the ways that we can move this

energy through our body

everybody have by all electromagnetic

power but all the people know that ok I

need to eat I need to rest

I need to doing I need to breathe in

order for me to have energy but in a

Doucet other than that you have to learn

how to eat Papa way so we call a fire

element nutrition way of eating food let

mean a simple way you just eat 5 major

color five major smell five major tests

and five major nutrition what the food

have nutrition with color that is the

major part of simple simple food it

proportionally and if in the morning is

like a king because there is a stomach

cramp 7 – nice tummy time and in a

lunchtime it liya Prince because there

in the lunch time is only the hot ham

hot period and the small intestine in

the digestion exception time so in the

70s digestion time 1 2 3 is the

assumption ham and distinguish turn ok

the hardest it will all the nutrition

out and in the evening you don’t have


if only the cleanup prepare to clean out

the system so you don’t eat lie up a

Baker Baker okay

because in a Chinese they say 4,000

years they say if you eat a big big meal

in the evening you only take one portion

they are feeding so another three

portion you are keep it you are feeding

the doctor and nowaday we said what in

the evening is very big Moo you are

three portion of the food that you eat

now you are feeding the hospital and

doctor it’s not very good for that

okay so so master Chia when there is a

blockage in the system it manifests as

illness or disease right yes so then how

do we recognize when there is a blockage

in the energy body now in the Chinese

they are very very clear about this they

call a meridian or we call channel or

the energy flow flow so in the West we

know that energy have to flow but we

don’t have a channel for that and we

only know that the energy run into the

system but there are a channel an

acupuncture point in the DAO practice we

also have channel so we call the first

step might dream from when I learned

from my master fifty-five years ago I

said my dream is everybody in the world

have to open in microcosmic because you

born with this so the microcosm you run

from the perineum up to the cockpit up

to the spy all the way up to the brain

they passing to all the nervous system

and the brain system and coming down

coming down to the north to the nostril

coming down to your throat Center your

tongue come out to the heart center the

toe center thyroid parathyroid gland has

gender assignment and heart and doubt

the organ system we have the gene

channel called the construction channel

so coming tau it is activate all the the

internal organs the lung the liver

gallbladder all these things they are

running down all the way to the some

more interesting we call the Tontine we

call a place you can store energy

so the most important part in the Dow is

the Pantene or we call a place is the

center of the digestion exception

elimination when listen they are not


that means exception a digestion

exception not good we call the navel

area actually easy way to Phi is the

very button and around the area in the

center of the digestion exception

elimination this is the biggest organ we

have if we take them out we are nothing

less see so if you focus on that and in

this area the West discovered is that

this interesting intestinal of the

Kolkata brain like a battery can store

energy and that’s what the down this car

was six thousand years ago the West

discovered them 100 years ago but they

don’t do anything with that yet in

adults if you focus on this you can

collect and stall and catch energy and

when you need it

you can have it like when we eat a lot

like sugar or like this thing we have a

lot of energy and we have to burn and

pick it out but if we are more energy we

can store them when we need to use it

okay it’s very very very interesting so

all of these systems are connected

together so you said the Don 10 is the

storage area right yes so which system

is the most important that we should

focus on now in the beginning of the day

we say you have to focus all the energy

from all of the rest of the body so some

people are so hot in one area so hot in

the head and really call in the bottom

but the Sun Tien and bill to store

energy the very important is the tan

Tien ado to store energy but we don’t

know it we let the the heat a lot in

we’re so exciting we so stress the hot

be so fun and we are worried so much we

are thinking so much we and the brain

active so muscle is so hot so hot so hot

so now the the brain

so hot the honey too active so it’s very

hot but below that it when you’re too

hot up there it being all the energy up

now you don’t have energy and the heart

is not good to overheat and the brain is

not go to overheat because but they are

moving time brain think faster than

lightning and I have come all the time

creating so much heat so we said be cool

boy you must keep your hat cool down and

you might keep your brain cool ok and

the way you do is use you sing your mind

you lower your heart then you focus in

the narrow area there is a major key in

the darkest if you do this alone just do

this alone

you have a lot of more energy and you

come over hit the brain and heart and

that is the major public or the talent

in every said there is a center of the

digestion center of the exception center

of the elimination and supply battery

and it can digest energy also and store

energy and you can use them any time

when you need it and master sure you get

into very spiritual metaphysic practices

and you talk about this inner alchemy

like this immortal inner alchemy this

cultivating the energy for this immortal

spirit body how many bodies do we have

is it’s the physical body the astral

body emotional body and mental body in

the doubt we look at this way ok if you

if people believe that they have a soul

and the spirit okay so in a doubt set

our soul and spirit is intelligent

energy and they have no phone okay so

that’s why they need to come to our body

and reside in our organs so the body is

a big container because they are not no

phone spirit in no phone they have to

stay like the air that we breathe in no

phone only we put a balloon now Mickey

Mouse and put in the Mickey Mouse it

look like Mickey Mouse if you put a egg

into a underdog it look like underdog

or if you put an edge into whatever you

want to believe we become that okay

totus god is no fun or we call speedy in

no phone so it’s no phone because their

energy so there are no phone but when

there no form that can disperse and then

why the souls we come to ask they need

to stay in a place they have formed so

our organ actually is a container for

them and our body is a big container so

in the probability that you have at

least five so and spirit inside us

they’re running us and one higher spirit

in the brain the running every operation

when we don’t have enough tea or energy

the so sweet let us when they left us

they have no phone so in adults that you

have to creating a phone so we have an

energy body or because soul body and we

have another spiritual body we call a

spiritual body okay so physically we

have physical we are energy and we have

so n spirit so at least we have three

but out to you split now into a

mattifying because they all involve with

energy everything is energy

yes yes yes okay so when much fear when

a person is suffering

let’s say a person has some mental

illness or they have depression or they

have PTSD in the military or someone is

depressed like a teenager is depressed

can you talk about how does the

depression manifest in the energy body

we to talk about the physical cause okay

and it manifest it affecting the energy

body overhaul emotionally now in the

West they don’t recognize that but we

recognize only that in a love saw in a

heart yes everybody have already believe

that yes or no

love joy happiness aha everybody so we

just passed one and hide a are you going

to sending your loved one with a black

kidney I love you and send them a black

kidney we’re not going to send them over

a little one a black kidney we send them

a bit hot symbolic I love you but in the

dossier hey how about and hate you I

hate you

now we also believe that installed in a

half okay hit restore in half hatred

impatient has in the spa in half

now we come and talk about where is the

fear for the end drama store in the

thousand hey listen

estoy in the kidney very simple if you

believe that yes now you believe that

human everybody know that we born with

our recording key yes somebody say

something very back to you what you do

you remember it you’re recording that

and you’re repeating again to the people

you make another recording so we call we

a copy tongue fight every day every day

every day but we never believe that or

we never know that I have the leaky

simple you believe it if you say I have

no delay key only God can forgive my sin

only I have to confess to the priest or

psychology so we are depending so much

on that but in the third set if you

believe that fear phobia trauma store in

the kidney so in the top state very

simple look into the kidney and looking

left and right believe them and looking

left and right and spiral energy in the

kidney is a delete key and that’s why

the hokey and now we say anger

frustration jealousy and we stop in the

liver and this wondered how talking many

6000 years ago and they have a way to

handle all the emotional and nobody can

do it unless you want to do something

with your own emotional and you believe

that you have a delete key you can

delete them if you don’t believe that

you have delete key but you have only a

copy key and nothing you’re going to buy

a computer and there are no delete key

the only a copy you’re not going to buy

and God do us you born with a delete key

you can delete them okay it’s a

Marie is not seeing if you believe that

this is a bad memory and creating my bad

emotional I get more angry more angry

and more head to and money to it and I

can hurt somebody

okay and I have fear in for the air

drama and now become so much fearful so

much stressful so much because you let

all the negative emotional mounting

pride so in a dollar a week all creating

a cycle if you start with little charge

happy and it creating openness friends

and Trust and creating courage and

righteous they follow the cockin cycle

and the more you creating good virtue

and the bad emotional have less room to

grow but you have to you have to

understand emotional is here to stay so

the Tao said don’t try to get rid of it

we have nowhere to get rid of it only

fire imbalance you off I a negative

positive fire balance easy that I can’t

kill you

are going to kill you I going to destroy

you like what we said all this one are

created by devil so what you can kill

the devil disorder devil no long be

fighting a devil war how long now how

long we already fighting the devil war

we are forever forever because why the

negative the devil is within us and God

within you so the whole key make the

call and there were balancing and talk

together and from finding cuny each

other and that’s much easier that’s what

the united nation try to do don’t give

each other let’s sit down and talk in

the drought table right try a solution

this is the key in the growl for the

jinyang Chi Chi is negative is better

than bad positive it doesn’t mean good

and negative it doesn’t mean devil and

positively doesn’t mean God but is

something within you you all you have to

do if I a balance yes yes very very


okay so semester Chi you also talk about

the destiny

of a human being and also the importance

of the time and the date of person’s

birth why is it so important of when we

are born and also how do we affect our


let’s talk about the first step the

first step I grew up in a very religious

area that means I’m the Christian and

born in the church in the second world

war and because when I in Thailand

because the Thailand side with the Japan

so the American and bombed the Bangkok

and I pop in Bangkok and and my mother

is a Christian so they said that the

American when they see the church then

we not bomb it so so my mother run into

the church and I born in the church and

I grew up as a Christian but you have

big Buddhism very big Hinduism very big

Hindu and the India she stopped very big

day okay now I study all these things

when I see one very interesting and I

grew up I said there are something there

but when I learned that down I said I

like this number one I’m very simple in

my practical doubt that they have a

religious and my practical one so the

first step is like this you know in the

universe now this is what the West

discover and put the East thought is

right now the West they discover that

they take 1 million picture of the

universe and many many billion dollar to

post that the whole universe is probably

what like and the inter connecting to

each other ok and like big why why why

web and the conclusion is that they are

connecting together like our brain so

whole universe interconnecting so that

the last conclusion they said they must

have the hell intelligence so the

universe inter connecting to like our

brain cells is so complicated is the

biggest why why why why we can anyone

that we have in our world here in the

universe speak big why why why why web

and every connection we have one

intelligent and they said they have

intelligent but their energy and the

Doucet our soul and spirit

energy and the dolls I say in the

universe they are newborn in keratin

burning every everyday every moment but

they are newborn

if there are no chance to take a

physical container eventually they are

energy they will disperse and they gone

okay if this were and they’re gone but

if they have a chance so sometimes it

does that you have to have a good chance

to get a physical or we call compare

that you you have to buy a lottery and

you get a jet pot and you have a chance

to choose the body so for the first we

come to this is a chance and you have to

have a good chance for that now

why the new bond I live on source we

need physical because they need to be

grow so that they need the physical they

have container and the container can

contain the soul and the spirit and the

thumb dispersed and the most important

part the physical is number one they can

produce they can take a raw material and

digest them they shot them and the air

we breathe in an original form we have

in compassion to Chi so that is a major

part instance the our physical the most

complicating is digestion exception

elimination because they can producing

Chi for us now if we said the soul sweet

is intelligent so the energy that we

produce they are very similar with the

intelligent energy so energy and energy

they are the same species so everything

is connected all of these things are

connected the moon and the Sun yeah yeah

so all these intelligent energy we call

the attend one the one that attend call

up to the sauce where are we coming from

so we are go back to the sauce and

become one one of the intelligent

connecting to million and billion

intelligence they attend master attend

one and he’ll control the universe

in law and order and in the West you

know you have you have one-star general

you control how many people your

two-star general you control how many

army and your false but you know you

control how many you see so now the

universe have order they have to have

law and order so that’s why when we

inherit it

we only is a baby okay

it’s a child and a very seldom maybe few

hundred warning to this world they

attend master already okay so that’s why

but the rest of 99.999 is the a child a

newborn baby

that’s all so now in the doctor why we

come to this world because we wanted

from for mochi and feeding into our soul

and spirit so they can grow up because

they’re the same species if you

recognize that the sorcery is energy so

now this energy that we produce can feed

the soul and the spirit now when we

attend this we can go back again we can

go back to when you grow up and educate

it and have wisdom and knowledge you can

go apply for the job in the universe

become part of the chain one okay with a

part of the connection so that’s what in

the tacit this is the cool this is the

go why we are here for and now when you

understand what you want to go to the

source you want to back to where you

come from you have to help other people

and that’s our mission and everybody

have their own we call professional

everybody had their own professional so

they have their own cycle so you born

with engineer be doctor you have your

doctor cycle and everybody can start it

– okay I know my destiny and want to go

back how to go back and that’s what the

Qigong she made energy and this energy

when you have enough maintain your

health and keep your hand when Nina if

you go to feed your soul and spirit and

you’re so sweet I grow up they will

acquire knowledge and wisdom by to the

style we call the spa wisdom or the

planet or the star store information

store wisdom and knowledge so then all

of the stars all of the galaxies the Sun

and the moon are connected to us and

they each have their own intelligence as

well yes their hand their reach them we

said the wisdom with them in a start

they stop information now we know that

one particle of the dust in the space

they contain a lot of information inside

and that’s what the side to prove that

okay one time is particle contains so

much information inside and you think

about in a planet or study how many back

there okay so let’s say that a person

has mastered the movement of energy the

movement of Chi they are balanced they

live a healthy life you said that they

go back to the source we go back to a

source of of creation Glitter up to

where we come from yes

then that is where the whether universe

whether in parrot in the connecting to

each other master chair when people fall

in love let’s say there is a love

connection between two people

they say oh it’s destiny it’s fate we

are supposed to be together what is

happening between the two energy bodies

of the male and the female in the doll

we divide we call physical sex that mean

male and female physically have steps

okay and that’s one we are passing down

our our gene to the next one but in the

spiritual way everybody you have male

and female within yourself so when you

have male and female within yourself you

started to with us so sex

so that mean your soul and spirit when

they grow up they can have a merging and

Mary now in the Taoism we believe that

when you born in the xrg car when you’re

born we look at you and your Bay your

base your best of your wife

so we look at your parents your

grandparents your parent and grandparent

how they affect your father and mother

and how your father might affect you or

affecting your life so we use the

element part very easy for example if a

woman born with metal and a man born in

the wood elements we can see that all

the woman like a knife cutting the

husband okay and this is very hard to

stay together and there is a it’s a very

simple analysis or the woman is the

water and the man is fire and happen the

fly is so little so the woman always one

occasionally it’s a pole or water into

the fire and it just it’s just like when

the man want to do something or say

something no no no no no just like try

to push it down try to press it down and

it’s a very disco we call that the

nature of the human it’s like that so

they said if you find one either give

birth to you or either sub for you or

for men a husband is supposed to be

control woman so if the man is a metal

and the woman is the wood but anyhow now

they are also difficult because women

have more we call free and a man always

between you just a nice twin your cut

you team you and cut you every day and

women don’t wonder staying but in all

the time if you marry whatever the

husband’s on the dope no you have to be

follow so that’s how we use a five

elements to see the destiny of the

person because some people when I look

at like the woman when you look at it

they are born with a metal and they are

tightly here oh no any man we would like

to get close to this high woman so

that’s why we believe that if the

elements way that is the destiny so

sometimes people the Maxima do I follow

the imprint in one day and three day you

fall in love and you want to marry but

you never know that when you live for

about six months one year oh my god is

not right right but you already married

so what if

though I in the Darr way we look at it

and with how you hate you are this

element ago again this elements of this

is not accepted what you want to live on

because there are two different nature

of Philemon you have you have the fire

you have the earth you have the metal we

have the water you have the wood and we

have to look at them they either go

along together or either the cutting

each other and that is the major key of

the Destiny the destiny sometimes they

tell you the hey you are the person how

to marry now unless you change your

element and unlike to change something

now you can try somebody this Chi

element you can leave it so sometimes

you have to give and take something okay

if you cannot say sometimes the people

the element go again each other so much

and there is a attraction with all make

our sauce attraction but actually they

are courting each other but when the

people don’t have already understanding

their own self there’s been some very

attraction oh this is the man or this is

the woman but that attraction oligo gain

him but he cannot feel that until they

marry and live together now everything

come out now


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