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Kingsley Dennis Kingsley my good sir

welcome to hxp Xavier thank you for

inviting me

Kingsley you seemed to have such an

interesting life you’ve moved around to

a couple different countries you’ve

taken some odd jobs just so you could

pursue your writing career I mean what

how did you go through that walk us

through that well where should I begin I

I don’t know was I’ve been blessed or

cursed but I had the from a very early

age the the notion that I wanted to

write about things and to learn about

the world so naturally at the first

opportunity after university I decided

to to go and wander the world but in

order to do so I had to pay my way so I

decided to be to take up teaching in the

different countries and I took up

sociology after a while because I wanted

to learn about the world I was moving

around in and also been fascinated by

different cultures so my most memorable

I think time abroad was was the five

years I spent in Istanbul Turkey and and

traveling around that air of the world

and what I realized is that there were

parts of sociology especially I think

the systems theory and these systems

idea of evolution that I found matched

so well with some of the the oriental

teachings they let’s say the wisdom

streams but in fact I think Western

science was trying to look at it from a

different perspective so eventually I

decided to come back and after a bout of

teaching to really get into study of

social systems

consciousness human development

evolution and all these dreams which

more or less bring me back to where I am

today I mean I love your your writing

style cuts like a knife I just want to

read the passage the back passage of of

your book here the struggle for your

mind within society there exists a

silent war the battlefield is our

everyday lives our education our work

our leisure our emotional and spiritual

well-being and our thinking and

perceptions our very sense of reality is

deliberately engineered to work against

conscious evolution and preserve social

norms in short we are all part of a war

of consciousness and the opportunity is

at hand for us to win Wow mmm

sounds good on paper yeah yeah I mean

what motivates you to write about this

type of subject well again Xavier I

think it it’s the blessing of the cursed

element the yin yang is that from a very

early age I always sensed that something

wasn’t quite the way it was and that

this thing that we call reality was not

a set medium so I mean I think that

actually underlies all my or my

searching is trying to to get the core

of that and what’s at the core of it is

really what we try to understand as

human consciousness for me everything

goes back to human consciousness the way

that we perceive the world around us our

belief sets really makes up the world

that we inhabit so you know if everyone

around us believes something we tend to

fall into that and it’s when you look

into it in fact it’s so easy for

conditioning both social conditioning

and mental conditioning to take place in

fact it is always taking place since I

think since the earliest days of

civilization once you have civilization

you have to have a kind of consensus

reality and the more complex

scientists become you then have the

hierarchy of leaders which then have to

make sure that the masses kind of fit

into their belief system and say you

have this thing called social

engineering to give it a modern term

it’s always been around as far as

backers they I think you know it’s kind

of self reflective consciousness and so

really it’s it’s a science but it’s also

the basis for our reality set so light

is more malleable than perhaps you’re

taking credit for although I think some

of the the new scientists coming out now

with our understanding of the quantum

sciences and the holographic universe

notion helps us to give us tools

vocabulary to understand how flexible

and malleable the reality set is but you

know really who controls how you think

who controls the input you put into your

mind and the frames of consciousness

will therefore have a great influence

upon your reality it’s as simple as that

yeah yeah I mean you talk about in your

book you talk about the illusion of

freedom and how if a part of a prisoner

never sees the bars I mean how can they

know that they’re in a prison yeah it’s

a term I also like to use is smooth

captivity because I think our captivity

these days is so smooth and it’s been

engineered to be smooth that we don’t

notice it or we don’t wish to notice it

because it’s a smoother ride to stay in

the consensus reality we have and you

know and so we don’t wish to we have

everything around us and we have you

know this is also part of how society

has been let’s say developed and you if

you wish to go back to Marxism you could

but the idea is that people now can

acquire the very things that once they

produced and so we have most material

goods to keep us comfortable and before

the age of global

information that was more or less enough

I mean there were pockets of protest but

it was enough to keep us into the system

I think what’s happening now and as I

outlined in the stubble for your mind

the because we’re in such a moment of

bifurcation point of of current you know

of contention it’s because we’re now

receiving so much more information which

is showing as the bars of our prison and

that is upsetting let’s say the the

status quo of our societies because

we’re beginning to see beyond in the

smooth captivity and you know that is in

one sense a tool for empowering people

individually but it’s also a tool for

rocking the boat and so I think in the

years to come and possibly a deck in

decades this this kind of melting pot of

information communication technologies

global information technologies human

empowerment connectivity communication

consciousness it’s all really going to

boil over and no one knows where it’s

going at the moment and that’s why it’s

a it’s exciting and also unstable times

yeah Wow I mean I I ripped through this

book I loved reading it and I just I

just felt like you were on point with

everything that you had to say I mean

where where do you think I mean there

there are so many systems of control I

mean you talk about misinformation debt

distraction media technology I mean how

how wide and varied are the ways that we

might not be in full control of our own

minds and what effect is it having our

own on our own cotton conscious

evolution well loaded question that it’s

is everything that affects our minds you

know there’s an old Eastern phrase I

picked up which says you know greed for

doing good is still greed which means

that things which we think are helping

us other things which may seem

altruistic such as spiritual belief


maybe those very systems which are still

part of the problem you know we see in

in the past I think the it was quite the

sources of this control were much easier

to spot take an example in earlier

societies it was much more a visual kind

of programming for example if a citizen

did something contrary to the monarchy

to the government or to the nation they

were visibly punished they could be tied

to a post in a square they could be put

into interchange they could even be

guillotine or hand or executed publicly

and that gave everyone a warning to stay

in their place and don’t mess with the

system you know you can’t get away with

that today you know I’m sure some

governments will probably like to put

people to a pole or something you know

you can’t get away with it in our

so-called democratic societies obviously

so it’s a much more it’s a much more

smooth way of doing it and we don’t

notice it and it it’s kind of like

function creep it creeps into all our

all our methods and in everything from

schools to everything our peers and even

I think one of the problems we’re having

today I see around us is that one of the

I think it can be quite dangerous is

spirituality itself and I think this is

a point which not everyone points at is

that there has been incredible

commercialization of spiritual themes

even if we if we mention the New Age

movement which was coming on the end of

of the great I say emergence of

transcendental technologies and and

pathways that came into the West post

Second World War even there I think have

become in a sense hijacked as well in

and commercialized and in fact a lot of

these spiritual technologies today are

also used a way of kind of brain

entrainment and and they are using a

sense of cognitive science

you try to get us to believe in certain

in certain ways so in fact it’s not it’s

not as clear-cut about what affects is

or not so in terms of the question you

asked about conscious evolution I would

say that it goes back to something very

very fundamental which is we have to

trust our intuition we have to trust if

I may say so Timothy Leary said that we

all have an inbuilt detector

which I think was his kind of cheeky

chappie way of saying that we have this

inbuilt conscience and intuition which I

I think is coming through a lot more

especially in the younger generation

today I see coming up because they’re

less the indigenisation are less easy to

fool I think and they are questioning

systems and authority more in a

constructive way so I think we have to

go back to ourselves really really not

in a quite a stark way and question

everything that we believe and come in

contact with and and try to strip away a

lot of of the baggage which comes with

living in a very dense rich and over

flowing information lee modern society

yeah it’s very intriguing I mean in the

in the same book struggle for the career

mind you talk about mechanisms in the

brain that are emerging that allow

neurogenetic evolution that will help us

throw off these kinds of mental prison I

mean what what is neuro genetic

evolution how does how does the

mechanism work and I mean how how can we

free ourselves another loaded question

for you it is yeah you like loaded

questions I turned a neurotic evolution

because I think we are learning a lot

more about human genetics in recently

and especially with our understanding of

epigenetics that is that previously

science told is that genetic

differentiation or let’s say

datian occurred over generations in a

larger span of time biological evolution

you may call it with epigenetics we are

learning that genomes can actually be

influenced and change within a lifetime

and intergenerational which can also be

passed on and so the question is what

influences human genes and I think when

I looked into it in fact it mirrors a

lot of the older wisdom traditions in

that biophysics recent biophysics has

investigated how the bio photons are

emitted by our DNA and all our physical

cells and this forms a field which acts

like a quantum field throughout the body

which is a way of information cellular

information being passed simultaneously

like an informational field and so this

biophotonic field is also in resonance

to other fields and influences and such

as let’s say sounds certain sound waves

which we can relate to the science of

mantras and zippers and certain

spiritual techniques also color as well

and so I mentioned for example there are

places which have specific color

orientations such as use of stained

glass windows in churches and also the

colors on on in rooms and so sacred

buildings have a certain you know

spatial structure and sacred German

genomics which also can’t affect

vibrations in the atmosphere so these

things which we thought as it’s perhaps

been fringe sciences can have a very

definite effect an impact upon field

electromagnetic fields which are part of

our DNA structure so if one goes into

meditation you know with there’s been

lots of research on EEG brain scans

about how we come into entrainment and

synchronization of our brains but there

isn’t yet the

technology to look at how our DNA fields

are being affected but I do feel that

these mechanics and I call them let’s

say spiritual tools certain forms

meditation using sounds using colors

which have been used for aliens in these

wisdom traditions I can’t have a marked

effect upon our genetic state so there

is a sense that we can come into what

has been called meta programming I think

there is a sense and this was touched

upon in in the America in the 60s with

scientists like Johnny Lilly who worked

with isolation tanks again Timothy Leary

looked at this and several others which

they call it meta programming so I think

there is a way that we can consciously

try to work in programming the very

structure the very similar and internal

structure of the human body that can

work towards let’s say our opening up

our own latent faculties and capacities

which really is not it’s not really been

out in the mainstream much yeah I mean

how would you there’s a sub chapter in

your book where you talk about decoding

the Armageddon meme I mean why do you

think this 2012 sort of I mean it why is

Armageddon and the obsession of with

zombies and vampires and the end of the

world why is that being fed into the

mass unconscious mind mmm

yeah I mean the 2012 Norman that was

quite a spectacle and you know the day

after I think there’s a lot of people

sitting around thinking well what didn’t


this is nothing yeah nothing happened

that we that was in that mean you know

and I think where it came from of course

we know the origin of 2012 the main

calendar and I think that has an

authentic base but like many things that

are out into public sphere it gets

hijacked and we do have this kind of in

end times mentality or perhaps we have

an end times weakness you know going

back to biblical talk of of

the apocalypse and it deep hours people

and so what it does is that it also lets

in fear and fear is a great weakness it

weekd it weakens our electromagnetic

field that’s been verified it weakens

our immune system which is being

verified but also it allows in when we

have a sense of fear we need security so

obviously when we don’t feel we have it

ourselves we reach out to an outside

Authority so it also puts us

collectively at a kind of disadvantage

and so the 2012 Armageddon meme was

really to disempower all this other

tropes and memes which were trying to

struggle through about at the twenty

twelve will be able to empower ourselves

etc etc it was a whole wave of

disinformation which would I think

deliberately been put into I said the

public consciousness so of course when

it deflated and nothing was there it

kind of put a sword through the whole

thing and just said well you know it was

all wrong there’s not going to be this

this vibration to the fifth dimension

you’re not going to be saved by people

coming to get you off the planet or

you’re not going to evolve to a new

human and so in a way a lot of people

felt kind of deflated and quite

depressed and when we were in that mode

we want to go back in secure to the

status quo you know the story I give in

the book about you know the weekend for

Nanami you know about how we are allowed

to go out at weekends and alcohol is

legal and we have a great time and

perhaps too good a time you know we get

completely you know we have we go wild

often often off our heads and and then

when it comes to Monday morning we’re

happy to go back to the status quo

system because we’ve had a blowout you

know and that was the same technique

which was used for example on slave

plantations I gave the example from one

of the texts from one of the free slave


and he said that a lot of the slaves

were given money that could only be used

on the plantation shops that when they

had time off such as Christmas the money

was spent to buy booze whiskey liquor

and the slaves were allowed to have a

blowout and get absolutely out of it for

several days so drunk at the end of it

they they were wanting to get back into

work to get get their heads together and

that was just one example I think was

Frederick to think of the right to do

but that can be verified and I think

that is a weakened nanami that certain

that certain substances are not allowing

society because they actually stimulate

your own stimulate our experiences and

then we start to we have a different

reality perspective and that isn’t good

for go back into the system but other

things like alcohol which are in some

ways more danger to the human biology

and all the deaths we’ve had about all

over the years they’re allowed because

they give us a blowout phenomena and

afterwards we want to go back into the

system Monday morning and so there are

these things that play as well it’s very

very intriguing I mean um and we’re

covering a lot here very quickly I just

I want to get into kind of winning the

war and you know you talked about there

is nothing to fear and that I mean do

you think that we will eventually win

this this war I do i do Xavier and I

don’t we’ll have a doubt about that and

that for me is something which I

instinctively feel in fact and that’s

why I often prefer to speak about this

winning the war and out of all the books

I’ve written the struggle for your mind

is the really the only one that goes

into the dark side of of our

manipulations and and the technologies

that controllers all my other word

actually examines they do I think the

rise of human consciousness over there

over the the deck

and the evolution of consciousness into

the future so I do think we’re winning

it because if you look again 20th

century looks like it’s been the this

the century of the greatest warfare but

if we look at it in terms of the inner

landscape it’s been essentially with

great exploration innovation and

experimentation of the human in a

landscape and not you know we’ve had the

rise of let’s say transcendental

technologies the rise of experimentation

with within a landscape in whatever form

that may take we also have the tools to

talk about it because before let’s say

psychoanalysis and Freud and Jung and

we’ll have like we didn’t have much

language to talk about in the world who

didn’t have a subconscious we didn’t

have an ADD or ego so now we’ve had this

language we’ve had a sensuous of

spiritualism of we now have scientists

or my out-of-body experiences and

verifying this we have esoteric subjects

which would have belonged to the mystery

schools before now publicly available

literature is available people are

talking about it well we have this

conversation now we can talk about

consciousness in a way that wasn’t

available a few you know a few decades

ago and there are subjects we can talk

about now which we couldn’t not even

talk about ten years ago so I think the

inner landscape of of the human being

has really expanded tremendously and I

think this is a sign that there’s a

different shift in human evolution which

we call conscious evolution and so what

I think is important now is that we are

conscious that we can participate in our

evolution as a species in our societies

and have take more control of that

instead of being at the whim of

evolutionary forces so now I think we’re

coming to a different plane food and

this is what is going to be tricky is

that the playing field now is known more

or less by both sides

those who

let’s say in control or authority of

social systems and hand ourselves to

people you know and and technologies

coming into that as well and which is

going to be a major factor but now the

some information out there so much

experimentation sharing or processes

coming together as groups and helping

each other working with our peers

experimenting and journeying together

that I feel that there is a greater

let’s say weight coming over now to

individual self exploration which wasn’t

there before and we can win this

I mean all of your books seem to kind of

revolve around this I mean in breaking

the spell you talk about overcoming this

social conditioning and this

disconnection from the universe and what

I mean what are the some of the worries

that you would say would be useful in

helping someone free themselves to

connect to life more well the first

thing really is to you cannot really

start until you start to be asking the

right questions and asking the questions

it really gets the ball rolling I just

say we don’t know in a prison until we

see the bones so the first thing to say

that we realize that we are in a reality

set that is socially engineered and that

may not be a bad thing just as the ego

is not a bad thing in its place you know

we have to survive in this physical

world I don’t I don’t support going into

a cave and being a hermit we’re lifting

this world and so we need a certain

amount of this conditioning around us

but it’s being aware of what the

conditioning is and when its operating

now when you just take a step back from

that and in fact I think both in the end

of struggle for your mind and in another

word breaking the spell you mentioned I

talked about some techniques such as

stepping away whereby we can learn to

recognize what is distracting around us

and to pull our mind back from that

distraction now what an analogy I give

is is a drowning person

if if a person is drowning in the ocean

the first reaction we have is to go out

there swim up there and try to save them

and this drowning person is like society

that they’re trying to be distracting

and if we go out there and we’re not

prepared a drowning person will grab

onto you and because they’re struggling

they’ll pull you down with her naturally

because they’re struggling you know and

I think the social systems are

struggling and you can see that because

they’re trying to make so much noise to

distract us because they know that you

know we see in them for what they are

the emperor has no clothes so they’re

making more noise but if we go to where

the noise is if we go to where the

drowning person is they’re likely to put

us down Coast Guard’s say that you know

unless you’re trained be careful of

going out there so I would say careful

of giving these these events these

systems your attention because they are

addictive and they will pull you in we

need amount of stepping back pulling

back our minds pulling back our

attention away from them and be mindful

of what information we receive

information programs us do we want

information that’s always negative that

brings us down that pulls us in what

information channels are we using

let’s use our instinct let’s use our as

Larry said our detector and

look for those channels of information

that we feel resonated with us now we

have to be more discerning I think for

so long that we were consumers consumers

of information because information was

one way the television through stuff it

is before that the radio through stuff

attaches now we can be proactive

information is not one way it’s it’s

multiple we can go out there we can

produce our own information we’re

prosumers not current consumers anymore

we produce tender information and I

think that we should take a much more

active role about what we want to engage

with what we want to receive allow

interest and and learn to step away and

distance ourselves from the rest and and

I think we have to be

more aware of this and aware where our

parrot is lying because what we take in

will will be part of our programming and

we have an active role and and

responsibility to take care of that Wow


I mean I I just feel your your words cut

as much as you know these on your book

in your book as much as in this

interview and I love everything that

you’re saying do you feel as if I mean

like you said when you see a person

drowning and they tend to kind of be in

this fear state and they bring you down

with them I mean do you feel like

leaving a sort of solitary lifestyle is

a cure for that well I think

everything-everything should be taking a


anything in extreme is not good for you

if you have a headache you take a

penicillin okay yep and that’s brilliant

but if you take a hundred penicillins

you’re not going to wake up so

everything is going to be moderation if

you feel you need a moment top of

solitary peace take it I think I think

being alone and and having some

solitariness is healthy you know we

should not be afraid to be alone we

should not be afraid of silence because

the world is full of chatter but I said

I don’t think that we should be solitary

all our lives like a hermit we should

learn to take responsibility to make the

choice of when do we need something like

being alone and how much of it you know

as I say be next extreme of anything

whether it’s good or bad is is not going

to be useful and you know we should work

out what what we need so what worked for

someone else won’t work for us and also

we should we should understand who we

need to speak to sometimes we may want

to help someone but that moment we can’t

help them because you know there may be

you know in a state where they’re just

not listening to us or they don’t

resonate and if we stay with them we may

feel their own energy

drained so we have to be aware that some

people would I mention in the book there

they can’t become like psychic vampires

after not in a deliberate way they may

not mean it but they may be sucking our

energies because they’re not in a in a

in a proactive state yet or a state of

realization so you know we can help

people to a degree and then said okay

that’s enough I need to step back now

and maintain my own state and you know

they’ll have to make some efforts to to

come around to the information

themselves so you know we have to be

aware of our own state and take care of

ourselves at the same time yeah I mean

if you look at the world and you look at

the political landscape I’m not sure if

you’re following what’s happening here

in the states it’s kind of absurd I

think you can miss it I mean I if you

just look at what’s going on around us

it it really does seem like we’re on the

precipice of something else something

new I’m not sure if it’s the end of an

era or the beginning of a new one it

seems more like the beginning of a new

one but I mean what I mean what do you

think about that I mean how do you think

where do you think we are in this phase

of human history I think we are

beginning of our new phase and in in

these in these phase transitions to use

a term from complex Sciences and there’s

always a distance of information because

these two systems all been the new are

clashing again to give a visual example

if you throw a stone into a pond you get

ripples that go out if you throw two

stones in the two circular ripples from

the stones when they meet each other

they have the interference they clash

those ripples break up I think this is

what’s happening now as a new system is

coming in both the human consciousness

and into the social domain it’s clashing

with the old and so having this

disruption but in fact and if in fact if

you look at this these dynamics the

dynamics of chaos or disruption produces

energy which is in fact necessary for

bringing in the new system

this is this is this this type of

chaotic systems actually plays out in

social systems in cellular biological

systems as well and it’s based a basis

of life and this energy is required

Xavier I feel that our you know

descendants are going to look back at

this time and look at the work we’ve

been going through the time we’re going

through and they will perhaps look at

this as being as important as the time

that humanity moved from the Flat Earth

to the round earth perspective you know

because so much is happening now and

it’s one of the few times that we’re

going through I think a global

civilizational disruption not just an a

nice idea war on Empire ik warm belong

to empires I feel that the Age of

Empires is over now despite what may

look like in world affairs most systems

are now global financial systems rely on

global trade you know we have so many

social systems trade systems

communication systems that if you know

if one goes down it all affects the

other and so there’s is rippling now

what we may seen in the political

systems is that little systems of this

so-called democracy I’m not I’m not

functioning anymore I mean they they had

their role they’re not functioning and

so what we see and on the television is

like the magician in stripe of hand you

create a distraction in one area so you

don’t see what’s happening somewhere


so all this particular fanfare and all

the you know the Trump’s and the

Clintons of the world you know they’re

creating a lot of noise and I think

they’re trying to hide a broken system

and and I think what you know what we

need to do is really instead of just

being watching the debates or the or the

arguments however you wish to call them

we should be looking at the the people

who are talking about you know what are

better systems out there and I see some

of the conversations from the younger

generation being very constructive about

what are perhaps better political

systems but we may have to wait a new

generation for them to

mean but I wouldn’t take too much notice

of the fanfare you know as I say you

know don’t look at what a person says

you know observe their actions and that

tells us a lot more when I’d like to

talk a little bit about your book dawn

of the akashic age what motivated you to

write that yet that book I wrote in

collaboration with my colleague Ervin

Laszlo and in fact what came about was

her had written previously a book about

2012 about how there will be changed

coming around 2012 not only on the meme

or the Mayan calendar was just it was

just a point to say system will be

changing because you know the new ways

of thinking are coming in so he

approached me and said would you like to

write a book about how systems be how

will the world be in 2020 and we said

yes let’s do it but let’s not usually in

a year date you know we’ve had enough of

2012 let’s forget 2020 rather than going

on a time-based thing let’s look at a

theme based what changes can we have see

happening in the world around you know

around this this epoch and Akasha is a

temper that had used before and Akash

refers to the fifth field the Hindu

riches of old of the Vedic time in the

Vedas talked about air earth water fire

as a four elements and the fifth element

was a kasha

they said Akasha is what we would call

the the quantum collective field the

underlying field and so we want to look

at how this understanding through

science that we are part of a quantum

entangled universe that the world is

entangled in so many ways in like a

field metaphor that what happens is

going to occur to all around the world

with that understanding as our base how

can we see educational systems political

systems financial systems needing change

in a let’s say planetary civilization


through the birthing pangs and I do feel

that’s what was happening I think I

sensed that we are as a as a global

species moving towards what may become

for want of a better term a planetary

civilization but how we get there is

going to be a different matter because I

don’t I’m not referencing the Borg from

Star Trek III would have bought this

kind of collective unitary mind Society

but I think that we’re going through

towards a planet to society based on

diversity but based on a on a shared

understanding of consciousness but how

we get there is going to be the the

decades ahead for us in our generations

to come to figure out and that’s going

to be the great evolutionary challenge

for our species yeah Mia bang on I love

it I love everything you have to say I

mean it really seems like you’re kind of

one of those hidden authors that that

people have to kind of look for and find

and I mean now that I’ve kind of found

your material I’m just like soaking it

up and love it I want to talk about your

book meeting Monroe because it seems

like this book for you is the most

powerful that’s what I got from that do

you want me to kind of give a little

passage that you write about or do you

want to just get into it

well she’ll give me a passage because in

fact it’s very hard for me to make

remember the book it’s like I was there

but I wasn’t and here’s a here’s a small

passage it is difficult to clearly

express what happened to me over the

period of several weeks it was both an

intense and surreal experience even

thinking about it now has me hat has me

at a loss to give any credible

explanation it is probably best that I

don’t try to define or categorize what

in effect was a series of startling and

profound encounters I have a feeling

deep within that my meeting with the

person in quotes I came to know as

Monroe was not an accident

I mean wow does it sound so mysterious I

really want to know more yes well it’s

you know it’s the book which for me is

that the highest to talk about because

in fact it’s a book which I feel I

didn’t write you know all these other

books we’ve been talking about are ideas

that I’m I’m trying to articulate with

Munro is the most personal book because

it happened to me and my conversations

with this person that I was known to me

as Munro and the ideas expressed were

very powerful and the ideas are about

more or less on the theme of ourselves

of the species in our in our

evolutionary journey and our

responsibility upon that and I go back

to that book many times because so many

passages I don’t remember because I

let’s say I I put them out i

disseminated them I I took them down I

wrote them up and I put them out but I

feel like I they just passed through me

but so many times in my writings and my

talks I realized that in fact this is

still a lot of the talk is Monroe is

coming through me it’s embedded in me

I’m a I’m promised I provide for

sounding vague but I think there are

times in our lives when we have powerful

encounters and they don’t come out

immediately and if if we if we absorb

them I think things come out at the

right time we have to process them but

they come up they become a part of us my

own journey is I’m trying to understand

how can we evolve consciously as a

species collectively and individually

and what that entails and how can we

articulate that and where does human

consciousness play out in that and the

more I think we we tackle these issues

and articulate them discuss them share

them they impact our perceptive sets

they impact how we perceive our

environment our perspectives on the

world and the world starts to shift

accordingly you know I didn’t so much

change can kind of

from the inside out which means that we

trigger it if we take responsibility to

think in a different way to speak in a

different way to engage in life in

different way then the the manner the

our tools are perceiving the world

around us start to shift and adjust

according to our perspective and I think

that’s part of maybe a quantum entangled

universe or a matrix universe however

wish to call it

we are in a participative relationship

with the world around us

so our perceptive sets our behavior and

thinking that all is a part nothing is

isolated so if you shift one if you

start to change your mental apparatus

then that has a knock-on effect with how

we interact with the world around as we

have to start somewhere it’s beautiful I

love it

you know Kingsley we’re approaching the

end here man if is there you know is

there one single thing through your

writing through your experiences through

your research that maybe someone who is

listening to this show right now that

you could kind of deliver a message to

them is there something that you would

kind of like to say what I would say

that if it was possible for me to have

this journey it’s possible for anyone

you know I came from a normal family in

a small town in England and I just had a

sense that I need to investigate some

things and everybody has the latent

capacity anybody everybody can change

anybody can start to evolve their

thinking patterns it’s not that any


is not it’s not you know locked away

we’re talking about the real democracy

real democracy is not in politics real

democracy is in the evolution and

spiritual realization of the self and

that’s open to everybody everybody has

the tools and I would say don’t believe

what I say because belief is not a part

of this we’re talking about his

understanding go away do your homework

think about things for yourself

figure them out for yourself because

everything works differently for each

person but if I can reach these thoughts

and anybody can and and best of look a

lot of man where can where can people

find your work perhaps the easiest way

is just to google my name Kingsley

Dennis I think I was blessed with a

unusual name which comes pretty high up

on the search engine Google Kingsley

Dennis I have a website

WWE Laden is calm I have a lot of

information on there I have a link to

essays look in the menu bar I have maybe

over 40 essays all downloadable for free

read them do your browsing there are you

know PDFs to download seek out my books

if you wish and an enjoying all the

material that I am I’m happy to make


Kingsley thank you so much for being

here man I really appreciate it the book

is called struggle the struggle for your

mind this is the human experience and we

are gonna get out of here

Thank You Xavier my pleasure

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