Transcript for Grant Cardone on Mastering the Close, the 10x Formula, Obsession and more

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mentally engaging topics on the planet

as we approach our ascent please make

sure your frontal temporal and occipital

loads are in their full upright position

as you take your seat of consciousness

relax your senses and allow us to take

you on a journey we are the intimate

strangers thank you for listening for

all the people that have been labeled a

DD ADHD bipolar or whatever it’s all

bullshit by the way there is no proof

that any of that exists if you want to

be successful then you’re you’re

basically an attention whore

you’re insecure something’s wrong with

you you got some kind of freaking mental

disorder if you want great things or

your grandiose because you want to be

famous do what why not you didn’t see me

go through 2009 and have a 50 million

dollar lawsuit and a 50 million dollar

bank default you even see the ten years

of being a drug addict look I’d rather

person be greedy than a person be

selfish because at least greedy people

produce something so when I’m telling

you it was harder it was easier and it

was better than anything I imagined


what’s up guys

Xavier katana here and Wow we’ve got an

amazing episode with mr. Grant Cardone

and we cover everything in this episode

that you would possibly want to know

about success money being an

entrepreneur and just digging into the

concept of all of that so I really

really truly think that you’ll enjoy

this episode thank you so much for this

the human experiences in session my

guest for today is mr. grant cardone

grant such a pleasure to have you here

sir welcome to hxp

man I’m glad to be here I’ve been

waiting to be on your podcast for

freaking years yeah took about three

years to finally arrange our schedules

into the right moment to get you here so

thank you so much for presents Brant

I’ve studied your work for a long time

but there might be some people that

don’t know who you are so so brief

synopsis of you know what you do and and

who you are please well first of all I

am a spiritual being okay it’s the human

experience but I’m having the spiritual

experience of trying to accomplish the

spirits potential and I do that wherever

I am like I started in a middle-class

family in Lake Charles Louisiana and

ever since I’ve been 8 years old I’ve

been literally interested in discovering

my potential I don’t know why I’ve been

curious observing what is my potential

whether it was in high school college

business real estate making my first

million or my hundred million it’s

always been not about the money or the

sale but about the ability to experience

my potential whether it was writing

books are speaking to a fortune 500

company I’m really I’m really trying to

discover who I am and what I’m capable

of and how I can influence the world and

a more impactful and better way I love

that so grant there’s something that I

noticed in your videos a lot and when

you have this very high energy charge to

everything you do like I last night

researching for this show like I just

watched these sales calls that you’re

doing you’re just closing a call closing

call closing call how do you keep up

that 24/7 grind mentality how do you do

that without burning out well number one

I’m not grandi I am NOT hustling and I’m

never worried about burnout okay because

again this goes back to what open with

okay the spiritual being the unit itself

is not a candle and should never be

compared to a candle I can’t burn out

and you can’t burn out

okay hey energy is produced at will so

I’m not looking to be excitable or

exciting I’m producing I’m not looking

for energy through coffee or drinks I

produce energy I’m basically responsible

for everything going on I assume

responsibility for what I’m producing as

opposed to I need to feel something or I

want to be happy right I think I can

manufacture anything that I want and so

when you get on that end of the

responsibility ban and say hey I don’t

like sales I’m gonna be great at it okay

I don’t know how to be a husband I’m

gonna be a great husband I’ve never been

a father I’m gonna be fantastic at I

don’t have enough time so I’m gonna

create time I don’t have money I’m gonna

figure out how to get in the money band

and make sure money sticks to me so it’s

really a consideration

it’s a viewpoint but mostly its

positioning yourself as the source of

your solutions and the source of your

problems so that you can be the source

of the outcome hmm okay so and that

produces energy dude the more

responsible I am the more energy I have

right okay yeah yeah I know I can win at

the game I want to play the game if I

don’t have the skills I don’t know have

the know-how I don’t have the

information then I’m gonna tend to want

to shy away from that game an introvert

okay okay wait so you’re saying that the

inner spiritual aspect of you reflects

the outer is that where you’re going or

no no it’s not the inner okay I am a

spiritual unit okay there’s nothing to

go into I don’t have a soul

dude I am that that’s what I am

everything else is pretend bill grant

cardone the salesman grant cardone the

dad grant cardone the husband grant

cardone the real estate investor all

that’s made up Who am I I’m not a human

being man I’m a spiritual being

experienced in the human limitations and

trying to exceed those love it I don’t

manage time people ask me all the time

how do you make so much time you know I

make it I create time I am NOT trying to

manage time managers don’t earn a lot of


people that create things earn money

people that create things create

experiences and have happiness and

because again they’re they’re the source

of what’s going on around their life so

I am a spiritual being doing my life as

a spiritual being not five eight hundred

seventy pounds limited to a 24-hour

clock yeah I really really connect with

that a lot I want to rewind just a

little bit and get into your beginnings

I think a common misperception is people

see this sort of quote overnight success

and it’s never that way it’s this

constant moving forward moving forward

moving forward you know it’s like this

long curve up and nothing is instant

there is no such thing as instant

success at what point in your life in

your career did you feel okay I feel

successful yeah look most of my life has

been a struggle okay and the struggle

has been because one I either didn’t

know where I was going or didn’t know

how to get there or didn’t really know

what I wanted so a lot of a lot of this

struggle was self-imposed because I

wasn’t going for a game big enough my

overnight success has taken at least 30

years most of your audience they don’t

even know who I am now they’re gonna go

Google me and find out man 750 million

dollars where the real estate seven

books 13 business programs but you

didn’t see all the hard work you didn’t

see the sales career that I was a flop

at right you didn’t see me go through

2009 and have a 50 million dollar

lawsuit and a 50 million dollar bank

default you even see the ten years of

being a drug addict because I was

basically you know using drugs everyday

right most of its been because I had bad

information I mean people just have bad

information the old concept that that

knowledge is power it is power most

people just have the wrong knowledge

please continue I you know I’m really

connecting with everything you’re saying

I want to hear more yes so look my dad

my dad died when I was 10 years old it

left the big vacuum in my life because

everybody started telling me oh my god

you need a dad to be successful well

I don’t have that now my mom didn’t know

what to do with money so now I have a

mother that’s scared terrified of you

know the little bit of money she has to

manage over five kids you know I was

brought up to believe that you had to

save your money save for a rainy day be

a penny pincher hmm fly under the radar

be careful don’t talk to strangers a

penny saved is a penny earned get an

education go to college get a good job

by house okay these are all things that

aren’t even true the spiritual unit okay

the potential of you doesn’t need any of

that stuff

it needs a target it needs a gain okay

it needs intention that is just a sick

amount of like I’m going there I’m going

to get there and all the greats talk

about this okay all the guys and gals

that you and I both know their name if I

mention their name these people were

obsessed with discovering their full

potential yeah that’s a perfect segue

into my next question in your book be

obsessed or be average this word

obsession comes up a lot I mean the

obsession is your only option why this

methodology around obsession because

everybody is obsessed about something

okay and they’re fighting it even the

demons the dark stuff the things that

you don’t even like that you do

automatically the tremendous amounts of

energy in that so like I ended up with a

drug problem from 15 to 25 years old and

I ended up with a drug problem one

because I was using drugs but before the

first drug the propensity to the drug is

not because I had a chemical imbalance

or I was a drug addict or it was some

genetic coding it was because I was

denying the fact that I wanted to be

super successful so I ended up with an

addiction to drugs because I denied and

everybody needs to really get this I

denied the fact that I wanted to be

super successful when you sit on that

when you sit on that it becomes like a

dynamite keg right because you’re you’re

pushing energy down if you want to be

super rich you want to be super famous

you want to be super successful right

you want to have an unbelievable

marriage you want to go where you want

when you want how you want on your terms

and then you can’t tell anybody that

because society tells you no you

shouldn’t need that you shouldn’t want

that if you want money or you want to be

rich you’re greedy if you want to be

successful then you’re you’re basically

an attention whore you’re insecure

something’s wrong with you you’ve got

some kind of freaking mental disorder if

you want great things or your grandiose

because you want to be famous do what

why not why wouldn’t people want to be

great and then we pushed that down and

say no subtle for average and no wonder

what pops fell drugs alcohol pornography

basically the individual now has this

energy there’s tremendous manufacturer

of energy that gets inverted and comes

out and all these ugly negative

degrading ways yeah yeah it’s a great

way to put it in terms of energy and the

energy exchange in the relationship

between the self and the spiritual self

and so the trick here for me was I’m

gonna own my obsessions I’m gonna own

them and I’m gonna convert it to making

the money if I want to make money okay

to having a successful life like people

say if you bring up money to 90% of the

people in the world and say I want to

get rich just go out and try it as an

experiment today the human experiment

okay would be hey just do a money

experience like go out and tell people I

want to be super rich and watch what

they start saying you don’t need that

money doesn’t make you happy

right exactly like why do you need all

that my mom used to tell me all the time

every time I would achieve something I

would go to her first mom let me tell

you what I did and she’d be like that’s

great but son I love you just the way

you are right well the deal was I was

obsessed with being more than who I was

I didn’t want to just be that ok I’m not

satisfied I don’t want to be average I

want to win the next game and I want to

have that experience of going through

the barriers and discovering how to make

it to the other side yeah I mean who

doesn’t I mean if you’re saying the

opposite like I I hate losing so if

you’re telling me you enjoy

losing I’m sorry I just don’t believe

I’m a I’m a I’m a poor loser I don’t

like to lose who do you know that

doesn’t like to spend time playing games

whether it’s Scrabble or some dumb game

online right people play those games to

the level after level hundreds of levels

to try to get to the next level there’s

no payoff there’s no financial payoff

it’s a total waste of time

or it would appear that way but it’s

trying to get to that next place and we

all have that and be obsessed or be

average basically gave people permission

for all the people they’ve been labeled

a DD ADHD bipolar or whatever it’s all

bullshit by the way there is no proof

that any of that exists I’m saying hey

own it use it do everything possible to

be obsessed with those things that keep

you up at night because otherwise you’re

gonna be average I want to cover be

obsessed for one more question then

we’ll just we’ll switch gears a little

bit when you talk about mentorship and

immersing yourself towards successful

people who have already kind of done it

and have that environment all around

them why is this so important why is it

so crucial to having that around you

because you want to counterbalance all

the bad mentoring you’re getting right

now what I’m trying to do is negate our

erase or replace my dad’s information my

mom’s information my uncle my aunt the

Thanksgiving dinner talk the TV the

Facebook post all the fancy Instagram

posts but what’s the one about just be

happy right embrace your inner child

just be happy what does any of that even

be yeah even the whole concept about

time balance like grin how do you find

time for everything I don’t find time

man you make I make time I created right

so I’m not trying to balance between dad

father or dad the husband and and CEO

I’m doing my life and I want to do it

all out all the time on my terms and the

way to explode life and all the errors

of life is not to seek balance but to be

obsessed with everything you’re doing if

you’re not obsessed with

just don’t do it it seems like there’s a

lot of unlearning going on I noticed

this theme I’m having to unlearn the

stuff that people have told me so that I

can adopt this new paradigm and push

that into my mental framework I

absolutely agree I see a lot of people

out there going to trying to learn right

now they watch videos they listen to

podcasts they listen to 30 in a week and

I’m like look quit doing that go deep on

one or two people to know I want to know

I don’t want to learn I want to know

what I’m doing I don’t need more

information in most cases people need

information stripped from them the

information you already have is what’s

holding you back so you got to be really

careful who you’re getting data from

because a person that is on the upswing

has the right data a person that’s going

down in their cycle is starting to in

their career we’ll give you the wrong

information because they’re in the

different part of the cycle then you’re

interested in right yeah yeah just

shifting a little bit I want to talk

about sales I want to talk about selling

to survive Oh everybody hates that why

does everyone hate that nobody wants to

sell anything

why not nobody wants to be a salesperson

okay nobody wants to pitch promote

market nobody wants to network you know

nobody wants to do that thing it’s just

an ugly ugly word but the problem is not

sales is the fact that people are so

selfish and self-important that they

talk about what they don’t want to do

rather than being willing to do whatever

it takes and in this case its sales

right like I’ll do whatever it takes

today to be successful if you write a

book and nobody reads it because you

didn’t sell it now because it was the

best written book it’s got to be a

best-seller for anybody to get it in the

last 18 months I raised 107 million

dollars for charity Wow I gave two

million of that 107 okay and I’m gonna

tell you raising a hundred and five

million dollars is harder than writing a

check for two million dollars I can

imagine yeah but you know what it

requires intention the willingness to do

whatever it takes an obsession

no consideration on quit you can’t have

any thoughts about budgets or people’s

problems to raise a hundred and five

million dollars from other people you

have to be willing to market promote

sell persist and you better feel all

right about this idea of selling mm-hmm

because otherwise it’s not going to

happen and you know that distinction is

really important that the people that

don’t like to do that or being selfish

in some way because they’re holding back

a service that they can offer someone

right yeah when you say I don’t like

sales who are we talking about we’re

talking about the person you’re pitching

it to right exactly

I don’t like sales I said really why

don’t you like well I’m an introvert

okay we’re talking about you again when

are you gonna start talking about the

other person right the person that says

they don’t like money okay you’re back

to talking about you again I don’t need

to be rich we’re talking about you again

your church needs you to be rich your

community needs you to be rich your sick

mother who gets cancer and it costs you

know eight hundred grand to get her

through the cure to get her a couple

years of life extension that’s an

unselfish act look I’d rather person be

greedy than a person be selfish because

at least greedy people produce something

and then we can solve the greedy thing

later but if you don’t have anything to

help your church your community your mom

your business if you can’t grow your

business because you weren’t willing to

go outside an extrovert to ask to

promote to toot your own horn it’s

uncomfortable for me too but I’m not

selfish you will describe me as too much


The Dude’s a freaking maniac okay

ventless he’s a marketing beast but

you’re not gonna say I’m selfish because

I’m not selfish okay because there’s

nothing I’m doing this selfish I put

myself in very awkward situations

constantly it causes people to think

that I’m an extrovert

and you don’t even know if that’s true

mmm-hmm maybe I’m an introvert who’s

willing to do whatever it takes

including extrovert in order for me to

help my church my community and grow my


love it love that we’re talking about a

lot of different systemic ways of

failures and thinking but

is there one specific area like one

major kind of pratfall that you see

small business owners entrepreneurs just

making and just repeatedly sort of

failing eyes there’s one single thing

that you can say there’s two ultimate

mistakes that the first one covers 90%

of all entrepreneurs and small

businesses and that is you want to be

small small is a failing formula there

is not one validation over the last two

thousand years of human civilization

were small worked there’s 22 million

small businesses in America out of 28

million 22 million of them have no

employees the commitment to small is

clearly an obsession and it just doesn’t

work so that’s number one number two is

the idea that you can fail is not true

okay you cannot fail unless you quit

failure is impossible if you refuse to

quit and this was a really really

important thing that I learned when I

was 45 years old if I don’t quit and I

was already fairly successful but not at

the levels I wanted to be and a guy said

grant if you don’t quit you can have it

anything you want

the only way you fail grant is if you

don’t use the right amount of energy and

effort and if you quit and by the way

not using the right energy and effort is

a form of quitting it is a gradient of

quitting right I haven’t quit all the

way but I’m thinking about not going all

the way is it important to make this

distinction early in your mind when

you’re setting out because when things

get hard it’s easier to kind of like

bend and eventually then just like give

up yeah I mean look you’re gonna get hit

in the face things are gonna happen that

you never even planned on if you planned

everything that was gonna happen to you

you wouldn’t even start it’s gonna be

harder than you think I guarantee you it

will be harder than you think whatever

that is whatever you’re going for will

be harder than you think it’ll probably

be easier than you considered once you

make it it’ll be better than what you

considered if you really do it big we

have five businesses today they’re doing

a hundred million dollars a year I have

a real estate portfolio that’s gonna


forty million dollars in 30 days I’ll

probably hit a billion dollars where the

real estate here in the next six to

eight months I never thought I would get

to these levels so when I’m telling you

it was harder it was easier and it was

better than anything I imagined Breanna

I want to jump back into closing a deal

you talk about this this is probably the

most important step in a deal is just

closing it just wrapping it up you’ve

made the pitch and you’re right at the

close what do you see as some different


well Gabbar was already created long

before this moment you never set the

intention the salesperson never set the

intention to close with the customer so

if you go on youtube and watch any of

these videos where I’m handling live

sales calls

I set the intention in the opening of

the call I tell them my intention is to

close the deal the woman I’m married to

the first time I met her I told her my

intention was to marry her and have

children with her so I set the intention

early I don’t care if it’s a a ten

dollar product or a ten million dollar

deal or a hundred million dollar deal

I’m buying 110 million dollar piece of

property right now and I told them my

intention from the get-go in the first

meeting was that I would be the buyer of

that deal so I am now given myself the

seller in this case and the universe I

have given them notification that I am

going for the close and most sales

people think that this is somehow bad or

that to ask for the business is bad or

it’s begging or it’s pleading like again

we’re back to the earlier problem of

being selfish you’re thinking about


I don’t want rejection who are we

talking about we’re talking about you

again right

I want the rejection I’m looking toward

rejection so I can handle why they’re

saying no to me so that I can overcome

that barrier so I can win in the deal or

find out I can’t and then I need to keep

my pipeline full and move forward so and

that’s the second part of this people

don’t ask for the clothes because their

pipelines are full enough okay

you-you-you don’t want I don’t want

Xavier to say no to me because at my

subconscious level if you will for lack

of better words

I know that I don’t have anybody else to

talk to now if I had another seven

people to get in the same position with

and I’m with you in a closed in a cell

cycle right I’m probably not gonna worry

about asking you okay I want to ask you

to find out if you are so if you’re not

I’m gonna move on to the next person

exactly the empty pipe line the lack of

work ethic is the reason people

experience rejection rejection is not an

emotion it is an experience it is an

indication that your sales cycle or

business cycle your business itself is

broken because there’s nobody in your

pipeline pause there for you please

let’s touch on that what does that mean


it means if you’ve ever experienced the

concept of rejection oh I don’t like

rejection rejection is not an emotion

and emotion is happy sad angry

rejections not one of rejection is an

indication hey I don’t have anybody else

to talk to here so it let’s say I’m

fifteen years old and I go up to a girl

and I ask the girl to dance and she says

no if the next girl I asked says yes and

she’s hotter then I’m good I didn’t

experience rejection I was experienced

opportunity for her the problem with the

young fifteen-year-old kid is that he’s

depending upon one girl to ask out

rather than keeping a full pipeline

probably a bad analogy but keeping a

full pipeline of hot little girls at the

school dance to a scout it’s so simple

when I hear you talking about it you

know when we’re discussing like this and

it just fits and yeah you know every

week I focus on the guests for that week

and I just immerse myself in everything

that guest is doing as much as possible

and not just reading their book but

actually practicing what they’re doing

and just trying it for myself so not

many people know this about me but I run

a marketing agency on the side of doing

this podcast so I just started doing

some cold calls to you know some local

businesses here and the first person

hung up on me I made five calls

generated three leads it was a really

interesting experience in my confidence

level the way that I felt about the call

the pre framing of that call that you

talked about that you’re gonna close

setting that intention that was

important that was still crucial for me

to have that in my repertoire as I spoke

to this business owner if you go online

and put cold calling in the first thing

you’re gonna see pop up on a Google

search is cold calling is dead

see this goes back to the misinformation

I shared earlier we’ve become a world of

people who search to learn rather than

know and and this ties in again to the

mentor question that you asked earlier

who are you studying most of us are

studying people that are only semi

successful at best so I don’t want to

study somebody dead just works I don’t

want to study a millionaire

today’s millionaire if you’re trying to

study financial freedom the last person

you would want to study is a millionaire

because a millionaire is not even in the

realm of financial freedom they’re gonna

talk about how to get to a million

dollars they’re gonna talk about how to

protect a million dollars right so I’m

getting knowledge from the wrong source

yeah they’re more successful than you

financially yeah they have two cars in a

house maybe paid for

he’s got a good job but dude he doesn’t

have financial freedom you know you you

want to study I want to study Mark Cuban

when he’s making his move

right I don’t want to study him when he

when he’s at the end of his cycle I want

to study Elon Musk now right I I don’t

want to study Richard Branson today I

want to study him when he was making his

moves and the same thing for Grant

Cardone you want to study me while I’m

making my moves by the way if I’m dead

did this and somebody’s listening this

fifty years later look I don’t want to

grant no you want to study grant when he

was in the cycle of his move it’s a good

guidance it’s a really good tip to give

people that’s what I do myself as I read

a lot of biographies and autobiographies

and just study history you know a void

failure by studying history let’s get

into just writing when you’re sitting

down writing a book what does that

process look like for you well it really

depends you know it’s a great question

it’s one I hadn’t figured out completely

the first book I wrote was sell or be

sold and I wrote that book in three

hours okay I’m holding it in my hand

right now the the last book that I wrote

was the millionaire booklet I wrote that

book in two hours had it translated into

38 languages in 30 days and by the way

both of those books are self-published

be obsessed to be average that you

brought up to 19 months there was a

tremendous amount of input from the

publisher which really slowed everything

down I know you talking about books but

I use everything that I do every day to

either write or I use my writings to

produce video content I think it just

depends on the compression I’m

experiencing in my life so the more

compressed I am the faster I can produce

something and the more people that are

involved and the more input I’m getting

the longer a project takes


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