Transcript for Episode 9 – Dr. G & Xavier – Simulacra and Simulation

hey guys Xavier here and just another

episode this is dr. G and I kind of

going into some of the things that we

find interesting hopefully you find them

interesting as well I just wanted to

make a comment about people who have

been reaching out contacting me

specifically the comments and emails I

love it keep them coming they’re really

great we do mention this inside the

episode near the end but in case you

don’t get to the end I just want to put

it into the introduction so enjoy dr. G

and I kind of going back forth about

some various things and I think you guys

liked this episode fun you’ve seen these

articles about this reality generation

like like computer hologram universe

theory like if you have you seen this

have you read about this i briefly i was

looking at tom campbell stuff but

apparently there’s like new research

that said that was like nine dimensions

they know of and then there’s like a

tenth dimension made of like string

vibrations are holding everything

together it’s all trickum basically yeah

there’s there was this article that was

talking about how basically scientists

now think that we are inside of a big

computer like your consciousness is the

software your physical body is the

hardware and and we’re just we’re just

running in this sort of machine like it

I don’t I don’t know the details I’m not

a physicist but I just thought it was

interesting that that we reality

experiences the things that we the

lessons that we are taught and learned

through our experiences I think are

really important i mean like oh my god i

wish i could solve that existential

dilemma like that that that never-ending

like you know why like why is the

sky blue and why do birds fly

and you know why is winter cold what the

you know what i mean so

I just think it’s interesting that

there’s an observational effective

things I I don’t want to pretend that I

know what in the remote he’s going

on with the physics of anything I don’t

think anybody else does what it’s

interesting that lectures are like the

Ken it would say how physics is always

like sixty to a hundred years ahead of

material sciences and now it’s a catch

like the other realms medicine and

chemistry and psychology have to catch

up to physics saying like oh yeah

consciousness like plays a role in

physics and our material universe okay

this looks like wipe the slate on

everything but I mean it’s it’s it’s

definitely intriguing there’s this I

don’t know like the whole there’s

there’s a I don’t know if you saw

interstellar but a spoiler spoiler alert

like that the whole message in that

movie was pretty interesting that it

seems to be this common theme malady and

it talks about love and I’m gonna be

cheesy this is gonna sound stupid I

don’t care because where we differ on I

believe it i buy it I believe it man i

really believe i was doing this

meditation today actually and it

basically involved using this light and

you imagine your crown chakra opening

and this light pours down through your

body and it goes into your your heart

and you just open your heart completely

it felt like having an orgasm for three

minutes it felt so good and it was just

open what’s that what was the context of

interstellar well in at the end of

interstellar i guess it was Anne

Hathaway’s character that said that the

only thing that defies space-time that

we that we know is is love your

transaction I’m a hater I’m a hater and

here’s why because that movie if

anyone’s seen it there’s a moment

in that movie where right before the

reveal their he’s in this like

space-time continuum like he’s in the

center of everything and there’s this

this feeling I got that was like oh holy

they’re about to go there they’re

about to make the best movie ever made

about to like peel back show you the

wizard behind the curtain and then they

just I feel that they took a cheesy love

induced Hollywood ending to like explain

everything instead of going the heart

like doing the hard work and really

going out there they just like they

played with you they were right about

the jump over the edge and take you with

them that’s why I thought I love that

feeling for that like it was like 14

seconds of it you don’t talk about that

part where they’re like it was just

doing all coming together and then

they’re like oh happen to be law

buzzing oh nothing against

Louisville like what I love got to do ya

now I mean I just know it’s it’s I don’t

know man there’s a real there is there

is something to that I think and you’re

right we do we’re on opposing polar

opposites and I mean you got I don’t

know man I mean just you gotta try it

and I think to be a believer but um I

get ya dude underst sorry guy well one

of us has to go I just saw us any about

that yogananda documentary braai I don’t

know if it’s probably not in theaters in

most places but they did a pretty good

job um if anyone’s read autobiography of

a yogi I have been done all the way

through it he also read wrote the divine

romance which is really good but I never

quite understood the the impact that he

had on the West as far as you know

actually making yoga and meditation a

huge part leases from the western United

States and it’s pretty cool stuff like

the images of him like you could see in

his eyes like he’s on some

it means she’s tapped into something

yeah I mean he really brought that whole

self realization aspect to the west

through his writings and teachings like

I mean I read the book a long time ago

so I don’t I need to brush up on it but

I mean I think I think all of us are

looking for this deeper sort of

understanding of everything of ourselves

and of our experiences and what’s

happening to us but I mean yeah

autobiography of a yogi like it talks

about how you know he followed that path

and he’s living in India and kind of

going through all the and and and

finding enlightenment through it like

wow what are we out of seven chakras

what do you mean which it has a remover

just three out of seven shopper dog

that was all right yeah well I mean I

don’t know man it’s just it’s it’s

difficult like you know you have you

have the human element when you add when

you add the human element to any

equation like somehow everything just

gets up like I mean I hate to be

that cynical and that crazy

about like people but I just I just AM

and you add you had people into any

equation like I would trust a machine

like a dress a computer we’re not coming

though I think that’s like that’s a huge

notion that a lot of people are getting

on board is they just they’re checking

out from other people you know most

people are just their existence people

work remotely they they have amazon now

you know you don’t have to leave your

house for anything yeah things are

people are designed like people are

becoming more and more socially awkward

I feel socially awkward a lot

and I’m just and I think people are just

I think everyone is socially

just for talk like we’re becoming more

autistic yeah and like Alan Turing he he

was the guy who cracked that they

actually made a movie about this as well


and he was a guy that cracked the other

nygma the Enigma movie now wasn’t her

but how do you cheesy piece of

so yeah man um god I just I’m just

recoiling I’m glad that you but you’re

having a good time happy I’m sure I love

it there’s a lot of levity here I’m sure

I’m sure tomorrow you’re gonna be like I

wonder if I should have gone in this

direction but I’m happy with my choices

man I like I quit drinking completely I

haven’t had a drink I had a drink at a

Christmas party as I regretted it but I

haven’t had a drink in like two months

haven’t smoked anything haven’t smoked

any marijuana weed nothing no weed no

alcohol completely clean that my high is

the mother gym I love it’s just

like evolution thing for you what it

we’re not um it just kind of happened it

might have been it might have been

because of the ayahuasca sessions that

I’ve been doing but I might have I’m

sure that that that is the gravity that

is probably tore you want then they are

you eating healthy like watching my diet

exercising as hard as possible

every day every other day and I feel

like I read and doing my my best not to

kill anyone I just that’s really what it

that’s really what it comes to attitude

not going on a rampant homicidal tear

you could just keep if you could just

keep that urgent check nine times out of

ten you’re gonna be fine I’ve any gonna

do this but if you just had CNN on for

long enough you’d probably just want to

just either kill ourselves and I

couldn’t I couldn’t hurt another person

man like I’m not I’m not into that like

I I spent a lot of time like like

working in like martial arts and

learning different aspects of combat and

like tactical science and like how the

body works and how like the

dimensionality and how space and all of

those things like like martial arts was

to me it was like the saving grace for a

really long time just

is like I used to be such an aggressive

person like I used to just I would I

would default to like like fights I

would they really should offer that in

class like that should be offered in

schools because it really keeps her here

you’ve heard a thousand times like your

ego just gets checked like when you have

a little girl like choking you out and

jujitsu cuz yer than you like your balls

are gonna be in your throat yeah I mean

you you have to like you have to

challenge your body I think you have to

push I mean the central you should know

this you’re a doctor are you like the

central nervous system is capable like

all this really amazing cool and I

think we can were weird is I until like

really push ourselves to these extremes

i think one of the one of the coolest

things i was reading recently there’s

just booked by this guide or ii I

succumb but a butcher’s last name I

think he’s Israeli but it’s book called

the warrior diet it’s about intermittent

fasting and one of the things that makes

a lot of sense is where we’re designed

to just be taking shocks to the system

from every angle whether it’s physically

and mentally like if you’re not shocking

your system you’re not growing your body

actually needs jolts of stress not

consistently though because your

cortisol levels will rise but different

forms of you stress where it’s like good

stress will create you know a slight

breakdown out what is muscle muscle to

break down and then you heal you know

even everything that you learn or any

kind of like business thing there’s a

temporary dip and unhappiness and then

you rise above it you have long-term

happiness hopefully from is everything

in life is like that you have to push

yourself in every regard like whether

it’s your diet or exercise or even

mentally it like it even in I think it’s

the pasta meditation like you’re pushing

yourself into this uncomfortable kind of

state like you’re you’re pushing

yourself to this point where you feel

uncomfortable and and that I think that

inherent state as much as we run away

from that and we are so afraid

to be like uncomfortable we live in this

like like

place where like we’re designed to to

find like the safest own like how do I

feel safe now how do I think comforted

death I mean that most the most obvious

thing is it is I have a lot of respect

for you have to see the attribution is

there’s people that are killing an

artist you know you look at the

sophomore slump and all these artists

what is that because they got

comfortable or like you once you get the

contract in you know basketball players

you see it all the time like you know

they kill it the rookie season and they

get that comic fat contract and they

just turn absolutely wet out there

and you gotta stay on that razor edge of

like you can’t be comfortable comfort

really is death with your in that

creative camp and our society’s been

designed to keep everyone super

comfortable and you know we’re not dying

in mass like we used to but what are we

really trying to survive anymore what

are we really creating in the process

how much how much do you think that

perception and your belief system

paradigm like how much do you think that

affects what you experience in in life

like as far as what like your your

reality like like what my bleep like if

I believe that everyone is a piece of

i’m going to experience everyone

treating me poorly like if I believe

that people are inherently good i might

encounter people treating me like with a

sense of you know you the only things

that are real are it’s math and your

direct experiences and my from my direct

experiences I I feel that when I i am a

lens like whatever my reality is i am

the filter for it and if i put out a

lens of of attracting people in my

life or I’m in a state I’m going to

attract things or why I have a

positive outlook like you will attract

those kinds of it just it just makes

innate sense well there’s a there’s an

old fundamental rule like attracts like

your brain operates at some kind of

resonance and the theory of this is how

I make sense of it is you have any given

time any number of parallel universes

that you can tap into

higher planes of consciousness lower

planes and if you’re operating at a

higher plane of consciousness you’re

going to go to that option of a universe

where things are of a higher state and

you’re open up those doors and it’s

going to come from that it’s going to

open up that pathway it just seems

almost um well not in that

classification and sorry to interrupt

you there but in that classification I

was rattling your thoughts your thoughts

have a frequency like if your if your

brain and your body and your cells are

all resonating at a certain frequency

sore your thoughts so so you are what

you think like I mean like like you you

become what you think and you’re a joke

if you’re thinking if you’re thinking in

a lower dimension if you’re thinking

about hate and war and like anger and

you’re holding on to those things you’re

you become that do you become you go

into those lower dimensions

but if you’re if you’re focusing on the

higher stuff like the higher resonant

things then maybe maybe you start to

move into these higher things I wonder

if that’s the next big holy moment

that’s going to come out of not even

just physics just just science in

general just that wherever we are as

consciousness as a humanity is realizing

that your brain isn’t just this material

item you know it’s not like the card

says I think therefore I am you’re not

just this shell inside the brain you’re

creating reality i really think i think

his grandma Hancock is talking about you

know he originally brought this up but

work I think we’re probably going to

discover that your brain is a receiver

for consciousness and it’s like you can

filter in the reality you wanna you want

to experience yeah and back in in a real

radio station you know if you look at

some of the ancient Egyptians you look

at some of the ancient cultures they

were really this is what they subscribe

to I mean if you look at the the Pyramid

of Cheops I might be butchering this but

before I remember was that the pyramid

was not what they thought it was

actually supposed to be on with them is

weird rabbit hole recently like look

to this and this whole misnomer about

the pyramid the pyramid was like this

consciousness chamber that the every he

was every 13,000 years that it was an

inverse antenna so the pyramid I would

have these four equilateral triangles

and they would form this perfect square

it was aligned I believe with Orion and

yeah I remember this certain star

frequencies at certain periods of time

would line up with these holes inside

the chamber that would alive with this

story mapa create or resonance where the

the king or the Queen you would go into

the King’s Chamber Queen’s Chamber and

each one was to simulate well like what

you would experience at the moment of

death like basically so it would take

you into this sort of ascended like

playground where you could explore how

to adjust like things in your life I

mean that I mean the Egyptians were

messing around with like monoatomic gold

and like like the Philosopher’s Stone

there’s a lot of really really

interesting weird stuff that we have no

idea about that the Egyptians were

playing with and these ancient

civilizations that we give very little

credit to but we’re able to build the

structure that it hasn’t gone away yet

you know and we haven’t done we haven’t

done that it’s due to its 2015 the

Wright brothers flew an aircraft i think

is 1903 we’ve been we’ve been flying

aircrafts for 112 years that’s not a

very long time the internet didn’t exist

20 I mean 20 30 30 years ago there’s

there’s no real internet I mean cell

phones nobody had a cell phone

and 20 years ago so there’s a lot of

waking up that’s about I mean they just

did not see the Internet happening they

just did they could not expect this

flood of information at every one finger

tips just exploding you know all these

secrets it’s like we all have our own

little library of alexandria at our

fingertips i was listening to you on god

Randall Carlson was on I forgot

the other with the podcast what we gotta

get this guy

that he was going on this rant about how

the different sediment layers and the

glacier layers basically showed like you

know how a ring of a tree will have

different rings right I’ll showcase

different things that these different

numbers that are sacred in the

bhagavad-gita and the Hindu culture and

the food in Buddhism and the epic of

gilgamesh these they have asked scopes

of time where there was a total

alternation between a massive flood

water death based from like an an ice

age that was like coming to an end and

just an amount of water that was

flooding the earth to that’s

inconceivable that would be not one not

two but three magnitudes of of of large

largeness of like three minutes is

larger than the the next biggest flood

that we’ve experienced in our lifetime

like 93 which is insane thing about but

after this there’s a period of a giant

fire some kind of fire element which

would be like a comment you know which

causes like the Yucatan Peninsula or all

these it’s just insane that this it’s

actually in the record of time and this

pattern is fractally repeating itself

through the universe like we’re we’re

just in this soft zone right now where

we can actually just grow and we finally

had this window where we can like oh

we might have to like escape from

this planet and take this time between

these two periods yeah we’re and no

one’s like that’s kind of a big deal

well the solar cycle also changes every

seven years there’s a lot of really

important things that happen with the

number seven your skin recycles every

seven years your genetics and your neuro

plasticity like all these things like

happen in your inside your body every

seven years seven year itch some people

probably heard of that so we just we

just moved past this seven year cycle

and started we’re beginning this new

seven-year solar cycle and we actually

have this guest coming on next week that

is is really good really like this guy I

think I think you’ll like him too and he

just he he’s able he

somehow is it has connected all of these

these various dots like everything that

we’ve mentioned so far like he’s he’s

he’s he has to postgraduate degrees I

mean the guys educated and he he

understands like like how the stuff

works and but I mean yeah man I mean

that there’s there’s definitely but you

know people have been saying that world

is gonna end and all this I just

don’t don’t buy that I don’t know why I

don’t want to like I and there’s a part

of me at one point where i i i call it

doom whoring like when you’re you want

it you want the world to like

on itself and i call that being a

doom whore had pending i was i was such

a doom whore man like i loved it you

know i would like you have a penchant

for doom warming do alright i will i’ll

be the first day you sure you ever

predilection for do mooring that is on

kiddo so note so no longer do I want to

see the world you know get over

like I’d like to see humanity succeed

let’s win the human race and let’s get

it together and do something

right I agree up to a point but I do I

there was a guy from Vancouver I met I

was just traveling Vancouver and uh is a

rich guy he owned like a strip club up

there something but he made a bunch of

money like investing it’s got really

crazy life experience and he said

something that was pretty it was dark

but made me think it was you know deep

down he says everything he thinks out

everything was ultimately came down

at the same conversation like what do

you think yours is all I had and he’s

like he goes I don’t I stop thinking

about it because deep down because I was

plucked out of the ether I was in this

Floyd that was like I was everything was

pleasant i was in my mother’s womb and I

got out of this monkey realm and I

gotta compete against everybody else and

he says that deep down he thinks that

everybody hates it here and they

ultimately want to see it destroyed not

everyone but majority of people deep

down want to see this are suffering I

the shopping exactly why do you not

notice that this continent ism is based

on this idea the four noble truths are

that suffering is the only like real

thing that you’re gonna experience in

your life times you’re constantly going

to suffer and I don’t I don’t want to

pretend to understand that just because

I I don’t even know man I I yeah I get

it that we suffer but why like why here

like things could be so different like

we could we could learn how to do math

like learn like it’s nash equilibrium

and like really help each other and

really just trust and start to give a

about each other but that isn’t

like but it seems like you know things

things are shifting and you know the old

like like the old field ideas of of of

violence and hate and the lower level

emotions are starting to filter out i

personally in filtering those types of

people out of my life I don’t

want them anywhere near me you really do

have to work on yourself that’s the one

thing I’m realizing rate recently is you

can’t change the world you gotta just

beat a light yourself you’ll earn back

the drivers be the change be the change

it’s so true man like you gotta just

work on your own and anyone wants

to get in your way about it like you you

can’t you can’t feel guilty that’s the

thing there’s like this the guilt I used

to feel about that like I really need to

work on myself i would feel guilty that

like why am i famous but that’s really

how you affect changes you is you become

that light and people see a like what’s

with this guy what’s with this feel like

he gets it thank you well I mean if you

look at if you look at the be like

divergent in Western and Eastern kind of

culture there’s they’re so different

like and and now you’re seeing this like

like filter like people people are

searching for these answers they’re

looking they’re asking questions people

are wondering how

I mean and and what you just mentioned

yeah a few minutes ago about yogananda

like that’s common knowledge man like in

India I was I had I was really fortunate

and I was able to spend a summer in the

Himalayas like for a few weeks and the

most spiritual place on the planet hands

down just I mean the the amount of like

just you can feel God when you’re in the

Himalayas that’s it that’s all I know

like I love the pronunciation the movie

they’re like the hemali O’s i’ma start

using that no well haven’t seen the

movie i’ll prob i’ll probably check it

out of it and i’m still I’m still a

little bit you know like like reeling

from this this this guess that we were

about to have on and and I don’t know

maybe it’s a filtering system and then

everything happens and I don’t I don’t

subscribe to randomness I don’t

subscribe to this idea that everything

is chaos and we can’t understand me any

of these things I I truly believe that

things are planned things happen for a

reason pre determinism we have we have

the illusion of choice but it’s like

it’s like a river that flows and you’re

like like throwing a rock into a river

and that’s what it like you you just

you’re going to end up in the ocean

eventually and I don’t know man it’s

it’s a this whole idea and line of

thought and and and topic is it goes

pretty far and well that the whole thing

we’re about being the light um whose

time I wear my good friends it is it

when you become enlightened being

whatever that means like you know Phil

ever even experience that are come close

to it you have the option usually I

think as you become an ascetic and you

just go out into the woods or become a

monk and just you know avoid society for

the rest of your life and just becoming

just stay in contact with source or you

can become the buddies off of

Bodhisattva you just touch everyone on

your path and just go about your day

like you would

originally you touch that grace and it’s

evident everything you do and i think

that’s that’s really the key and that’s

what I’m by going inside yeah i mean if

if you are lucky enough to encounter

enlightenment or touch enlightenment in

your lifetime then i would say you’re

you’re doing well and today feel

possible like you dope people though

yeah yeah hell yeah I mean I mean there

is the main though what is actually how

would would you know when you saw it

like what is it you know well I’ll all

reference and experience that I had and

and god I’m not even sure how people are

going to receive this but um that trip

to the Himalayas we ended up hearing we

were in the this cab and this this

cabbie like half spoke like broken

English and and so I really wanted to

meet like a legit like guru like a legit

like like Saudi like hot like hardcore

like person who was into this stuff and

so he started telling us a story about

this dude who like lived in the forest

wore rags and he started it was it was

pretty it got really interesting really

fast so you know we got his number and

we’re like yeah we want to meet this guy

want to meet this guy when I meet this

guy and so it was it was it was a group

of my friends and and we we end it we

somehow we end up like like none of us

spoke the language where we we end up

like like getting there somehow and this

dude comes up to us and he’s like the

most unassuming person this tiny little

indian dude and he’s wearing he’s

wearing what looks like your bed sheet

you know it just rags but he’s glowing

there’s something about him just his

glowing and so we walk up to him and um

we had like he had like a helper

translator person with with him or

taking care of it I don’t know and so he

would ask questions and the translator

would speak and and he asked he’s like

or any of you hungry

and you know we kind of look at each

other just like I am yeah yeah sure

we’re hungry and and dude no joke like

legit I I never experienced anything

like this before he eat from the air he

he reached up into the air the motherf

ER empty wire just space and he’s like

boom and when his hand came down he had

a banana land and then he did it again

and he did it four times you did for

each of us and he would just reach up

and he’s like and he would be like he

plucked it out of the air I mean he

didn’t have any clothes on there was

nowhere to hide anything with an ashram

or what was this no it was just some

dude in the woods just some dude in the

woods in India some solder in the woods

in India and he’s like this in super

enlightened being and and and I remember

the feeling that I got like when I met

him and I was just like I I don’t want

to be I don’t want to go back to the

States I please let me study please let

me be here please I’m begging this guy

and and of course I didn’t understand

anything was a and he’s just like he’s

just like he’s like I think he said I

think he said no he’s you have many

things to achieve you have many things

to do something I I would have in a

second I would have in a second like

giving up everything and and just moved

to india and lived with entranced

apprenticed under this this person and

never encountered him again oh my god

man that was the most one of the most

profound experiences in my life that’s

that’s banana yeah it really was and so

um yeah do I believe in enlightenment

straight like he saw you saugus if just

beta fest in midair I mean the moment

after it happened like when you when you

have an experience like that and anyone

that that has experienced aiming

paranormal in their in their their

lifetimes will

we’ll know this feeling your brain

cannot process it your brain immediately

is thinking of reasons of why that isn’t

possible and what it’s like a glitch in

the matrix and your brain you’re so

programmed and as a child you’re

told that this stuff is soap like in

Fantasyland and it’s not real it doesn’t

exist that when it happens to you your

your system experiences a shock it’s

like a little paradise it’s a shock do

it’s like oh like you get hit by it so

so you know you’re immediately you’re

trying to rationalize the experience and

that doesn’t work because it’s outside

of what we define as as possible as real

as you know we’re not told that you know

these these magical beings again exist

and they’re they’re floating around

trees and and switching into

different dimensions mean the truth is

stranger than fiction bro like it does

exist it is real I mean it you just I

mean like you just have to you have to

have you have to be able to see it you

have to have be open-minded enough not

so that your brain falls out but

open-minded enough so that you can

receive the information that you’re

you’re being given and I think that

that’s an important lesson life is just

odd man life is amazing life is a gift

it can be odd it could be hell it can be

torture it can be beautiful and that’s

what makes it you know a gift and and I

think I think that I think a lot of us

like we live you know he’s very

privileged when I personally speaking

for myself like I I am very grateful for

the things that I have like I you know

the support system and and my lifestyle

and I you know I’m so I’m thankful every

day man no joke like I am very thankful

for you know the things in my life the

people in my life

and um I don’t I don’t know you know and

and there there are people who are who

have it much worse man and there are

there is true suffering in the world and

and not to take away from any what

anyone’s experience is and you know i

know we we each have our own individual

like challenges and and but i but i like

it would be cool if we just take if we

all if any the people who are listening

to this episode would just take a step

back look at your life be thankful you

know look at the things that you do have

that other people wouldn’t necessarily

have and i’ll get off my pulpit it’s

it’s so much easier said than done but

it’s just one step at a time this has

become my life like the only thing that

I do is I go to germinate and I work on

the podcast and that’s that’s my life

and I’ll just say this man like time

time is the only real currency that you

have time your time is the most

important thing without my little

bitches right look no i don’t know i

don’t think that like like taught your

time is the most valuable commodity that

will ever be given to you on this on the

on the face of this planet in this

system people who abuse that people who

take that away from you people who take

advantage of that are not to be there to

be considered hostile there could you

should cut those people off immediately

like don’t let anyone with your

time this period yeah so I mean I’m just

I’m gonna take the the higher road here

and you know I I I don’t I the war part

inside of me like that that warrior part

of me that like like looks for battles

and stuff like I I’ve grown up a little

bit and I and I just I don’t need that

anymore man like i don’t need to fight

some dude have you better fight me yeah

I’ve been in a lot of fights man like

we’re all not

brawls why not proud I’m not proud of of

my my history with street fighting and

so I mean I just yeah I don’t need that

anymore and in fact like I even go out

of my way to avoid conflict like I’m

just like I unless unless I mean if dude

I mean if you’re if you’re threatening a

friend of mine or if you know you’re

truly posing a danger to the people

around you and me and my family are my

friends then we have problems then you

know that’s when I usually will turn

that side and you know there is it’s

like a switch man it just happens

naturally when you’ve been true when

you’ve been studying martial arts for

1215 years it’s just it becomes who you

are and so yeah this segment is brought

you by wolves are hip-hop calm it’s

brought to you by half half of nickel

productions your uh yeah I know whatever

dude I’m not even trying to pretend him

like some gangster or anything I’m just

some dude oh yeah we’ve all had scruffs

you know like I’ve successfully avoided

some really I’m lucky to be tall

honestly like people they are just

phobic I just have getting in fights

with people are taller than I just been

avoided avoidant of it but yeah there’s

always that fret there’s always a friend

you have that you go out and he just has

that rare combination of drinks and you

know some kind of obligations get on and

hate that and we had I we had one friend

in particular who I stopped going out

with him because I knew it was it was

having Jagermeister I knew there would

be some form of an altercation and the

last altercation that I came in contact

with these guys um someone was punishing

him and he had pulled some vodka bottle

out of his pants that he somehow snuck

out of someplace and cracked it over

this kid I was like I’ve seen enough

like I don’t want any part of this but

this is like going on that’s that’s

reality for a lot of people yeah

i’m not i’m not back I’m not down for

that I mad after that yeah so how’s the

house the the doctor at working out for

you how’s your medicine medicine career

it’s been good man I just had to take

that sabbatical from the podcast just

has been grinding on my trying to get my

recertification and paperwork nonsense

so I can view on just just do some

things have a little more freedom with

the degree then they want me to have and

and people are like it’s amazing what’s

going on in the health space and this

could be a whole nother podcast I’m

looking forward to having some more like

holistic physicians on in the future

we’d have road yeah I would really like

that too actually i was i was thinking

about having some are you betta like

like practitioners and people who are

holistic healers like there’s there’s a

oh god i don’t remember the name of of

the style he practices it’s japanese and

he’s good he really knows what he’s

doing and and there are all there

there’s like this whole underground like

secret like forms of healing that you

have to look in search for and and when

you find them it’s really amazing man

like and you know like modern Western

medicine there there is no real profit

in in curing feeling that’s that’s the

vote that’s most disgusting thing about

most from my experiences was you really

look at the funding of the medical

education process and you’ll trace it

back to pharmaceutical companies the

thing that sickened me the most was I

grew up in a very I was very blessed to

have a family that went to your very

health conscious you know always went to

help which doors never really had any

health issues because we were very very

proficient preventive medicine and

supplements and things like that it if

this works you know and the thing

that really sick of me the most was it

was my last my last semester of the

degree and we had a combined

up to that point maybe for our lectures

for hours of lecture on nutrition and

that that’s not and that’s counting like

biochemical nutrition like like the

actual biochemistry of things not just

like the actual clinical nutrition

aspect I had to take it an elective to

learn clinical nutrition and it was a

embarrassment it was like

reading articles online and just copy

and pasting things but it was it it was

a total embarrassment and it’s you know

if you want it you want to know what

your doctor has to think you want to

know how you should you should judge

what your doctor has to say look at your

doctor look at him like the majority age

of death of cardiologists it’s like mid

50s they’re mostly overweight or click

mid 60s they’re overworked I mean of

course but they don’t practice what they

preach when the Western medical system

is so fraught with just disinformation

it’s an industry and people are finally

waking up and realizing that no they

don’t really like there’s some good

doctors out there but they’re their

backs are up against the wall and the

system itself does not have your best

interest in mind they recently passed a

I mean it’s at the point now where it’s

almost comical there was a recent um

forgot what state was it might be

national but there was a provision that

recommended for medicare and medicaid

guidelines that they do not recommend

any more that a physician be on the

board of a hospital committee that’s

that’s a that’s pornographic like you

mean they recommend that as far as the

chairman this you know the board of the

committee members of the actual the

business quote-unquote side of the

hospital they don’t recommend that any

physicians being barred they want quote

unquote medical Executive they want

suits they want corporal thats

corporation they want the bottom line

and big data that that’s what’s going to

happen right now that it’s a big fat

dollar sign on your health like

you’re you’re a number or well-being and

it’s a good thing and a bad thing in the

sense that we are approaching an error


data here i have the watson type

computer what’s going to happen in

medical we’re going to see happening in

the medical community in medical

education is doctors are going to be

systematically phased out just just as

everybody else’s the secret what’s

happening right now is automation

everything’s can become automated

there’s there’s going to be a bunch of

you know the unemployment rates are

total they’re they’re not

declining at all like they’re only going

to get worse because all donations can

increase there’s no necessity for the

majority of human labor I raised you

know it that’s just affect we’re

approaching that time yet they have

McDonald’s restaurants that can run with

one person working it and everyone it’s

all automated that’s that’s the reality

we live in and you’re going to have the

future medicines going to be maybe the

top ten to fifteen percent of the class

are the doctors that are going to help

program these supercomputers that know

the algorithms and the data that

statistic listen hey this is probably

the disease and your doc Schewel doctor

is going to have to be like a he’s going

to be there with your robot with this

machine and they’re gonna actually

together common formulate you’re still

going to have that human component is

probably in an a just in case but the

number of showcase now that the data

like you can have a computer they’ll

probably get a better diagnosis then

unless your doctors like you know a

house it’s a statistically better hat

you’re better off having a Watson

computer get a diagnosis I would I would

take the Watson computer any day over

it’s a doctor or you know in that some

of that some of stuff you know you’re

not even talking like I’m working on

some stuff um a safe route of podcast

but just things that are surrounding

earth we’re about to wrap up here we got

about ten minutes I mean I mean yeah

that’s that’s really interesting man

like uh I I definitely find it

fascinating I’ve I’ve encountered a

bunch of you know doctors and people who

are in the medical field and I don’t

think I’ve encountered any person who

has lived in that industry and existed

in that industry that isn’t like kind of

up in some way like they I mean

their view of of their patients and you

know like after you have several drinks

with a cardiologist or a neurologist or

someone who works in a ER and

you know buy them a few drinks and let

them talk to you and you’ll find out the

truth of what they think about their

patients and I mean not not all doctors

like this obviously but you know I just

I don’t know my my view of Western

healthcare is very dismal dismal and

rightfully so you know but that’s a

whole nother rant we should honestly

just have a looking forward like a

health care well we’re we’re gonna I

mean we’ve we’ve been tested a little

bit with the podcast and it’s it’s

growing pains and it’s you know like

it’s it we’ve had something like eight

episodes we’ve been up and running for

three or four months the number scale

aspect of it is I I can’t really you

know i can’t i can’t say and I i do want

to take this opportunity to thank every

single person who’s left a comment on

the site sent me an email it thank you

so much i love that i love hearing from

you guys continue to do that and i’ll do

my best to respond to all of them i

really do try to respond to each and

every one of them but um I love it I

love the feedback that we’re getting and

the people that are listening to the

show are amazing I I love the vibe that

I’m that I’m getting receiving from the

people that you know make that effort to

really reach out so please continue to

do that and we’re gonna get we’re going

to get dr. G to put his email address up

and if you guys want to talk to him will

will have will make him a little bit

more available for you guys but we’re

we’re moving towards a more consistent

like I’m putting all of my time into

this and we’re bringing we’re bringing

dr. G back into the swing of things and

and the guests the guests that we’re

bringing on or going to get bigger and

the level of the level of guests that

we’re having come on our is is getting

bigger and bigger and scaling up is

so so it’s exciting man it’s it’s you

know I I really this is my passion I

found my passion and and and damn it

it’s a good feeling I love it and if you

guys have any suggestions for her guests

or any contact or anything like that

please let us know yeah absolutely if

you have any show ideas or you just you

you would want to hear someone that you

think that we should interview shoot us

shoot us a note um but not anything that

you like enjoyed any any particular

guests a particular just just let us

know yeah alright guys well thank you

for listening to me and dr. G spends

about 60 minutes of your time tonight

and yeah we will be back next week and

with an actual death butter the guests

and and but this gives you I mean we

were we were kind of we should have done

you know an episode i think it’s always

felt a little bit narcissistic and kind

of circle jerky to have two guys kind of

just talking about themselves and their

lives but people shower doing art up but

people people should know who we are and

kind of get a sense of like our

character and so i think this is this is

a good thing and you know like people

you guys can enjoy our personalities a

little bit weird I off completely turned

off yeah yeah they probably stopped

listening they’re not even this anymore

hi sure so we’re out of here this is the

human experience i’m xavier dr. G thanks


we’ll see you guys next week yeah


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