Transcript for Episode 8 – Lance Ferguson – Skywatch

happy solstice my intergalactic brothers

and sisters this is the human experience

coming at you almost live hope you guys

are looking forward to paying your

respects to the solar deity of your


we’re coast to coast in to the New Year

with Lance Ferguson of Skywatch

astrology the timing of this episode

couldn’t be more perfect since we’re

about to reset our counting mechanisms

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in 2015 I’ve got Lance Ferguson of sky

watch astrology in the studio Lance

how’s it going man welcome to the human

experience hey thank you guys appreciate

you bringing me off not a problem man

so you know I I know a little bit about

astrology and just curious if you could

just kind of breakdown briefly what what

is astrology good all right basically

what your astrology birth chart is is

the picture of the sky at the time date

you were born and what it does is it

shows us what planets are in what signs

and everybody’s got a chart like a

fingerprint and it’s got it’s like in

your chart

yes you’re a Virgo but you have the moon

in Scorpio well that tells me something


so each little part of the chart gives

us an idea about the part of our

personality our talents and gifts and

some of the things that yes there’s not

no so the chart is kind of like a record

of kind of like our soul went away and

definitely everyone always has more good

things in their chart than they think

hmm so so there are these astrological

alignments at the mo

my birth and these alignments influenced

my life that they tell us they tell us

that you’re either an eagle or a fish ah

they tell us your nature they don’t tell

us what you’re going to be good as a

swimmer or a flyer but some people are

better as the fisherman’s to be a

betters Eagles the chart will show that

it will show your gifts your talents

what you choose to do with it that’s up

to you ecology chart this is hey man you

you’d be a great horseback rider but if

you never want to get on a horse it’s

very helpful I was really in a bad place

in my life in 1975 and and I got my

chart read and it was like that she was

telling me things about myself abilities

I had that I kind of thought about but

never tried it really helped me realize

hey I’ve got more talents than I thought

and when I do reduce reveal that’s what

I see is that more people most people

have more gifts than they use nostalgia

will take me right there to them so from

what I might I understand there are four

elements earth water air fire mm-hmm and

so each each sign has an element that’s

associated with it that’s correct

and if you’re an earth sign bird right

Taurus and Capricorn or the other you

may notice you get along better with the

earth signs so people asked about


well earth signs are all practical


do you have earth so a Virgo is earth so

Taurus and Capricorn get along with you


water signs cancer Pisces Scorpio

they’ll talk the same emotional language

they get along in Aries Libra Aquarius –

all air signs talkers label are fire

signs Aries Leo sand yeah let’s go do it

yeah so there is the idea of yes that

each sign has an element to us knowing

it like you’re you’re a Virgo your earth

we’re grounded we could tell you a lot

about you – for me every part every sign

rules the part of your body

ergo rules your lower back live lower

back problems yeah a bit virgo has rules

your upper intestines which means you’re

very sensitive to what you eat

not all signs are like that and the

thing about the chart is what’s good to

see is nobody’s alike a little

difference yeah so and that’s fine but

if you realize people are different you

have different tastes different feelings

you have a lot of gifts in your chart

that suggests other lifetimes that’s

another thing about astrology we tend to

think in certain ways that you get gifts

from other lifetimes that there’s

reincarnation that’s one of the theories

five part of astrology not everybody

agrees and you had the chart for

instance if somebody who is a prophet or

a teacher in the past lifetimes a very

good shark of being a professor cool

interesting so over over at sky watch

you guys have a sort of daily blast of

what is it a daily transit is that what

it’s called yeah the thing is when you

look at the newspaper astrology it’s

about your son there are 10 planets in

your time the Sun is one so the

astrology in the newspapers doesn’t do


what sky watch is is what’s the

astrology of the day is it a full moon

is it a new moon or the planets happy

like right now open the sky the planet

of rebellion and the planet of death a

locked up like this it happens once in

120 years look at the news people tell

each other on the left this wasn’t the

case four years ago that wasn’t an and

designee of sky watching

it’s literally very simple for thousands

of years astrologers have watched up in

the sky watch the patterns and they look

on the earth and see what happens

instance when the moon meets Venus up in

the sky everybody’s happy they want

bonbons in chocolate they want to make

love when the moon meets Mars in the sky

Marcin fire so it’s really been a

process of and Skywatch will help you

every day knowing like certain days

things are really squirrely didn’t you

said it’s time everybody’s going through

this here in the stock market and so

every morning you could go to sky watch

and go okay there’s a real good

astrological pair of planets in the

morning and there’s a real crappy I call

it quacks in the afternoon

watch what happens you’ll see that moods

change so sky watch is kind of a

recording of the daily energy of the sky

we all of them very interesting so so

then so there are certain alignments

that are beneficial and others that are

kind of negate experience what what do

you what do you have that like do you do

notice world events that correspond with

certain astrological alignments is that

what you’re saying yes in other words

when there’s violence in the sky and


Mars is the planet of violence so when

he’s conflicting with other planets who

watch down on the earth and all of a

sudden you know the violence level goes

up you can’t predict everything but you

can see the energy of the day the mood

and and and when there are stress days

the people that are on the edge so to

speak are the ones that break but every

day just seeing there’s a cycle of

rhythm of energy in the students College

I’ve been riding it for 26 years all

professional astrologers look at the sky

launch because we with that without this

this is your chart without this which is

really complicated I can’t tell you

what’s gonna happen to your help you so

with the sky watch I can I could say hey

oh yeah there’s a good day on Friday to

do something go go for it and I’ll say

on Saturday there’s real trouble in the

sky on Saturday or of one of the days

watch what happens your car didn’t start

your neighbors are cranky and if you

read it every day you’ll see it unfold

in life so what you’re looking at

is a chart of where the Stars and the

planets were at the time of my birth and

then you’re aligning it to the sky

watches are two separate things correct

there’s there’s this the sky watch which

is what’s happening on a daily kind of

basis like the transits and the moon is

is trying Uranus or something and then

and there’s your natal chart right okay

so so through the natal chart we can we

can find out more about who a person is

what their likes dislikes are what they

might be good at what they kind of

aren’t good at so their personality

traits so so then the sky watch is a

separate thing so the sky watch is a

sort of daily kind of blast of what’s

happening on a daily basis right yes yes

and it’s also about the cycles we go

through okay in other words we see

things in the sky watch that last

occurred in 1930 well that’s when all

the dictators came to power oh what’s

happening now and so by watching

patterns and I know they say I’m

complicated to y’all but two astrologers

we just watch patterns of the planets

the angles they make the signs they go

through and the cycles keep repeating

themselves and so by watching oh and

this last happened people were violent

you can’t say who and where but we know

there’s that energy flying to the star

so what are some of the patterns that

you’ve noticed lately we’re all in a

pattern of it’s time to let go of things

that poisonous that there is the planet

of change up in the sky Uranus is in an

angle a 90-degree which means it’s

challenging Pluto the planet of death

and extremism

so for astrologer it says hey it’s time

for all of us to clean up our act

whether it’s the garage whether it’s our

phone book whether it’s on diet and if

you don’t know things you know get out

of control and this is a time when

people that have lost their minds

go crazy you know should be hmm

this has been going on for three years

fortunately it’ll start to end next year

and other things will occur next year

there’s things in the sky the planet of

good luck line up with a plan of change

or the planet of healing next year

these are rare occurrences they suggest

time when things go better

the witness you know sometimes you

invest a dollar and healing and you get

a nickel back well then I’m going to

show you there’s tons up ahead you the

best of nickel in the healing you’re

going to dollar back they’re better

times to do things and that’s what

Skywatch is about it cycles of time okay

yeah I am sorry yes very good I know but

I was just gonna ask I was gonna say

that you know I talked to my friends

sometimes and they mentioned mercury

being retrograde and yeah I hear that

one a lot so I’m just I’m kind of

curious to what that means exactly in

other words what happens is three times

a year is the earth in its orbit swings

by it appears up in the sky the mercury

goes backwards for three weeks

Mercury’s the planet the rules details

communications to winds where a planet

looks to be going backwards

the details are long schedules change

the winds change nobody when starting at

January 21 will be the next it’ll go to

February 11 happens three times a year

it’s a good time to go back and review

things and to look at what you’re doing

but it’ll be a time of confusion delays

yeah mercury retrograde I’ll explain it

on the sky watch every when it comes

around bring it up you’ll see it so so

then so Venus being the planet of love I

guess right is that what that is and so

so Venus when it’s in the sky and is is

there a special alignment for kind of

love is that does that happen often it’s

going to happen big time in 215 yes when

the planet of love meets Mars the planet

of sex it’s going to have it three times


well the thing is we look at Venus she’s

going to meet the planet of good luck

up in the sky next year three times

generally this will be days when

jackpots will be hit in Vegas when

everybody will be like ooh I’m feeling

really good I want to buy something and

so by watching yeah Venus is sweet and

next year Venus will go retrograde of


hmm and for 40 days people will fall in

love with the wrong people

so wait when exactly does that happen

just I can write that let’s see that

I’ll have to show you do your thing I

want to say August to early September

ATS go look at the book I was reading I

was reading this article it’s the title

is millionaire’s don’t have astrologers

billionaires do and it talks about how

JPMorgan was scheduled to be on the

Titanic and pulled out at the last

minute because his astrologer told him

not to so do you find do you find that

some of your clients are on the higher

end of things and do you notice that

these people who have money are making

this like big business decisions based

on what they read at Sky Watch yes one

of my clients is a friend of Reagan’s

President Reagan and she saw Reagan used

an astrologer to keep him upright when

he was having bad days and most of my

clients are wealthy rich people do use

it they get the charts Princeton see if

you’ve got a lawyer get his chart is he

is he on a good roll yeah we haven’t

talked about time in our line once I

have your chart then I can say well gee

hi there

next year the planet of good luck is

going to be in Virgo so next year you go

I mean there’s more happening but your

charts gonna go happy if you were my

lawyer next year I would Bank on me and

so I chill get the chart the woman is

one couple of women actually they’ll get

the chart of their lawyers their husband

their boyfriends

what cycles are they going through and

even to find out if they’re like them


sorts of people are sort of compatible

or sort of anger so yeah you’d be

surprised I guess the the client I can

talk about I can’t tell you about most

of them the Georgia foggy area I can

tell you about she used to own the Rams

she was a client of mine for 18 years

and she’s the one who was next to Regan

and she saw house ecology was used she

was a super Scorpio she was a dear woman

and so the next 18 years of the last 18

years of her life I helped her with

timing buying selling real estate moving

the team Wow so there are there are

auspicious days and and there are

specific just moments I mean that’s

that’s kind of what astrology is sort of

the math behind creating this sort of

timing for making good decisions yes

there are better times they’re better

times in the sky but and each other says

are better times to doing your own

personal chart takes a lot of work and

that’s why we charge for is the sky

watch I’ll give you for free if you want

to watch it every day but it does make a

difference there are better days than

others and if you just watch it everyday

you’ll get them tripped up and I will

say this astrology is not for everybody

I don’t believe there’s one size fits

all some people don’t get it it doesn’t

make them happy it doesn’t help them to

me astrology something it helps me

understand me when I see my chart they

go oh man old Taurus I’m real stubborn

that’s true that’s who I am that’s who I


um you’re a Virgo you’re picky I’ll tell

you what you’re really critical about

things you can be very picky that’s who

you are

when people say are we compatible I

don’t know do you want to be with

somebody’s flicky you could be picky –

and they’re not like that what if he

picks what you like

oh never thought that see then a Taurus

some people like stubborn old people who

don’t change much so every sign has its

own gifts and its own weaknesses and so

what we try and do is if I make you

aware of God you’ve got all these gifts

over here it’ll help you

get away from worrying about the things

you can’t control the things you don’t

want you know there’s there’s a have

used something have you heard of

something called the for effect I just

want to play devil’s advocate just for a

second here

it’s uh it’s it’s also called the

Burnham Barnum effect to the PT Barnum

effect it basically just says that when

you assign vague vague interpretations

if you keep things vague enough that

they kind of fit for everyone like hmm

you have a need for people to like and

admire you you have a tendency to be

critical of yourself I mean that’s

pretty much anyone so I mean what do you

what is your response to that if you

really get into your chart it’s very

particular I can get much more

particularly with you I’m just opening

the door if you ever get a reading from

a real astrologer we put this live done

probably 5000 nobody has ever sent one

back nobody the only crack i her add was

one woman said this isn’t me and her

daughter came in and said yeah it is you

don’t want claim it so if you get a real

reading from astrologer I’ll bet a

hundred bucks and get you right between

the eyes he talks about who you really

are and I do readings and never meet the

people I get their chart like this I

never talked to him I never see them sit

down a record a one-hour cassette with

our CD and tell them about their life

and timings come back a year later and

oh it was right on not me I’m not trying

to claim fame it’s really astrology

here’s a real subject but it’s

complicated and that’s what it’s hard

for most people to understand okay so

what are what are some of the different

types of ik astrology I know there’s

Vedic Astrology and yes sir yes Chinese

astrology huh so yeah it’s alec tools

you know some tools are metric some are

American they’re totally different

things is French there’s English Vedic

Astrology is totally different from

standard American astrology or the other

time stalls when you see

okay so differences what are what are

some of the things that you use in a

natal chart what is something that comes

out to you right away what is something

that you look at first patterns what do

we look at first there’s so much there

like in your chart what I realized is

virgos are very shy kind easygoing

people another part of your chart is

Scorpio and Scorpio kicks ass and

there’s a part of you deep inside that

is like I hope to be your friend because

I don’t want to be your enemy I know a

lot about you from our guys you’re very

sensitive dealings don’t like to talk

about them a lot and when you really get

bored into something you get into it not

everybody’s like that see one of the

problems is you think well everybody’s

picking no no no if you understand

yourself better Indian relief you

realize hey I’m smarter than that

I’m by picking this leaves me to make

good decisions but not everybody is like

everybody else that’s the whole thing

with compatibility people realize hey

you’re really different yep do you want

to and do you want to agree whether or

not it’s very helpful for understanding

pain like things that happen to you in

childhood and subconscious program hmm

could you could you tell us more about

that understanding ourselves how does

you know looking at planetary alignments

and our natal chart and looking at the

sky watch how does how would someone go

about understanding themselves more

because one thing they’ve been all these

riders and I have library full of books

who have watched every person who has

planets in their chart and so they’ve

written detailed accounts of what it

means when you have these placements huh

like in your chart what it says is you

have a very unusual father role

it’s very good yet he wasn’t there is

that the truth

yeah that’s spot-on your mother your

mother was the power and she was unusual

she was liberal might even say crazy she

was one of a time and that I don’t know

my mom she’s not crazy I know yeah

that’s that’s right on yeah yeah okay

these are the beginnings one thing as

you can see kind of like the family

input into you and they’re in a system

your son okay I’m Roberto this my son on

one side of your son sits Jupiter good

luck on the other side of your sense

it’s a turn word so here you are caught

between it’s optimism conservativism huh

yeah yeah see I know that’s phenomenal

i I want to know more I mean I don’t

want to make this show just about me

this is you wanted your tiny face like

I’d give you a full on reading I’ll be

glad to your planet of love is in Leo

what’s that mean you’re loyal

you’re real romantic you like romantic

flavors not everybody does a lot of

people are not romantic at all okay and

the lock is not loyal you’re loyal

oh yeah yeah yeah yeah scene you think

everybody’s that way they’re not they’re

not and so the chart tells us to like

you’re okay you have mercury in Libra

which means at times you have trouble

making decisions in other words your

planet everybody’s got a planet of

thinking what sign is yours in the

scales well Javier what do you want to

do well I could do this could you there

I could do this could do that okay well

um interesting that’s interesting now

what I would tell you what that is go

talk to your friend and listen to

yourself and you’ll know what you think

right is you have these words I know I

know there’s all kinds of information

here it’s like I the way I learned

astrology I just got all the books I

have 200 of them in the library

and nobody knows at all that’s a thing

astrology is a symbolic language it’s

like looking at Picasso’s Guernica 50

people will have 50 different ideas and

what’s in that thing but they’re all be

right same thing with your chart each

astrologer is his own way of looking at

it in interpreting it but basically

they’re going to tell you the same thing

so I love why does why does the time and

place of where you’re born effect

reading so much is it because there is a

planetary energy kind of happening no

because we want to know exactly where

the planets were at – right

right so that’s what the computers give

more so at the time and place were born

we took a camera click and we already

know the zodiac is a circle and we just

look and watch where the planets are on

the circle interesting the time tells us

your Rising Sun your ascendant yeah I

don’t know that for you cuz I don’t like

you know what your birth time is I think

who’s around 6:00 p.m. you need to know

exactly and you look on your birth

certificate to do this if your birthday

if your birth time is 6 p.m. that would

tend to say your rising sign is Pisces

which would mean you have very sensitive

feet and have a thing about shoes I only

wear one or two period you have a lot of

thing about you know that’s mind blowing

I don’t like wearing shoes I wear

sandals pretty much all the time and I


see little and help things as told you

can tell you the weak side of your your

system and stuff like that like you’re

fairly sensitive to poisons chemicals

bad drugs you’re somebody I’d go totally

homeopathic herbs try that all first

before I ever let you go to a doctor and

take hard drugs you want to yeah yeah

yeah that’s spot-on so so what are what

are some of the other things that we can

use I mean there’s there’s a rising sign

can you tell us more can you go into

more of the specifics of how you do

reading how do I do the reading

sit down basically you know see where

all the planets are sometimes there are

connections that I go to the books and

see what other authors say and then I

usually go out and drive the back roads

and let brains think about it and about

a day or two later I come in and sit

down and record a CD and tell people

this is what’s in their chart takes me a

little while to list there’s so much

complicated and I’m trying to sit on a

tourist I’m trying to make it simple for

you so that it isn’t complicated it

takes me a little while to think through

it literate I’ve been doing charts but

since 79 how did you how did you move

into doing this I was about ready to

commit suicide this woman read my chart

and it blew my mind and I realized okay

I have other things to do in the world

I got her books started studying four

years later I was a television man in

Tulsa Oklahoma I quit and dropped out

and started being an astrologer

it just it came to me it was like this

is what I should do are there specific

elements that go well together give us

the breakdown well basically we were

going through that before earth signs

all are practical grounded to talk in

real world so Virgo Taurus Capricorn

water signs are all emotional it’s like

they want to cry at movies they want let

their emotions out well other emotional

signs cancer Pisces Scorpio

hey great hey great and notice who your

friends are who’s your best friend you


you know his birthdays do anybody’s

birthday what was your mother’s birthday

my mom’s birthday is March 4th she’s a

Pisces she’s a real sweet she’s got a

real goodness about her

I sees his Tinkerbell she has the thing

about shoes – that’s where you get it

from her Pisces a real imaginative

creative dancers we also sometimes can

be victims okay

so there’s there’s also a Sun and a moon

sign right so what is how does the Sun

Sign affect who a person is the Sun is

your ego the Sun is who you are I’m a

Taurus I’m a truck the moon is who’s


who’s driving it the moon is your

emotions your feelings very important

it’s it’s like maybe the moon is even

more important than the Sun but the Sun

is your ego what really turns you on

like as a Virgo what turns you on is

analysis you’re ruled by mercury you’re

ruled by thinking so you’re always going

to be thinking moving things around

brain is cooking other signs like water

signs you’re feeling all the time like

oh they have all these damn oh they

watch TV in a crying of emotions so

basically if your air you’re compatible

with air signs Gemini Libra Aquarius

fire signs incompatible we’re at war

there’s a you know astrology uses a

heliocentric model of kind of

interpretation which means that the Sun

is the center and all the planets is

there is are there constellations that

affect readings as well or no it’s just

using the planets to wait yeah there is

the Stars back there have a strange

effect but basically we’re dealing with

the planets and our solar system this is

us and even Pluto we call Pluto a planet

so do you do yourself do you believe in

destiny or do you feel that we have

freewill and we’re able to make these

choices it seems like using astrology it

kind of tells me who I am but how how

does it how does wait which planets are

in the sky when I’m born affect my life

like how does that an imprint work it’s

like if you’re born well it’s like

you’re being born in Eagle if you’re

born an eagle will you fly it’s up to

the eagle as a Virgo your your chart

says you’re gonna analyze things you

could analyze betting schedules you

could be a veterinarian or a architect

analyze other things the chart just says

you have gifts this is your nature okay

it’s your nature to think about things a


not so with a lot of other people

that’s again where everybody thinks who

they are is what everybody else is ah

know so the chart says okay you were

born a fast runner

you can catch a baseball you’re really

good in French you don’t have to do any

of those things but everybody’s got

gifts and if you’re aware of them

usually what I find is people go right

to them and go god I’ve been looking for

this all my life do what I’m good at so

you help people do that you help find

what people are good at and then you and

that’s what your wings do that’s part of

it and also these are the things that

stop you it may be a fear it may be

you’re afraid of things all kinds of

things are blocks and astrology lets us

see into the psychological side just

like I was talking about your family I

can go way into that um yeah so it’s

it’s a reading from the outside that

lets you know your strengths your

weaknesses and says you’re what you want

to do it’s for you we’ll all the way

interesting so let’s let’s go back to

you know how your day-to-day works so

you you get up you go to person’s time

and a place and of birth and you get you

get their kind of chart and you you you

is there are the interpretive quality is

there a intuitive kind of feeling that

you get towards your readings or is it

all based on math and alignments and it

starts out all based on logic and based

on when you have a moon in Scorpio

there are they’ve been watching this

placement that’s in your chart for two

thousand years and every time they’ve

seen this they’ve written down what it

means so I go into the books and I go

what does this mean and it tells me how

Tana things

after you’ve done 20 years of reading

you get another you get a little more

vidas stuff and your instinct kicks in a

little bit more than the logic but

basically no it’s logical it’s like if

you have this in your toe

I go to the book open it up and says

well when one bit when many people have

had this this is what they all did there

we go

and it both sides your moon is Scorpio

you could be the best friend somebody

ever had and when you get angry at

somebody look you know that’s who you

are now what you choose to do with it

are there other aspects to rare readings

something that you find incredibly rare

in a in a chart that you haven’t ever

seen but yes and you describe that Oh

like the chart of Apple Computer it’s

great oh you can do charts you can do

charts on companies as well and animals

and horses and anything that starts

buying a house buying a car getting

married buying stock yeah anything that

is born as a chart the chart is a

symbolic picture of the energy involved

at that moment so sometimes you see a

chart and this is what’s interesting

it’s all lucky all good things there in

jail my students used to ask me where do

I have a good chart what I saw was

people who had the luckiest charts

usually were in jail the people were the

hardest charts with hard things in them

yes they were some of the most

successful so see you can’t pick out

what people are going to do with their

energy it’s all up to them but you

definitely can see that some people have

Arturo than others some people have got

it easy hmm very interesting very

interesting so you know I’m looking at

this guy watch website right now it says

that the moon is in Scorpio and it makes

one stop during the workday its

rendezvous is realistic and sometimes

cruel Saturn how how do you guys how to

assemble this stuff like hey can you go

into the meanings of what what is the

void of course what does that mean that

means the moon is the thing that rules

your instincts there are certain times

when it is disconnected from other

planets and it’s just walking around

she’s what

around stoned in the bar and dead know

what she’s doing during that time your

instincts won’t be very good you’ll be

like I don’t know what I think I don’t

know what I feel what happens every now

and then every two or three days

sometimes it’s long sometimes it’s short

it’s just one of the other factors

that’s in the sky watch each of the

planets he has a personality the Sun is

the king the moon is mama

Mercury’s the communicator Venus is the

lever Mars is the warrior Jupiter’s the

philosopher Cylons a builder Uranus is

the rebel Neptune is the spiritual and

Pluto is the killer so each each planet

has a personality that allows us to talk

about so so there are 12 both houses and

each each house is another aspect of a

person’s chart you know each house can

determine can you tell us more about the

houses sure there’s 12 pieces of pie

those are the houses each house is a

part of your life the first house is

your personality the second your money

the third your brothers and sisters if

you have the planet of war Mars in the

third house you probably argue with your

brothers and sisters so the houses tell

us where this energy first comes out in

their life like in your chart I see love

in the house of friends so I have a

feeling that you have a really good

friendships and their friends are really

maybe more important to you than your

family hmm

that’s partially true I mean I like it

kind of you know the thing with

astrology is I’m not trying to tell you

who you are I’m trying to say this is

your leaning this is your gift this is

your instincts you may not like them for

reasons you may but just to know what it


so the houses are pieces of your life

like the seventh house is house of

partnerships well if you have Neptune in

there the planet of confusion guess what

happens in life you’re kind of confused

about who supplies us if you have the

planet Jupiter in there

oh you marry somebody who’s real

if you have the moon in there you marry

somebody for Mother’s you lose mother

see enemy the houses give us direction

where the energy in your life goes to

you I know planets signs houses there

are 34 basic facts in astrology

I’ve taught it for a long time you have

to learn those 34 things before you even

begin to study stalks that’s what

usually stops okay what what else can

you tell us about I mean teach us like

show us show us how to UM if you’ve

never had your chart done it’s a good

idea you could go on the web even and

get free without do it get your birth

time though for sure to get your birth

time accurate because it makes a


it helps us accurately know exactly

where your planets are if you’re ready

to make a big move or a big thing in

your life timing is what I really am the

specialist and that’s really what I do

with the people who have all the money

is they want to know what time to travel

we’re time to buy and sell does it say

they’ll be successful no it just says if

you’ve got a song to sing here’s the day

to sing it right and that’s what

astrology is good as understanding your

cycles what you’re going through now

what’s ahead of you so you can plan for

it and understanding where your

strengths and weaknesses not yeah I was

just saying okay in your chart you’ve

had a real kind of heavy soldering

transit or timing in your life over this

last year heavier than usual could have

been the death of people that have been

sickness but you’ve come through an

unusually difficult couple of years you

say okay it’s going to go away

and I could say to you well next year

all kinds of good things are gonna

happen and there’s different cycles

moving all the time but it’s that kind

of an ideas and now I can say you could

say to you hey it’s not your fault it’s

just a cycle you went through there was

something to learn from it

not easily what you did and it passes

and I think that’s one of the greatest

gifts of astrology is you’ll go through

hard times that they’ll come and they’ll

go you’ll go through confusing times in

your life at times

astrology is real good at pointing that

outside okay things you will squirrely

right now it’s not forever and it’s

trying to teach you something and when

it’s dawn with the dawn I tend to look

at my horoscope when I’m having a bad

day can i I usually like a horoscope and

you know just to confirm or try to

figure out like why am I having such a

shitty day today and say you know I am

wondering you know there’s there there

does seem to be an aspect of okay there

there’s an alignment here so this this

makes sense like this is who I am and

you know we have your Sky Watch which

tells you what’s going on so it tells

you kind of the mood of things but and

so what I’m getting is you know it’s

more about understanding yourself making

and giving yourself enough information

to make the right choices right yes and

like if you’re a Salesman this is real

really there are days and people will

want to say yes much more than no and

there are days and people will say no

and no and no even if you’re trying to

give it away

and if you’ll and the only way I can

prove this to you is read the sky watch

every day and watch what happens

moods change particularly if you have

children they act out but particularly

if you deal with the public because Sky

Watch really is the mood of the herd

it’s the mood of what’s going on on the

streets and so it’s helpful at least to

know okay there’s a real dangerous day

coming car wreck city take it easy

not saying don’t drive your car just be

aware that the possibility for trouble

goes up on certain days like a biorhythm

what are what are some of the other

things that you guys are doing over at

Sky Watch that makes your website

different from some of the other places


readings I two things one is the sky

watch which is the day-to-day thing and

then I also published a date book it

talks about the best days of the entire

year so if you said I want to take a

vacation in the summer just a book would

tell you the best days when do the

Mercury retrograde czar when the Venus

retrograde czar so that you could avoid

that and so it gives you kind of a

planner okay here are the good days go

to the bed on that down for instance

don’t go to the doctor on bad days on

quack days they’re not there yeah that’s

the thing of the sky watch because it’s

the mood of the world when there’s good

days call everybody though see people

good energies on the streets well

there’s a quack day

no that’s when people are in a bad mood

the nurse is gone the doctor Slade you

don’t see him right and things are much

more difficult I know it sounds so

far-fetched but if you watch it you’ll

see that it’s true there is a high and a

low highs and lows

some days a real mellow some days are

not interesting so I’m you know I’m

looking at looking at the date book here

that you’re mentioning and it does you

know it does go into these sort of

operating instructed instructions for

how to deal with you know the year

that’s coming up what what else do you

have to say to people about what we can

do to kind of improve our lives and and

really understand ourselves you’re going

down deep now Betty that’s the moon in

Scorpio there are many kinds of healing

and we all need some of it particularly

with you’ve gone through any kind of

childhood trauma astrology is one kind

hypnotherapy really helped me and I am

for all different kinds of therapy some

work for some people some for others

hypnotherapy was one of the best things

I would get during past life readings

where I walk down the steps and there I

was teaching astrology and each

was like what no wonder I get all this

stuff made total sense to me um

but trying to know understand yourself

and what you were programmed to do now

that’s the thing is we’re all programmed

in a way the chart gives us a pretty

good idea of the pieces and helps us

kind of understand ourselves there’s

nothing wrong with the programming is

the only thing that’s wrong with it is

we don’t know what we’re doing we don’t

understand God doesn’t make mistakes and

be the line I would use but you need to

understand what’s your story right

what’s the difference between a kiss day

and a ‘quack day all right on a kiss day

the moon and Venus are talking to each

other kiss moves you’re cool you need on

a quack day the Moon and Mars

fighting planet there’s third angles to

each other whenever planets are 90

degrees apart at noon on the clock to

three o’clock that’s a square when

planets are like this or against each

other they challenge each other and

there’s an energy it’s like fight on the

school ground suddenly happens or all of

a sudden you get a headache what is

going on that’s a wow that’s what I call

I’m simplifying instead of saying a

square semi-square I’m you instead of

using all the astrological terms I’m

just saying a kiss trying sex to all

these your good things

quack square send me spree opposition

these are bad things or stressful not

bad but stressful I’m trying to simplify

for everybody so you don’t have to know

astrology to be able to use it so what

what’s coming up for 2015 that you can

kind of give us insight on there’s going

to be a lot this idea of real explosive

violent energy that we have now it’s

going to continue through March not

every day not every week but we’re in a

period of really difficult change the

second half of 2015

contains real positive connections

between good luck and change which means

second half of 15 is really good time

move start a new top

and the planet of good luck will line up

in harmony with Pluto the planet of

healings this will be a very good time

to start as diets change your help to be

really positive for health stuff so

there’s there’s a couple of real

positive and you say what happened to

same fluids me well you know sometimes

you start something works sometimes you

start something yes this will help you

start things where it can work so it’s

about organizing your life and and this

this newsletter this blast that you have

does that so it gives you an idea of

like what’s happening with all these

transits and squares and and and gives

you a timing and a sense of doing that

yes it’s really timing and what I say in

the date book is open your calendar up

and mark the day’s K&Q is wet okay so

now you say you got to go to the doctor

go on the kiss day go on the day when

everything is harmonious when there’s a

quack day try not do anything you know

try and stay cool don’t go to the

dentist and you’ll notice the conflict

in your life anyway so what this is it’s

a timing guide and if you’ve got a whole

year then you say well you know I want

to take a vacation so you look down

there you go oh look at this here’s

three weeks in a row they’re really good

let’s go then interesting

let’s have you know have you noticed any

correlation between sort of these these

esoteric events and and what you’re

seeing on your on your charts such as

like 9/11 like what was what was

something that came up on you know these

global worldwide days where where

everyone was kind of paying attention

have you noticed any pattern there

sometimes sometimes not on 9/11 it was a

very good day to do anything that’s why

there was just this I wrote the script

yes it’s very good day to bake cookies

it’s a very good day to be successful in

something now I don’t have the chart of

those sons of a gun I don’t have the

chart you know the earth so I can really

can’t do their astrology

but they hit on a day when something

should work the other things like the

violent thing that’s going on now yeah

that is these two planets Uranus and

Pluto square each other’s last happened

in 1930 it indicates when it occurs

there’s always been a period of social

and economic turmoil on the earth as

above so below is the way we look at it

because we see conflict up there but if

they learn there to go bang people

hidden each other and when there’s

kisses up there Apple computers Claus

Owen this kiss is up there a race horse

that wins is born yeah yeah really

fabulous children have been born lately

who are not like our parents or us at

all there’s a whole new set of kids

coming up who have the most amazing

astrology very different from us they’re

gonna have great talents and abilities

way beyond anything we’ve done change

hell it’s more about that just the

cycles of the planet

my granddaughter she has the planet that

rules the force Pluto in his home sign

at her chart this happens once in 250

years she is the most incredible person

with this willpower this ability to do

things she’s one of a whole group all

the kids born from 85 to 1994 1985 to

1994 had this placement in a child some

of them are killers because this is the

sign clearly rules death they’re going

to be the killers and they’re also going

to be the healers great great value is

their grow older and Odin’s and so we do

see certain like generations like I’m a

boomer Pluto and Leo and then there’s

the next group that comes along with a

whole set of planets that are different

and then different and then different

and the kids now they’re really

different and we were ever from our

parents way car do you notice a pattern

changing in the type of people who are

asking for readings

get more open usually the Baptist I

don’t tell people what I do a lot of

people in the old days real negative to

me and astrology but now if I find more

and more people being open and to say

let’s see what it is no I find your work

pretty intriguing man is there anything

else that you kind of want to get out

there we’re approaching the end here

no other than want you to give me your

dig up your birth time and your

birthplace send it on down and let me do

a one-hour CD I record everything on CD

I used to be a radio guy now let me just

go around your chart and show you the

good things in them stuff that’s in your

chart to give you a taste of it and

everybody else it’s like if you feel

that you know you’re different you need

to do things different

astrology might be one way to really

understand like if you feel like I’m

just crazy I just gotta go do something

else what’s what’s going on it it’s

called he’s one way to start also

strange medical things not all of them

of seeing but there’s a lot of

information about medical stuff parts of

your body and stress can’t see death in

a chart I’ll say that people always want

to know if somebody died now what you

can see is stress might put them in the

hospital but that means I’m killing the

moment but it is if you’ve had questions

about your life questions about what

you’re good at questions about your

timing there is one thing that can give

you some some new things to think about

and another perspective on this very

cool so where can you please find your

website and how can they get access to

your work sky watch astrology calm

watch the songs are nice and easy my

things up there if you want to send me

an email I put up a brand new piece of

coffee every morning just when you’re

reading your coffee check it out and see

what it says

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