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welcome to hxp thanks Xavier you’ve

spent 40 years studying this material

but I really like to just dig in to your

book I was I really liked your your

writing style 3 to the point and I was

kind of wondering where the book was 10

years ago and I need to read it in the

book you detail your own yogic awakening

that happened 40 years ago what what led

you to yoga and what happened when when

you realized that this was so powerful

well it’s a beautiful question and

thanks for asking it does take me back

to my hippie era I was in college from

1960 72 71 which was maybe now ancient

history but it was the peak era of

campuses were just alive with

psychedelic exploration and in peace

movements and I was like a good number

of my friends actually it was at

Princeton University on that campus I

was having you know mystical experiences

majored in religion switched from

pre-med its biology and chemistry mainly

because I wanted to understand what

these psychedelics were all about and

the chemistry was not giving me as good

answers as religion courses so I ended

up majoring in east west religion but it

wasn’t until about two years after

graduating I went to a yoga class

and in one of this is 1972 yoga was

barely known and through my first class

I realized that I was in a much more

balanced state but equally impressive as

the psychedelic type subjects

explorations so I went to every class

that that teacher provided and

eventually he invited us to something

called an ashram a word I’ve never heard

of that was probably nineteen seventy

three or four and started going to

retreats with something called the guru

who was a totally new kind of person to

me too he was just so loving to everyone

in way he pronounced my name I can still

remember it was with more love and

appreciation that I could remember ever

before so one thing after another i did

at all that the yoga guru was describing

getting up at 4am doing yoga with the

sunrise fasting once a week for a day to

let the digestion cool down all kinds of

things and then he offered an initiation

must have been around 75 and that just

changed everything you whispered a

mantra in my year along with about 20 of

my friends and my body sensations have

never been the same it’s now 40 years

later I can feel it to the second and I

just kept following the other

suggestions that you would make and

that’s roughly you know the answer to

you know I wet where did all this begin

it’s very very interesting just only

because I eat several years ago I had I

I guess I didn’t know at the time it was

a Kundalini awakening base my spine

activated and I mean I found it a

harrowing experience it was incredibly

difficult and wide why do you think this

is so important like why why is this

intimacy between a partner through sex

such a sacred experience

well the extent the expanse of that kind

of connection can be very simple to very

profound it can be not that much

different than just mutually arousing

each other and it can go all the way to

those you could say the secret of life

because nobody really gets conceived and

born without the semen and ovum

connecting to one another so as soon as

we’re with another person that way yeah

it could be anything from simple kind of

hookup which they weave that word

already points to kind of a just a kind

of a very Elementary connection but it

can go all the way to certainly making

new life do you feel like just the

casual kind of hookup as you said do you

think that’s damaging to the more subtle

bodies well not nothing is only you know

only one way certainly it has an effect

of detaching the sexual activity from a

committed relationship and that will

have certain kinds of side effects but

the it’s kind of challenging to find a

partner that you can set a high standard

with and and some people do they set a

higher standard and will only be go to

bed with someone that they feel very

close to and other people will only go

to bed with someone after they’re

married so you know each of these

choices has its own strengths and

limitations I think I fall into the

category of not being able to have sex

with someone less less I’m deeply

connected into the person so I mean how

there’s a bunch of stuff that I want to

I want to go over and apologize if I’m

jumping around but how important is

semen or tension for the mail in your

opinion yeah that’s it that concept is

come come from India maybe about 30 or

40 years before ago before that the idea

of semen retention with the only

considered kind of pathological so it’s

a just getting it to be acceptable for

the mail to delay or per completely not

have the typical ejaculation that’s a

whole new concept but that

where I’m coming from is more that it’s

a reverence for the seed it’s not merely

the mechanics of being good at not

ejaculating for a long period of time or

for months and months at a time or years

or decades it’s it’s what is the seed in

what relationship can we have with

menstruation for that matter and for

spermatozoa and I think the essence of

this Tantra really is not mechanical it

starts out being taught just the

mechanics but really that’s just the

first level it’s really to do with

respect for life that the seed is a very

powerful thing the body can create and

in that the man in this case develops a

very profound relationship with his own

body the semen is not something casual

even though we might think of it that

way in our culture you start feeling

well and then what Tantra is saying is

that it’s not the final substance that

the body makes the semen itself has

tremendous amount of information

obviously you can create when united

with the ovum it will create a human

body and bring the human soul into my

incarnation so the retention is just

that the bear mechanics it’s like saying

well let’s put gas on the car they’ll be

good but then just keep it your car in

the garage no there’s a lots of places

you can go to and that’s what I’m

describing first is you can understand

your DNA you can understand the body’s

capacity to create life and not only

that the life that created us and our

grandparents great grandparents and

great great great grandparents until we

get to the chicken and egg problem which

is where did this all start and if that

was parents than there had to be parents

of those parents until you get to a

tracing back and you kind of wonder well

maybe God maybe some source created it

that was there all along because the

chicken and the egg is there has to be

another chicken or egg behind it so you

feel connected with your own fertility

and you do a deep meditation on it which

I include and a like advanced spiritual

intimacy book try to guide people

backwards in time you start feeling like

wow this goes back thousands and

thousands of generations and you can

feel it not just hear it intellectually

and likewise if you have a child there’s

the potential in whether heterosexual or

the different orientation people can

adopt or have them create their own

children and their children’s children

are inside of their children you start

to look at a one’s own baby and realize

that inside of the baby is the potential

for that baby’s baby 30 years from now

and you get what i call a perception of

the big now that now is very popular to

be in the present but how big is this

now is it just a little tiny thing that

you’re in now not at all uh-uh you in

the semen and the ovum isab is a place

to tune into to feel this now has been

going on a long time and we’re part of

something each incarnation is part of

something a wave of incarnation that is

very profound so this is a broadening of

the pecan univ just the practice the

ability to retain semen just gives you a

chance to tune into it and go very very

deeply into the meaning of life itself I

mean I i find this topic highly

intellectual I mean we’re in the world

of tinder and just these casual kind of

throwaway plastic cup hookups I mean

where would you regard our society as

far as understanding how sacred and how

profound these experiences are well I

must say you would ask very beautiful

questions and I definitely want to thank

you for it and you’re putting it in a

historical sense to my ear you know the

Catholic Church was the power structure

in our culture and talked about

sexuality for a couple thousand years

and they were overdoing it they were

making sex fever totally about fertility

in procreation but they didn’t really

have a well-described path of maturity

where couples would

in terms of the mail not just retain

semen but be so in such a devotional

mood with his partner and she with him

and excuse the heterosexual context but

let me just stay with it for a while but

that the way they would relate to one

another that it would be almost really a

natural contraception in other words the

fertility would be converted into a type

of awe emotions of awe and bliss and and

that gives a very different kind of of

sexual exchange you can see that this is

not taught even in many Tantra teachings

but in some it is taught and so if your

casual relations will tend to perpetuate

not necessarily something people are

learning new things all the time but it

will not give people a chance to do to

mature to the level of what I’m talking

about could even be possible Freud came

along in the 20s 30s and 40s and and

kind of got sex freed up and ever since

the 40s 50s 60s particularly on it’s

been like a you know free-for-all to try

to be of sexually free because for a

couple thousand years if people felt

tremendously guilty in the West box

according to the or you know the New

Testament should say more than the

catholic church teachings so frightened

took it a big step forward of at least

it’s not sinful but and then it’s it’s

it’s natural and beautiful but he could

only go as far really as this teenage

puberty and what I’m opening up with

Tantra with the tantric texts are

opening up really is a puberty that

comes our whole life long in which this

new type of eroticism becomes possible

right right there’s a there’s a passage

in your book that I really liked I’m

going to read it to people chained to

one another in endless causality by

their reverberating attractions to one

another endless irresistibility in

citing endless irresistibility chemical

fusions reactions of the entire

polarized universe every glistening raid


permeated cell poised aimed at him at

her and nothing else is what every

living gendered fiber wants has ever

wanted a hundred a thousand a million

years I mean wow that’s so powerful

these words so I mean I I’ve had the

chance to have con trick experiences I

guess I’m lucky in that sense and I

started I started meditating practicing

meditation very early on and I would

meditate for hours and hours a day and I

guess this sort of opened me up to being

more sensitive to energy and the

connection that a person has with their

lover so when I find myself and and this

is also why I feel like I’m as choosy or

as picky as i am with who i decide to

have sex with but when this is

accomplished I feel like a tantric

orgasm is I mean it’s it’s indescribable

it’s on a whole other level than just

the physical sense of having an orgasm

would you agree exactly and it’s it’s

helpful because modern science is

catching up with being able to name what

goes on in this kind of Tantra

experience you know that really you

would have to say or you could say that

the pineal and the center of the brain

known as the hypothalamus is the source

of this other kind of orgasm and it

sends of actually everything from

oxytocin which is called the love

hormone makes people when you have

oxytocin in your bloodstream you’ll

you’ll fall in love and feel love for

the person you’re with serotonin which

is relates to how awake we feel in LSD

sent out the serotonin off the map and

then even DMT is secreted in the

hypothalamus and melatonin which makes

us feel our sense of time or you could

say timelessness also inner light

it occurs when the melatonin is secreted

in the brain so what I think we could

say your experience that you’re

describing is that when you establish

rapport energy with with a partner and

you have a tune mint the energy of each

other is going to go all the way up your

spine the most primitive level would be

just two people masturbating each other

and not even knowing each other you know

just the first Center at the bottom of

the spine but when you’re describing is

that energy is is moving all the way up

and affecting this pineal gland by the

way many philosophers said that was

where the soul lives and the

hypothalamus which is the center of the

sex center of the brain according to

science by the way hypothalamus in greek

means the little wedding chamber and in

yoga that’s where the male and female

also have a kind of a union and you feel

all kinds of bliss of emerging from that

chakra the audrina chakra corresponding

to the hypothalamus so in your

experience what you’re describing

science would say that your connection

heated up you’re not just genitals and

heart where you feel connected to

someone emotionally but it went all the

way up and hit the hypothalamus and a

pineal gland and your bloodstream got

filled with all these hormones that if

rise to the feelings that you described

and the abilities of perception that we

were describing yeah yeah so I mean

would you say you talked about a puberty

of the spine and how developing or

awakening the Kundalini can can take

couples beyond this traditional idea of

Western sexuality how how would you say

that this awakening is achieved uh it

you see from you see a signs of it and

all the different world religions so

it’s so deep into the human nature that

it’s not just you know you have to kind

of say it’s part of human nature that

hasn’t been mapped out by modern

sexology that

if you have the person has many

experiences what you’re that you

described having we wouldn’t be able to

say that the body is now functioning at

that level it’s it’s matured it would be

my term not just to ejaculate or have a

genital exchange and then also loving

exchange which is a heart center but all

the energy naturally goes up and down

the spine and when we do see this

worldwide in prayer forms for sure Jews

have a form they called Avenue and their

spot they rock back and forth as they

pray it looks identical to Islamic with

it’s called Zickuhr they’re rocking

exactly the same in Judaism and in in

Islamic religion in Buddhism the rocking

is brought to a stillness called voodoo

kaya and all the Buddhists will meditate

with their spines really in what we

could call it a certain kind of an

erection the spine becomes tumescent

Buju kaya roughly means the of the

erection of the whole body and all hatha

yoga are originated when that energy

going up the spine would also go out

though the spinal nerves and make the

body dance and we see this in trans

dancing and shamanic cultures trans

dancing means you’re not your body’s

moving itself and these movements are

very much like the movements of a baby

very young little baby you can see that

by babies incarnated himself or herself

by the movements they make it very much

like what goes on in the womb but this

process of energy moving in the body so

that we further incarnate see it in baby

see them fetuses it can go on one’s

whole lifetime and it’s very spontaneous

you’re not in control of it it just

happens like labor contractions happen

in a mother like the movements of a of a

fetus in the womb making fingers making

arms you can watch it on ultrasound and

babies certainly do it but if you tune

into that energy your body will start

moving on

zone and yoga up today disguises this

fact because all the asanas are done by

memorization by imitation but for a much

longer time some scholars say should 700

year period in India the spontaneous

yoga was much more prevalent than trying

to hold poses with your ego and like I

say we see these movements and what they

call charismatic religions move

religions where people are shaking like

holy rollers Jake or like even belly

dance bellydance is not just an

entertainment in a middle eastern

restaurant or merely something that is a

kind of a sexual way of for women to

dance it can happen spontaneously when

Kundalini is active in a female body and

the men in those cultures they feel that

they’re not just being excited by the

beauty of the woman they feel that the

aw of the feminine energy which is

connected to fertility and to the source

that that they’re being energized by

that so you start to see that the energy

of sex as it keeps changing it goes up

the spine causes the body shake and move

about you see a worldwide and all kinds

of religions and this very movement

simultaneously moves the energy

throughout the whole body and what I’m

saying it matures the glandular system

it matures it so much that we have to

eventually admit that the body goes

through a completely new puberty that

comes after the teenage Kruger so I mean

wouldn’t that be an interesting question

on a dating site is your Kundalini

activated yes no so I mean these

compounds that you talk about in the

brain DMT specifically seemed to me as

like an evolution compound I mean you’re

when you’re activating your pineal gland

it seems like you’re orienting yourself

to participate in your own evolution

through activating these more subtle

bodies but to play

devil’s advocate here but what would you

say the dangers of activating your

Kundalini would be well you know in a

holistic way there would be very little

danger because your your character would

be maturing your value system how fare

you are with other people your family

history would be you know going well and

childhood but you know when in a culture

such a bar as ours people can take up a

practice it’s sort of piecemeal and just

do like a lot of heavy breathing and not

pay attention to how am I living my life

how am I treated people and you can to

some degree force these energies to

awaken and that forced way of waking it

has side effects for many people if it’s

not a balanced awakening a gobbie

Krishna who is first to publish on

Kundalini in the West about 1970 1971 he

did a forced awaken he describes it in

great detail and that he was sitting for

like 15 16 years and willfully trying to

do it he didn’t have singing and dancing

for example he just was trying to bull

himself into this some kind of an

Enlightenment and as a result he his

system was too hot willfulness creates

heat just like a too much passivity and

not much will happen will be lethargic

that he was way over on the side of

being very forceful and it was he

describes how troubling that was he was

hot all the time and I had met many

difficulties and that was in India so

here yeah like many things uh going into

a therapy or even a sport we want to go

into it in a in a way that balances lots

of aspects of our life not just the

awakening of an enemy I’m imagining all

the couples listening to this right now

and suddenly getting incredibly aroused

but I mean you go into some yoga

postures how important are these asanas

and the mudras what when they’re done

with them but with the mood of devotion

or like dancing then they’re fun and not

just fund on a playful way but it could

be if the joy of being devotional of

being grateful a feeling of the magic of

the ability to move the body so it’s

really the yacht of the mudras all these

different bodily expressions can come

from an emotional place rather than I’m

trying to do a technique and that

unlocks there I would call it their

deeper significance and they’re just a

ways of kissing you can have sex without

kissing but you can have sex with

kissing it’s not necessarily thought a

technique it’s out of LA and you enjoy

each other and in an act sense that the

mudra that fits with kissing this

involves the tongue and when that when

the tongue gets sufficiently aroused for

enough months and eight years at a time

if we’ll it’s nerves will trigger a kind

of orgasm in the pineal gland so it’s

the whole body the fingertips could have

types of orgasms well if you’re feeling

a certain type of joy you can’t see me

on your skype screen but I’m moving my

fingers and all kinds of you know joyful

ways and start to get totally liberated

not just liberated from the guilt ridden

sex but liberated to express all cut all

these wonderful feelings with a partner

was doing it with you that was the poem

you read of from my book you know came

directly from an experience of with a

partner and it was just India that

magical interactivity and mudras but

with hand gestures with tongue gestures

they just come out of the body from

where there have been waiting to come

out for maybe a long time hmm

interesting I you know I I want to talk


marriage and relationship just because

it seems like society has changed and I

you know more and more through my

parents and my friends who are married

and have kids now and I I feel this

pressure to get married or move into you

know a serious relationship and how how

important is is that to what we’re

talking about well again you think so if

you’re asking these it wonderful

wonderful questions we have to imagine

that marriage is the is the prize

instead of something that will overwhelm

us to fall in love is probably all would

agree to find someone who falls in love

with you who you thought and with is

just a wonderful wonderful thing the the

possibility that that type of love could

be strong enough to never exhaust even

through 50 years of ups and downs and

money issues or having me to move around

from one city to another even

difficulties and communicating the

possibility that love that you feel when

you’re not so called honeymoon period

you know if we felt that falling in love

would last a lifetime and only get

better year after year what who would

want to start at the ancient like even

18 or 20 you’d be excited to jump right

in because the sooner you find each

other the sooner you’ll be able to go

through all these different stages the

problem is Freud only mapped out human

development to the teenager and said

that’s what sex is and there’s not much

of a change after that and all the

scientists since then believe believe

him and no matter how much new data they

find about the pineal gland and the

oxytocin and all of that I’m the first

one I’ve been publishing for about you

know over 30 years now but you know it

takes a while to change a huge paradigm


human met maturity how far can it go but

if we knew that these puberty’s were

going to keep happening that we find the

partner would be like getting to start

with the you know the peak years of

being a 20 year old so instead of

feeling pressured by culture in which we

would be in conflict other expectations

why are they forcing this upon us it

would be completely the opposite dating

sites would be unload that they would

just facilitate people they maybe meet

five or ten different people but nobody

would waste any time because they feel

that energy of attraction and my book

hopes to show people hundreds of

different ways to overcome problems

communication problems the sexual

problems problems with money problems

with in-laws or parents becoming parents

oneself issues about aging of becoming

pretty old 40 50 60 70 80 all the way to

death tries to map out all the typical

issues but show how easy and beautiful

can be to go through them with someone

so in that map uh the pressure is much

more about enthusiasm how they call it

it’s not from it’s not no one needs to

tell us to do it or not do it it’s like

if there’s a swimming pool on a hot day

people are gonna jump right in I mean do

you have any do any advice for a person

like me my last three dates were

terrible and I mean is there a way to

move through the more ambiguous kind of

because I i essentially am looking for

someone who is is as aware as i am and i

just feel like relationships are so

ambiguous nowadays and people just kind

of are looking for one thing just sex

and the the sacredness of of the

experience is gone and I just I feel

like an alien on a planet and I’m just

it’s so frustrating and I

no I mean it maybe you can give me some

advice not again you know you’re giving

me from your very heart the hopes up for

love and your very own life this is most

interviews it’s much more intellectual

and I really am touched because I can

feel your your beauty to fall in love

with someone and who will fall in love

with you and create a sacred container

for it it won’t just be frivolous and

you feel great respect for the woman and

for you to meet the woman who would feel

that reciprocal connection with you

you’ve got you you’re ready for it and

the sadness is that everybody you know

so many people are very scared and

scaring each other and so you never get

much beyond the first or second date

because people are calling it quits

before it even gets started that it’s a

marriage therapist for 40-some years I

saw this beginning to happen it’s funny

you know as got going to help

people it also gave people so many

possibilities that alone and that’s not

the only way but if you have lots of

possibilities why stop with the first

person and lots of people are entering

into it with meeting somebody new people

and they’re dismissing each other well

sometimes just because they have ten

other people on their on their way to a

dating website that they want to check

out and by the time they come back to

the other one the person is either you

know frustrated or they found somebody

for a little while or they’re so lonely

they are willing to just hook up and at

least have some human warmth for one

night so it kind of its all fragmented

so i’m not i’m not sure a fan of a

Salvador Dali the surrealist he in the

late 1920s he he had a very interesting

approach he he made a painting called

the great master baiter and you can see

you can see the evolution of of how we

view sex and and you know in the 20s and

you’re just you’re looking

this this guy and his face is down like

the women and I mean he had a really

interesting way of kind of classifying

how in that period people viewed sex so

I mean what I mean in your experience is

there is there anything that struck you

as profound or I mean is there something

that you can share with us that kind of

changed your thinking yeah it’s a very

beautiful question you know the Midland

I think of dolly is giving us images and

but they are very much originated in

Western culture where sex in arata

scizzum is very problematic from the

Catholic Church on but in India for

example we know that you can have images

of deities making love with each other

in a very different way like in Tibetan

cos you’ll see couples in Union and fire

and they’re looking into each other’s

eyes and they’re in a very high state of

union now I think looking at Salvador

Dali you’ll get an experience of about

the Western unconscious mind of it being

very problematic but if you look at a

Tonka from Tibet you’ll see images in

which it’s ecstatic and we almost the

speediest path I can think of is to try

to leave in a not leave but transition

from a Western culture which is a very

problematic history and all the artists

many of the artists sucker onimous basha

lots of the artists who tried to depict

but what was going on in the West very

torturous looking paintings but if you

compare it with a Tibetan tanka you go

wow you know if you even have an image

of Christ even flirting with a Mary

Magdalene the Catholic Church will

boycott everything that you do

as an artist but India you have temples

it’s not it’s a different it is a sacred

but not about the type of connection you

can’t just call it people getting it on

it really is but much more whole and

then you see how small of a little pond

poor Salvador Dali was living in of

course it was fun it was going to come

up with a tortured experience where the

best you can do is become the great

master baiter yeah I really like that

comparison I think that’s very accurate

well said so in your in your book you

use you talk about sublimated passion to

fuel yoga movements and postures getting

the body’s prana to move where it is

needed what what is sublimated passion

and how does this affect prana movement

yeah you know these the word sublimation

is from psychoanalysis it’s a it’s it’s

we know something about it but the

sanskrit word would be bored Virata and

it translates really is this full

blossoming of the seed and so it’s just

a continuity with the genital puberty

with the teenagers puberty it’s not kind

of a sublimation of it it’s much more of

a continuity and if you feel blissful

feelings erotic feelings the naming is

it want to be sensitive to it so that

you can name whatever those feelings are

in a way that generates bodily movements

could be dancing could be yoga asanas

and as you your body kind of you can

remove your body just the way that will

make you feel a good feeling and that’s

liberation liberation in erotic

embodiment is we’re free to move our

body not just masterbated like Salvador

Dali kind of showed but you can move

your whole body I can move my finger

just a quarter of an inch over here and

smile look until I’m totally free and I

start feeling you know I can feel

as much joy is nobody’s holding me back

you know it’s just in my head and so I

start feeling wow you know that’s when I

say I hear you ask me questions and you

touch me with your soul nobody’s

stopping me from saying that to you my

mind might say well you he’s a radio

interview but then I’ll say I’m not

trapped in that he the Savior’s asking

me about his word my romantic life and

if I’m not touched by that I’m missing

and I’m free to say something about it

likewise I’m free to move to and then I

do I I spread out the capacity to feel

bliss similar to what happens in the

penis or vagina or the nipples but I’m

I’m doing it I’m just I’m moving it

everywhere and in that movement it

changes you start feeling oh it was very

limited to only be about intercourse oh

just divide it of course I was dancing

about intercourse if it was then nobody

could put on a ballet or a folk dancing

festival because everyone would think it

was x-rated yeah that makes a lot of

sense you know so we have to collaborate

ourselves from this x-rated most it lets

the arrows go everywhere but not

reintroduce oh now it’s sexual we know

it’s that a ballet performance the women

wear tutus but nobody is rushing with

their you know band ballets it’s a

pornography you know no one you know and

so we’re just it’s not sublimation its

animation its animation with all kinds

of emotions until finally yeah this

passion that we restrict really we

restrict it to the genitals we restrict

that passion to the nipples and it stays

there for a whole lifetime and what you

find in this kind of permitting movement

the energy goes everywhere but it

redistributes itself so fully that it’s

not the same old sexual energy anymore

yeah Stewart that really woke me up a

little bit that makes a lot of sense to

me so it’s okay so moving on here so in

in eros consciousness and Kundalini you

talk about tantric celibacy and I I

think a lot of Westerners shun celibacy

it’s kind of looked at looked down at I

mean how how is celibacy important and

what do you have to say about that it’s

another super question and it takes a

while for my words to sink in because

it’s such a huge leap but solid becae is

uh in the Catholic Church has very

little in common with what Buddha did

although he also was a monk it’s just

like saying every baby is a little bit

different and nobody will argue with

that just because it’s called the baby

doesn’t mean that they are cookie

cutters it’s equally true of celibacy

and so we go over to something like

Buddhism or even some of the great

mystics like mike meister eckhart or

teresa of avila or st. John some of

these high-level Saints in the catholic

church but they awaken this puberty that

i was describing and in that puberty you

have a intermarriage we start having the

male and female energies interacting

inside of one’s own body nothing could

be more erotic than that type of

experience of feeling the male and

female energies and ones or the genetic

background in chemistry in the same body

that’s what yoga actually meant yoga was

a person in union of the hatha the sun

in the moon the two great energies in

the body and we’re getting them to

interact with each other within your own

body and yoga was the outcome was these

blissful types of movements blissful

types of breathing patterns and finally

the whole conscious mind has a kind of a

endless orgasm that’s called that we

call in

you’re just so awake because the energy

is marrying inside of oneself that

there’s at like the Dalai Lama he is not

repressed he’s a monk people look at him

and don’t think over that poor guy the

problem is that the priests and nuns and

monks and Catholic religion they didn’t

have much yoga they had to make good on

their vow in a very restricted mode of

celibacy and it proved too much for many

of them it was just too much but when

you travel to the Indian model of the

body and all the puberty’s that I’m

describing and this inner marriage you

see it’s it’s it’s a joyful thing I did

it for at least 30 years you could say

in this very soul away and it was

completely a wonderful experience yeah

yeah start where we are approaching the

end here that flew by but I mean do you

describe these cultural barriers and I

mean how how do you think we are being

affected by this like it Yoga is being

practiced more and more through Western

society and and people are kind of

catching on I mean it’s it kind of seems

like you and I are ahead of the curve by

about 10 or 15 years well said yeah you

know when I just teaching yoga in 72

they confuse the word with yogurt you

know the one week lots happened in last

30 40 years but there’s only five

percent of the end of tibetan archive

has even been translated and it’s a

problem because so many people have

become an expert in those five percent

get into and they like it they don’t

want that there it’s trend it’s a bit

threatening to believe oh there’s a 15

times more that i don’t know and that’s

what i what i wrote the book is for the

next five to 10 years of people who such

as yourself that are interested in that

we can have to be humble that we own

they’re just beginning it’s a whole huge

cultural transmission from not just

india by china

I whipped out with what they call need

on or that’s a Taoist Kundalini Yoga

letting all this information in and we

need to know how many trillions of

dollars were spent on promoting the

sexual liberation since the 50s 60s and

70s if all the movies all the music that

helps people to least not give guilty

about sex we’re going to need some

percentage of that to transform

pornography for example so that it’s not

going back into the first puberty but

it’s deliberating all the chacras that’s

a huge area movie songs and then yoga

classes will have to radically transform

so that their free form and not just

flowing but ecstatically flow but I

think where we set our eyes something

probably won’t be changing the sense of

what our marriage is that it’s a joyful

thing rather than a ball and chain what

a baby is and then the maturity that

comes along with it that will eventually

eliminate the need for abortions by and

large and contraception that the

tremendous maturity would change the

world hopefully in the next 5 10 15 20

years until where the world will be now

will be just as further evolved as I saw

what happened between 1949 when I was

born when not for example I’ve never

even seen a black king and being until I

was about seven years old so huge you

know my school was on the first to let

him integration you know we’ve come a

long way to have a black man in the

White House you know what will happen in

the year 2030 2040 I wrote that book for

myself if I reincarnate so I’d have a

book happen and somewhat like how you

didn’t feel about yourself well Stuart

this conversation has been enlightening

sir I really truly appreciate your time

I highly suggest that anyone listening

pick up a copy of this it really struck

a chord for me the book is called

advanced spiritual intimacy Stuart where

can people

is there a website that people can go to

to find you yes you can get assigned a

copy if you really would like that by

just googling my name going to my

website you get my email address I’d be

happy to inscribe personal message and

mail you a copy if you can’t we want to

go quickly you can just go to

books a best seller on amazon com almost

every week what is what is your site

called the outside it would be under my

name so spots key and I think it’s

called counseling services okay we will

make sure that the link is available for

anyone listening Stewart thank you again

sir it’s been great this is the human

experience my name is Xavier and we are

going to get out of here we will see you

guys next week

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