Transcript for Episode 32 – Fateh Kaur

the human experience is in session my

guest tonight is bought a car who

specializes in Kundalini Yoga fate’

welcome to the human experience thank


so Fatih can you just kind of give me an

idea of how you got into practicing

Kundalini Yoga okay I was I had been

practicing yoga since I was a teenager

because I need it for mental wellness

and I had been practicing a yankor Yoga

for 10 years and when I moved to New

York City for work she was working as a

Ford model and I should say I was

working as a for plus-size model I went

to the ie anger Yoga Institute in York

City and found that it wasn’t I wasn’t

loving enough it was too too heady and

too linear and a little bit cold a night

not too platonic anger yoga studio there

in New York because it I love I love the

practice and the people and everything

it was just that one experience but I

had that one day and so a friend of mine

from Miami had told me about a community

other studio in the city and so I went

there and took a class and just fell in

love with it the first class I took I

knew that this was my path I knew this

was something but I’m looking to be

teaching I wanted to do it immediately

let’s talk about that a little bit how

did you how did you go for him because I

mean those are two opposing things how

did you go from this sort of modeling

career to this kundalini yoga practice

how does that happen well I was doing

both at the same time really I was um

continued to model and but I would take

I would go and do retreats with Yogi


and Espanola New Mexico that’s where he

lived he had a passion on there

he died in 2003 but he was very

accessible and so I went in the early

90s and took

we course called the Masters touch and

Yogi Bhajan lectured twice a day every

day he came in the morning and he came

or actually came after lunch and then he

came after dinner and every lecture he

gave he would give it some meditation to

do and the meditation would be anywhere

from 11 minutes to he never he said he

never time the meditations he could just

see when the aura and the room changed

and that’s when he knew that it was

complete but it was anywhere from 11

minutes – it could even be an hour dude

can you just tell us a little bit more

about who Yogi Bhajan is who is that

sure so you guys came came to America

and the early and the early sixties

looking to create some teachers not

followers he wanted everybody to be 10

times better than than he was so he

wanted it has but he didn’t he didn’t

simply share yoga exercises and

meditation his teaches in you know if

teachers included teachings excuse me

included it was a comprehensive

lifestyle um and he taught you know

which allows sort of like this radiance

of the soul to shine in that facet of

life so it was like how to eat how to

dress how to communicate how to have

relationships how to raise children how

to do business so he infused every

aspect of life with the beauty and

graces of you know of his teaching um he

started to pro whole he had many many

many business like yogi yogi t is one of

his businesses he had a security

business um he started a whole school

called super health which is how to

break addictions through Kundalini Yoga

he tied you know how to be a man how to

be a woman and interface it was very

comprehensive and he called it a human


so this is a whole system of living then

it’s not just a kind of posture process

it can be it can be if you choose to and

then there’s a religion associated with

it as well what is the what religion is


it’s the Sikh religion from northern

India and um you know the you know they

but you don’t have to be it was a very

tolerant you you just came and did what

you wanted there is never any pressure

at all she should be part of the

religion you know there were many faiths

I would practice that do practice

cannellini yoga so what what is

Kundalini define that for us please

so when you raise your Kundalini you’re

you’re changing your consciousness and

every aspect of your life gets

transformed and the lifestyle teachings

of Yogi Bhajan organization which is

called 3h o healthy holy happy

organization are designed to support you

through that transformation and so in

this way you can live a healthy happy


bountiful blissful beaut and beautiful

as completely healed and a sovereign

human being so you know he would give

medications and he would say do this

meditation for a hundred and twenty days

twice a day for 62 minutes so that’s

what you know they say it takes forty

days to change a habit so minimum you

know choose one of his thousands of

meditations and just do it every single

day at the same time in the same place

in the amrit vela which is the the early

wee hours of the morning we’re the rays

of the Sun like clean the earth you know

and it’s basically about clearing out

the subconscious mind continually you

know it’s like we clean out we clean


right but we don’t clean our mind so

this is this is really tools for our

consciousness and really cleaning out

the subconscious mind so at one point

you traveled to India to learn more

about this can you tell us about that

sure I traveled to India to study

Iyengar yoga

back in 1994 I was working in as a model

in the city and traveling a lot and I

decided it was my time to go and meet

mr. anger and so I had written a letter

and they wrote me back saying yes you

can come but not until 1997 so I thought

okay three years from now I don’t know

what I’m going to be doing but I can

hold my spot $100 and I’m going to go

for it so I actually did not go to India

for Kundalini Yoga I went there to study

I younger yoga with DK si anger and when

I got there there was no living they

didn’t offer any living situations so

someone had told me about a place to

stay down the street and when I got in

the rickshaw the driver took me to the

ocean or ahhm which was about a

20-minute a rickshaw driver wedding and

I ended up staying at the Osho Osho

Ashram and hiring the rickshaw driver to

be my like driver daily for a month to

take me to the anger Cove Institute wait

for me during class and then drive me

back and then the rest of the day I

would spend studying osho’s teachings

which is a whole different comprehensive

teaching so I think oh I didn’t go to

India for Kundalini Yoga I went to

actually New Mexico to study why the

shift what did you notice about

Kundalini Yoga versus the this other

type of yoga that was so different for

you Yoga is nonlinear

so you can take it for the first time

and and and be like a master at it if

it’s nonlinear

so hmm so it’s not like you have to

learn fundamentals and then build upon

those fundamentals in a linear way like

when container garden to first grade and

and you you can start anywhere and and

be in a class with people who’ve been

doing it for years and years and years

and be you know right there with them I

don’t know if that explains it well

enough hmm

it was it’s an energetic it’s an

energetic practice so if somebody who

has a real strengths nostalgia Yoga has

a real strength in my yang Gor yoga and

coming to Kundalini and feel really weak

there’s there’s different strengths that

Kundalini Yoga allow you know that they

offer me let me give you like a an

example so yeah gee yogi bhajan I might

have its older hold our arms up at a 60

degree angle from fingertip to fingertip

like like your arms are making a V let’s

say you know up over your head

lungs elbows you would have us hold our

arms up like that for 62 minutes No so

after you know two minutes it’s quite

difficult or 11 minutes let’s say let’s

bring it down so holding your arms up

for 11 minutes somebody who’s completely

fit really strong muscularly

you know who you know marathon runner or

whatever that is difficult so it takes

grit and it takes grip and it takes you

know lifting your consciousness you go

through the pain of holding your arms up

for 11 minutes takes focus mantra

there’s there’s mantra and Kundalini

Yoga there’s mudra and criminally new

yoga there’s something called the nod

the vibration would you say that you

your Kundalini is awakened I don’t know

I I know that that that there’s a really

big for me a distinction between joy and

happiness and and when I feel more joy

and can you can contain it then yes I

feel I feel more alive you know I

thought there was kind of a specific

thing that happens when your Kundalini

awakens I mean is there is the purpose

of Kundalini Yoga to awaken your

Kundalini and what I mean Yogi Bhajan I

don’t even think he ever spoke about

that you know it’s that’s kind of a

trendy concept even though it’s very

real and you know you know it’s like

raising the Kundalini without

containment is not good you know so we

have to build this container of our

nervous system you hold the Kundalini

you know the Kundalini is like Shakti

it’s very powerful it can blow your

circuits out right no I think that’s why

it’s a you know makes people crazy and

stuff it’s like that’s not the ultimate

goal is to raise the Kundalini you know

it’s it’s to be it’s to have all your

chakras and balance it’s to activate

your power center three inches further

than a ball ground yourself and then

elevate yourself and then serve others

you know it’s all he was all about

serving serving it sounds like you’re

building yourself up to this point I

mean is this even accurate you’re

building yourself up to this point where

the Kundalini can awaken is that even a

goal a Cathy a goal I’m suppose it was

never really my goal you know I mean I

always you know the child feels very

connected to my Kundalini awakened stage

you know I like what does it really mean

you know

I I mean my thing is are you happy you

know are you are you able to not be you

know addicted to alcohol or marijuana or

shemale you know can you can you can you

be you and and ever in everything you

speak you know why are you speaking it

are you conscious like that that means

it’s kind of menial Egan are you

conscious you know it’s more about sort

of awareness and like bringing your body

into a rhythm a totally oh you nailed it

the rhythm the rhythm in community yoga

love it okay so that’s another thing

that I think makes kinda lean yoga this

is a good distinction is that there’s so

much rhythm in it there’s a rhythm in

motion there’s rhythm and nod which is

the sound vibration so there’s a lot of

music around cannellini yoga you have

beautiful artists like snot on car and

you know Simran you can go to on Spirit

voyage calm and here all the Kundalini

Yoga music it’s just so beautiful

because it has a certain rhythm with

pulsation of the universe the sound but

yeah just being balanced being how can I

serve today you know how can I serve in

a conscious way and that to me is

Kundalini awakens k’en’dl Eve

what else would you do with it anyways

go out make more money you know I mean

yes Yogi Bhajan was all about abundance

and prosperity you know he has actually

meditations for creating more abundance

and prosperity you know he was a very

wealthy man and he had lots of material

possessions you can go visit his house

and this one deal in New Mexico and sees

all his cars and stuff but he wasn’t

attached to them would you say that

there is a resurgence of this sort of I

don’t know east meets west type of

thinking where these Eastern

philosophies and paradigms or

of seeping into our Western society you

know Xavier there’s going to come a

point and I think we’re reaching this

sort of tipping point where

pharmaceutical medications are not going

to work and they’re not working how many

people do do I know you know that are

taking a medication for you know mental

emotional issues and just working so

Yogi Bhajan spoke about this time that

were in you know the aquarium entirely

this Aquarius time where he said that if

you can’t make a decision in three

seconds so you’re done you need to be

able to make a decision in three seconds

or less you know three or four seconds

so this this is medicine this practice

of Kundalini Yoga is medicine sort of

mind um let’s say you have trauma let’s

say you have anxiety or deep fears this

will just clear them you’ll feel more

connected to who you truly are like in

three minutes it’s that what do you say

to someone who thinks that this is

pretty much just hippie and

isn’t really paying attention to would I

have to experience it

that’s experiences we know we might not

have a shared belief but we can have a

shared experience and so you know breath

of fire do you brought it fire and pop

your navel for three minutes

and then sit still and notice how you

feel I don’t have to convince you just

do it just try it instead of instead of

you know opening up a beer or instead of

taking a pill sit quietly focus at your

third eye point which is between your

eyebrows if it’s the root of your nose

as deep as you go internally go

externally awaken your pineal pituitary

gland connection

get the pituitary gland secrete he’s

your master gland activate your navel

Center you breath a fire and keep that

you got in your awareness you know and

when experience it this is very

experiential what do you think that has

been your most fundamental understanding

through this practice what is it what is

the thing that you think that you’ve

learned the most through practicing

Kundalini Yoga mmm my god that’s a great

question I learned the most how to be

joyful yeah honey and my birthday my

middle name is joy and my father used to

validate me as it’s always talking about

bringing joy into the world and last

year I had something happen to me where

and that joy just I couldn’t I could

just couldn’t seem to you one get in

touch with it anymore

this is sort of something happened that

was really traumatic and filled me up

with a lot of fear and a lot of darkness

and doubt anything in my practice of

Kundalini Yoga for the since that time

has not been strong and recently I

really connected deeply I took a course

called white tantric yoga and it travels

around the whole country and it’s a one

day all day of meditation and this day

we did five thirty one minute

meditations in 162 minute meditation and

it helped me it helped me so much

reconnect back to my own personal joy I

do I do I live my life like doing joy

all over the place no and like that that

to me is very unappealing you know I

think that there’s an underworld and

dark and shadow and light and it’s all


but for me to feel joy inside my own

heart and some dispossession inside my

own being that’s important and this

practice connects me to that and

reconnects me to that over and over and

over again

so there’s many opportunities for people

to take community yoga they can just go

on to the three a joke org website and

find a teacher there’s celebrations

during the summer solstice in New Mexico

there’s winter solstice celebration in

Lake Wales Florida and it’s three days

of white tantric yoga three full days

you do it with a partner sitting across

open eyes and then there’s different

mantras and things that you do and yogi

bhajan was very much about keep up keep

up and you’ll be kept up you know focus

on your third eye point this is

developing your intuition which is what

I spoke about before making their

decision within three seconds or less

that’s your own your intuition there he

was very much about this third eye point

developing cultivating your intuition

and letting your intuition guide you

what would you say the main differences

between Kundalini Yoga and other types

of yoga what kind of I don’t mean ii yo’

–ga you know it’s so interesting

because they always compare it like okay

like boats I live on the water you know

and I see all these boats and they’re

all boats they all float you know you

know they all have very very similar

things about them but every boat has is

different you know she’ll boats people

whatnot right so it’s like yoga like

yoga is all the same it brings the same

sort of end result in a way but how you

get there is different you know so

Kundalini Yoga is very much about mantra

so the big mantra the seed mantra I

would say the most popular mantra is

such num SAT and am

such num and it rhymes with but mom what

does that mean such means truth or light

and non is like namaste naughty so as

you inhale meant to be vibrate such and

as you exhale meant to be vibrate mom

with an eye focus so eyes are focused

either like up at the third eye point

the tip of the nose or their they’re

just closed by for a simple and when

listening to this right now they want to

begin you know experiencing this

practice they can have a a hand mudra so

you can put the tip of the thumb to the

tip of the index finger keanu address

you look knowledge and focus episode I

Queen sit straight

comfortable easy pose speeded position

or in a chair spine to and just inhale

mentally vibrates that through the white

thinking of the meaning of the mantra

and then exhale nam instead of time I do

it for three minutes 11 minutes 31

minutes 62 minutes and any time a

negative thought comes but matcha cuts

the negative thoughts it slices through

it it takes that negative scott it cuts

it and it turns it into a positive one

kundalini yoga also has its very

spiritual and very energetic it has

numerology it has its called the the ten

bodies and I’m very fascinated with that

whole and then the numbers you know like

one through ten this whole system of

numerology like the first body is the

soul body and then the next three bodies

two three and four mental bodies and

negative mind the positive minds fours

the neutral mines and five of physical

body and then six through 10 or more

energetic bodies sixes or arc line


my gosh seven is like electromagnetic

field aura a to chronic body nine as the

subtle body and ten is the radiant body

you know so he was all about like like

like this radiant body you know like

spending from your aura out to infinity

in all directions

projecting your consciousness out to

infinity you know like really expanding

expanding yourself so it’s a physical

practice because there is a lot of

physical we do a lot of rhythmic

movements combined with mantra and flash

but it’s about really expanding your

consciousness and your awareness

becoming more sensitive and subtle can

you can you perhaps kind of disambiguate

what the different asanas are I mean I

know that all these different yoga

practices they have postures that they

use what I mean how is it different with

Kundalini Yoga you know that’s a really

good question and and for me personally

having studied a very bony alignment

practice of a younger yoga for a good 10

years before I even even thought it was

possible that there was any other valid

yoga system on the planet you know I was

like I anger you know there’s the only

of that and it’s true anger Yoga is

great classical foundational work it’s

like if you’re a musician you start on

the piano you know sort of thing and

then you plans other instruments so I

came from a very classically alignment

based practice physically you know in a

bone such they the Kundalini Yoga I can

say aren’t too concerned with that there

there is you know every pose has a

posture to it but and of course our

concerns with the bone alignment but

it’s more of a chakra alignment it’s

more of an energetic alignment or

looking for you know


let me see I have a book here right in

front of me Yoga for women and there’s

cobra pose and you go up into Cobra it

tells you what the pose does it

increases flexibility and rejuvenates

the spinal nerve combines with deep

breathing or breath of fire massages and

expands the ribcage

you know it’s particularly helpful

relieving tension and the ovaries and

uterus and so yes this is very physical

process but it doesn’t just sort of stop

there and I know I’m not saying that I

anger does either

I hate to compare I have deep devotion

to many practices but this is just it’s

so prana it’s like breath with Breath of

Fire and it’s a lot of holding of the

breath in and out and it’s the mantra

focusing at the third eye point now I’m

using the motto a lot of brain emulation

like crossing you know alternate a lot

of stuff with the arms arm circles and

keeping the arms up you know they call

they call a forward bend you know one of

the the postures is called miracle bends

and that’s simply just standing in

Tadasana but the arms are gonna head on

the inhale and then the exhale bending

forward touching the ground and then you

would like do that quickly 26 times you

don’t I’m saying yeah

so there’s very similar physical

practice but it sort of takes it to

another level

it’s a very creative very playful but

then you don’t we do tree pose you know

what is what’s the understanding in

regards to how do I say I mean I don’t

have ovaries so I mean I like you’re a

man’s personal power or energy yeah well

get about it in the man that ovaries are

outside of the body right there your

testicle so so energetically know how

you know the creative center

you know their reproductive organs your

power your your your second chakra you

know so so at all at all really is there

is there any sort of body of

understanding that talks about

preserving that sort of lifeforce for

men Wow

yes in a way I mean are you they talked

more about that like the rasa that

students like could you be you know

that’s more I I would think like are you


you know practices which which is also

linked to this but this does definitely

keep you energetically potent you know

not in that way yeah you’re potent your

words are potent you know activating the

power center the navel Center rigid

where you were connected to your mother

and the womb and the placenta you know

the power center into the tip of the

tongue and where you vibrate your words

if you if you speak from that place

everything becomes more potent

interesting yeah so I mean any last

thoughts or anything that you want to

get out there as far as messaging you

know teach you to do what you love to do

serve others and that’s why I love

teaching I so service in a sense I’m

giving you know I’m helping people to

feel good empower yourself become self

empowered you know yeah so self

empowerment in a way that just connect

back to the things that you love to do

connect to the earth do this

things that make you happy like really

happy yeah I like that message I think

that’s a good message is there a zero

website or place that people can find

out more about your work

well I have a a website at yoga with Mia

calm yes I have your government name but

so anyways so you know they’re with me

as calm I haven’t been able to update it

lately but you can email me through that

website and that I also encourage them

to go on to the 3h o website as well

there’s an app there’s a wonderful app

as well it’s just 3h org and everything

everything they want to know we’d like

to know if they are it’s really a great

app I really like that you’re kind of

pitching the whole organization not just

your studio most people would be like oh

no come to my studio but you’re I mean

you’re at you have a broader message

which i think is it’s cool yeah yeah

because that’s what mossy is like namazu

I mean it’s if I can look at somebody

else’s though I’m just looking in the

mirror and I can see myself and somebody

else and they can see themselves in me

and we look at each other like there’s

no separation we’re just one which is

what namaste means this world would be a

much better place to live in I want to I

want to be I want to live in a world

that everyone’s feeling good you know

that doesn’t mean like I want everyone

to be happy everyone who feel good so we

can all play like we just want to play

you know I just wanna have fun you know

it’s fun you know so that’s that’s

really my purpose it’s not just about me

I’m putting some money

my pocket or getting followers or

anything like that you know yeah yeah

well that’s a thank you so much for your

time and your and your presence for

being here this is the human experience

guys thank you so much for listening

we’ll catch you guys next week

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