Transcript for Episode 3 – Tiffany Johnson – Energy Medicine

it was such a great episode tiffany is a

highly skilled practitioner and we

covered a range of various topics from

keeping your energetic space to divinity

and staying connected with yourself and

connecting with the divine source and

all of us I really like spending time

with Tiffany this is a really easy

possible podcast to do and I think

you’ll like it too so sit back with

whatever they’re drinking and if you’re

in Colorado or whatever you’re smoking

enjoy this episode this is a really good


Tiffany Johnson specializes in the use

of non-physical energies as life tools

she has been in the energy work field

for 17 years conducting workshops and

offering treatments for her clients all

over the world her workshops include

subjects on but not limited to personal

space grounding energetic shielding

energetic tuning and many others her

mission is to help people of all ages

become comfortable with their own

abilities as they move through their

lives in the world she helps us connect

to ourselves by bridging the gap between

the things that happen and why they

happen and with this she is able to give

her clients a sense of understanding

Tiffany welcome to the human experience

it’s an honor to have you here welcome

thank you it’s an honor to be here so we

did we did have a little bit of a

technical kind of thing but we’re we’re

here now and I really just you know you

have this you have this really warm

energy and you seem to have these

natural abilities I let’s just let’s

just dive right in you know what should

what’s your story how did you how did

you get into this stuff how did you

learn about your your abilities how did

I get I was born this way

in all honesty and I really don’t know

any other way of being I’ve always seen

energy ever since I was a kid I think

the first time I I realized that no one

else was seeing when I was saying or how


different I was was probably in about

third grade and I had gotten into a

little tiff if you will with one of my

friends and she was being very mean and

I said to her I said I know why you’re

doing this

and I read all of her energy and things

that she had never talked about she she

just looked like a deer and they you

know looked at me and said how do you

know that and I said because it’s right

there it’s all right there and I was

like motioning to her body and to you

know her head I said everyone can see it

and she just kind of looked at me like

why and you know we’re in third grade so

there’s a little odd you know

conversation to begin with and I looked

around and everybody had deer in the

headlights and I was like oh wow so and

she just kind of looked at me and we

quit being friends after that and that

was the point where I realized that I’m

dead I was different and nobody nobody

was seeing what I was seeing and and

that was pretty pretty intense that’s

that’s definitely interesting so then

then how did you learn how to like hone

your abilities you learned you’re in

third grade you find out through a

friend of yours who’s no longer your

friend that that you have this special

thing happening that isn’t happening to

other people what I mean like like fast

forward a bit you know ten twenty years

later how how do you you know focus like

what what do you experience what what

happens to you well I think from that

point on I had just different things

happening and that kind of made me aware

of what what was actually going on with

me you know like my grandmother died and

I loved I all of a sudden I could see

her in a different place in my mind’s

eye and after she’s dead so

there’s that and then I had an uncle who

was sick in the hospital and looked at

the energy and his body and could hear

his voice saying don’t you you know

don’t tell anybody because I saw an

infection in his intestines and I heard

that he has a choice yeah he can either

live a little bit longer or he can die

within two to four weeks because of the

infection and he was just looking at me

and he wasn’t saying anything to me and

I was like but I could hear this whole

conversation going on between him and

whoever else was talking to me at the

time and didn’t know who that was I just

assumed it was the angels and he died

about two and a half weeks later from

the infection so his choice yeah that

was that was intense so you know I’ve

had quite a few experiences introducing

myself to myself you know along that you

know I so I can’t really project 10

years out too much because there was so

much stuff like that so and I got more

comfortable being able to read it and

started to kind of play with it a little

bit where I kind of could finish

people’s sentences I knew what they were

thinking because their thoughts were so

strong you know there’s such an

energetic projection when people think

strong thoughts easy to pick up you know

it’s like a microphone on him and so it

got overwhelming honestly and I really

struggled with it and I tried to turn it

off and I couldn’t turn it off it would

pop back on like 200% stronger and it

was really frustrating and at some point

I just started having really weird

visual like nightmares I’d call him boy

you know you close your eyes and you

think you’re meditating and you’re in

this altered reality and it’s like and I

wasn’t taking drugs I you know didn’t do

that I didn’t need to I had enough going

on as it was so I at one point I was

like okay I need help and I was you know

I prayed to the angels and I said you

know please please God help me help me

understand this because I’m gonna lose


I’m just going to lose it

don’t understand this so you know they

if they are emi ended up moving to

Boulder Colorado and in Boulder Colorado

I found it’s like a Corizon Center

that’s founded by Mary Bell and I love

this woman and I walked in into her or a

healing clinic and she just kind of

looked at me and gave me a smile and I

knew I was in a safe place and that I

had been delivered to the place I could

get a grip on my abilities and

understand how to work with them and so

she gave me a lot of tools and I spent

quite a bit of years probably gosh I

took every class that they had you know

understand all these different aspects

and there was a lot of fine sheets she’s

great she has she keeps things of light

and she keeps some simple in

kindergarten and she has a lot of love

and joy and a lot of playfulness for all

of her students you know I heard I heard

that’s not that’s really interesting

it’s really intriguing I’ve heard that

there there are like three levels like

this was put very basically but there

are three levels to being psychic the

first level you have no idea what’s

happening to you at all and you kind of

just experience all these other kind of

sensations and you have no idea what’s

going on the second level you you

understand that you are picking up on

something that other people aren’t

picking up on but you don’t you don’t

have any control over it I mean you you

can kind of filter what you choose you

know to perceive and what you don’t

choose to perceive then the third level

is kind of like a hologram where this

sort of image appears and you can pick

and choose like what information you

want to retrieve which is I guess the

the most advanced so it sounds like it

sounds like you you know you’re

experiencing this sort of holographic

version of being able to access


um you know I would have to say the the

hologram our holographic projection had

been there the whole entire time I think

each one of those phases has a whole lot

of depth to them as far as that is a

very simple way of putting it my

personal experience yeah I don’t think

that a whole holographic projection ever

goes away I think what happens is is the

more I became accepting of it and not

afraid of it and understood it better

and could play with it more from a

joyful light-hearted space it became

easy to navigate and easier to navigate

because essentially that’s the energy

that I’m looking at is from the divine

or source or spirit or how everyone you

know define it so once you meet it meet

that energy with the energy that it is

it’s it just is right there for you

willing to to do whatever you’re ready

for it in that moment but it’s

definitely there’s a such a grace with

it because if you will the angels or

your spirit guides your higher self no

know fully well that you need an

adjustment period gradual in coming of

information that’s that’s smart I like

that that you kind of meet you know

that’s divine without resistance and the

more you you fight it you know the more

challenging it really becomes so we’re

at this point you know you you have

these abilities and you you start

learning how to kind of hone them and so

we’re at what point do you realize that

you want to start helping people oh I

did the typical thing you know where

most psychics are like oh I have an

ability woo let’s go help people

oh let’s make money at it too and I was

a lot of my friends who were in my

classes at the psychic horizons were off

you know starting their own centers and

and trying to make websites and phone

calls and trying to really get their

psychic reading business going I was

kind of put off by it to be honest with

you I just didn’t know if that was my

that was my work and to be offered I

tried it it didn’t go well

I think only because of my own

shortcomings with it so I it took me a

bit to figure it out because I you know

there’s so many people running out there

doing it there’s so many different

flavors of psychics there’s so many

different flavors of clairvoyance

mediums channelers you know and and I

was kind of like okay well how can I be

real and authentic with this so I went

through a whole nother phase of kind of

the three levels that you said you know

okay I have this now what do I do with

this and what does that look like and

putting yourself out there as a person

who can read energy and is challenging

it’s kind of like putting yourself out

there is a you know WWF wrestler you

know it’s like oh wow hmm what do you

what do I say to you how do I approach

you you know how do you have your

advertise yourself yeah so it was I went

through a whole another phase again with

trying to integrate it and get used to

it and being okay with being called a

psychic and the clairvoyant because when

for me having felt different my all

entire life I was always trying to find

a fit back into the box and the box

would never let me in because my energy

work would always show up or I would and

they just could tell something was

different about me so I didn’t fit into

the mainstream consciousness I I have I

have a great knack for calling the

white elephant in the room really loudly

no Chi and I want people to pay

attention to that when I was younger so

you know that wasn’t helpful either so

it called people out on their stuff and

they’re like whatever and they’ll walk

away they don’t want to hear it it’s a

whole different a whole different level

of meeting people where they’re at and

what they can hear and where they can

have with putting yourself out there

because you meet yourself with who you

are where I’m at and how how do I offer

that yeah yeah I really like I really

like your perspective I I have you know

I’ve talked to other psychics quote and

I don’t know that there’s an error and

there’s a sort of authority and you know

I don’t feel that with you I don’t get

that with you I don’t it’s it feels more

clean feels more pure I mean if that

kind of makes sense so thank you yeah so

that you know that’s that’s one of the

reasons why I wanted to have you on

today so let’s let’s let’s get right

into let’s let’s um let’s talk about

let’s talk about what is for a person

who has no idea you know they’re

thinking and they’re talking about

energy you know they’re talking about

electricity you know in the wall or

something like what what what is energy

like what what is it wow that’s a juicy

question there’s so many ways to answer

that – um okay so I’m just gonna kind of

come from where I come from and um my

experience for the what is energy

give me a moment enough no no we’re get

the words together here for a little bit

you know the first thing that comes to

mind when I think about mmm how I relate

to energy and how I work with energy

because energy is a pretty loaded word –

he gets thrown around a lot you know

likes energy and all those kind of words

um I think for me the energy

is it’s kind of like if you will the

verb essence of spirit it’s the the

intelligence the wisdom of the divine

the creator energy in all of us that

comes from a divinity source comes from

the ultimate creator of all that is all

that has been and all that will be and

for me that energy again is it’s so

accessible to everyone I think a lot of

what I try to do is keep the woowoo

language out so that you know people I

can talk to you know everyday people and

they have no idea that I do energy work

because of the words that I choose the

energy I choose to present it to them

again meeting them where they’re at

describing it in their language in terms

that they can understand because the

energy is so pliable that way where it

meets you where you’re at it you know

what do you need what do you want in

that moment and it is it is that that

divine essence in verb form is that what

that is to me if that makes sense

hmm let’s let’s probe into that a little

bit further I think in my my short

learning I think that you know people

develop blockages in their energy and

their aura as their chakras and you know

is that is that something that you see

often these sort of blockages oh yeah

yeah if you’re gonna go down that line

with describing energy jeez that’s

that’s another juicy one um oh heck yeah

all of us have okay so

there yes we have energy blockages in

our cells on the physical level we have

energy blockages in our chakra system if

you will we have energy blockages in our

Meridian systems I’m an acupuncturist so

I see that too

and but for me what I see often is that

when the Spirit is distressed because of

how its created its reality in energy

via thought form the via emotional form

via habitual behavioral patterns all of

those are energy too so we create our

reality because we are creator beings

from you know that have the source of

the divine within them we create things

and immediately energy will attach

itself to it and it’ll go out and

sometimes we have negative thoughts or

what we deem evil or bad or lower

frequency energy is like you know you

date somebody you get your heart broken

and you’re like oh I’ll never do that


oh yeah you will cuz you just put it out


hey universe I never want to do that

again and they you know they’ll meet you

with negative if you put that negative

energy out there the universe will meet

you with negative energy and yeah you’ll

go through the same thing again so

there’s a little bit of a dance there of

how energy blockages get created if that

makes sense

so okay so how many there’s what there’s

seven primary chakras is that correct

yeah in most systems there’s seven what

is that is that just a paradigm I mean

do do we actually

these source like sort of vortex like

light projecting things connected to you

know our endocrine system and all of our

main organs I mean that’s you perceive

that you pick that up or um yes for me

in my experience with the chakras they

look kind of like um you know the

kaleidoscopes how they’re long and you

can spin them and they change colors

right that’s what a chakra looks like to

me in the body they have apertures at

the front and back of them and they are

very much connected into the physical

organs for me the main seven chakras are

part of the physical form manifestation

of the divine created creativity and we

have a lot more of chakras that go way

above us and I don’t really want to get

in to that but let’s talk about the

primary chakras yeah let’s talk about

what do you what do you see like in the

tree treatments that you’ve done and the

people that you talk to you what do you

see as the most active oh it depends

like for the last couple of years since

2012 there’s been such a spike if you

will and an increased activity within

the you know yeah the could yeah and

part of that is those chakras are

starting to get churned and so there’s a

lot of old stuff old ways of being that

don’t serve us that are just getting

literally pulled out of us whether we

like it or not and yeah and so I’m

seeing since 2012 there’s been like a

sequencing going on they started not

they sorry but in each individual I have

noticed that it started at the first

lower three chakras and then worked its

way up and it started over again on a

different layer deeper layer and it’s

working its way back up again so it’s

like this purging that’s going on for

everyone’s chakra system and a lot of

what I’ve seen is the cleaning out

honestly of what does not serve us like

thoughts like you know you didn’t think

you were good enough at that and someone

so has said they didn’t like you and I

didn’t have a reason but they didn’t

like you you know we take these on and

go ooh I must be bad and so you just

like matched that negative energy that

came in when an all actuality none of

that’s true you’re not bad you know so

what if that person doesn’t like you

it has nothing to do with you that’s

their stuff right so all those places

and those experiences that we’ve had or

were we’ve doubted ourselves and said I

just don’t know if I’m good enough or I

don’t know if I don’t know if I can do

this or you know any of that self doubt

or self worth all that stuff is getting

purged out and my feeling and what I’ve

watched is is that because it’s just not

true it’s not the truth of your being

you know we came into this world perfect

and perfectly created there was nothing

wrong with us and there still is nothing

wrong with us we are here to learn and

we are here to help each other out and

by that we we contribute to what I call

learning lessons and we get to learn and

shift out of non truths and keep

reaching up for the higher realms the

higher energy the higher frequencies

yeah that’d be kind of cool if that

happened like this one day you just kind

of click out of your body and like oh

congratulations you just descended and


you can choose that way but that’s not

how it has to work okay that’s cool I’ll

wait it out you know well I mean okay

let’s go there a little bit is that all

right yeah sure sure okay so what’s

happening is as we are cleaning house

emotional house physical house spiritual

house if you will

cleaning out the chakras cleaning out

the meridians cleaning out the cells and

work creating and the space for a higher

frequency in all of those parts of us

what we’re doing is we’re actually

taking the physical body out of a dense

dimension and allowing it to start to

vibrate and so what happens is is that

it becomes more of a light body of an

energy body and that is part of what

people are calling the Ascension you

know a lot a lot of the whole stories

and the myths around ascending was like

yeah you know you’re gonna hit it’ll in

light mitt you’re gonna have done so

many good things in your life and have

done the right things and that’s gonna

earn you an ascension certificate so you

can take off out of your physical body

now that’s we actually have a choice now

by choosing to let go of that stuff that

doesn’t serve us the negative thoughts

the you know all those untruths of like

I don’t like myself nobody likes me I’m

not good enough I’ve lost my mind yeah

all that stuff as we let that go like I

said the body starts to vibrate the

cells start to vibrate at closer to the

divine source you know this is where you

get close to God if you will and it’s

the old paradigms of this kind of self

hate and like the lower emotions lower

frequencies they’re being sort of phased

out is that we were saying that yeah

these these new higher level emotions

like these higher level like truth love

and like all these other things that

means so much more and resonate so much

higher that is that what

kind of happening right now that these

these old paradigms are starting to go

away and these new paradigms are


yes that’s exactly what I’m saying mmm

okay yeah yeah and so in that you at

some point will get the physical body

vibrating it’s such a high frequency

that doesn’t match those lower frequency

thoughts or paradigms or if you will you

know like 20 years ago the mainstream

consciousness that doesn’t that doesn’t

work anymore you know things like that

even I mean you can even go on to say

that our money system that kind of

consciousness is not going to be able to

it’s not shifting so it’s gonna collapse

in on itself eventually the paradigm of

war that’s not going to be necessary

because that’s all about ego that’s

about I want what you have and I’m going

to fight you and kill you to give it to


okay really that’s that’s not helpful

okay no so those kind of paradigms are

shifting as long as we are mindful about

our attachments to those paradigms and

we let those go you’ll be able to choose

do I want to stay in this body and keep

going higher and higher or do I want to

leave this planet and take my body with

me you know for me I’ve noticed I’ve

noticed that I right now in my life I

cannot have negativity around me


like if if there’s someone who is just a

negative I mean we we all kind of know

someone like that and debbie downer yeah

yeah and it’s just it it’s it’s out of

point I mean before it was like oh

whatever and and now it’s it’s it really

bothers me to a point where I have to

leave that space completely I just can’t

I just can’t be around stuff like that

at all and you know I’ve even I’ve even

started disconnecting people who are

like that and like out of my life


and I I really think that this is part

of the process disconnecting these old

connections and informing these these

new ones yeah I agree

it really is because I where we’re

headed is such a joyful sense of if you

will contentment peace peacefulness

inside or it just does not resonate with

the negativity anymore and you know

actually and all actually a little bit

uh it’s actually a gift for you know if

that doesn’t serve you being around that

negativity as as long as that separation

is done with integrity and as much as

peaceful as possible and it’s a gift to

the other person and this is what I was

talking about how we help each other out

that’s why we’re here you this person

who is negative you know the Debbie

Downer sees you going this isn’t

acceptable anymore and they’re like wait

a minute why isn’t this acceptable this

is how we’ve been operating letting no

it’s not yes it has been but I choose an

I choose another way and that choice is

key into shifting into the higher higher

dimensions if you will or the the higher

frequencies or just the more positive

energy but it gives that gift to the

person who is like well they won’t play

my game right that I’m not getting

served this way so and if it happens

enough to them they might just say huh

maybe I should choose a different way

and maybe come back to see how you had

done it or somebody else had done it

what was the choice they made and why

did they choose it and so this is where

we help each other out you know like

that while that may not have felt all

that great you in your truth stepped out

of it and that person is left to make a

different decision or stay in that in

that paradigm it’s you know

we have free will so there it is yeah

let’s let’s let’s stay with this I like

I like this this where we’re going

another another thing that I’ve noticed

is my intuition is just on full alert

like I am so aware and I’m picking up on

so much like you know I’ll know you know

and I’m I don’t think I’m psychic but

maybe we all are you know partially

psychic or something but I I just lately

I feel connected to everything and I

will you know know who’s calling before

they call me or I mean like you said I

know what a person’s thinking before

they say it and it’s my intuition as

well is just so on point

with the choices I need to make in my

life and I I found that if I don’t if I

don’t follow my intuition if I don’t

make those choices

it really hurts it’s really painful and

it really really hurts really badly dad

I’m sorry go ahead

no no I was just what’s your – what’s

your take on that how do you what do you

say about that

I say rock on you that’s awesome

oh yeah seriously like know of truly

because you have enough awareness to

know and to sense just very aware of

what is the best for you and you truly

are being guided but you you know you

could say by your higher self by your

own and you know own spirit soul in your

body I mean however you want to put it

that’s what’s happening to all of us who

choose to let go of the old that which

does not serve us and my abilities are

kicking on it’s a little disconcerting

at times because I’m playing oh boy that

was fun why

you know but it’s I love hearing when

people say that to me I’ve heard it

quite frequently over the last couple of

years and I am excited to be honest with

you and the more people who choose to

allow themselves to expand like you’re

doing and to continue to heal and to

express itself in its the way it’s meant

to be your flavor of the divine is meant

to be expressed and show up in the world

I’m very excited about this because for

me it is kind of like we’re returning

back to there was a time from in my

world there was a time on the planet

where we all were like this we could

telepath with each other we were very

transparent with each other and we were

very honest and much integrity and

dignity in what we said how we treated

each other how we were we totally were

embodied divinity and an amazing it is

not it looks like the 3d form we have

right now but it’s more more expanded

it’s more closer to a light body if you

will or an energy body and it was just

amazing it’s amazing piece it’s amazing

just a love and respect for each other

and just a such an allowance with grace

for everyone to be who they are and a

peaceful not to say that there wasn’t

you know disagreements and things like

that but there was not to the level that

we we’ve had it for gosh for a long long

time on this planet so when I hear

people say like you did that my

abilities are kicking on and I I just

I’m so excited I’m it’s just a

confirmation to me

that there are more and more of us

choosing to return to our own light that

we are we were created as and to keep

choosing that and keep being present

with it can you imagine if everyone

walked around being in full integrity

full transparency full accountability

yeah I like that I want that but it just

there is some level for me that makes it

feel like a river meant a remembrance

and it’s such a heartfelt remembrance

like I I just it’s so good I’ve always

thought I was like an alien and I was

put here or something and you know

people who know me closely I always talk

about kind of going home you know this

sort of yeah like ephemeral sort of like

out there weird kind of home place have

no idea what I’m talking about but oh my

I don’t know

and so so when I asked people about you

know what do you what do you think home

means what’s home to you and they’re

like giving me their address or

something like no that’s not what I’m

talking about no I know exactly what you

mean for most of my life I have not felt

I feel like I’ve dropped on the wrong

planet I’m like I just I don’t

understand these humans

I don’t get it what am i doing like

what’s the point of me being here I’m

completely different than everybody else

I already know what half the people are

gonna say to me what’s the point of this

I don’t get this why am I here right and

I’ve always wanted to go home and I’m

like please just take me home because I

can I be done with this now because this

hurts this this way with that people are

operating is just so much suffering it

hurts and like you said before you know

if you don’t align with those decisions

that are what’s best for you it hurts

it does it physically hurts and mentally

hurts and emotionally hurts it

spiritually hurts it heart hurts your

heart it’s just painful so yeah I know

I and I can honestly say most of us are

not from I mean most of the light

workers are not because um

that’s a whole different subject but it

is it’s this sense I have if I want to

bring it down a little bit more simply

for just to kind of address it because a

lot of people feel like that at least a

lot of people that I know and a lot of

the workers light workers and energy

workers and healers that I know they

have this sense of like I want home I

want to be home and we each know what

that is in our heart and I think we can

access it if we allow ourselves but it’s

a bit of a catch-22 because once you

know what home is and where you come

from you can either feel completely at

peace you know knowing that okay someday

I’m going to go back there and I know

what it feels like and I can carry that

with me and you know on this planet in

my heart in this life on a day-to-day

basis or I’ve seen other people I have

actually taken people to the planets

that they’re from back to the soul

groups that they came from so that they

can remember that I could remember that

home and it is one of the most beautiful

abilities I’ve been given to witness

that to what witness people find that

peace in their heart it’s an amazing you

know it’s like that moment when someone

dies the right before they die or maybe

the day before they die they just look

energetically beautiful right because

they know they’re going home and when

I’ve taken people on those journeys

that’s exactly what they look like when

they come back some of them are sad

because they miss it but I try to help

them remember that they they that will

always be with them they can always go

back I can always take them back to

visit if it’s that intense

or you know but now that you know that

it’s there’s a great piece that you can

have from being consciousness if there’s

this magical place that you know where I

can shine and I’m beautiful and you know

whatever I and I can go there and I go

there when I die and we wire why are we

here what do we what are we doing I mean

I feel like a lot of us are just

completely clueless about what we’re

doing we’re so lost and and it’s it’s so

difficult to you know really pick

something and and choose and I don’t

know just the the thought escapes me

explaining it escapes me but you know

what what can we do to align to our

truth how can we how can we how can we

get home faster I don’t know if there’s

a faster I’m pretty sure there’s not a

faster I’ve asked that question and I

get a very smartass remark and I’ll hear

the comment of like what you think

you’re gonna be perfect and so then you

can just leave you think that’s what

this is it’s like okay now you know Oh

what is the purpose for us being here

that is a that’s a pretty large question

yeah what about what about something

easier than that what about you know

what can we do energetically to to help

us on our journey like when we feel the

suffering that we feel are there are

there tools exercises that that you know

of that maybe you can teach us let me

think about that second question for a

little bit let me try to answer that

first part okay because I think that’s

an important very important part for


to put it in very simple terms and just

layman terms for me to really it comes

down to making a choice we all have free

well we were built like this it’s part

of the whole system that we came into

and it’s key because every single

decision that we have to make we are put

up against what are you going to choose

are you going to choose a love are you

going to choose fear are you gonna

choose doubt are you gonna choose

certainty and it yes it has a very

distinguishing duality polarity to it

dichotomy to those things but it comes

down basically to just those the other

key thing about making that decision is

where are you going to choose to make

these decisions from where you’re going

to choose to create from are you going

to choose to create from your ego are

you going to choose to create from the

divinity the divine spark and yourself

are you going to choose to create if you

will with the god light within you what

are you gonna choose and I think you put

it very well very very well when you

said you know when I don’t make those

decisions it hurts and when I do make

those decisions that are very much in

alignment with what you consider your

truth it’s very probably joyous and very

feels really good and you feel like

you’re in the flow right yeah yeah and

to keep I think what we all can do is

keep making those decisions that keep us

on that path of of no suffering and we

create our own hell you know the heaven

that we create we can create heaven or

hell for ourselves and we’re really good

at it and that’s a choice that’s an

absolute choice and so it when we choose

and put our intention to create heaven

on earth and that’s a very cliche

statement but

there’s a reason for that statement

because we are responsible for that and

we’re the ones who make those choices

and more than once you create the

reality and set that energy in motion

for not only ourselves but for those

around us you know we’re like a drop in

the water when we make a choice a

decision that is in alignment with our

truth that ripple we drop into the into

the still water and now the ripples off

of our drop we don’t know where they go

we have no idea how far that ripple will

go right but it does and on an energetic

level that reaches out to the whole

entire consciousness of this planet and

into this planet and I would even dare

say out into the galaxy and so there’s

just this vibe and the more of us that

choose to create from the divine

divinity the divine light in us not from

our egos to stay in alignment with our

truth what we believe that to be and set

our intention from there and put our

attention and keep keeping that energy

in motion forwards to making our dreams

come true from our heart not from our

ego oh wow that is just that is what is

perpetuating this you know heaven on

earth if you will we we can do that we

can create that if enough of us continue

to choose that but I think on a day to

day basis just for everyone who you know

is new to this stuff that is what it

comes down to is making those choices

with clear intention from the divine

spark in yourself knowing that’s the

absolute truth a gut gut decision and

you know it in your heart of hearts go

with that and just making those choices

in everything that we do Wow that’s

really really profound I’m trying to

take notes that I’m sitting here just

drawing like like little pictures

so Wow I’m just I’m blown away by you

know the the depth in which you’re

explaining this this is this this is

amazing I’m okay so so do you think that

that we are by fulfilling this truth do

you think that we’re on some sort of the

karmic mission that you know maybe maybe

by following this intuition and and

following this gut feeling and following

our quote truth and doing all the things

that we’re supposed to be doing you know

maybe we’re releasing these karmic

contracts and by doing that other people

are also like seeing that we’re doing

that and then following suit yeah yeah I

don’t really agree with you I think

because we’re making a different

decision we’re shifting our paradigms

and we’re shifting what we choose to be

in alignment with which is key and

really important to shifting karma

that’s a pretty loaded word but I’m just

gonna I’m gonna just answer your or

address what you said but yeah yes I

forgot what you said I was talking about

talking about Karma and you know our

choices are and having a mission here

like filling this sort of contractual

karmic obligation whatever it may be

and you know maybe for our highest good

or and everyone else around us as well

and and the end goal being sort of

ascending ascension and so it’s it seems

like it seems like what’s happening with

you know the 2012 phenomenon and people

waking up like we we are moving into

these sort of perfect bodies where our

chakra systems are activating and we are

clearing out all these attachments and

all these negative things that have been

in our lives for so long suddenly our

disconnecting and suddenly they’re

they’re gone

and I mean I feel like people are seeing

changes in their lives so quickly now so

much more quickly than than ever before

and it’s interesting it’s a really

interesting time to be alive I mean I’m

quite grateful for it yeah me too it is

a very interesting time and you know I

can say that we we chose this lifetime

because it was going to be interesting

and it was going to be juicing and at

some point it’s been said that we

actually started writing our own history

on the higher realms if you will because

we enough of us on this planet had

chosen to shift our our paradigm from

the old to the new and just enough of us

believed that it was like this just

isn’t it there’s more to life than this

more to life than this you know

bump and grind on a daily basis there’s

more I just know it and there was enough

of us that believed in that and because

of that at some point we actually

started writing our own history like ok

humanity is now shifted to the point and

they’re vibrating at a certain frequency

so much there’s enough of us on this

planet that are in alignment with that

we’re gonna what can we create where do

we go from here and it’s been a very

very juicy blast probably about 10 15

years and to watch what we chose it’s

for me sometimes it was really

nerve-wracking and you know because you

like or tip-in really you’re gonna know

we didn’t fall right it is a time is

accelerating because we’re shifting our

paradigm because when time wow that’s a

whole different topic I don’t really

want to address right now but let me go

back to the mission thing

and how I mentioned before that we were

helping each other out we all did this

together we had to do this together

there was you know it there is the

saying that it only takes just one right

the whole Jesus story where Jesus was

just one person and look what he did it

there’s that very much so and he I think

also what’s new in this new paradigm is

that we are not meant to what is the

word well let’s take out the not meant

to and just talk about the meant to we

really by example only are what gets

more dine on an energetic level on a

shifting a paradigm level if we just are

the example and not purposely trying to

be the example but if we just live our

lives in alignment with our truth I’m in

the divine then that’s that part of

that’s awesome that has a huge effect

way more than if any of us actually

opened our mouths we do have to open our

mouth so we do need to be mindful about

what we put out there because that’s

energy too you know we create things and

feelings and emotions and others and we

send thoughts out with our words or

insert can be very powerful but we are

in this together as far as being karmic

I think most of us on this planet at

this time did it on purpose we came here

during this time because it was going to

be juicy it was going to be a hell of a

ride and it’s been an adventure and it

still is we’re not done and we’re still

creating our history our future one day

at a time

Wow but we did we did come here to help

each other we can’t do it without each

other the more of us like I said before

the more of us who get in alignment with

why we’re here

is just a it’s kind of like let’s you

jack up the electricity volume booboo

you know it’s gonna be like yeah it’s

just awesome um I hope that addresses

the mission with that with that we are

at the bottom of the hour we’re gonna

take a break

folks were this is the human experience

here we’re on with Tiffany Johnson and

she is just absolutely destroying it I

love this love this conversation I’m

loving it so we will be right back and

hang on cuz we’re gonna go deeper and

this is the human experience we’re back

I’m Xavier I’m here with Tiffany Johnson

she’s just blowing mine this is amazing

I just I’ve wanted to have this

conversation Tiffany for so long and I

just and I and it kind of like you just

said I think I think I you know I I

talked to my friends about this stuff

and I and and yeah we talked about it

but there’s a there’s a wall you know

there there’s a point where it just it

doesn’t it doesn’t really help anymore

to kind of talk about what we’re talking

about if that makes sense and so so yeah

I think in this space I think it it

really gives us a chance to really just

get out you know like what our message

is and so I’m so happy that you know

you’re here and and I can feel my

chakras spinning and one of the things I

was gonna ask you about was you know

it’s it’s so important for us to have

people like you here in you know

facilitating this sort of you know

process it you know I’ve I’ve talked to

other healers and I don’t know there’s

there’s something about it and it I know

it seems like everything is sort of an

energy game right and and and the

winning the winning scenario is if both

parties are kind of walking away feeling

good about the transaction you know that

the energy exchange whatever it may be

like whether you’re you’re trading it

good or you’re buying something you

should feel good about it and not you

know you’ve not later that you calf tur

you’d the hypnosis wears off that you

feel like because you got ripped

off so so I think I think in you know in

dialogue and in exchanges in our

everyday in our everyday we should be

able to feel like we’re helping one

another that we’re gaining something

that has been beneficial for both of us

not and not only just both of us but a

sort of synergy a third you know a third

energy like a third higher kind of

energy can you flow with that yeah I can

flow with that um ya know that’s a great

way of putting it um how I perceive

relationships I’m any kind of

relationship is where they’re you have a

me a you and the stuff between and the

stuff between is what you co-create with

that person but also that’s where the

the divine or spirit or that the motion

movement of energy divine energy gets

its place if the space is allowed for it

and how you co-create that with someone

is based on those decisions on a

day-to-day basis so yeah

the tricky thing about that is is our

culture in at least in America and is

all about give me what I want I want

what I want when I want it you know

we’re kind of like yeah we’re kind of

like an egotistical nineteen year old

like I got this you’re on your own

see yeah you know and it’s that’s not

that’s not coke creative that’s not

mutually supportive it’s and it’s very

much of creating an independence and a

very big flavor of separation from other

and from source and source meaning the

divine your that your definition of God

however you want to put that but yeah

that creates a serious amount of

separation and or that’s not

what where we’re headed that’s not what

we are about just in human nature that’s

not what we’re about we have our moments

of being selfish but we’re also healthy

selfish but we also need to work in

community we need each other

so yeah the more we can head towards

like hey it were in this situation how

can this be beneficial for both of us

and sometimes we have to be careful with

the good good win there’s a we have to

be careful with that because sometimes

the the the gift is the

uncomfortableness when you just feel

like you’ve lost if that makes sense

because because what you’re gonna weigh

into this I want to talk about parasites

I want to talk about people who are

parasitic they are vampires they you

know it the I think the most dangerous

people that are the ones that appear you

know to be otherwise they’re they’re

narcissists they’re Psychopaths you know

they’re possessed who knows but but you

know they exist there are people who

exist to infiltrate you know what you’re

doing your evolution your personal

evolution and they their goal is to you

know screw that you know up as much as

possible so how do we how do we

recognize that how do we defend against

that and I and I know that you know you

or I think it seems like you have this

sort of you know everything is learning

and you know yet even through bad

experiences we can learn I get that but

I also want to be aware and I and I want

to have control I want to have a feeling

of control of who’s in my space I want

to be able to recognize you know when

these these people are around me so I’d

like to hear your thoughts on that

there’s a lot of thoughts about

different parts of that

yeah okay let me first address the first

part the whole people who just feel like

they are bad or evil okay is so I’m

fascinated as an energy worker to

understanding how did how did someone

say like someone who has schizophrenia

how did that happen on an energetic

level what happened to the spirit soul

in that person’s body to get them so

fragmented that they’ve invited other

beings in to their space they’re no

longer senior in their space they’re no

they’re not sovereign in their space

what happened and like I try I am

fascinated by the energy in mental

disorders and and psychological

syndromes because of this because it has

such an impact on the soul spirit I’m

using those words in turn in order in

the same kind of space yeah because I

don’t I don’t want to go into the the

whole discussion of defining either one

of those because there’s so many systems

out there that separate the two and put

them in different parts of the body and

yadda yadda I’m just uncovering covering

at all by saying soul spirit and in the

body so what so when you encounter

someone who is seemingly a vampire or

seemingly an energy sucker or someone

who just does not have good intentions

towards anybody for me what I do is I

try to back up and I go okay this is a

form of spirit why is it here and every

spirit soul I believe for the most part

and there are exceptions but for the

most part came from the divine okay so

if that’s true

then there’s a spark in that person

somewhere in there that is of the divine

light and if it’s crowded and corroded

by negative energy or bad experiences or

trauma or maybe that person’s been

through some serious hell in this

lifetime right it’s all in their space

like we were talking about talking about

before they are just clogged with a

negative dark energy so when people who

are trying to get rid of all that

negative energy they can immediately

sense the darkness and this person right

and we forget that there is a spirit

soul in there somewhere but they’re

wounded and they’re carrying a story

just like we’re carrying a story and

just just to say hello to that person to

that light in them kind of shifts the

whole dynamic of like you being a victim

or them being a predator or you not

having power and they’ve got all the

power it really shifts that paradigm I

like to tell myself when I start feeling

like maybe I’m getting a little

egotistical or I’m getting a little out

of touch with why we’re here why I’m

here what the point of this is and it’s

like I say to myself I look around the

room and I go we are all masters in our

own right we are all equals we’re all

here for a reason we’re all a very

specific flavor of the divine who needs

to be here and that kind of levels the

playing field for me and it it lets me

kind of see the energetic stories of

what’s going on and from that place I

can ground myself get back in my body be

centered notice where I am engaging like

why am i triggered why am i having the

reactions I am having to these people

and what is it about their story that

isn’t is causing me to go oh my god I

just got to get out of this room I can’t

stand this person right what what’s

happening there for me so I check in

with myself first

after I’ve done my you know we’re all

the same here

we all carry story I don’t know what

those are well I do sometimes all most

of the time because I could see them but

you know for those who don’t have the

ability to see the energy just a you

know kind of say hello to that

everyone’s carrying a story and the best

thing you can do is just be kind and

peaceful and stay grounded in sovereign

in your own space so because what that

does is a lot of the reason why that

person is trying to suck your energy is

that they are in a state of lack or lack

of they think you have something that

they don’t have which is not true they

just believe it because they’ve been

told that all their life that they don’t

have that they’ll never have it because

they’re a screw-up or whatever right

they have that negative energy in their

space so they’ve bought into that story

it’s not a true story but they don’t

know how to get out of that story and so

you know it’s kind of like those of us

who can shine a flashlight into the dark

and say yo hey I see you in there it’s

really dark in there I’m not coming in

but I can say hello to you from out here

I’ll use that same example you say hello

from your space you don’t go out of your

space energetically you stay in your

space you stay o Capitan in the middle

of your body you don’t leave there’s no

reason for you to leave or have to leave

the only reason why we jump out of our

bodies is because we’ve gone so much

interfere or we’ve so much gone into

triggered trauma that it throws us out

and that’s something for us to look at

and something for us to learn about

ourselves it’s like oh wow Joe Schmoe

over there just threw me out of my body

why did I allow that to happen

because Joe Schmo yes may have tried to

do that on purpose energetically but

it’s like why did I give him permission

why did I give up my power why did I why

did I leave who who is he to tell me

that I need to leave my body no way

right so there’s a lot of that so the

first thing that you do

you look when when you experience that

you look internally and and check

yourself is that what you’re saying that

you recommend or yes because if you’re

nice you know like I said Oh Capitan in

the center of your space anybody can

come in and it’s an open target it’s

kind of like taking all the Jews all the

milk out of a glass like you know your

spirit soul your consciousness if you

take yourself out of your glass that’s

an empty glass anybody can come in

anybody’s gonna come in if they can or

if they want to so the more you can stay

in your glass and fill it up with your

energy the less you’re gonna have

reactive reactions to those vampires

people to those people who are trying to

throw you to those people that are

trying to control you and they’re gonna

keep doing that cuz that’s a game they

want to play with you

that’s the energetic game it’s like how

much can I can get control by making

other people afraid of me it’s the old

paradigm and the more of us that can say

you know why that’s crap I don’t want to

play that game anymore I’m gonna choose

to either walk away from you or I can

say this to you you know whatever needs

to be said in a very neutral diplomatic

way or maybe not maybe I have some

friends who are pretty aware I don’t

hang out with people who I just I so

that my friends are you know they’re

they’re in tune and they get it and I

sometimes I hear a lot of stuff like oh

well you know today was such a rough day

I just can’t be around anyone or it

feels like it feels like everyone is

just taking my energy today or you know

like it I just need to get away from

everyone so that I can recharge and

that’s something that I hear a lot from

a lot of my friends and so you know

there there’s something happening there

and and yeah okay let me let me check

myself you know but I have to go to work

tomorrow you know I don’t want to lose

my job so you know what can we do to

kind of protect ourselves from those

types of experiences

that’s an awesome question I actually

teach tools to people when I do readings

for them on how to actually navigate

this because this is a pretty it can be

a very simple answer I can give you

right now or and it could get pretty

detailed pretty quickly my first

reaction is to say what is it in you

that is going out reaching or taking on

this energy that’s coming into your

space where are you meeting it and why

are you meeting it

how does that what is the benefit of

doing that for you and how does that

serve you or not serve you I’ll give you

an example so okay this is this is

really this is a good one I hope so when

we’re in art we have our personal space

field right or aura or electromagnetic

field whatever you want to call it

there’s all the same different words all

the same and in that we have our energy

our energies floating around and you

know it’s our personal space when again

when someone or let’s just use the love

example when we like someone we have a

tendency to reach out of our space

energetically into their space

energetically and start like just

getting close to them energetically it

comes back to me for the sense of semper

separation we are so looking to

reconnect on those levels again that we

are willing energetically to go into

someone else’s space to find it to get

it to have that connection right because

you always hear when people are dating

they’re like I just didn’t feel

connected well what does that mean what

I mean you didn’t feel connected in what

way did you have a great conversation

well yeah and you’re physically

attracted to this person yeah

okay so then what you know and it’s like

we’re looking for that reconnection

being met half

it comes back to that you me and the

stuff in the middle

sometimes our personal space goes into

that stuff in the middle and that person

space comes into that stuff in the

middle and now we’ve got a big energetic

muck mess right right and so we start

giving each other our stuff because we

care we want to feel connected right

there’s so many reasons why we take

other people’s energy in like okay I can

help you I know what this is about you

know I’ll take this on for you or I’ll

hold this for you and that it’s good no

it’s not good you just brought someone

else’s energy into your space they have

no business being in your space the only

two situations where people have any

business being in your personal space on

an energetic level in my world is sex

and when a woman’s pregnant that’s it

Wow well I’m I can say that I tend to do

that a lot I mean I’d not sex or

pregnancy I tend to project a lot and so

yeah I I do protect myself out and I

start to pick up on other people and I

it freaks me out you know and and more

of more of it I’m just trying to control

it like I don’t even know that I’m doing

it and I end up doing it so it’s very

subconscious and it’s kind of like

breathing so I don’t yeah that’s that’s

difficult so it’s okay

so we in this exchange we are meeting

this other person in a negative sort of

space and the first question to ask is

why are we doing that why why are we

even going there

yeah what are you looking for right

right so go on okay so before I’ll use

my own example of myself before I

figured out how to control my energy

because I

could read people’s thoughts knew

exactly what they needed and could see

where they were stuck and wouldn’t give

themselves what they needed I did it I

was like because I could so I would

energetically go into their space look

at their story you know say hello to

them and go around and muck about their

space and help them get unstuck because

I could write that’s a mess that’s an

energetic mess that sucks my energy out

and then I’m like oh god I don’t want to

be around that person that person loves


they just got like a booster of my

energy right the problems got fixed I

told them what to do with their life and

then they moved on right and then they

come back and they ask me for advice and

the same thing happens again it’s messy

and then I go I don’t want to be around

this person because they suck my energy

right no they’re not sucking my energy I

am putting all my energy into their

space because I’m trying to help them so

the benefit for me of losing my space

was that I was thinking I was being

helpful and I’m not and for multiple

reasons one I’m wasn’t in my own body so

I was leaving my body open as an

energetic target I was draining giving

my energy away as a gift thinking that

was helpful because I had more strength

I I knew what was going on right no you

know that’s not helpful I need my

strength you know because I can’t keep

helping people if they if I keep losing

my energy right I’m not capitan in my

body I’m out in someone else’s space

being a passenger going around going you

know going through what they’re going


and so I constantly have this person on

my mind because I can’t let go of them

right and it’s and they won’t call me

for days and days and days because I’m

already in their space I’m crowding them

so that’s not helpful right and I want

to talk to this person so then there’s

the it benefited me this is what I what

I mean by asking yourself how is it

serving you how is it serving me to go

into someone else’s space and lose my

space lose my sovereignty lose my body

Lu you know I’m losing here I’m not

winning and I think I’m being helpful

what it served me was but I realized was

that I wanted to be helpful and that’s

where I felt like people would like me

if I got help I was helpful so that’s

what how it was serving me because

people did they came to me for advice

and I felt like I was important right

this is a really messy way to go about

that so having learned that I need to

stay center in my body stay home at in

my body in my personal space is probably

one of the best tools that we can teach

ourselves how to do because from this

place from this throne from this podium

we can see so much more and be a little

bit more neutral and have more space for

ourselves to choose better reactions

better to make better decisions from

being sovereign and centered in our own

bodies and letting go of the lies that

that doesn’t serve you know how does

that serve and it wasn’t serving either

one of us so to be very conscious about

intention again where I put my intention

my intention was to help this person my

attention went into their space my

energy followed that attention and

intention and I made a mess right so

taking that back to your original

question about vampires and people who

suck energy that’s what they’re doing

you know on the reverse in a very more

negative way I was trying to be helpful

but they’re doing it in a more negative

way so I hope that answers that question

Wow really interesting that kind of goes

back to what we were discussing about

creating a sort of win-win for both

parties and allowing the divine to be in

between our interactions right yeah yep

so yeah it kind of kind of makes sense

doesn’t it

so um you know why don’t you why don’t

you describe to me your your a day in

life like how because it seems like your

your experience is so so far kind of

like if I don’t I mean I am I’m pretty

sensitive and I have times where I just

want to run away and just to hermit and

not talk to anyone or see anyone and so

I mean it you must feel like that

sometimes and I mean is that why you

live in the mountains because ya know I

hear ya there are times where I’ve lost

my space for whatever reason all of us

go I mean anybody who’s doing any kind

of energy work anybody who’s sensitive

to energy there’s waves of how well your

space is doing what it and yeah one of

the things I you asked for a tool

earlier and and what’s coming to mind

right now is like just a lot of bubbles

like when your feelings so zapped and so

full that you need to go and be isolated

and be by yourself just imagine anything

that’s on your mind or anybody or a

situation or work situation whatever is

bugging you imagine a big bubble out in

front of you and let that go right into

the bubble create as many bubbles as you

want create them as big as you want and

when they are full you can do so many

different things with them you can

imagine them floating away you can pop

them all just make sure they’re very far

away from you don’t pop them in your own

space make a big mess in your space

again you can imagine them going down

water you can blow them up you can do

whatever you want however you want to

get rid of them or you can just gently

say I want this to go back to where it

belongs and

that kind of helps decompress our

personal spaces or our auric field of

unnecessary energy it was really helpful

it’s a very simple tool again just put

it in a bubble and let it go and you

really let it go and then you’ll feel so

much better

um I find that that it works a lot for

me where if I’m just spinning on

something I am like oh you know I out

out out out and I’ll imagine a big

bubble and I’ll be like go in the bubble

I’ve had it and it’ll go in the bubble

and it’ll go away and I’ve got my space

back um it’s really nice the reason why

I prefer to live in the mountains is yes

I am incredibly sensitive to energy and

being in cities is just overwhelming for

me my nervous system gets so

overstimulated and it can’t ever rest

because I’m picking up on everything

that’s going on and you know I can tune

it out most of the time but you know I’m

different every day some days are good

some days are not so good I go through

my own growth periods where I’m moving

so much energy I need to be isolated

because I’m being reintegrated we worked

you know unwrapped and rewrapped again

in new ways and I just need peaceful

quiet positive energy to allow that

process to happen and to integrate the

shifts that are going on within myself

so I say yeah you need to go into the

mountains you need to go for a walk go

for it

take it do it it’s hella long I’m gonna

come visit ya one of my favorite places

I love this place is called the star

house it’s a temple based on sacred

geometry and it is energetically charged

to be at a very high frequency and it is

a non-denominational temple and I’ll

tell you the

such divinity and grace in that place

and the Archangels are in there and yes

you know I invite you to come up and

visit that place with me some of my

favorite places sounds divine sounds

pretty amazing it is there’s an author

it’s Arthur II pal

he wrote a book called the astral body

and other astral phenomena very very old

book I think it’s like 1925 1926


it’s probably one of the most like

in-depth pieces I’ve read on you know

and what happens energetically and on

the astral it’s a really good read

highly recommend it and it’s it’s from

you know like nineteen friggin 26 or so

long ago so it’s not filter and it’s it

doesn’t have this mainstream kind of

like tame to it and there’s there’s a

part in that book where he describes and

he talks about like thought forms and

how we’re creating them constantly and

how to go back to to kind of link back

to what we were talking about how when

we think about a person depending on how

strongly that thought is charged it’s

like like a like a bubble or something

kind of projects out shoots at them hits

their field and depending on their

strength depending on how strong they

are if if they’re if they’re less strong

than you

they absorb what what what you sent them

and if they’re more strong it bounces

back and hits you so it’s a really

really interesting read I was actually

kind of wondering about that he talks

about he talks about kind of creating

thought forms which I have no plans on

doing but

kind of autonomous kind of things and

it’s gets kind of out there but I wanted

to know what you know what you thought

about this stuff like you demonology

where where are you at with non-physical

beings do you do you have encounters do

you do you pick I mean it sounds like

you pick up on this stuff every day so

don’t you remember the movie yes what is

that Sixth Sense

yeah I see dead people yeah yeah I pick

up on all a lot of that stuff um it was

a really great movie for me I was like

yeah wha

wow you never expect that ending and

that was just like nice that somebody

put that out there I wish they hadn’t

done it in such a scary form but that’s

how it feels sometimes is that scary

you know in the beginning when you start

to get used to it but I’m off on the

tangent yeah no I agree

when you think of someone depending on

how strong the energy is that you have

whether it be positive or negative

attached to that thought about this

person it goes right out to them like a

trajectory you know what is it called

the tractor beam it finds them hits them

and if they you know it you can look at

it in one sense if they like you and you

were sending them like I really like

this person they’re gonna pick up on

that and then they’ll send I like you

back right if you like them and they’re

like oh no why is that I I wish I wasn’t

thinking about this person you know like

or they’re nervous about liking you or

you know there’s so many varied

reactions that that person can have more

likely than not they’re gonna call you

because they picked up on your phone

call you’re energetic phone calling with

hey what’s going on I was just thinking

about you right that happens a lot

that’s typically what that is when

someone sends something out and it’s


if someone’s holding their space strong

enough if they are in their bodies if

they are senior sovereign and centered

they won’t take on a whole lot of energy

from other people they’ll get the pink

or the poke as Facebook puts it the you

know the energetic poke but it’ll kind

of just kind of wash off and they can

decide what they want to do with it or

what not to do with it

you know and that’s kind of how that


yeah interesting that you know that that

again connects back to everything we’ve

been talking about especially since you

know because of like this this shift in

awareness we are more conscious of of

these things we’re picking up more and

more and more yeah you were just

thinking about me I felt you think about

me yeah we’re we’re having this

conversation we’re saying the exact same

thing and we’re like where our mouths

we’re all sort of connected it’s like a

grid thing so let’s let’s get into let’s

get into non-physical beings let’s get

into Nadi’s and let’s get into I mean

what would you term them when you call

them orc angels you call them demons

would you call them aliens I really like

to know more okay well guys depending on

who shows up I might call them an

archangel I might call them a demon I

might call them an alien it really

depends on who shows up because you can

it depends on who shows up this is what

it is who got invited or who decided to

drop in for a little something-something

okay so your last your last DD encounter

let’s hear that

Oh my last easy encounter I will share a

story that a friend of mine a friend of

mine and I have been really enlightened

on and I a let me

explain that so you know we all know

about Lucifer right and I’ve this is one

of you know your classic demons if you

will if you’re looking from a negative

perception if you’re looking from the

old paradigm if you’re looking and

buying into the whole Oh an arc angel

was so jealous about humanity that God

said that’s wrong and threw him down on

earth and how bad is earth for an

archangel be thrown down to really like

okay let’s throw him down to earth

because that’s the worst place that he

could possibly be great and so he’s

pissed off at God and he goes around and

he starts terrorizing humanity which is

supposed to be according to the Bible is

God’s favorite creation right that’s a

fantastic negative story if you buy it

while most of us have bought it for a

long long time but Lucifer’s name

Lucifer was the most beautiful energetic

right-hand angel of God he must have

done something so bad to get thrown out

of heaven if you’re buying into that

paradigm right Lucifer’s name means

Morningstar Morningstar is the brightest

star in the sky right Lucifer is the

shining light in the dark let’s take

this this this perception let’s do a

gradual shift in perception about

Lucifer so if we know his name is more

than Thor and he’s the brightest star

and he’s God’s right hand our games all

closest to God is that bad that can’t be

bad right why would they name a morning

star relative yeah relative the hole

he’s got legions of demons and you know

he’s got his mean and he’s evil and

people are possessed by him and Allah

you know okay

yes there are some nasty evil beings out

there but there’s multiple reasons for

those two and I don’t buy into the fact

that Lucifer’s got the legions of these

evil beings let’s let’s shift this yeah

I know right it’s it’s a big one it’s a

big one in the consciousness of humanity

because that one has been a long-running

story let’s let’s take it another step

so if Lucifer

it means morning start right we have

Archangel Michael we have a whole Legion

of Archangels I’m just gonna keep it

simple by sticking to Raphael who’s the


Gabriel who’s the communicator The

Messenger of God

Archangel Michael who’s the Sword of

Truth carrier there’s a protector and

Archangel Uriel who is kind of like you

know just they’ve got multiple person

purposes not as big and strong as the

other ones but let’s just stick to those

she that one tends to be more of

nurturing and more home-based more kind

of humanly form if you will has stuff to

do with that

I won’t worked a whole lot with Uriel

I’ve worked enough with them but not a

whole lot anyways

so there’s this big huge crew of

Archangels right I have a friend who

part of her guides are her guides is a

counsel of the Archangels and Lucifer

happened to have shown up and we’re like

and she was like oh my god baby you know

she’s freaking out because of all this

you know fear around yeah but when she

sees him she sees him as a bright light

just like all the other ones now me I’m

like wait a minute what are you doing

here and why are you showing up what’s

what are you doing so we get from him

that he’s here to help like both of us

are still kind of hesitant right flank


alright let’s see how this goes because

I have had experiences with nasty demons

and nasty beings all my life on and off

and I know how to get rid of them so I

was like okay if he is you know

bullshitting us I’ll get rid of him not

a problem so took it with a grain of

salt that he showed up he showed up to

her the other day in the most amazing

gift and he and this kind of goes back

to our choices so if you choose from

your ego you and you choose to create

from your own energy not the divine

light Lucifer will show up and give you

exactly what you want and you’ll end up

being the cold-hearted CEO power-hungry

greedy heartless you know typical

stereotypical Jerky’s you know person in

power right you’ll get the power that

you want you’ll make money off of it but

you will not be in alignment with the

divine it’s your choice

right here we go back to the freewill

thing again you have that choice or you

can choose to create from the divine

light what are you going to choose you

can choose to have it be in alignment

with your higher self for your purpose

for being here and he will gladly help

you because he’s a creator being what do

you want to create you want to create

heaven on earth or you want to create

personal hell what do you want that’s

his purpose he can give you the light

which is his name or he can give you the

dark which is your choice what do you

want it okay just to make this clear I

don’t recommend anyone call Lucifer or

any of the hats I don’t recommend that I

don’t think that’s a good idea but

that’s maybe that’s my ego talking I

just I don’t know I don’t know yeah

you’re right there is a lot of stigma

behind that name and you know Satan

Lucifer yeah it just it bugs me out you

know it’s right right and that’s the

best example I could give you that when

I say there’s a divine spark in everyone

no matter how negative they are there’s

a divine spark in them

it might be teeny-tiny it might be the

size of a penny but it’s in there and

your capacity to stay out of fear to say

hello to that is so key in dealing with

demons and dark beings and non-physical

entities and you have a choice and so he

is the classic he’s the best example of

that it’s like you can choose to you

know buy into the whole thing that he’s

negative or you can choose to buy in

that he’s he’s part of that troupe God

created him for a reason

and he created because we go into the

dark and sometimes we have to go into

the dark and what do we choose in the

dark do we choose our ego do we choose

fear do we choose divine light like just

keep blind faith all the religions of

the world are like blind faith blind

trust keep it in there keep it in your

heart right so that’s the best example I

can give you of like dealing with

entities and that is the last one I’ve

dealt with to be honest with you is him

in my own fears and worries concerns and

paradigms and shifting but like honestly

when she told me about this story and

told me what she got from him I cried

because it was beautiful because he was

able he was able to show her his actual

divinity and love that he is and and

because she made the choice to create

from the divine light not from her ego

not from a power house right so that’s a

big one yeah a little bit and you know

just I wanted to get your thoughts on

this just because this is right now in

the mainstream and I’m guessing that you

don’t watch much of the news at all and

but if you haven’t heard there’s this

Ebola massive fear campaign like scare

the out of everyone happening right


you know and and the market is tanking

for the last week and

amid you know all these scares of Ebola

and and you know if you if you want to

go into the conspiracy side of things I

guess if if you can keep a population

afraid and away from this divinity that

we’re talking about if you can keep them

so scared that they’re afraid to look

into themselves to see God or divinity

you’ve won

I mean they’ve won by doing that they’ve

won your you you’ve already lost I mean

you’re you’re so scared about getting

this thing and it’s on the news and

you’re watching the news every day

you’re just hooked to your TV and Wow

I mean what are you doing man so this

this goes out do you know that that’s

for the people who are buying into this

this campaign that I it seems pretty

obvious to me is just meant to scare the

out of you so um I don’t know I

really do you know back to back to what

we were kind of discussing at the

beginning of the conversation there is a

shift happening there is this sort of

relativistic sort of moral shift where

things like like truth love all of those

things are becoming more present and

they’re more real and I think the sooner

that people start to accept that and and

just accept it just just kind of accept

it within yourself I think I think it’ll

it’ll just make it easier for everyone

that would be sweet if everybody could

just accept it but part of that fear

conspiracy and keeping for that theory

and I kind of hold it with a grain of

salt but I also kind of noticed that it

there’s a lot of credence to it because

most of our media now is entertainment

based and it is fear-based it does

nothing but put us into fear and what

does fear do put us out of our bodies

that makes us make this

based out of our ego not the divine

light and that’s that’s there because

there are beings that do not want us to

go to the light that you’re absolutely

right on that and unfortunately there

are in our government and they are in

our media and they are have a lot of

power right now because what’s happening

is they’re starting to lose their power

so they have to increase the negativity

and they have to increase the fear in

order to get your attention right

because it’s a it’s a lot easier to go

to the divine light and be positive or

as some people say hippie dippie into

the new world because it’s positive

everybody be positive right you hear

this a lot

everybody / positive yeah I love one

another it’ll be great right well yeah

there’s some validity to that but we

also need to be grounded and in

ourselves and really be consciously

aware of the choices of what we use to

engage in so if we choose to engage

watching the television and get our

panties all bunched up about stuff

that’s being fed to us that most of it

is being manipulated anyways you know

where you’re gonna go

you’re not going far with that you’re

gonna get into fear and it’s gonna make

you you know not buy things it’s gonna

make you save your money it’s gonna make

you freaked out it’s gonna get you

pissed off it’s gonna make you change

your job it’s gonna you know what

whatever that does that that’s the

intention because unfortunately we all

have a choice

we can choose to ascend there’s some of

us that are going to choose there’s some

of us who are kind of in the middle got

one foot in one world one foot in the

other and there’s those of us who

absolutely refuse that this is all

you guys are a bunch of weird

freaks and I’m sticking with this over

here and I’m not looking and that’s free

will and they have a choice and there’s

always been that percentage across the

board in humanity it’s just the souls

evolution it’s where they choose to what

they choose what do they want to learn

and that’s what they’re choosing and it

is what it is you’ve made a lot of lot

of stuff makes sense tonight I really

you know it I’ve been thinking about

this stuff

and it really does connect together and

the paradigm does make sense so yeah is

there I mean is there a place is there

anything else that you want to like get

in tonight or how do you feel about this

conversation I feel awesome about this

conversation this is great it’s fun to

talk about this stuffing kind of go

there it push the edges a little bit and

in you know stretch some consciousness a

little bit here can I wash I don’t know

agree with you that there there is an

ascension something protocol happening

and I feel like I feel like it’s a wave

like a like a wave form that is is

coming at us and I feel like our

antennas are up and they’re they’re kind

of like going higher so we’re getting

more and more sensitive to this thing

that’s about to happen this thing that’s

about to hit us and and so I think there

might even be a sort of limit of how

many people can can ascend how many

people the wave form can hold so yeah I

mean it the the choice is yours I mean

if if you think that you would prefer to

ascend in your lifetime this is the time

is now I mean I you know it wasn’t it

wasn’t long ago before in this podcast

was just an idea and and it’s gotten to

it’s scaled up on a level that you know

I couldn’t have ever imagined and I

really feel like what we’re doing here

is is helping people and I really feel

like conversations like this need to

happen and people people are I think

they they’re they’re they’re asking for

this stuff and so so yeah I mean we’re

definitely gonna have you on again and

Thanks we’re gonna talk more Tiffany

you’re amazing what is there anything

else is there a place that people can

find your work yes um I have a website

it’s called WWE central life medicine

calm okay essential life medicine calm

right so they can just go there and you

have do they fill out a form to contact

you are you offering readings healings

all of the above a acupuncture’s of a

specific specific type of acupuncture so

I can offer that I am offering readings

and the healings I typically have a like

a special for the month at the bottom of

the first page there they can feel free

to call me my phone numbers on there or

they can do the contact form that’s on

the third page of the website and that

will go into my email um feel free to go

there and ask me questions I love

questions that would be fun yeah

but yeah it’s if me I can’t thank you


this is this has been amazing we’re

definitely gonna have a round two and

yeah thank you thank you so much thank

you – it’s been an awesome awesome time

my honor thank you very much so folks

you heard it here we’re about to ascend

and if you’d like to get closer to that

just you know get to essential life

medicine calm get in touch with tip

Tiffany she she will point you in the

right direction I’m Xavier this is a

human experience bond keeping on

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