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co-host dr. G is your guest tonight is

the holistic explorer Arianna joy

Arianna welcome to hxp thank you for

having me I’m honored to be here so you

have a highly intriguing story I know

that you suffered with chronic pain for

a long time as a child you were

diagnosed with Lyme disease you realized

that Western medicine couldn’t really

help you so let’s get into that let’s

share your story yeah it’s it’s been

quite a journey to say the least so I am

almost 20 50 I’ll be 25 next month and

when I was about 13 my parents kind of

started realizing that there was

something a little off about me and in

terms of my health I’d always kind of

been a sickly child not very strong

didn’t have a lot of vitality got a lot

of random you know ear infections sinus

infections just weak immune system

overall they’re very like lethargic

tired a lot i would get headaches and

then around 12 or 13 things just really

started to get worse and i started

having really bad digestive issues and

around the time my period came on

problems with that and around that time

i started having really severe muscle

pain to like just all over my body my

body would just be in pain constantly

and it was painful to do anything for

too long of a period of time if i was

laying down for too long it would hurt

if I was standing sitting walking you

name it it was very painful just to be

in my body and so my mom

is my biggest advocate and it might you

know such an angel to me and that she

started looking for answers for me and

she started with the conventional

Western medicine route which is what she

was taught and so we started by going to

our family practitioner and you know

they just thought I was depressed and

put me on antidepressants and then over

the course of the next two years or so

we visited a number of different

specialists and nobody really had any

answers it was always just kind of like

whatever field of specialty they were in

like yeah my symptoms kind of match to

that so that yeah okay you know go to

the rheumatologist and yeah you have

rheumatoid arthritis or lupus or early

stage ms or it’s all in my head and I’m

just making it up looking for attention

just go see a psychiatrist and it got um

a little you know it kind of broke me

down I just going through all of that

and I started to question myself like am

I am I crazy am I just making it up i

don’t i don’t know and and then when i

was 16 through a series of fortunate

events i was brought to an acupuncturist

who is what the one who diagnosed me

diagnosed me with lyme disease and based

on my symptoms and where I had lived and

everything just lined up to I was about

five years old when I contracted it is

what this acupuncturist told me and I

had thought that having a diagnosis was

gonna be the answer you know just give

me a diagnosis and I’ll take a pill and

I’ll be fine because that’s was the the

world view that I grew up with around

medicine and healing was you know trust

trust your doctor and they know and and

they’ll just give you pharmaceutical and

you’ll be fine tomorrow right and the

little did I know that Lyme disease is

one of the most controversial diseases

out there today and there hasn’t been a

lot of research done on it and what

research has been done is very

controversial and what the doctors say

and what the patients say is oftentimes

not in the line

and so from 16 up until about 21 I went

back and forth with the number of

different doctors again just trying to

get an even official diagnosis from a

medical doctor because the test that the

acupuncturist had run didn’t weren’t FDA

approved and so the medical doctors

wouldn’t even look at the paperwork and

so that was a whole experience in and of

itself and I can remember I was about 18

and I had met a doctor he was actually a

do so he was a little bit more holistic

and he looked at the blood tests and

everything and he was the first medical

doctor to say yes I do believe that you

have Lyme disease and again he didn’t

have any answers he actually told me

that the FDA approved protocol for Lyme

disease which is a course of antibiotic

treatment would actually harm my body

more than it would do me good and that

he didn’t recommend it from there he

didn’t have any answers he was like well

you know just take some vitamins you

know get a lot of rest manage your

symptoms and he basically told me to go

live my life while I can and enjoy it

while I can because there was no way to

tell how quickly it would progress or

how far it would go because Lyme disease

affects every body differently it can

manifest in any organ system it can go

from you know minor aches and pains to

extreme paralysis and organ failure so

it was kind of just you know hands up in

the air like go do what you can and and

that’s it and I kind of SAT with that

for a while and I rolled down into a

pretty deep depression for a while and

then I was actually a student at the

University of Florida and this was in

2011 and I started to have problems with

my kidneys and I was going to kidney

specialist I was traveling all around

the state to try and find answers and it

again I was just hitting road block

after road block and what I see now is

that that those road blocks were

actually one of my greatest gifts

because I was being read to

did in a direction that would allow me

to truly heal not just put a bandaid on

it like most of the doctors were wanting

to do so again I was led to an

acupuncturist who lived in Gainesville

Florida and he introduced me to to

Eastern medicine Eastern medicine and

the idea of energy in the body and about

the the cause of disease not just the

symptoms but the to go a little deeper

into it and he really I worked with him

for about a year and when I was working

with him I really started to open up my

mind just started to open to the

realization that what I had been taught

was not the truth there was some truth

to it it’s not that Western medicine is

evil and it has its place you know in

accidents and surgeries and things like

that I’m extremely grateful for it god

forbid I ever am in that situation

myself I really hope that there’s a

doctor there to help me through it and

when it comes to more of these chronic

illnesses and things that especially

things that Western medicine can’t fix

or heal that there’s an innate power

within us that we can tap into and that

we can heal ourselves way how did you

how did you get to that breakthrough

where you realized that ok Western

medicine is no longer helping me I’m

gonna try these other things and thank

you I think you spent some time in the

jungle right with a shaman I did yeah so

the journey from there just opened up in

that moment there was a very specific

moment one one evening when I was

sitting in my car and you know just the

world felt like it was crashing and

around me one of the doctors I told me

that I was potentially going into kidney

failure again they didn’t really know

what to do and I just surrendered I just

let go and I just said whatever is out

there God the universe I don’t know what

you are but if you are out there I need

help because I have done

everything in my power that I know of to

help myself and I don’t know what to do

from here so I need help is what I asked

for and from there the doors just

started opening I mean I was led to that

acupuncturist and then I ended up living

in Europe for 13 months where I worked

with the one of the leading lime

specialists in the Netherlands and I

worked with a number of other healing

practitioners alternative healing

practitioners to really bring my body

back into balance and it was a very

intense year six months of that was a

very very intense herbal protocol where

I was basically on the couch for six

months felt like I was dying but it was

part of the process you know that junk

all of those toxins were moving out of

me and it got to a point where one of

the therapist told me she said you know

I I think that your body is doing really

well all of these things that you’re

doing is really helping but it’s almost

as though your mind doesn’t know how to

be healthy because I’d been sick for so

long basically my entire life I’d been

sick and my mentality was that of a sick

person the only way that I knew how to

be in the world was as someone who had

an illness and so she said you know I

had kind of already started looking into

spirituality in the idea you know I

started meditating already but it was

kind of like a a side thing it wasn’t

really my focus so when she said that I

started to really put my awareness in

that like okay there’s something deeper

that I need to go into and I need I you

know again I just asked for guidance I

said what is it what’s next and it’s

just funny how it worked literally the

day after so I sat down in meditation

one night and I said all right I have a

feeling that my time in Europe is coming

to a close I know that my body is doing

really well what’s next and the next day

a friend sent me a link to a retreat

center in Peru which it was an ayahuasca

healing retreat center and as soon as I

read over the website I just knew

oh there’s just this inner knowing that

no matter what else was going on in the

world no matter all the reasons why I

shouldn’t go to Peru IE not having the

money you know all these different

reasons why logically it didn’t make

sense for me to go to Peru I knew that I

needed to go to the jungle that this was

an answer for me it was the next step so

far guys you quick quick question so so

before when you had the like the medical

issues how did they know it was Lyme

disease because you know there’s like

chronic Lyme disease did you have like

the did you have the the rash like the

the textbook rash they had two day check

for the bacteria how’d they do what was

the process there yes so I don’t ever

remember having a rash because I was so

young and which is common I think like

twenty-five percent of patients actually

don’t get the rash exactly yeah you know

estimates are always different 5220 you

know twenty-five to fifty percent of

people don’t get the rash and then from

there the the bacteria so lyme disease

is a bacterial infection and oftentimes

the bacteria will come along with

different co-infections viruses most

people with lyme disease have candida

all of these different things that can

wreak havoc in the body and but it can

lie dormant for a while so it’s just the

similar to people with like HIV you can

have the virus in your body but it could

be there for years before it actually

manifests and you start having symptoms

and so I think that’s kind of what

happened with me is that I started

having some symptoms my immune system

was a little weakened but it wasn’t

until I was a teenager and I had a

fairly traumatic emotional experience

being in an abusive relationship at a

young age when I was 13 that really

triggered this in me so to answer your

question I did test positive on some of

the test bad that the FDA approves but

not all of them there’s different

markers and things that they read and

then the tests that the acupuncturist

the original acupuncturist had had me do

was basically scanning my

blood for the bacteria and that was the

one that showed up positive but that

test was not approved by the FDA weird

disease because I mean a lot of the

blood tests show up especially early in

the disease process i’m pretty sure they

should have negative from what i

remember my uncle had Lyme disease also

and he was in a heavily like deer tick

populated area in Georgia but it’s just

such an odd disease you know that the

chronic levels versus you’re just cute

Lee getting it yeah it’s and it’s hard

to diagnose too because it does affect

everybody differently and you know some

people say that oh it doesn’t exist in

these states like when I got diagnosed I

was living in Florida and I kept being

told well we don’t have Lyme disease in

Florida and I didn’t grow up in florida

i grew up in the pacific northwest in

washington and oregon where lyme disease

is very prevalent i lived in the middle

like of a national forest basically for

ten years and so yeah it is a very

interesting disease and how it manifests

in the acute and the chronic and the

whole political side of it is a whole

nother story too hmm so it sounds like

you’re going through this process of

breaking down over and over and over and

then you get this call to go into the

jungle which you decide to do and

described to us let’s paint a picture of

what it feels like to work with a shaman

for was it was it six months was that

how long you were there yeah I was there

for almost six months so I had

originally planned to go to a healing

center for one month and my intuition at

this point had become pretty strong and

I knew that I wasn’t supposed to make

any plans for afterwards I just figured

you know I’ll go travel Peru kind of do

maybe like an Eat Pray Love sort of

experience and so I just booked one

month at the healing center and then I

just left it open after that and um in

my first ayahuasca ceremony ayahuasca

this sacred plant medicine basically

told me that I was to stay at this

healing center and I was told who to

talk to i was told that i was going to

be there that this was part of my life

work was working with ayahuasca and so i

ended up staying there for almost six


and let’s see paint a picture it’s a

it’s a very kind of out-of-this-world

experience in terms of the average

Westerners experience of life I mean

you’re the healing center where I was at

it was two and a half hours give or take

from the nearest city which is one of

the most isolated cities in the world in

the middle of the Amazon jungle it was

like a 24-hour trip to get there you’re

just surrounded by these sounds and and

smells and feelings that are kind of

foreign you know all the animals and the

insects and where’d you end up going

which Center the Temple of the way of

light okay is that that you’re the one

in the mountain or the there’s like that

suppose as the two options I nope this

one only has one it’s in the jungle yeah

all right so you were the ketose yeah

outside of you keep those a couple hours

outside of me Cheetos yeah hmm so what

was your takeaway from the jungle wow

that’s a big question wow so many

takeaways I mean spending six months I

did 22 ayahuasca ceremonies while i was

in peru and i worked with a number of

other plants doing what’s called plant

diatas and a lot of what I was doing was

clearing my past learning about my

childhood and kind of seeing it from a

different perspective and learning about

Lyme disease and the illness and the

influence that it had had on me and and

also you know if I had to say what was

one of the biggest things that I took

away from that experience now being a

year and a half later had you asked me

this question coming out of the jungle

immediately it might have been a

different answer but I’ve been back in

the United States for over a year now

it’s been over a year and a half since I

started working with ayahuasca and one

of the biggest things that I’ve learned

is my own potential and I ayahuasca

brought me to both extremes to the

darkest parts of myself and also to the

brightest you know lightest most imp

our highest potential part of myself and

who I can be in the world and so what do

I use on my you know day to day life now

that I learned from ayahuasca is that I

can basically do whatever I want and I

am in control of my life and that you

know we all are it’s not just me I’m not

just special you know we all have this

capacity to to co-create and to two step

more fully into who we are when we let

go of all the stuff that the world has

put on us when we let go of who we were

told to be or who we were told we should

be and when we just step into who we are

and just show up in the world that way I

mean magic happens can you kind of talk

about because everyone pretty much has a

everyone I’ve known has a very

interesting how they first did ayahuasca

story what was this call like what was

what’s your story how did it come in

like seep into your life so to speak um

well so I synchronistic alee just ended

up in Europe um and I met a girl in

Spain and I met her in Portugal but we

were in Spain together traveling

together and she introduced me to I

owasco at least the idea that she told

me that it was one of the biggest

blessings at life had ever given her

that it had healed her a lot and I

thought it was fascinating and I looked

into it a little bit and it was kind of

one of those things because at this

point I was really doing a lot of

research on healing and stuff and a lot

of stuff was coming into my awareness

and it was kind of I just put it on the

back shelf with something that I would

like to try one day it wasn’t in my

immediate vicinity it wasn’t something

that I could try right then and there so

I was like all right one day that’s

something I would be interested in doing

and then about six months later six

seven eight months later um this guy

sends me that message on facebook and he

just said you know I know you’re into

healing and you should really need to

check this place out I’ve been here

twice really awesome stuff happening and

then he told me a little bit about

ayahuasca and he’s

like if you feel the call like you’ll

know that it’s for you if you don’t feel

anything then just you know ignore it

ignore the message and when I read it it

was just like I call it like zinging in

my body like there was just this intense

tingling that I’ve come to know is kind

of a message from my higher self but I’m

in alignment with my path or you know

with what is going to be the best thing

for me at that time and like I said I

just knew that I needed to get to the

jungle and despite not having any money

to get there at the time i attracted

that financial abundance into my life

and I less than eight months later was

in the jungle sitting down for my first

ayahuasca ceremony hmm very interesting

yeah so so then you’re back in the

states and you decide are you still I

mean just to rewind a bit are you still

suffering from your Lyme disease

symptoms I mean do you still have that I

do still have symptoms yes um one thing

that I’m that I learned with ayahuasca

is the the words that we use are very

powerful so I choose not to look at it

as suffering or even battling Lyme

disease um honestly I don’t even

necessarily think of myself as having

Lyme disease anymore I don’t really

that’s not a part of my identity is like

oh that lime chick or you know like that

patient with Lyme disease I I see it as

there is something in my body that is

still out of alignment and so I do still

have symptoms and I don’t see myself as

suffering one of the things that the

plants taught me was that illness and

disease are messengers there you know we

don’t have pain if something’s not wrong

you put your hand on a stove you get

pain because you know you take if you’re

being told to take your hand off the

stove so when I have a symptom that

comes up I have learned to kind of go

into it you know we we tend to want to

push pain away we want to put a bandaid

on it or you know put some ice on it

numb it and make it just go away and

I’ve learned instead to actually go

deeper into it too risky

even the message that my body is trying

to tell me right so it was the pasta

meditation retreat did you do that after

the ayahuasca I did yeah yeah let’s get

into that how did that work that was um

just something that had crossed again my

field of awareness a friend told me

about it and when I first heard about

vipassana I had no desire to do it

unlike ayahuasca um I was like yeah 10

days silence no not me like I like to

talk you know I I don’t think I can do

that and then when I came back from Peru

I’d met a ton of people in peru in six

months at a healing center a lot of

people were coming through and a bunch

of them had done the passion is and they

all had really great things to say about

it so i started thinking like you know

maybe this is something that i can

explore and it just kind of lined up

that there was one on my birthday last

year and my best friend and I went to it

and that was a really a really powerful

experience as well I mean just learning

discipline in that way to not eat it’s

not just silence it’s 11 hours of

meditation a day it’s no reading no

writing no music no eye contact with the

people who are around you it’s a very

basic diet and it I learned a lot about

where my maken goes into the one in

Georgia I went to one in Wisconsin

actually very cool mm-hmm was a 10-day

standerton day one yep tending can you

can you just tell people like I went to

one of these before I don’t know how the

food was there but it’s some of the best

food I’ve ever had in my entire life is

at these the pasta meditation retreats

and it’s completely free like it I can’t

believe that they do this for free and

they only accept money from people they

can only accept donations from people

that have done the course that’s the the

only way to really handle donations i

think from an organization they do it so

well yeah yeah I didn’t have the food

experience no I am a little bit of a

fruity so just cheese the whole time

human lot of cheese and a lot of credit

and considering that I’m gluten

intolerant and lactose intolerant that

wasn’t the most exciting thing for me

but that wasn’t why I was there you know

but I do think that the the whole

mentality of being of service the way

that they are you know they’re not like

pay thousands of dollars to come have

this experience and then if you don’t

like it yeah too too bad sorry they are

come have this experience and then

whatever value you receive from it if

you want to you know give back to

financially support someone else to have

this experience then then that is how

they they run and I just think that’s

fascinating I think that’s a it’s a

whole new way of you know of allow of

having a healing center run because

that’s basically what it is you know so

there was students there was a sort of

internal your I mean you’re you’re going

into yourself and these in both of these

ways I mean I you osku is a very

internal kind of thing right and you’re

processing all this information the

pasta kind of does the same thing in a

complete different way so I mean where I

mean where did you tow you you practice

meditation now and how how do you think

that’s helped you with the everyday kind

of battle that you experience hmm

meditation I found is one of the most

powerful tools for navigating through

this crazy wild world that we live in

and I mean that’s why I do these

retreats that’s why i isolate myself in

the jungle i’m actually going back to

Peru this summer that’s why I do for

passionate retreats or sometimes I’ll

just turn off my phone and turn off my

computer for the weekend or for a night

or something to just kind of go into

myself and what I found is that you know

we have this innate knowing this kind of

instinct about what’s best for us all

animals do you know animals know what to

eat when to sleep when to migrate and

we have that too as humans and we also

have the gift of a more expanded

elevated consciousness that we can bring

to it and so it’s not just this kind of

mindless moving in a direction because

that’s what our instinct tells us to we

also get to like learn lessons from it

and there are so many gifts that come

through following that kind of inner

knowing and what I found is that this

inner voice and you know we all kind of

have our own opinion or perspective on

what this inner voice is some call it

just your instinct some call it inner

knowing or intuition or guidance or you

know all of these different things is

that whatever you choose to call it this

thing knows something outside of what

our limited human mind can see so when I

go into meditation when I go into the

jungle when I go turn off my phone and

just be with myself it’s my way of

connecting with this inner voice because

there’s so much stimulation in our world

there’s so much information coming in I

mean even if you don’t watch the news or

I mean I I don’t watch the news I don’t

listen to the radio I am very very

selective about basically everything

that comes into my experience and I feel

like that helps me to be you know a

better person in the world because of it

and with all this stimulation we become

numb to that voice we we don’t most

people don’t even know it’s there you

know they might get a gut feeling every

once in a while but oftentimes they

ignore it and I’ve just learned that

this inner voice knows exactly what I

need to do each step of the way and I

realize now I didn’t know it at the time

but it’s what’s been guiding this entire

healing process for me how do you think

this current kind of cesspool landscape

of culture that’s going on that you you

know that you pretty much are checking

out of is going to bear on your

generation in the future I see us has

having a really really big and beautiful

opportunity to make some rad

change in the world and it doesn’t take

a lot you know you don’t have to look

very far to realize that our world is

not doing very good we’re not doing very

well as a species and I really do

believe that we are being given the

opportunity to create change in a way

that’s more sustainable and more

fulfilling to every person and all

beings on this planet plants and animals

and everything in you know I i do get

down on this the cesspool of our culture

that we’ve created and sometimes I just

look at the world and I’m like oh god

it’s too much like there’s no way that

we can do this like we can’t really

change this you know but then I look

around at some of the really beautiful

things that are happening in the world I

mean you know what even what you guys

are creating here in your podcast I mean

you know this is creating change you

know for all the people who are

listening to you for all the people who

are watching my videos were influencing

in a may be subtler way then some people

think this change needs to happen in a

lot of people are very kind of more

masculine energy go in and you know just

create change right then and there and

it’s I think that it’s going to be a

little bit of a more subtle internal

individual change and as each person

begins to shift their own awareness a

bit it’ll begin to create a ripple

effect that is going to change all of

humanity is my belief you said something

super interesting so you said that

there’s some kind of energetic balance

how do you see that kind of masculine

feminine balance going on with an hour

generation just in general right now in

this society that you live in how would

you how would you describe what’s going

on i would say that we live in a very

patriarchal male-dominated masculine

energy society right now and the

masculine energy is not bad

of itself I mean in order to have

balance we have to have both right so to

go to the extreme feminine side that

wouldn’t be right either that wouldn’t

be the best thing for all of us either

but to bring ourselves kind of back to

Center away from the more masculine

which is very I mean just look at the

American culture you know it’s instant

gratification it’s quick fast easy cheap

you know just go go go build build build

you know get bigger bigger bigger faster

faster faster and that action that

energy of action is completely necessary

we need it and we also need the more

feminine energy of of stillness and of

intuition and of flowing and bringing

those two into balance and dancing with

the two like I said you know it’s going

to be a more individual change I believe

that it’s going to happen within

ourselves just being able to witness

those kind of two polarities within

ourselves and being able to dance with

them and being able to know when to show

one and when to show the other you know

when but I call it the art of

discernment of discerning when to use

what energy or what aspect of our self

is about another way to put it so Oriana

how how do you think this is sustainable

for you i mean is i mean i know that you

have different tools that you use like

meditation yoga and your diet is pretty

specific I imagine so I mean to the

people who watch your videos and are

learning from you and becoming part of

your community I mean what are you

offering them what are you giving them

my overall message I guess and I do this

through a number of different ways I

make youtube videos i have a blog i am

pretty active on social media and I also

do spiritual life coaching and my

overall kind of message

I would say is to learn how to listen to

the center voice and that you can trust

it and that you know they’re like you

said that everything kind of plays into

it it’s the the mindfulness techniques

it’s our diet it’s our relationships

it’s our career and passion it’s you

know every different aspect of our self

plays into this fulfillment and in to

being our authentic selves this idea hit

me when i was in peru of exploring your

life unapologetically so basically the

way that I see that is just showing up

in the world as who you are and not

being sorry for it not having to

apologize for wanting something or for

not wanting something or for behaving in

one way and not another way that someone

else thinks you should and I think that

we all have the ability to show up more

fully as who we are through letting go

of who were not and there’s so many

different ways that we can begin to

remove those blocks that are preventing

us from being our authentic self and I

like to use the metaphor of it’s like

peeling it’s like you’re a burn victim

you know let’s say you got a

third-degree burn on your arm and you

have all this burnt charred skin on your

arm and in order to allow the new skin

to breathe you have to peel off that old

skin you have to get rid of it and that

is how healing happens and I feel

through my journey and through all of

the people that I’ve been working with

and connecting with that this is a part

of the process we have to be willing to

peel off that old stuff and let go of

all of that old stuff that’s preventing

us from breathing fully and sometimes

that’s painful you know sometimes that

isn’t pretty sometimes it’s really

really hard so then what what led you to


word on your YouTube camera and and kind

of put yourself in the world to do what

you’re doing right now I was actually

contemplating that I was just meditating

before we had this call and I was

contemplating that about just this whole

journey and where it’s taken me and I

can kind of see how this whole process

I’ve been being prepared for this work

that I’m doing right now and but

originally at the time when i press that

play button i had no idea i had no idea

that this was going to be a part of my

story i was just i was in peru and i was

the morning after my first ayahuasca

ceremony it was like 12 hours later and

i really wanted to journal about my

experience but I was kind of in this

state where I was not able to write at

the time and I just decided to grab my

phone and I went and sat on this trail

and I just started recording this video

of my experience and I had some friends

and you know family who were interested

in hearing about my journey so I kind of

figured like it you know like instead of

me coming back and telling them about it

they can see it firsthand what it was

like and so I just talked I just talked

into the camera as though i was talking

to myself or talking to my mom or my

best friend and i just gave it all you

know I really wanted to document the

experience and so I talked about some of

the more specific details that had I

known that you know a ton of people were

going to be seeing this video I probably

wouldn’t have talked about yeah yeah and

then I just kept making more it it felt

very freeing to talk about it but I love

writing and that’s really powerful for

me but to be able to just kind of

articulate it and to just have that on

video for me was great and so I made I

believe six videos when i was in peru

and all with the intention of just

showing to an intimate group of people

and as my time in peru kind of

progressed I started to realize more and

more that these videos weren’t just for

myself and these

people in my life that my journey was

different and that I had an experience

that would resonate with a lot of people

and that it was almost my sacred duty to

humanity to share this with the world

and to to put these videos up on YouTube

and it was never really my intention to

market them or it or I mean I had

already trained to be a coach and so

again that was kind of in the back of my

mind of wanting to step more fully into

my role as a coach and guiding people

but it wasn’t out of the intention of

like marketing myself or anything like

that it was just kind of like when I

posted that first video I actually said

a prayer before it and I just said you

know universe whoever needs to hear this

message I trust that you will you know

allow them to find this video and I just

let it be at that and it has just grown

since then I think I have close to 50

videos up now and the way that I make

videos is I just when I feel inspired

when I feel that zing that I talked

about of something that I feel like

someone somewhere will benefit from I

just post I you know grab my computer

and I make a video and I post it and I

just let it go out into the world how do

you feel about this kind of personal

braining that’s going on with you know

these YouTube stars you know you have

people with their blogs that are

becoming internet celebrities how do you

how do you feel about this changing

landscape and in every aspect I think

you know on so many levels it’s a really

beautiful thing i think that the

internet has allowed us to experience

life in a way that we had never before

as a species right i mean you guys never

would have found me you know we wouldn’t

be having conversation if it wasn’t for

the internet and I’ve connected with so

many beautiful beautiful people in this

last year since I posted that first

video and and whether it’s just people

commenting on my videos or the the

numerable private messages that people

send me or emails or connecting with

people who eventually become klein

hands it’s been such a gift to to be

able to connect with people all over the

world we’re living in the future Hey Oh

totally yeah this is totally the future

that being said I think um you know my

boyfriend o’yea says he’s like I feel

like I’m dating a celebrity and I’m like

what filming that doesn’t feel like me

at all like I don’t see myself like that

at all but then I guess other people do

in a way see me as a YouTube star or

this or that you know we all have our

own perspectives and I’m just like I

just want to share you know I just want

to see more light in the world I just

want to see more people be happy I just

want to see more people having fun and

being playful and you know it doesn’t

really matter to me if that’s one person

or you know the 3,500 people who have

subscribed to my youtube channel so far

it’s just as long as it’s that one

person you know as long as like one

person receives benefit from what I’m

doing then it totally makes it worth it

you know it seems kind of cliche but I

feel the same way about the podcast and

I feel like if we can reach just that

one person that we’ve done our jobs in

some way but you also have this

community that you set up where people

can connect and kind of talk can you

tell us more about that mmm yeah so this

whole process has been just like I just

take it as it comes it unfolds and and I

take and this is what I was kind of

talking about about the masculine and

the feminine right so my whole coaching

practice and the community and the

videos I don’t have a business plan I

don’t have a business strategy I don’t

sit down and you know all right well

today I’m going to write this blog and

tomorrow I’m gonna write this video and

this is the plan for the community and

this and that it’s not like that at all

for me I just go with it and I just take

it as it comes and what I realized is as

I was connecting with a lot of people

from all over the planet from so many

different walks of life is that the one

thing that kind of tied us all together

is that we feel like we’re alone we feel

like we are outsiders in

world and like work crazy no word that a

lot of people use and I know that I felt

a lot of times myself and a lot of

people just kept saying like you know I

don’t really need coaching but I just

want someone to talk to about what I’m

experiencing I need to know that I’m not

crazy and so I decided I’m like why not

like why not create this community where

people can come to and connect and share

and you know be inspired and grow

together and just kind of see where it

goes so it started with an online forum

and then from there we opened up to

monthly group calls and recently I

expanded it to Facebook at the request

of many of the members to kind of have a

more like daily interaction so is it

more like a mastermind group is that we

were doing it it isn’t quite a

mastermind now um it’s just a place for

people to connect I guess I mean so we

actually had a our monthly group call

was earlier today and I led the first I

think the first group call was in

November so no you know four months or

so and I let I actually handed the reins

over to someone else this month I let

someone else lead the group because the

group isn’t about me I just happened to

be kind of the common thread between all

of these people because of my youtube

videos but I I’m not really trying to

like you know market it or sell anything

or anything like that it’s just a way

for people to share and and I feel like

one of the greatest gifts that I can

give people through this and and that

has been given to me is the space to

step up into my leadership abilities and

to know that I can create influence in

the world and then I am a force for good

and so I started asking members of the

community if they want to lead the group

calls to kind of give them that space to

to be a leader and to two step more

fully into their power okay or Ariana

speaking of crazy we’re gonna we’re kind

of try this new bit so Xavier never been


about doing this for some interviews and

it’s got it says the called the five

questions segment so we’re gonna ask you

five questions and we want you to answer

the questions as like I’m gonna ask you

a question right and I want you to

answer it how it makes you feel and try

to use adjectives you can like the first

thing that you think of the first thing

that comes your mind right when you’re

on the spot right now this is not a game

all right all right let’s go right

you’re popping our five questions cherry

right now on the human experience is it

exclusive all right magic moment here

already okay favorite color hey why well

okay so my favorite color is pink yeah

so far so good okay and it makes me feel

cheerful is is the first thing that kind

of comes to mind okay next question

favorite animal and why mmm my favorite

animal is the giraffe and why because

they’re so strange and awkward and

they’re still so cool at the same time

you know they’re like horses but was

like crazy long next all right so air

water earth fire air water earth fire

favorite element and why fire because it

it’s what transmutes you know it it

changes things um and i’m a fire sign I

Maneri we’re over halfway through this

we got this favorite body of water any

body of water you’ve ever been in or

seen or heard of it what’s your favorite

body of water and why favorite body of

water is I don’t know if this isn’t an

answer but my bathtub this is highly

interesting that’s just not really


it’s my favorite place to meditate so it

clears your mind yeah okay you’re gonna

love the reasoning pinal he sinks last

question ready so you wake up tomorrow

morning in an empty white room there’s

no doors there’s no windows how do you

react I would think I was dead yeah and

I think it would be okay with that not

that okay that’s out that kind of came

out wrong not that I want to die but I

feel like a white room is like it’s

light you know it’s just like pure light

it’s what I imagined so I would be I

would be centered and calm and embrace

it perfect okay so the first one is the

color represents how you feel about

yourself so what did you say cheerful

yeah well yeah cheerful again the animal

is your ideal partner so someone that’s

weird and awkward it’s your ideal

partner the element is your spirituality

so fiery mmm and the body water is how

you feel about sex so about there you go

and then the last one you actually

nailed it is how you feel about death

Wow interesting very interesting very

interesting so Ariana it has it’s been a

pleasure talking to you actually very

interesting is there any is there any

sort of message or anything that you

want to get out to your listeners

followers people yeah mmm you know just

keep going mmm this is a wild ride we’re

on guys is this life experience the

human experience you know and just

embrace it make the most of it learn

from it what you can and know that

there’s more on the other side buckle up

perfectly and where seems like you just

don’t care and where can people find

your work your website my website is the

holistic explorer com

i’m also on youtube if you just type in

my name ariana joy I think you can find

me that way awesome well guys this is a

human experience thank you so much for

listening and to my guest Ariana and my

co-host thanks guys we’ll see you guys

you so much guys thanks

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