Transcript for Episode 18 – Isaac Weishaupt – Occult Symbology

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welcome to hxp hey thanks I’m very

privileged to be on such a refined

podcast as as I listen to a few of your

episodes and like I kind of talked about

with you guys

offline you guys are very much more

highbrow than the typical stuff I I get

into with with Hannah other shows and

material it’s kind of a seedy dark world

that I deal with a conspiracy stuff well

I will I will accept that compliment man

I really appreciate that I’m pretty

entertained by the stuff that’s on your

website actually man so if we could just

if we could just dig right into what’s

mean if I get if I have this right

these secret handshake

pardon my American the secret

handshaking are performing

these occult rituals inside of our media

inside of the TV that we walked so the

the music that we hear what’s what’s

going on here yeah so let me let me

preface this a little bit so people

don’t think I’m in my mom’s basement

wearing a tinfoil hat like I you know

this is my hobby because you know I’m

like a full-time professional square

that sits in a cubicle all day doing

I don’t want to do right and you

know several years ago I kind of got

steered down this path of conspiracy

theory and aliens and for a long time it

was just you know kind of entertainment

that kind of struck a nerve with me that

I was in a weird way it kind of

you feel more comfortable thinking there

was like this these aliens in this

conspiracy out there because you know

and I’ve read some of the like ideas

behind that it’s kind of like it

supports this idea that there is

somebody in control of your life and you

know if so I’ve read all like the

psychobabble about why why I’m

interested in that but when it comes

down to it I think it’s just interesting

and I’m gonna fast-forward through a

bunch of years and I someone turned me

on the David Icke and he really blew my

mind and I got really got into his stuff

pretty deep and you know the masses the

majority of people don’t you know

they’ve never really sat through an

eight-hour David Icke lecture or read

his thousand page books right and so I

found myself translating this material

to my friends and family trying to

explain you know hey you know check this

out there’s reptilian

shapeshifters you know yeah and you know

and I see the reactions and I get it and

I’m not saying I believe that the

reptilian shapeshifters but there’s

enough grain of truth in it that I’m

like wow that’s kind of interesting and

kind of creative how he came up with

that you know but so I got into all this

stuff and then you know I was I was in

grad school and I was I was I started a

blog right and and it started with all I

kind of wanted to do something that was

into my particular niche of interest

which was like I was into rap music and

horror films coming out and a little bit

of pop culture sci-fi stuff and a little

bit of conspiracy and overtime

long story short after about a year that

I slowly started picking up like oh

people are interested in the conspiracy

stuff and I was getting lots of

compliments like hey you’re breaking

down these conspiracies in a way that

makes sense

you know that’s and people were really

digging this okay cool I’ll kind of

focus on that and I found myself

studying more of the occult and you know

it’s kind of been a wild thing because

now I’m on this like journey that all

the all the people that come to the web

site we are I call them Watchers for a

lack of a better term because the

websites of Illuminati watcher com hmm

it’s kind of like a community now where

we’re all kind of exploring these ideas

and saying hey you know I saw this

symbol over here in this movie and

people send me the email and I’m being

like oh look at that you know you

know that in this isn’t

I’ve seen enough of the amateur stuff

online of like you know like example

when I think with Peyton Manning some

football player I don’t watch football

but someone some guy took his helmet off

he had like an imprint that was like a

triangle on his head and it was a meme

that went online on Twitter like Oh

Peyton Manning Illuminati haha you know

like this isn’t stupid like that

like this is like I’m watching music

videos and films and you know I mean I

said most of the time there’s a

reasonable rational explanation for it

and the more I learn about this the more

the pulse and the analysis makes sense

and you know if you go to my website you

can look I’ve got pulse from three years

ago when I started the thing that are

still up there and they’re god-awful

they’re terrible to read and I want to

someday just take them down but I don’t

have the time to well the idea the idea

that I get is that by using this

symbology in television and the things

that we absorb there is a conscious mind

and then your subconscious mind so if

you’re using these symbols to affect the

subconscious mind you’re somehow

affecting human consciousness in some

way means that is that the general idea

of this yeah right so the idea that that

I subscribe to is backed up by several

kind of philosophers and you know phd’s

that know their like dr. Joe

Dispenza and quantum physics and stuff

and it talks about how the brain works

the brain basically is just a pattern

identifier I don’t want to I don’t want

to insult the brain but like the way the

way we use it is from birth were were

we’re fed a bunch of you know horse

and say you know here’s this thing that

happens and you set up patterns in your

mind so like by the time you’re you know

15 your brain is full of like you know

when this thing happens to you expect

this result and that’s you know why a

lot of people suffer with different you

know personality issues their whole life

is because they don’t ever break that

original programming you know coffee

standard paired the standard narrative

like get a job

married that kind of thing yeah that too

right you know everything everything our

society’s kind of built upon you notice

that there has been a sort of resurgence

of this idea of the Illuminati just

because pre pre 9/11 or so no one was

really talking about the Illuminati I

mean it wasn’t it wasn’t this household

term 10 11 12 years ago pre 9/11 so now

now it’s kind of comical to me how many

people are making fun of it

talking about it yeah so if you look

back you know in hindsight you look back

there’s like a few pivotal moments in

society first one that kind of stands

out in 1947 the mid 40s there we had you

know World War two going on with Hitler

and you know he was into all this occult

stuff and at the same time we had you

know Jack Parsons and l ron Hubbard you

probably recognized those names they

were performing magic rituals to evoke

these kind of entities from another

dimension at the same time and in the

same and then right after that we had

the Roswell UFO crash so in 1947 there

was all this a cult activity that was

kind of unprecedented for you know

several hundred years then then we had

1963 with JFK’s assassination and the

whole sixties movement which you know

the more you research that you’ve got

all these ties of the the CIA and the

Laurel Canyon stuff and the hippie

movement with the MKULTRA mind control

stuff basically there was this whole

period of the 60s that there’s tons of

conspiracy theories about right and then

the third major shift is 9/11 because

you had the whole truther movement that

believes the 9/11 stuff was faked now

couple all that stuff with the internet

where you know any Yahoo can get a

website you know I did it and you can

really put together a message that a lot

of people can kind of glom onto and read

and my thing is if if it didn’t have

some kind of true

to it like people wouldn’t be as

interested in it as they are right sooo

cute can we kind of like break down the

the thread between all these different

things you’re saying so there is the

Illuminati as far as like Adam West

hopped in the Bavarian Illuminati I

don’t know I don’t know how I don’t know

much about that but what is the

distinction between these groups like

the Freemasons the Illuminati the

skullenbones societies the Rosicrucians

like are they all together or what it

who’s the the conductor behind the seeds

pulling pulling the strings here yeah

that’s the million dollar question

they’re all they’re all connected it’s

basically like a big spider web and you

know if you want to look at trying to

like have a brief history you can go

back to the beginning of time and

there’s a certain kind of theory line

that the Annunaki these alien races from

the planet Nibiru came here and seeded

humans to make them their slaves like

what do you believe what do you actually

believe so I don’t the further back it

goes the more distorted it gets I so I

can’t really commit to like this super

like hundreds of thousands of years ago

stuff but I do believe that there’s lots

of talk of this Golden Age that that

occurred and like zakaria stitch in and

his work on like gold and didn’t do that

well that that’s the Annunaki kind of

theory that aliens came here and started

us you know and then there’s the the

biblical kind of theory that the the

Watchers the Angels came in and seeded

the this Nephilim alien race mm-hmm and

then there’s this other idea of these

reptilian shapeshifters

but either way no matter which branch

you go down you you end up in the cradle

of civilization there in Mesopotamia

which is kind of where everything kicked

off with the Sumerians and they were

kind of the first ones that we know of

in recorded history that that started

like these communities and actual

inventions and supposedly they were

given alien you know technology and and

knowledge so they had secret societies

from the

from the get goes what you’re saying

right because because back in the day

they used to like the people select the

rock stars of those days were you know

priests and sorcerers and the people

that held the knowledge right and it

passed it only passed through it power

was knowledge much more so then than it

is now and it only passed through

certain bloodlines which supposedly tie

into whoever seated this whole thing you

know whether you wanna believe the

Anunnaki or the reptilians or the

nepheline so there is there is a

bloodline system in play at work

Rothschilds Bilderbergers like all these

like different groups that are kind of

pushing social agendas events economics

and and your site focuses on the media

aspect of this and how we are being

programmed by what we watch what we see

on TV in an occult ritualistic way right

precisely the the the Divine Right to

rule that’s why you know England’s got

the monarchy there it’s that they think

because of their bloodline they’re

superior to the rest of us and you know

if you look back at the the hermetic

mystery schools it was like ancient


and which bled over into Greece and Rome

that those the people that were allowed

in those schools to get that knowledge

we’re only you know only certain people

which are arguably this quote-unquote

Illuminati bloodline and you know you

can look go to Washington DC and you can

see the influence that the Egyptians and

the Romans have on in America right

because and that’s where I’m kind of

going with this kind of timeline is

you’ve got this this knowledge I was

handed down to certain people then we go

into you know the 1700s with the Age of

Enlightenment stuff and that’s when the

the the the real Illuminati subgroup

came about you know item wise hop like

you were talking about and this is the

the movement that really sparked things

and and that’s what started the whole

fight against the the church what

happened there well so they pushed so

that was like the beginning of these

ideals these kind of you know I guess

back then there were liberal ideas these


of equality democracy separation of the

church and state you know freedom and

liberty and this was like the late 1700s

so you can see how you know I think it

was the same year that the Illuminati

the Bavarian Illuminati group was formed

was the same year that the Declaration

of Independence was signed and you look

at the founding fathers and most of them

were freemasons because they the claim

is that isin Adam why I hop was kind of

driven away from his homeland there and

he he sprouted up like subgroups in

within the Freemasons and anyway so you

know things good know you know how this

goes this conspiracy game gets kind of

really confusing quick but slippery

slope yeah so basically you got the you

know he’s just he’s just another part of

this kind of secretive group of you know

bloodline group that is putting this

message out and at some point he went

into the Freemasons and then they became

our founding fathers and that that’s why

America is like the big project right

that’s why you know when when the world

talks about entertainment we dominate in

America the people in other countries

watch our movies and listen to our music

it’s not the other way around

generally right and you look at the

symbolism of stuff that you can see and

in DC like I was talking about and this

kind of supports that idea because

people want to pretend we’re this

Christian based god-fearing country to

begin with but that’s absolutely not the

case there’s not statues of Jesus Christ

in Washington DC there’s obelisks you

know so what what is the purpose of this

like what what are they trying what is

the agenda what’s the goal what’s the

what’s happening see and that’s where I

was kind of at that that’s kind of the

stage I was at on the website a couple

years ago I didn’t really I don’t really

get it but then I got into this other

theorist Freeman fly and he broke down

the the magical orders within like the

secret societies that that how all these

like secret mysticism teachings which

includes like the Kabbalah in this Tree

of Life

stuff and different forms of paganism

and Wicca you know and it kind of the

list goes on and on there’s like these

but but it all kind of ties together

it’s kind of like the same principle

that they all have and they believe that

you can shape the universe towards your

will if you conduct certain rituals and

use certain symbols which is why we see

all these symbols over and over and over

again so you think they’re protecting

that information more so than allowing

things to get out it seems yeah I think

you know there’s there’s a certain

amount of speculation that has to come

into play at some point you know things

got driven underground and all we can

really do is observe it and you know

read through some of the literature that

that we see like for example Aleister

Crowley seems to be tied in with

everything he’s the the British

occultist of the right late you know

1800 early 1900s he’s pretty much hailed

by all you know rock stars and any kind

of good occultist has his roots with

Aleister Crowley the most evil man that

ever lived

yeah the wicked beast or whatever II

cannot yeah yes he so what all he was

doing was kind of take he was rehashing

all these old kind of seek the secret

knowledge he was rehashing it and kind

of expanding upon it that’s why he’s

revered so much is because he took all

these ideas of being able to channel

different entities from another

dimension and and he did that like in

you know he did that in Egypt where he

talked to this this spirit called a wasp

that dictated to him this whole Salima

religion that he came up with and you

know if you look at all his stuff you

know it all ties together Aleister

Crowley stuff ties in with the

Freemasons which ties into the Ordo

Templi Orientis they’re kind of all one

in the same rio tio in a sense yeah

because I and and a lot of stuff like I

have to go off of what I’m reading

and I don’t I don’t read through like

the super shady materials online that

you can tell is obviously not like

there’s no study into it you can read

through some of their books and read it

for yourself

like the like Kenneth grant and he

started the Typhon Ian OTO it’s like a

branch off of Aleister Crowley and he

talks about channeling these alien

entities which is a very common thing

that we’re seeing nowadays and all forms

of you’re not saying that Crowley’s like

definitely involved with these

Freemasons Illuminati you’re just saying

that the concept of this deity worship

or getting to this mystical realm is

something that certain groups are trying

to buy for yeah that’s what it seems

like it seems so like explore a lot of

the the music industry stuff and I put

together a whole book of just rappers

and pop singers mm-hmm and how they all

have the same pattern where they talk

about how they have different

personalities and spirits that take over

and alter egos I mean they’re not all

schizophrenic right so why are they

saying this stuff Wow yeah so is that is

that part of the monarch programming

that they’re receiving I mean I’ve seen

your videos man and it’s it’s just so

interesting that these people who are

super rich super famous are talking

about basically selling their souls in

blood to Satan and I mean that’s a bit

strange man it’s it’s weird it’s super

weird the the so that whole idea of you

know selling the soul that’s the

Faustian bargain but the what’s even

stranger is that like that whole blood

sacrifice idea but it I talk about how

just like I talked about a few minutes

ago how the you look at the timeline of

all these ancient cultures and how we’ve

kind of formed this into this Illuminati

bloodline the the ancient cultures used

to sacrifice humans all the time to

is Maalik deity or chalk or you know you

fill in the blankets they would they

would typically sacrifice people in

order to appease these gods to you know

either get it to rain for the crops or

in some cases make it stop raining

because it was flooding the crops you

know it was and that was all they really

knew how to do you know hundreds of

years ago so they used to do this all

the time and we’re led to believe that

were more advanced than that now but my

argument is there’s a subgroup of people

that are still hooked into this ancient

tradition and I can back that up with

the Bohemian Grove stuff where you know

in Northern California there’s this camp

that all the elites of the world not all

the elites but I guess certain

privileged elites in entertainment and

business and politics they meet up every

year and have a little boys camp and

they and they do this ritual to this

giant stone owl called the cremation of

care where they take a mock

quote/unquote mock child and sacrifice

it to this deity in effigy yeah it

sounds like ritual magic I mean that’s

what yeah so you know we’re supposed to

believe that human sacrifice isn’t an

option or and I don’t know why I don’t

like it it’s not like we’re above

killing some people you know to

me like we go to war all the time you

know I mean it’s just packaged murder

packaged differently blood blood is the

Umbra of the God so to speak and all

those rituals that they talk about is

there’s something inherent about the

energy of human blood and the sacrifice

that you mentioned before have you ever

read um a book I think this will die

sheep will die or something like that it

was this guy that went on this kind of

rant online he had this PDF that’s

floating but in the beginning of it it

mentioned what you were you’re saying

earlier about how if we were this monkey

species or in these tribes in the

Mesopotamian area right and we’re just

learning you know math and astrology and

astronomy at the

like that and you’re this group that

knows when there’s gonna be say a

Eclipse and you have that information

you know you’re gonna use that to

control the minds of the other people do

you think that’s how it started yeah

they used to follow that that that

hermetic maximum of as above so below

where they they think that things tied

things that happened in the cosmos and

the stars you know the movement of the

different astrological signs and

constellations and whatnot they believe

that that was tied into what they did on

the microcosm on the earth and and vice


so the I and and this is an idea that I

I supported with you know there’s a guy

Robert Hooke who used to he studied this

thing called cymatics where he would

take flour more or less and put it on a

vibrating plate and the the frequency of

that vibration would produce certain

patterns and that’s where we get this

idea that like frequency and wave form

vibrations which aren’t tangible things

are not material things they can cause

different changes and effects in the

material world you know kind of gets out

into some woowoo stuff but I I I went to

college for eight years and I’ve got a

masters of engineering and I studied a

lot of like you know physics quantum

physics and you know that that stuff

really blew my mind this is before I

started the website like the whole idea

that you know we are our retinas and our

corneas are lenses that actually invert

everything so the world is actually

upside down but our brain processes and

re reverse it so that we’re not confused

when we move around like like that’s

some crazy stuff yeah yeah you look at

all this quantum physics stuff and all

these ideas that things are connected

even though they dope here they’re not

and things are there until you look at

them then they’re not there it’s

st. if it is it kind of makes you crazy

a little bit like do like we really

don’t know what’s going on here and and

and it’s all happening right now as we

speak like just complexity upon

complexity yeah and you know it’s it’s

tough because I like the movie like the

matrix you know the Matrix films were

really good for exploring these kind of

ideas and it all ties into like like

Plato’s allegory of the cave and stuff

and it’s this idea that like we could be

living in a kind of holographic universe

which you know that’s that’s debatable

whether or not but like there’s

legitimate scientists that argue this

you know smarter than me but uh that’s

it that’s a good segue actually cuz I

really want to bring up your work on

Stanley Kubrick because he to me is the

I mean I I admittedly am a bit obsessed

with with the movies that he made and I

just find him so interesting and he

seems to be the most prolific at really

demonstrating these symbols in a visual

way that is highly complex and it it’s

very immersive I mean do you agree he

brings you into it’s it’s almost for

ritual watching the movie itself yeah I

agree with you totally I like I said

like before I was even into any of this

stuff before I was even in conspiracies

when I was a kid you know I watched

Clockwork Orange and I was hooked man I

was like like a and I couldn’t explain

why like I just loved the movie then I

watched a full metal jacket when I was a

kid and I loved that movie too and and

The Shining then you know I was about I

think I was like maybe twenty when I saw

maybe 22 I know when I saw Eyes Wide

Shut and I was kind of like like I

didn’t really like the story but the

film had me hooked just like the other

two Kubrick films and I couldn’t I

couldn’t put my finger on it I just like

man I really like this Kubrick guy you

make some cool films you know and then I

got into all this conspiracy stuff and

looking for symbolism and you know Jay

Widener I give him the credit for for

even put piecing this together cuz I


the shining stuff and the the Apollo

landing theories that he come up with is

what kind of got me interested in

Kubrick and I I started looking into

like 2001 a Space Odyssey and and I’m

finding like this kind of underlying

theme that ties in with all these films

and they’re the same exact topics that I

cover in entertainment industry and

other you know music videos and films

it’s this idea that there’s all these

occult concepts and symbols and

principles and if you watch his films

you can see them in these films so yeah

like I I agree like I’m I’m like I’ve

seen his films like multiple times and

I’m not really like that with films like

I typically like once is plenty for me

but I mean Kubrick seemed like he was

definitely playing the long game I mean

if you watch if you watch just the way

that he released the movies in the order

that he released them they all kind of

tied together and there is I mean if you

guys listening can go watch them for

yourselves after hearing this but I mean

there there is definitely a message a

subtext that he is he’s kind of pulling

you towards or asking you to like look

at and I mean the stuff with the moon

landing and maybe he was hired to do

that I mean even even without that and

wow man there there is some really deep

occult stuff happening in Kubrick’s work

I mean what what have you noticed about

Kubrick that fascinates you the most

well fascinates me the most oh boy you

know I think the the fact that we see

those same like for instance Clockwork

Orange thought it’s pretty much like an

MKULTRA mind control film Eyes Wide Shut

it’s about sex magic orgies and rituals

and it’s kind of like dark satanic

underbelly of the Illuminati and 2001

with its Saturn symbolism you know it’s

just it’s too is too well orchestrated

it’s blatant almost yeah it’s very


you know like the fact that like like in

2000 out that the monolith in 2001 was

the same dimensions as the the movie

screen mhm you know that kind of blows

my mind because you know they really had

to go through some painstaking labor

probably to make that so and I’m sure

Kubrick stuck it to him to make sure

they did it what do you think is the

most fascinating part of Kubrick’s work

that you find the most interesting I

think it’s fascinating how he was able

to weave these called symbols through

all of his films from 2001 with its

Saturn symbolism and then a Clockwork

Orange with its mind-control symbols and

The Shining with the fake The Shining

actually had several different kind of

hidden messages within it who had but

then his final film Eyes Wide Shut which

a lot of people really trashed when it

came out that’s arguably the film that

got him killed with the you know he

depicted these satanic sects ritual you

know which is arguably sex magic or just

some kind of satanic ritual you know

because they filmed it in one of the

mansions of the Rothschild family which

as we were talking about earlier is

allegedly one of the bloodlines of the

Illuminati right was there anything with

um an artificial intelligence I know he

died before him and kind of Spielberg

picked up the latter half of that but is

there a clear message of some kind of

symbology that he wanted in artificial

intelligence or the message that he

wanted there yeah I think he was working

he was working on AI for like a lot of

years beforehand trying to like doctor

it up somehow and then when he and he

actually started working on it but then

he died but if that would fall right in

with my kind of overarching theory of

where they want to take all this is this

transhumanism movement and a lot of

people don’t see it coming you know in

fact even when you you know when I was

typing my first book up where I talked

about this you know Microsoft Word

doesn’t recognize the word transhumanism

you know and five years from now

my you know because right now it’s not

like and everyone’s vocabulary but it’s

this idea that the we’re gonna approach

what is dubbed the singularity where

artificial intelligence will surpass the

human mind capabilities and that’s when

it’s kind of like a done deal and you

know you could argue where what that

means for us is the human race we could

either be taking advantage of that and

living these super awesome immortal

lives or it’s the matrix where we’re

gonna go to war with the robots and

they’re gonna win and now we’re just

energy sources

yikes yeah that’s that’s hardcore man I

mean the transhumanism thing I

definitely find a little bit disturbing

I mean this this idea but I mean if

you’ve got all this wealth and power and

money and control the first thing that

you’re worrying about is dying I mean

that’s that you don’t want to age you

want that forever so kind of fill yeah

look at just look at our culture how

much emphasis we put on looking young

and that’s just getting worse and worse

you see more and more plastic surgery

and the the entertainers of today are

you know teenagers it’s kind of weird

you know I remember when I was a kid

like I don’t know the music groups were

in their 30s or whatever and now you

know these people that are famous for

music or like in teenagers you know you

can anti difficult almost yeah it’s this

obsession of getting younger and another

idea you could look at with this

transhumanism agenda is that these

people make these Faustian bargain with

the devil and they sell their soul to

the devil to get fame and fortune and

you know the payback for that is when

they die they go to heaven their soul

goes to hell right well if they can

master transhumanism they can arguably

live forever and never have to repay

that debt now this is this is kind of

unfortunate this is where I see

everything going and it and it kind of

freaks me out because like when I

studied I studied electronics

engineering and

math at a math minor and we looked a lot

at we would like we were plot plotting

curves for different things like for

example Moore’s law which says the

number of transistors that fit on a chip

doubles every you know two years roughly

and that’s a an exponential curve which

means it increases very rapidly but

humans our mind thinks when we predict

things we can only predict linearly like

we say you know if this then that and

that’s pretty much the extent of what we

naturally think of so we have this

technology that’s increasing at this

exponential rate meanwhile here we are

just thinking linear linearly and this

singularity is around the corner now

they’re saying that this moment where

the artificial intelligence takes over

is anywhere between 2030 and 2040 and

you know it’s to the point where in

modern program management and business

practices they’re they’re trying to come

up with these like like when they come

up with like their acquisition lifecycle

plan and all this they’re trying to come

up with ways to accommodate future

technologies in the strategies because

you know nowadays like if it takes you

you know two years to field an entire

platform of whatever it is you’re

working with two years from now she’s

gonna be like I said increasing

exponentially and the things you’re

working on might be useless

you know just ten years ago there was no

such thing as an iPhone you know most

people were still using dial-up internet

you know thing and it’s just gonna get

worse and worse and no one’s really

talking about this and most people the

masses don’t have no idea this thing is

coming so it makes me wonder like why is

this being kept so quiet and I think

it’s because the Illuminati or these

privileged bloodlines that like you said

have all the money there I mean there’s

that’s the only thing you can buy is

eternal life there they’re already

working on what they call mind files and

basically the idea is that

you know everyone’s got a Facebook page

right so the idea is you can take a

person you can figure out a person’s

personality and make make your Facebook

profile like this digital avatar like

like on the Wii I don’t know if you have

a Nintendo Wii where you can make a

little character right mm-hmm

the idea is that once the computing

power is there we could you know you

could sit down at a computer open up the

software answer you know two thousand

questions about what you like what you

dislike your memories how you feel who

you like and they can create this

digital avatar version of you that’s so

real that if someone was like you know

skyping or instant messaging they

wouldn’t be able to tell the difference

plot twist we’re we’re already we’re in

a computer right now and we’ve forgotten

and then we’re gonna build a computer

that we can house our other cause so

it’s like a computer within a computer

the Saturn cult the Saturn idea like the

the symbols it it really looks like

Freemasonry is like the symbol for

Saturn or something how does that all

tie in that’s one of the that’s one of

the more mysterious things I’m still

trying to kind of decode a lot of that

but basically if you read some of the

occult literature from you know

Satanists they’ll talk about the the the

Brotherhood of Saturn for example it’s

like another one of these magical orders

and they worship Saturn because like

back in the day Saturn was the outermost

planet and that was kind of the outcast

of all the planets and you know

Satanists and most left hand passers

they they worship Satan and

nonconformist things because they you

know they simply don’t want to conform

to what society tells them to believe in

and you know this is why stores like you

know Hot Topic are so popular and all

these dark goth kids are all around us

because they they’re tired of hearing

the you know the Christian message or

whatever they think is being forced down

their throats so so back in the day they

used to work back when they

used to worship stars and planets the

the occultists used to worship Saturn

now there’s different theories on why

that is one of them which is kind of

it’s kind of hard to understand but the

claim this Saturn used to be our

original Sun it was like a brown dwarf

star and we used to be we used to live

on the on our planet Earth in like

basically a sheath of the brown stars

you know light basically and it was like

a purple purple kind of haze right like

Jimi Hendrix and and this idea was

actually supported by a friend of Albert

Einstein’s Velikovsky where he says

Saturn used to kind of be in the place

where it was a you know right adjacent

to the earth and then it got got whacked

by something and then got shifted out

into the you know outer planets

and then the moon showed up right there

and that’s how the moon got here mm-hmm

are you

you familiar with Jordan Maxwell’s work

about the but the Saturn cult no that’s

the year the second I’ve heard of Jordan

Maxwell is the second person that

actually said you need to check out his

Saturn stuff so it’s crazy it’s crazy

I’ll have to really good on that yeah

there’s there’s this satyr stuff kind of

weird to me because I it was it belonged

to the used to be the planetary force

behind the the zodiac of the Aquarius

and and if you look at the Age of

Aquarius movement they they think that

the Age of Aquarius is either upon us

right now or it’s coming really soon but

they believe that that’s going to be

this new shift of mankind where we’re

going to be it’s going to be an age of

technology which is precisely what

talking about with the singularity stuff

and the Age of Aquarius is depicted with

the water carrier and that’s arguably

why we’re seeing these ritual sacrifices

of Whitney Houston and Bobby Kristina

Philip Seymour Hoffman died in the


and they died on like he died on embalm

which is like a witch sacrifice night so

yeah there’s like this tie-in with this

age of aquarius and there’s there’s

whole like book dedicated to this this

movement of the Aquarians and how that’s

the Illuminati’s thing like they started

the hippy movement on all this stuff you

know the the Mayans used to have this

idea that at the moment of death there

was this massive energy transfer of

conscious like when when consciousness

moves out of the body and disconnects in

the physical body dies the Mayans

thought that you could harness that

energy that’s why they were doing all

these sacrifices so maybe maybe these

these people who are kind of running

things are using that same idea that

that creating this ritual sacrifice

gives them more power that’s yeah that’s

an interesting thought you know Aleister

Crowley called it the ultimate orgasm

death that is lipid heat Lippitt eat

hurt the libertine more the little death

they call it oh you’re on to the

next level I want some French next-level

yeah so like they think that all

like you know same thing with like the

sex orgies like they think the the

orgasm brings about a certain energy

field that they could manipulate to do

whatever it is they do channels demons

you know I don’t know I don’t I’ve never

been in a magical order but I’m just

reading you know the stuff that they put

out and that’s what it says we were

talking a V remember talking about this

the other day about you know what if the

next big paradigm shift that comes out

of say quantum physics is basically the

next like the world’s not flat or the

atomic bomb is that there are hyper

dimensional beings and they have some

they want something do with the material

realm they want somebody do with this

physical embodiment and that there’s

like people in league with these

constructs that are out in another

dimension and they have they’re at war

right now in our route

yeah that’s that’s some scary stuff

there yeah that well I mean these are

cult is believe it like I was saying it

with the Thai phony you know do they

they purposely try to channel these

entities into our dimensions that so

they believe it you you look at

different digital that they use and

these sigils they’re they’re supposed to

evoke this this lord of the abyss that

they talk about on the dark side of the

kabbalah tree of life and they these are

called practitioners they they use these

signals and symbols to kind of call upon

this lord of the abyss for for different

purposes that they you know they deem

important and they think that they’re

gonna be able to do this by like will

day what they say like fusing the X with

the O is what’s gonna help evoke this

beast and I point out all these images

that you are finding of the X over top

of the Oh like you know like x-men Xbox

Russell Brant Russell Brand show Brand X


Ariana Grande’s latest video I saw it

and in part of it like like I’ll be the

first admit like you know I’m looking

for these patterns but why the hell like

you’ve seen them there’s Browns Lena Sam

I think was ex-officer right there’s

several roblems there’s uh Sharon’s got

an album that’s got a big X it’s

supposed to be called multiply but all

its on it is a big X Chris McGee said

Chris Brown Kylie Minogue has an album

called X you know the list goes on and

on and so there’s this obvious thing

going on with the X and basically you

can you can claim that this is somewhat

cult stuff that they’re trying to push

and the idea the the idea that makes the

most sense to me is actually from a girl

I was talking to who who’s a regular on

the website she says she used to study

witchcraft and she’s really concerned

with what’s going on in the world right

now and she’s not nutty by any means but

she she said that you know the reason

we’re seeing these symbols is because

things are happening on the on the

occult in the dark side

while we’re being you know pretty much

distracted with you name it and all

these things are happening and they’re

accelerating and they’re surrounding us

with these symbols because the more that

they can throw out there of these

symbols the more energy it gives to

these these demon spirits or aliens or

whatever you want to call it to come

into our dimension

it just seems it seems like spiritual

warfare man like I mean if if our souls

are you know the currency of of this war

it’s kind of questionable who’s winning

right now just because I mean most

people aren’t asking questions they’re

not wondering what is going on and there

is this resurgence of this this wake up

movement and people are starting to I

guess the wake up a little bit but is it

enough I mean and and with these people

who can control media I mean there’s

it’s very hard to determine what the

long game agenda is for these people

that control everything yeah that’s you

know and that’s what’s kind of crazy is

I I’m uh I’m actually a Eastern Orthodox

Christian and I’m not a good one by any

means and I’ve always stood by the firm

stance that like I’ve been like you know

this website where I talk about

conspiracies I’m not gonna like bring

Christianity into it like you know most

of these people that are into this stuff

it’s always like they’re over the top

with their Christian message and the

Bible verses they post and I’ve always

in and I’ve always kind of been turned

off by that cuz I’m kinda you know what

man like leave your preach you know do

your preaching somewhere else like I’ll

I’ll go to my church you do go to yours

you know and I’ve always kind of been

you know like because I never regularly

attended and you know in the last few

years I’ve been more regular with it but

the the more I’m learning about this the

more it’s kind of solidifying my belief

in Christianity I’m like dude like all

this stuff was predicted and talked

about and we’re going through it and

like you said it’s a battle it’s a

spiritual battle for our souls and I

feel like we’re you know most people are

losing because they’re distracted with

the Illuminati’s agenda of football and

TMZ and Kim Kardashian’s ass you know so

I had

it begs the question though you know

terence mckenna’s said that conspiracy

theories are like a system illogical and

epistemological cartoon about reality so

it almost seems like the truth seems to

be more terrifying that no one is in

control and that it’s all kind of one

giant game of father leader and there’s

no leader and really no one’s holding

the puppet strings except maybe like

dynamic systems in chaos

I mean does that seem to be more likely

a possibility or how does that gel with

you that’s a great point yeah I I’m not

it’s funny you say that I just started

getting into some of the Terence Mckenna

and this discordianism topic because I

don’t know a lot about it and the it’s

the idea that you know chaos is the is

the is like kind of the real religion

and the real truth about what’s going on

and you know we as humans can’t handle

the idea that there’s not someone

controlling everything and it’s really

interesting stuff it seems it seems the

way things are playing out is there

really is there’s really no gray here

it’s almost like it’s binary there

either is something in control here or

things are playing out that our

quote-unquote destiny as a species has

this narrative unfolding that doesn’t

really have any semblance of logic to it

it’s almost like dreamlike and fanciful

this human story that we’re seeing right

now yeah you know what freaks me out is

there’s all this talk of like these

ancient civilizations that have this

high technology that that just

disappeared off the face of the earth

like atlantis and lemuria and you know

arguably some of ancient egypt stuff and

it kind of freaks me out because like

we’re headed to a point where now

they’re saying like oh these the

computers are gonna be smarter than us

and you know this might be a wrap for us

as humans and then meanwhile the whole

climate change things going on and it

kind of makes me wonder like are we just

on this repetitive cycle and like this

shit’s all going downhill in the next

hundred years and then 4000 years from

now our culture will be up to our point

of of knowledge and they’ll be like hey

look at this look at this little square

iPhone looking thing you know well I

guess some yes I’m getting it is like do

you think that us as human

like we almost need this construct of an

Illuminati to kind of allay our fears

about how truly random and directionless

things are and like despite our best

efforts mother nature really doesn’t

give a flying 747 about like seven

Jewish bankers in a bunker and read the

World Trade Center

we were like meticulously crafting some

tenuous version of reality and I guess

it could go either way

I mean it’s just it’s it I guess this is

just highly entertaining and when you

see I mean it doesn’t it doesn’t really

matter and I think I think that that’s a

big proponent of this whole thing is

that we give it our energy and we’re and

and by giving it our energy we’re

somehow giving these rituals that

they’re performing power so it’s like

when you’re when you see the the

Super Bowl or when the Super Bowl comes

on don’t watch it turn your TV off

that I mean why why would you

want to be part of this large game that

these people are playing yeah that’s

kind of how I feel about it and I I used

to be a real cynical I mean I’m fairly

cynical still but like that movie

idiocracy like I was like yes that’s it

like that’s where we’re headed you know

and but now I’m kind of like you know

like people need to unwind like like

we’ve all been set up in like the system

is pretty well stacked against us like

everyone’s gotta have a dual income

household and people work their asses

off at the stressful jobs and they come

home and they just want to you know

unwind like watch some to

entertain them so like I get that

because I’m I’m right there with him you

know I like I worked all day today and

I’m like like I just want to watch

Dual Survival

you know like go like you know that’s

that’s the Illuminati wins when we do

that when we just give up and not talk

about this stuff because you know I

wholeheartedly absolutely when I’m as I

believe something is going on because

I’m seeing these symbols and everything

yeah and these same people that are

pushing these symbols are the ones that

are you know popular in supposed pop

culture like ariana grande you know like

nothing that gets her but like I don’t

know like a lot of people can sing you

know actually in America’s Got Talent

and you know American Idol so like

there’s tons of people I can sing what

makes her special

well yes actually a bad example she

can’t give you that but you know like so

you know certain artists like I’m you

know they push these symbols over and

over again and I’m like why is this

person so so famous and on top of the

charts all the time I like their musics

that good you know but yeah yeah and

then and then when you when you start to

fall off out of favor with this group of

people I suddenly you end up dead or

your your your career gets ruined or

something happens to your name or I

don’t know man it’s it’s really

interesting but Isaac this this hour

flew by man like it was you’re a really

cool cat it’s highly interesting work is

there anything that you wanted to kind

of get out any message anything you got

to say to the people listening right now

no mandate I mean go to go to Lunati

watch calm and you can sign up for the I

got a free email newsletter and you know

you could basically just get on that

list and could I stand out like monthly

like here’s the most recent

that I found you know but yeah like I

honest-to-god feel like if we can kind

of spread this message I feel like the

more people that are aware of this the

more it might foil these attempts of

this dark future that they’ve got laid

out for us I agree man dr. G you got

anything else for our guests I mean as

as dark as the future is at least we’ll

have our gonna grand and Chris Brown and

loop on the background all the time so

alright guys well thanks for listening

this is the human experience get to

Isaac’s work at loominatee watcher comm

thank you so much for listening it’s a


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