Transcript for Episode 155 – Stuart Lichtman – Mastering Emotions, Achieving the Impossible, The Art of Success

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sit back grab a drink and enjoy this

conversation the human experience is in

session my name is Xavier katana my

guest for tonight is mr. Stewart

Lichtman Stewart Lichtman is an author

entrepreneur scientist and researcher

who teaches people how to harness the

power of their unconscious mind

Stewart’s formal education includes

undergraduate and graduate work at MIT

in engineering psychology and artificial

intelligence his master’s work is in

Applied Psychology and he did his

doctoral work in organization

development and cross-cultural business

he’s also conducted extensive research

on the unconscious and the intuitive

basis of success and the individual and

collective operation of the human mind

stew it’s a pleasure welcome to hxp

I’m really happy to be here at Xavier so

thank you

so stew I mean I I’m I’m really happy

that you made the time to do this show

there’s there’s so much that I want to

get into but you know let just to begin

things off I think is I’d really like to

establish a contextual basis of you know

um how did you get started into this

work what what brought you into this

field I think that would be I mean

because you because you were doing your

working at MIT but then you kind of you

switched gears and you started pursuing

this so what what change those gears for

you well if I go back in my tea I

remember that I was sitting with my

advisor was also my mentor and I pointed

out to him that even though he gotten me

permission to study all areas of

engineering there was something missing

that is none of them could model human


he said we’ll try psychology and

economics and I turned out they were

zero with not so I said I’m gonna do

that he can laughed at me said sure

and they took nine years but I did came

up with a system that had to run on the

time the great computers the biggest

supercomputers around because it needed

so much processing power artificial

intelligence and then the first

application was in my doctoral work I

did my dissertation on the unconscious

decision making of venture capitalists

okay and I had been putting out a

publication so I had contact had been

heavy contact with venture capitalists

in size at MIT the very first ones in

the world or an American research and

development in Boston and I got chummy

with them okay okay so so let me let me

just uh let me just thread this a little

bit a little bit more so what I want to

know I mean this book this how to get

lots of money for anything fast you

co-authored this with Joe Vitale we’ve

had him on the show Jack cannon field

Canfield he he endorsed your work I mean

are you guys sort of friends I mean how

did you how did you get I mean do you

guys know each other how did that work

out how did you how did you end up

choosing Joe to sort of co-author this

book for you with you well actually as

Joe says in his introduction he just

avid little touches to make it more

termi more friendly in fact my marketing

guy was a friend of Joe’s and he put us

together he said Joe could do a great

job editing and so wait a dear – damn

with Joe editing didn’t endure too much

in that sense we did it easily we fitted

together extremely well

Jagan kills an old friend of mine okay

from a long time to gone for long time

and he’s a splendid guy so that’s my

relationships with them Jack he I’ve

known him Wow

okay at least 30 years 35 okay okay so

so these are people that you’ve you’ve

known for a long time and you know you

thought you thought oh well you know Joe

can help me sort of give this a little

bit of a different approach or how can I

say an angle maybe that that you weren’t

addressing initially with with this book

I would call it I didn’t really change

any of the content but he framed it with

little catch phrases and so on okay okay

so let’s moving forward you know I I

want to know let’s talk about cybernetic

transposition this is one of the I would

say the key tenants of your work you

talk about this and what is cybernetic

transposition and I mean why did you why

did you call it why did you call it

cybernetic transposition good question

David my marketing guy said to me you

got to come up with the name now when I

was at MIT the founder of cybernetics

was there Norbert Wiener

he was the prototypical absent-minded

professor about once a week he forget

where he parked his car and start

screaming that it was stolen

you know goggle-eyed glasses and so

forth he wrote a book called the human

use of human beings and that’s why I’m

using word cybernetic because it really

is about the union’s of human beings you

see there is a funny Kermit trip in that

there’s no operating manual for human

beings were delivered without an

operating manual mm-hmm and people don’t

understand how the system works sure

sure okay so so so you started this with

the help of a near-death experience

though I mean uh that’s a bit odd right

I mean perspective I was

quintessentially dysfunctional as a kid

I had Asperger’s syndrome and couldn’t

really connect with anybody I just

wanted to go back to God I got my wish

wouldn’t have this near-death experience

and that God has given a choice either I

could stay in that place of incident

love mercy and acceptance for a car to

come back and complete what I had laid

out as my life plan with the intent of

completing all my torment that’s life

time I chose the latter

now I didn’t realize some of the stuff I

was getting in for about four or five

years later I was meditating and spirit

just gave me packets of information

meaning when I was meditating

it just came in like right that’s right

just write this down I ended up the

first day taking a thin line legal path

a completely filling it same thing

happened for the next four days and that

was cybernetic transposition being a

entrepreneur at heart I put together my

first training in a month at 250 people

and the first try out of the box 76%

I’m sorry 67 percent of them achieved

the first seemingly impossible objective

first try and in essence it’s 10 years

ago I got up to 100% consistently what

it’s about is consciously managing your

unconscious mind you think what I knew

what Spirit gave me then wasn’t

awareness that the conscious mind is an

observer all the doing is done by the

unconscious nowadays 40 years later with

functional MRIs they’ve demonstrated

that what we think our conscious

decisions are actually made by our

unconscious up to 10 seconds prior to

when we think we’re consciously making

them okay so I mean would that negate

free will then how do we have any

personal responsibility if if you know

if decisions and are already made for us

then why do I have to do anything right

we get a choice what do you mean how do

we answer your foot let me see if I can

explain that’s a really good question

you have you ever stood by a massive

river and watched all the stuff coming

down it sure yeah and I understand well

there is a massive river

running from the unconscious to the

conscious mind which is called the

stream of consciousness right now in

that stream of consciousness there isn’t

just one possibility there are multiple

possibilities and that’s where free will

comes in okay okay so okay okay I get

that okay so so let’s let’s frame this

back into you know the realm of

cybernetic transposition so when we’re

talking about cybernetics it really

doesn’t have anything to do with

cybernetics whatsoever does it I mean

there’s there’s nothing cybernetic

happening in your brain with with the

within the mind is there I mean I’m

asking well actually if you go into

cybernetic modeling it points out that

in even the simplest ordinary situation

there are millions of possibilities let

me give you an example sure say you want

to go in a picnic and you have a family

they have to decide does everyone want

to go or only some of them where we

going to go was the weather is the

weather good enough do we have the time

do we have the food what food and we’re

going to take and in that simple

situation cybernetic analysis comes up

with four million alternatives now the

conscious mind of the most powerful

conscious person the researchers have

ever met and studied is able to long

five things concurrently okay yeah

that’s a women right for example look at

the room you’re in now that’s three

dimensions now see if you can


imagine that room at night and during

the day that’s four dimensions mm-hmm

can you do that

I mean I’m seriously not switching back

and forth okay okay very few people can

do that that’s only four things at once

hmm see the conscious mind is not

designed to match the complexity of the

world okay the unconscious mind that has

the 200 billion neurons which really

some potentially analog and digital

computers with trillions of

interconnections so dance that the

internet interconnections

I call that felt worked look which felt

and that’s just in the brain all the

other other organs of the body are also

involved in the unconscious okay so the

unconscious is perfectly matched with

the complexity of the world I love that

and that means that we have on maginot

mode abilities in our unconscious and

the audience I burn any transposition is

to empower you to consciously tap into

those abilities basically it involves

expanding the conscious mind into the

unconscious so so making making the

unconscious mind more accessible and

more conscious that’s all right yes

indeed and also the soul the soul

yeah the soul is a party God

that is resident with us it’s not a part

of our physical body but it’s resident

energetically and the soul holds your

life plan the design of your life the

old cybernetic transposition we use the

soul to determine whether what you want

to do is appropriate and for your

highest good I knew you’re gonna say

that so so I’m so there there’s a

there’s a sort of bouncing effect that

happens where you’re connecting into not

only what you desire and what you want

but also what your soul has determined

as your life path and what is what’s

best for your life that’s kind of

although the soul didn’t determine it I

hate to be complex but you determine

before you’re born I remember being with

the Kermit board before I was born and

designing my life designing my parents

using my parents and so forth

and I was kind of arrogant because when

you’re on the other side

everything things possible and you

everything is loving so I designed a

very challenging life so stew okay so

just I love that I love the direction

that you’re going with that and we

definitely dig into that a little bit

more so you know when we’re talking

about setting goals you know the process

of setting goals because people do is

all the time I mean we’re in a new year

or a new decade and you people are

setting resolutions for themselves the

different things that they want to

achieve what what do you find people are

are doing incorrectly the most because I

mean we see people that

you know attempt their goals and and

that’s all that that’s all they kind of

do is attempt them they never really

succeed they never really lock it in is

there a single thing that you would say

okay these people over and over and over

this is what they’re doing wrong I’ll

put a different way okay there are three

steps only three steps can tell and

conceptually to achieving what seems to

you to be impossible and of course most

desirable goals are the ones that most

people think are impossible so step one

is to create an objective that is

consciously perfect for you and also

perfect for the major parts of your

unconscious including their soul and how

do you know whether it’s perfect for

your unconscious that was many people

intuitively sense it’s perfect for you

that’s your unconscious talking your

intuition is the way your unconscious

communicates with the conscious mind

normally it manipulates the body and

over time you put names on those changes

in your body like I’ve got headache or

well I can’t trust that guy or I’m real

excited what is going on is your

unconscious is trying to get messages

across now in this case of the objective

if in fact it’s aligned with your


it will intuitively seem just right for

you okay okay okay if the excited


okay step 1 okay just let me just bump

in for a second please

so let’s just say that a person has the

goal of making a million dollars that

excites me gets me excited to make a

million dollars I’m sure anybody

listening to this right now is excited

by that right but how do you know I mean

how can you feel that making a million

dollars is the right thing for I mean

could could it be used as an excuse that

oh well it wasn’t it wasn’t part of my

soul path you know so that’s why that’s

why I didn’t you know manifest or I

didn’t create it because it wasn’t it

wasn’t meant for me in some way do you

understand does that make sense yeah

that could be an excuse or it could be

the truth what let me give you the other

two so gaps and I think it’ll become

clearer please so the first one is to

set this target consciously it’s perfect

for you intuitively it’s perfect for you

and translate that into an oncologist

target the second thing is to prioritize

a target in your unconscious may or I

started doing millions of things at once

running the body everything else and you

need to make your targets stand out so

then greater numbers of your unconscious

time sharing slots if you want to put it

that way

mm-hmm are attributed devoted to

achieving your target so prioritizing is

the second thing the third thing is to

resolve the self-defeating unconscious

habit patterns that would otherwise

block you from achieving your target

right and that’s the one that it’s a

were most people fail okay okay

I could I can see where that would

happen so let’s let

let’s go to the first step let’s let’s

talk about targets okay so in the book

you talk about how there are different

subconscious systems that that perhaps

are working against each other

like the left brain right brain midbrain

there they’re competing with each other

so how do we how do we get all these

systems into a line so that you know we

can target something accurately okay

let’s talk about sub first knowledge so

functionally the unconscious is made up

of stimulus response machines

functionally not little guys standing

there doing things let me give you an

example what’s your favorite food pasta

okay so let’s say you look at the scale

in the morning and you’re 2 pounds over

your set point wait you say I don’t

would i watch what I eat today and then

you walk into a restaurant any smell the

best smelling marinara sauce you’ve ever

smelled I mean wow and and you just go

for it gobble down plate of that and we

get through you say oh that one so good

I feel overflow and I gained two pounds

today okay that is a function of a

subpersonality the stimulus is the smell

of the marinara sauce the response is

gobbling it down

hmm you don’t really have much conscious

control of that it’s interesting if you

try to constantly defeat your

unconscious and if I work around

so the trick is to reprogram that

subpersonality so that when you smell

that delightful marinara sauce for

example you check how full you feel and

you say and you feel really satisfied

already well I’ll pass on at this time

and that all happens unconsciously once

you set it up it just happens

unconsciously okay does that make sense

yes sir yeah

yeah let’s let’s hone in on that a

little bit more okay so so then how do i

how do I understand how do I start to

create agreement with that sub

personality that that I have how do i

well the first thing is to talk to it

yeah that’s personally I teach people

not trainees give it a try right now

sorry I’ve got a sinus condition that

gets me crushing every once in a while

no problems there

so you see you were seeing photos I want

you to focus on the center of your chest

that’s called the heart shock now yes

sir now that is a point where from

spiritual point of view the earthly and

spiritual need it’s where love is

supposedly radiated from in unit lay

yang it’s a point or one of those

energies they just it’s a point that

naturally gets a lot of attention

through the unconscious so focus there

and say would my subpersonality who is

making my voice sound so resonant please

come forward okay

and something will instantly pop into

your conscious mind hmm okay okay you

want to take a chance and tell me what

popped into your conscious mind um I

don’t know it wasn’t like a thing it was

more of like a I saw like a flash of

light that happened that occurred right

now say to that flash of light are you

might said personality that makes my

voice resonant okay I’m getting an

affirmative I’m getting like a yes okay

that’s the first step of word with

subpersonality okay okay so just to

reiterate so it’s it’s it’s focusing on

the chest bringing your focus into the

chest where the heart center is and and

asking the questions there because

that’s where the dynamic of the divine

occurs like with the soul and and love

that’s a place where the unconscious

pays a lot of attention how about that

okay okay let’s continue please okay now


that’s a personality what it’s trying to

do for you by making your voice so

resonant okay do you feel comfortable

telling me what it said yeah I mean I

can share it it’s I think it’s saying

something along the lines of you know

helping others that’s well that’s what

I’ll see see the trick is the

unconscious puts everything at your

conscious mind so whatever pops up is

what’s coming from it okay okay

so if you are going to reprogram that’s

uh personality which in this case you

wouldn’t normally do but let’s

since is working with you you’d write

that down this job number one okay then

you would say that sup personality

what’s matter you’re more basic job and

you can do that or I can give you a


let’s get hypothetical with this okay so

maybe it says now well to make you very

successful so write that down is job

number two and then you say well what’s

your still more basic job and it says

well to fill your joy and loving and

then you say what’s your still more

basic job and it says to make your life

a paradise on earth Wow and then you say

to it well what is your absolutely most

basic job and it says to make you one

with God Wow now the most basic job is

always spiritual always loving

acceptance joy God something that sort I

just gave you a typical series that

might be the case I mean I know so what

you do at that point is you say to the

subpersonality would you like to take on

that most basic job is your primary

function and usually it says oh yeah on

go for it okay then you say okay we’re

gonna offload the other jobs to you and

you come up with other sub personality

to do jobs 1 2 3 & 4 so that the suppers

now they can deal with its most basic

job which is now paradise on earth and

connecting you with God well most basic

job is connecting you as God paradise on

earth is not spiritual it is earthly ok


there’s an important difference there

but I’m focused on that because I just

wrote a book about that

I mean Stu I’m surprised because I

didn’t I didn’t really expect you know

the conversation I to go in this

direction because I mean the title of

your book is what it is you know what I

mean it’s it’s it’s talking about money

and to be completely forthcoming it

feels a little bit click Beatty to be

the way that it’s titled so you know I

didn’t expect it to go this deep with

you which I’m pleasantly surprised I’m

very very happy that you’re talking

about this so so okay okay so just let’s

just reset a little bit and bring it

back together for our audience oh I

forgot what do you wanna make a million

bucks right okay

now have you ever made a million dollars

not yet okay their readers are why you


you’ve got the personality to make a

million dollars that’s clear oh that’s

for sure okay and that’s the most

important one but you haven’t made it

because your unconscious is not set up

to do that let me give you an example

colonic restarted uber he was set up

unconsciously to make a great deal of

money Musk who turned pay down from

worldventurer into big success was made

up set up unconsciously to make a lot of

money okay okay I could go on and on

sure some people unconsciously set up to

do that most people aren’t so it’s a

learned process

so in the case of you making I’m not

going to ask you to tell me but right

down through yourself but most you’ve

ever made in here sure okay

now if you had to make that much money

next year I mean it was survival mm-hmm

got wise how certain are you that you

could do that without a doubt I mean I

don’t think it’s an aspect of you know

like making the money I don’t know it’s

it’s a bit complex with me I think but

just for this for the sake of discussion

is sure yes without a doubt okay then

you are in the one-percent category

right away cuz most people would say no

no no you know they would have a block

there yeah because there is most people

have what I call an unconscious

performance one that it’s an unconscious

women they can’t go get past because

it’s like a glass family you can’t even

see it

fascinating okay so well let’s let’s

let’s make it a little bit more basic so

so blockers let’s talk about the

blockers that we have within ourselves

that block this sort of progress that

that we’re trying to make sure so you’re

cutting using you as a guinea pig

no problem that’s fine

okay have you ever had a fight with a

relationship partner sure mm-hmm

right and didn’t it go something like


they said or did something and you went

to list

you want me to agree to this I mean yeah

okay yes yes that’s what happens I’m

trying to later okay most people would

say yes and what happened in that

hypothetical situation is your

relationship partner get your hot button

which is a trigger personal personality

that reacted with anger okay okay

now you could work with that sub

personality so that when your

relationship partner does the same thing

you react with loving acceptance mm-hmm

I feel like what you said but I

certainly understand your perspective

and remember what you say I love you


you could choose that response instead

of the block of response of nature anger

some make sense yes sir it does so so

when we encounter a block I mean what

does that mean what is that what does

that mean that we’re I mean why would we

be blocking ourselves why would we be

creating blocks for achieving you know

success and dip on different levels and

we live in a society that says it should

be difficult to be successful you really

have to work hard at it

your chances aren’t good anyway and

have you do you have kids no sir okay

most people when they have kids will say

you can’t do that the kid said mommy I

want to go outside and mommy says I

can’t do that till I’m ready

because I want you to be safe now what

the kid hears is you can’t do that

that’s your unconscious now the kid can

react by throwing a tantrum if in fact

the parent is susceptible to that kids

were to be very good manipulators and if

that works then you have an unconscious

habit pattern when somebody says you

can’t throw a tantrum they should so far

yes sir yeah so that’s one way an

unconscious habit pattern can be

established you are let’s fast-forward

40 years let’s say this kid name is Joe

and Joe has a job working for somebody

except that somebody is about to fire

Joe because they’re downsizing and Joe

says I need the job I have a family

after I’ve got a home I’ve done a good

job for you please don’t fire me and the

somebody is employee Joe says look I’m

sorry you just can’t keep the job we can

of Ford and Joe oh habit pattern goes

off what do you mean you can’t afford it

you can’t afford not to have me do you

realize what I do and he goes into a

tantrum mm-hmm that’s the same own

unconscious habit pattern from when he

was a kid that worked to control his

mother but I have run over a hundred

companies and I can tell you that is

best way to get walked out of the office

right and and also I feel like you’re

alluding to Joe in our example is going

to a place of anger instead of a place

of love and then there may be perhaps

there’s there’s also a higher dynamic of

you know a lesson like a lesson plan

that you come here to learn all these

different things and once you

demonstrate okay you have you know

you’ve passed this level because you’ve

reached this understanding of it then

it’s sort of unlocks for you the next

level right well yeah okay and I mean I

just I want to touch on this really

quick also you when you give a list of

blocks and blockers they could be

anything from you know headaches to

fatigue two different things happening

in your body that is creating a

resistance to you performing this task

you moving to sort of and it can also be

I don’t understand I could never do math

that’s too complicated untier ever been

absolutely exhausted you come home and

there’s a movie on the really intrigued

you and suddenly you’re filled with

energy sure yeah it when the physical

exhaustion it was an unconscious blocker

hmm and you see

our natural most basic way of being is

loving joy enthusiastic upliftment

fulfillment and so forth

anytime you’re not experiencing that

you’re running into a block or a

self-defeating unconscious habit that

some baby comment from past lives mm-hmm

some maybe things you learned like Joe

throwing a tantrum let me give an

example you remember when you learn to

drive a car I’m assuming if you drive

the car

you remember how challenging it was you

had to consciously decide and manage

each little thing out for do I turn the

wheel how much pressure do I put on the

brake how much you know this is that the

other right not when you drive the car

it’s automatic right yeah I just don’t

even think about that Freight that’s

because you’ve established a lot of

successful unconscious habit better they

drive the car now let’s take another

unconscious habit pattern that’s pretty

successful you ever noticed that when

you have a deadline you become hyper

efficient as you approach the deadline

mm-hmm okay in other words you get an

awful lot done in a short time mm-hmm

now let’s say you’re automatically

driving your car and for some reason

this other encounters have that pattern

of getting a lot done in a short time

comes into play

and you find yourself driving faster and

faster and then you see this flashing

light behind you and you pay a lot of

money and have a lot of aggravation

because you just got a speeding ticket

so what was a very successful

unconscious habit battered getting a lot

done in short time becomes situationally

a self-defeating one

get you traffic ticket make sense yes

okay so the trick is managing things so

you’re successful unconscious habit

patterns are applied in ways that

achieve your successful I’m sorry

suggest achieve what you want I love

that if you did you ever see the movie

the secret

yes about your Patel and the other guys

yes I think and it happens that’s

because they’re set up unconsciously to

do that a lot of my life is like that

too and and a lot of my students lives

have become like that

now we built something that I call

success to success team it’s like a

football team okay okay now this is

comprised of the sub personalities that

each created wanted her greatest

successes in life it’s funny that what

may be a great a success for you you not

look at all a great success to somebody

else for example I used to kill twins

I couldn’t keep a life playing around

and now only have six plants sitting in

front of me I talked and every day I

enjoy them I feel extremely successful

that’s what my greatest successes having

these plants thriving and happy so of

course another my greatest success is

the day that somebody pretty 270,000

thousand dollar check in my net

for sure that was a great success

another great success was the first time

I ever won won a sports car race I used

to race Porsches and I beat my

instructor oh he was so pissed off great

success one of my greatest successes is

finding my wife Gloria

using CT I had 32 characteristics one of

which was a highly successful

entrepreneur another one was practically

perfect in every way

thank you Mary Poppins and she’s

attending on 32 of those CTE what is


cybernetic transposition I’m sorry

lapsing into jargon sir no problem no

problem just want to make sure that

we’re covering everything so so you take

these subpersonalities seven

subpersonalities that created your seven

greatest successes and then you take

your suppers Naza created your greatest

failures because if you think about it

for a while in order to create a great

failure which is the opposite of great

success right the sub personality has to

know it mentally what was a great

success in order to create the great

failure so we just turned that around so

the sub personality becomes a success

expressions of personality we put all 14

of those together into a team and

immediate when you become much more

successful like the guys in the secret

and they become much luckier because

walk is unconsciously generated success

and one of the first tests I give my

students is creating parking spaces

you know I say go someplace where you

can never get a parking space and before

you start out create an imaginary

experience of a space right where you’re


vacating just as you get there so you

could just slide right into it and then

ask your success team to make that

happen and at the beginning it works

about 90% of the time for people using

their success team for me it works about

ninety nine point eight percent so so

why would you say that it’s it’s you

have a higher success rate percentage

rate and I’ve been doing it longer okay

basically if I didn’t find a parking

space there I would find the

subpersonality that blocked it from

appearing and I’d reprogram them and

I’ve had to do that with part of them

and it just works okay so so from what

I’m hearing is that inside of us there

are these teams that we build out that

are based on our greatest successes and

are also in parallel our greatest

failures and you call that a success

team and this one is not the greatest

failures you got a repro in the

subpersonalities that created the

greatest failure so they clip using that

knowledge of what is a great success so

they now are creating great successes ok

so so we’re flipping the the failure

side of it into great successes how do

we do that by the process i briefed you

with before ok you remember your

resonant voice a personality yes

okay so we redress that to its most

basic job at which point it is extremely

powerful and totally positive then we

built a team of sub personalities to do

positive versions of all the other jobs

one two three four and we put those

together into team and give them a job

in this case it might be no matter what

my health is my voice will be resonant

clear and resounding okay okay

and then you anchor that in particular

ways and from that time on the team does

one functions automatically

unconsciously okay

so there’s something that you use called

the color process and that’s very simple

sometimes well let’s take a headache

I’ll give you a story

I’m the Cardinal my wife wanted she is

to like BMWs white BMWs I do not like

white BMWs but you want to get in your

car and I went with her to the BMW

dealer I left her alone with salesmen so

I wouldn’t influence her it was a hot

day so there were two female salespeople

in the mound standing there looking

pretty wilted and I carried her in

conversation that’s not only guys it’s

pretty hot today

the woman says it’s not only Wow I’ve

got a terrible headache

and I said oh you wouldn’t get rid the

headache fast and she said kind of

skeptically yeah so

letter through the colored process now

in the comic process you in this case

imagine what color the headache is hmm

and yes if you doesn’t come from your

red way and you write it down then you

imagine that the headache has a liquid

volume and yesterday how much water does

it take to fill it up so let’s say the

headache was red it took two gallons to

fill it

then what’s the temperature of the

headache hundred and forty three degrees

and what’s a sound it’s making a really

nasty whining sound okay now let’s go

through that again

tell me what color it is now well now

it’s kind of a hazy orange how much

water a gallon

what temperature 120 sound okay let’s go

through it again what color is it

I can’t find it it’s no color it’s

invisible okay how much water and Adam

well what’s the temperature

guess it’s my body temperature what’s

the sound oh that’s really nice to turn

on yes and how’s your headache it’s gone

now in the color process it’s wildly

simple what you’re doing you’re

unconscious already knows you don’t want

the headache you said that lots of


it just doesn’t know exactly what you

mean by what you don’t want so by

concentrating on this headache in these

ways what’s a color what

like revealing what’s a temperature

what’s the sound okay you’re giving your

unconscious focus for what you wanted to

get rid of right and pretty quickly it

does Wow the last part of that process

you say what’s a message that the

headache was trying to give me in the

case of a woman it says go drink a glass

of water

mm-hmm she came back and she was just

feeling the energy felt great

hmm that’s a color process now if you’re

trying to talk with a subpersonality

and you get a blank you can do the color

process on the blind and pretty quickly

they split you realize the sub person on

is giving you an answer but it wasn’t

torn that in the way you could

constantly understand and so it becomes

understandable and suddenly are carrying

on a back and forth conversation with

this uh personality because you have

trained it to form that it’s

communication in a way you can

consciously understand sure and they

said yes so so you’re giving these

you’re giving these symptoms a sort of

metric for your your unconscious mind to

target and then remove yeah or turn into

a communication or whatever right so

where does would that be an aspect of

base reframing as well excuse me

thanks for framing me it’s a little

different okay remember

okay asked you whether you have ever how

to fight the relationship partner let’s

say you did and you remember that fight

and as you or anybody else remembers

that gun the situation the body will

move into the state it was in during the

fight so maybe you had your flight

flight reaction going your adrenaline

was going you’re clenching your teeth

and your shoulder done stuff or whatever

it might have been okay those body

feelings as changes in the body are

intimately tied in with that experience

does it make sense yes so there’s the

the body stores these sort of traumatic

experiences and they become blocks well

let’s say that by having that flight

fight with your relationship partner you

ended up with your relationship partner

walking out which is not what you wanted

to happen so that blocker cost you

dearly but then what if you met someone

after she left that was supposed to be

in your life then wouldn’t it be the

opposite would it be a success well sure

but in the instant it wasn’t or you

wanted to hurry so in the instant you

weren’t moving consciously towards

something you were running away from

something and do you find that’s never

successful something that I find in my

life is that when

I don’t face something that is coming up

as a block or something that I need to

address differently it just repeats in

cycles until I get it yes what’s

happening there I mean how can I reduce

that cycle from you know lowering in

frequency or not occurring at all is

there a way to come well you asked me

about the base for training in pastry

cream is one way of doing that in the

base reframing in the basement framing

you come up with five earlier memories

of time when the same Blocker pattern

was operating going back to the earliest

one being the earliest one that’s

appropriate for your eyes could you

remember at that point then you use your

marva sleep our forgive to hindsight

which is underappreciated in the world

to come up with a new version of that

early situation that is exactly the way

you would have liked things to be so you

read you retell the story so that it

occurs differently in your memory in

your imagination yeah until it’s a tent

I mean it’s absolutely perfect and then

you anchor that meaning you

fortunately imagine surrounding that

imaginary experience of the ball of

white white put it in your heart chakra

save your chakra this is an example the

way I’d like to always perceive

experience greatly handle this kind of

situation please make that happen in

ways that are for that is good of me and

all concerned and you do that with each

of the five memories

then you pick out the things that you

have intuitively put into those five

perfect situations that make them all

perfect you know fine bulk you have a

series of themes that keep coming up in

this perfect refrain then you take the

original situation like the knee-jerk

reaction with your relationship partner

and you remodel that but he makes sure

consciously that that new perfect

version includes all of those themes and

then you tell your unconscious this is

the way I want you always to handle

situation and you forget it except the

next time the trigger came that it comes

up that would have created a knee-jerk

anger you unconsciously automatically

react the way you have in your perfect

imaginary situation how important is the

process of letting go not very important

because that’s a conscious choice and

it’s not gonna change the unconscious I

mean but you you talk about it in your

advanced super achievement techniques

and you you talk about how to achieve

your objective you that letting go is

incredibly powerful so I don’t think I

do actually know what I talked about is

transforming your reaction so that

becomes successful my apologies I must

have written the question down

incorrectly sorry so no problem it’s uh

it’s understandable but so see it can’t

it doesn’t work to try to get rid of


it’s much more successful to just

transform that it’s so easy you know the

basement framing first time you do it it

might take you 45 minutes usually takes

me 15 minutes

and it’s a permanent change that’s

pretty good so so it’s more important

that my apologies I misinterpreted that

in your book somewhere but so so it’s

it’s not more crucial that we let things

go it’s more crucial that we transform

the relationship to those things yeah so

that they do what you consciously want

and there’s a check to make sure that

were you conscious leave one is

appropriately pretty high it’s good okay

and that brings you into alignment with

your soul breacher and consciously

breeze your unconscious agent lineman’s

so that’s what the whole deal is about

when you’re in a rainbow with a soul you

let me enjoy loving arm in the ability

in fulfilment and to me that’s what

success is I agree so how can we how can

we be in that state all the time how can

we be in that state of living to our

highest you know soul connection to our

highest connection to God and ourselves

all the time well that’s a good question

I have been meditating now or two hours

a day to keep up my connection with God

from the near-death experience and

clearing everything and I’m kind of

getting close to that I’m on the 20 to

the 26 of levels up into the heart of

God and you can get close but while

you’re on the planet you’re never going

to get there whether you’re in the earth

even the great spiritual teachers of

which there

are extremely few ever on the planet are

human they make mistakes so the answer

is you can get a good approximation in

my coaching program there’s a process

that I teach called the great day

process the career design gratae you

design what would be for you a great day

and then you set up unconscious teams to

implement that and if you keep a journal

you suddenly realize that either all or

nearly all your days match that

specification the henceforth that’s

about as close I know you can get how

important is repetition to all of this


well repetition increases the

unconscious priority think of a kid

learning to write they repeat the

movements developing muscle and small

motor control and it takes repetition

think of a and itself quarterback you

know who is the best Peyton Manning or

who everyone as a hero

what they do is almost impossible if you

look at from the point of dynamics

mechanics the ability to get a pass into

the hands of a receiver running flat-out

taking turns at up to five g’s and

treading within the each of the

sidelines is unbelievably complex they

couldn’t be done by artificial


you know I was thinking about this you

know what this week as I was going

through this material and reviewing this

book I was just thinking about how sort

of primitive our connection to ourselves

is because we don’t regulate our

breathing and we don’t regulate our

heartbeat I mean if we were left to do

that just those two things we would lose

our minds like we wouldn’t be able to

navigate just those two simple seemingly

simple things so you know it’s so

important to have an idea I think of how

how important it is that we connect to

the processes that that that demonstrate

these you know these functions well let

me tell you about an experience of mine

about three years ago I was finding it

increasingly difficult to climb stairs

I’d end up the top huffing and puffing

and I strongly said maybe this has to do

with my heart

well my cardiologist had retired so UCT

to find this great new cardiologists and

for me at doctor’s great if they have

tremendous skill there are tremendous

that is mechanical skills because that’s

what medicine is they have tremendous

communication skills they are loving and

they let me take charge ok ok so I got

this great cardiologist perk thing he

did was to do an echocardiogram on me so

you’d sound ways to look at the auto

technician doing it and I have to had

this done maybe 50 times previously said

you know I’m having a lot of trouble I

can’t really see your heart

it appears are so much fluid in your

lungs that I just can’t see through it I

said what do we do about that he said on

you tell the cardiologist

he lickity-split Russia knee over to

adjustment pulmonologist and he said

uh-huh you have one bullet in your lungs

he says I’m going to draw some of it off

so he stuck a needle me in my back into

mine wanted to pull down a water glass

full of fluid and I immediately felt a

lot better in fact I kind of walked up

jogging around his office he sent it to

the lab and he says we’re gonna have to

get a biopsy so he sent me to a surgeon

Ronettes guy named Ali who did a

procedure that if on biopsy and three

days of pumping the rest of fluid out of

my life no no in the hospital I hate

hospitals I can tell you and and he kept

saying what is the biopsy show and

nobody would answer me finally on the

third day I was beginning to think you

know if they’re not gonna be with the

biopsy hasn’t many cancer so I you CT to

create a perfect oncologist and on the

third day he walked in he’d been

referred by the pulmonologist and he was

exactly what I wanted

he says you got lung cancer it’s small

selling non-hodgkins the good news is

it’s not the worst kind of cancer I said

to him I had to test test one may I call

you by your first name because the

doctor who hides behind the title is not

somebody I want rain and the second one

was I said to do you want to be a member

of my team I’m gonna do some things you

won’t on

stand until I explain them to you even

so do you want to go along with that

remember the team he said absolutely so

we’re on board David was my name then

what happened was I had Stage four lung

cancer I had a tumor that filled 40% of

my left lung which is kind of startling

when you see a cat scan on the wine to

show you that and they put me on chemo

and so forth gets around the 14th month

the tumors still growing in size

so I say spirit in addition to what I’ve

been doing with CT I said what do I do

about this and they said work with your

basic cells now my spiritual teacher had

taught me about my the basic selves they

are analogous to the soul but on the

physical level they built the body they

control the body they run the body so I

worked with my basic cells I have two

one male one female and when I first met

them years ago they were like three or

four years old now they’re matured and I

said let’s heal the cancer and I

explained I did research in cancer so I

knew enough to explain to him what we

had to do Longet sort of it was at the

end of the 14th month they took a cat

scan and there was no cancer left it was

completely gone

Wow so you were able to connect in with

yourself and to spirit as you termed it

and and then the cancer was gone my

basics helps too yeah

my explaining to my oncologist as I went

along what I was doing and he was very

supportive but he was blown away he said

I’ve never seen anything like it

so the intent by

spirit on the fifth anniversary of the

disappearance of the cancer I can write

a book because there are a lot of things

that I discovered and used that are

definitely not common knowledge or that

you’ll find anywhere else so maybe

that’ll help some other people yeah for

sure I mean there’s there’s so many

occasions I think that’s just the

definition of life where you’re just

you’re going to get hit by you know

something that curves its way and enters

your life and whether it’s a near

tragedy or in your escape or you know

however you define that but I think the

important part of your story is the

connecting with spirit part you know and

that I mean with that I connect with

that it’s a nice place to be

how important do it we’re running out of

time so okay so let me say something has

been sticking up let me go back to

achieving objectives I said there are

three steps and the sauce that makes it

work is CT it’s the operating manual

that didn’t come with us and I’d like to

tell folks how they can get that book if

they want it

sure or how they can get okay if they

want to go online they can get the book

www my anything fast not finding fast

calm okay it’s all one word lower case

and in fact the system typing that

transposition will teach them to get

just about anything that one pretty


okay the now for people who really want

to go for it and achieve a higher level

of it I have my super chief or coaching

program the SACP


in that the participants who do at least

most of the assigned work have a literal

100 percent success rate

first try at doing their seemingly

improving the seemingly impossible

objectives what might that be finding a

perfect partner and getting

interpersonal relationship with them

making five hundred fifty nine thousand

that was $1.00 that’s one person

excuse me are getting rid of cancer

that’s another person and that one if

they want to check that out I’ve got a

highly descriptive page my SACP

superachiever coaching program my SACP

dot-com okay we’ll make sure we will for

sure make sure those are those are

available for anyone who needs to access

them there’s a couple things I wanted to

ask you before we wrap up students

really quick time tripping what what

exactly is time tripping how does that

work in well it I think I ripped that

off of Vonnegut in one book he said I

was time tripping and I like the name in

fact it’s simply a process of making it

easier to get to achievement of your

target so in step one of the three-step

process of achieving seeing impossible

things you set a target you’re here and

the target is in the future now if you

use a Google Maps it will show you the

fastest way to get from point A to point

B contri P is kind of doing what Google

Maps does you pick three

I’m sorry three intermediate dates

before your end point cake when you’re

supposed to achieve your objective and

in each of those you imagine that you’re

having a perfect day you take whatever

pops up in your imagination and you make

it perfect say what pops up is I get

home from work it was a really tough day

I’m really tired now you change that

into I got home from work feeling very

successful having really handled some

challenging things extremely well and

I’m filled with fulfillment and

enthusiasm okay so you say doesn’t

example out of the way I want seems to

be on day one then the next day in the

imaginary future you might have went out

to dinner at this great restaurant

everything was great except the waiter

spilled soup in my lap so you change it

and – everything is great the waiter is

fine he handled everything with the plum

and I left there with my day saying for

your suit looks great you look wonderful

or whatever my pain you saying this an

example the way I want it to be so you

create examples of perfect days starting

with what your unconscious gives you so

give me an experience on take one and so

on bring that simply directs your

unconscious to connect one perfect day

to another perfect day to another

perfect day all in the direction of

achieving your objective and based on

empirical results

it certainly speeds the process and

makes it easier see I’m very I’m

really results based if it works

keep it it doesn’t work find something

else yeah stewed I mean I appreciate

your time so very much

I think everyone listening to this right

now has really enjoyed this I was really

surprised by the direction that it took

and I’m I’m really glad for that the

book is called I mean there’s so much

that that we didn’t cover completely I

think that that I encountered in this

book that I wanted to talk about just

before I close do is there anything that

you want to you know address the crowd

with other than you know the link for

the book which we will we will put out

there for sure but I just I just want to

give you a chance to you know address

the crowd if you’d like to yeah sure

well we named the book how to get lots

of money for anything fast because most

people have been taught by a culture

that if you have money your life is

going to be perfect it’s not true as

long as you have enough money above that

it’s just chips but it’s a good title to

get people interested because most

people think that money is going to make

them like perfect when they get into it

they realize that it’s general operating

manual for making your life perfect

that’s her thing

second thing is I just finished writing

a book called the second wake-up call

that I’m hoping I would get published in

print and make very successful because

it’s about changing our headlong rush

toward Armageddon which we are engaged

in right now into making our life a

paradise on earth

and that’s really important so when this

comes out I ask your listeners to get

the book and practice it is a how to

tree the world but it was entirely given

to me my spirit

third thing is that I have another

attorney at another book called the

super entrepreneur attorney and a book

on how to be a highly successful

entrepreneur that how did one venture

that let’s put it it should be basic

reading for any aspiring entrepreneur

the book is only available to

participate in the training the trainees

called the super odds win during

training you can find it online WWE are I have really enjoyed

dog we got like your questions I’m sorry

we don’t have more time to explore them

more fully yeah I mean it’s been about

90 minutes so we went through it guys

that’s the that’s the show my guest is

Stuart Lichtman and the book is called

how to get lots of money for anything

fast I mean he’s got a whole series of

different books that kind of cover this

vein of thought and if you’re looking

for something to help you change the way

you think when you perceive the world

you’re gonna want to check this stuff

out so I highly recommend it

thank you guys so much for being here

with us today you will definitely be

back next week with another episode

thanks so much

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