Transcript for Episode 150 – Dr. Bruce Lipton – The Biology of Belief – Empowering Your Life


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experiences in session my name is Xavier

katana my guest for today is dr. Bruce

Lipton dr. Lipton is a stem cell

biologist teacher and author whose

research into cell membranes and cell

behavior questioned the established

scientific view of life being controlled

by genetics dr. Lipton is an

internationally recognized leader and

pioneer in bridging the gap between

science and spirit dr. Lipton gained his

PhD from the University of Virginia he

went on to research cloned human stem

cells and the molecular mechanisms that

control cell behavior he his work at

Stanford you

verse t connected quantum physics and

cell behavior dr. Lipman Lipton has

written a number of books the biology of

belief spontaneous evolution and the

honeymoon effect these books all expand

on his research findings and open things

out into the realms of humanity’s

evolution and our need for love the

biology of belief is an international

bestseller and received the best science

book award from book news dr. Lipton

received the Gouy Peace Award in 2009 he

has been a guest speaker on hundreds of

TV and radio shows as well as a keynote

presenter for conferences all around the

world and today he joins us here on the

human experience

Bruce it’s such a pleasure thank you so

much what an honor for being here thank

you so much welcome to hxp

Xavier I want to thank you so very much

for your patience number one I I still

have trouble at six years we’re trying

to set this up and whatever the reason

is we’re here right now and I’m so happy

to be here with you and especially with

your audience because this is a a time

of global chaos and you know whether you

look on the internet and see what’s

going on or read a paper or watch a news

on TV or even look out your window you

can see there’s a lot of upheaval going

on and it’s really important for

understand that do not be upset by all

of this because this is a necessary step

to allow us to survive and thrive into

the future we have to change the way

we’re living on this planet because

human behavior is precipitating what is

called the sixth mass extinction of life

on this planet we used to think in

Darwinian terms that life started off

with a simple organism and with very

slight genetic changes over time

millions of years all different kinds of

organisms came about because of changes

in the genetic so it was like evolution

was like this one continuous long period

but we now recognize especially through

the work of Stephen Jay Gould and Niles

Eldredge a scientist at Harvard

and outies what they found was that

evolution wasn’t one continuous process

there were start and stops where life

would be thriving and then something

would go on and wipeout up to 90% of

life and then it would start all over

again build up to where it was thriving

and then another one of these

cataclysmic events would wipe out up to

90% of life these are called mass

extinctions there are five of them that

have been recorded in our history not

the history of humans in the history of

the planet the last of these was

actually when the dinosaurs were here

the environment was thriving and a comet

hit near the Yucatan and as a result of

that comet a massive comet it upset the

entire web of life all the way around

the planet wiping out up to 90% of law

I’ve including all the dinosaurs but

that was like 65 million years ago today

we’re losing species of organisms faster

than in any previous mass extinction

well the previous mass extinctions were

due to like a comet hitting the earth or

tectonic plates moving or massive

volcanic activity today’s mass

extinction and we’re already in it

because we’ve lost up to about 70% of

life on this planet in regard to animals

on this planet we’re calling it’s the

sixth mass extinction but what’s totally

unique about it is that human behavior

is responsible for this we’re

undermining the web of life we’re

destroying ecosystems and just without

recognizing one profound fact we evolved

from the ecosystem point if the

ecosystem crashes we can’t be here

either so we’re facing an extinction and

people say well when’s that you know

like a thousand years is there something

goes within decades

you know I mean there’s a we’ve since

1970 they took a survey how many animals

were on the planet in 1970 World

Wildlife Foundation did this they two

years ago they redid the survey and 63%

of all the animal population that was

here in 1970 have disappeared we only

have one-third the animals left just


and so uh and they anticipate that there

will be no fish in the ocean 2048 that’s

almost like science fiction weirdness of

planet Earth with no fish in the ocean

but we’re over you know over fishing

we’re ruining the breeding grounds and

we’re polluting the water and the net

result of our activity is they

anticipate no fish by 2048 we’re talking

about dramatic upheaval but it’s due to

human behavior so I said well watch the

resolution the answer of course is

change human behavior as fast as we can

to recover what we can and to me it’s

very important because you and your

audience especially the millennial

generation are being handed a fractured

earth and yet with awareness and

consciousness everyone from the

Millennials on down to the youngest ones

right now will be able to turn this

thing around not bring it back to the

way it was but stop what’s going on and

then we have to adapt and adjust to a

new way of life because climate change

is here aghast you’re in Florida and the

water levels are rising as we well know


cities all along the coast are in

jeopardy of all this and people talk

about yes climate change this the ice is

melting in the Arctic regions and the

water is getting higher and everyone is

concerned about oh my god the flooding

of the coast and I go well that’s a

problem but that’s not a big problem

there’s a bigger problem and the problem

is this the the climate change means

weather is unpredictable you don’t know

you know if it’s gonna be raining you’re

gonna be in a drought if it’s gonna

freeze or what the temperature is gonna

be because it changes they go and the

problem and the problem is this

agriculture depends on a stable

environment that you know when the wet

season and the dry and the harvest and

you and you know that because of climate

but when climate changes the way it’s

doing you cannot predict agriculture

there are crop failures going on all

over the world because of whatever you

know extreme drought in some places

storms that are of high magnitude that

are destroying things in the planet

all these people’s like the problem is

this yeah water levels are rising but

we’re gonna be short of food and this is

gonna make a global problem the idea is

and it’s unfortunate because so many

people think oh well if we just stop

using fossil fuels everything will come

back to the way it was and I go come on

here’s the story it’s not coming back

it’s changing and we don’t know where

the change is going to settle but now

it’s unsettled and so therefore it’s not

predictable what the weather is going to

be and if it’s not predictable then by

definition you can’t predict agriculture

and that’s where the the serious problem

is coming in and it says don’t wait for

this thing to return we have to create

an you know new technologies new way of

life to manage how we’re going to

survive in a world where changes is

every day and so this is why it’s real

important for people to start to wake up

especially the younger people which I

say younger because I’m an old guy

but the millennial generation and

younger because the the saving of this

planet in regard to keeping the culture

alive and taking care of people it’s

going to be based on their activity not

the older people and the older people

are actually just a stumbling block in

the way of preventing us from moving

forward at this moment but I have my

hope and you and the younger people on

this planet because I know we can turn

this ship around and and have a healthy

world I mean let’s hope so and you know

you you open the conversation and in

such a massive way and I sincerely

appreciate that anyone who has been

listening to the show knows how

passionate I am about this and we’ve you

know we brought on scientists ecologists

that have talked about what where we’re

headed and you know many of them say

that it was too late you know 20 years

ago to do something about what’s going

on but you know yes we need new

inventions yes we need an acceleration

in the understanding in you know human

consciousness that we have one planet

that we live on I mean until we are we

reach at the outer space and we’re able

to travel you know even then

and we need to be working on what’s

going on locally here and you know it’s

it’s amazing that it seems like many

people don’t even realize this or think

about this until it directly affects

them you know but Bruce let’s back up a

little bit let’s back up a little bit I

want to slow us down a little bit yes I

want to get to you know I really wanted

to ask you because I’m really curious

I’ve been following your work for many

years I want to know you know if I can

bring you back to that moment many years

ago when you started on this journey

what was that moment for you like when

you realized you know okay

Western medicine Western philosophy once

Western thinking Western all of it is

wrong there’s something there’s

something about academia that is


misguided and they have no intentions of

sort of correcting that well at what

point in your life did you realize that

well it was the result of experiments

that I was doing on stem cells stem

cells are the equivalent of embryonic

cells in your body and the reason why

you have them so people understand this

and that you do have them is important

to recognize is that a body is not a

single entity it’s a community made out

of 50 trillion cells the cells are the

living entity a Bruce by definition is a

name of a community of 50 trillion cells

because collectively they they create

what is called the human body and so the

function of the human body is really an

expression of the cells that make it up

well we have 50 trillion of them in our

body and every day we lose hundreds of

billions now I’m throwing out numbers

trillions and billions and we’re so used

to throwing out these numbers but it’s

so hard to make it real what the heck

does that mean I mean if you wanted to

count to a trillion you could start now

and by the end of your life you might

get to a trillion because that number

are so big so it’s a little disconnect

when I say okay we have 50 trillion

cells and we lose hundreds of billions

every day and I say well important point

how long can you live if you’re losing

hundreds of billions of cells every day

and the answer is not very long but we

have stem cells which are embryonic

cells in our body

which are replacing those so here’s the

point if you’re listening to me and

you’re over five years of age and you’re

still here then guess what you have stem

cells because otherwise you wouldn’t be

here so I’m working on stem cells and

kind of what controls the fate and at

the same time I was doing this research

I was also teaching students about the

idea that genes control life at that

time it was a belief called genetic

determinism which simply means genes

determined the character of your life

sure well in my research on stem cells

using genetically identical cells which

is what the result of cloning is I have

three petri dishes with genetically

identical cells in all of the dishes but

I changed the culture medium the

environment in which the cells live and

let me just a big important point

culture medium is a laboratory version

of blood cells in the body live in an

environment supported by the blood the

fluid and so when you grow cells in a

petri dish two plastic dish you have to

provide that environment so culture

medium is the laboratory version of

blood and since I created in a lab I can

change some of the constituents in that

culture medium and I make three

different versions of culture medium

which slight change in chemistry I have

three Petri plates genetically identical

cells and all of them and so each

different culture mediums like a

different environment environment a B

and C and I say well what’s the result I

say an environment a my stem cells warm

muscle in the second culture dish with

genetically identical cells but a

different environment environment B the

cells formed bone and in a third petri

dish yet a different environment

environment C the genetically identical

cells start to form fat so the whole

thing that caught my attention right

here of course was I’ve created

genetically identical cells in all the

dishes and yet the fate of the cells

whether it was muscle bone or fat wasn’t

determined by the genes they all had the

same genes the only thing that was

different was the environment mm-hmm and

all of a sudden I thought oh my god here

I’m teaching people genes turn on and

off which people still say today that’s

a complete false understanding let’s

just get to the point a gene is a blue

to make a protein a protein is a

building block of the cells cells are

made out of proteins about a hundred

thousand different kinds I go so a gene

a gene is a blueprint to make a protein

that’s exactly what it is I say why is

that so important the answer is this you

go into an architect’s office and let’s

say she’s working on a blueprint you

lean over a shoulder and you say is your

blueprint on or off and she’d look at

you like why are you crazy it’s a

blueprint there’s no on and off I go

precisely this is the whole point genes

are blueprints but they don’t regulate

themselves they’re controlled by signals

from the environment that’s what the

research showed changed the culture

medium environment and I changed the

fate of the cells and so I have

genetically identical cells in different

environments but they have different

fate it’s not the genes it was the

environment this all of a sudden of

course is a monkey wrench and everything

because Here I am teaching students

genes control life and the research says

that’s not true at all the environment

controls it so I want to take a step up

and get us out of the culture dish for a

second but put us into a different

different culture dish and I go like

this I acknowledge this a little while

ago that a human body is not a single

entity it’s a community of 50 trillion

cells essentially a human body is a skin

covered petri dish and inside our body

or 50 trillion cells like oh yes and

they have the original culture medium

blood I go so the chemistry of the

culture meeting whether it’s in the

plastic dish or whether it’s in the

skinned body dish it’s the culture

medium that controls the fate of the

cells not the genes I go why is this

relevant because I say well in the lab I

make the culture medium and put the

constituents in but in your body you

make the culture medium called blood

mm-hmm I say well I said well who’s the

chemist because in the lab I’m the

chemist I changed the composition but in

your body I say well who’s the chemist

that controls the composition of your

blood because it doesn’t make a

difference if the cell is in the skin

dish or the plastic dish it’s controlled

by the environment regardless of which

one in the skin dish blood so now I say

we already demonstrated that the

chemical composition of the blood

determines the fate of the cells then of

course the big question is well who’s

the chemist in your body that may

when they go the brain is the chemist

hmm I got em right now comes savior the

big big one I say yeah but which

chemicals should the brain put into

blood and all of a sudden the answer is

whatever picture you hold in your mind

the brain translates that picture into

chemistry that complements the picture

if it’s a picture of love if you holding

you close your eyes and you feeling

loved and you have an experience of love

the brain releases chemistry of love

which includes dopamine for pleasure

oxytocin which bonds you to the love

source a vasopressin it makes you more

attractive so your partner stays with

you longer and and when you’re in love

the brain releases growth hormone into

the blood which does exactly what it

says growth and I say why is it relevant

I say the cocktail of chemicals that

come out of a brain and love our

chemicals that give you health and

vitality and excite your life that’s why

love is so exciting it’s a chemistry

consequence I go but same person all of

a sudden becomes afraid and the picture

in their mind is fear something is

threatening them in some way and I go oh

well when you’re in theory different

chemists the brain doesn’t release love

chemistry releases fear chemistry

different chemistry stress hormones and

things that affect the immune system and

I go wait a minute

blood chemistry controls the fate of the

cells fact fact brain controls broad

chemistry fact the chemistry released by

the brain is directly complementary to

the picture in your mind

I say why is it relevant and the answer

is if you change your mind you change

the chemistry when you change the

chemistry you change the fate of the

cells since like oh my god I say why is

it relevant Xavier I know I’m talking on

your let me just get to the point and

the point is this I was teaching in the

classroom genes control life I say

what’s the significance of that saying

which has affected all of us I go the

significance is as far as we know we

didn’t pick the genes we came with

if we don’t like the characteristics we

have you can’t change the genes and then

we are told that the genes turn on and

off by themselves which takes you out of

a loop and all of a sudden you realize

oh my god I am a victim of my heredity

meaning if there’s cancer running and my

family’s like oh my god a cancer gene

I’m gonna get the cancer gene then I can

get the cancer or diabetes

cardiovascular disease whatever one we

relate this to genetic activity and then

the first thing is this

we’re victims of our genes because we

don’t control them they control us so

that education that all of us received

took away our power because it says oh

your life is not controlled by you your

life is controlled by your genes right

and then we have no power the new

science which is the one I studied in

the petri dish and shown how the

environmental signals control change

well this new science is not called

genetics is called epigenetics it’s

brand new it’s a revolution I say what’s

a revolution I go when let’s say I say

this character old story this character

is under genetic control that means it’s

character is controlled by genes cancer

cardiovascular disease diabetes whatever

but in the new science it’s called

epigenetic control and I say what sounds

the same I said eppie the prefix means

above a matter of fact the word for skin

in biology is called epidermis and the

reason for that is the layer called the

skin is above another layer called the

dermis so epidermis means above the

dermis okay fine so now I say there’s a

new science called epigenetic control I

said what does that translate us and

here’s what it is

control above the genes epi genetics

above the genes I said oh the control is

not in the genes I say no the control is

in the culture medium the blood and I go

yeah but word control said that’s what

we backed up before I said oh well

that’s the brain then it’s the

consciousness and though basically I say

well wait a minute if the chemistry of

my blood is controlled by my

consciousness and the chemistry controls

the genetics and behavior of the cell

what if I change my consciousness I go

precisely you changed the way you

experience life in your consciousness

you change the chemistry of your blood

which in turn adjust the genetics and

the behavior and the point was simply

this we’re not victims of genes we’re

masters we control the genes because the

way we are thinking is creating culture

medium which in turn controls the fate

of the cells change your thinking and

you change the fate of cells all of a

sudden I get oh my god

here we are teaching everybody their

victims powerless that’s what it means a

victim is powerless I have no control

over my life that’s what we tell people

and it turns out completely the opposite

the opposite being this you change your

consciousness you change your

environment that you live in and you

change your genetic activity so you’re

not a victim of your change you’re the

master but we’ve never been programmed

to understand that so we live a

misunderstanding and since the belief

that we have let’s say love or fear is a

belief and that controls our biology

what happens if I give you the belief

that you’re a victim and the belief

controls your biology then by definition

you become a victim not for anything

real but from the belief and if you

change the belief you change your life

and it’s like that’s the whole idea

we’ve got to get out of the victim

mentality and start to recognize I am in

charge but to do that you have to change

some of the programming now if I follow

through shave your butt let me if I can

quickly try to do this because I want to

get in a discussion here with you but I

get some back no problem I love this

everyone is loving this please go on the

brain as I said was the chemist okay and

I go and the brain is responding to our

consciousness I go yeah and I go we

understand this to be fact and everyone

knows that to some degree the brain is

the equivalent of a computer it’s a

supercomputer in fact it’s there’s not

even a man made computer that can come

near the computational ability of a

human brain I go why is this relevant I

say because a brain and a computer are

identical to each other and function and

structure and I go what do you mean I


the let’s say a computer let’s just say

I buy a new computer I come home from

the store I pushed on the boot the

computer boots up so now the system is

ready to go okay I got an operating

system now I say do something with the

computer I say like what well draw or

write make a spreadsheet I go I can’t do


I say why because first you need

programs if you don’t have programs and

you can in the computer you can turn it

on but it doesn’t do anything it turns

on you need programs first and then you

can manipulate the program so I go guess

what the human brain is a computer as we

talked about that the operating system

is complete by the third trimester the

last trimester of pregnancy the fetus’s

brain has got operating system I say

yeah but to use the computer what do you

need programs I said where does the

child get a program from and the answer

is this is this is very critical the

brain of a child through age seven is

operating at a vibrational frequency

called theta and I said what does that

mean I say you’ve seen people put wires

on their head and read brain activity

that’s a vibration and I say theta is a

relatively low vibration it’s below

consciousness consciousness is a bit

higher vibration I go so theta for the

first seven years in your life you’re in

theta I said what does that mean I said

first of all you’re not in consciousness

in the first seven years you’re in theta

which is characterized as imagination

ago consider this a children are having

a tea party they pour nothing into a cup

drink than nothing and then talk about

how wonderful the tea was or child is

riding a broom it’s not a broom it’s a

horse and they’re real in their

conscious mind or unconscious mind in

this case to them it’s not a broom if

they’re actually on a live horse that’s

theta imagination okay but theta is also

hypnosis I go why is irrelevant said

well how do you get programs you

download them I say how your brain is in

a state of hypnosis whatever you’re

observing the brain is recording it just

like a video cam it’s recording it I say

so I said we’re

get programs a child is instinctively

directed to observe the mother the

father the siblings and the community to

watch them I say why because as they’re

watching these people they’re

downloading the the behaviors of those

they’re observing the mother the father

etc I go well they’re downloading it

like a video camera so I’m putting

programs in how to behave where did I

get them from by watching my mother

behave watching my father behave

etcetera so I go oh so the program’s the

first phase says you build the brain

computer and you make an operating

system second phase last trimester of

pregnancy through these first seven

years the brain is operating in theta

which is hypnosis download so I’m

downloading programs but whose programs

the people I would serve my mother’s

program my father’s my siblings etc

right I go ok cool and then I say what

happens I say after age 7

now the conscious mind starts to operate

and the conscious mind is like the

creator mind it’s like when you have a

computer in front of you you have a

system built in you downloaded programs

into the hard drive but then you become

creative when when you can type on the

keys and add data and change the

programming I go this happens after age

seven that’s when the brain ramps up to

conscious function and consciousness is

the one that uses the download of

programs to then create life from those

programs so I say three phases first put

operating system in last trimester

pregnancy complete second put programs

in that goes from last trimester of

pregnancy up to age seven and they’re

installed by simply observing other

people because you’re in a state of

hypnosis that’s data downloading

behavior and then I say the third phase

begins when you’re after seven or older

then you become conscious and now you

can type on the keyboard and and put

programs and you know adjust the

programs the way you want them to work

that’s creativity so then I say well

then the programs that you got

fundamental in your life didn’t come

from you they came from

people like Oh what’s the problem well

if their life isn’t in great harmony if

they have programs that are not that

good and they’re living those not good

programs and you’re observing and

recording them they guess what you’ve

been downloaded with negative programs

and up to 70% of the downloaded programs

that an average kid gets before age 7

70% or so or disempowering or negative

or self-sabotaging behaviors – copied

from other people but aged 7 you get to

be conscious and conscious as you you

got your hands on the keyboard you are

the creator and you can create your life

but the first thing is this you start

using the programs that you got and if

they’re defective programs then all of a

sudden life becomes a struggle because

it’s not supporting what you want it’s

copying somebody else’s behavior they

didn’t have the behavior that you wanted

your creativity I said what do you want

you know I want to be healthy I want to

be happy I want to have a great job I

want to have a great relationship I go

these are great these are imaginations

and the conscious mind that you can

create on your keyboard on your computer

and then I go okay so where’s the

problem and Xavier this if I could you

know all those this audio if I could put

a bright flashing red box around what

I’m going to say I would say this is the

problem and here’s the problem you can

control your biology and your life and

all the characteristics because you’re

the driver think about it this way think

of your body as a vehicle which it is

let’s say there’s a steering wheel and

the conscious mind when driving

conscious is creative a conscious has

your wishes and desires what do you want

what do you want that’s a vision I want

this I want that I go great you put your

hands on the wheel and you can drive to

go toward those directions now that big

box red light flashing that goes yeah

great I got great wishes and desires on

it but here’s the point the point is

this as long as the conscious mind has

its hands on the wheel driving you’re

going toward wishes and desires


when you are thinking the conscious mind

stops looking out the window of the the

windshield of your vehicle though you

know your eyes are looking at the world

right go and your consciousness is

paying attention to what’s going on in

that world and then I say something like


Xavier tell me what you’re doing on

Saturday now just pretend for a moment

you don’t have that written down in

front of you you’ve sitting there and I

say what are you doing on Saturday and I

say where you gonna find the answer to

that question it’s in your mind like oh

oh I say well how do you do that I say

the conscious that was controlling the

car with the hands on the wheel let’s go

the wheel because consciousness has to

go inside thinking is an inside job the

information is inside your skull so

consciousness lets go of the wheel and

goes inside when it’s thinking you say

well then who’s driving the vehicle they

go subconscious as autopilot just like

on a plane the pilot gets up he goes to

the bathroom puts on an autopilot the

the program in the autopilot is gonna

fly the plane mm-hmm I say when we are

thinking then conscious mind which has

its hands on the wheel taking us toward

wishes and desires let’s go the wheel

goes inside the head because that’s

where thinking is occurring but

subconscious steps in behind the wheel

autopilot and drives I go and how is

that driving going I say whatever

program you got from other people that’s

the program that’s driving and if you

had a bad program from your parent and

you are thinking the conscious mind and

your thought let’s go the wheel goes

inside your having a thought

subconscious cooks and drives the

vehicle but it drives them according to

the program that you got from other

people and if those programs aren’t good

your vehicle is being driven off the

road down there could crash and burn why

because you let go of the wheel and when

you’re thinking your behaviors automatic

I’ve been using the same story thirty

years in my lectures because I haven’t

found a better one yep I hope to but

this is a good one and it’s like it goes

like this it says you have a

and you know your friends behavior very

very well and you know your friends

parent and then one day guess what you

see your friend has the same behavior as

their parent so you’re so excited you

want to tell your friend you you guys

hey Bill you’re just like your dad back

away from bill bill is gonna go

ballistic he’s gonna say how the heck

can you compare me to my dad I’m nothing

like my dad everyone in the audience

starts to laugh because they’ve had

these kind of experiences and I said

this is the most profound story I can

tell you at this moment for this reason

everybody else can see that Bill behaves

like his dad he got that behavior that

was the first 7 years of programming so

it’s built in a program that’s its dad

because he copied it but when is he

playing it oh he plays the program when

he’s not paying attention because he’s

thinking I go oh so as the program is

unfolding Bill’s the one that doesn’t

see it the reason is he’s creating the

behavior but his conscious Minds inside

thinking until bill doesn’t see the

behavior so here’s the point everyone

else can see that Bill behaves like his

dad it’s obvious as his behavior but the

only one who doesn’t see it is bill then

the reason is this he’s playing that

behavior because he’s not paying

attention so obviously he doesn’t see

the behavior and that’s why I says how

could you compare me to my dad because

he can’t see his own behavior and I go

understandable powerful story and here’s

the the clincher and that is this we are

all bill every one of us out there

including myself all of us are playing

programs ninety-five percent of the day

because that’s the amount of time the

average person spends thinking I go what

does that mean if you’re thinking 95

percent of the day the conscious Minds

inside is not observing 95 percent of

the day your program behavior is coming

from the programs you got from your

family and if they’re self-destructive

well you won’t see it because why

because you’re thinking hidden and the

program’s playing automatically all you

see is

result you start at the beginning of the

day today I’m going to be successful and

then you go out and when you come home

at night tail between your legs going oh

man it didn’t happen today and then I

say what do you think of that

consequence you just came home you’ve

had a crappy day you didn’t succeed in

any of your wishes and desires but

that’s what you left the house with in

the morning I said what happened and

here’s where the problem is because most

people say well I wanted to have success

but the universe didn’t allow me to have

it the outside I am a victim of these

people and I’m a victim of that and I’m

a victim of victim victim and all of a

sudden everybody feels like oh my god I

want to be successful but I’m a victim

because I outside forces are messing

with me and I go oh my god

it’s so wrong you went out in the

morning with a conscious wish of success

but then 95% of the day your conscious

mind was thinking about what you were

doing where you were going where you’ve

been whatever just thoughts coming up

and up and up and up I said so then I

say 95% of your life you just spent was

not coming from your wishes and desires

it came from the programs because the

subconscious was running at 95 I kept

sub-conscious below conscious just like

Bill you played the program you didn’t

see it because you were thinking and the

program was self-destructive and then

you end up with your life being

destructed but because you didn’t see

you were involved we take on the

position oh I’m a victim it’s not me and

it’s like oh my god no no no no we are

creating we’re creating the good and

we’re creating the bad and we can’t get

out of this unless you take

responsibility to say am i a victim I

remind a creator and then when you

recognize you’re the creator then it’s

easier because then it says well if I

want to change it then I’m the one

that’s going to change it I’m not

waiting for the outside to come and

change it because I am creating and this

is where you get a chance to have your

power because if you can let go of the

program then

your hands are gonna be on the wheel

conscious mind I said yeah but conscious

mind has wishes and desires you’ve been

programmed for seven years

everybody’s been programmed so the movie

The Matrix is not science fiction movie

The Matrix is a documentary

everybody’s been programmed but in the

movie there’s a chance you take a blue

pill or a red pill you take the blue

pill and you wake up and you’re back in

the program everything just the way it’s

always been right but they say if you

take the red pill you get out of the

program I said what would be the

consequence of taking the red pill and

now I’m proud and pleased to announce

that most everybody out there they’re at

least 20 years of age has already taken

that red pill with a profound change in

their life experiences I go what when

did they take the red pill I say when we

fall in love head over heels in love I

could tell you like your life every day

is bla bla bla bla bla

years bla bla bla bla bla and then you

meet this special person 24 hours later

you’re going oh my god life is so

beautiful I love life life is great the

music’s great the food’s great the sex

is great I love my life I go you have

blah blah blah for 20 years and then you

meet this person and 24 hours later you

have heaven on earth how did that happen

and and the answer is precisely red pill

because science has recognized what

people fall in love like that they stop

thinking they stay what is called mind

fault they stay present what does that

mean well this person just came into

your life is this a time to start

thinking and let go of what’s going on

in your life and let your behaviors run

from programs absolutely not this person

just came in your life your eyes are

wide open man I want to be here this is

where I want to be and I go will you

stop thinking and now you’re staying in

the present moment I go so what was the

result it was your thinking that caused

the programs to take over her if you

stop thinking then the conscious mind

keeps its hands on the wheel I said and

what’s the function of that conscious


wishes and desires the first time in

your life you stop playing the program

and you continue to drive with wishes

and desires it’s called the honeymoon

that period where you meet somebody new

and life there the next whatever period

of time is heaven on earth beautiful

exciting and wonderful it wasn’t an

accident it wasn’t a coincidence it was

a due to a direct fact it was the red

pill you stayed present you stopped

thinking you kept your hands on the


you were driving now toward all wishes

and desires and this is what you

manifested when earth becomes heaven on

earth for you in a honeymoon and then I

say oh my god we’re creators like oh yes

you are

but you’re creating 95% of your life and

a typical day from the programs that

other people gave you and if they had a

problem themselves then you have that

problem and so for example people think

that oh cancer is caused by genes like a

cancer is not caused by a gene there’s

not a gene that causes cancer cancer is

associated with genes but also connected

to a life that’s not in harmony so you

can have a so-called cancer gene let’s

step back and go Angelina Jolie n–

beautiful young woman recognizes some

time after she’s had her kids and she’s

still young and beautiful she recognized

of course her mother died from breast

cancer and her grandmother died from

breast cancer and this weight on her

heads big time they’re singing oh my god

I’ve got the cancer gene brca1 cancer

gene that’s what she had and she

immediately thought like everybody does

the gene controls my life oh I have the

cancer gene I’m going to get cancer

that’s exactly what she was thinking and

then I said what did she do she says

well I’ll have a double mastectomy so if

I cut my breasts off I can’t get breast

cancer I mean so unfortunately they call

it a mastectomy I call it a mutation you

know she muted her body she altered it

you know it’s he destructed her potty

why because if she gets rid of the

breast then she can’t have breast cancer

that was a thought there’s an


that is the same gene causes uterine

cancer and ovarian cancer so she has to

go through a you know hysterectomy take

all those other parts out there if she’s

thinking she’s going to avoid the

problem but I said what is the problem

here it is in a nutshell

she has been programmed with the belief

that the brca1 gene causes cancer I have

the BRCA 1 gene therefore I would get

the cancer that’s the belief and then I

say but you know what 50% of the women

that carry the BRCA 1 gene never get the

cancer there’s a very important

conclusion from that fact I said what is

it having the gene doesn’t mean you get

cancer that’s what it means it’s the

gene alone doesn’t cause cancer it’s a

problem in lifestyle programming that

causes the cancer give her another very

big important example a child gets

adopted into a family where there’s

cancer in that family line and guess

what the adopted child will end up with

the same family cancer ago yeah but the

adopted child came from totally

different genetics they go precisely the

cancer did not come from the genetics it

was a result of behavior that was not in

harmony with life and therefore all of a

sudden we keep blaming the genes I’m a

victim because I thought about this gene

from my parents and I go that team will

not create cancer unless your life is

not in harmony if it’s not in harmony

then the gene will participate in cancer

but if your life’s in harmony that gene

will have no effect at all and I say why

is this relevant because people think

that they’re victims of the genes is

like no your victims of the behavior

your victims of the programming that’s

what happens when you’re in a family you

get program in there for seven years and

if the programming is not in harmony

then by definition your life will not be

in harmony either and so when we look at

our lives and we say oh my god I want

all these things are not really

happening I wish it would happen and my

life doesn’t work out the way I want

which is conscious Minds wishes and

desires and the reason is this it’s not

because you

can’t have it is because your

subconscious program is throwing a

monkey wrench in there if it doesn’t

support what you want sure because 95%

of the day it’s the program that’s

running you not you and I say why is it

relevant and the answer very simply is

this we are programmed to be victims

from the belief system and if you

believe you’re a victim do you become a

victim I go what do you mean I go famous

quote from Henry Ford the guy who

founded the Ford Motor Company just

listen to this it’s so profound and it’s

so simple here’s his quote whether you

think you can or whether you think you

can’t you’re right and all of a sudden

what does that mean it says the life

that you’re leading is coming from

program and if your life’s not in

harmony we have a tendency as I said to

feel we’re victims and outside forces

are doing this but now that we know that

our consciousness is controlling our

behavior in our genetics and it

basically says if you don’t like what

you have you can change consciousness

and when you change consciousness you

change completely the character of your

life and all of a sudden is like god I’m

not a victim of the outside world I’m a

victim of the inside program and I go

absolutely because when you get the

program right

you could have heaven on earth every day

of your life for as long as you live the

only reason you’re not experiencing

heaven on earth is because whatever

programs you downloaded from your family

in your community our programs that do

not support that destination you want

and therefore what we see is I can’t get

to the destination but what we can’t see

is the reason for that is simply that

the behavior like bill that you’re

playing when you’re thinking is

sabotaging you and like bill you can’t

see it that you’ve even done it so

therefore you take on I am victim world

is guilty it’s like nah we can change

our consciousness or our thoughts and

when we do that we take our power back


I mean there’s there’s so much wisdom in

your words Bruce and in it’s written in

your work you know you

covered this and what an epiphany that

you had to study these these jeans and

how they behaved and you know from your

petri dish moment to taking it into this

macrocosm of human behavior and how our

beliefs and our ideas and the

programming that you know we observe in

your example the the trimesters of sort

of human evolution the way that we

interact with our lives you know and and

it’s important that we have this sense

of control you know and we we get that

sense of control back we end we’re not

you know sort of making ourselves into

victims which happens quite often right

wouldn’t you agree I mean it seems

almost easy to do it that way to you

know to say I’m a victim of this and so

I have no power so you know I might

might as well give up and that’s exactly

the problem giving up because you say if

I have no power then what can I do about

it you already said I can’t do anything

about it so the only recourse you have

left is to give up I can’t do it why

because I’m not powerful that’s what I

know that’s where the problem comes from

I mean so you know how do we how do we

start to you mentioned

mindfulness and being mindful yes that’s

important I mean what are some of the

the tools that you recommend how can we

start to change our perception other

than you know other than recognizing

that we have control over our lives I

mean that’s so empowering it there’s

there’s so much just in that you know

recognizing that we can create the

programs to have the lives that we want

that gives us so much of our own power

back and are there tools are there

things that you recommend that we use oh

yes you know mindfulness and go ahead

yes it’s very hard to do mindfulness for

this reason you have to stay attention

on the present moment your consciousness

always has to be looking at that

windshield hands on the wheel and

dealing with everything at the at the

present moment well the problem with

that is that it’s very difficult to stay

mindful in this world you have so many

things you have to think about your job

things at home did you have to fix a car

do you have kids you got to take care of

these things you have respond

abilities inevitably you have to think

and I say well then inevitably you’re

gonna you know actually revert back to

whatever the program is and so you might

have wishes to stay mindful but that’s

not really gonna happen because the

moment your mind wanders is the moment

you start kicking in those negative

programs so the idea is the first thing

you have to do is identify what the hell

are the programs and I say why is it

difficult I said when did you get those

programs when I tell you it started even

before you were born in the last

trimester of pregnancy because of your

mother’s emotional involvement remember

the culture medium controls the genetics

well the fetus has cells with genetics

and I say yeah but what’s the culture

medium for the fetus I go oh the

mother’s blood oh because the mother’s

chemistry what her thoughts are and what

her beliefs are in the chemistry of that

blood and if she lives in fear or

concern and all that stress chemicals

are in that blood and guess what they

pass into the fetus so the fetus has the

experiences the mother’s experiencing

the fetus doesn’t have the details but

it has the feelings of it whether I’m

happy happy sad afraid whatever the

fetus has that because the mother’s

blood is is affecting the fetus just

like it affects her so the programming

started even before you were born I know

so I say Xavier tell me can you tell me

that program you got when you were 0 the

answer right no no I was I wasn’t there

ok tell me the program you got it one no

to know maybe three you could start to

recall some things mmm but the point is

cysts you’ve got a lot of programming

and went down you weren’t even there so

the first question is this what are my

programs well then here comes the easy

part of this response what are your

programs 95% of your life is coming from

those programs point is simple your life

is a printout of your programs because

95% of your life is program so I said oh

well then how do I know my programs I

say look at your life and you

the simple subdivision I would say look

at your life and recognize this anything

that you like that comes into your life

that you can experience because it comes

to say oh I like that I love this and a

shows up it shows up because you have a

program to acknowledge that but capital

but underlined but the idea is this look

at your life and recognize the things

that you want but you can’t seem to get


you work hard you struggle you know you

keep you’re trying you’re putting a lot

of effort in to make something you want

to manifest you’re putting all that work

and you’re sweating over I’m gonna be

successful I’m working hard and I’m

working hard I don’t stop for a second

why are you working so hard to manifest

these things the answer is simple it’s

inevitably your program doesn’t support

that and you’re trying to override your

program I say well this is really

difficult why because the conscious mind

which controls the body vehicle is only

working 5% at a time the program is 95

percent of the time right away the

mathematics of that say well life is a

struggle if that program doesn’t support

what you want you’re pretty much bound

not to see what you want you’re gonna

get whatever that program says so look

at your life right now and recognize all

the things that you like that come into

your life come in because your programs

acknowledge that but in contrast

anything you really desire wish for one

in your life and you’re struggling to

get it it’s not because the outside

world won’t give it to you is because

our own internal programming is

sabotaging that end and therefore now I

say well what do I want to change well

this is a relationship it’s a job what

is it you want to change and I say oh my

god this is what I want I say oh that’s

conscious mind creative wishing

imagination this is what I would like I

go yeah but that’s the five percent mind

that’s a tough one to make your life

manifest those things you actually have

to take your wishes and desires and put

them in as programs into your

subconscious now I go why is it relevant

because the subconscious is working 95%

of the day anyway

so just imagine if you already had a

program of wishes and desires built into

that subconscious and there’s an easy

part this is a part that’s so cool once

the program is in the subconscious no

more work is involved to manifest those

programs because 95% of the day

unconsciously subconsciously you will be

manifesting behavior to support that

program unfortunately since most of our

programs are negative the 95 percent of

the day our behavior is actually

activating those programs and sabotaging

us and that’s why we have a problem so

the conclusion that we need to come to

is a I need to know what I want to see

to make a program to get what I want

if you know so the first thing is really

look at where are you struggling and say

but I don’t want to struggle I want this

conclusion so I say oh so you want that

conclusion to be the program so he said

well you need to reprogram the

subconscious mind and this is where the

biggest problem comes from for a very

simple reason the subconscious mind is

programmed right and it’s habit the

conscious mind that’s the one that’s

connected to your spirituality your

unique identity the conscious mind the

one with imagination has wishes and

desires and aspirations these are things

you want the subconscious mind is a

database of stored downloaded programs

it’s just programs I go and most of

these programs you got by observing your

parents and family and community and I

say okay so I want to change them I said

well here’s the interesting part the

conscious mind being creative can change

in any number of ways listening to this

podcast going to a lecture reading a

self-help book even just going

uh-huh I have a new idea I can change my

conscious mind just by doing that

subconscious mind is the habit mind I

say why is it relevant because if a

habit changes very quickly then it’s not

a habit that’s so habits resist change

and since the subconscious minds a habit

mind it resists any effort to changing

an existing program that’s

it’s natural a lot of people think that

the subconscious mind where evil comes

from I just want to step on that for a

second ago the subconscious mind is a

record playback device just like let’s

say it’s CD recorder I said why is it

relevant I said is your CD recorder good

or evil did you come what are you

talking about it said well some people

say the subconscious is evil some people

say it’s good is it evil or good I go

it’s just like the the CD recorder it’s

not evil or good it’s just a device it

plays programs now the programs could be

good or the programs could be bad but

the subconscious mind don’t blame it

it’s just a record playback device and I

go why is it relevant a simple point is

Syst you as an entity exists in the

conscious mind wishes desires aspiration

that’s up to your creativity

subconscious mind like the CD player has

nobody in it it’s just a machine it

records and plays back I go so what I

said well the biggest frustration that

people have is to recognize they want to

change your behavior and what do they do

they talk to themselves don’t don’t do

this again don’t do this again and then

inevitably you repeat it again then you

get mad at yourself because apparently

your subconscious mind didn’t listen to

you it’s still playing the same damn

program then you get angry and you start

yelling at yourself and you get

frustrated and upset and all of this

stuff because you keep telling that

subconscious mind to change and it

doesn’t change and I go there’s nobody

in there that’s where the problem comes

from there’s nobody in there you’re who

are you talking to

nobody I say oh well there’s your

problem right there so here’s the point

you can only change the subconscious

mind based on the way it learns the

conscious mind is creative it can learn

in any number of ways but subconscious

mind learns in very specific ways the

first seven years of your life when

you’re in theta which is hypnosis is how

you downloaded the programs from family

and community hypnosis you want to

change the program’s then you’ve got to

use hypnosis that’s one of the ways I

said well do I have to see a

hypnotherapist I go no remember I talked

about theta the imagination state where

you start downloading programs as below

consciousness and as

you get more vibration use the next

vibration above theta is called alpha

which is called calm consciousness and

then a higher vibration and that is


beta which is like schoolroom focus

thinking consciousness so they’re higher

vibrations and lower vibrations the

lowest one is Delta that’s outright

sleep unconscious yeah so I say so what

I say the first seven years of your life

your brain is predominantly in theta ah

hypnosis that’s how you got the seven

you’re programming I go yeah and I say

well if you want to change the program

you do hypnosis and then I say you don’t

need a hypnotherapist for a very simple

reason the vibration of the brain when

you’re awake and working at your job is

a higher vibration call beta when you

come home and start to relax the brain

vibration slows down as it calms down is

calming though lower than beta is the

next vibration alpha which is called

calm consciousness but there’s a point

where all of a sudden you fall asleep I

said what happens the moment you fall

asleep consciousness is disconnected

that’s why you’re sleeping you’re not

here at that moment yeah I say yeah but

where’s the brain Oh alpha was calm

consciousness when the vibration goes a

little bit lower it’s not an alpha now

it’s in theta but guess what

consciousness isn’t working because that

stopped when the vibration went lower

than alpha so I say when you’re in theta

you’re not being conscious you’re in a

state of hypnosis so you go you’re at

work high vibration you come home you

relax the vibration gets lower you’re

now in calm consciousness and at the

moment you’re laying down in bed and

your eyes closed

boom you’re you’re asleep so called

you’re out of alpha you’re unconscious

in that sense but the brain is now at a

lower vibration theta and then after a

little bit theta even slows down then

you’re in Delta which is out right

unconscious sleeping I say so what’s the

matter what’s the issue I go every night

when you go to bed the moment alpha

consciousness goes to sleep the brain is

in theta again I say oh if I put

earphones on my head as I go to bed the

moment I fall asleep

whatever is playing on that program

coming through the earphones I’m not

hearing it my conscious mind I’m

sleeping but guess what the brain is now

in theta and I said what’s that I said

that’s hypnosis so whatever is coming

through the earphones in that program

the moment you fall asleep it’s now

going deep into the subconscious it’s

not going into consciousness at all

consciousness is disconnected so it’s

called self hypnosis every night when

you go to bed you put earphones on you

play a self-help program what you can

get from bookstores some things about

wishing you know what would you want

program for health a program for

relationship a program to get a better

job there are all different kinds of

programs whichever one you’re struggling

with you find a program that you want to

be real you put it in your player put

the earphones on when you go to bed the

moment the conscious mind goes to sleep

boom you’re in theta and whatever’s

coming across the earphones downloaded

into subconscious that’s the first way

we learn subconscious programs first

seven years then I go but you still

learn new programs after age seven I

said well how did you learn new ProRes

it both for example driving a car

I say how’d you drive a car and now you

programmed it so you don’t even have to

think about it you get in the car put

the key and you don’t have to think

about the details you did the first time

you got a car and put a key in you have

to look out the windows the mirrors

listen to the engine the pedals on the

floor pay attention to all this kind of

stuff and that was the beginning period

I say you practice you practice and in

practice now you’ve been driving for a


guess what subconscious knows how to

drive the car you practice and it

repeated it so many times you can drive

the car without thinking about it your

conscious mind can drift off you can

have a conversation with a passenger and

not even pay attention to the road

because the moment you redirect your

consciousness the subconscious autopilot

steps in and drives the car and it’s a

better driver than you are because the

as a computer the subconscious is a

million times more powerful than the

conscious mind so I say so what’s the

point and I go when you practice

something and repeat it over and over

again whether it’s an instrument I learn

how to play an instrument whether it’s a

car I learn how to drive a car whether

it’s a job I got on the job and I repeat

this process

every day there’s a point where you can

do it without thinking about it because

now it’s called a habit I go cool that’s

how you get a habit repetition so the

first way of changing program is using

the subconscious mode of theta so you

know imagination self-hypnosis

but after age seven you can add new

programs by what repetition practicing

something just repeating it over and

over and over and over again why it’s

the repetition that creates a habit you

want a new behavior then create a new

behavior and repeat it continuously and

as you do this guess what the

subconscious mind learn from repetition

and if you have a new behavior and you

keep repeating it that will become the

program and so basically there’s a new

age free switch I think it’s kind of

funny it’s called fake it till you make

it and what that means is this I’m not a

happy person I’m not happy I’ve never

been happier so you want to be happy

yeah well why do I say all day long say

I’m happy I don’t care what’s going on

do you whatever is going on you’re not

happy I don’t care what’s going on I

just say to yourself you continuous

repeat I am happy I am happy I am happy

hey Juan whenever you can remember it

you’re repeating I say repetition

obituaries what will put that program in

and guess one day you wake up you don’t

even have to say I’m happy anymore

because once the program is installed

its automatic

ninety five percent of your life that’s

the fun part about it you don’t have to

work on this your whole life you just

work on it long enough to put the

program in because once the program is

in now it’s automatic after that it will

do that to rest your life 95 percent of

the day you will be engaging in programs

that support your happiness your health

whatever you’re looking for without even

thinking about it because subconscious

means it’s just gonna play it

automatically 95 percent of the day so

those are the two fundamental ways of

changing a program I say which program

you want to change I’d go back and say

look at your life whatever you’re

struggling with it’s because a program

have stopped supporting you so that’s

what you want to change program okay and

then lastly I gotta add this because

there are new ways of putting in


the first two as I said the hypnosis the

repetition takes a period of time

repeating these things over and over

again but there’s a new way of changing

program it’s collectively called energy

psychology it’s a different form of

psychology it uses what is called super

learning go what the heck is super

learning I say maybe you’ve seen

somebody read a book by moving their

finger down the page from top to bottom

they just move it down like zip-zip I go

why is this relevant as fast as they

move that finger down the page they read

every word that’s how fast the

subconscious is when you engage it that

way and read all the words on that page

just as fast as I won that’s it I just

read all the words on the page so you

can stand in a bookstore in ten minutes

flip through a book and read the entire

book I said if you can engage the super

learning process in a psychology you can

then download programs virtually

instantaneously you can change a belief

you had your whole life in about 15 or

20 minutes once you have the belief you

want to install then the process of

installing a belief is in minutes this

is energy how exactly do india how

exactly do we install that belief in 15

minutes like using that that’s super

learning methodology not sure if that

was clear well basically part of it has

to do with engaging right and left

hemispheres the you know the Blayne the

brain has a split down the middle

there’s a right area line right now the

middle right okay no that’s the

connecting of the right and left this is

just showing there’s a right and left on

the top of your brain there’s two lobes

and they come together at the midline oh

the the left side is intellectual

character the right side is emotional

character before age seven right and

left hemispheres are integrated is

called hemi-sync am a spherical sink

that’s when super learning occurs that’s

how an infant you know kid can download

so much stuff because their brain is and

hemi-sync but after age 7 the function

of the left and right hemispheres

separate from each other they’re not

integrated anymore so sometimes during

the day you’re a little more

intellectual and a few hours later

you’re more emotional and a few hours

later you’re more intellectual back it’s

a wave up and

up and down but the problem is in this

life period the hemispheres don’t work


it’s either the left hemisphere or the

right hemisphere but they’re not working

together I say what’s super learning if

you get both hemispheres to integrate

and work at exactly the same time the

window of super learning opens up and

you can download information in minutes

and this is what we need because as we

started when we talked about the world

is in a very grave situation human

behavior is precipitating the mass

extinction I said well if you don’t want

a mass extinction what you have to

change I say you don’t change the planet

change human behavior okay yeah but

human behavior is programming oh yes and

this is why energy psychology is here

there’s an old saying necessity is the

mother of invention meaning if you need

to do something would create something

all right so we need to change behavior

quickly and guess what energy psychology

evolves yes you can use these mechanisms

to change your life and in minutes not

days and this is what we need to really

jump into the future on my website very

simple Bruce Lipton dot-com

under resources there’s about 20 or more

energy psychology modalities different

ways of engaging the same mechanism so

I’ve listed them and their website so

people can look on there and say how can

I you know which one should I do I say

look up the website find the one that

feels the the nicest best to you try it

out the reason is this because when you

use these processes you can cause rapid

rapid change and take your life on a

whole new course very very quickly and

the idea is you want a new course I go

go back and look at your life if there’s

any struggle in there remember it didn’t

come from the outside it’s because our

unconscious or subconscious driven

behaviors are operating 95 percent of

the day but those behaviors primarily

came from observing other people so

you’re not living a life you want to end

up living the life of whoever was giving

you the program

and that’s why characters run in family

everyone says Oh musicians have kids

that are good musicians they go oh must

be a gene for music it has nothing to do

with that it has to do with the fact

that when the kid was in the you know

the theta record mode before age seven

and they’re observing their parents and

they observed with a musician in their

family and they watch them it’s a

download of being a musician that is

picked up by this child so as a matures

and grows up subconscious is what’s

already programmed to be a musician so

that’s how you know it runs in families

that it’s not genes

it’s programs that run in family first

I’m loving this you know you’re doing my

job for me I just have to sit here and

have space for you and you just cover

everything that I wanted to ask you it’s

not a problems a total breeze I mean

there’s there’s so much to unpack there

you know this this hyper super learning

and you know connecting the hemispheres

of the brain and repetition using

mantras I mean there’s there’s so many

different techniques I guess that we can

use to facilitate creating these new

programs so that we can live the lives

that that we want to live I want to

change gears just a little bit and this

is this is stuff that you cover in your

work regarding relationships there is a

there’s something that you wrote in your

book honeymoon effect where you tell us

about you talked about energy and

vibration and how they form bonds when

we connect with people like I see many

people who will enter an environment and

you know they talk about like the vibe

of a space they’ll talk about how they

were they just weren’t feeling you know

like I thought the vibe was off or you

know something like that

and and you mentioned that you talked

about there are good good vibes and bad

vibes that’s exactly what it comes down

to and basically what a vibration is an

energy an energy is a wave in the field

sort of like ripples when you drop a

rock into a pond you get ripples the

ripples are not accidents it’s the shape

of the energy that is coming from the

falling rock and

transferred into the water the energy is

a force it shapes the water into ripples

because that is the shape of the energy

waves and I go cool I say sometimes when

two waves come together they enhance

each other and that’s called a good vibe

because to lower waves can come together

and create a bigger wave as their

combination more energy the higher the

wave more energy and you can say well

that would be a good vibe to two small

waves come together they add up and

create a bigger wave that’s that’s

called good vibes but in contrast when

waves are not in harmony

meaning the ripple of one is going up

but the ripple of the other wave is

going down at the same time and you add

them up they cancel each other out so

there’s no wave at all if two waves come

together in there and they’re lined up

so the the peak of one is lined up with

the peak of the other you add up the

peak value together and you get a high

wave but if you add up a wave where one

is the high peak and the other wave is

coming in is at the low part of the wave

you add those together it’s zero I said

well what happens why say when two waves

that are not in harmony come together

they cancel out the power no wave at all

and that’s called bad vibes so we have

good vibes bad vibes I go life is energy

that’s a given in fact more energy you

have the more life you have when you’re

in an environment where the waves around

you from everything everything that’s

that appears to be made out of matter

it’s actually made out of waves and I

say so what’s the result I said well if

you’re in a place where all the waves

around you’re in harmony with you you

feel good and you have a lot of energy

and you have more life but if you’re in

an environment where the waves around

you created by whether it’s people or

physical things or whatever’s going on

those waves cancel your energy you lose


well energy is life so if you lose

energy you lose life that’s the bad


so the vibes are a physical sensation

that are telling you are you in the

right place in the wrong place because

when you’re in the wrong place you could

feel the energy drain out of your body

and now you’re vulnerable no energy you

lose your life and that’s like so if

you’re you know scared or afraid or


in your world or you’re in a place

you’re not familiar with and all of a

sudden you feel weak that means that the

energy around you is canceling your

energy bad vibes in contrast if you’re

in a place where all of a sudden you

feel so much more energy than you had

just a little while ago and you’re on

your toes because everything is so

exciting well then you’re in a place

where the energy is supporting you more

support more life good vibes it’s called

so-called constructive interference and

a technical term as opposed to being in

the wrong place where the energy cancels

your vibration you feel flat you’re


bad vibes but also call technically

destructive interference and the idea is

this is a greatest compass that a human

can have because it said should I be

here or should I go there I say measure

the energy this is make you feel better

to be over there then go over there if

you feel bad over here then get out of

here and go over somewhere else

and and we rarely use that because part

of the programming for seven years many

of us learn not to use those feelings as

a compass oh don’t go by your feelings

listen to what the person has to say and

I go that’s your first big mistake why

energy precedes the words a person can

make up any words they want I could tell

you Xavier this and let me tell you I

got the greatest plan for you just give

me ten bucks and and if you understand

I’ll give you this plan you’ll make a

thousand dollars and you hear this and

it sounds good

Wow I could count bucks make a thousand

dollars I go great but if you stopped

listening to works and just had a

physical feeling about talking to me

about this there’ll be a pointing or

biology Burgo this this doesn’t sound


that’s the energy sing synergy the

disconnection it’s not reporting you

then you would say connection box but

about Wow in flashily this sounds like a

great plan here’s my TED box I go what’s

the difference one is is feeling

experiencing the energy big good is life

nothing to do with yeah you’re not even

paying attention to it

and on a piece of paper yeah $10

research a thousand that sounds good

then I go Wow but that guy’s ripping you

off how would you know feeling look for

you and this is when people disregard

their feelings and they just that could

put entire lives without knowing it the

things they’re always in Saigon it’s not

right this is a right and they’re

nothing and they’re listening to the

words and we have to go back to the

vibration cuz Bruce let me just

interrupt you I’m so sorry it’s it

sounds like we’re we’re dropping some

packets here let me let me just just if

you just hang tight for me let me just

restart this call really quick and and

we’ll get you back so we can we can hear

you clearly it seems like you know it

might be an issue with Skype just hey

just hang tight for me with for one

second please

hey hang tight guys we’ll be right right



okay okay Bruce yeah let’s let’s see if

that that fixes it go ahead in and try

talking for me I I am talking that’s so

much better yeah yeah yeah let’s pick it

up right where you left off please okay

so basically what I’m trying to say is

you want to navigate your life you need

a compass and I say well what is the

compass and you say well I could think

my way through here from what I learned

and my programs and all that and I go

that’s one way but a more accurate

compass is to read your energy because

energy is physically you know direct

consequence of your life no energy no

life lots of energy lots of life so if

you read energy you get a much more

accurate understanding of where you’re

going then if you use your mind to you

know analytically think about it yes I

give ten dollars to this person I get a

thousand that sounds good math to me I

like it and I say yeah that’s thinking

but if you were feeling you would say

boy I don’t get a good vibe from this

person I go oh that was the the compass

point you should have listened to and

yet most of us don’t don’t go by our

feelings and yet our feelings are indeed

the best way I think about it this way a

snail is born out of an egg there’s no

parents around I say the snails on its

own they’ve got no teacher

I don’t hack us they’ll know where to go

what to do there’s no teacher I go it

doesn’t need a teacher there’s only one

gauge on the snails dashboard an energy

gauge if it moves in this direction and

the energy drops then the snail will

turn around moving the other direction

until it moves in a direction where the

energy goes higher because if it drops

it just says this is taking away life I

have to find where I can go where the

energy is higher more like I eat this

plant it reads the energy of the plant

if the plants energy and the snails

energy and harmony then the vibes go up

and the snail said this is a good plant

to eat in contrast it comes across

another plant and that energy from that

plant cancels the vibration of the other

plant you know it cancels the vibration

of the snail then the snail said why

would I eat this plan I’m going to lose

we won’t eat it I say you mean the whole

programming of the snail was done by one

gauge read the energy is the energy good

or the energy bad why the heart isn’t

thinking it just reads energy so there’s

a brain part yeah my mind could do all

the analytical tricks it wants but my

heart just reads energy it just says

that in my getting involved with

something that gives me more energy or

less energy point it simple it gives you

more energy go in that direction if it

gives you less energy back away it’s the

wrong thing so there’s guidance in life

and and we rarely use it because it’s

really based on your heart

so my conclusion here because I am

running out of time but I must give a

conclusion that I think is important and

that is basically this you have to make

a decision about something in your life

about X I say so what you can do is a

you’re going to start looking at X and

saying what are the benefits what are

the negatives you’re doing an analysis

analytical analysis and then you come to

a conclusion they said well I think I

should do this or I think I shouldn’t do

and I go that’s from thinking I see do

that that’s a good exercise but then

here’s what I suggest for the final

decision making and that is this don’t

use your analytical thinking ask your

heart you’re saying do I want to do this

yes or no because your hearts just gonna

read the energy and give you what the

conclusion did it get more energy that

it get less energy it’s always going to

tell you and the simple point is this if

you feel good that means the heart is

saying that this energy is where you

should go but if you feel a little

apprehensive you’re not sure and you’re

feeling it then the heart is telling you

don’t go there and that is really the

most important understanding is we seek

life we seek energy our behavior is

manifesting what’s happening in front of

us if we have negative programming then

we will bring negative people into our

lives because they’ll fit with the

program but that program takes away your

life and when we start to see where the

programs are and we find where we’re

struggling there’s the opportunities we

talked about change the programming

and when it comes to to making decisions

in your life it’s much more accurate to

okay do the analysis the thinking all

the details great but before you make

that final last decision before you make

that decision the last thing you do is

you go to your heart

you ask yourself how do I feel about

this the heart does feelings energy the

brain does analysis of details and the

bottom line is this the most accurate

gauge on your dashboard just like of the

snail 1 gauge the energy gauge and when

you got that that’ll be your best

compass to move successfully into the

future Wow Bruce I mean this this has

been amazing it and it flew by I mean

there’s so much information that you

gave us to really absorb and learn from

and I know you know just watching sort

of the chatroom it’s it’s you know

everyone’s talking about it and they’re

they’re loving this and I think more

than ever you know as we started the

beginning of this conversation it’s so

crucial that we start to affect our

behavior in a positive way for the

larger consciousness for you know the

planet not just for us but the

collective evolution of all of us and I

think that’s exactly that’s exactly it

if you got the point it’s a collective

evolution are we going to move into the

future well then depends on how many of

us are gonna wake up and this is why I

so appreciate the opportunity to being

on your program and to have this

audience because it’s every one of us

start to recognize if we just wake up I

can get my power back and I go yeah but

collectively if we wake up then we

collectively control what’s happening on

this planet and we’ve been programmed by

others lost our power and now there’s

one percent of the population you know

receiving all of the the money and

rewards and the 99 percent are

struggling and it’s what if we turn that

around what if the 99 percent woke up

and said I’m not doing those programs

I’m going to only do programs that help

me and the collective community that is

the evolutionary step we’re looking at

right now

absolutely you know Bruce we’ve we’ve

got about seven minutes here left and

you know I’d love for you to wrap this

up tie it in a bow and invite us you

know I mean it I mean we we’ve covered

so much but you know if if maybe there

are people out there that you know

they’re really struggling with the

direction and larger picture of their

lives you know what do you say to those

people that have maybe lost all of the

hope you know that that they can muster

how do you how do you reach those people

well basically you know we just go back

to what we started with and recognize

this if I am the creator then how come

my creation doesn’t match my wishes and

desires that’s basically what it comes

down to fact to our Creator that’s from

the biology we got that pretty clear the

question is as a creator are you happy

with your creation it’s a very simple

point are you happy with the way it is

if you’re not happy with it the point is

up until now we would say it’s the

environment it’s the other people it’s

whatever the institution is whatever

they’re the problem because that’s why

we look at it because if our behavior is

invisible then how do we know we’re even

participants and I go that’s where the

problem is it’s subconscious is below

conscious your behaviors creating a life

that has nothing to do with your wishes

and desires it’s just becoming from a

program you don’t like the life because

you can see the program isn’t working

then stop being a victim and start

recognizing I am a creator and what the

hell is going on here yeah and then all

of a sudden we get into the analytics

and say what’s going on here is that

you’re not creating from your desires

you’re creating from the program and

that becomes a scientific reality and as

a scientific reality system what can you

do about and the answer is easy change

the program so you’re this an individual

is the one that says is my life going

the way I want it or am i struggling and

I go if you’re struggling we’ve been led

to believe that we are victims but then

if we’re struggling now we recognize

this unconsciously we are sabotaging

ourselves with programs that we got from

others that do not

or our wishes and desires if you know

this and you become aware of it then you

are empowered to make a change but if

you don’t know this you’ll go through

your whole life going geez I’m a victim

jeez I’m a victim everyday I’m a victim

and you die a victim and I’m going that

is not necessary in this world if you

are feeling your victim it’s not because

you’re a victim of outside forces

you are indeed a victim but a victim of

programming there I go so what’s the

relevance I said I can’t change outside

forces but I can change my program and

that says all of a sudden it says stop

trying to direct the world make it

conform to your wishes and desires start

changing your program and the world will

express your wishes and desires is that

real I go have you ever fallen in love

and if you did that first one for me is

if you did even it was only a few days

of a honeymoon you touched it that

something was different I go that’s all

you need to start with that something

can change when you change because that

is this the key step that says let’s do

more change let’s take this and do it

because if you just sit back and don’t

do anything your program is gonna play

the same damn problem over and over for

as long as you live until you change

that program it’s sort of like I

mentioned walking as a program you got

it when you were 2 how long is it gonna

last for it well hopefully for long does

the rest of your life because that way

you don’t have to relearn again but if

you got a negative programming how long

does that have to go for it I go till

the day decide to change the program and

then you can make a new program one that

really supports your intentions and your

desires and you’ve done it for a short

period of time but that was only because

there was a moment where you stop

playing the program because you stayed

mindful but if you change the program to

match your wishes and desires just a

simple point if I put wishes and desires

as programs in my subconscious I will

manifest these wishes and desires

because 95% of the day my behavior will

be absolutely supporting

every wish and desire without my even

being conscious of it

I could I could daydream the whole thing

there all day long and end up being

totally successful without any more

effort because it’s happening

automatically from subconscious so

instead of you know there’s an old

hippie saying that you might not know oh

because I’m old enough and that hippie

saying was simply this before you go out

and change the world take care of your

own backyard this applies specifically

to what we’re talking about right here

if the world isn’t working for you you

don’t go out and change the world first

stay home and change yourself because

when you change yourself the world will

change automatically yeah and that is

basically the call for freedom free

yourself you have been enslaved by

invisible programs but once they be once

you become aware that there’s a program

then for the first time in your life you

can exercise power by changing that

program and putting in a program set

that completely support your wishes and

your desires Bruce I love it I mean

there’s so much gold in this episode I

think the home run and I mean there’s

there’s so much information here for

people to really dig in and and I mean

I’m sure they’ll go back and listen to

it you know a couple times I think they

they should because the first time is

like whoa but the second time it goes

uh-huh yeah yeah

each time you hear is like okay I’m

getting yet because the first time is

like such a shock it’s completely

different than everything you thought

and but when you start to listen to it

again you start saying yeah I get it and

once you get it you are free and that’s

the nature of the game we must free

ourselves from the programs of

disempowerment yes sir um Bruce so I

know that biology of belief is on its

tenth anniversary in addition right now

where can people go and pick up a copy

of that and your your the website

address if you will please you can go to

almost any bookstore thankfully and find

biology I believe Amazon of course is

the easiest thing to do and it’s also

for a good price compared to the regular


it’s available everywhere even on my own

website so the book biology belief

especially is the one that’s been out

for over 12 years now 13 years or so

it’s still the best-selling book it’s

it’s staying the same sales for 13 years

which to me is a very important

statistic because it reveals everyday

more and more people waking up and as

they wake up they’re buying the book and

so what the book sells to me represent

an emerging population of people who

want to take their power back so I’m

very excited by the fact that it’s

called an evergreen book because it’s

it’s keep selling every year year after

year because it’s access to empowerment

and that’s what we all need right now

it’s it’s timeless you know and guys

that’s gonna do it for us here my guest

dr. Bruce Lipton I mean what an amazing

episode right you can go and pick up

this book the biology of belief and

again dr. Bruce Lipton wow there’s so

much information here we are gonna be on

the community server it and doing a


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