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great guests lined up Thanks from the

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we’ve also got shmoo el cowan and his

work on shamanic Judaism welcome to hxp

shmoo el thank you very much it’s a

pleasure to be here yeah man it’s uh

your work is pretty interesting how did

you get into this sort of practice well

it’s uh it’s an interesting story of I

was a raise of the conservative Jew and

had my bar mitzvah walked away from it

and after many years of looking at

spiritual practices I found myself at a

Celtic shamanic tradition called the

third road and was studying that and

join us practicing it

and found myself in a problem when after

a while of doing a particular meditation

my teacher said why do you like Shabbat

candles the friday night candles

beginning in the Sabbath and I said no

she goes you need to do that I’m and I

said wait a minute we’re doing a pagan

practice here not a whisper habits she

goes that’s what my guys is saying so I

said okay fine and so I list the candles

on the friday night and it was amazing

it was like the curtain of calm and

peace it just came down over my whole

apartment and the next morning I woke up

and I did the meditation and it was

clear as a bell great later on we were a

lot of shamanic traditions this one

third road being one of them works with

her your ancestors so when I was doing

meditations on my ancestors and Jewish

ancestors were coming up because I’m

Jewish I said this I got to start

looking into this and I need to

understand my tradition it oughta be

able to work with them so that got me

started reading the Torah which is the

first five books in the Bible and

reading that from a shamanic perspective

from a perspective of energy work I was

blown away after you know there’s a lot

more going on here that coat of many

colors and a go to cap and so that’s

what started me on the path back into

Judaism but looking at it from a

shamanic perspective that’s interesting

can you can you just go into some of

what you know about the Kabbalah and why

I mean on your site you call it a

powerful mystical part of the Jewish

tradition I don’t know why you call it

that it’s the how do you describe it

it’s kind of the fuel that runs the

system for lack of a better way of

describing it I would think from a

kabbalistic perspective you have your

thoughts and if you like you have an

idea and you think about how you want to

do it um you know just I’m going to come

up with something I’m hungry I want to

eat something

well maybe I feel like having a

hamburger great but if I don’t have very

much emotional involvement in it it I

don’t really get I don’t push myself to

the action aspect of going out making a

hamburger or going out and buying one

the Kabbalah is kind of the emotional

aspect of this it’s the part that

explains you’ve got a bunch of things a

digit addition it’s a I don’t fly

calling it a religion I call it a

practice a spiritual practice there’s a

lot of various meditations and things

that are done um but the cat well the

Kabbalah what it does that explain the

underlying principles of how these

practices actually helped one connect to

the divine creator so on your site it

talks you talk a little bit about how

some Jews are afraid to admit their

Jewish is that my paraphrasing correctly

yeah why do you think that is 2,000 plus

years of persecution um there’s a host

of different reasons for it one of them

is persecution um if I admit to being

Jewish and there’s possibility of being

somebody not liking that and um ah dis

prejudices of things like that but

there’s also the flip side of that which

is if I’m Jewish and I don’t know very

much about it I am afraid to go and be

around other Jews I’m afraid to go to

Jewish ritual I’m afraid of messing up

I’m embarrassed then I’m going to make

some sort of football somebody’s going

to ask me something and sue my know

something when i don’t and that’s

embarrassing so maybe they just don’t

mention it or I know these practices and

you know like myself I was taught these

things I in the 60s do this do this why

I don’t know just do them find it no

spirituality I’ve learned another

spirituality I’m Jewish but really I’m

practicing Buddhism

or in practicing witchcraft now or I’m

practicing Hinduism right now and so

that’s what my for a mixture of lots of

different thing that’s what my path is

so I don’t really talk about being

Jewish so cool if you could go on my

understanding of kabalas at a starting

spot in Israel’s that correct in that

region much much earlier than that so

can you kept killing us a little more

about the background of how this concept

kind of ingratiate itself into Judaism

you mentioned that there’s your kind of

a Buddhist you’re exploring these other

realms that there seems to be this

Eastern mystical aspect to the

Kabbalistic tradition how did it find

itself to these you know desert nomads

in the it’s get crucified for this under

fully intended it started with the

Jewish people it actually goes back to

to Adam the primordial person um

Kabbalah means to receive and if you

receive in there has to be a giver now

the ultimate giver is is God in often

times people say a Shem which literally

means the name instead of using the name

God God has no name God has no form God

is so much bigger guy creative but is

way beyond this so he can’t really

describe God in Kabbalah column aim self

without end infinity Kabbalah means to

receive so the Creator creates this

world creates atom the atom and they

have a conversation everything that God

speaks to Adam to Adam to Eve to

additive to Noah and on through it to

the Prophet is things they receive

Kabbalah means to receive so anything

that’s received from divinity is

essentially a form of Kabbalah so who is

this God is this the Yahweh there’s just

the yes food vaade hey that they speak

about in the Kabbalistic tradition

there’s just more of the

monad the Hashem the Elohim what is the

differentiation here the differentiation

between the names of God really are

talking about different aspects of that

God allows us to perceivable and when I

say him i’m also going to say her

because God contains the genders but

it’s way beyond gender got in the form a

Shem has no form the names are just

aspects of divinity that we’re allowed

to experience so what is what is so why

is everyone so fascinated about the

pronunciation of God’s name and the

vibrational tone that that encompasses

what is the effect that it has why is it

so sacred because it so powerful is

there is there a resonance to the name

or the frequency that gives it power

yeah exactly so there’s a there are some

like banishing rituals that use these

like the lesser banning ritual of the

pentagram are you aware of this I’m not

that familiar with that no no in

shamanic Judaism are do you guys use

rituals in vacation stuff like that yeah

so you are so you are using these sort

of sacred names to either invoke or

vanish they could be youth laf can you

give us an example done I would rather

not and the reason I would rather not do

it is the names are powerful and

actually use one of the names would

actually be to invoke it and invoke the

power of it it’s what i would do say um

Wow yes I was looking for a situation of

mercy I might use the foil in her name

in a form of prayer um in fact the best

the best way to create a ritual is to do

it enough in a prayer you know you are

you’re asking the question with the

difference between I Jewish shamanism


in different other forms of chaumont

shamanism or magic right and the way I

would if there is kosher magic in non

kosher match up the difference between

it is and this is where I love to use my

more modern metaphors have you ever

played Dungeons and Dragons I can’t say

I have okay there there’s a couple of

characters and live as a magician and

there’s a clerk the magician gets his

power from the words from the way he

moves his body from the magical items

the cleric gets his power from praying

to his deity and the deity then ramps

the request okay the cleric is kosher

magic and Judaism as soon as you start

saying that I have the power it’s all

belongs to me or these words are the

thing that actually manifests in the

particular act or this wan do this sword

or this pentacle is where the power lies

you now basically acting creating idol

worship because you see the powers their

powers not with the Creator my Creator

divinity ah the universe however you

want to describe it in which I’m not

something indescribable beyond that um

but yeah you have to get credit with a

credit to do in Judaism to be more exact

exactly exactly so it’s positive you

know the greatest of the well to say the

least of the pages of the Jewish chef

Sharman’s in two thousand years ago

could resurrect the dead how will they

do it they would use a name of God and I

would just find they’ve used the name of

God but what they’re doing is to use

that name to make a request of God um

and if their desire matches God’s design

matches the universal desire then that

person gets resurrected oh so you all

right you it’s basically becoming a

vessel for the trivet of for the divine

flow for the universal will tow of

publish with gold so so the Torah says

that one should learn the Torah and get

a teacher to teach them how to study and

then to get a student to teach them how

to teach do you agree with this yeah

yeah and how long how long have you been

teaching I’ve been teaching for that’s

six years now I started while i was in

israel i put together a workshop using

the the story of the exodus of the Jews

out of Egypt as a arm as a container for

how to overcome whatever’s keeping you

from moving forward to your hopes and

dreams when you when you’ve mentioned

earlier about the magician and the

cleric it sounds a lot like the Arcanum

from different tarot decks is is there

something akin to that in the kabob the

Kabbalistic tradition that you guys use

are you are you playing with divination

divination is an interesting thing in

Judaism uh I would do do some house

astrology the the zodiac signs match up

to the twelve tribes um and there’s a

story of Abraham who’s having a

conversation with God and God says

you’re going to have children you’re

going to lots of children and Abraham’s

like well wait a minute I’ve looked at

the Stars it’s thursday i’m not going to

have any children so how can you say god

how do you say i’m going to have

children and in fact if the at the

beginning of my type of creation God

says the stars and planets are going to

be there to tell you the times I

planting seasons and also for me to give

you messages so the trick about it is

these are used you can there not to be

divot used as

nation to say this is what I must do

this is what I must do this more of

suggestions this is the direction that

things are going in UD and change that

you can overcome those uh those

tendencies but that’s where the

tendencies are so you you pretty much

would say for a fact that you believe

supernatural forces are at work and at

least preserving the Jewish people and

what is the purpose in that if that’s so

I just want to get right to it okay well

i miss the joke and not one that gets

down to the question of why we’re the

chosen people now doesn’t it just to

clarify my co-host happens to be Jewish

and now this work is really interesting

man and I really just want to know what

how shamanic Judaism differs from other

aspects of shamanism I mean like the

Native Americans have shamans their

shamans in the Amazon so how how are the

Jews practicing these shamanic

traditions poorly to be honest um

fundamentally I was and I haven’t spent

a lot of time talking to a Native

American shamans of South American

shamans by the shaman can I have talked

to fundamentally thing the roots of

things are pretty much the same oh

there’s uh you can go in two different

worlds you’re playing with unseen

energies I mean trying to heal and

improve things the question becomes the

process you’re using to do that okay

let’s let’s get into that how so how do

you use energy and to heal and how are

you becoming aware of these like can you

go into some of the practices that you

guys use and one of the important thing

is a concept of Havana qivana is the

Hebrew word that translates to

to focus concentration intention the

second piece is um the idea of a mitzvah

now a mitzvah normally translates into

commandment and people think of it as

good deeds so helping an old woman

across the street in the midst that’s a

good deed it also has another meaning

and that is it creates a connection like

a pipeline between you and and divinity

you and the Creator so if I am doing and

if 600 of 13 of these for the Jewish

people other people traditions I’m sure

have their versions of these oh and what

it does as I’m doing one of these things

such as keeping that keeping Shabbat is

immense about what Shabbat is it’s a

time where I’m going to go into a sacred

space for a whole day and i’m going to

commune with the feminine aspect of god

and when I come out of that I can bring

out some of that energy and then I can

and whatever revelations I’ve got and

then be able to use it and apply things

that I’ve gotten from that interaction

into the world hmm very interesting me

it sounds like you’re describing the

crown chakra basically i mean the the

concept of opening up that that top

portal into the tinting into the

consciousness into the great divine but

what is the relationship i was trying to

access earlier as far as with the Jews

that makes you guys so special with that

with that consciousness are you was

there some kind of pact made I mean what

is the lineage of the what is the

relationship the Jews have with the

Monad which with the divine um here’s

what I believe I believe that Judaism

responses we talk about primordial man

the original Adam where Adam and Eve

come out that is a primordial man it


all of humanity and in the form of human

being in the sense that there’s

different organs each each shine native

group Aboriginal people the Jewish

people the Native Americans the

Australian Aborigines all all of them

represent different organs in this body

and have a different purpose in a

different role so the Jews are chosen

for one thing um the other in tradition

to chose them for different things the

Jewish life purpose I believe is to help

bring down the divine power back the

godly energy because we like I into this

world so that other people have access

to it and then can use it for the things

they need to you to do with it and to do

it in a safe way hmm so so then have you

experienced any form of like demonic

exorcism or anything on that level in

your practice yeah I have how often does

that occur um for me personally not very

often oh how often do you find that

there are negative entities or beings

that are affecting a person’s life that

that you feel that you have to become

involved in that situation okay let me

back up a second what I what I said

because I want to change your question a

little bit I don’t necessary say demonic

Judaism have two sides or Kabbalah has

two sides it has the side of holiness

and it has what’s called the Citra which

is Aramaic literally meaning the other

side and the other side is I think we

could call demonic Judaism doesn’t

really believe in a demonic per se

because every

think ultimately is good God the are you

saying mo a door no ad with an N or M

with an end ok and no ad is a giver of

good everything that comes out of the no

ad is by definition good anything work

receiving is bad and evil is only view

from our limited perspective on how it

works and if we have the perspective and

infinite perspective we would see and

understand how it’s actually there to UM

to strengthen us and make us better but

from our inner perspective from our

constricted not understanding and

perception it looks evil to us so having

said that there is this idea of a city

opera and it’s the part of us that is

it’s always with us and it’s always

tempting us to do what is not in our

best interest to do that in what is not

in the pie in the world best interest

how would the process of initiating a

shaman work in your practice I mean if

if let’s say that I wanted to practice

shamanic Judaism do I have to be Jewish

to practice this could do it material

yet ok so it’s relegated to the Jewish

people I wouldn’t be able to I’m not

Jewish so I wouldn’t be able to practice

this if the Jewish form correct but you

know whatever it is a question of

working with what is appropriate for I’m

what is appropriate for your soul what

works best well what your system is

designed I to work with using

genetically or that then choose your

peers good spiritually at this point I’m

talking about the soul the Judaism

really is i’m going to talks about the

physical world but it’s also and that’s

what cabal is really talking about is

not the physical world it’s talking

about all the other worlds

um and I imagine if you go to any

traditional shaman from a traditional

place and you really sat down and talked

to them they would probably say their

system is for their people and only

their people it’s not something that you

can take out and use generically in a

very in a very effective form because

you need to have the cultural background

in order to work in order to work it for

example if I was let’s say I was a

shaman who worked with rattles and um

and used that as part of healing and

went into trances and invokes animal

spirits so that I would be moving around

like an animal um from for the people

who that works for that too as part of

that tradition it makes sense and it

works um to take someone who’s from to

take that Charmin and put them into the

middle of um trying to think of like

Cleveland for example and say this is

this guy is going to heal you instead of

going to your doctor someone’s going to

come in there and it’s not going to be

very effective because that’s not the

medallion is that they work with they

don’t believe into it they don’t buy if

they don’t understand it it’s not part

of their spiritual DNA okay so it is

genetic so um let me just moving on here

um is is it kosher to use psychedelic

plants to enter these sort of shamanic

states you these vision sort of quests

that you guys go on or how does that

work the anointing oil that would use

for the high priest and the King

included the opinion that hope that

includes cannabis do you do you think

that um the burning bush I mean there’s

a lot of accounts I think that it was an

acacia plant which is very high and

dimethyltryptamine do you think there’s

any truth behind that as far as Moses

was out on mounts

I know right trippin on occasion plants

every class because it is it makes you

wonder you know they’re there is the the

there’s botanical psychedelic plants

that every I think everyone except for

the Inuits for the most part has dabbled

with and it stands the reason that the

Jews would have their form of it yeah

it’s very very possible there’s there’s

actually a story in the Talmud I’ll give

you a very very short version of it

there was a one of the shamans was known

as yoni the circle drawer because he

would put himself at the circle in order

to do his his chance work and at one

point the people asked him to make it

rain so we went long again long story

short he made it rain and because

there’s been a drought and there was

enough right now to stop the rain

stopped the rain and then the people

went out into the into the woods to

collect mushrooms I’ll leave it to you

to understand what kind of mushrooms

they were probably collecting have you

read on the sacred mushroom in the cross

the the book the sacred mushroom in the

cross no I haven’t there’s i forgot the

author’s name but he talks about how the

ancient Jewish sect that was the Dead

Sea scrolls were basically you know

taking silicide and mushrooms and

worshipping and venerating the the

silicide in these mushrooms and there’s

you know drawings in their in their

caves and different writings about that

what’s what’s your take on that it

points out one of the dangers of using

drugs and you see anything else to help

you get into the into those altered

states and that is you start worshiping

them and as soon as you start working

from believing that’s where the power

lies then you start a new idol worship

because you’re starting to forget the

fact that really what’s allowed

you to get into the spaces is the no

addict so you you mentioned power the

thing that I’ve always wanted to try to

comprehend I’m sure everyone’s trying to

figure out is what what in the hell is

going on with the space in Jerusalem

where the western wall is what is is

there some kind of energetic hotspot

coming out of that ground like why does

everyone want to be in that zone that is

the place where the physical and on

physical worlds meet what does that mean

when God comes into the world into the

world let me let me back up a second let

me kind of the finite world how many is

another popular analogy I like Star Trek

so many of the Third Circuit algae here

for just a moment this world is a funny

in the world of matter and one of the

things that defines matter is the fact

that it’s finite so if I want to talk

about something that is antimatter I’m

talking about something that’s infinite

let’s be on finite the that would

represent the no at so if the no ad

wants to come into this world we’ve got

a problem because when you have matter

and antimatter coming together you’re

going to make a very large explosion it

needs to be controlled and contained the

location where the no ad comes into this

world where the finite world gets

created from where the universe gets

created from that doorway is on the

Temple Mount is where the West it is in

the area where the western wall this is

the spot underneath the where the golden

dome are the mosque of the golden dome

is and that’s why such a huge power

point and that’s why everybody’s

fighting over can you please describe

for our listeners the the process so I

what is it the co hend I believe is the

rabbi that goes in there once a year

during yom kippur ordering the High Holy

Days what is what are they doing like so

they’re going into the Temple Mount

there’s this portal into the heavens

you’re telling us

is this where they are how is the Ark of

the Covenant involved here what would it

what is the actual what is going on

that’s a really really really good

question and it’s the high priest and

the high priest is the high shaman of

the tradition young people or being the

holiest day people are fasting and

praying because they’re trying to create

this at this very sensitive very special

sacred space and that allows the high

priest to go in to the place where the

finite of the infinite meet now if you

can imagine going into a place where

we’re four dimensions maybe some people

are aware of 5 or 6 i’ll give credit to

that would go into a place where there

is an infinite number of dimensions and

when you’ve got a physical body but the

physical body doesn’t mean anything um

the Holy of Holies is a place where I

it’s got a set dimension that you can

put the on the ark is actually too big

with these with the stays in it is too

big to fit in this place and get done if

the place that holds more than it should

be loud should be able to and why can it

do that is because it’s going into all

these other dimensions because it has

the ability to move into the infinite

sourcing gangs stored there if it’s the

doorway it’s the Gateway is the conduit

between the infinite place and the

finite place if the Kohen Gadol the high

priests is going in there and he’s

having the ultimate mind expansion he is

able to perceive things from a infinite

level and understand it anything and

everything all at one time past present

future and is able to come out of that

and be same and in fact the only time

that the four-letter name of God

actually mentioned is he comes out he

has actually folded at that time it

could be pronounced differently all the

time because it depends on what how you

vow lit and it’s mostly a breath to type

sound so he comes out at that moment

right after this incredible experience

um going into the highest of the highest

of the highest worlds and then says that

name and that name is so powerful it

purifies everybody and everything can

you go into the the chanting involved in

the Four Worlds what does that mean what

have you think we’re what can you give

me have I have some sources that have

told me about the Four Worlds I just

want to know more about them it is this

is this stuff sort of secret is that why

you’re you’re being so reluctant to talk

about it or is it because I’m not Jewish

no I’ve asked any questions partly to

see some there’s a lot of things that I

know there’s an awful lot of things I

don’t know I mean what I compared to who

my teachers are I know I know

practically nothing can you give us a

human experience exclusively give us

some secret esoteric stuff so I mean and

there’s i mean i have a class where I

spend five out you know it’s a five week

class in a five hours where I’m just

going over a basic overview of Kabbalah

and because there’s a lot of background

background material the chant the chance

that you’re referring to I don’t know um

there are probably couple different

versions of them I would imagine

depending on the done different tech of

Kabbalists you say yes there are the

Kabbalists who weren’t spawn 500 years

ago um but you’ve also got I 800 years

ago you have the kabbalists who are in

Spain and you’ve got before that you’ve

got the kabbalists who were in Jerusalem


thousand years ago and there’s cobbles

today and need to each one of those

groups different at a different time has

different needs and different ways of

doing things so um and um there might be

book that describes some of those chance

now but the chance or not III don’t know

I haven’t learned them partly because

it’s a very dangerous thing to start

moving up into these worlds if you’d

really don’t know what you’re doing and

you don’t understand the mapping of it

what’s the danger what is it would even

my danger okay he there is a there in

the story about four changes from two

thousand years ago who go into the

orchard now the orchard is a is symbolic

for the four four worlds there’s the

world that we live in the world of the

seal the world of action then there is

the world of yitzy or the world of

formation the world of berea the world

of creation and under the world of

absolute which is nearness to god so

these four by shamans is for very high

shamans go into this meditation one of

them dies inside one of them comes out

as a heretic whatever comes out crazy

and one of them arrived at kiva he goes

in at peace and he comes out of people

now what’s going on with this is there

are when what a person reads the Torah

mtor by the way is an instruction manual

Torah means instructions come from the

same route as Maura which is a teacher

and or which is a parent um there is the

there is so when you’re studying this

you’re spitting it I deal in at four

levels one is I’m looking at the letters

and what letters are missing what

letters a big and how they’re spaced

within on the on the parchment okay then

there is another level of what these all

the words everything that’s being talked

about is symbolic of something else

there is another level where I’m looking


words and I’m starting to play with the

meanings of the words what if i change

the vowels because the toy doesn’t how

about and youth an esoteric meaning of a

word or something of that nature and

then there the fourth way which is the

mystical way it’s the hidden thing I’m

going into a meditation and I am

receiving something I’m from an

inspiration I’ll understand you know

what’s going on here so what happens

when they went into this meditation of

one of the things the Torah says is that

if you if you obey your parents you’ll

live a long life and if you and this is

going to so crazy I know but I’m going

to share it anyway if you want eggs and

there’s a mother bird you should weigh

my mother bird and you take the eggs you

get a long life so what happened this is

one of the one who died sheet are to me

the one who became a heretic he saw a

little boy being told by his parents

sudo touch somatic see client he goes

and gets the actions mother bird gets

the egg he went up in a tree to do it

and he fell from the tree need ID and

the guy said wait a minute this doesn’t

match with aren’t structure made you

upset therefore there’s a problem here I

can’t feel that I can’t handle it he’s

too involved in the literal meaning of

what’s going on in the second one goes

in there and he’s the one the one who

goes crazy as the one who’s looking at

symbolism so he he’s booked he’s looking

at it flick imagine somebody here goes

you know it’s 11 it’s 1111 that must

mean something Wow and yeah you know

februari second 22 that must mean

something and she suddenly some birds

went flying overhead that must mean

something you can go crazy thinking

everything is symbolic and omen for

something else and so that person went

crazy person who I died what he did he

didn’t really die what he did was he

went DNA go this is amazing there’s this

new insight and there’s this other

insect and as he just kept going forever

and ever and ever into more and into the

infinite realm

oh let me just interrupt here for a

second I’m sorry if that kind of went

off track I’m trying to figure out I

mean let’s bring it back into the realm

of practical what is it that you do when

you’re journeying like as your and what

is something that you can do if if

someone feels a sort of negative

vibration and they happen to be taking

one of your classes what is something

that you would instruct them to do first

one of the things that i would i might

have them do would be to UM invoke the

four Archangels ok I’ll a practical

around them pardon that’s practical keep

going down oh one of the things that I

would do myself would probably I mean I

would go and try to see what the entity

was and I and do what I could to get rid

of it our pacify to understand what was

there um there is a prayer for for

healing refuah shleimah meaning complete

healing oh I would have the UM and out

of the person problem well again it

depends on what the what cause unit ok

fair enough uh yeah I mean there there

are a lot of kind of if if you look into

like the stuff about like evil eye and

people who are sending out like how do

you defend against something like that

do you have sacred symbols or things

that you write that could sort of defend

against that or there you’re talking in

the realm of ambulance at this point and

I’m not an expert on family let’s have a

friend of mine who knows much more um I

don’t know if they want their name

mentioned so I’m not going to okay oh

and there’s a couple of things you could

do you could I the Star of David is

actually a shield and a protection

device you could put that around you and

a couple different ways

could be in the center of it you could

put a series of six of them around you

in the four directions and above and

below invoking the name of God is and at

that point I see that you can evoke

Gabriel who is a defender is as a

warrior aspect of God I was doing a

healing work I like to use Raphael who’s

the healing aspect of God I might take a

shelf over to the ram’s horn and blow it

and try to buy scary thing about that

way oh there’s a lot of different things

that can be done depending on what the

what the situation what the cause of it

is but then the big thing would be a lot

of it would be having to do would be

praying to God to take care of it in

fact that’s probably the first and

probably most powerful thing a person

could do because nothing can stand up to

the no ad so you are describing a lot of

it sounds like sacred geometry from an

esoteric Judaic perspective he tussled

more about that and how the Hebrew

letters actually have a numerological

value to them and what that system what

that system exactly is Judaism the none

of the Hebrew letters are off of the

human numbers so olive is a won a bet is

a to again with 30 and you start getting

into the realm called kamat Rhea which

is working with the numbers and me if

you think of did you have you seen the

movie The Matrix sure yeah absolutely

okay do you remember the scene in there

where they’re looking at the computer

screen the guys going you’ve seen a

bunch of numbers scrolling down and I’m

seeing a brick wall and a beautiful

blonde and a dog walking by okay if you

substitute the numbers to the Hebrew

letters this is what this is what

Kabbalah believes we is everything is

made up of Hebrew letters and and way of

looking at it is I

the Hebrew letter the numbers represent

vibrations each letter has its own

particular vibration so if I manipulate

the letters i can actually recreate

things um and if I can take things that

have similar numerical values then i can

actually I can actually use those and

substitute those and create different

things with them and understand them

better for example let me think aha

bombings love and a HOD is one which if

you take the numeric value of both of

those words each each equal 13 add them

together you get 26 the toilet a name of

God equals playing six so one love a

nice volley thong is actually a name of

God so is this where the Masons get a

lot of their concepts from I mean I’m

assuming a lot of this numerology is

inherent in the temple and the

construction of the temple in a lot of

the verses I think it was you know

weren’t they same if you look at the

tour others like hidden there’s hidden

messages every so every couple of

letters or they said that you could find

911 or nastradamus like predictions in

the Talmud or the Torah is what do you

think what you take on that absolutely

the Torah codes I actually have a friend

of mine in Israel has been working on

using computers where they’re going

every certain number of letters or going

up and down um and add finding names

that way and words and descriptions that

way that are matching up with things

much more a much lower statistical

success rate than you would expect so

there’s definitely not going on but I’m

but I’m talking about it also i mean the

numerix in Judaism you’ve got there’s a

lot of different meanings in the

40 is a number of completion seven is a

number of you’ve got I of totality in

the sense that the physical world has

got six directions and then the center

which is seven that’s why make seven so

important three is a number of stability

um eight become the number transcendent

because what do you have when you after

you’ve completed this physical world and

the only place to go after that is

beyond this world so that’s what number

eight represents oh so i can take these

concepts and then i can and then i can

form words using these that add up to

these particular numbers or can take

sentences and put them together um and

and use those because those add up to

various names of God so instead of user

name of God I might use a sentence and

then there’s various ways of opening up

the name of God um you know the fourth

order name if I take each loop each

letter and spell it out the unit for

example the first letter is spelled with

three Hebrew letters and the hay is

spelled with roulette three letters and

then if I take those as numeric and I

add them together I get a particular

number and depending on how I spell each

letter I come up with a different

numeric and those different numerics

represent the different worlds I’m going

in to do you ever play the lottery using

those numbers because I’ve always wanted

to try that I have as I haven’t even

thought to do that an interesting idea

so mule we we are we’re approaching the

end here man is there is there anything

any message that you want to get out to

the people who are listening

specifically the Jewish people are

Jewish audience and the people that you

kind of are suggest may be afraid of

being Jewish do you have anything to say

to them I would say yes um i would say

have an open mind and be willing to

I study and explore the tradition don’t

take the thing that you’ve heard about

it and assume that they’re right and

accurate actually go in and explore it

breathe the sacred books from fountain

aww and if you can learn Hebrew and

study it from the original sources it’s

even more powerful because you wind up

with some very interesting ideas and I’m

going to give you one if I have a few

minutes here yeah absolutely go for it

okay there’s a story at the beginning of

creation is the of the Adam and Eve by

the way Eve Seaver name is higher which

means life um and the 18 is life the

numeric value of the hat is 82 you to 10

hide stuff high and it adds up to 18 so

18 is a powerful magical number of

Judaism but there in the Garden of Eden

and there’s a serpent that comes along

and I temps even they eat from the tree

and you know everything goes downhill

from there so to speak okay a couple of

thoughts on that the word for the

Serpent’s are the numeric value for that

happens to equal the Hebrew word for the

Messiah so the Messiah is somehow

involved and that snake in that surface

causing and making the salty happen the

Messiah that we’re waiting for that’s

going to bring this you know the world

to its glorious conclusion is involved

directly involved in causing I the

downfall for of eating from the fruit

which is the Antichrist in the Christian

tradition well the Antichrist must have

lived so you know hanging out at the in

the Garden of Eden okay fine I want to

take a slightly different look at that

and say what was really going on there

now the word for the serpent was not

hush now hush also happens to be a type

of divination so I’m going to say that

the story is not there’s never any

serpent rather rather eat hyah

was trying to understand trying to

divine what uh what a Shem really was

asking when Hashem said donees from this

tree what was the real message there and

I’m going to speculate now that I’m

going into this place if she was doing

some sort of divination perhaps or a

thinking process went like this God

wants proof Hashem want proof that there

is free will the only way to prove free

wills to go against what god wants so

maybe when God said what said this one

tree wink wink pointing at it don’t eat

from it well if you ask any human being

is you can do anything you want except

for one thing what if that’s immediately

is going to draw their attention to it

and make them want to do it so maybe is

really was trying to was coming to using

this divination process to divine the

underlying message of I want proof of

free will go and eat from it disobey me

directly in this one instance that was

respected that’s what letter to eat from

the tree it’s a question so that they’re

so that’s a way of looking at an

understanding the story which you can

only get if you looking into the Hebrew

so you know you said that you mentioned

you you follow kind of a Buddhist

Eastern mystical path just want to

follow follow follow up on this was your

look let me correct I I don’t study a

Buddhist middle eastern path I never

haven’t done a little bit of fit a

little bit of Buddhist meditation I’ve

said he had helped it I’ve study the

Celtic shamanic tradition be here open

to the eastern the Eastern traditions

you’re open to it absolutely each

tradition is perfectly valid and

powerful in its own way so in that in

that vein what is your stance on Jesus

was he a Jewish mystic who kind of

dabbled in this similar Eastern

philosophy was he a salad or he’s just

this construct that the Roman Empire

used as like a mass opiate I believe

that Jesus was a was a Jew who um and

study the shamanic true

shin and was a lot of I Jews who were

not I who we doing think that they

should die that were causing a lot of

problems trying to correct that um and

the Romans fine for political reasons I

had him crucified all rights me oh well

you know I really appreciate you being

here man was was there there’s I know

you have a website what’s what is that

for us if conscious Torah icom co NS c

io us p 0 r aah Dom um right and and the

reason for the name is that I think the

purpose of the Torah is to and Judaism

is to raise consciousness and raise

awareness of who we are what we are and

how we interact with each other in with

the world and with the end with the

unseen worlds as well and I know that

now let’s do it you’ve got a workshop

coming up right can you tell us a little

bit about that the workshop is thank you

for asking I call it Judaism 101 and

there’s a you know it’s designed for

people who I don’t know very much about

you to you some all our want to know

more about it are embarrassed because

they don’t know anything or maybe and

they’ve learned a little bit and they’ve

been frustrated with what they’ve

learned and they wanna I get something

deeper and more more experiential um and

understand the underlying things with

both of the same a bunch of rules that

they do this and don’t do that so it’s a

you know it’s a three-month program will

be starting next month online okay and

then and then find that on your website

it’ll be coming up on the website in

probably not and another week I’ll have

the details of it there if

are interested they can get a hold of me

on my website there’s a contact page um

and they can ask there and if my phone

numbers not up there it will be up there

soon cool well guys this is the human

experience me and my co-host dr. G and

we are signing out thank you so much for

listening thanks to my guest and you can

find his work at conscious Torah com

thanks for listening guys

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