Transcript for Episode 12 – Xavier & Dr. G – Jungian Archetypes

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strangers thank you for listening hey

guys we are here with another episode it

this is dr. G and I just kind of talking

we go into some union dream analysis

archetype stuff and then we spend most

of the conversation talking about

ayahuasca but it was a pretty low-key

episode and you have to forgive both of

us we were really tired it was 4:00 in

the morning and we decided to record too

that we had an episode for you guys this

week we will be having a guest on and

I’m working on a couple episodes that I

just have to finish mastering and then

we’ll post so thank you so much for

listening and there is a new intro so

hopefully you guys enjoyed that thanks

guys what’s up dr. G so I really want to

talk about dreams man because I’ve been

but having these really intense kind of

experiences in my dream stayed do you do

you usually remember your dreams I’ve

been having a hard time recently with

dreams but you know what I’ve been

happening is I’ll go in with the

intention of saying hey hey I’m gonna

have a dream tonight or try to like

thick to trigger that like trigger the

fact that just like to almost hit the

record button in my sleep and I’m

getting better like remembering dreams

yeah that’s that’s interesting like like

you had some really really interesting

material on dream analysis and dream

interpretation like he had these

archetypes there’s there’s seven

archetypes and I guess you could link

you can link the seven archetypes with

the seven main chakras centers in your

body but that’s that’s a different kind


drift that I’m that I’m going to but so

young talked about these these different

archetypes that exist for all of us and

there’s seven of them the the first one

is the persona which is the image that

you present to the world in your waking

life like your your mask the second one

is the shadow which is the rejected and

there were the repressed aspects of


then there’s the anima animus which is

the male/female the divine child the

wise man old woman the great mother and

the trickster so there’s there’s all

this kind of understand I mean don’t you

think it’s weird that everything on the

planet everything on the planet goes to

sleep for an indeterminate amount of

time every night isn’t that strange

there’s who was Santa who was that said

I think there might have been young

where he said that the reason artists

and I know a stainless I think it was

grote when a Crofts theory was why

artists and people that have like a

creative aspect of themselves stay up

late at night and they’ve done studies

consistently that show that the smarter

you are like you’re gonna sleep you’re

gonna stay up later and then you’re

gonna sleep in later that’s just there’s

dozens of articles that showcase that

and my take on it is with the morphic

resonance theory that I believe it was

Groff or it might have been stanislav

grof who said that there’s a you know

there’s the the the one mind that we’re

all sharing and when everyone’s awake

they’re kind of taking in that space of

the logos so I think when everyone’s

asleep you get more of that space to

yourself to explore and there’s not much

as much chatter there yeah you actually

brings this up as well he visited this

tribe in Africa or something I don’t

remember the name of hand of the tribe

but when he’s visited them he he noted

that they they would have collective

dreams like the tribe was having these

dreams they would have together and they

would differentiate the

personal individual dreams as little

dreams and the collective ones as big

dreams you know it’s funny about that

story is I think it was Peter Gabriel

has a song called rhythm of the heat or

rhythm of the night after ouch when it

is and the whole story is about the

memoirs of Carl Jung with that tribe

where they thought like he thought he

they were gonna kill him or something

because of this like tribal pattern beat

because he was he just came to this lake

tribe to check them out and this drum

beat just kept swelling and swelling and

I’m not sure if he took like an

intoxicant or not but he I think he

became so subdued from the rhythmic

patterning of the beat from this tribe

that he started like you know getting

into that field that you were just

talking about well what I’ve noticed for

myself is that there’s this there’s this

sort of moment like right between when

you when you are back in your body and

you’re you’re about to wake up and that

moment where you’re fully awake and it’s

like this transfer and I’m not sure who

talked about this but there is there’s

like this window where you can actively

you’ll actively transmit the dreams that

you’ve had into your conscious mind and

Jung talks about the interpretation or

the analysis or how how you figure out

what these dream images mean he referred

to it as amplification is this the red

book you’re talking about I know there’s

like it there’s a he wrote a huge series

of books but there’s one that has is it

man and his symbols that you’re talking

about I’m not sure where I’m getting

this from just I was just I’ve just been

having these really intense more

sexually charged than usual dreams and

I’m trying to figure out you know where

and I’ve started like kind of collecting

them into a journal and I’m actively

writing my dreams down and and I and

I’ll do what you said I’ll I’ll start

you know before I go to sleep I’ll I’ll

put you know into my mind that I’m going

to remember my dreams

I think the the sexual charged themes

that come up in the subconscious are all

about you know I think that’s the same

correlation that everyone talked about

with Satan and the devil and the flesh

and how there’s like the world layer

aspects of life and as you like try to

shed those away to focus on whatever

your mission or your great work or you

know life’s path the life path is gonna

be you like come in contact more like

that part ice fighting to survive and it

probably is coming up to the surface

more mm-hmm well I mean yeah it’s it’s

it’s interesting just um

I mean that it relates down you know

into the pineal gland and DMT and you

know rapid eye movement and you’re kind

of releasing this this neurotransmitter

in your brain and that bat you know

animals and humans all do it I mean my

cat has an active dream life

so just intriguing man have you ever

have moments with with animals we were

just like you there’s definitely a

consciousness there there’s definitely

some being that’s behind there that’s

that senses you much more than most of

the people at least this civilization

yeah oh yeah my cat has more cognitive

ability than most of the people that I

encounter actually but yeah man I mean

how do you how do you feel about where

the podcast is and what we’re doing here

I’m having a blast I like I’m kind of

shocked like how many people are

listening to be honest with you I’m not

really sure how we’re managing to

attract these pieces come out with it

like let’s just felt like the pod oh I

don’t want to drop any numbers specific

but I did I did finally get myself to

check stats and it’s pretty mind-blowing

how many people are clicking our website

and listening to our voices talk it’s

really really amazing and I mean I’m I’m

pretty stunned by the whole process

like I I mean I’m really passionate

about bringing these people on and

having them talk about their life’s work

and I mean I think it’s the the most fun

job ever I mean it does take a lot of

energy and there’s a lot of work behind

the scenes but it’s worth every moment

it’s been animate its been a really

interesting Prive more about business

and other aspects of my life than when

it was but from putting this together

with you

yeah man I mean I’ve been involved I

know I’ve been involved in startup I

know that you’ve dabbled with that a bit

and this feels like a startup company

like I feel like I’m launching a startup

company and that’s the way that I’m kind

of perceiving it so well if you really

look at it there was a a recent book by

the name of the lady’s name is I think

it’s deborah meadows and i kept this

book just kept popping up place after

places like you know I’m gonna I’m gonna

just download this book because it seems

relevant and it’s it’s called systems a

primer and it talks about how you can

really break down anything into a system

and there’s no reason why the system of

a start-up shouldn’t apply to something

like a podcast I mean it’s technically a

startup you know and you can start

applying these other systems as far as

inflow outflow having a stock and and

apply that to pretty much any model yeah

I mean there’s there’s all these

articles that I’ve been reading recently

about how the ears share thick they’re

calling it your share for podcasts is

increasing astronomically they’re more

and more people are tuning into this

this free kind of podcast movement I

mean whatever whatever that but you know


let’s I’m just gonna let straight up

break the fourth wall right now you guys

tell like tell your friends if you like

the podcast tell your friends like let’s

blow this the up straight-up like

tell people like this is how the Rogan

blew up this is how all those we’re

podcast like blew up tell other people

that are into this kind of stuff and you

you know who they are just let them know

yeah I think I think it’s growing pretty

naturally like it’s and I think if


really like it I mean you share the

things that you’re into so I think if if

people really like what we’re doing then

they’ll naturally kind of just want to

share it which is which is cooled with

me and and yeah I mean what Rogan is

doing and Duncan Trussell and

some of the heavier hitters in the

podcast sphere I mean it’s it’s a pretty

respectable man like they’re they’re

drawing a pretty huge huge audience and

somehow I feel like we are the next

generation of that type of person

yeah not to you know blow ourselves over

here but well yeah man I mean what

what’s been going on in your life like

how how are things going on your end

things are things are really starting to

pick up a pace that I haven’t been

accustomed to since like I guess first

starting med school as far as like just

jumping into the boot camp environment

things are starting to that system book

really helped me as far as like putting

things together seeing things in a

certain kind of model and things are

firing on cylinders I kind of will just

keep momentum going

there’s a recent pot for the name

because there’s a guy who was another

podcast talking about flow the flow

state I want to start reading up on the

people that are killing it like how they

stay in that this positive momentum is

there’s something to it you know it

makes sense I mean I don’t know I don’t

know if you’re like this I am I am like

I will ride that momentum as as much as

I possibly can and I and I get to a

point where I just burn out like I will

like I’m firing on all my cylinders as

you just said and I’ll I’ll just I I get

so involved and I’m like a complete

workaholic aynd of balance and one of

the big messages that I’ve been kind of

getting is really just understanding and

appreciating the journey aspect like not

so much the end result and not so much

the okay here’s my destination but more

of how am I getting there and the

process of everything

it’s 100% agree I didn’t believe that

till this last few months as far as kind

of like jumping into this abyss and

they’re there right like the journey is

the process that Sun Soho Kimble shitty

but I’m convinced that no matter where

you are no matter what your environment

is you’re gonna do what you’re gonna do

I think it was Osho the I think is

Dallas and basically he describes how

your life is this river you know you’re

going down this river course and you can

put all the rocks you want the river you

can make these little tributaries to the

side but you’re gonna empty out into the

ocean at some point like you eat this

vessel this story of yours has happened

but you know you’re this is gonna happen

no matter what the experience is gonna

happen you’re gonna make these certain

patterns of behavior because you’re

attracting certain type of people in

your life and these people are gonna

have some influence and based on your

decisions and choices you make this is

the story that unfolds so watch it

unfold and play with it yeah man it’s

easy to become absent-minded and kind of

go into robot mode and really just kind

of lose yourself and and and get lost in

all the the Super Bowl or something

and none of that much though yeah I

mean none of that stuff really matters

none of it really affects your life and

I mean these not to you know kind of

denigrate these people who obsess over

conspiracy theories or whatever but it’s

just it’s just it doesn’t affect me the

Illuminati don’t affect me I don’t I

mean not not in the direct sense like

yeah global policy affects my life but I

mean I don’t know any Luba not

Illuminati members and I just I I mean

it’s interesting I mean it’s

entertainment for what it is affecting

people because here’s what I’m thinking


if there is an Illuminati right it’s

almost mainstream now to the point where

it is people are giving that thought

that thought form energy right so

they’re they’re giving away their own

life’s energy obsessing about whether

there’s an Illuminati or not and that

was like they’re winning if that is the

case that’s genius

yeah I mean before like 10 years ago

before 9/11 I guess it would be more

like 14 years ago but before before then

no one really talked about the

Illuminati like I always remember I had

a conspiracy phase and I really was

obsessed with Bohemian Grove and but

it’s what it is incredibly fascinating

like the Rothschilds and these people

who these blood human effigy rituals

that they’re conducting it’s it’s really

truly interesting and but I mean I think

at the end and you know like when I kind

of climbed back out of the rabbit hole I

just realized that it was another form

of misdirection kind of like the energy

that you just said that we’re putting

into it and I mean there there does seem

to be these occult orders which which

are which are very interesting and their

rituals are interesting and you know I

think that is I I think that’s no matter

what and no matter where you end up and

those are cult there’s always an

esoteric start of every religion there’s

always like the mystics of Buddha even

Buddhism the Jews have the Kabbalists

you know there’s esoteric mystical you

know even Christianity is basically

founded on Jesus as this mystic

performing miracles and no matter what

kind of no matter where you are you’re

gonna have people that gravitate towards

that a cult mindset and you’re gonna

have people that will form these

factions and groups and I guess just

like any group they’re gonna say they’re

the best group yeah yeah I mean if you

have knowledge kind of like in a pyramid

and there are a 1% of people who are

kind of holding this information I mean

wouldn’t you do the same thing and when

you create like a secret society and I

think that’s big isn’t that how it

started it’s it you think about if we

were monkeys right and you know they

someone figured out Matt we’re monkeys

way to this point we have intelligent

brains we can figure out a map the

coordinates of the moon or the Sun and

we know that when there’s an eclipse

you’re telling me that the guy that

predict hey the sun’s gonna go black

today they’re not gonna worship and

venerate that person and get and take

the power of those other you know tribe

members that’s probably how this all

started I don’t know I don’t know if

you’ve gotten into like Robert Monroe’s

work he’s kind of a personal hero of

mine but he he got and he got into this

really interesting stuff and he he

basically started having these

spontaneous out-of-body experiences and

he started journaling them and we

actually have a guest that was featured

in his book which which I’ll leave as a

surprise but so Monroe got to this point

and you can find this in his books where

he saw this sort of matrix control

system and he basically basically his

his point was that we are all being used

as batteries like we all are emotions

like anger fear love hope all these

things were using were being used as the

sort of battery system and he went into

this deep sort of depression after that

it was it’s a really interesting story

you should read that if you haven’t

haven’t I mean I was just a friend of

mine came in town and I don’t really

like to go out had a meter I like liked

it one of those piano bars and just

looking at everyone on their smartphone

there’s everyone’s like devoid of life

these this younger generation is so got

like far gone it looked like a scene out

of idiocracy like the girl some girl was

like taking a selfie of herself like

taking a drink out of a plastic cup by

the bar like are you you gotta be

kidding like she’s like angling her face

and like she retook the picture like the

first one wasn’t good enough

she took the selfie ever take it’s over

it’s over I do I do that now as like a

coping mechanism like whenever I feel

like anxious in a social situation I’ll

just pull out my phone and I’ll pretend

to look at it so yeah I definitely I

mean I definitely understand what you’re

saying about how this generation this

this next generation is is sort of

I don’t know man it’s we’re in trouble

man that the human race is I don’t know

I don’t know where we’re going but I

guess we’re gonna find out I’m really

starting to be convinced that the whole

concept of the Antichrist you know that

this whole old world theory in a graham

hancock and Randall Carlson where they

say that the whole modern archaeology is

they’re basically where this

pattern repeats where there’s like a ice

age then there’s like a window of

opportunity where life begins again and

we emerge and intelligent life emerges

or some of us still survive and then

there’s like a comet impact and there’s

always this like back and forth pattern

of fire and ice right it almost makes

sense that we would get to a point where

technology exit like we are here to

extrude technology like that’s the being

that we are as humans as we are the

bacteria on the earth that forms like

plastics and spaceships out of loosing

material quick we’ve done this before

this is our pattern and the Antichrist

and that concept of like the end of

times is hey like here’s what’s coming

we’re gonna develop to this point where

we’re like extruding and shooting out

technology to the point where it’s like

detrimental to everything that’s the

Antichrist yeah I mean there’s a lot of

major religions that kind of move around

this subject like the Hindus and like

the Krishna’s talk about the Kali Yuga

zand I’ve been kind of hanging out with

these these crazy Krishna people which

they’re really cool actually and and

they they talk about how we’re in this

end phase of this like major or call you

Kali Yuga

they call it a Kali Yuga and they keep

talking about how these awakening type

movements are happening why do you think

that Western culture is kind of being

like immersed and flooded by all these

Eastern philosophies and ways of thought

it is it is interesting there has I mean

this has been a pattern also there were

every generations like this is the last

one this is the last round you know like

I remember growing up like

my parents are pretty religious and they

were basically telling me you know like

this is you there’s gonna be like you’re

gonna be the generation that sees like

the end of times or something and that’s

pretty up to kill a little kid

but you know how do we know that’s not

being infused in people’s brains you

know people are being told that hey

there is an end of times right there is

a an end to things maybe they’re gonna

try to manifest that in the reality by

you know they assume oh well I’m the

last generation I might as well go out

with a bang in this like this place

up yeah that sounds like a cycle

psychological operation I mean nothing

that I know of happened in 2012 and

we’re still here so the Mayans I don’t

know maybe there’s a misinterpretation

of of something and or it was just a

really big way to see how we would react

to a situation like that I mean if you

look at if you look at media and movies

why do you think around that same period

that we’re seeing all of these these

crazy movies about the end of

the world and oh my god I mean I think

it’s it’s almost obvious now that we’re

with 99% of over that 99% of species are

toast on this planet that ever existed

that’s clearly gonna happen to us and

we’ve just been lucky enough to survive

these cycles you know of some kind of

like asteroid event and then an ice age

and we’re just gonna keep doing this

back and forth I think that’s why we try

to get off the planet yeah I mean it’s

like in our system like we know

something’s coming we gotta get the

out of here I would be the first one to

take that step like I’m down I’m

down to get off the planet but yeah man

it’s interesting is interesting how

we’ve been kind of moving through these

different paradigms and how each

generation is given this sort of idea

that it’s the last generation and

something major is gonna happen with

when nothing really does and everything

kind of continues on as it was so I

guess we’ll see

it’s funny you uh when you talked about

getting on to Mars I’ll remember there

was like a really low point I had like

about a year and a half ago and they’d

be I was on some website and they were

doing the Mars one applicants and I

didn’t like hesitate like it was like

there’s this is for a one-way but you

know like I was like oh well I might as

well like track this I was at at that

time holy yeah I don’t think I’ve I

don’t think I’ve ever gone that far

not yet I mean but I def be down in what

comp what company it was Philly this is

the American government that you’re like

I think the Elon Musk like Mars not Mars

Hill unless there’s there’s like that

aren’t they feeling like a reality

series supposedly where they’re gonna

ship like 12 people to Mars and then

they’re gonna want it like someone’s

just gonna kill everyone

oh my god there’s no way that works

I mean imagine the psychological testing

that you would have to incur like how

rigorous the training would be just to

survive like I mean I’ve been reading

there’s there’s some articles out there

about how deadly isolation can be and

how when you close your off yourself off

to society and pee other people you I

mean we’re social creatures by nature

humans are social by nature so when when

you close yourself off to those channels

you pretty much go insane so being in

space just this major vacuum like I mean

you’re gonna lose your how how

proud do you think the first season of

Survivor cat the survivor cast is

knowing that what they did for reality

TV ended up putting a man on them on

Mars yeah what an interesting I love I

love that though I love those I’ve

always wanted I always wanted to be like

kind of an anthropologist and

kind of study just just to study people

is is fascinating to me like watching

what people are doing is really

interesting and so I mean I don’t know

if you could call like the real world

anthropology but it’s definitely it’s

definitely a social experiment you know

like but yeah man I mean all this is

really interesting and and there there

are some really interesting kind of

guests that are in the line of this

thought and like like Tom Campbell is

coming up and we’ve got this guy who

practices shamanic Judaism coming up

next week and and yeah man there’s

there’s there’s a lot of like the the

podcast is making a lot of momentum and

I really I really see myself doing this

for a long time and hopefully people

enjoy what we’re doing and talking about

even though it seems like we’re circle

jerking sometimes you guys shoot us

emails like anytime dr. G really wants

to hear I’ve gotten I’ve gotten a couple

I’ve gotten a couple really heartfelt

emails that I that really kind of made

me stop and like I was really affected

and yeah I mean these people who you

don’t know at all they’re complete

strangers who are listening to you talk

your voice and this isn’t counting

groupies or anything like that

and people are telling you how much

something that you’re doing means to

them I mean it it’s it’s really powerful

the feeling that you get from that so

yeah man definitely we have your your

email up on the website and so people

can definitely contact you maybe they

can contact you for medical advice yeah

don’t do that

for the worst decision you can make but

yeah man I’m going to be going to I’m

gonna be traveling a little bit this

weekend and gonna be doing

read rather not I would rather not say

where I’m heading hey what’s your were

you that right but I’m going to be

meeting up with this group that I will

also leave unnamed and they practice I

mean for them it’s a religion and they

basically conduct ease ayahuasca

ceremonies and probably the most

transformative most profound thing I’ve

ever experienced in my life and I’ve so

quickly become so attached and like

these these people to me mean so much

it’s like my soul family that I’m

encountering and like these these old

traits these old personality traits

negative personality traits that I used

to have are no longer there like I

almost there’s a marked difference in in

you like it’s it’s it’s palpable yeah

man I just I feel more positive I’m not

I’m less angry I’m I don’t drink anymore

I don’t even have a desire to put that

in my body I mean everything like

from my diet to my personality and I’m

so thankful that you know like

like I found this just because I’m I was

pretty much teetering and I mean you

know this like it was pretty much

teetering on offing myself and I mean

this this saved my life and so yeah so

yeah man I mean I just really excited

for this weekend and everything has been

moving so fast and I’ve just been

working so hard on the podcast and I

will say I mean you can cut that you can

edit this out if you want but the most

marked difference I’ve noticed is I

think you were honestly bordering on an

addiction issue like I think you were

you were drinking a lot yeah man I was I

haven’t even dude yeah you were you were

definitely doing some bacchanalian DeVos

thank you

well the way it was for me and I’ll

explain this is that I would get into an

uncomfortable type state I would start

to feel bad like whether it was anxiety

or whether it was a long day at work or

whatever the it was

and I would use drinking as a coping

mechanism and it wasn’t even like a

second thought I would even plan out my

day I would plan out my entire day

around drinking and like to the to the

moment where I would be going to the

store and perching purchasing the

alcohol and it was bad man I was and and

yeah and I mean you’re a doctor so I

mean I think you’re trained to recognize

the addiction and I’ll admit it there

was there was a very addictive I mean I

think and you know this is just my crazy

mind wandering but I think that there

was a alcohol demon attached to

me and through the ayahuasca like I

detached it I got it off me and now that

it’s gone it’s it’s not hooked into me

and sucking the life out of me anymore

so I’m I’m I’m actually putting my

energy into things that mean something

I mean if whether you want to call it a

demon or some kind of thought cost or

whatever the pattern is it’s it’s it’s

more than just biochemical – because we

know for a fact that the studies are

coming out from NYU from Johns Hopkins

you know from some positions that I was

gonna you know that I thought I know

that I know of and they are proving that

this is a lot more effective than just

AAA or just therapy or taking you know

medication there’s the block and that

memory is being read the neuronal

pathways being reformed were that

reformed where there is like this issue

there’s there’s some kind of even in

biochemically there is work being done

by the psychedelics yeah I mean I mean

I’ve I’ve noticed such a profound change

in my own energy that people treat me


people are kind and you know I’m not

really used to that I’m too and I’m it

kind it kind of like worried me like

when it started happening just because I

mean people aren’t you know noticeably

overly like like kind or generous and

and I started noticing that people would

kind of go out of their way to help me

which is mind-blowing man it and

I don’t know just really powerful and

just and I really really think that

through the ayahuasca sessions that I

don’t know man it I I’ve only had like

four sessions three sessions right now

so far but yeah it’s a complete it’s

like night and day for me and just a

complete change it’s incredible yeah I

mean it’s it’s a marked difference and

it works you know I went I went down to

Peru I’ve done it it’s um it saved my

life I was I was at a point right now I

was at a point my life where I had I

lost everything I had you know I was

destroyed and I needed to you know I had

to set the intention of what is my path

like where do I go from here and the

points that were outlined almost have

kind of come come to fruition yeah

that’s really amazing man I believe it

and yeah it’s really interesting it’s

the medicine they call they call

medicine it’s not fun there’s like

there’s nothing Pleasant about an

ayahuasca experience I’ll just say that

like I

I mean it’s you’re nauseous you’re

puking purging your your Shing up like

it’s it’s it’s not a fun thing you don’t

you don’t you’re not saying to your

friends hey let’s let’s go hang out

let’s drop some I you ask

and get wasted no that’s not how it

works at all but you’re I’m sorry go


no the good news is you know Roche

pharmaceutical within probably ten years

will figure out a way to like chemically

synthesize it and make a ton of

money off whatever it is

I mean I don’t really see that happening

man just because there’s an actual cure

happening like there I’m it’s actually

treating you know my depression and

anxiety and my addiction so there’s no

there’s no reason for me to go back and

and see a doctor and to fill the

prescriptions I just I don’t I mean the

map since the Maps Institute is is

trying to like pharmaceutical eyes MDMA

they’re they’re trying to do that for

2021 I think and they want it to be a

prescription drug by you know within the

next seven eight years that’s gonna

happen for sure yeah oh yeah

even LSD now in Europe is being used in

a bunch of trials my thing they just

start one here and I don’t know how they

could possibly make a I mean I guess in

a therapeutic session that would be good

to use if it was like the pure Sandoz

they were using back in the day but even

I mean silly if they can extract you

know chemically there’s um I think it’s

I forgot the the chemical formulation

but it’ll acetylate in your liver and

just becomes like the act of solisten i

think it’s for it for a co DMT or

something like that where you can get

the chemical version of it and then it

becomes sillas in their in your system

and you can I think John’s Hoffman’s was

using that or one of the other schools

one of the other studies was using that

because it’s very hard to kind of

titrate I guess the psilocybin dosage in

mushrooms so they were s they

synthesized it and I think it was like

two point eight grams was super

effective in relieving anxiety and like

terminal people that were dying of

cancer they were giving them and they

they went off in a not much

psychological pain yeah I think it was

um it was either McKenna I think it was

McKenna who had this sort of trip where

he met this entity of the mushroom and

it told him that it was from outer space

and it had been around for thousands of

years before human civilization and I

just find it interesting like like food

of the gods

that book was it was really interesting

and that’s a great book for him that is

a great book but yeah man I you

asked has completely occupied my being

my consciousness I’m more positive I

feel happy I mean not to say I don’t

have ups and downs but I just more

stable than I was before I did it I try

I tried to ask you this after you did it

I I hate to like keep pestering you

about it but it just fat this is the

thing that fascinates me the most about

that space is you should mention that it

clicked for you like you just you got

past this wall what was the message or

what was in that space that it was fine

was it the purge itself or was there um

some really you really want to know this

like you want to know the answer to this

it’s so simple

it was just surrender I think it’s that

I mean I guess maybe it’s simple but

it’s just surrendering to call it the

universe or God I mean if you’re an

atheist I don’t know but um yeah yeah

man just letting go of your fear your

misconceptions your preconceived notions

about what you think is real and and and

true and all of the that you hold

in your body all the negativity that you

pick up like every day just letting that

go and you know are you ask us not this

be all and all and I don’t recommend

anyone do it outside of a clinical

controlled setting but this is all

allegedly of course I mean no I mean the

group that I’m doing with that has a DEA

license and they’re they’re regulated to

to distribute this as a medicine so I’m

not breaking any laws by by doing

ayahuasca within this group but but yeah

man just just the idea of really letting

go of of what you’re afraid

of these ideas and and these things that

hinder you if you can learn to do that

actively I mean I you Oscar just is a

tool that shows you how to do that and

yeah man

that is crazy stuff man I mean how often

would you recommend doing it to me it’s

become like maintenance and I

I plan on pursuing my relationship with

this group as much much possible I and

they train sort of shamans their version

of shamans and so I plan on going down

that road and I would say to do it once

a month is is about we’re on that right

now I mean it gets better with each

ensuing time or is there more no I

wouldn’t I mean I guess yeah I guess the

like an onion peeling an onion like

you’re the first thing and like all of

your physical like your addictions and

your anxieties and your fears but each

each experience that I’ve had has been

so radically different than the last and

from from the people that I’ve met that

are there and have been doing it for

like thirty years in in the jungle in

the Amazon and they’ve you know they’ve

they’ve kind of echoed that same opinion

just that it changes every time that you

do it even the even in the Amazon they

were saying that the shaman was day to

day he would sometimes take a little bit

and have a crazy you know I have a wild

experience and then the largest dose

wouldn’t even affect them so I guess it

it all depends I mean how did you how

did you end up like in the Amazon like

can you listen can you share that story

I don’t wanna go into too much specifics

on it but something super catastrophic

happened to me in the middle of a very

tumultuous time where to the point where

I lost everything that I had everything

that I owned in a pretty in a horrible

is a horrible catastrophe

and the the the plant kept coming up

almost in a synchronistic way Oh what

just certain contacts that came up you

know I was interested in a certain field

certain people like emailed me and I got

contacts ran a certain people they kept

recommending that I do rotation with

this person who’s letting this plant

medicine I just kept coming up

you know documentaries for things in the

news and as this catastrophic event

happened the first thing after the first

thing I had was relief I felt this

feeling of oh it’s gone like

everything’s done and lost in this this

event and I felt really free and then

the next thing I felt was oh I’m gonna

end up in Peru and I’m gonna go do

ayahuasca and that was through some

series of wild events I ended up getting

this I ended up going down there as a

rotation for four for credit so to work

with a to work with a physician down

there and is is actually it’s nice row

down in the quito dr. Joe two to four he

is he’s the bet I mean he’s amazing if

anyone’s interested in going I can’t

wreck it’s a this a centered a spiritual

I believe it is and I Ricardo I believe

is the shaman there hmm

and why are you sorry sorry go ahead

no no why do you think that there is

there seems to be this movement of

people who are being drawn towards going

to the jungle and taking ayahuasca why

do you what do you think that is I mean

when he what he told me I don’t want to

speak you know on his behalf but he

shared with me that the other physicians

that have had those you know those type

of mystical experiences whether it was

in med school or wherever in their lives

and they realized that there was a lot

more to this and they wanted they ended

up exploring that path I know there’s a

lot of

I’m assuming they’ve had those

experiences in order to kind of go down

that path and I think that’s why so many

psychiatrists and doctors are kind of

exploring that’s or even researchers are

exploring that space because of you know

people that that are in academia or

intelligent people that are

professionals that are you know dabbling

so to speak or having these these

experiences and realizing that there’s

so much more to the toxic that’s

being spewed out of just literature you

know even I mean look at what’s

happening if you know if what’s going on

with say like Randall Carlson or Graham

Hancock or they do find out that there

is this you know gobekli tepe and all

these other different archaeological

sites that we’re completely wrong about

our archaeology

I mean we’re completely wrong every 10

years about physics it’s only fair that

we’re gonna be wrong about psychiatry

psychology medicine you know every other

aspect Wow yeah that’s so powerful man

just learning and you know like people

people like Graham Hancock who are just

supporting the awareness and and I

actually have a guest that is gonna talk

about ayahuasca next week and I mean

it’s it’s such a powerful amazing like

ritualistic thing and I mean yeah and

and I think spreading awareness it it

was Brad Burge of the the Maps Institute

I think I think what my takeaway from

what what he that interview was just

when you have psychedelic experiences

that change your life talk about them

because I think so many people are

afraid to kind of come out and and talk

about this stuff and and our society is

so up that you know we we

criminalize these these activities and

we regulate this this idea of of the

government being able to tell me like

what what I can or can’t to put into my

body and I mean it it really is a big

scam and so I just I mean yeah I would

encourage people to and if you’re


PTSD and if you have addiction disorders

and I mean really look into going to the

Amazon I mean I I mean that does seem

like a luxury and it is or or if it’s

helped you you know come out of the

closet so to speak about it and tell

people because that’s the only way

they’re gonna know you know it’s it’s it

was one of the property that it was

probably the the most important

experience of my entire life I would say

that was the most healing the most

healing thing that’s ever happened to me

and I was really I was

I know exactly your friend when I was

going on a bad path like it saved me

yeah yeah easily hands-down just I I I’m

sure and you know my my closest friends

and my and my family they will attest to

this and I just um I mean I’m just very

very grateful for that the ability and

to find locate this very secretive group

that I mean if you know who I’m talking

about you you either do or you don’t

and but they they do exist and yeah I’m

just I just feel really lucky man there

was one I mean that there’s so many

different aspect you know because one

session is different the next but

there’s one thing that’s been you know

the last few months there was something

that appeared in one of the ceremonies

to me that’s been a struggle of mine and

it was I ended it I was in this like

carnival and these it was like a

shooting gallery and these like things

were just throwing coins and like a lot

of sexual imagery at me and I realized

like they were showcasing like this is

the path you’re going on and I would see

this giant tomb and I would see this

body like dropping into this tomb over

and over and over again and I was like

coming to take a look at it and it was

me I was brought in this tomb and I kept

going down this hole and just over and

over and over again and it was so clear

with the message well the interesting

thing about ayahuasca is since we were

kind of riding this topic is

it’s it’s completely organic meaning

everything that like all all the

compounds that make up I you ask I are

exist in your body already so it’s so

you’re not putting this like sort of

foreign element like DMT exists in your

brain and your your stomach produces Meo

eyes is that is that correct dr. G as

far as the the ayahuasca working in the

oral form no no I mean your stomach does

produce Meo is right yeah there’s your

there’s linings of maoi all over your

toe and your intestinal system yeah so I

mean so it’s it’s kind of this natural

thing and I’m even moving towards like

like I’m less drawn towards eating meat

and I don’t know man it’s it’s really

really powerful and and I mean I and I

hate to harp on it so much but let me

know as I’m sorry I mean it was an MAOI

would be inhibiting and causing it it

probably trip harder yes I mean isn’t it

it isn’t it isn’t the Mao I what allows

it to cross DMT to cross the blood-brain

barrier because yeah if so it’s if you

take an MAOI inhibitors as a to block

the Mao Mao then it will induce the

longer form of it whereas your lining of

your lungs doesn’t have the Mao which is

why it rapidly under bring the ER

blood-brain barrier doesn’t have it so

it just rapidly degrades when people and

take dimethyltryptamine interesting so

yeah man um just to to wrap this up is

there any anything you wanted to bring

up or anything before we close this

episode out guys blow us up I just for

me I just wanted to say thank you to

everyone that has been listening to our

show and coming back and and and

emailing me and contacting we really do

appreciate each and every one of you and

thank you so much for listening to us

and we really are trying to bring

who we think is are at the top of their

respective industries to give you the

information that we think is important

and hopefully you guys enjoy it I and

according to the stats that I’ve been

kind of looking at people are listening

man so yeah this is van it’s so much fun

though I just it there’s nothing more

fun than like it hits me sometimes

during some of these interviews like I

was just watching you know we’re gonna

have Tom Campbell on I was just watching

my big toe I’m like I don’t even know

what I came you know what to begin to

ask this guy hey you know this guy’s

explaining the universe is a hologram

and he has a smoothly proof of it I

don’t know where to begin

yeah I’m excited for that interview as


but yeah man this is um Xavier and dr. G

my co-host guys thank you so much for

for listening to our show we really are

passionate about this

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