Transcript for Episode 11 – Clark Stewart – The Mayan Rosetta Stone

hey guys such a great episode here with

Clark and his work regarding the Sun

really a lot of information and by the

end of the episode it did seem like we

merely scratched the surface

so definitely gonna be having Clark on

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but yeah guys a really interesting

episode I think you’ll enjoy it thank

you for listening it’s the human

experience coming at you we’ve got Clark

Stewart in our presence this evening

Clark I’ve been secretly obsessed with

what the Sun is doing for the last

decades so welcome to human expand its

glad to have you here I’m glad to be

here it’s excellent to have other people

interested in an area that is otherwise

sometimes fairly nerdy and quite wide in

its scope so there’s actually quite a

bit of material I’ve been pouring over

for the last 10 years yeah there’s some

there’s definitely some high level

physics math behind this or just yep

I want to lay kind of a foundation for

how you got into this work and and what

your what your education is what your

background is could you go into that for

us sure sure sure

well definitely I’ve always been

fascinated by science since I was a kid

so it was something that I pursued

wholeheartedly from a very young age I

stopped reading fiction in grade four so

since grade five onward I’ve been pretty

much heavy-hauling so that’s just

straight science since grade five so I

basically got involved with what you

would call here in Canada enrichment

programs from an early age I don’t know

what you call it down south maybe it’s

gifted or special access like honors

yeah yeah so you know like I I was very

clear about trying to find answers and

very much into digging into libraries

and finding how to put things together

so it really started in grade five and I

did a complete presentation on how the

evolution occurs from a single-celled

organism up to modern men now and that’s

towing all the accepted criteria lines

and I continued to do so well into my

physics faculty program that I started

in 99 2000 now I’ve had several other

sort of caveats of secondary education

including advertising arts digital

design engineering program and so I’ve

come back to physics and math and I

guess what started to emerge was an

understanding that things were not as

they would seem and the questions I was

asking in the halls of academia were not

being answered to my satisfaction let’s

just say that and I started to make note

of a certain let’s call it a

consciousness or presence within

academia it partly appreciated it but

partly I felt it was holding me back and

there was too many answers in too many

wide varying fields that I couldn’t sort

of wrestle with in one faculty alone

because as we will unfold this whole

project that I now call the Mayan

rosetta stone it’s quite

interdisciplinary is what they would

call it this is spanning all faculties

so basically without sort of launching

into everything I’m at a point where

I’ve gone into a sabbatical mode leaving

the department of physics and

mathematics still very dear to my heart

but it’s something that I discovered

during my undergraduate studies so I

decided to depart and so you mean the

lack of research that you’re seeing is

in regards to the Sun specifically it

wasn’t so much as the lack of research

it was the overall type of I said sort

of a general comment like

justice and your kind of coin like well

what’s this guy mean there was certain

things that I observed and I feel very

fortunate to having those insights to

the sort of inner politics of the

Faculty of physics and certain things

that were you know the freedom to let’s

say explore any area was not an open

door and there were certain things that

I wanted to push and proceed into that

let’s just say somebody going into a

ph.d program which was the inevitable

outcome of what I was doing I had

already felt out what the the aspects of

what my possibilities would be and it

seemed very closed-minded and I was

interested in probing in areas in ways

that would probably seem too liberal for

that mindset at that time at that place

so that so at that point you

disconnected from academia and kind of

moved into your own way of researching

and studying can you give us your can

you go into your personal story about

how you got into this research well it

certainly started within the halls of

academia and it’s not that I left and

didn’t go back I actually took time

several years to sort of process what it

was that I was starting to sort of see

or access and it was kind of a funny

thing that was happening and I noticed

this with wherever I went that I was

continuing to ask questions and other

students would say to me why do you keep

asking like why it’s as if you’re

doubting the founding fathers of science

and physics and I would have restate

this every time it’s not that I’m

doubting them it’s just that in order

for me to understand fully I have to ask

these questions they qualify the

arguments I don’t just lap it up I have

to ask and analyze even though they’re

so-called accepted truths you see what I

mean yeah so for me I’m just doing what

I would think is good homework I’m

trying to get down to the philosophical

underpinnings of these modern accepted

Oh theorems okay so let’s let’s get into

the actual Mayan rosetta stone and and

the and your journey because your story

your your story is pretty interesting

let’s let’s get into that please what

what how did you how did you start

uncovering what’s happening with the Sun

why the Sun is important

etc well yeah it well didn’t actually

occur to me and I could make the long

story short by saying I it would appear

as though that the Sun directly

interfaces at the bot with the biology

and there’s a particular type of case

that’s been somewhat studied by the

neuroscience people as it today and

these are what we call cerebral

sensitive people these are people that

are sensitive to electromagnetic

frequencies now at the time I didn’t

know that I didn’t even know these terms

and in fact I didn’t start getting into

sort of the neurophysiology of it all

until years later that be the mid-2000s

and at the time I just found myself

engrossed into trying to understand the

body how it interacts with our

environment and it would take me years

to figure out all of the space weather

correlations at the time I was

fascinated by trying to figure out the

role of food the role of sustenance you

know the simple stuff in metaphysics and

martial arts that is like square one but

as I proceeded into 2003 it was at that

point that we are at the peak of solar

cycle 23 it technically was the second

peak because as anyone will tell you and

clearly you’ll see on the graphical data

every solar cycle has two peaks it’s

kind of like looking at one of your

molars from a side view so it’s got the

first peak in second peak it was at that

second peak that I got kind of struck

and down with something that I couldn’t

put my finger on it seemed to be

something that was just chewing me and

thinning me away I became allergic to

everything under the Sun so you know

basically was forcing me into a sort of

cleanse fast Visionquest

scenario that was pretty much foisted on


and this was several months and when I

kind of came out of it it was literally

like my consciousness had been shifted

colors didn’t look the same anymore it

was in fact a sort of a more few genetic

shift of what I was from what I became

some people like to use the whole

gestation of the caterpillar into the

butterfly and that would probably seem

to fit but it would take me years after

this whole circumstance to figure out

the what we would call today the chrono

biology Chronos or chrono being time or

the Helio biology took me years to sort

this all out and there’s exquisite

treasure trove of data between all these

different fields that interconnect and

I’d say by far the most fascinating

because you can get stuck and climb it

in the studies with how Sun and the

climate affected but I to me the most

fascinating stuff is how this energy is

actually interacting with our biology

interacting with our endocrine system

and interacting with our consciousness

and creating in some cases subtle shifts

and in some cases very potent

concoctions of neuro hormones so so I

know that we have lunar cycles and aware

of that and you know we we talk about

the 28-day sort of moon and and and how

that affects you know the tidal waves

and so there’s in your work there seems

to be a link between what the Sun is

doing how the Sun is affecting the moon

and thereby affecting the earth am I

getting that right how does that how

does that work okay the the lunar phase

is twenty nine point five three days

okay now to kind of launch into this it

was it was really Michael Persinger

dr. Persinger from the head of the

neuroscience division at the University

Laurentian up here in Sudbury where the

big neutrino detector is he was the one

who kind of took a lot of my kind of

crazy high-flying ideas I just come back

from Mexico and I had gone through some

interesting circumstances at the

pyramids and ceremonies which we can

maybe get into later but he took all

these high-flying ideas and these


and my interest in physics thing he kind

of gelled it out by explaining to me how

the moon basically acts as a very basic

fundamental oscillation of the

geomagnetic field and the Schumann

resonance and how our consciousness is

intimately tied into this now he he’s at

the head of that sort of Gestalt and

Gestalt of research that’s looking at

how these frequencies interact with

consciousness and he’s basically trying

to see how they can take those magnetic

frequencies and apply them to the brain

through what he calls transcranial

stimulation and produce things like the

God experience basically trying to

systematically go through ways in

frequencies that are all within this

small small scale nano Tesla’s really of

magnetic stimulus onto the brain which

show very distinct circumstances arising

so clearly the moon plays a very

fundamental role because it’s constantly

going in and out of the geomagnetic tail

and it’s acting somewhat like a

satellite dish perturbing the conductive

layers of the ionosphere hmm and as soon

as you’ve altered conductive layers of

the honester you might as well say

you’re changing the overall intensity

and the overall the frequencies will

change as well and so if you consider

like how the brain functions within this

the brain turns out to be a very

interesting sort of tuned resonant

circuit almost like well anything in our

modern society uses this sort of antenna

principle or tuning fork principle and

basically the brain is nothing short of

a Schumann resonant designed or evolved

within a circumstance that is the brain

clearly had to evolve within the

Schumann field for millions of years ok

let’s let’s let’s back up just a little

bit let’s rewind and let’s go back to ok

when when we hear about solar flares and

we we notice there’s a CME

does that affect the human body what

occurs wow that’s a really big question

man so you want to say body and you want

to perhaps simplify this as how I

simplify this and I believe this ties

into sort of one of the contemporary

leading experts on the body which is by

my count Bruce Lipton and Bruce Lipton

is teaching us about the biology of

perception and that’s a super key role

now I’m sort of piggybacking on a lot of

giants shoulders and I make no mistake

about that

there’s several researchers I’m standing

on the shoulders of Bruce Lipton happens

to be one of them now he discusses how

stress and the fight-or-flight response

occurs and art it’s up to our perception

to basically tackle or decide on how to

react to a circumstance what I’m saying

is a little bit a step up behind that or

above that if you’re using top down

without methodologies and is to say that

well there’s a whole host of literature

in the chronal biology field which is a

really exquisite area of medical experts

from around the world who are looking at

circadian rhythms and how they’re tying

into such things as solar wind for

example there was a really good study by

a doctor who basically had a continuous

set up where he’s measuring his own

blood pressure so his diastole and a

cystal over the course of it was a

multi-year study and what they found is

that the the correlation between his

blood pressure and the solar wind were

like a high correlative co-efficiency

okay so we should stop there and kind of

go so I find it personally when when I

noticed that I do observe what’s

happening with Sun quite a lot I do

check it every day I do I find that when

there’s a solar storm I personally get

really sensitive like I am my emotions

are very sensitive and like

I I mean I don’t know it would

approaching clairvoyance I mean like

psychic phenomena like all these all

these really interesting things sort of

happened to me when the Sun is flaring

out how do you explain this so this uh

there’s there several theories that

attempt to tackle this for example just

to somewhat make a closed loop here with

Bruce Lipton as he talks about the HIPAA

thalmic pituitary adrenal axis which is

basically a core functional sensor

system of the body and that’s one really

good way of looking at how this energy

is interacting with the body now how

exactly does say the Schumann resonance

so we have to kind of pick one topic in

and deal with that because there’s

obviously several layers of the

electromagnetic spectrum that we live

within that is directly modulated by

earth moon Sun and planets so if we were

just to focus on a small discourse on

the Shem resonance well this is another

lead that Persinger gave me which is

another neuro scientist by the name of

Nunez now Nunez publishes in

neuroscience textbooks and he’s got his

own books on the electric fields of the

brains and basically what he’s shown is

that the cranial structure of the skull

so humans call cranial resonance cavity

structure if you will of the brain can

be mathematically modeled with the same

kind of equations that Otto Sherman

modeled theoretically of the ionosphere

in 1952 okay so what we’re saying here

is that if the action potential of

synaptic firing in the brain is in

resonance with the frequency of the

electrons in this ion asphere what we’re

saying is that the standing waves

between the two are tuned together so

even in English man

it’s like let’s simplify this down just

because okay you’re a no idea we were

talking your brain is a small is a small

say tuning fork right okay

and of course I’m trying to give you

some details technically that this has

to do with the resonance of the actual

geometric structure of the brain okay

and you have electrons firing in your

brain and those create what we would

call EEG spectrum which is your alpha

your beta you know and it basically

ranges from zero Hertz up to 30 odd


okay now is it not coincidental that the

Schumann resonance is basically

overlapping that exact same frequency

it’s very interesting in engineering we

refer to this spectrum as e.l.f that’s

basically 0 to 30 hertz the human

resonance is the variation of the the

frequency at which the magnetic field

around the earth is vibrating as that

right it’s the particular area between

the ionosphere and the ground okay and

it’s because that that area of the

atmosphere is conductive now there’s

other areas around that called the

geomagnetic field but that’s not a

frequency of the same sort that we’re

talking about just to kind of separate

there is these two different areas of

the geomagnetic field so so there is

there is a link between human residents

the human brain and I really want to

know how the Sun starts to affect the

brain like neuro chemically

neurologically the neural plasticity of

this and gotcha well that’s actually

we’re in the midst of creating several

info posters that will absolutely help

people see this because there is a lot

of technical literature and vernacular

behind all this

so the visuals are quite helpful and we

will have those up on the website soon

enough to help with this discourse but

to sort of pin down the 0 of plasticity

which is really new

I mean when you consider that 10-15

years ago to say that your your brain

could just regrow new stem cells in

vitro is just absolutely wouldn’t you’ve

been laughed at and now we just take its

point of fact but now we’re getting down

to the nitty-gritty which is is it just

happening on Fridays because you’re all

excited like what what’s the method to

the madness is basically what you’re

asking me right right and you’re already

taking the supposition or hypothesis

that the Sun is playing an active role

in this right and basically what we need

to hash out is the details right so

we’ve gotten to a point of understanding

that the Sun is intimately connected

with the earth and that the energetic

fields from the Sun reach out and

connect with this geomagnetic field and

it’s from that point that a whole range

of things happen and the shall we say

the collateral action because I don’t

want to call damage occurs as it filters

through the atmosphere and eventually

filtering on to us now to truly

understand this one might want to

understand that magnetic fields do play

a very intrinsic role on how

consciousness can be occur or can be

altered to occur artificially so when

you kind of look at a lot of the

Persinger literature that he’s published

over the last 40 years you know you

really start to see that there is a way

to stimulate this neurogenesis which is

a neural hormone production and those in

turn create neurotransmitters and so

those neurotransmitters are what we then

get into this sort of a fight-or-flight

response are you for example there’s

there’s people that will become

sensitive yes but the direction that you

go when you receive this energy is still

up to the user it’s it’s your own brain

man so it’s you the user interface

is often what is attributed to such

things as the pyramid the pyramid effect

as many have detailed is somewhat like a

vortex it’s what you take into it it

amplifies it so it amplifies what you’re

already working with but there are

definitely very specific exercises that

we see in the Mayan lore that

effectively deal with how to live within

a very active period of the Sun and in

fact this is a supposition that I’ve had

to come to is that the the Mayans had a

very detailed calendar of how this

electromagnetic activity that we live

within the field the matrix if you will

how it was modulated over a period of

time and in fact it’s what we found to

be the Long Count calendar now their

whole life and social structure is

absolutely different than ours

they lived in a way that honored what

was happening on the Sun so that when

the Sun is acting very violent they had

dates to basically from my point of view

that would predict that so that they

could go into vision quests and

ceremonies and say not be driving on the

highway you know so it’s like we’re

talking about you know and this might be

jumping to the absolute conclusion of

all this research I’ve been doing but

looking at the way the Mayans actually

handled this type of insight is to me

looking at a type 2 or type 3

civilization somebody who works with

this solar energy is on a whole

different level let me let me stop you

right there so okay so when you say type

two civilization earth is classified

right now as a type 0 civilization

that’s according to the physicist Michio

Kaku okay so we would get into xx about

2040 he suppose will be a type one

civilization that’s a core

the Kardashev skill which is denoted by

the type of energy systems that we use

okay okay so type two civilization would

be classified as a civilization that was

traveling through space and had had free

energy basically well you might say that

but it’s um how would how would a type

two civilization be classified it’s a

better question well certainly anyone

can look up the Kardashev scale but say

say type one technology has to do with

basically fairly similar to what is

being obtained on earth it’s it’s a

typically denoted in the amount of watts

that were able to utilize so we can

pretty much effectively use the type of

technology we are today and obtain type

one okay it’s when we get to type two

that we really have to be harnessing

energy basically from a different type

of vantage point perhaps different

physics is involved I would suspect that

would be so that our physics will have

to allow certain things to happen for

example wormholes today physics will

tell us wormholes could not be sustained

or open for any kind of use because the

amount of energy that’s necessary

absolutely astronomical but from another

physics vantage point that perhaps

understands wormholes a whole lot better

you might see that there while they

manifest quite spontaneously and if you

could predict when and where they happen

then you might not need the energy to

sustain the wormhole because it happens

quite naturally now I’m actually leading

into something quite a bit bigger when I

say this so I’m not just using this as

an analogy okay but indeed when you’re

talking about type 2 or type 3

civilization this is another sort of

level to which we would have to

understand ok what why my in rosetta

stone why why is that the title of your


okay well the rosetta stone for those

that don’t know just just the Rosetta

part of it is having to do with the the

lexicon that actually enabled us to

translate Egyptian from from Greek and

that was located between the front paws

of the Sphinx that became sort of a an

idea for for me that was not just a

metaphor for something that could help

us see into the past and obviously

translate Egyptian hieroglyphics was a

huge step for us what I’m seeing from

the Aztec Sunstone is a computational

algorithm that allows us to see the

science and therefore the physics

therefore the technology and therefore

the civilization social structure of the

past and so about taking the Sunstone

and deciphering the cycles that I have

I’ve seen evidence of science that is

more advanced than ours today and I’m

translating it into modern science using

the the best that our space physics can

provide so modern satellite data and

modern algorithms and modern you know

computer finessed statistics and all the

best mathematics that our genius

scholars have provided including all the

way back to Newton himself so I’m

standing on all this technology all the

satellite data and the very best that

mathematics can offer and we’re just

starting to peel back the skin of this

proto civilization that I would call

Mayan but I would suspect predates

everything that we know has occurred in

Mesoamerica that’s modern accepted

knowing so we’re looking at something

that is clearly what they call

antediluvian perhaps previous to the Ice

Age something that has been washed out

and somewhat forgotten about and has

been used sort of let’s say half mixed

into the what we would call the Aztec

philosophies today okay okay so I’m

starting to get a little bit of a bit of

a picture

here let’s let’s make it a little bit

more clear sure now there there was a

sort of Mayan thing happening in 2012

where or it looked like there was an

misinterpretation of the long count

verses and it seems like there’s a

there’s a whole eye idea or something

that people are not understanding there

can you just clarify that for us what is

what is the actual meaning of a long

count what’s why does the world end in

2012 well bueno well basically I mean

let’s let’s take a look at the the the

start date the end date I would think

that the end date put forward at

December 21st was another one of these

events that I I’m not sure if it’s

completely concocted by media I’d

suspect that can when we compare it to

the start date of the Mayan calendar or

the the Long Count calendar which had I

mean 18 researchers spent a good chunk

of their life to produce that date of

three one one for August 13th BC and

that is now called today the Goodman

Martinez Thompson correlation that has

had exquisite amount to detailing and

finessing and like I mean you can read

up on it on the internet it had a lot of

background now December 21st 2012 came

about and I found personally the amount

of evidence to pin that date out was not

very well hashed out in in any sense of

the matter let alone the the data

supporting where exactly

archaeologically in the Mayan ology that

was found was fairly hodgepodge and so

first of all I’d like to say that that

is a speculative end date there’s

nothing wrong with trying to pin it on a

solstice or an equinox because a lot of

these calendars are very much so hinged

on the the 8se cardinal points of the

year that the two’s the two equinoxes

the two solstices and the two

zenith sin the tune in ears so and

that’s partly why the counter Sunstone

is vivisected in in portions of eight

but to put a whole whack load of in

trepidation and focus on one date and

something happening on that one date is

not exactly how I’ve come to understand

the calendar works see there’s many

cycles within the calendar and to think

that you would only focus on the end

date you you’re you know looking you’re

overlooking the whole intrinsic

detailing that the calendar does like

the first day value is one day which is

akin and if you take twenty days you get

to a win out so and then it continues to

go up from there generally in a VG Cemal

or twenty base count but so what is it

that they were trying to do most of what

the long count represents to have it

focused on one day and then have that

day fail I mean clearly it’s being I

would say artificially inflated to be

put up on it on a scale that when it

failed it would mean that people would

just forget about it and so for me I’m

trying to dig out what this was actually

doing so the question is if it’s not

about an end date what is it about a

start date

well you need the start date for sure

but if it’s an if and so there’s

interviews with the some of the elders

and I’ve spent time with them the

there’s various elders in the Nahuatl

that would look at the aspects Sunstone

and say this is a mathematical concept

and I’m just adding to that and saying

it’s actually an algorithm which means

it’s it’s about chomping out smaller day

value cycles and now excuse me we’re

starting to see that in our space

satellite data we’re starting to see

magnetic complexities occurring over

smaller than

11-year sunspot cycles that means we

don’t just need to look forward to when

the peak the next peak is there’s

actually the small what they call multi

cycles which occur in the data and that

it turns out that there’s an embryonic

cycle to the sunspots magnetic

complexity and that seems to be a

function of what they call in the solar

system planetary beats and a beat rather

than beat like a drum beat is actually

the beat of a frequency or orbital

period if you will we refer to these are

they refer to these as gravitational

frequencies which is another term in the

vernacular for planetary periods of

orbit and they play a role somewhat

again like music and these theories go

all the way back to Kepler who tried to

sustain this all with musical octaves

and basically trying to figure out how

the Sun works and in a sense when you

look at the Long Count calendar it is

nothing short of a harmonic set of

numbers that are exquisitely valuable

and at the end of all this you realize

and my supposition going into it was

that I wonder if this is more than just

a Sun calendar meaning if I want to

prove that there’s actually solar

physics in this Sun calendar what do I

need to do how do I need to prove that

and so if the first thing I did is I

pulled apart the Sun stone itself

because I realized there was clearly

this was a like a multi-layered

photoshop job here I had to do and

whoever created this which we by the way

we have no known author of the Aztec

Sunstone it is there it was found buried

in Mexico City but we really don’t know

who created it I can tell you this much

whoever did that is a flippin genius

because what is encrusted into that rock

was clearly an effort what does all of

this information mean okay so yeah the

Sun affects the earth the Mayans had

some awareness of what was happening

here what are the cycles what does this

mean for us

today what can we learn from this you

know through this conversation what can

can people really understand discussing

here well you talk in your work you talk

a little bit about the hero’s journey

and I’d like to get into that a little

bit ah yes

well isn’t this interesting I mean

there’s many mythologies from every

sector of the world and clearly Joseph

Campbell who was the sort of protege to

George Lucas and pretty much the way

that Star Wars was laid out was on the

one on the heels of heroes with a

thousand masks and and Joseph Campbell’s

work was basically looking at all the

mythologies around the world and it was

in Campbell’s last book that he started

to look at numbers and how numbers kept

reoccurring in all these global

mythologies I mean mythologies from

totally different sectors of the world

we’re using the same number which was

coming up again and again which is the

four three two number so he was making

note of this in the in his book this is

the last book he published before he he

passed on which is inner reaches of

outer space and he made note of this and

he was trying to kind of wonder like

what is the significance of this in

terms of the hero’s journey why would

they figure it necessary to continually

use numbers in the mythological story

and so it’s from that point that I want

to pull people’s attention to what is

kind of incurrent with our society

because if I start talking about the

rig’s through LA and you know Icelandic

lore people are gonna kind of go well I

really don’t understand any of that but

what people do understand is the genius

of Tolkien jrl Tolkien has produced

probably the best mythology that modern

man has been talking about Lord of the

Rings here talking Lord of the Rings in

The Hobbit what was unique I’m gonna ask

you a question now let’s see if you were

paying attention when you watch this

what was unique about those two

trilogies that were the same oh Clark

you’re gonna hate me today I actually

fell asleep I fell asleep that’s the

only movie that I’ve ever fell asleep in

and I and I fell asleep in the movie I’m

so sorry man I just so I don’t

understand that reference

so what caught my attention because I’m

no Tolkien connoisseur I’ll admit that

rate upfront I haven’t read the books so

when I watch the movies what really

caught my attention because Here I am

totally engrossed in the cycle research

is that – the day that Frodo left the

Shire – the day he was back in 13 months

and I kind of went that’s very

interesting why would they do that

okay so fritti listener that’s listening

this and he’s going okay 13 months

what’s so significant about that 13

months there’s two significant things

about 13 months first of all the lunar

synodic period is 13 months second of

all and I think almost on a hierarchical

basis she Jupiter okay

Jupiter synodic period is 399 days which

is essentially 13 months it does vary

8th but essentially why do we even care

about Jupiter is what we’re finding out

with all the latest data pooling in is

that Jupiter’s got a mammoth

electromagnetic field one so large in

fact that it can dwarf the size of the

Corona sphere of the Sun so it’s over

250,000 kilometers across and data

suggest now really good data from the

russian academy of science shows that

whenever we pass in front of jupiter

meaning we’re lapping we’re about to lap

jupiter in in orbit and were about to

pass it well for us to go back to the

same point we were at it takes us a year

365 days but to catch up to Jupiter from

where we last saw him and passing him in

orbit takes us that extra there no 13

months it takes us the extra 34 or 35

days and that function now we know for

certain from what the Russians have done

scree haven’t been one of the the

leaders in this field shows us that

whenever we pass it for a Jupiter

definite changes in solar wind are

occurring we know this because we can

take ground-based measurements of

isotopes those isotopes give us clear

distinct signal

of whenever the Sun is being modulated

or whenever the cosmic radiation that

comes from background space is being

modulated so every 400 days when we get

in front of Jupiter we experience a

phenomena of electromagnetic oscillation

now seeing how we’ve just covered how

the human resonance is such a prime

driver to consciousness isn’t it

interesting that Tolkien decided to

ascribe the whole journey of not just

Frodo but Bilbo over a 13 month journey

now called Lord of the Rings and doesn’t

Jupiter have a large ring around the

center of it and I think it does have a

ring but not not quite as distinct as it

well it’s ring just for the record is an

invisible ring of electromagnetism with

the namely the moon Isle which is a huge

plasma ring often seen you know we see

electrical conductivity occurring

between that moon and and the and

Jupiter itself and in fact it creates a

whole radio frequency spectrum unique to

that orbit so it is constantly

bombarding us with radio frequencies as

well you might say Jupiter is in a place

of pure potential it creates in a sense

more energy than it’s receiving from the

Sun okay okay okay so so so we’ve

covered a lot of information with it’s

like ripping through this this data

there’s there’s a part of your work that

goes into some tools that you offer to

help people is that is that what you

call them what what are those ultimately

yeah at the end of the day I mean ADA

knowledge I mean sure people will if you

know if they went through I don’t know

ten hours of this material and they

could sit through a 10 hour lecture and

get everything about all the signs at

the end of the day they say okay I am

living on a planet that’s bombarded by

electromagnet frequencies those

frequencies are constantly in a cyclical

behavior they’re constantly bringing me

up and bringing me down so I experienced

the highs and

of life what does it mean okay this

would be the first time in our known

history that we’d have the ability to

predict when an event would happen what

would that mean Xavier if I told you on

such-and-such day that well let’s look

at the day that just passed because I

mean really that was one of the dates

that I had calculated and so I don’t

know at times what’s going to happen

it’s it’s an electromagnetic point in

the algorithm and so I found it

interesting that we just got hit by a


solar wind that sort of comes through

the system and basically done t8 sus

with high energy from the Sun so what

would it mean if you know you’re being

affected by this but I can now give you

lead time and say how how would you want

to prepare now I could give you tools to

prepare that are in part based upon

metaphysical techniques but they’re

pretty ubiquitous throughout martial

arts throughout yoga and throughout

meditational practices there are certain

visualization exercises that certainly

allow you to feel more grounded and more

connected because it’s at these times

when there’s a high amount of energy

coursing through your body that if you

don’t have techniques it’s at that point

that you know we can steer people into

what happens when you don’t have

techniques and say you have propensity

x’ for the more dramatic flair or the

more psychological imbalances well we do

know that when this energy is

fluctuating myocardial heart infarctions

or heart attacks are much higher when

the geomagnetic storms are occurring so

obviously learning how to breathe using

some of the tools that are already

available in the global coherence

initiative website which deals with you

know monitoring the heart and trying to

meditate and breathe through these times

because these are awful like these are

supercharged periods of time and to be

kind of sideswiped by them and not know

that they’re occurring is a is somewhat

of a young species that we are and even

though we have lots of tools and toys

and technology we still don’t understand

how our environment is affecting us and

how by doing these certain techniques

simple techniques really that anyone

could learn in a yoga class how they

could be applied at very specific times

you actually really need these tools

that’s very specific times because they

can help balance you out and furthermore

help to supercharge your meditation to

take you is if I were to quote from the

the scripts of the Mayan Palenque

hieroglyphs that they open portholes

mm-hmm this is the act that the Mayan

Kings the divine Kings would take upon

themselves they would enact these

ceremonies often using bloodletting but

in some cases not and they would take

the journey upon themselves to open a

portal these are direct transcriptions

of the monologist but they fail out

reason why would they open portals well

let’s look at portals as a function of

the mind to me there is no better

particle accelerator than that which you

have upstairs in your head you can’t buy

anything better than what the brain is

the brain is an exquisite mumait seem

design that interacts with this high

energy from the Sun from the planet if

partly why these pyramids were placed in

the positions that they were and I’ll

tell you if anyone hasn’t figured out

the the research of Burke in the book

seed of knowledge stone of plenty is

exquisite it shows how the magnetic

fields and the electric potential

oscillates with these seasonal values

with the diurnal circadian rhythms so we

know that it affects seeds it we know

that it improves agricultural growth

potential we know that it affects

consciousness because the person errs


so the the the pyramid is really the

ultimate understanding of a tool that

helps mitigate the energy from up there

in the atmosphere the Sun down here to

the earth and where we are with our

brains and our psychotronic activity so

is it is it possible that the Sun is

working in a way that

perhaps charge the pineal gland and

induce these sort of almost psychedelic

experiences in the brain I mean wasn’t

wasn’t McKenna working parents were kind

of working on a time way zero aspect of

things as well novelty theory can you

connect can you connect that together

for us oh absolutely

in fact I’m a big fan of McKenna’s work

I personally attempted for the the

better part of a few years to get my

head wrapped around time zero and I just

didn’t think that it was quite as clear

as what I was looking for and so what I

produced was I and I’m say this humbly

because I have a lot of respect for what

McKenna did but I was looking for

something a little more integral

something that I could actually pin down

to specific cycles so the work that I’ve

really tried to show people is what’s

happened specifically in these

interesting little seven-year periods

this was also taken note by the great

work of Alexander Tchaikovsky who got

into a lot of trouble for publishing the

mass human index which shows the

correlation of during sunspot activity

and the human excitability phenomena now

what am I saying and how does that

relate to novelty let’s tie this all in

well a novelty is another way of I mean

these are all just different terms so

human index human acceptability novelty

they’re all tied together because it’s

us expressing the energy but it’s very

clear that the different energy produces

within us a different type of let’s call

it homeostasis but clearly what would

you call the Occupy movement other than

a direct implication of another type of

energy coming into the human brain the

human physiological complex and

Tchaikovsky made note of this he said we

the sign of this three-year period was

that we would get up in arms we would be

unhappy with the status quo we would

challenge mainstream ideology so I tie

this into three things for the

seven-year period

I tie it into a what’s called a geo

Helio coupling which is like literally

like the Carrington event or the Quebec


these are geomagnetic storms that have

affect the power grid and they’re very

well-documented and so at the time say

in 1989 what else was happening 1989

come on people

lots of stuff was happening 1989 there

wasn’t just Jim like historical

geomagnetic blackouts

there was the 888 uprising in Burma the

fall of the Berlin wall there was a

hundred and thousand there’s a hundred

thousand Chinese

protesting in the teami Square hmm yeah

okay so we have three different

categories we’ve got the geomagnetic

storm which is there’s more of the

technical space weather phenomena then

we have the protests and Reformation and

then we have the third area which is

more of the uplifting aspect to it all

which is the human novelty and so what

was happening 1989 we’re just gonna

stick with us for this example in 1989

we had probably one of the most you know

crazy science stories of the millennia

which is this idea about cold fusion

meaning this is something that could

have changed the history books the

science books and it got quickly

squashed this all occurred in a very

short year of 1989 all these things

trying to change the way the human

course the human vector was was

operating at so I found a fundamental

frequency that is a seven-year period

not too dissimilar than what the

Kabbalistic Kabbalistic tradition refers

to as the Jubilee cycle so going seven

years from 1989 you can find that the

protest slash blackouts slash quarter

million Ducks dying slash novelty of

what would happen in 1996 we had the

first real sign of artificial

intelligence which was the fact that

deep blue beat chess champ

Kasparov right pretty big pretty big

innovation I would say that here what

else I mean he

recently there was the Arab Spring and

then yeah yeah we’re yeah that’s part of

the seven-year that’s part of the

seven-year functionality of the

electromagnetic cycle that has been

denoted as the Jubilee cycle and so

seven years from 96 almost to the day

there was an article actually in the Los

Angeles Times that said it was very

eerie that somehow almost to the day

seven-year period there was another

blackout it affected 55 million people

between London Sweden Sweden Italy there

was numerous blackouts and we had the

top CME or coronal mass ejection ever

recorded in 2003 now keeping in mind

that was the year that I got sick and

struck and down with some mune

comprising thing and what else happened

in 19 2003 we had the Guinness Book

record for the largest anti-war rally 36

million people what else happened for

novelty in 2003 so we’re jumping in

seven years right so 2003 we had the

Human Genome Project was completed

jumping seven years from there we get to

2010 well we had massive blackouts in

2010 rare multi-species die offs we had

the Arab springs spawning a global

Occupy movement and now we get to the

final category of human novelty again we

find amazing breakthroughs and I would

say on the top of the list which there

were several things graphene as a Nobel

Prize the first stable super capacitor

was developed and still being developed

today which of course would take over

all of our known battery in charge

holding capabilities and revolutionize

that whole that whole industry very

hosting these are things that happen in

seven-year periods it’s an expression of

our we know about these things they’ve

been tried to be dismissed as the

seven-year itch is nothing it’s just

some lore you know we dismiss a lot to

lore and supernatural mythologies what

I’m saying is I used to be skeptical too

but I actually looked into things and I

looked into them deeply and started

seeing that there are clear connections

between what’s happening with this


from the Sun and this clearly would

vector in on Tchaikovsky he started the

the avalanche in this research and –

today – Jeff skis work is still being

hashed and developed out by medical

experts around the world in the area of

coronal biology which is time-specific

biology so tumor temperatures for

example correlate with cycles and if you

effectively treat tumors when they’re at

their hottest temperature you have a

much higher success rate at dealing with

them that have you noticed between the

sort of micro macrocosm that we’ve

established that but with our Sun the

the solar system is there is there

something similar happening with other

Suns and other solar systems very good

very good

yes and in fact it is the supposition of

the Mayan rosetta stone project that

other than the fact that we are distant

stars and that our measuring of them is

actually going to be based upon the time

it takes for us to witness it would seem

that on a non-local level that all stars

are connected at their centers in

between or interstitially through

space-time so that this is part of a

grand cosmic clock which for those who

are familiar with the holographic theory

they would take note of this area of

what is called entrainment and so does

simple aspects of entrainment or like

the grandfather clocks in a room we’ll

all start to synchronize over a period

of time or the studies that have been

done on women who are collectively in in

cohabitation start synchronizing their

menstrual periods so the this

functionality of resonance of

entrainment we believe is starting at

the sort of proto stellar level that is

that the functionality of these

harmonics is one that comes from the

inside out it’s part of a geometric

manifold that is facilitating the energy

manufacturing in the the Sun and the

planets therefore it is in fact

synchronized from the inside out so

indeed we will be able to support this

theory in due time but one of the things

I would like to point out that is often

overlooked and/or it has become the

focus of this sort of 2012 debate for

for many years now has been the focus on

looking at the source of this as the

galactic center and albeit there is a

most definite source of energy from the

galactic center so far is I’ve been able

to see there is no readily available

data to support frequencies cycles of

that sort that come from

you know vectors that would originate

from the galactic source in terms of the

John Major Jenkins even said himself in

his both Maya cosmic Genesis that

because the galactic center is so large

we in fact end up eclipsing it for 300

years so we really don’t know where the

center is to say that somehow our

eclipse December 21st is of some

significance is a rather specious

argument because we have no vectors we

have no specificity and that takes away

from that’s that’s almost like a

misleading or dis informational argument

to me because it takes away from the

very readily available measurements we

have on say Jupiter and Saturn and so so

Clarke that we’ve been talking for about

60 minutes and which is about the

attention span of your average listener

and so I’d like to spend the next 10

minutes or so just kind of putting all

this together like like let’s let’s

connect this all in and we can

definitely do a round two of this I

really think that a lot of your research

is is really really interesting and I

definitely want to come back to this but

but as a sort of break out I know that

this is kind of your first podcast so so

how do you connect all this back

together what is your sort of message to

the people who are listening to this

type of stuff let’s let’s kind of let’s

bring it back in well I I do enjoy the

work of Bruce Lipton I’d love to come

back to him because he’s making a very

important point we have a medical

establishment that says if you have

these genes you basically will suffer

the consequences of your ancestral DNA

that in fact you have no choice over it

and I’m here to say that not only let

Bruce Lipton is saying you not only have

choice over it but your choice

determines the outcome of how those

genes express themselves

that’s meaning that you have the power

to make the change now what I’m adding

to this is by saying that what presents

itself in the mind as fight-or-flight

responses is where Bruce Lipton stopped

and this is where my whole game starts

because what is creating what is driving

the sensation of the fight-or-flight

response is in fact this background

radiation that is almost entirely

exclusively coming from the Sun and that

that knowledge of knowing that this

cyclical variation is quite natural and

it has many intended consequences in a

sense I say intended but in actuality it

affects the whole environment that is

not only us but what we live in there

are the components of looking at how we

can interact more consciously with that

which is occurring in a state of natural

periodicity natural cyclical activity

and we can learn to ride the waves for

example if you’re a cork on the ocean

and you don’t know there’s a big wave

coming and there is no premeditation

there’s no pre pivoting there’s no

preamble at all there’s just the wave

hits me

I’m here to say that okay you can take

the choice you could take the gene

expression but wouldn’t it help a little

bit if you knew that that way was coming

because you can get prepared you don’t

have to maybe going to work that day you

can spend that time and make it your

sacred space so it’s giving people a

qualitative option to decide when to do

the ceremony when to do a Vision Quest

the natural points that have already

basically presented themselves are the

eight periods we spoke about in the

calendar year now there are some extra

points to that which directly have to do

with the modulation of the magnetic

field of the Sun and when you learn to

live within that wave you learn to ride

the way if you learn to surf the wave

but it this is difficult because this is

an invisible wave and if you don’t know

that it’s happening

you can often displace or misplace blame

and create something out of this that

would be on toward your own spiritual

evolution so us going forward in a type

2 type 3 civilization way us behaving

like more advanced species has to do

with us acknowledging how to interact

with what’s already there it’s never

going to go away

it’s always going to be there in our

body is always going to be interacting

with it whether we like it or choose to

not so our choice is simple that once we

acknowledge that this natural

oscillation is there and that it has

potential to do things with us for us in

a sense by activating the energy body

the HPA axis the pineal gland we don’t

then do it half hazard ly we do it with

intention and I cannot think of any

better gift to give to humanity than the

gift of

tended intention to utilize this energy

coming in as specific and thought-out

and meticulously well planned or

spontaneously as one might ever imagine

but to do it with the knowledge that

there is an energy coming in your bodies

naturally designed to utilize it and

here’s the information do whatever you’d

like to do this isn’t about being

esoteric if you’re a mountain climber

well there are natural points to what

your body is peaking metabolically so in

the future I suspect we will do what the

minds did in the past we will arrange

say events around activities that the

Sun and the earth naturally cycle within

very cool very very cool there’s a lot

of information in this episode guys I


Clark is there a website that people can

get to to contact you to get more

information about this yeah we’re

working on that it’s we’ve got a lot of

information a lot of info posters I love

teaching with graphics and I’ve got a

passion for graphics and all of this is

very technical and when you’re reading

journals you need the visuals so I’ve

worked last 10 years on creating visuals

for people the mine rosetta stone comm

will be launched wholeheartedly in like

the next month so please be patient

we’ve got academic papers we’ve got info

posters we’ve got slideshows we’ve got

ebooks it’s all gonna just gush through

the gate at really puns because that’s

how we’re gonna do it so you see there

are some little things in here that are

sick shall we say gonna be eyeopener’s

for the technical community and people

who are really looking for absolute

indication of this whole ancient

astronaut theory well let’s just say

I’ve got a couple nails for that coffin

so save it website one more time my aunt

rosetta stone common study bet you bet

you bet all right Clark this was

fascinating man we’re definitely gonna

lock you in for a second round in about

six months or so but uh yeah this is

Xavier you’re listening to the human

experience this is such an intriguing

intriguing episode Clark Clark thank you

so much for your time man

Thanks traveling we’re gonna get out of

here guys we’ll see you guys next week

thank you so much on this thing

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