Transcript for Episode 10 – Brian Foster – The Case for Reincarnation

hey guys so this was a very challenging

episode for me the call quality was

complete rubbish from echoes to pops and

clicks and other mysterious noises

luckily in a past incarnation far away I

did have some experience in sound

engineering and production so I was able

to clean it up as much as I possibly


there was a part of the episode that

wasn’t salvageable only about ten

minutes or so

it’s not too bad it did take me about

five hours to get it to this level so

obviously this will never happen again

and huge lesson learned for me

personally can’t win them all please

enjoy what’s left of this episode so

yeah I’m starting I’m starting to get

the idea of what this involves so

spiritism is more of a doctrine or a way

of living perceiving the world exactly

it’s it’s it’s trying to and it’s

knowing that you have to grow your

spiritual side it’s knowing that you

can’t be too materialistic I mean you

have to be enough to be successful in

this world etc you have to love and care

for other people it and know that you

have to grow yourself and also help

others as you can because that’s really

what it takes because we are all of us

here going our destiny is to be a pure

high spirit which is you know you have

to have love to everyone not just your

immediate family but everyone and you

know everyone who is alive and that’s

not easy I mean I’m not anywhere near

that of course but I mean that’s where

we need to be what every every ideology

says this you know we’re ascending into

this space or something that’s higher

than this realm what what is awaiting us

you know what is this thing

sure so there’s this great further your

listeners out there actually on YouTube

there’s this great movie called no soul

are it’s in Portuguese but has subtitles

and in a book psychographed by chico

xavier Andre Louise was a doctor in the

early 9th late 19th century early 20th

century and he saw

we got this whole book about his whole

journey when he died yeah spent some

time in the lower zone which is like on

earth and then he he was helped to go to

a heavenly are also called a celestial

city called no soul are and this is one

of the first levels of a heaven type now

the bad news is when you’re in heaven

it’s not the Elysian Fields you’re not

you’re not there doing nothing you

actually you actually are still learning

and working and helping other people and

so even in the spirits book when back in

eighteen fifties when I wrote the book

they say well they ask spirits what’s

heaven like well heaven is you keep

working because really hell would be

eternal leisure and doing nothing so you

always are learning and working and in

fact one of the stories that of

Geraldine Oh Geraldo said was he was

talking to Chico and this is when she

was still alive and his his mother who

communicates Chico many times his mother

he was talking to his mother as her

spirit and his sister had just died

awhile ago and his his sister was did

not believe in spiritism she was about

Catholic and hurt his mother said okay

you know don’t worry gonna go a little

colony you’re gonna rest you know you

don’t worry about anything just you know

recover from your time on earth and then

his sister said well but mom goes what

happens to spiritus and she goes well

for spirit just they put you to work

right away

so that was you know that’s what happens

so when you ever to recomm eunuch ation

with these slick spirits how do you get

in direct communication if you do what

is your process I have no direct

communication I have I have the

spiritual aptitude of a fencepost so so

I mean for me all this has been my own

reading rationality in my own experience

but my I’ve been in mediums meeting

meetings and I follow there was just a

lot of great YouTube videos by people

in Brazil which is that really the

center and the growing center of

spiritism right now there’s actually

five percent of the people in Brazil are

Spiritist so that’s how I get the

information by looking at the videos and

there’s also videos available in English

from people come here and give lectures

and so forth so if we could just rewind

just a little bit and talk go back to

reincarnation here so what are what are

some of the main lessons that you see

that people are need to learn or have to

learn or can learn I think I think the

main I think the main lesson is to is is

the fact is that don’t not be so

materialistic I mean this and this is

hard especially in this culture I mean

this culture is all about materialism

and that’s probably a bit of

exaggeration but is it be less selfish

less self-centered and try to help other

people you know don’t gossip about

people help them you know if someone

needs you at work help them out you know

try and understand what’s important

what’s important about this life is is

love and helping others it’s not about

amassing ya new car a new dress or

whatever so do you find that there is an

ascension so there’s a level of

incarnation so a person could be a sort

of like medium level incarnation then

you get to a point where you’re in a

final incarnation and then you ascent so

what I’ve what I believe is that you

reincarnate I’m centuries in the

centuries and centuries and we are on a

planet of of atonement which means the

planet Earth right now is a place where

you go to learn to to how to improve

yourself from your past wrongs the earth

at some point in time will come become a

planet regeneration and then you will

still reincarnate but you’ll reincarnate

and you’ll learn you’ll learn things

more in a more calm sensitive situation

here when we reincarnate in earth earth

earth is you know life people said well

this is a horrible place you know

there’s bad things happen to you there’s

a lot of suffering and that is because

that is what it should be it’s it’s a


to learn from your mistakes and if

you’ve done bad things in the past bad

things will happen to you so yes sir at

one point in time we will stop

reincarnating that will happen but that

you know for anybody here on earth

that’s a long time from now

but there’s no big deal because we’re

all immortal it will you know all come

ok so you talk about I read your book

you talked about these various force

centers and you go through like the

Crown Center and I guess they would be

chakras right yes yeah that’s really

yeah the Hindus had it correct it’s

really the chakras most of the centres

it’s it’s how you’re you’re made up of

three elements right its ear your

physical body your pair of spirit which

is a pair of spread you can look out

like like a futuristic space suit which

just kind of covers your body but it’s

transparent and then you’re all your

experiences all your memories come

through your perispirit and it’s

connected to your spirit your spirit

will retain everything you have you’ll

have a memory of everything you’ve done

in this life past lives wherever and

then your para spirit is a task to all

the different forest centers all the

different chakras I think he brought up

something interesting that I was I was

gonna bring up later but I’ll just say

it now why don’t why don’t we remember

our past lives I mean that seems like it

would be a pretty big deal as far as

learning goes I mean if I could remember

all the mistakes that I made in my last

life and I’ve yet what helps your own

yeah let’s be it be less prone to to

making it again so there’s a there’s a

couple reasons for this and but first

I’d like to say is that they do have

some ties your previous lives and

there’s two things that you have you

have your your conscience

and your instincts so you’re within each

of us is is it’s a set of divine laws we

know in our in our conscience what’s

right and wrong but do we listen to it

but that’s why you should listen your

conscience your conscience has a set of

laws and it also has a set of previous

experience of how you interpret these

laws and your instinct to say you know

you’re going to down a dark alley or

whatever that instinct has been

own through multiple multiple lifetimes

thousands of years now why don’t we have

our art complete past memories there’s a

couple of reasons on that one is is we

can’t look at being here on earth as

we’re trying to learn scientific things

we’re trying to learn ok you know how

we’re going to do differential equations

how we’re going to you know you know

learn a new computer program all that is

probably better learned in the spirit

world where they’re very technically you

know they’re more advanced than we are

we are here really or learn to to meld

our emotions Mellor change our attitude

you know modify our beliefs and through

that we we go through more emotional

experiences and they don’t want our past

they want us to go through these

experiences so our past does not

influence our are our ability to change

and transform because of the experiences

we’re going here now the other thing is

the spirit world wants people to

reconcile so you may be born into a

family that you did something bad to you

you may have stolen money from that

family you may have had a bad marriage

for something else or you may have been

a spurned lover then you may be born in

the family as that person’s sister or

the person you stole money from that

person’s son so then you can reconcile

with that family and if people knew what

they done to each other in the past that

could be very difficult than to regain

that love and trust that’s an

interesting take on it hmm

I’m still a little bit skeptical here I

I just I just find the whole idea of the

as you term at the serial incarnations

the linear incarnations it’s a bit hard

to follow just because I mean if if time

is is time moves pretty slow man and if

I man if I am only existing in this one

incarnation right now it’s it’s gonna

take me a lot of Earth years to get to a

point where I can ascend and get off the

planet essentially and what what what’s

in it for me for being so

selfless not – yeah that’s a good


because I mean you can make the decision

you know you don’t have to become

selfless you could you know you can stay

in this in this pattern of you know

reading carnie on the planet mattone for

long as you want 4000 thousands of years

and yes you’re your first comment is yes

it’s going to take a long long time

so what’s in it what’s in it for you is

well first of all in when people you

know the reports we’ve had like from

Andre Louis Han on the celestial city

when you when you ascend

I mean you are surrounded by love and

caring in you just you know you are

lighter you’re less dense you you feel

better it’s like I try to tell people

it’s like you know I have you ever

worked in a place where you just love

everybody you work with I mean and those

in those in those experiences are so

rare right there last maybe a couple

years or whatever but you just love

going to work you like the people you

work with you wanted to hang out with

them that’s really kind of what and

you’re doing what you really love what

you’re passionate about right that’s

that’s your reward so how do you explain

dis incarnate it’s like the like ghosts

and paranormal phenomenon people that

that seem to be stuck on this sort of

alternate dimension right I mean until

first of all it means to say this the

whole thing about talking about ghosts

and spirits it is kind of amazing

because you know you think back and you

know here we are in this culture and

we’ve all looked back at the you know

the more primitive cultures where they

believe in ghosts and spirits like oh

those people know nothing but now Here I

am saying I’ve read all this and we were

really you know the spirit world is all

around us so it means

that’s strange in itself but yes the

spirit world is around us and there’s

many people there’s there’s like there’s

more than three levels but but roughly

there’s there’s the the abyss which is

like a purgatory or and it’s not really

hell because he’ll means permanent but

it’s it’s for people who have been real

criminals they go and they exist at that

level and there’s other levels around

the earth

that where people exist with other

people like them it’s it’s the law of

affinity that’s really where you go is

the law of affinity so what is the law

of affinity you are going to associate

with people like you so if you’re a if

you’re a you know a pickpocket and

you’re a petty thief

you will probably associate with other

people like that and then if you know if

you and so that those people do not

ascend they’re not ready to ascend

because they still they still you know

are have emotions where they want to

have vengeance on people they wanted to

they want to take advantage of people so

those people will be in the in the lower

zone or the Umbro with a what they say

in Portuguese where they’ll still be on

earth around the earth or a little bit

below it learning the fact that this is

not a great place to be and it’s not

supposed to be a great place to be

because at eventually they will come to

the to the point in time where they will

decide well you know what this isn’t how

I want to be I don’t want to be mean to

other people and then they will be

helped by the spirit guides who they

this this people from no soul are in the

celestial cities constantly are on earth

trying to help other people not just

physical people in Carnot’s but

discarnates ass and and become better

how do we know these aren’t like false

light constructs or how do we know that

this is they have a specific agenda and

I don’t I mean ghost ghost to me just

seemed like a tape loop like like an

imprint that in time-space that’s kind

of stuck there you know because of the

frequency of experience that a person’s

having so intense like if a person is

murdered or something in a house

somewhere because of the intensity of

that experience it’s sort of imprinted

in that space do you know do you know

what I mean Brian but I know exactly

what you mean and you I read about this

all the time in books by chico xavier

under Louise a lot of these people are

stuck on earth because they are stuck in

this memory and time and it plays over

and over again and if and especially

they’ll get in type where the Holy One

is they’ll attach themselves to people

too because they

vengeance on that person because that

person did something wrong to them and

they’ll replay that vengeance on them

over and over again so it’s exactly as

you described as many spirits here that

are into into this infinite loop where

they have this one thought now there’s

other spirits here that you know they’re

they don’t believe in the afterlife they

think it’s when they die they die and

then they stay when they die they stay


those people are help they’re brought

into the colonies and help to be

awakened so they because you are what

your mind tells you are in the spirit

world right you when you die you look

the way you want to look you appear the

way you want to appear so your thoughts

have power who set this whole thing in

motion is there like a god behind in

spiritism or is there a source what is

this yeah it’s it’s all what they say in

spiritism is is God created everything

he created the set of divine laws and

there is no such thing as a miracle that

everything happens according to the laws

of God and that the very very high

spirits are the ones that communicate to

God and bring down his orders and his

messages to us interesting so how long

how long is the the time I guess you

would say between choosing planning your

life out choosing your new body out how

long do you spend in that space of the

afterlife so it varies varies widely

there’s there I was just read about

people who spent you know like ten

thousand years in the lower zone and

didn’t want to improve but usually it’s

what I read it’s about 25 to 30 years

sometimes as low as 17 years that you go

from one life you spend time in the

spirit world you will go to classes you

will learn what you need to do you’ll

you’ll plan your next life out and then

you’ll come back well Einstein eat your

heart out theory of relativity exists in

the lower spirit realms I mean wow man I

mean if I spent 10,000 years in a lower

spirit realm I I couldn’t even kill

myself because I was already dead

that’s right I’m just

stop there’s that does seem like now

actually that does seem like a yes but I

mean there there are some notable

figures that were spiritus Carl Jung I

think he talks can you go into

synchronicity a little bit and your

opinion on sure so Carl Jung he didn’t

he wasn’t a Spiritist he’s believed in

spiritism and he believed in

synchronicity and one of the examples of

that is when he was talking to a woman a

patient who had this this you know she

had this logic yes that was the scarab

yes so when when when she said well what

kind of bug would you happens because

all the you know Jill her scarab then

all sudden this beetle that looked just

like a scarab came in at the and at that

precise moment and that’s what he called

about synchronicity is that there aren’t

coincidence as there’s you know there’s

events that are planned and he even said

this he said yeah there’s events that

are planned in your life and the plan

for your life is for you to become

better spiritually and and that’s

exactly what the doctor and spiritual

some also says is that when you find out

your life you’re gonna plan out a series

of events and you know those will happen

so you mean like synchronicities that

kind of guide where you’re you’re headed

yes way or like guide markers kind of

warning signs yes I mean those that mean

who you married it could be one sign the

children you have the job you lost the

job you made I mean the fact that the

fact that the bank had worked for went

broke I mean that must have been planned

so then what what is the marker for

deciding when a lesson is learned is

there is there an energetic connection

like if for example if I get married to

a person that I’ve been married to

before in previous lives and we’re

supposed to learn a specific lesson do

does that marriage kind of dissolve

after that that lesson is learned do

people exit and enter your lives through

your various lessons here’s like a

finite number of lessons or something

like that you know those are all good

questions I don’t really know

answer to that I believe that if let’s

like marriage for a second is once you

are you have a you know spiritual soul

mate you can be with them many lives and

but that doesn’t mean you’re there


but I think that there there are lessons

let’s say as an example a like I had

kidney stones right and so

that uh suffering that I’m sure I I

deserved for something now what did I

learn from that you know I learned about

suffering and so forth I I don’t know

what I I was false learned I know it

ended so that means that lesson ended at

some point in time I know I you know I

went I got married I had I had a first

marriage that wasn’t very well I know

when that ended I believe that that was

a marker of going into my second

marriage and I learned from what I did

wrong and what I did right on my first

marriage so I do think there are things

you can it but I think it’s really up to

you to examine your own life and

determine that I can tell you a you know

a set of guideposts that would you know

that are right in the middle of the road

that tells you is there a is there a

point where you’re in the afterlife and

you decide oh well I just don’t want to

reincarnate again you know I’m done

learning here let’s let’s move on have

you ever noticed her encountered that

yes I’ve seen that I’ve read about that

where people make and Susan I I don’t

want to reincarnate now for the lower

people on earth they have no choice

eight they don’t plan the ring

carnations the higher spheres plan them

for them but once you get to a celestial

city you can make a decision not to

reincarnate but what that means is you

don’t progress because unless you learn

what you need to learn you won’t

progress so you’ll say at that level or

as long as you want they’re not going to

force you to reincarnate what what

happens to suicide deaths people who

choose to commit suicide how how does

that work so I mean that is you know I

always thought you know I was like Roman

history and always thought that suicide

in many cases could be a very honorable

thing right I didn’t see anything wrong

in it

but with spiritual what I have learned

is that you’re given this body you’re

you’re assigned to this series of events

and yet you’re trying to exit your

college early so what happens is that

when you are a suicide is that when you

die you

stay in the lower zones and tell the

time of when you would have naturally

died and when you were planned to die

and there’s also a group called and

there’s more people committing suicide

in you know of because Andrew Lewis the

one who wrote the book no Salar and some

other books he when he died he went to

the lower zone and wandered around in

miserable and people come up to him

other spirits that call call him suicide

was not a suicide when he went to no

Salar and he recovered and they said oh

you’re a suicide goes I’m not a suicide

I I died on the operating table and go

well you’re an unconscious suicide you

know you didn’t take care of yourself

you drank he actually died of syphilis

at that point in time you know you did a

very unsafe thing so recall that an

unconscious suicide so if you think of

all the people using drugs smoking too

much whatever there’s a lot of people

dying that are labels unconscious

suicide and unfortunately they will

spend some time in the lower zone before

they are helped to to get out of that so

something you got to almost want to

ascend yes you have yes no you’re right

no I mean yes you have to be you have to

have that attitude where I want to learn

to be you know care about everyone else

care about people as much as I care

about myself love other people and and

want to serve I mean it’s all you know

it’s just taken right from the New

Testament where you know those who serve

so what is the difficulty in this

process do you think for most people or

souls would have you it seems like

everyone’s getting stuck in the traps

and in the game they’re not ascending

I mean but it is difficult right I mean

just think about you know all of us here

and how difficult it is to really care

about other people I mean you walk down

the street you walk down the street and

you see this bombing and you think it’s

all bum and you know I hope he doesn’t

even look at me I mean and I I mean

everyone’s like that right

are you see are are you see someone who

dresses funny fine I’m never like that

I’m sure I’m trying to change my

thoughts write his thoughts really have

power and it’s like okay I’m all that

poor guy you know he’s probably had a

you know he’s going through a difficult

lesson though I mean it’s it’s it’s

difficult not being self-centered and

selfish yeah you talk about thoughts as

mental telegrams in your book which is

kind of interesting to me so so you’re

saying that that what I’m thinking can

project out I mean I I kind of already

feel this way anyway but yeah for the

sake of our listeners that my thoughts

are projecting out and people pick up

and receive these thoughts as well or

Rica Munich ating on other levels yes I

mean I believe that’s trooping we’re all

like radio transmission towers or

thoughts go out we buy in one of the

books domains of mediumship manuel was

who was Chico’s spirit guide wrote a

foreword to the book and we all have

unique IDs it’s like we’re all I have IP

addresses so that’s why our thoughts are

you know other spirits know what we’re

thinking and where we’re at at any given

time because our thoughts go out we also

receive thoughts there’s also the thing

where they did a study I know if you saw

that in the book were when though they

had random number generators throughout

the throughout the world yeah we

interviewed Roger Nelson

yeah and that interesting we’re we’re

you know all of a sudden things changed

a little bit because of you know people

were thinking the same thing

right I mean definitely definitely

intriguing stuff I just I kind of want

to know more about reincarnation why why

we have to reincarnate to learn the

lessons in the first place I mean I

would rather I mean nothing against

earth earth does seem kind of like I

don’t know man I just it’s alright

I’m I’m okay with you know being on a

different planet or just being floating

around in space somewhere I’m cool with


so I just you know the whole idea of

reincarnation I end and then you know

you’re the idea of only reincarnating

linearly that hurts my feelings man I

take that personally like I I can’t even

imagine that I just uh that that’s gonna

take a while for me to kind of absorb

yep and so this is why every being

currently you think about first of all

think about the power of a high spirit

think of the power of Jesus when he was

on the sermon of the mount fall so in

the spirits book they what they say is

that when Jesus talked to people in the

spirit of the mount he actually put in

mental images in their mind that’s why

so many people went to his sermons

that’s why so many people stayed even

though they were probably hungry tired

and thirsty

I mean think of the power this this high

spirit had to change people to you know

get people do anything he wanted to to

heal people etc now think of someone

like me or you or anyone else in the

audience who would have that same power

so I mean if you had that power and you

saw some beautiful woman in the bar you

know would you take advantage of that

say you love me or you know you would

know what the stock market’s gonna do

I mean think of the power so thinking

about those things actually

Jesus was a well renowned pickup artist

as ever so you have to you have to look

at us you know it’s like how a samurai

sword was made you’re right we had

10,000 hits right in with the steel you

had to take all the blemishes out so it

would be hard steel right yet to be a

perfect diamond that’s what we go

through and reincarnation every blemish

every flaw we have is going to be fixed

over time and and I’m sorry to say but

it’s going to be a long long time but we

are in mortal so

at the end of it won’t be that long it

will but it will be a long time for us

to have all our blemishes and our flaws

removed I want to get I want to get back

to the to the Jesus kind of parables for

a second our listeners can take a drink

now I wanted to you know so he’s it’s

pretty even even other like religions

say that you know Islam and some of the

ascended masters in the Hindu culture

they they revered Jesus and I say that

he was an also known ascended master so

what happened so like Jesus is he is he

done like this he is he ascended do we

have to become end up becoming a Jesus

to get to the next stage what is the

process is there all there’s a hierarchy

of this it seems yeah there is a

hierarchy and Jesus is he is like the

governor of our planet now there’s other

planets with other people like Jesus and

control of other planets in in in our

solar system there’s a kind of our our

area of the nebula there are people

there are spirits who are in charge of

that area the nebula there so your

ascend you send to a point where you get

to control your own planet and basically

is what your arm or our in it but then

galaxy or a Silver Star galaxy but so

I’m not sure that everyone is scented to

that level because ah I’m thinking this

is just me no one else thinks this but

it’s a lot like a company where there’s

different there’s different routes so

essentially not everybody has to become

president of a company you can become a

very good technical guru right you can

become you know the head of accounting

so I think there are different ways to

ascend and to become a you know a very

high level spirit than then becoming in

charge of a planet and in that type of

thing so you can kind of plan it the

residents of a planet confer some kind

of energy to an earth earthling if it’s

that kind of reciprocity to the process

if you can become a planet is there is

there tyre to perhaps like worshipping

certain planets or things like that no

not that I know of as far as worshipping

different plans I think that you can

you know long as you you know worship

God more so you know the goodness in you

I mean you know of course that’s another

thing I want to make sure people know is

that you don’t have to be religious to

ascend I mean as long as you’re caring

and loving and an honorable person you

will you know you don’t have to be a

member of any religion to to ascend so

you have like a Jesus character who is

has dominion over the earth and he seems

to be on Team Jehovah or team Yahweh or

this this and this demi urge or whatever

you want to call it this entity where do

so there must be others as this were

like a satan comes into play or are

there other beings that have a soul and

in this process has this word so there

are there’s no such thing as satan per

se there are spirits that have that have

stayed in the the abyss for for long

periods of times but they will they each

each area of hers has its own like

little mini areas and little government

so even the lower zone has some

organization and it’s like it’s like we

are here on earth is like the the

prisoners are you know in charge of the

prison so but there’s only Jesus Jesus

has all the power so the the you know

there’s no such thing that I know of us

fallen angels that be that we’re saying

it’s more spirits that just stayed in

the abyss and became became powerful

within their own little spheres of

influence within that area within the

lower zone but even they eventually will

get you know we’ll get to call and and

understand that that’s not how they want

to be and they will rise up and become

better spirits it’s like a spiritual

Australia yes yeah we are a spiritual

Australia yes because we’re a plan of

atonement I mean we you know we’re not

we’re not people that you really want to

be with you know we’re not not civilized

we’re all pretty immature spirits here

and we’re all going through class and in

there and I think you know I believe

that Jesus looks at us like we’re

kindergarteners and they think oh look

at the they don’t know they’re you know

the third you know watch them you know


you’ve got you’ve got a second book that

you’ve written here if we could talk

about that a little bit

explore your destiny and can you go into

that and how what drove you to to write

it so explore your destiny truly so I

thought reincarnation was the you know

the foundation of you know it’s more

centered on you what you can do

explore your destiny really goes through

what is the spirit world about what’s

the organization of it what are the

different levels of the of the spirit

world what are the you know it’s the

whole process I mean there’s I believe

there’s a lot of answers in there of you

know why we’re here what’s the future of

the earth that people have been looking

for their whole lives now you know it’s

certainly free for people to be

skeptical and not believe it but I think

there’s a group of answers here of you

know why is there so bad you know

and how is it gonna get better and I

think it’s you know the answers are in

spiritism because we are you know we

will stop becoming a planet of atonement

at some point in time and we will be a

planet of regeneration which will be a

better plan in a much nicer place to

live on I mean don’t get me wrong Brian

I I definitely have experienced events

like this in my life where it it

definitely feels like I’m experienced

something that experiencing something

that I’ve I’ve you know it’s a feeling

it’s an intuitive kind of feeling where

I feel like I’m supposed to learn a

lesson here and you know experience the

specific thing and accompanying that

will be synchronicities and and I and I

will see like numbers and and things

around me kind of line up so I mean

there is there is something to this I

just I don’t I don’t know there there’s

something I there’s I just need a little

bit more there’s another piece that of

knowledge that I’m looking for here and

somehow I’m not finding it yeah well I

understand it’s it’s it’s not easy and


each of us have to you know decide for

ourselves and we should obviously have

to skeptical the end and be rational

about what we believe right so we’re

we’re approaching the end here is there

is there anything that you’d like to

kind of any advice that you’d like to

give people who are going to be

reincarnating eventually I mean I think

one of the great things about

reincarnation is that when you get older

I mean is you know kind of our culture

as well you got to leave off your dreams

and not you know not you know fantasize

about what you want to be when you grow

up it’s that type of thing um all that

is I encourage people to keep that think

about what do you want to do in the

spirit world what do you want to do in

your next life is it’s because it’s you

know your life you are immortal you you

will live forever you will outlive the

Sun so don’t don’t give up what you want

to be don’t give up that vision of the

future and don’t give up improving

yourself yeah I like that you know

there’s a lot of people kind of talk

about kind of what they want to know

what their past lives were I kind of

find it fascinating to figure out what

your future lives are gonna be like

future life regression or something

yeah so I mean I definitely think there

there is something to be learned here

there is this this movement of people

who want to know more about you know

what we’re doing here what our purpose

is why we’re here how we got here we’re

here is to begin with and and I agree I

think I think I think being positive and

and making the right choices and having

a sense of you know nobility and being

honorable those are all positive

qualities those are all good things

dr. gg’s you want to add something in

here it just went to ass but I like what

specific experiences that have you had

that pretty much confirmed that this was

reality for you like what perhaps

synchronicities or what kind of sealed

the deal on it is there something that’s

going on in your life personally or that

you’ve been experiencing or you think

that you

are going through as this spirit but

what spirit are you yeah I mean I think

I think that the main thing that’s cause

of us was was you know my wife has early

calling future events and then the fact

that we went to went to real this summer

we were part of the Sierra for a

spiritual center that’s a spiritual

center in in cat eight it’s a barrio of

neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro and just

being where I went to a mediums meeting

they talked to other spirits there which

was interesting but I think one of the

things that was amazing was we went to a

spiritual healing center and in that in

that healing center they you know the

spirits go behind that the person that

helps you and you know and I tell you my

back’s been hurting for years and years

my back’s better you know my my wife got

got herself better now was that positive

thinking I think a lot of it is and

because we do you know we are should be

our own physicians but I keep seeing

things you know time after time were

we’re little things like like that make

a difference and make me believe what

what happens during a mediumship session

that I mean I’ve never experienced that

or seen that so I’m interested so we

were at a mediums meeting and it was a

median they invited us in and it’s a

meeting for obsessed spirits and so we

were we weren’t on the table we were I

was around the table and so what spirits

would come through Ana’s and and talk

through one of the mediums and and like

this one lady was saying I Oh help me

I’m I’m burning my you know my my skin

hurts my wrist hurts you know they’re

not my terrible husband did this to me

and then the husband came and said well

you know I shouldn’t have done this tour

but and it was all about making the two

spirits forgive each other so because it

just like you were talking about where

people are in this infinite loop these

people were in this loop it must because

the way he was talking it was must have

been bad

probably the 1920s down Rio de Janeiro

because he said you know women were more

kind of we were owned them and so forth

and if they’re trying to get these two

spirits to forgive each other and the

whole purpose of the meeting was to get

the spirits to talk to each other and to

learn to let go of revenge and hatred no

very very changing so so the you guys

conduct these meetings so that you can

heal spirits that are already in this

dis incarnate type state it’s not

exactly that’s what spirit doesn’t they

they hold meetings that to help spirits

that hold meetings you know like chico

they’ll have meetings then like for

people who have lost loved ones to get

messages from loved ones and everything

and and all this is you know is you

should never do this for profit you

never do this for money it’s it’s a gift

from god and you you do this to help

other people you don’t find this

activity dangerous at all I mean is

there any chance of possession like well

that’s what that’s a good question and

that’s why you when you have these

meetings and if you like in spiritus

groups you should never ask people like

getting on their Ouija board and start

doing this yourself what we what you

should do is you have it at the same

time like one let’s say you know Friday

nights at 8 p.m. you have your

spirituous meeting at that time because

then the spirits the spirit guides will

come and they’ll actually protect your

area and they will regulate the spirits

that are allowed into that room and they

will actually be around that spirit and

have them you know help talk through a

physical medium and they will protect

you against any other spirits that come

around so they’re kind of hold this

space almost shamanic ly and that you

know yep yeah they’ll hold the space to

protect the space they actually have you

know different methods to keep other

spirits out so they can control it they

will select the spirits that need help

they’ll bring those spirits into the

room at that point in time and then you

know they’ll be there to be given

assistance have you ever seen anyone

kind of lift off a table or anything

spooky kind of like that no I did talk

to this one guy who who is able to see

spirits hmm and he

he says that in spiritism they also

afterwards they give after they have a

talk they give passes I don’t know if

you know what passes our butts that’s

where the your universal fluid goes

through you who person given the passes

to the person who’s receiving it and it

helps you get your vital fluids help to

get your balance and he’ll actually see

the spirits go around and he says they

move like automatons like robots really

fast and in like perfect movements and

those up move people around and so forth

it was very interesting i I went

recently I was up in New York City and

visited some friends of mine and they

were you know they’re very they’re not

religious these particular guys that I

was hanging out with and they were

messing around with a Ouija board that

they were just you know brought out for

fun and they told me a story that

happened in the in the apartment that

they ran that I could see it in their

eyes like they did not want to play with

whatever they manifested in that space

there was some kind of like ancient

Hebrew entity they looked up the word

that was spelled out and it was pretty

horrifying they said and they just they

never wanted to play with that again so

yeah I mean I would cause you know

cautious people not to do that that’s

why you you you know you make it so you

have it the same night in the spirit

world you know the higher spirits will

protect you and you know you do it for

people’s good not for fun and games

Wow intention the intention is super

impaired yes it’s like yes so Brian is

there is there a place that people can

find out more about spiritism your

website yes yeah my website is NW

spiritism dot-com and I’ve got links all

a lot of other sites and actually free

PDFs for spirits books and and so on and

so forth so I certainly invite people to

check it out I think it will I think it

helps give you an attitude it helps you

look at your life from 50,000 feet

instead of at 0 feet level it helps to

look through your life like a I go

through these good things and bad things

but it will be over soon I’ll learn and

it thanks you it makes you more calm

what are you working on now what’s

coming up for you what’s on

right now I’m I’m working on a book or

I’m taking stories of NDEs near death

experiences and I’m interpreting by what

spiritism says so that’s my next book

cool man

have to have you yeah yeah we’ll look

forward to that one

all Bryan’s it’s been a pleasure having

you on man thank you for for talking

about spiritism it kind of you know got

me interested a little bit hopefully the

listeners will look up your work a

little bit more other than that dr. G

got anything else to say man no thanks

again Brian really appreciate it

well thank you I really appreciate it

I’m sorry look I missed the first time

and I apologize again oh no worries man

alright guys this is Xavier this is the

human experience we’re getting out of


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