Transcript for Dr. Dennis Mckenna: Plants, Ecology, Ayahusca

welcome to the human experience podcast

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as we approach our ascent please make

sure your frontal temporal and occipital

lobes are in their full upright position

as you take your seats consciousness

relax your senses and allow us to take

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strangers thank you for listening


say this word but just leave me alone

that’s the messy to grow plants it’s

great to talk to your plants yeah it

gets a little weird when your plants

start talking back to you more often the

message is come closer let’s form a

symbiosis let’s form a collaboration for

mutual benefit what’s up folks wow what

an amazing interview with the legend dr.

Denis McKenna you know we get into some

really amazing topics and some necessary

things in this conversation from the

global ecosystem and how we’re affecting

it and down to the base level of how

psilocybin interacts with the brain we

talked about the FDA studies that are

occurring with psilocybin research so

you guys are going to really enjoy this

conversation thank you guys so much for

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guys so much for listening


you are listening to the human

experience and are very honoured guests

for today’s dr. Dennis McKenna Dennis my

good sir thank you so much for being

here it’s it’s so great to have you back

on the show good well thank you for

inviting me it’s a pleasure happy to be


so Dennis we’re doing this thing

together which is completely new to the

show where I’m calling it a</

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