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live at the bulletproof conference with

mr. Bo Eason it’s such an amazing

individual with a unique story he just

had such a great stage presence and we

were able to capture that energy in the

conversation cuz he had just gotten

finished doing his speech at the

conference and so we got him live for

you guys truly fun we talked about

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this one Oh Ethan thank you so much for

being here sir yeah you’re welcome what

here what a pal we are at the

bulletproof conference live and I’m

sitting next to mr. Boies and Bo what

what incredible touching speech delivery

performance I mean I don’t know how to

really call it was just so profound and

reaching and please for for the people

listening I mean I was so touched

personally by your story and it really

really made me think about myself and

the things that I’ve experienced and you

know for for the people

that might not know who you are yeah if

you could just you just give us a short

little introduction yeah well thanks for

having me Xavier it’s great to be here

and and and I’m all warmed up because I

was just onstage so we’re doing this

right after I left the stage so you know

I was a former NFL player that was my

dream and and i ended up fulfilling on

that dream it got to play in the NFL for

five years and then from there I went I

wanted to be the best play right I

wanted to be the best stage performer

and and so I did and I started training

at that and it was no different than

playing football the train was pretty

much the same and has spent many many

years doing it got to go to Broadway got

to do a one man show and and then that

led to speaking yeah and that’s where we

are today I manage a lot of speaking and

a lot of training and help people do

what I did what I was what I was trying

to do which is to be able to tell my own

story right and that’s what I do now

yeah it’s I mean it’s really incredible

because you had such such drive and

ambition you had a pretty tough

upbringing the process in which you

became as excellent as you are now was I

mean kind of crafted through how hard it

was for you in the beginning would you

would you say that would you agree for

sure it’s it’s you know what when when I

was I was raised in a way and taught to

be the best at what I do no no matter

what the occupation is so with that

comes a lot of pain because if you’re

aiming to be the best like if you and I

were aiming to be the gold medalist this

year not just a medalist we want to be

the gold medalist we got to go through a

lot more pain than the silver medalists

or the bronze medalist because it’s just

harder yeah to win it all to be the best

and so you the minute you have a dream

like that you have just invited in a lot

of obstacles that are going to come to

you which is great because obstacles

give you a great story to tell and

that’s the only the people the people

that you follow the people that you love

I’ve had a lot of obstacles and they’ve

had a lot of big mountain to climb

and that’s you and I are no different

yeah yeah I mean that’s it’s beautiful

you know you really you really present

it in such a conceptual way that I you

know people can relate to you know in

the speech that you just gave there are

these three main core kind of tenants of

your your being your philosophy and I

would love for you to give our audience

a taste of that yeah well the you know

the first thing that the onions need to

know is that they have a story most

people me included we just don’t think

we have a good story we because we lived

this life so it seems mundane to us but

it’s not to other people so everyone on

who’s listening has to know they have to

surrender to the fact that they have a

great defining moment story that define

them for the rest of their days and it

usually happens in between the ages of 9

and 12 whether you get cut from Little

League or you get dumped at the prom

those are the years where your life is

defined based on what happened and it’s

usually painful yeah for the most part

so the first critical step is the more

personal your story is you know and I

want people sharing their story because

this is the only way people know how to

follow you and the only way that you can

lead is by telling your story so you

gotta surrender to the fact that your

story has got to be personal if it’s not

personal no one will care it’s got to be

personal to you second thing is it’s got

to be physical we live in a world that

it’s lost it’s physicality because we’ve

been in the technology age for two

generations but my theory is and I think

I’m right about this is the leaders who

are going to emerge are going to be the

ones who aren’t more in the closest

touch with their own nature with mother

nature and you know if you think of

human beings were predators you know

they know we don’t like to be think of

ourselves as predators but we are and

predators are actually great and

printers are actually noble and

trustworthy but also their lethal they

can do some damage so as long as your

predatory instincts are doing the right


I want you to use that in your

storytelling so number one I wanted to

be personal number two it’s got to be

physical you’ve got to re remember what

it’s like to be physical in your life

moving like a predator hunting that kind

of movement if you think of the

occupations that you cannot look away

from whether that’s elite athletes or

watching the Olympics maybe it’s

watching Mikhail Baryshnikov to do the

ballet right maybe it’s a leet military

man charging a beachhead right those

kind of occupations you can’t look away

from because they don’t apologize for

their predatory instincts well I don’t

want anyone listening to us today I

don’t want anyone apologizing for their

predatory instincts either definitely

yeah the number of two would be you know

yeah physicality of your story number

three would be the generosity of your

story you and me are in control of how

much we’re willing to give of ourselves

usually we don’t we give our effort out

in teaspoons I don’t want that i want

the floodgates to open and i told the

story on stage about a guy named Jerry

Rice who is the greatest football player

ever to play yeah and he and I were

teammates and he taught me so much about

how much spirit he was willing to give

of himself on a football field but it

changed the way I’m married it changed

the way I parent it changed the way I

speak onstage it changed everything

about my life because of what I saw he

was willing to give of himself so those

are the three critical steps that I

would have everybody in part on their

storytelling number one it’s got to be

personal number two it’s got to be

physical and number three it’s got to be

generous you got to give all of yourself

Wow I i love i love the three tenets of

your philosophy and you know it was it

was so interesting to see you on stage

and come you were you had this command

of the stage like a military general

when you stop talking there wasn’t a

whisper I mean you could it was like a

pin drop do you know like you had full

control of this presence on stage but

you started your career with this dream

of being really the best

football yeah and then you suffered a

knee injury and you moved into play

writing and performing what was I mean

was the parallels like what what are

some of the parallels with that even

though they’re completely contrasting

opposite things I know I remember doing

an interview with the new york times

when the play was opening in New York

and the the guy wrote down in a sentence

in an ex-nfl player turned Broadway

playwright and any stop the interview

goes I’ve never written that sentence

before and I said yeah it’s true it’s

funny they seem like they’re 180 degrees

apart those two disciplines but the

principles to be in the best remain the

same which is you’ve got to have a dream

you got to have a plan you got to

execute that plan and you just got to be

unrelenting and in going for it so I

used the same work ethic that I had to

be the best safety in the NFL to be the

best play right in the world just I just

applied the same kind of work I trained

Al Pacino became a mentor of mine in

that world and he told me what to do he

used the best stage performer of his

time he told me exactly what to do so I

just did what he told me to do because

if the best tells you what to do then

guess what you get to be the best to all

you got to do is follow the map the

problem is no one follows map everyone

goes well I don’t want to do all that

work yeah well I know but why what why

not do all that work what are you going

to be doing instead of all that work

right right that’s always been my

philosophy so even though stage

performance football performance seem

like they’re polar opposites the

principles of being the best and those

two disciplines are exactly the same

yeah yeah it’s I mean it’s it’s so

coherent and it makes so much sense I

mean it really it fits into the larger

paradigm of just who who are we and I

mean what are what is what our role here

yeah and what are we supposed to be

doing or are we supposed to be taking

commander of our

and why haven’t we been taught this why

haven’t be we’ve been given this in

school why isn’t this taught and no it

makes what you do all that more

worthwhile is that you’re giving people

this message of self-empowerment how to

really take back their lives in in a

powerful way but was something that in

all this time between the the NFL and

your play work but was something that

challenged you the most hmm well there’s

you know when you’re attempting to be

you know the best safety in the NFL you

get a lot of challenges because there’s

a lot of other guys wanting to be that

too and there’s a lot of guys trying to

beat you so there’s huge challenges in

that and then you know along the way on

that journey I had seven knee surgeries

you know I mean so now you know I’ve got

to be able to use these legs if I’m to

be the best safety and now I can’t use

them because they’re injured so you face

those challenges all the time and that’s

tho those challenges are actually the

best thing that can happen to you they

can because that’s where your story

that’s where people they gravitate to

people who have to face those those

challenges they just do that’s why you

and I love people who attempted to scale

Mount Everest we just were attracted to

them we just are because we know that I

don’t think I can do that that seemed

impossible yet they attempted it or they

did it we love and more attracted to

people who have faced all the obstacles

our world like our educational system

our media in the United States

especially really teaches us to those

obstacles are bad this this life should

be easy no it shouldn’t I think that’s a

complete lie I think those obstacles

give you story give you power and that

gives the impetus for people to follow

you and then you’ve got to lead them hmm

please go on I mean how how does one

become an effective leader yeah well

here’s the thing you know I think

everybody would agree that leadership is

really a

start in our world it’s you don’t see

much of it or what we’re told is

leadership we think is somebody standing

at a podium pointing their finger at us

and you know ranting at us that’s not

leadership most leaders so-called

leaders want power but true leaders that

I mean the true pure leaders they don’t

want power already have power they’re

call that a necessity they see a problem

and they know how to fix it and so they

end up leading and they’re reluctant to

lead that’s why the best leaders are

always reluctant to do so people that

run for certain offices and stuff like

that they want power they have no idea

how to lead because no one’s attracted

to anyone who wants power they’re only

attracted to people who are taking the

call of necessity and taking it on now

they’ve done a study on leadership and

the study dated back to Julius Caesar it

starts with Julius Caesar and it goes

all the way up through 2012 the number

one ability that all of those leaders

had to have every leader from from

Julius Caesar to Lady Gaga to Osama bin

Laden to our last presidential election

so every leader in between this is who

they studied every one of those leaders

had to have one ability and that ability

was they had to have the ability to tell

their own story Wow because unless they

did someone else would tell their story

for them and their constituencies or

their audiences would not know how to

follow them unless they laid out that

connective tissue which is your personal

story so imagine that in your own life

people are waiting for you to lead

they’re waiting to follow you they just

don’t know how until you share who you

are so that they now have the connective

tissue to go ahead and follow you oh wow

that’s that’s so profound I love that

it’s it’s almost as if there’s a sort of

neural network that connects all of us

and it’s like this synapse of leadership


is you know relationship between

yourself as well as the people you’re

leading yep there’s a quote that I heard

something about real leaders create

other leaders yeah more leaders yeah

it’s good I want to you know we’ve we’ve

covered you know your philosophy that

you live by and your your life and what

do you what do you think about effective

storytelling I mean how how does a

person tell other than other than just

being you know the personal aspect of it

yeah how do you how do you structure a

story to impact and reach people yeah

start here’s a there’s a great learning

thing as far as telling your stories far

as great storytelling goes start at your

lowest moment most people want to start

at their highest moment they want to

introduce themselves with their story by

saying hey I’m the best safety in the

world well you can’t do that because no

one cares they care about where you

started so I if you notice when I spoke

on stage today I started with when I was

nine years old I had a dream yeah so now

everyone in the audience has gone like

this oh this nine year olds got a dream

trouble is on its way there’s gonna be

some fire breathing dragon gonna try to

scream and that’s just how it that’s

great storytelling because now they’re

with you if you and me think about

movies that you love if you and me were

about to make a movie today about

climbing Mount Everest think about what

the first frame of film would be that we

wanted the audience to see what would it

be would it be us standing on top of

Mount Everest with flags planet and us

waving it wouldn’t it would be a

standing at the bottom of Mount Everest

looking up at an impossible task and

looking at each other and going there’s

no way in hell we can do this that’s

great storytelling start at the bottom

so the audience can help you build all

the way to the top yeah wow that’s

that’s amazing runt went on to do pretty

well you were in you were in New York

you in Houston you got some rave reviews

by that I mean

what was the idea of run you were

performing as an NFL player on stage no

I was I mean I was an act I you know I

was no longer an NFL player so many

years had passed I trained for those 15

years and I got good so I wrote the play

and it’s a very personal story to me and

the more personally story is the more

effect you have so the story really

started affecting audiences until it

just kept going on I’ve performed that

thing like thirteen hundred times Wow

and it got bought as a movie and it’s

going to be made into a movie and it

goes on and on and on because the story

is personal that’s what people respond

to they don’t care about sports stories

that are general they just don’t care

about them if your movie is general that

you go to into you’ll walk out of it if

it’s specific to the storyteller you’ll

stay and you’ll love it so that’s what

run was all about and that’s what really

gave way to this whole speaking and

training career that I have now you know

something else that you mentioned was

how nature is undefeated yeah I love

that yeah i mean that’s such a beautiful

quote there was there’s an algae used

about how we are we are kind of number

one already because we are conceived

yeah and just this the sheer odds of

conception are still so massively large

yeah that nature has put us in line to

be number one already yeah can you can

you please expand on that well yeah I

just you know you have to remember you

know our media and our world pretty much

teaches us that mediocrity is as high as

we should hope to get and I don’t think

they’re talking to us because look if

you think of the day that you were

conceived there were 300 million sperm

delivered on that day 300 million and

you were one of them and the odds of you

being born was 300 million to one think

of those odds if I if I told you hey

Xavier how would you like to train for

the gold medal in the in swimming in the

Olympics you’re going to have to beat

Michael Phelps to win the gold your

let’s train for the next 20 years the

odds of you winning Xavier are 300

million to one you’re probably going to

say you know I bow those odds don’t

sound too good to me

but I would say to you you’re wrong cuz

you’ve already done it you done that

anybody won that race yeah why wouldn’t

you take those odds you’re already

number one so remember who you are not

who the media talks to you like you are

that’s not who you are you are you are a

one-time phenomenon remember it and

that’s why your story is so unique

that’s why you’re already number one you

just have to fulfill on your destiny of

being number one just to just to play

devil’s advocate just for a second how

can we all be number one how can

everyone on the planet be number one

right I know imagine that just imagine

for a second if that’s the case imagine

that’s all your quest and it’s not even

that we have to achieve number one but

it has to be our aspiration that has to

be our quest right imagine a world where

everyone’s quest was to be the best in

the world at what they do so say you and

me are in a restaurant right now Xavier

in world we just ordered our food and

the waitress what if the waitress that’s

waiting on us or the waiter what if

their only job was to be the best

waitress in the world what if that was

requested how cool would that meal be

four you and me it would be the best

meal we’ve ever had right and what if

the chef are the cook who’s ever

preparing that meal what if his quest

was it be the best chefs in the world

yeah how would that meal be different

that is that is all I’m interested in is

the effort is the aspiration to be the

best I want to live in a world where

people that’s how they treat their lives

because that’s what we truly are yeah I

love it man i just say and you know you

you talk about humans being predators

and how we we are naturally kind of

condition to be in the state yeah I knew

you made the analogy of motherhood and

talked about how there was a line in the

room that no one would take there are

eyes online and then you then you

related back to human beings yeah and

how people should be watching you yeah

and if you’re not creating this sort of

presents mean it my interpreting this

correctly yeah where where if you’re if

people aren’t watching you then you’re

not you’re doing it wrong yeah that’s

right you’re most people walking around

in this day and age are apologizing for

who they are now they’re not going

around going I’m sorry I’m sorry their

body is saying it so you and I could not

be here if we weren’t survivalist if we

didn’t know how to be a predator because

we our ancestors would have died long

time ago nobody got eaten they’ve got

killed by the the next the neighboring

tribe it would have been eaten by

predator Canis that means we’re

predators ourselves which means we’re

very dangerous which means we know how

to take care of business but we think

we’re safe we think like we’re walking

around like casual like it’s a walk in

the park actuality we move like

predators and we dude you got to think

of the times when you do move like this

when you play in the NFL you’ve got to

move like this because you’ll get killed

out there if you’re in the military and

you’re charging a beachhead you’ve got

to move like that or you’ll be dead if

you’re a firefighter and you’re charging

into a building that’s burning down

right you move like a predator because

you have to otherwise you’re going to

die yeah when you’re a mother and you’re

someone’s going to hurt your child you

turn into a bear a grizzly bear and you

rip the person’s heart out who’s trying

to hurt your child that’s a predator

that’s who we naturally are we just

gotta re remember who we are and start

to bring that to our everyday life and

if you do that if you start to access

that part of yourself people won’t have

the ability to look away from you

because no one can look away from a

predator it’s just how it works we’re

not it’s in our DNA we see a predator we

have to pay attention to it because it’s

life or death Wow yeah since we’re on

this track your last your last one which

is generosity yeah and it being generous

with yourself and all the time yeah it’s

such a such a beautiful message what

does it mean what does it mean to be

generous this is how what I mean by it

I’m talking about the ability to give

all of yourself all of the time now

that’s difficult but if you think about

it it’s how we’re wired we would just

like I talked about the predator piece

we know how to give of ourselves we just

don’t we turn down the dial so we don’t

get hurt we don’t get our heart broken I

want your heart broken so I want you

giving all of yourself and I talked

about on stage I talked about a teammate

of mine Jerry Rice who’s the greatest

football player ever to play the game

and the reason he is is because he gave

all of himself every single time he

touched the ball yeah every time not

half the time not every tenth time he

caught the ball every time he touched

the ball he trained his body to go full

speed and get it in the end zone well

there’s no accident that he’s got more

touchdowns than anyone else in the

history of the game because he trained

himself to give of himself I just want

everyone who’s listening to this to

start to train yourself and start to

watch yourself how much are you willing

to give in your job in your marriage in

your parenting in your business how much

you willing to give of yourself and

you’re going to put yourself at risk

because you know it’s very risky pop

proposition yeah because a lot of times

there’s a lot of rejection it’s a lot of

heartache you know but what are we here

to do protect our heart Oh think so hey

hey Bo you you strike me as a very

hardworking individual and your story

touched everyone in that room I mean

there wasn’t a single person that wasn’t

like wow this is amazing you know I just

to kind of wrap up here because I know

that your time is short but if there was

if there was one thing that you could

kind of go back and rewind in time 20

years to your younger self would there

be a message that you could kind of

delivered yeah I look my dad woke me up

and I four older sisters he woke them up

and I have an older brother so I’m the

youngest of six he woke us up every

single morning by rubbing our backs and

he would whisper in our ears that we

were the best

and he would say keep moving partner

you’re the best and then he drop a few

expletives right there this is how he

talked but that’s how he woke us up yeah

so for all those years all I heard was

you’re the best you’re the best get up

there keep moving partner you’re the

best keep going keep going keep going

yeah and if if people would just

remember that that that’s actually what

they’re here to do is to fulfill on that

and you have to also stay true you know

to your dream I do this you know just

like my dad I do that to my kids I have

three little kids and I do the same

thing to them every morning I wake him

up I tell them they’re the best and I

tell them it’s their job to find out

what their dream is and I’ll help them

achieve it and so with the rest of the

world and stay true to it and so I had

that growing up I was lucky and what I’d

love to give this world and what I tell

all my clients and all the people that I

work with and my kids is you’re the best

and I will constantly reminding them

that they’re the best and they’re

supposed to fulfill on this destiny and

that’s their job and if they’re not

going to do that then shame on them wow

man I i love it i truly love it i wish

we had more time Bo but we don’t where

can people find your work your website

bowie’s and yeah my it is it’s Bowie

Singh Kham so it’s Bo my last name is

east and EAS o and all my

trainings are on there i do a three day

event every year twice a year and i

bring people in from all over the world

and train them on how to tell their

story how to physicalize their story and

it’s a really amazing event and people

are interested in that it’s something

that’s really really want to come to and

then you know if people have ever had

that inkling you know like that that

little whisper in your ear that man yeah

that I I was put on at 300 million to

one odds and I’m the one they want to

fulfill on that I would go to Bowie

Singh Kham and I always start to get

involved with what I do because all you

need when you have dreams of being the

best you got to reminded of who you are

because you forget yeah you know with

all the things coming at us and all the

distractions you forget who you are yeah

yeah so I’d love to have thank you so

much for making the time to do this this

is incredible this is a human experience

my name is Xavier katana my guest mr.

Bowie sin but was truly proud pleasure

sir thank you thank you so much for

taking the time to yeah you’re welcome

every rose is a blast thank you you guys

we will see you guys next week thank you

guys so much for listening

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