The human experience is permeating the nature of reality running your overdue paradigms in getting objective was my guest tonight NASA physicist consciousness Explorer and author of his book my big toe Mr. Tom Campell

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Yes I sure think we will. I would just like to open the conversation by saying that you have the most amazing beard I have ever seen. It is the Einstein of beards and we can call it the Campell beard if that’s okay with you.  okay so the past pleasantries of what’s let’s talk about Tom about your work with Mr. Monroe find Mr. Monroe quite fascinating and so. And you guys work together. If you could just get into the birth of hemisync in your work with Robert Monroe think that would be interesting.

I am a physicist whom the introduction to awareness to physical reality with so to the version of what was war was in graduate school work a good about the use of the understood book software much better and more your landlord overrode no influence perhaps it was a user to just bring up the print outs in the Muggle look at the little ones that go wood-burning where the government was doing was familiar with what the article for the law and sure enough votes were held is Butler’s report cards from boxes and boxes of little to the difficult competitive that is so climate of debugging to find commercial or no most bullish; become overwhelming.

Was so little off-center government worked with lots of links approved version it was important most because you are 100 runs with slow to the river and the introduction of our diverse graduate school where I took a job. Before too long been in first job my boss have new book of journeys of the body by Monroe. Monroe but when you send your book is limited to do is what you think, should well this is true while there’s a whole in reality but don’t know about the suits your girl how can we tell the difference is true or not that turned out the but Monroe live work just the 45 minutes away from where we all lived and worked. in about an appointment and bunch of people from where I work also wrote the book from. Most the scientists and engineers at five we would see Bob Monroe Institute who was this guy who wrote this book and was real was influential and that was my first introduction to Bob Monroe.

While I was there turned out Bob adjust the laboratory for the study of consciousness because it had these out of body experiences happen to him and he wasn’t satisfied that it was just weird stuff that happened to him, he wanted to understand. Bob was a businessman. Who was the CEO and founder of the cable company at the time reasonably wealthy and lived in so for a nice studied of the note in the countryside with horses running alongside the whiteboard Fence. Sort of thing so he was willing to do in my first thought when driving them because the study was noted that good for the money because they just don’t make that much but with that kind of a book if you’re bored. Itis not worth the trouble so that wasn’t a slow but worked with Bob Monroe for the next 10 years myself and that is not hard, was an electronic engineer who are work with me and we went out the box to help understand this out of body experience. To learn what Bob could teach us about the experiencing the larger reality ourselves because if it’s not your experience is not experience. If you just do it all intellectually about Bob’s experience when you’re very limited than ever understanding

that some things you need to experience to understand than the larger consciousness is and is out about her elders is one of those things so we both have been had the idea will this turns out just be bogus than were out of the urban Willets goats, but it sounds exciting sounds like fun so let’s see what happened well what happened is that go before long Bob thought Dennis and I both the go out of body. On demand whatever he wanted to and we did a lot of research and evidential things what could we affect what kind of information could we gather notes but psycho remote viewing a few well you see things and pens and describe what was there and check it out we try to heal in which the young telekinesis payment and we try to just study what you could do with the all the while working in the lab building equipment to try to monitor physiological responses and then the try to come up with tools that would help but drive altered states of consciousness and that sort of thing. So that was so my life and for the best part well outside five years it was intense and that means arms within a 40 hour week job which is more like 50 or 55 hour week job and I was spending 20 hours 15 to 20 hours a week with Bob Monroe. On either working in the lab doing experiments or of being the subject of experiments myself and (Bob but teach me how to explore this new reality so that was it then and in that amount of time Dennis and I to find a way to enhance the experience or at least the drive the altered states in which the spirit of this experience about body became more accessible to the average person that was called on all beats binaural beats are our technology that you can find on the Internet of your Google binaural beats shall find two or three sites that let you make a binaural beat to suit yourself binaural beat is to put two independent frequencies one each year’s meeting with a headset and it started oh player and you put one town one pure frequency in one… Hundred the urchin and wonder then you put hundred and four and the other now you know little bit about physics frequencies like that and they get the mix like in error or in your nervous system that shall end up with frequency that’s the difference between the two frequencies in this case the frequency of be about 4 Hz so what happens is the one telling goes and what so your right ear of the Otago’s manual of your and you get a four signal at the corpus callosum which is the recently the membrane that area between the two hemispheres the brain that turns out that signal them drives the EEG so the person will find more and more of the energy in the UGG starched fall under the 4 Hz frequency range and that in that range so that’s that’s theta state.

so we tried that on lots of people something new we were doing most were just naïve enough to listen listen to what happens and we were ready e.g. Ottoman GSR and other sorts of the monitoring equipment and then we talk to them about what the dresses like and so on and we we we realize that this was really a pretty powerful tool that would help one get into what does we might call a good meditation state by good I’m in a very productive one one the one that’s useful for the within focusing one’s intent and healing or traveling toward the most you one of the so that was so that was, and how I got there connected with Bob Monroe and the medicine I ended up boat discovering this binaural beats

 Dennis was really the one that came up with. He was reading a scientific American article and the author of an article this is not back in 1972 and it was an article by don’t remember the first night of the last name was Oscar and he wrote about binaural beats and gave a little bit of there was a kind of a new thing and uses writing this article to introduce the concept of the people and indicated that it that the move was a possibility that it might the influence of EEG output so does all that and said okay or something for us to try the lab as we move this 4 Hz was noted was a young signature of the Bob Monroe got us into his body he would get this vibration of 4 Hz so that was one fact we had to work with than we thought we would try to no courage that 4 Hz and if your whole brain and nervous system was oscillating

4 Hz maybe that would be away with a note we were cut and try experimental mode to see what happened so it worked up well Dennis and I played with it for another week or two by ourselves as Bob was out of town so we had optimize it in what’s the base frequency was at 4 Hz or four have forgot 3.75 per watt and at what amplitude you play at the level of variables we went through the truck optimize the effect of the and training lives and when Bob came back we played him the book the tones in the was very impressed with it as well and began to add some of his own sounds to it which were mostly the relaxation sounds like surf sounds that the kind of thing but but the source sounds actually work will sure they also had 4 Hz the white the white noise wells more like pink noise of the noises as white noise with the hide behind and cut off so it’s not quite so jarring that’s the software sounds was a pink noise modulated the 4 Hz and the next it had come adult way than thereto so that’s what we’ve been using before we does we found was binaural beats and afterwards we had that original sound with the binaural beat laid out into the river they were put together in the same track so that became heavy sink and heavy sink is a signature technology laboratories Bob Monroe got the patent on that and it has probably changed and modified many times between then and now. So it’s not necessarily the same hemisphere that should listen to do the border of a current tape from the Monroe Institute but that was the beginning anyway of the work between bob and myself.

I definitely suggest anyone listening to the show right now to check out a Bob Monroe’s work and his books and be hemisync can disclose I personally used hemisync  about 10 years ago just as I was beginning my meditation phase and it really helped quite a lot so getting the history that is is very intriguing so how did you move from working with Mr. Monroe to the late developing a theory of everything?

as a person do that the physicist, I’m a scientist got a throne through when and as a physicist why my job is to understand reality this with physics… How does the world work so that’s what physicist do and that’s where my mindset was so once I understood that reality was bigger than just his physical reality and then I understood after being with Bob that I could explore that with some also some regularity in other words I could produce altered states precisely and go to the same states and do the same things in the same way and try to eliminate all the variables that I could and then change one verbal and see what difference it made no so I could do experiments in the space so I began the early of Bobby after a year to a Bob Monroe’s early in the process my job kind of in the group was to know to understand what went on how could you explain what’s the connection between physical reality in this larger reality what is the larger reality was a come from was at the wise of their how do we relate to it etc. etc. all the questions about trying to understand what is it and how does it work so I continued with that for the next roughly 35 years and from that was started in 1972 so in night and 2003 in February I published the books my pick the cook put me that long and that was pretty continuous is not much time that I was away from that the doing other things are pretty much worked on continuously for that amount of time doing research experimenting the experiencing of that sort of thing and it was bottle than that actually thought I have an idea about how it work so I wrote this book’s in the book started out to be sort of an explanation of the larger reality and consciousness and that was more metaphysics and philosophy than physics although I knew that was the bigger picture and everything else had the derived from that but it really didn’t understand how that might happen I just got up and I knew that was the way it had to go: the big toe the big theory of everything because it was the foundation consciousness is the fundamental thing and everything else is derived thereof but then after the books were published of realized that the same logic that are used to describe consciousness and how consciousness work and its parameters described how physics work as well. Very same I do know I don’t like to so long to get that but it did is probably a year or so after the publication and it’s like a this is why the double slit experiment works the way it does then this is why sees a constant and this is why you know we have entanglement than all of these

big mysteries in physics that the nowhere does mass come from workers charged him from all these unknowns all these hard problems just disappeared it was clear that though there was a bird nice logical derivation of all of them and it all came from the same two assumptions that really drove the third of consciousness and in the larger reality so was all very neat and elegant than contained within just a few ideas explained all about so that’s kind of how I ended up writing those books it was just my was just the way I’m built I guess that I kept working on trying to understand the until I finally got somewhere to steer your search for answers and looking for truth that pretty much in and the thing that really helped us of being a scientist and, 00 programmed a few well to think logically to have a high level of proof requirement for proof if it has to make sense from all angles have the repeated many times and I don’t the guy don’t go there if it isn’t a logo on the ground of it is in solid so that helped me having this attitude of experiments proceed see where the limits or were you run up against the wall in and not in this process so that was that was a so because I was a scientist and because also I’d spent no 35 years studying consciousness I was able to put together I don’t think I could’ve put together if I had just one of those the mindsets are one of those sets of experience in both the physics experience in mindset and the experience an allergic consciousness system otherwise wouldn’t have been able to pull it together so let’s break it down for our listeners immediate severe there is working the computer basically and what there someone has pressed and on but and it’s kind of running this program and my close to close it’s not that we are in a computer depends on who you define we is because the we the body in this physical reality in his physical universe and the consciousness and those two things are not the same thing so if we say we the consciousness then we are not really in the computer as far as in the Nvidia in the simulation annex the physical reality were in the larger computer if you well which is the larger consciousness system consciousness itself is a information field is an information system a

nd that would make sense if you think of what is consciousness that’s information it’s basically information and communication that makes up consciousness the your awareness of your reality has to do with the data that you collect your senses if you had no site no sound no smell taste no touch them with your reality be like your reality would be the road basically to be floating the note that avoid the bark bark order would be no of reality just just the fact that I am due to be aware of the two existing nothing else would be there so you can see the awareness consciousness is information reality is information and our thoughts also information our thoughts carry information that’s that’s what they do it’s the way of our language carries information our thinking terms information so an information system describes consciousness and

then this consciousness is larger consciousness system creates a virtual reality called our physical universe for us to experience it and it has its own reasons for doing that but, maybe straighten settled but which is so so then are we presumably he works full reality characters in this sort of works will machine and then our consciousness is the information that you even call it a sort of magnifying lens or just information about it’s a it’s a subset of a larger consciousness system are consciousness is a subset to wear a piece of that larger consciousness system and the our consciousness of courses information processing memory all of all of that experience with all that stuff that defines up all the choices we made all the experience we’ve had been with the finalists who we are and are our uniqueness but think of it in this same model save the World of Warcraft World of Warcraft so you your playing that an elf or the Sims would be the same sort of thing we’re playing a character but World of Warcraft you have an elf that output elf is not conscious you are the else consciousness if you don’t give that elf in a direction that you don’t tell it what to do it just stands there and does nothing maybe it wobbles around a little bit but it just has no note it has no direct and without you the player to player arts consciousness but there’s another point here that the city and that is the elf’s reality does not contain you the consciousness deal’s reality meal body in the rule set that defines World of Warcraft creates constraints on the data stream that is passed into the consciousness was that your computer received the history and you interpret that the stream is the World of Warcraft world but you cannot be inside the World of Warcraft world do the consciousness must be in a separate reality frame outside of the virtual reality in which are playing words that Nelson World of Warcraft will never find a building that has the server and it that’s creating the World of Warcraft is that the World of Warcraft server the creates a World of Warcraft can’t be a part of the World of Warcraft world it has to exist outside of that world has to exist Redken said in other that’s just someplace else other than World of Warcraft will why is that because the simulation can’t create itself That’s the third grade logic right of the simulation Create itself because before it created itself it didn’t exist to create itself say that’s a pretty simple idea there is their intelligence within this larger consciousness in music class consciousness of sin nowhere intelligence intelligent the intelligence basically come from learni

ng from experience and this is this larger consciousness to more vast experience than we do with the subsets of it in the subset never contains all the information of the superset so it’s a larger thing than we are altogether but yes it is intelligent it’s aware it’s conscious and it has a built house at a omission and that is to survive when you talk about information systems you have one of two different extreme states the nuke burgers suspended somewhere between them and that is every bit information systems random and there is no information there is no awareness is the conscious nothing is random bits there’s no structure there’s no meaning there’s no content so content requires of structure that requires so of order if you well it requires pattern and that is how physics defines the word called entropy high entropy means of randomness of high entropy of your letter randomness and information system in your low entropy of you have a lot of content structure so entropy is a matter is a measure of disorder more disorder high entropy lust lust disorder or moral order and you have low entropy so an information system and this is the standard though the information science and t

alking about now information system Lincoln can be described in terms of its entropy help evolve that is how much information it has as opposed to randomness to the system is a is a and aware evolving system it’s changing your house as we were evolving that’s evolving and what it has to do to maintain itself is it always has to put forth effort in order to not dissolve in the randomness and that’s something that takes effort because if you don’t do anything if you just sit and there’s no maintenance there’s no effort then randomness happens and you entropy happens and you start to disintegrate you start come apart dissolve your order begins to go away so custom effort is is needed and what the system is doing its evolving and it’s bowling toward more functional information and lower states of entropy and notes that has to do is to keep working that were pieces of it so that’s what were doing to that’s the overall of dynamic here is that the whole system is trying to lower its entropy or maintain its entropy and lower its entropy that the it does that by its choices if it makes good choices as choices regarding my information system that sure information and were pieces of it… Interaction between subsets of itself and how it interacts requires choices choices of what the doing what to do with the information you get what the bill about what the sending and the stolen those choices are choices that help build and then produce and create more structure more information than that’s on the path of evolution in the first choices create more randomness in the things apart then the choices on the way toward the evolution of the system and we are in this physical reality as pieces of the system’s put hero should say playing here in order to have a reality frame with enough rules that we did good feedback on the value of our choices were choices doing what kind of choices are that if there’s no rules than there’s no way to assess what is your doing so we made the rules and once we have rules the rules define a virtual-reality unkindest around in the third Hurlbut just try to get people up the speed and is lots of things I’ve left out but but anyway with that’s kind of the kind were going to yes room virtual-reality us were consciousness consciousness can’t be in the same reality is the virtual-reality that it’s plain you can’t be in the same reality Israel you have to be in a different reality than your elf so you are a piece of consciousness you are not in this physical reality in other words your consciousness is not derived from the physical reality somehow how does free will play into the aspect of growth learning and the information system K was a few things that the information system needs to be conscious and the way we should we start is with the system that the just awareness is not really conscious yet we can call it primordial conscious if you like its awareness and that awareness can do no more than be aware of it it’s in state wate

r state tobut be so it’s up and this is the subsumption we start there that there is such a thing such an entity that can tell whether since they want to start to and we have to start Barrett’s nondata that’s not a flaw or assumption that the gun starts in the middle button will talk about later about the limits of knowledge and that requires such start anyway so here we have the system and if the system can distinguish between states one state to then a few things are just happened one time has just been invented because if now I’m in one and no wonder I’m into then there’s a before-and-after state and then time is invented solar to have a system that can be aware of being in one state or another you have to have time otherwise it could change between one state or another which means it really wouldn’t be aware that there were two states that would have to be so time is that integral part of this existence without the time the can’t even stay one and nonstate through the snow before-and-after melt the thing evolves this is a assistant entity balls and as it evolves number of creating information if it goes randomness of it lose its idea of these two steps the inspector randomness there’s nothing evolves and it gets lots of the state that state the other states the multiple states lots of one’s lots of lots of twos raising bees in the cannot and then put those in the and patterns to make patterns of patterns we haven’t evolution going on here with this the system but it gets limited after whilst what it can do is just one monolithic thing it’s just the thing an

d it’s making patterns and things but there’s this that’s the it’s only analogous to those patterns and its limited so what it does is what is natural to things that people same thing our biological cells that the once it lowered entropy to the point of its patterns and patterns of patterns and so on information you business the statements that you can think of is ones and zeros in the computer then it needs to interact it has to interact with a piece of itself so the thing in our biology the cells split or one celled things got together to make a money so or cells split build a permanent thing however you want to look about that’s the way that you create now a whole new set of novelty wear interactions and patterns become though much more extensive you just you just added another degree of freedom with that because now we have communication but the communication doesn’t mean anything if there’s no free will of the two things of communicating Communicate independently and freely then there’s really no communication if it’s just you talking to yourself and you go hello me and me says hi how you doing I’m doing fine but it’s all just you playing both parts then you haven’t done anything more than just be the one thing you were used to let monolithic bank so unless you get unless you give that other entity free will in other words it can make choices on its own you don’t make its choices for it has the freedom to choose between the available choices that it has there’s more than one way you can react to you that it gets to choose which one of those

multiple ways that will react what kind of data is it going to share with you how will it interpret the data you send it that has to be free otherwise you’re still stuck with one monolithic thing and not evolving so now we have free will so you have to have time you have to have free will is one more thing you have to have and that is you need a virtual-reality no virtual-reality lice that are defined before it is just a set of information and if you have a rule set you can create a virtual-reality based on those rules like the World of Warcraft is based on a set that defines what the elf and all the other characters and things can build the elf cannot walk through tree bill falls off a cliff note does get hurtunderwater too long it will drown it will die and so on it’s because of the roles at the lines the constraints of exchanges of interactions during things okay so what rule sets required here its configuration have to at least the front make the rules that define a basic communication protocols so that these two this these two entities is two pieces of consciousness can talk to each other can communicate past data back and forth so you need a little bit would call up a language that is not spoken language obviously but you need a protocol for communication so those of the things we need this renewed the so basic prototype of consciousness that is has awareness time is awareness between two states free will is required so it can interact with something other than just itself so that has something unique interactive because when it does there’s lots of novelty lots of new ways to construct and building and make patterns so that’s in its path to evolution and then you have to have a virtual-reality which the rules at the creates the ability to communicate so that’s all these things are necessary for consciousness if you take any of those away then there is no consciousness so consciousness exists always things get that exist at the same time that all logical and necessary for each other are there more advanced of less and entropy systems that of information systems that exist more efficiently higher planes of existence of light will say more efficiently of there are lots of other books realities of physical universe is not the only virtual-reality that there many some some of them are a very loose rule such as note was no more rule set just the communication protocols at that point the virtual-reality is like a note of the chat room that has looks 100,000 people in chat room and expel the rules of the know how to communicate that you can type in a gets this but it that’s that’s the rules that will that make severity of very loose for a minimalist set for virtuality is rich rally like ours that the has a rule set boats same minute of instrument how our reality is made of reality was created not by planting the programmer planning every tree and rock it wasn’t programmed it evolved so it was given some good takes initial conditions and will set now those initial conditions are at our best guess at this time was a very very small ball of plasma at extremely high energy and high-pressure and that plasma when the run button was hit that plasma changed according to the rules set so the initial conditions were set up this is plasma burst type and run button and it starts to change because of the pressure it expands as it expands it cools is a cool to get sons and then planets in solar systems and then you get another thing then you get a cell evolves to be us sitting here talking over Skype so that’s the that’s the that’s how our physical universe is created is created as a simulation it is evolving and it continues to evolve it isn’t the program like World of Warcraft so we have t

his this virtuality and its evolving and why did we meet it because if the point of this concert will backup one one more step about but I need to focus coherent and others when you have a social when you have a beta system of individuated units of consciousness that are communicating with each other and you do this like a say in order to give more more more degrees of freedom with things that you can construct that way than what you end up with is a social system is its a lot of chunks of consciousness interacting with each other that’s a social system if you take a social system how do you optimize what do you do to optimize the social system what you do to reduce entropy as much as possible within this social system since producing entropy is really the goal here. To keep this thing going a lot will the answer to that is by cooperation by working together by co-op you are cooperating caring when I called out to the of the love that’s if you will load direction and the opposite of that is what I call the field direction and the student would be his is a you is all about self envelope is all about other how do we optimizes altogether is the is the love direction and how can I get as much as I can for myself is what we have been the direction so and that’s their direction you see if everyone is out for themselves and there’s no trust because it’s notes based on spirits all about you and me and I’ve made to have what I need a minimum when I do that I need to keep it so nobody takes away from and then because something bigger stronger than he can take it away from me I join up with other units so that we together are well how to cut a mutual defense pact and will keep other interest in taking our stuff away from this course of the rent is full of the mutual defense fax and then these two groups of entities can fight and struggle with each other trying to get each other stop in the make sure mobile

s gets their stuff to the stores to sell like us right that’s the way we know that’s the way we work here were basically fear-based in this virtuality so you take those two now the one that is cooperative and each unit of repairs about optimizing the whole that group will eventually optimize what they really got the will cooperate away to build as much as they can build and the other one it’ll never get so no loan entropy because there’s always somebody turn something down because somebody else is some you want woman know they build something up you tear down are you taken over you buildings up other people tear down it’s a constant struggle to an competitive world in which it’s very difficult to cooperate but so much because if you know cooperation to be really effective requires trust and if there’s no trust in fear-based world on the pillars or cooperates are good together toward the bill for client investors because it so you might lose your investments of so do these duties: systems or the just how would you define these two subsets and today to the move apart and then together seven people or the entities that kind of dwell around fear they come to collect together and same with the ones that are around love the it’s not that these is that these two various subsets were created and at my prescription assistance to show or just to point out that we have an entity it’s broken itself and the pieces it’s interacting and it’s doing this all to reduce its entropy so it can stay alive in the right to so then how does it do that see how is it optimize itself to do that well the way it does that is by making choices that are cooperative that are supportive of the of the whole and the end of each other now the way that ate that a sudden social system the way that works is that the individuals the way they erected by making choices whatever they do it to choices and intent and the intent then is followed through by my choice if you make choices that move you toward the loci that move you toward the cooperative side about other of then you are part of the solution toward lowering attribute if you make choices that are all so focused and based on then you are moving the system toward the evolution so that gives the system now a goal to do patient wh

o does not knows what it needs to to give its pieces experience that helps them evolve toward love because that’s how it survives so it needs them to create a virtual reality with more traction with more feedback than this big chat room with 100,000 things chatting in it usually with no rules because that has very little traction have you know what your effectiveness on anything how and how do you know what you’re getting is a just made up richer there’s no traction and said yes you can pass information around but it’s a really slow process of understanding how to make choices for the system survives so you need a virtual reality where you have a rule set a title of rule set where the feedback from your choices is pretty obvious know what what you are the choices you make makes the difference in those consequences are) if I should do with so th

at’s the kind of virtual reality that’s been created with this set of initial conditions and the rule set and the run button and a course that will set his is a physics it’s basically the rules of how things can direct tell energy can be exchanged within this virtuality in this computation is virtuality is a simulation involving simulation and it was created to create experience were choices could be made with feedback so our virtual reality of physical universe is kind of the fast-track and consciousness evolution because we have all these choices but you know to look at it you were still pretty fair base but we’ve got a long way to go making progress but know you start the beginning work on it and we are not the only such we might call goes virtual-reality can call it the unit entropy reduction trainer for individual use of consciousness were not the only entropy reduction trainer gone on the others the system wouldn’t put all its eggs in one basket it would bet that would bet the parameters in the physics in the rules of a little related initial conditions you need to get something that stable and and and functional now we are consciousness of very much like we as that is the player in World of Warcraft consciousness doesn’t exist in the physical virtual-reality the physical virtual-reality regard physical universe just sets the constraints on what you know what the duck consciousness can experience through that avatar through that being just like World of Warcraft will subsets of constraints on what you can experience with your elf yourself can only do certain thi

ngs ask her in ways and know that those good things at subpoints go up and that goes up levels but does bad things it goes down levels in loses of point so there’s a structure sets up an amount that gives us choice and result choices of where we are juncture consciousness we are playing a and avatar character which just like the hell it’s just a computer character of body and his physical reality is just the computations of the simulation just like World of Warcraft is is a so it’s the same sort of things aware consciousness and were playing playing this game it sets an immersive game we actually we talk about ourselves as an individual unit of consciousness that’s kind of the accumulator if you well that’s the that’s the larger us in a piece of that is immersed in this game is a player in this game so you’re your bodies dislike the elf it’s a computed that entered the and you get a data stream from the server which is in a larger consciousness system outside the physical reality and the data stream is constrained by the constraints of the rule set of that virtual-reality so that means that somebody sneaks up behind your your your avatar and hit you over the head with a lead pipe and causes brain damage what that is is it it increases the constraints on the character now that character may be slurs his words and drags its love foot because of the brain damage is so it just increased the constraints and you can also decrease constraints if you do things that enable you to do more secure pictures have larger of decisions but so that’s kind of the basic nature of know-how reality works and the neat thing about it is that since I published this in 2003 was me and maybe two through the people of the planet’s all this reality has no being best modeled as a virtual-reality and now a lot of physicists of the all the best institutions that think virtual-reality is the way to future because the experiments that busine

sses do just keep saying that it of this reality is virtual reality is informational physicist no longer look at electrons as chunks of matter with charge they look at electrons point with the attribute of charge in the attribute of mass well how would we model electron and up in the computer unit model of this point the attribute of charge and attribute of mass so that’s moving that way science is going away physics is going that way so virtual-reality seems to be what the experiments it started in early 1900s the double slit experiment was the first one that the basically pointed in that direction and many many others have I don’t go by a month that I don’t see another paper published in some of the free physics journal explaining that virtual-reality is the only way to explain his experiment so it’s it’s a it’s a coming thing in physics that makes so much sense and I’m quite surprised that I haven’t heard this before. Sooner how do how would DVDs war archetypes like being in Christ and God take figures play into his system okay your name several different kinds of things there that you archetypes is talk about archetypes as they were defined by a call you own archetypes as he defined them were cut ideas ways of thinking ways of being that the are common to the group of individuals in the group might be a culture well people’s culture kind of thing can see the world this way and all it could be a species like humans their archetypes of the human archetypes as cultural archetypes and the and so on he work that down but the next we see the bigger picture of the architecture where they come from but the archetypes are created out of them and say group consciousness if you should well it’s a shared shirt thoughts all the individual units of consciousness are netted the that’s what conscious does it communicates and intent is the is the is the motive force intent is this what the hell makes that communication goats what moves data so all the individual user countries are all big net dislike of the world World Wide Web all those webpages will be met but you have to have an intent to go click on one of them to get that information if you don’t have that intent then you don’t see that webpage but a few if you have an intent to see that inf

ormation when you click on it you get that information and share information with so it’s like that were all connected but it doesn’t it’s not like the World Wide Web and that you don’t really have to click all you have to do is have a connection and intention that kind of includes people in your group and then used your sharing information that we see that say at the bottom and most simple level as a mob take a mob and you have about 20 people in a mob that will live somebody and you will find that the psychology that mob is a lower level than the psychology minute individuals so the mob itself will worse than any of the individuals would buy themselves why because their share in their trading all this information around and their meeting each other’s frenzy a few of each other spirits set anxiety each other is the leader whatever it is so because of that mutual reinforcement it gets worse and worse you do the same thing if you’re in the note if you’re in a bunch of people who are full of law (and respect them all up, pulls you up some you back to look better when you’re around those people of course you walk away from those people and you’re still just yourself because you don’t know you haven’t learned anything you have to learn it at the being level that’s another concept we have an intellectual being level you’re being level is the court what’s really your intellectual level this is what you think another word look Saber talk about being kind if you if you are kind because you think it’s a good idea and you should be that’s acting time but if you’re kind of the being level just our current is think about it… I welsh about help that person well I probably should because it would be would be nice to do that and that’s an intellectual decision that’s acting, but if you see a person is help needed help don’t think about it is just the way you are busy that’s that’s kind is at the being level so w

e we work in these two notice to different the level so I know I can’t have a bigger picture right so we started with the with the assumption of the thing that just there was aware of states and we got time and with time to know what we live the way out where missed information exchange is the virtual-reality way also had a great park so that would be able to create more rush structure but with itself and it just did that because that’s what evolution doesn’t find things at work and then once it finds it works it works with benefit find things of the work of the Spirit so it did that consciousness now conscious has free will is time and it’s aware and it’s an information system because always this and that states are ones and zeros that learners to communicate which is basically what patterns are sleep pattern itself as a communication if I make a pattern and I cited up down up down up down you know what the next was good but it’s been a bailout how did you know that because there’s information in the powder the pattern patterns are information and so this is our system and because it needed to survive it needed the lower entropy it’s a social system and the way to do that is toward cooperat

ion loving caring that’s the way choices and interactions had to go the big of 10,000 hundred thousand people chat room wasn’t very effective so it needed to make a virtual-reality that had more rules than just communication protocols and it had to be one that gave good feedback from know by by having a rules that you got consequences for your actions and you can actually see the results of the that’s kind of the big picture pulled altogether and in who we are as a by: free will awareness unit which is the part of the individual unit of consciousness that is immersed in this game and that just like you might be immersed in playing World of Warcraft and then because it takes a while the change of the being level you see growth real entropy reduction of the system is when consciousness reduces his entropy becomes a different thing it changes itself at the being level and not just the becomes aware something of the intellectual level so we have to grow up we have to move toward becoming love and cooperation and caring as opposed to all about me gimme gimme gimme so this process goes on and the whole thing evolves as we evolve we evolve individually but as we do it evolves because where where it were part of it. So that’s the that’s kind of the dynamics and how we defined a whole lot of things with divine morality something good if it leads toward the individual in the system Lawrence entropy of his bad if it will leads the individual and therefore that the whole and to increase in a country that’s now we have a morality we under

stand low we can give it a technical definition love is the nature of a low entropy consciousness that’s what love is we have the defined that our physical reality why is it house at work that it’s virtual but it’s computational to simulation and it’s evolving we defined ourselves and our relationship to it were players in a virtual-reality game in order to make choices to help ourselves evolve toward lower entropy states so that, pulls now a lot of things together and because the simulation that that is our physical reality is not a deterministic simulation it’s a probabilistic simulation deterministic simulations are just way too much computation they’re not efficient it’s much better if you use the computations to develop probability distributions and run your simulations from the probability distributions that’s just a more efficient process because you have the rule set the system has its the systems rule set that local rule sets up it can do the calculations to produce the probability distributions that describe the way your action unfolds here in terms of pr

obability are there rule sets that can purpose the altar under the growth of certain subsets of systems for example could could might choices be limited because I don’t have money out how does the macro system sure that growth within the system itself occurs to choices are not limited because you don’t have money to choices are different because you don’t have money to those… The choices it’s the choices are different to the goal here is to lower your entropy not to see how much no money you can collector how much you can drink it still lower your attributes to grow up and all the choices you make being a rich or poor give you opportunities and challenges to grow up so you have is just as rich and environment and growing up as rich or poor though anything else in New York on a dichotomy that you can come up with some of the choices are everywhere and which of course is different choices not better or worse choices vary very interesting and it actually makes it really does it fit so how does the synchronicity that if physics break up on energy and preceding information before it’s available at how does all of this stuff of other stuff and working okay but one of the interesting thing about this is the what’s normally seen as paranormal turns out to just be normal once you have a bigger picture paranormal means outside of normal mode can be explained by normal normal understanding so the battles is normal because in the bigger picture we have the explain several those those things the sale start with your the one about information part of the structure in creating this virtual-reality and maintaining it requires a couple databases and one of the databases is called the future probable database and the future probable database is a database of all the things that could happen in the next delta T Okada next belt meanings

promote time they were about where the simulations of time as the outer loop time jumps up one increment amenity recalculate everything that’s now in that time and of course choices or maybe have free will choices so choices are made the next belt even know those choices get the no happen so that’s the future probable database everything that could possibly happen and the probability that it might happen so you may have 10 choices you may have a decision space understand the things that you could choose way that you could go here and there’s probability based on your past performance and know who you are and how you done you have a probability of which one you choose that means that the system itself can can keep current on what’s been happening next so we can be ready because it’s got a lot of above the extreme service and it doesn’t will wait and get surprised that it works on probability basis so that it can do probably naïve 98% of its work just based on probability (none around the edges to do things of that are probable week we can sometimes just do strange things that the free will enables us to do in the system basically has to recalculate that affect forward rebuilding of the a new probable love Fred along that of action and all things it interacts with so that’s one database and only have our history database and our history database is a break it into two parts it’s just one database but there’s two ways of looking at two sections to there’s everything that happened in the probability that it would’ve happe

ned. So now that’s just that future probable database as it moves through the present which is what all the choices are made us rolled action is in the present is it most of the president of the past UN up with it now history database and instead everything that could happen probably because it’s everything that could happened in the probability that it would have been now there’s a thread one thread that runs through that past database that is our actual history that’s what we actually did and that’s our history threat of those databases are available to us because we are consciousness yes we are immersed in the so in this virtual-reality game but were still consciousness and as consciousness we can do everything the consciousness can do we can communicate weekend the pass information between other units consciousness so it’s it’s it’s in the interest of the system for us to evolve exactly because our evolution as its evolution so the system wants us to evolve and it gives us the, to do that in looking virtual-reality with one another point I haven’t made a juggernaut is one of the feedbacks systems that we have in this virtual-reality is that we can modify the probability in the future probable database with our intent so with a focused and clear intent we can modify that no of those 10 things we might choose we can got a raise the probability of of what happens in because is not just our choice

that that thing may be affected by a lot of other people who were also no luck connected to that particular choice and we could raise or lower the probability of that happening with our intent so that’s why you have people who are very positive often live in very positive circumstances things discount happen to them and you have people are always old was made a life sucks other works out and they do indeed live a life where everything sucks and things just don’t work out for them because they are biasing probability to give them that kind of of life what you your tends to your if you’re fearful no fertile personal things that you feel you tend to raise the probability of those things happening because of your fair is that’s energy being put into that to that outcome the outcome you fear so anyway that better answers than a whole lot of the questions of how people can know use their intent to do well modified in nature things like that that will explain the the a placebo effect how is it that the what you tell a person about the medicine are taking about their illness can actually affect the state of that illness personal appeal know those all does the utility wonderful new medicine in its collector to the problem go away its made reveals his kidney from Galway is really be great and you find out that even though they got no medicine whatsoever about 35% of them between the problem goes away it helps compared to a control group that Ayatollah anything that just given the sawdust to eat this is so the the control group should have as many as random events coming and going as is the other group we find that statistical significance that that the placebo effect is a real effect and the placebo effect is law you can’t sell the drug unless you can you cannot beat the placebo effects as paranormal phenomena that’s part of our legal system so anyway we go back to these of the things so you can get into these dat

abases if you use your intent is acquiring and get information of the about the probable future gets only probable and you can get information out of the database its historical including all the things it could happen but the as well as the things that could happen all the information is there I sailed the information I don’t mean like information used to in the book and really think of the character of yourself in the history looks that’s been piled up there for your choices at all of your feelings all of your attitudes all of your thoughts all of your emotions with everything about you because all this is part of the information system is so it’s a complete description of the event including a description of you and your moods in which your well-being levels doing what your levels billing all of your intense feelings of all rest of it goes so it’s not just a record of what happened and what happened that’s the full records we get around in those those things mellow about the people who have precognitive dreams for the things you mentioned well that’s just getting under that the database and seeing what is possible and what is probable and if your intent is focused you can do above there you can going there with precision and information of your potential fog you get a little foggy results is like in Google Google Google love and you get millions of returns and a lot of its garbage same with those sloppy intent of the databases in the precision and often you get something is not quite what you wanted the close and then you have to you have through the modify your query to make it more specific and so it’s the same kind of a process that you need to go through so well about mental healing well that’s changing a probability of a person’s illness: with your mind it’s not one of the singer quickly hard anybody can learn to do them with a little practice was also the things you mentioned all synchronicity would have synchronicity because as you said our success is the system success so if you are a person who is aware then the system can feed you edges can give you information, help things happen to give you the challenge of the information that you just happen to need so if you’re such a person when you walk into a bookstore suddenly your attention is is riveted on a particular book and words that just jumped out of the shelf in your hand sort of thing you walk over grab that but for some reason it was just one book among a whole lot and you know what that reason is what you just did it and it turns out something this room importance of information you have those kinds events are called the synchronicity

when they happen the synchronous events that things it just happened that that ever thought of them happened to you realize they’re not random because they have specific significant meaning to you is not just a random event that well yeah I’ve know I walk over grab books and libraries in the half the time the useless another okay know that would just be randomness but when you little world with her synchronicity it happens to you daily all the time and you realize that campy random because it’s too one-sided to be random so better synchronicity comes from the system once you mentioned to succeed and connect you to go on a particular path that would be good and challenging you to grow in ways that you need to grow so we have that the know it’s not going to force anything because there’s free will and cannot interfere with your free will so knowledge is all you’re going to get and if you want if you won’t accept that date if you can’t use it in Process it then you won’t get it so there are some people are just the campy nods because they just blow off oh have to go over grab that book that’s stupid what i would read that book and return regularly right because they just can’t process that bette

r than those of the people that of nevada synchronous event that never had a precognitive dream they’ve never heard someone else talk in their mind about telepathically and they don’t have these kinds of experiences because the use of the Process still while well how would we use information that pops causes problems for her benefit i’m really just absorbing everything that used to saying that it really is a lot of information that we have just barely scratched the surface how can we learn from the things that present us problem and mean if this is the really does want me to succeed wouldn’t it be feeding me these sort of success stories on a consistent basis or is there also a learning mechanism of evolution mechanism involved will this you have to you have to learn the system is not trying to lead the witness one of those the synchronicity that trying to lead you into making choices that you otherwise wouldn’t have made now it’s interfering with your free will you can’t grow up if it’s not really your choice is you have to make it has to be your own choice made out of your own pain level of the core view this is what you’re like this is the choice you make and then you get consequences now it

can become, give you some information your direction which you have to actually use the information and go in the direction you have to be able to process the data and use it so is there something the note or something oil in your life that is causing pain and node dysfunction then that is a good sign that what you’re doing in the choices you’re making are suboptimal of their probably therapist and this pain is a challenge for you to to be different but just at different but different so paying that we did in our life and the circumstances that we see as maybe not being good for us all offer us opportunity to make better choices she first we have to take responsibility for all the choices we make in most of his don’t take responsibility for our choices for instance so somebody says something to make you angry somebody slated to or said something related about you and eventually increase user that person made me angry is not true you chose to be in that person created a situation where you had choices and you chose to be angry so you have to take responsibility for who you are and what you are and not blame it on other people or situations or i was born poor are born blind or well whatever it might be you have you have choices animated decision space is basically almost choices you have an somebody might say while have the choice to be nice because this is not the way i am somebody so some nasty mail you angry well you do have choices you just aren’t choosing those choices should not you may not even be aware of those choices sometimes you just reacting out of your failure well you if you find that fear and get rid of it now you have more choices you live in a larger reality of a bigger decision space and you are evolving so all those all of our dysfunction tends to come back and bite us in terms of unpleasant situations that were in we create most of the pain in our lives ourselves because of our choices and we are a product of resources is not only our choices just now in the moment the history of choices should create situations that we are in silly if i make a fear-based choice is it accurate to say that that that same information would kind of back so that i could learn it again that it can make the love-based choice well it’s like

this there’s no free lunch you only can grow up if you make the effort to do it if you make a bad choice then you just haven’t learned that lesson there was an opportunity to make a better choice and you missed that opportunity well what happens is you could try again and try again and drive you and you just keep trying again with different kinds of choices in different sorts of fuss scenarios and situations until you grow up and if that takes no a long long time limits the scope of the slow process of growing up so it’s not like well i’ve been working on this particular lesson for a long time to graduate me to the next level that doesn’t happen you have to the only way to get the next level is to grow up another point would we could make here is that i said that there was a free will awareness that was so immersed in this rich reality and a cuddle larger part of that and that’s just a piece of a larger individual unit of consciousness is, the accumulator of all the experience because this learning is the son difficult takes a long time to change yourself at the being level and grow up you have to you have to accumulate that over a lot of different experience packets because what happens is that we get the wii have the painting ourselves in the corner but a time where were old we have come to believe that we know almost everything we’ve been there and done that and we have beliefs we have fears and were not given them up in other hours and that’s just the way we are well we can to get stuck paying ourselves in a corner where were no longer growing being becoming the growing up were stopped so thing to do then is you to let that go on how another packet and some people and: reincarnation so you have all these various expense packets and it’s a cumulative process to grow up it’s just not reasonable that you’re going to grow up from where we start to a being of love and wanted friends back won’t happen not the noggin happened so there are multiple that soaks the same way world of warcraft you about that elsie yours probably gets killed through four times every night to play began posted assist the way it’s just the way the game is right and the do what it do you go to the graveyard in the know we win the game is that the me that the goal of winning the game now we don’t win the game it’s the process that’s important not to copy and goal at the growing up that’s important you don’t win the game you just get better and better at playing the game to where you don’t need pain between the eyes with the two before to get your attention to grow up the life becomes full of joy and satisfactio

n because now you can grow up without the pain while europe got past that that part so it’s just getting don’t we just growing up things about entropy is much like infinity in that sense is that you don’t get zero entropy you can only get asymptotic toward another was you can only approach it but you never get there never actually get to infinity infinity is this an abstract concept that something that the wheel that can exist is real you can just approach it and get better and better but you can never actually get to infinity it’s impossible for so and is not fixed it’s not like you get the certain point in bingo you when you’re done and you won the game it’s a it’s a process that goes on because this is a it’s evolution remember the larger consciousness system is not a fixed thing it’s evolving it’s changing it’s becoming it’s different to know today than it was yesterday and we are evolving and changing this whole thing is a dynamic process evolution doesn’t quit evolution will as long as there are choices to be made the evolution will keep on turning of keep trying things in the things that work will go on in the things of the work will buyout and that’s what it does and in this rich reality there’s tons of of the choices and ways to go unexplored paths and ways of being in relating that the we haven’t explored yet so evolution is open-ended and so is our existence but the good news is it’s not always top and it’s not always full payment is not always stressful it gets to be a lot of fun and the trunk of a joyous trip once you get to a certain level of evolution of the

games that just about you it’s about everybody then you become helpful uncooperative and help other people learn and grow and give them encouragement and a good example is always something to do some way to be useful and unproductive in this system starlight were all cooperating to build a house in one houses done it’s done over our work the salsa levered up on because it’s about us growing up growing up so slow process and i should say the system is not infinite and it’s not perfect it’s a real system which means it can’t be infinite because influences than scampi real and it’s not a perfect system it’s just the system lets evolving and it has rules and structure and sometimes these rules are violated sometimes violations get dealt with and sometimes they get away with it it’s just a note it’s a real system it’s a good system and it works well for efficient but the year you are an experimenter interrupt that you and you experiment still have you ever been able to re-create a situation where there is a type of which were that you can cause something to be affected with your mind or maybe for you can become the cause things to happen with your mind because you can modify the future probabilities of mind can affect what happens that’s when we all do that in some ways that’s why the reality that were in reality that we see you just look at no of the nose watched the tv go on walk around and do what you see is the way it is because of the way we are it’s a very accurate representation of the quality of humanity average quality is is basically represents the average stuff going on up there so if you look at the about that the terrible government though that bad dictator that the no money system and all the things that people will complain most about the that’s the problem will the reason that’s that way is because we are the way we are usually we create this reality it’s our feedback it’s our intents it’s the way we interact with each other so what you see is who we are and the best way to fix it is to grow up individually because the help slow the other you grow up and you become a become a light to others and help others grow up and that’s how you fix it if you decide well i can fix this is the market roulette nasty dictator and putting somebody better that may be civilizing and it may make things better for a while what you’re doing is treating symptoms about fixing the problem and just like our medicine today is mostly symptomatic medicine we don’t want doctors often treating problems are not treating causes that all often treating symptoms to the just do something to make us feel better but the symptoms go away while the body actually does its own healing that’s a typical medicine so we fix that money system we fix that dictator and we’ve done a symptomatic relief which might make everybody breathe easier and give us more time to budget the one in the note that but basically we just changed simply fixed the symptom and that something will reassert itself it won’t stay fixed unless we change because it but suppose that because it reflects us there was there was a there is a scene in the matrix where i guess it was mr. smith and kiwis was when of morpheus was was kind captured by the agents of the matrix and mr. safest is talking to orpheus and he says that the matrix was the weight was because because humans need it that the suffering aspect of it to learn that the matrix had once been a sort of utopia but humans had rejected it to work for their learning what will the semester learned that the they were good batteries remember that using the humans as batteries to power the system right and also but humans were there were actually all that excels a providing power and the humans didn’t do well if they didn’t have the vision of the struggle but they were good batteries than because they all this, no they were challenged to mr. monroe find out that leave this was a sort of battery type system i think it was email ultimate journey where he think in his journal it said that he was pretty depressed after he found out and stopped projecting that was the thing about lucius regarding arrests of you i remember about that because he was discussing the roof of the road that includes the development of stuff i found it was installs about it and i didn’t have any sense that he was really a the press that is

his individual’s just fine but the was a big thing for him and you have to realize that what you get the data stream when you’re an out body state it’s just like being him in a different virtual-reality that it’s not the same physical universe which arrived at different virtual reality are still getting a data stream and you still have to interpret that data stream-based on your own history based on your own experience your own data’s your own data set your own experience data against the good things that so that was bob’s interpretation of what was going on and if you just take it literally it’s the it’s a something that but sounds a little of no sci-fi-ish and yes the lower the providers of bush for some things go the book that’s just a metaphor bob got it we get metaphor somewhere out there we get we get information and then we have to interpret them that was bob’s interpretation and you can you consider that metaphor a little differently and that the what we need to do and what people are supposed to be doing is coming love making these choices are meeting the challenges and that is what energizes the whole system must what makes the system work that’s the know that’s the fuel keeps information

system alive if you well is the fact that we are lower entropy so the fuels of slowing entropy and if you make that belushi got to see whether they are metaphors going to it’s not quite the the same as is if you take it literally so that’s really what was what was happening there are one other question is subtle about spirits and gods in america and and not so i would say that the larger consciousness system then becomes what theologians talk about the hours is about god credit and the larger consciousness system is our source it’s our creator we are subsets of it so you might say were made in its image the house all the data so you might say it’s omniscient although that’s not really true there’s things going at it really the know about because it only knows what we do with content and methods intended as an better than it’s not the intention of the how does it is the trying to help us succeed because our success is its success that we get synchronicity and other such things so there’s a lot of characteristics there that sound similar to what various world religions might say about about god in fact i was a result of the talk at the end of two theologians came up was doing this above land of church and in the atlanta in two theologians came up last unless it will tell me the attributes of god as you understand the concept just what are the attributes and they thought about that for a while between the two of

my list of the cover a bunch of things and all the things they listed work were not things that had to do with slurred cretan dogma and ritual that was all they were this is a unity Church of the really more rock toys a little less dogmatic than many other religions might of been but the when they were done with her list all the things they said were attributes of the larger consciousness system is very so Batman becomes becomes the but is there a greater that’s where we come from that’s us we are consciousness just like it is consciousness were subsets of it so well it’s not perfect it’s not infinite and that makes a little different than most people’s ideas of God there is no end it still evolving it’s in the state of becoming but that’s another thing with the big was really a big tile but it has to answer questions and theology as well as physics so that that an

swers the questions of theology and if you look at that it makes it easy to see what’s the what’s the dogma what’s the nonsense you know what’s the the stuff that’s been added by the people over the years and what’s the real core concepts and then you can, look at the above theology we have now and it separates outbreak nicely as to what significant and what is so that’s another aspect of Mr. Kimball you are one of the smartest people I’ve talked to in my life hands down his incredible information in a really really has got connected a lot of dots for me that in my own thinking that kind found in my mind anyway and it completes the sort of puzzled eloquent of a course of her dad a lot but what of the things that that’s interesting as I go a lot of places in government talks in an most of the time will have somebody come up to me and I’ll say you know a you a you a Tibetan Buddhist because I studied Tibetan Buddhism for the last 15 years and what you’re talking about is right on about Tibetan Buddhist somebody else to come up with it been studying

the a what is the use of this Christian Gnostics so they tell me the same thing and then there’s the other other isms and things that I probably have dozens of these things that I’m just like a low it’s it’s it’s a whole lot like this and not that’s the way it is that when you basically have a bigger picture you find is lots and lots of people who have had pieces of that bigger picture and they all just kind of the Oakdale very nicely together and suddenly you can see the connections between the mall and see all fits into one of the one bigger picture to that’s that’s, that’s very neat and what’s doubly need about it is that that same bigger picture that solves all this theology in metaphysics and paranormal all that also does better physics it also is this the future in physics so it explains things that physics can explain that’s that’s the main thing if it would just metaphysics then we have his tongue as it is a well-defined so one hand we get this other touchy-feely stuff one of the hand of the two really unconnected actually the antagonistic with each other but that’s not the case in the bigger picture you drive all of it turns out that hard science physics chemistry that’s just a subset of of the of this this reality is so larger physical will recall that the larger analysis the metaphysical universe it’s just that sciences deals with those things in this universe that have low uncertainty so where the weather’s interactions in this rule set that are of very low uncertainty that’s hard science where you have more uncertainty that’s so science like the medicine psychology and economics and sociology was also sciences and they don’t deal in objective backs the global statistics because they have variables that can’t be isolated to deal with people to deal with a lot of uncertainty in the they are the sole sciences because they have more uncertainty and then you get into things like metaphysics and that seems to have even more uncertainty so thes

e are just various parts of this system that you can but you can look at and we come to divide them up how much uncertainty comes with them because the ones that have very little uncertainty there easier to deal with so do those first that science started the out dealing just with those things and scientist the hard scientists you have a hard time calling things like economics and sociology science but they are the just the science that works with the subject as well as the objective and you work with subjective science and statistics and metaphysics is in a different so what I’m doing research in larger caches system from Bennett but the idea was like about body state will same thing as a subjective science and the way you do real science is that as this was statistics you have to do things over and over again see what you what changes when you change the verbal you can control to think to think that’s why Mr. Monroe was so good at Chronicle lean objectively his experiences in was just he was a very good navigator it wasn’t initially was the was more of an engineer by personality night I don’t think he really was an engineer he was so in the businessman… This forte he was in radio before he was a cable business of he was a pilot small plane so he thought the head the personality of an engineer lowers things had the makes sense to him who had to be logical he needed to see the causal chain or he wasn’t going to accept the that was just his personality so when he wrote his books he had the instead of trying to interpret it all for his audience wha

t he thought it all meant the most of the time just wrote down exactly what it was experienced it was like a diary note is what I experienced by Trish these things I did this and in this happen and that happen to know the next day I did some else up it doesn’t try to tell us how to think about it and what to make of it just tells us what happened of course what he tells us happened is his own interpretation of the of the metaphors that he gets in the data stream from a virtual-reality but still it’s it’s honest it’s a very straightforward and that’s something we hadn’t had before before when you read books about the astral projection and that sort of thing there was so much howling note disjointed theory in it that really didn’t make sense of they were trying to make their best guess of what was and what all meant but they were it was mostly coming out of thei

r own beliefs and the limitations so it made a lot harder to read and to get something out of work Bob’s is straightforward and he was a good reporter in that he didn’t even color just stated it and that’s why it that’s why it’s endured to just disclose to close our time here but what’s in what is your interpretation of of what he was experiencing an end spoiler spoiler alert for anyone who has written books do is he was collecting himself it seemed to exit the earthlike system means that the analysis correct yes you might say that that’s is the way it was going on that was his interpretation it really shouldn’t be taken literally wasn’t it was a little thing the information that he was getting is that he was a individual unit of consciousness that have the, the collection or the learning has to be cumulative was the accumulator and he was accumulating his own experiences so as a free will awareness unit that’s a subset of this individual unit of conscious that the accumulator of all of experience packets might have of you will awareness unit may be favorites that you and your your individual unit of conscious of people called up over sole law higher self or something like that may have another incarnation: at the same time is not necessarily just one of the time although that’s typical to have several Soviets accumulating all this information and history units or was accumulating himself if you well and that was to grow up to become low to evolve in the positive direction so if you look at it like that that’s kind of the know that’s that’s going to picture what he was saying and he just the layout and more detail because of his own history and background didn’t see the larger picture that so he gave just what it’s all just how interpreted that’s what you that’s what you get there so that’s what were doing and the soul know what like Bob wasn’t aware that what he saw was his interpretation he just what he saw was what he saw and it was there so and Bob Monroe’s will to talk about this part that he goes to the ghost is part to relax, meditate and the thinking and that’s his bark you see somebody else who had the same sort of data stream would say all I go on a rowboat and the lake just sit through the details would say all I spent all of you that in the Nevada and just look at all out of this blast and though it’s individualized you ask somebody else goes on the words and then hikes and so Bob Monroe in part because that’s what gave that’s what meant to him of this serene place where he could, go in just and just be was a nice protected pleasant place to be so it was a part because that’s Bob’s interpretation of that they destroyed everybody has to interpret the data they get based on though it’s been space and that’s true of us is free will and is in we are conscious as were planning avatar in the data stream we have to interpret the data stream in terms of our experience base so two people get the same data stream they interpret it differently about the come from the same culture they probably interpreted similarly they come from vastly different cultures became a interpreted completely differently is so it’s has to do with with the REO for the culture wherein Bob was a straightforward reporter and most of us, understand what he was saying it’s a mistake to take it to literally become at the read between the lines not just the just the lines it’s like that enough in an out of body situation is a data stream it’s another virtual-reality it’s not reality when you die here when the body dies early when your elf dies to it was derailed to run to the graveyard many of the go back and collect all your stop but though when you die here you end up in another virtual-reality not the graveyard but it’s another virtual-reality where you begin to plan if you well in process to another transfer because that’s what you do you go from experience back at the expense back at trying to evolve the quality of your consciousness so the system can evolve with you while Mr. Campbell thank you so much for this conversation I’ve learned more in the last couple hours I have and in a while so they can’t think he so there is there a site where people can find your work yes I would know I have a website that websites a little broken right now in the process of doing better but there’s still a lot of information that you can find all of my talks my interviews you will be able to find this very interview on my YouTube about everything I do what the requirements is that it be put out for free and are all on YouTube at all for free my books are for free on Google books although it is an older first printing version of the like pretty number five mouse… It’s a little outdated in the details but it’s mostly it’s mostly the sensitive it’s still a good one to to read but don’t YouTube up at like 215 220 videos there a caution people to take a small bite of the time some of those videos are like Calgary is a real good summary was a Calgary workshop was called about three years old mouth but did a real good over the road of top, flyby of all the concepts and what they meant them so on and it’s a Friday I gave about to have our overview and Saturday we talk all day about theory which means like six or seven hours and then Sunday we do exercises in the experiencing larger realities are teach people how to know about remote viewing an out of body and how to deal with your mind and then we do some exercises in healing the remote viewing them so on so that’s to take that altogether you like 14 1516 hrs. of that but the Calgary workshop and of course that’s intimidating to people 15 hour video on the way so so well taken like a 20 minute chunks is a good thing you to go back to where you left off and you can get thrown in some short things are short as five minutes of his is lots of stuff out there but it was a critic here this is the human expense thank you so much for listening guys this was such fun episodes we will tick tick you guys next week thank you

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