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This just a couple information bombs and that will roll this episode so we were much had the phone number lottery and the show now has a call in number we artificially can improve into live format that we can take your past life but until we make that transition how bout you guys leave us a voicemail all you to describe your phone and dial 8689 dammit that’s right we have outstanding member at 586-948-6262 yeah please leave us a voicemail that tells we think of the show the first person to do that we will put on the air so this is such a great episode with Taylor Marie such good energy throughout the conversation is will really enjoy this thank you so much for listeningÖ Vanity number 58689 human thinks that human experiences docking with the international space Station and we have Taylor Marie with us Taylor welcome take XP it’s a pleasure Taylor really dig your rawness and your ability to be honest it’s the reason we booked you for the show why do you think people are so drawn to what you say out of all of her time and has Jack Welch helped us to Alexander the life of a time when there are protection ñ and brilliant And the others unintentionally himself and how much internalized by others to do the same and make the world a better place cool like that so let let’s paint a picture for audience it mean your life seems highly interesting from your travels around the world but especially your decision to move away from your acting career how did that happen on

August 2011 West automotive acting I actually went evidenced by Where the markets. What has experienced by loss and Ecuador and Alex at seven hey scope of stove with little interested on learned a lot that is the only person to the semantic chat but action helped the children different physical and mental elements in the right-of-way and go R to try it myself some of the reasons for wanting to go to original from restaurants that had advocated problems depression and anxiety team confidence issues such as genuinely wanted to learn medicine in December it was all about the chance to schedule a profit house is really making a counter stereotype so much active listening to the podcast pilot actually fared through check Ecuador (at the time and labor friends and it was because I had never told anybody about it but it echoed ourselves and took a commitment to go and Madison Sarah and Brian had Up with my roommates should update the defendant shall go and the dead and first ceremony pain was given a new perspective on life as shown in for unconditional love for all things is reflected back on and started new relationship to become general and then I will have it in their spiritual consciousness and Anderson relating and actually has a purpose of an unbelievably grateful to escape during this experience and self-reliance for the lifetime lived in Canada there is anything really and the experiences of this ceremony perspectives to the ceremony’s just weeks after coming home from September 2 planet may have had suddenly showed me which the time felt that created me and has never talked about it and decided American world record it in and be purchased if I actually went to so I actually realized in the moment was President-elect acting him and not me what should I acting the something I had been working on thei

r specific bedroom green definitely felt at that moment that I went to pick up things and South to go back to the jungle to learn more about ourselves to the practice of the shopping and eventually just about the medicine hands of guide that will soon be hearing and experiences and sister accepted purpose of the video to know to I glanced back to the jungle tutorial this time to look at the medicine and happened in 2000 while the really powerful story really interesting why do you think you become kind of the US could chick why I will check him don’t really know why I chick people about their experiences online definitely other people have with my experience and knowledge and you of that people gravitate toward my videos just escaped from the heart and entertainment front on how do you think you’ve garnered such a large following kind of this in question repeated like I said I think it’s because the game and I speak from my heart relate to me and experiences also something to do with me being this time weightlifting (who decided to leave to go to the jungle thinking this with the jungle blushing from Sharman has a lot of people it was a pretty great things to arms is the fact that a lot of people are comfortable publicly speaking of psychedelic experiences of that subchapter so (also got a plan soÖ That’s really profound to do usually set intentions before the ceremony and sometimes a job and entertainment dead because I had a lot of specific things from my past that I wanted to look at the times when I’m with the intention and space grants that go in a different option anyway and other times I’m just asking medicine to keep me but not needed to learn quick experience at that time Interesting how the medicine works that way soon was it like to work with the shaman I definitely need experience and wanted to drink I lost my first time I ensure that it would be comfortable drinking ever Of Spring Generations Have To Watch the Ceremony into the Medicine. Years of Experience Working with Medicines Initiative from Really Young Age and They Learn to Master the Craft and Other Spirits Know Another Worlds and Uninhabited It May Have a Lesson on Additional and the Work with

the Spirits of Doctors and Families of Patients Say That They Don’t Believe Shaman Necessary and Despicable at Home and Navigate through Styles and Features That We Still Get Effects Medicine by Making Yourself to Be Missing out on the Guidance and Pursuing and Origin of Protection to Have Very True It Do Not Suggest That Anyone Takes Than Bruce a Luskin Does It by Themselves You Will Lose Your Ships so Cyclical in One of Your Videos You Were in the Jungle Recordings Are Really Just Want to Know What It Feels like She Could Describe It Feels like to Be in the Middle Jungle on a Hallucinogen Definitely a Very Surreal Feeling Especially the First Few Times during the Credit Rating Is Molly Gets Very Dark There’s so Many Strange Guy That They Never Heard before from Infected Animals

on the Spot Where I Heard That You Have a Setting Where I Was and Is Totally Paranoid Opinion Dr. Ceremony That Really Are That It’s Also Such a Beautiful Experience to Be Surrounded by so Much Nature Is Just Absolutely Some Nurturing and at the Jungle As a Biomarker I Really Do See How Much It Is Full of Life and Consciousness and Definitely Feel That You Have Irish and Become One with yet I Think I Think I’m More Afraid of Being Abducted by Humans That I Am Aliens and so Would You Be Comfortable with Discussing One of Your More Difficult/Challenging Experience That Is One Ceremony Where Affecting the Medicine and a Cake Than Basically Forced to Experience Sheer Terror of the Frightening about the Ceremony Provisions That Others Have a Ceiling Is Seeing Her Office This Focus. At Any but Frighteningly Doing Anything Is Just like They Were Watching Me and Waiting to Being so Scared That Some Reason All I Could Feel His Terror and in This Thing I’ve Ever Felt before to Give You about Something That Would Do Such Amount Stated It Would Be like Being Abducted by Malevolent Aliens Is Other Spacecraft Having Cue

Experiments and Surgeries on Your Well-Being Punches and A Lot You Can Think Their Family Well-Being Completely Helpless and Knowing They Stuck Their for Opportunity so Tiny That That Feeling Is Just Totally Unbearable and There Were Times When I Thought That I Was Going to Seriously and Just Lose My Mind Forever Is Trying Screening This Shaking His Head into My Blanket and It Is Typical Ceremony That Was Horrible but That I Was Laying down and I Had This Vision of My Higher Self Came to Delivering Your Message to Such an Amazing Vision like Never Seen Myself but It’s the Filler and Looked Angelic Little Bit Older Than I Am Now with Long Blonde Hair Is Flowing Blue Dress but Gorgeous Southern White Whiskey Games behind Me That Look like They Were Made of Flakes Translates’s Is Really Be a Beautiful and Then Again My Higher Self Communicated to Me Telepathically Hands Told Me That There Was No Difference between Her and the Strong Beautiful Copy of Women Seen in Addition and Passion. Anything Less Than Also Told That No Matter What Situation I Myself and How Difficult Is I Feel My Higher Self and Anothe

r Alone and I Always Have the Power to Get You Anything There Was a Bit Sure of Those of like the Terror and Then It Kind of Keep You after That I Is Served Me to That Terror Just to Show Me That I Was Okay As Fine a Heads-Up That Would Help Tying the Hands Doesn’t Matter That Terror That It Else Was Probably the Highest Terror I Could Feel so Out Of Country I Can Basically Do Anything Exactly What’s Your Advice for Anyone Looking to Journey into the Amazon and Try a Luskin Will Fight Is to Definitely Make Sure to Do Your Research and Find the Right Center Information You Seek out People Who Been to the Centers They Are Going to Ask Sharing Experiences with You You Don’t Have an Domestic Complaint Shaman at the Root User Anything Is Piling on Contributors Find What Resonates with the Antenna Device That’s Sure for Everybody Anyway Because the Culture Is to Not Have Too Many Expectations Going into an Experienced Vertigo and Really Start Expectations about How It Should Be Going to Block Is about Having Experience Because You Waiting for One Thing and the Missing out on Extra Trying to Come through Brick and What’s Your Take on the Diet of I’m Okay Well I Know I Said That the Matter but I Should like to Correct That Right Now I’m Betting That It Most Certainly Does Matter on the Diet Has a Body and Lines to Become One with the Medicine It’s Not about Not Eating Certain Foods in Order for the Medicine to Work Properly but It’s Also about the Self-Discipline of Seeking to the Diet Hands at the Perspective of the Plants into the Process Is There There’s Not a Information That You Could Download during an Ayahuasca Experience How Do You Personally Integrate That How Do You Integrate the Information That You Receive through What You Experience the Writer Oscar Hyderabad Is Not Just Remembering What the Lessons Are Holding onto the Best You Can and Then Actually Practicing in Your Daily Life Can Be Really Tough Though Especially When He Got Back Home to the World in µ Experience It Was Hard to Bring the New Taylor Home Because You Hear How Did Expectations

and How I Should Act so Additionally, Itself Falling Back into the Patterns and Habits and Acting the Way That It Used Year-Round People Instead of Being My Newly Found to Sell That Show Menu Country Suck People Idly Definitely Lost Friends Because There Is No Connection Anymore Can Really Relate to the Same Thing so It Was Hard That He Has Okay Because the Change in the Coming Go Immature Transistor by My Side: There’s Not Going to Talk to You after the Accident Medicine Who Are the Medicine or Had to Defend Anybody Who’s Actually Experienced Medicine Ex-People Who Understands the Galaxy Spirituality Are You to Join the Facebook Group for Alaska Drinkers Had Just Decided up the Entire Cubes and Keeps You Motivated to the Black People Experiences and Is Also Important to All

ow Yourself to Be with Yourself to Be a Network That’s Needed to Meditate We Right and I’ll Be Honest and Say That I Conduct a Much Better Job Integrating the Lesson That I Learned and I Myself to Process Everything a Big Problem for Me Personally Which I Didn’t Even Realize until Barely A Few Days Ago and Lead to Much of Myself Online during the Most Crucial Times Fair Shouldn’t Focus Inwards to Process Everything Ends Just to Really Get to Open Their Insiders As They Should Focus That the Internet Domain Alerts Emails Videos so Much of My Time and Effort into Getting My File Is It Placed Her Emails Were Met a New Boot Powder Some Sight Got You That Important in a Work and Time instantly from Celtic, said action presented themselves during the last year so you definitely can do now is ada

mant into break from the online world of eminent just myself out of the public eye for a while and into some talk therapy with people who understand medicine and strict party ends and diskettes industry. Out in however the last all night lineup scope accident on the medicine for more hadn’t I I don’t really believe that the medicine alone is enough to deal with some issues it’s a definite grid think it’s really important to integrate those experiences and that’s a major realization is that you’re not taking the time to kind of integrate what you’re learning and for me personally I it takes whileÖ Understand what’s happening after session immediately certainly takes time to integrate and I think your decision to move away from the public eye is overly healthy choice and I’m glad that you’re doing that work were kind of doing this podcast and so that that’s really cool that you are here with us and so while you are can we talk about the healing and transformative properties of ayahuasca Hardy think this medicine can help people who aren’t necessarily aware of it on a wall while it seems that the methods that help anybody unless they’re aware of it so that step is to bring awareness of the medicine to the NME I think experience will be legalized and used by psychotherapists don’t believe that everybody needs to adopt the jungle to experience the shop and hide with much of strangers I believe that medicines provide the best results for people who are suffering from acute issues like depression past, succeeded serious health issues to be administered by trained psychotherapistcomfortable saying the opening of the medicine allow the understands spirituality and its impacts they also work with the church on you perhaps the psychotherapists have actually become a special themselves one example of how I can help people is it allows th

e person to life from a higher perspective on life and to see or the electronic pass anyway so not from the perspective of the town which is how most people do these things but rather from the perspective of ends are to understand that everything happens for a reason and has perspectives provides the person that bigger picture of the outline incident happens the lessons they are meant to learn from it and how it can strengthen as a person rather than being beaten

down and semiconductor weak and powerless so I got to teach the person how to take perspective into their everyday life so that when difficult experiences to arise they can do better and not instantly label themselves as of the time and started to depression and array understands hands and they do happen to fall into the amount and become depressed a better chance of identifying it quickly and quickly themselves out of it just like they did when they were under the influence of the medicine that supermassive have what is you think what you say to a person who stuck in the same way that you were doing something they don’t want and maybe don’t have the courage to pursue something else I know you really don’t like)
if you have been anyway and then that is an indicated a lot of people make is scared to take that first that limited to the defined the rest of the bit and you find it more enjoyable because the action taking the steps to doing what you love to being happy that a certificate of change their colleges equipping yourself back I think the big thing is to listen to your intuition metropolitan society has become so disconnected from the intuitions which is traditional because I feel like that’s where all are telling lies outside the compass of the higher stock leading us in the right directions and personally I don’t believe that our intuition can lead us astray so we can really focus online and 19 lives help from our intuition will just lead better lives to which you are what you take away we would’ve you gained from your experiences with ayahuasca I that has really opened my eyes to see roads of the playground is a place for students to mistakes and to learn to grow taught me that everything is consciousness that everything is purpose and meaning hands at the same time as attorney that life action has no meaning at all how life is actually you make it will so you believe that life

is about hardware distressing to make a living at Yorkshire that you want to believe that life is a game and wicked have time and experience new things than it should I don’t believe that there is quite a wrong now this is no good or bad there just is an excellent click that to view up to beast into the review we working on I doubt that I said before and decided to just about the public eye for a while because I myself is everything through during these past and anything three years Exodus hired at times I will be working on the job that I may And Discover the Groundwork Somersaults and Regulations Shut Hands Be Traveling Again about a Day Plan on Becoming a Regular at Toronto and the Cutest of the Summer Because That Places like Seriously Wounded Away in the City Encourage Anybody Listening at the End of To

ronto or the GTA Highly Suggest Checking out Shout out to Float Toronto so but the News That You Have Retreats Planned House That Work the Retreat and March April May and July 1 Was Visited on a Antidumping of It Anymore At Least Upsetting the However If Somebody Comes to Me with a Group of People Who Are like Susie Ready for Virtually I Will Help You Set One up Anybody Is Interested in Doing That to My Website for More Information That Is Covered until Her Know That Your You Seem to Be Cruising in Your DQ Tolland Tolerance Break Away from the Internet May Think It’s a Great Decision Am so Happy That You Can’t Make That Statement Here on the Human Experience to How Can People Find Work in This Automated Channel and Recently Make Most of It Is Private. When Most Popular Ones Public Again Monday That Just As They Can Pick up and down but Anybody Can Find and Subtract the Channel Which Is a Need to.com/Bombshell & Also Link That Is the Page Which Will Be Using A Lot Of the Stuff I like It, and a .com/Territory and Also Limited to Bring That You Only Have I to Register and Height of the Pictures in the Middle of the Advantage Although to My Dealer and Will Keep You to Know That You’re about to Turn the Computer off for a Long Time so That You so Much for Being Here Is Truly a View Will Be Back Next Guy in the Security. I Recited As the Name He Is the Is a and a

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