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In the rankings and entertaining immensely inventive topics printouts and mentally ill frontotemporal exhibit and I in the film is to take you to a space that this is just another episode with the new alcoholism and we get into submission Monica Judaism’s kind of fun to talk about that for a bit please make sure that you subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you can stay updated plan purchase an episode and also check us out on Twitter at the human XP we are ahead and believe it is February and February so yeah guys some really great

doubt and very very excited for all things are moving here at each XP is so much publicity and keeping us on our terms really appreciated the wintry tests lined up from the city slums of shell limits the human experience might close Dr. G’s with us we also got a call in and his work on sure Monica Judaism welcome to each XP Pro the budget gap in itself your work is pretty interesting how did you get into this sort of practice well at the interesting story of what the imperative to have a permit for walk away from it and after many years of looking at spiritual practices by outbound health and help his mother tradition called about an was betting that enjoying that the unit and the problem of afterworld doing particular meditation teacher said what you like Shabbat candles that regular

Campbell’s tablets bowel that minute like I do think that the and at the end of the credit I and the other made like the of and of the level and the next morning I woke up and painted the medication of the battle break all later on we were a lot of traditions this one of the above below the work of a loved one with patients on behalf of Jewish emphasis are coming up with them to push said that looking at the Albany in my tradition of the show that got me started reading the road to refund but the Bible and reading them from a shamanic perspective from a perspective of energy work I was blown away of the Delta a lot more going on to the company code available On back into Judaism but looking out from Asia while perspective interesting can you just go into some of what you know about the Kabbalah and Wyman on your site you call it the powerful mystical part of the Jewish tradition is on the logical in the hundred by the end of the fuel that run the fiscal lack of a better way of writing that I would think only public the perspective you have your thoughts and you let you have an idea and you think about how you want to do it all the public

everyone eat well be the Hamburg right but if I don’t have much emotional involvement in it it I don’t really Of reaction after the going out make a hamburger 1 MB the Kabbalah of the emotional aspect of this is the part that explained you got a bunch of things distribution a glycolytic religion colored a practice of spiritual practice of the lot of meditation think that it doesn’t all but that will Kabbalah event that explained the underlying principle of how the actually help one connect to the divine. So on your site to talk you talk little bit about how some Jews are afraid to admit the Jewish is that my paraphrasing correctly yet what you let us the persecution of whether the host of different route for all of them is persecution all if I admit to being Jewish in the public will be liking that an all prejudices looking back at the flipside of that which is Jewish I don’t know very much about it a I’m afraid to go in the round of the Jews the printed onto Jewish ritual I’m embarrassed that I wanted make some sort.

Of the instrument of wind up so just don’t mention it for a practice of them you know like myself. If things on and the 60s as to why I don’t understand what lies in its relative spirituality and Jewish but really I’m just practicing boot of the malware practicing witchcraft now are embarking into the right now at the or a mixture of what the different thing that’s my path of photolithography Jewish suits will if you could go to my understanding of composite startups fought in Israel’s a correct much much earlier of math silky hustle more about the background how this concept kind ingratiate itself into Judaism you mentioned that there’s your time Buddhist explains of the realms of there seems to be the Eastern mystical aspect to the couple was tradition identified it subsidies desert nomads in the interests of the improved by the above I believe that the all started with Jewish people – go back to on out on the primordial person of Kabbalah industry and if you received the Internet built with liver is it God in the time to make a sham which literally think the name instead of username got has no name got has no form so much because the body is way beyond those he Described God in Kabbalah, himself without Infinity Kabbalah means to receive both the creator creates this world creates Adam Yadav and have a conversation everything that God speaks to Adam Adam you out of the add-on to the prophet if they received Kabbalah strictly so anything that received from the invention therefore Kabbalah is this guy is Yahweh versus the Yahoo of thought they speak about topless commissioners is more a monad that the sham the Elohim was the differentiation here the differentiation between the name of God really about different aspects of God allows us to perceivable and taking him up ofher because God contains the genders but got it before all the sham has the names of just aspects of community that were allowed to experience what is so why is everyone so fascinating about the pronunciation of God’s name in the vibrational tone that that encompasses what is the effect that it has licensed a sacred because so powerful is there is your residence to the name of the frequency that gives

it power exactly said that there are some like banishing rituals that use these like the lesser of banning ritual of the pentagram to you on this I’m not that familiar with no no in Shimane Judaism part do you guys use rituals indications that seem arts you are using these sort of sacred names to either invoke or banish the ability of can you give us an example of a weapon of revenue the event of powerful than actually use one of the name would actually be conducted in both the power of what I would think they all are a situation of mercy I like is the username in a form of prayer all the best the best way to create original instituted in the prayer in overview after the question with the difference between a Jewish on the different for Bush among some of the more magic and the lab would this kosher magic in the ocean magic difference between it is in the Bible a lot of metaphors I don’t think Dungeons & Dragons cancer have okay. The character with the magician and there the clerk the magician in our words from the waking his body from the magical items the cleric’s power range to the event left the request of the clerk of kosher magic contribute to start a that I have the power to want me with these words are nothing than actually manifests the particular act or this long to this sort all of his article is where the power lies you know basically acting. I worship is out of the powered network the creative record created the vanity the universe the one describe it the indescribably on the all this

if you give credit where credit is due to secure exactly exactly so if the greatness of the state the pages of the Jewish Shoshana went to the music of record that will be doing they view the name of God and I would think that you use that name to make a request of God all and if their desire matches got universal desire them Africans resurrected all you your you did basically become the best both for the credit of the divine flow through the universe will accomplish his goal so since Torah says that one should learn the Torah and get a teacher to teach them how to study and then to get a student to teach them how to teach do you agree with this and how long how long have you been teaching at the teaching for a computer started load in Israel all together a workshop using the story of the Exodus of the Jews out of Egypt as a all at the container for overcome whatever you are looking forward to your dreams when you when you mentioned earlier about the magician and the clerk it sounds a lot like the arcana from different heritage is is there something I can do that in the kebab decouples to traditionally does use are you are you playing with divination information in the interesting thing in Judaism Judaism health astrology the of the zodiac find match up to the 12 tribes all and the Abraham who have a conversation with God about the house children and a lot of the children and Ingram but when you look at the start.

And having children show how to use got outings that will help children and affected the at the beginning with the creation got to start the planet are going to be all there you the times it in Cleveland and also for you messages so the trick about it is the our youth to Cannot be in the use of divination to say this is what I must do this is what I most of the world suggestions this is the direction that things are going up Things that you can overcome those of the tendency of the youth much with safer fact that you believe supernatural forces are working at least preserving Jewish people and what is the purpose and that affects a corrective care why Ms. took my that if the question of why were the chosen people about the just clarified my cohost to be Jewish and that now this work is really interesting man and I really just want to know what how Shimane Judaism differs from other aspects of shamans and mean like the Native Americans have shamans or shamans and Amazon somehow how are the Jews practicing the Shimane traditions the audit of the fundamentally I would have spent a lot of time talking to all Native American shamans in South America charmed by all the sham the help of the mentally thing the pretty much same although a very different worlds you are playing with the energies of the trying euro and the groupthink P question becomes all the profits you using to do that okay let’s get into that house how do you use energy and to heal and how are you becoming aware of these

flicks can you go into some of the practices that you guys use one of the important thing is the concept of Kabbalah Kabbalah is the Hebrew word that translate to focus concentration intention of the in the government that will benefit normally translate into commandment and people think of the good deeds of open an old woman crept through the myth of the computer and also have another meeting about it create a collection like line between you and and divinity unit and the creator so if I am doing is to the abuse of the Jewish people other people tradition puncture out their versions of the all and what it does them during one of these things such as all keeping with keeping Shabbat is the thought what about if I want to go into a sacred space for all day and I’m been a commune with the feminine aspect of God and women of Alabama can bring out about energy and then I can and whatever revelations about and then built using things that I’ve gotten from that direction into the world. It sounds like you’re describing the crown chakra basically assuming that the cost of opening up that the top portal into into into the consciousness into the great divine what is the relationship as necessary as far as with the Jews that makes you guys are special with back with that consciousness are used was there some kind of pact made a minute what is the lineage of the what is the relationship to Jews have with the monad was with the divine is what I believe I believe that you both of the talk about

primordial man the original Adam were out of the come out that if the primordial manic cricket can aim all of humanity and informed human being in the sense of the different organs each on each in the aboriginal people to people the Native Americans the Australian aborigines all although represent different organ in the body and have a different purpose of a different role of the chosen for one thing all the other tradition patrolled the different than the Jewish purpose I believe is to help bring their own the divine power to the energy they got the like into this world to the other people about this to it and they can use it for the things they need you to do with it at to decide what so so then have you experienced any form of like demonic exorcism or anything on that level in your practice you have how often does not occur until personally that very often all how often you find that there are negatives and sees or beings that are affecting a person’s life that that you feel that you have to become involved in that situation back of what I learned the change your question with a domestic moment Judaism have started over Kabbalah has decided that have both the only and called the future of which is adamant the other side and the other side is I think we can call them on it she really believe that the money per se all everything ultimately is good God. The out of the lab and enter them in the individual of good everything that comes out of the nomadic by definition good working with bad people is only making from our limited perspective on how it works and if we had the respect and infinite perspective with can understand how effectually in their to all to strengthen us and make us better but from our inner perspective for world constricted the understand the perception of the also having that there is the idea of the truck and part about that is it always without an absolute peanuts to do what is not in our best interest to do nothing with not in the in the world’s best interest how words the process of initiating a Shaman work in your practice mean if let’s say that I wanted to practice Shimane Judaism do I have to be Jewish to practice this. You can assume it’s relegated to the Jewish people I wouldn’t be able to mature someone be able to practice this Jewish one correct but whatever the question of working with what is appropriate for what is appropriate for your soul the works that will make your system

I work with genetically year that the Jews are present spiritually at this point of talking about the folded Judaism really is to talk about the physical world is also the Kabbalah really talking about the top of the world is talking about “all and I imagine if you go to any additional Shaman, traditional ways that you let them talk about they would probably say their system is for their people and only the people it’s not something that you can pick out a used generically univariate and a very effective form because you need to have cultural background to work the notice work for example if I was say I was a a Shaman work with rattles and all that are acutely in limit to transit then invoke animal spirits so that I will be moving around like an animal of for the people that work for that part of extradition it makes sense and it works of from Charlotte and put them into the middle of the of all of the Kabbalah Cleveland for example and fate this is a very few of you instead of going to Dr. recommend there and the back of the very effective because that’s not without they were preventable event within about 200 and if not part of their spiritual DNA is genetic so we discussed moving on here is is it kosher to use psychedelic plants to enter these sort of Shimane states the decision sort of class that you guys go on our house at work that the anointing oil that was used for the high priest of being included a opinion of the thought GG think that I am the burning bush in Islamic caliphate identification plan which is very high chemical trip to Maine do you think there’s any truth behind that as far as Moses was out on Mount Sinai about her red tripping on occasion you is to make you wonder you there is that the this this botanical psychedelic plants that every US for the most part has doubled within it stands reason that the Jews would have the form of it yet it very very possible to the store in the public all of you the short version of it all the way one of the shamans with known as you are because you felt that their pope in order to his his chance for and at one point that people often make it rains of the length will again long story short he made it rain and throughout the number enough right now about

the writing separate and then the people about the into the work to collect mushrooms a limit you to understand what and what we were probably called the heavy read on the sacred mushroom and across the sacred mushroom across the habit there is an author’s name but he talks about how the beat ancient Jewish sect that was the Dead Sea Scrolls were basically you are taking psilocybin mushrooms and worshiping and venerating the psilocybin that these mushrooms and there’s your drawings in their in the caves and different rights whether what’s what’s your take on that point one of the dangers all of you seen drugs and anything else to help you get into that all into the space and that if you start worshiping the Edison’s worship of the Arabs were the power lies than you started vital worship because of the fact that we looks allowing you to get intois the you mentioned how are the things that I’ve always wanted to try to comprehend sure everyone’s trying to figure out is what the hell is going on with the space in Jerusalem where the Western Wall is is is there some kind of energetic hotspot coming out of economic why does everyone want to be in that is the place where the physical and nonphysical worlds meet with them in when dad into the world of the backup of the finite world of many of another popular analogy like their trip from the Arctic and out to the moment all this world is in the world of matter and one of the things that the fight matter is the fact that it find it so if I want to talk about something that is antimatter of documents (infinite and find that what represents the number fell if the dog wants to come at the world of problem could be of matter and antimatter coming together you’re going to make a very large explosion need to be controlled and can take the location where the know at into this world with a finite world gets created from Libya recuperated from that way is on the Temple Mount is that is inherent Western Wall in the spot underneath the political though the amount of the end that was such a huge point all enough for everybody fighting over you please describe nurse the process so it was the Cohan leverage the Rabbi Legos in there once year during

Yom Kippur during the high holy days what is what are they doing so they’re going into the Temple Mount there’s this portal into the heavens are telling us is this with how is the ark of the covenant volunteer what what what is the actual was going on at that really really really good question all and the high priest and the high priest in the all high Shaman of the tradition of people being the holy faith people of crafting the prey because the trying to create the at this all of the very special all sacred space that allow the high priest to go in to the plate with a finite in the meat that you can imagine going into place where wherefore to mention made some people aware of five or six of the predator that go to is whether the infinite number of dimensions and when you got a physical body but the physical body to the all the all is the place where it counted that the mentioned but you can put the RVR is actually to be with the with the to bring the display to get that it’s applicable what it should be allowed should be able to and why can it do that is because it’s going to talk with other dimension because it has the ability to move into the infinite extraordinaire a if

the doorway of the gateway of the conduit between the infinite than the five if the: and all the high priest is going in their new 71 expansion available to perceive things from a and infinite level and understand it anything and everything all at one time for the future and is able to come out of that and say and in fact the only time that the four letter name of God is actually mentioned that she comes out next week old at that I really over time because it depends on what you battle it and it will be brought out so he comes out at Apple right after this incredible experience all going to the highest of the height of the highest worlds and then says that name and that name is so powerful it purified everybody and everything can you go into the that the chanting involved in the four worlds what was that mean one of you where work can you give me some sources that have told me about the four worlds I just want to know more about them is this is this stuff sort of secret is that what you’re being so reluctant to talk about it or is it because of non-Jewish it but partly the middle of things that I know them up a lot of things but don’t know what I consider to the guitar

I know practically nothing you say you exclusively give some secret esoteric and the and the summit I have a class where the five how to know that the bye week five hours going over basic overview of Kabbalah and the love background background to check the chapter during French I don’t know all there are probably coupled with them I would imagine and on different of the outlook to work on five years ago all that you got to God eight 800 years ago you have the color work in a and you got before that you got the colonists were in Jerusalem 2000 years ago and was called today in the each one of those groups different at a different time and different need differently than we think so all there might be book that describes some of the chance that but the chapter at don’t know I haven’t learned them partly because it’s a very dangerous thing to start moving up into the world don’t know what you’re doing and you don’t understand the mapping of danger was that we were in danger of The there is a story about forth and took up near the golf can go into the orchard at the archer is a symbolic for the worlds the world that we will deal with action then there is the world of the world formation of the Korea world creation and the world of absolute which is minister got your Shaman’s were very high Shaman go into this meditation on side one of them comes out at the hair about crazy and one of them about with you of the piece that he conducted now what’s going on with the new there are 11 opportunities the Torah and told by the way is an instruction manual therapy construction company morale which the teacher are there is

the therapist and when you’re studying that just putting that I do run for level I is a looking at the letters and what letters in the theme of the bay and how other space within on the on the part of Then there’s another level of the all the words everything that because about is symbolic of something else there’s another level work looking at the world tonight starting to play with the meaning of the words what if I change the wealth of the sort of Haldol and youth esoteric meaning of the word or something of that nature and then there’s the fourth way which is the mystical way that they have grown into meditation I am received of him from an inspiration all understanding of what going on here happen with one of meditation all one of the things with her senses if you all to obey your parents you little on life and in a few is so crazy I know share anyway if you want and that the mother bird usually above the burden you take the long luck what happened one of the one who died she the one who became hectic he saw a little boy he told the parents to make the kind of get the action of the work if you let the treatment anything which really got and the guy could wait a minute of the match went our structure that therefore the problem you can’t feel what you used to involved in the literal meaning of what’s going on in the second one goes than their and he wanted what good is one of imagine somebody at 11 1111 that means something while and is in no February 2 two to something and season with the birth of flying overhead that you crazy everything is symbolic and only for something else after that person crew the person who died when he defeated nearly died what he did with you think of the music there is no insight and the southern just kept going forever and ever and ever into born into the infinite just interrupt your first accounts are good that and went off track I’m trying to figure out means let’s bring it back into the realm of practical what is it that you do when your journey as Europe and what is something that you can do is if someone feels sort of negative vibrations in the happen to be taking one of your classes what is something that you would instruct them to do first one of the things that I would might have them do would be to all info for Angels] practical Q going to all one thing that I would do what would probably have gone the one end to what I could do there are patterns and what their all in a prayer of her refueling of foolishly well-meaning complete healing although I would have the all the principle of

the what the cause Jeff Greene at Derek there are a lot of this kind is if you look into like the stuff about UI and people who are sending out how do you defend against something like that you have sacred symbols or things that you write that could sort of defend against that are there in the development and at this point and not an expert on the frontline of much more all I don’t know what their name mentions about going to all in the thing you could the start they effectually shield under a protection device to combat: why didn’t the federal you could put a few of them around your direction about below are invoking the name of God is that that point it about Gabriel is a offender of the water aspect that most inhuman working accused whose peculiar method that God on the shelf over to the rampart and try to think about that way all other there’s a lot of different things depending on what the situation was called the on button thing would be a lot of it would be covered with the Crane to God to take care in fact that’s probably the first and probably look for the week of the fence up to the Noel you are describing a lot of the something sacred geometry from esoteric today perspective he tells more about that how the Hebrew letters asked you have numerological value to them and what that system with the system exactly is to the amount of the Hebrew letter of the political numbers will thought all of the one a that is the three all and start and grow coca market which is working the number of the movie the matrix sure you update your cinematic where the computer screen the government budget numbers scrolling down to in a brick wall in beautiful blonde and a dog walking by okay if you substitute the numbers to the Hebrew letter the works of what the ball of his everything is made up of Hebrew letters and other way of looking at it is whether

the numbers represent vibration each letter of the particular version if I manipulate the letters I can actually re-create thanks all and if I can take things that have similar numerical value that I can actually connection substitute of increased the all and understand them better for example all of you think about the love and God is one which is if you take the numeric value of both of those words each each equal 13 Adam to get the good things that will in the godly complaints it so one of the nights of polyphonic is actually I think that serious for the Masons get a lot of their concerts from it but I’m assuming a lot of this numerology is inherent in the Temple and the construction of the Temple in a lot of the verses I think it was the work they say that you look at the Torah is hidden there’s hidden messages every soap couple of letters are like 9/11 were nostra dominance like predictions in the Talmud Torah is what you think we do absolutely the tour codes for the London is working on all the computers where they’re going every number letters are going up down all and and finding vein I and all versions that were unimaginable things all much more much statistical success rate than you’d expect so there’s nothing that going on all but I’m talking about a lot of of the American Judaism God that there’s a lot of different meanings you the number completion is a member of the of all totality in the sense that the physical world skeptics direction the members of 743 a number of stability all a become the number

transcended because we know you You completed the physical world although… After that is beyond this world so that number represents all so I can take the confidence in the and the using the attributes particular numbers all workaday sentences and put them together all and all end-users because those at the very things of God is and got him if you look at all the movements with the opening of the name of God all the other the name if I take each each letter and spell it out the good example the first letter is spelled with the Hebrew letters and still let the letters in the fight of the numeric and I have together I get a particular number and depending on how I spell each letter I come up with a different numeric and the different numerics represent the different worlds and going into to ever play the lottery using those numbers because I was want try not have is accurate but it do that interesting idea assumes Mueller week we are were approaching the end here man is there any message that you want to get outs the people are listening specifically the Jewish people are Jewish audience and the people that you kind of us are just maybe afraid of being Jewish giving can send them say yes I would say have it open mind and be willing to a study in its war the tradition don’t take the things that you heard about it is that the right and accurate actually: explored the sacred book of and if she could learn Hebrew and study it from the original sources is even more powerful because you wind up with some very interesting idea, but if you have a few minutes to actually go for a Is during the beginning of creation is the oh the Adam and Eve by the easy related idea which life all and 18 his life the numeric value of the Is a reputed and heartfelt cry it out that they keep to the powerful magical number give you the but bear in the Garden of

Eden and the server that comes along and I can’t even eat from the tree in the I’m every think of the masses of Complement the word for the serpent the numeric value for that equal the Hebrew word for the Messiah so the Messiah is somehow involved in that snake in the serpent causing making the whole thing happened the Messiah there waiting for the brain this in all the world’s conclusion is involved directly involved in causing the downfall of the CNG cars in the Christian tradition all the Antichrist in the mood though you and you now that the regard of the on a completely different look at that and say what was really going on there that were for the serpent was not also have the divination so they The story is not the other kia was trying to understand trying to combine what you should really asking when some sort don’t eat from the tree was the real message there and that i speculate about going to displace the shoot divination for thinking problems like that god wants proof that show proof that there’s free will that will improve free will to go against what god wants so maybe when god said that this one free weekly don’t eat from it well if you have an human being you can do anything you want except one thing would’ve been going to draw their attention to make them work the committee it was really it was tried with computing the divination process to the buying the underlying message of free will go eat from the baby directly in this one instance that was respective athletic each trait is a question so

that there A way of looking at an understanding the story which you can only get if you look into the hebrew you said that you mention you you fall, buddhist eastern mystical path to follow when this was the correct a i don’t study a buddhist you strip out a number out of that will fit a little bit with the patient is affected of the jamar tradition eastern eastern traditions are your open to each edition is perfectly valid and powerful in its own way so they met in pain with what is your stance on jesus was he a jewish mystics who haven’t dabbled in the similar eastern philosophy was the sla research this construct that the roman empire uses the mass opiate believe that jesus was a was a jew cool and study the jamar tradition and was a lot of a jew who were not who do you think the patient that were caused a lot of problems try to correct the all the romans are for political reasons had approved the five virtual machine i really appreciate you being here man was was in designing the website what’s was out for us in conscious, feel and the us euro are a all rights and the and the reason for the name is but i think the purpose was to two and judaism is to raise consciousness in which awareness all of who we are what we are and how we interact with each other the world the world while you got a workshop coming up breaking tussle about that the workshop is that you draft it ecology 101 and there is designed for people who don’t know very much about judaism are of no more about it over in of the developing baby they’ve learned a little bit of the frustrated with what they’ve learned everyone up a something deeper and more work again so all and understand the underlying thing of the state that shows a country one for them little starting next month 11 and in the run-up on your website that will become a website in the program and another week all held each other but that if you’re interested they can get a hold me on type of the contact page all in the can ask there and money of them was not up to the authors cool world guys is the human experience me and my cohost dr. g and we are signing out think you so much for listening to my desk and you can find his makes a listen guys

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