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The bank is mentally telling us and frontotemporal stimuli to it as such an interesting episode here with me for an end to the near-death research foundation the intriguing work doing these experiences please be sure to check this out on you to donate on the page that I fear we all worked hard to see this is a really great exercise with so the human experience is entering the afterlife my guest tonight is Misha from the near-death experience research foundation me show my man it’s a pleasure to have you with us will continue to glad to be here near-death experiences really fascinate me and I’m very interested in talking about this how it used get started in this work US me the hardest question first actually the honest answer is I don’t remember always been inched in the paranormal and I think probably what happened is I started listening to a bunch of animal podcasts and probably they worked their way around from UFOs out of body and you get experience and probably I started searching the web and started reading about the probably what happened okay cool so what what is your background specifically what my background is a diamond like biologists right now am the English teacher in Russia but for 15 or 20 years I was a biologist specializing in DNA research and cancer research and the so when I look at the paranormal I tend to ask a lot of questions good minutes I like that the science is definitely interesting open-minded to it started been very open-minded to do what these guys who say this is not true and that can’t

be true at death that will science that’s being close minded putting putting the science aspect of this is important think still what we get into what’s and earth does and how it got started to kinky tells what they do over over there yet but to and the NDE RAF for near-death experience research foundation was started and did some check with my colleagues and am open to these facts right but it was started the think in 1998 by Dr. Jeffrey long he’s a radiation oncologist and not Louisiana and the key began collecting reports of people who have died had unusual experiences and you probably know that the this came into the public consciousness, point to Raymond Moody with his books I think what was life afterlife that yeah it’s right on the 70s but anyway and if we started in 98 with Dr. Jeffrey long and now his wife Jodi Long is involved and she’s really a big driving force behind the website what they do is collect stories from people and what the word stories because it sounds like fairytale silage is the word accounts from people of the tenets of the bank account and would use the date they am collect experiences from people and they collect him by having them fill out a questionnaire and it’s got the 20th 30 questions says what happened to you what you medical distress was you with your perception is different in the any relatives did you meet a loving entity to get any special abilities after this how to relate to others after this seems from the future come to you how was your hearing your vision that all kinds of questions

so they basically catalog of the stuff together and then try to make some sense of it through research and making connections gets really interesting actors Bruce Grayson developed a scandal to measure the depth of an individual’s clear that death experience of you who this week I have said that I had but Didier but it’s basically to this culture exactly when but he keep just a zero wanted to answer on various questions kind of like what and earth is doing and basically the questions consist of time speed up or slow down the warrior were thoughts than normal work to were there seems from your past you have feelings of joy was there a sense of connectedness with the universe did you notice that there is any improvements or a similar quality a common type experience when people are talking about their NDE’s absolutely absolutely and exterior before disturbance what I forgot to say that the outset but the you know I’m not really speaking on behalf of vendor discussed in an individual volunteer that I’m just answered as honest as I can as it is an individual whose red many hundreds of NDE’s mostly for vendor so that’s my little disclaimer that the nothing official for them I answered your question

absolutely they are common features and Dr. Long is published a book you know we don’t put anything like that I think you just collecting the data in a convenient form of note when you got I think they’ve got about 4000 NDE’s making sense of that is not easy in the book is to be a lot easier to digest but in this particular book which is called evidence for the after evidence of the afterlife he goes through about 12 features that make up NDE’s not only present in every case but they keep showing up over and over again if you like I can go kiss those with you, you like leaving your body will and it doesn’t take a lot of time pretty short list well feeling a physical separation of your consciousness from your body that happens in about 75% of the NDE’s feeling that your senses are really really heightened in other words seem very very good colors or article or sounds which are very vivid happens about 74% of the cases feeling really really intense emotions and feelings is about 76% of the cases passing through a tunnel is a is kind of a cliché and it does happen but not as much as people think that’s about 34% of the time encountering a brilliant to mystical lights some sort of elimination is about 65% of the time encountering other beings and this could be mystical beings or relatives or anything just some sort of thought sentient beings about 57% of the time so not everyone sees the relatives are an angel or something it sits little over half a very different sense of time and space is about 6161% of the time of full review of everything happening in

life is a really fascinating to me that’s about 22% of the time encountering some other different dimensions of the Michael heavenly or some sort of dimension 41% of the time encountering special knowledge in other words you feel that maybe you understand everything about how the universe works house put together such a Swiss watch and you know what all the gears do that’s canopy about 31% of the time and other kinds of knowledge like going all about yourself and and other relationships around you that’s a boss about 31% of the time reaching the barrier that you cannot cross the boundary is about 31% of the time and having a memory of slamming back in your body work we entering your physical body about 59% of the time so those are 12 features that seem to be showing up a lot very interesting so there does seem to be a relationship with like you’re your exiting your body so you can in my research I found that most people encountered this sort of sense of love and the exit their body and they can see their and their physical body there and there seems to be a overwhelming sense of being home and right price to me that Pat is really important and a minimal raised throughout my life I’ve always in the people close to me know this about me but always always kind of long trip this feeling of being home and not sure if if you and me both Robert and go so you know if you are Catholic and I’m of to drop me off at the wrong train station here at Yahoo! that is so needed all of these these expenses of her header are

truly fascinating and and these people who know encountered this sort of – and there physically dead for a few minutes and you know whether it’s occurring in the brain or whether it’s this DMT release that happens in your brain or not I’m not sure I care about that I think I said I’m just I’m still fascinated by this experience and interest if the DMT my brain is manufacturing this this super cool reality it makes no difference to me I’m not really tell anyway so maddening if if we could get into some of the NDE’s that you’ve read about and if if you’d like to share one or two of them with us that might be interesting okay yeah and just to backtrack one step in others two types of people one says you know if the results are great does it matter if it’s reality with the R and there’s other people say enormous scientists and I definitely want to know you know you know it is it is a real and I’m kind of the second group and I’m not up to twist anyone’s arm one way or the other but I think the you know does not evidence that things are really happening the people are experiencing the things that so-called veridical and ease of the verified in other words they leave the body and they notice something

about the operating room were the cafeteria went on a car accident or whenever it seems that they should not be noticing from their viewpoint you know as a innocent as a car accident in your late out on the grass and you’re not very good condition and you know and then you have NDE which includes leaving your body and then you recover and then you say to the paramedics what was that huge scratch on the top of your ambulance and they go what you willing on the grass you know and and and these things do happen and that’s why I believe that in most cases things are really happening that the people experiencing the guests drop a a factually fast and this is this important thing to get into before we’d we’d talk about it the peak spirits themselves the first attempts at versus Tatian didn’t really occur for the human body until about 17 C7 so I’m saying is that it’s it this this idea of reviving a person from death didn’t really happen and until about 300 so give or take years ago so and in the technology used to to restart the heart with electrodes with that didn’t happen into old 19 got here somewhere in 1967 so you have it these cardiac arrest patients that are being brought back there wasn’t necessarily that the technology do that in a few hundred years ago so I think that these experiences that are coming out now that there are probably much more common now through our history angry I think that people had these for hundreds if not thousands of years it might’ve even been your grandmother in the cave with you and she had weird visions and told you your father and he told you where you know even if there’s it without modern resuscitation if you are good on the weird Avenue I was reading at one point about the guillotine that when the French were really fond of cutting each other’s heads off and sometimes they would do experiments where they would be

condemned the mountain hopalong consciousness lasts so be a good sport and blink your eyes like 20 times after we cut your head off and I was exact numbers but I think it usually people couldn’t get out more than enough for five blinks. In this is actually directly speaks to the question because I had some email interchange with the thing was Dr. Long and maybe somebody else but we were talking the physiology and here’s the deal can you have conscious experience we don’t have blood pressure to your brain to traditional viewpoint right now in neurology is no I mean when you fate you figure out and if somebody you know strangles you are you suddenly get up too quickly after sleeping your Discover pass out and you’re probably not can have sweet dreams to discover be gone and so what’s happening with NDE’s is that people are having orderly structured memories of sometimes tunnels sometimes relatives sometimes God if you want to use that word I like to say source or higher self but people are having structured interactions and they’re bringing these memories back with them when they wake up with a come out of rehab or whatever so that doesn’t make sense I mean an elegant analogy to this guy computer right yeah I was just are you about to mention the quantum computing aspect of this and the amount of the estate yet you have Brown on your house will lights dim and there’s a thunderstorm and suddenly your computers to tick to cheat all crap I just lost my dissertation in my email whatever) where can limit the powerhouse is a brownout your computer works much worse than normal you will likely lose your documents wrapped corrupt as an files and if you’re really lucky or unlucky enough to read for medical system of the computer does not do well with unstable power nowhere in the world to the skeptics get the idea that your brain under unstable glucose blood pressure unstable power basically is For much much better and can give you orderly memories super vivid recollections in critical things like another critical thing that happened sometimes his people will meet somebody who has died that they didn’t know who’s died so for example you got a college buddy way and you

think you can find in Florida but in fact you didn’t know that he was killed but if you graduated so you have NDE in your plan up to either astral somewhere and rations up in his leather jacket uses exterior music Ray Woody doing here in the new you recover you go to rehab or whatever and anything I think I did indeed seemed awfully real to me but there was this one part of it that was kind of BS and the person so was that so I met Reagan race by buddies and is finding a you know what to tell you about it he died because yet what stress you out and you are to all yourself so and them is interesting that there’s this flows well with what was in the next others is aspects of if you view by the theory that the universe is a big computer there errors in quantum computing their something called super superposition in where information can exist in two places at once so if you have this idea that we are leaving our bodies and yet our physical bodies are still there the six explains OBE’s mean you could kind of cut of note that Mimi and ease if the cure your trading that like life or death line that perhaps the data is being split data being your consciousness and the consciousness being split into two and you’re experiencing these otherworldly states and then you coming back to body which I find highly intriguing yet I am with you on that totally in fact some of the Eastern religions while most of them they have this idea that we’re all connected as one were down here, playing a game of acting like receptor were acting like his black and white good and evil to be selfish learning how to be generous if you did a column for your hair and you put it into some water with the little times they touch the water limited if you look under the water looks at there’s always the separate to sticky things right but if you are looking out from the distance it’s either all connected the top EDD civic villain trying to say to go to the computer comminuted immerse a little bit over the parts down this point in particular individual lives you all think they all think their separate separate on a mission on Xavier and weigh in on whoever but if you can look at the whole couple glassful situation is a is a partner is a part above the glass is a higher part that the

handle the call with all connected and that’s what a lot of the young the Eastern religions talk about like the higher self and you’re saying that these different incarnations that we had all connecting into the same higher self kind of being a relic I think will probably part of the same God energy or source energy and get this idea will separate but were not a separate as we think we are of my VisualWorks but that wasn’t what I try to say great that you asked me about a imaging story to tell you there is a for your listeners have to do the but there fascinating video the patient watch some of the best I’ve ever seen in the title search YouTube for this and the title is famous cardiac surgeons stories of near-death experiences in surgery that’s famous cardiac surgeons stories of near-death experiences in surgery and the account for that video is dental mastermind group and this is a dentist and this cardiac surgeon direct conference somewhere and decided to record some its experience and the surgeon and sexy pretty famous I think you in cardiology’s name is Dr. Lloyd Rudy he’s one of the guys you figure out why heart attacks really happen at to make a long story short he had a bed that is fantastic but he had a patient who sidelined in in the surgery and had all kinds of monitoring devices on the sky they had a esophageal echo probe which I think, does little sonar to see if your heart is beating the EKGs and west of the stuff and the surgery didn’t go well that just the couldn’t save the guy and so he gave up and told his other colleague look at we can finish this appendix can work and make the call them they decode the time of death whatever he asked his assistant to so the guy up just a few wire stitches which they do prior to autopsy and is not a cosmetic thing just like you would on here is that it didn’t go well and the guys that well it turns out the guy they all they left the

room they started to wash their hands of the lunch whatever they’re doing and not cleaning people came in and there was some cardio graph table the floor and just you know it’s kind of like a notebook football stadium of the team to win a set scene in there and somebody noticed that the echocardiogram started beating a little bit in the breathing should come up little bit in the not email the electrical younger liberal Paulson all the stuff started happening and suddenly someone called to investigate back in the sky for no reason is is is reviving as a recall from the video heat the patient was dead for something like 12 1517 minutes I mean a period of time which would not be good for your brain is your brain needs oxygen penalty does well after even five or six minutes as the amount of glucose it needs to stuff like that but it would’ve been brain-damaged time in the Skype fully revived and didn’t have brain-damaged and a few days later in the recovery suite they decided to, say the government and did you notice anything we’re doing the surgery not really leading questions but to see if you noticed anything if anything at all and what really blew the minds was that he said you know I am so my body there I was floating about it I saw you leave the room I saw you washing your hands associate the guy with his sandwich and some that an in all that is sort of logical and awake but then he said what was that long long yellow thing attached to my monitor is on universal electronic monitors and not the surgeon about

for minute and music all my gosh or maybe even more colorful language decent this is completely impossible for him to have noticed not only was he did in the in the circulatory sense not only were always electric vitals you have no banal but a few thighs would probably take shot he was probably rolled into the suite with his eyes deep shudder whatever but the really clincher for the surgeon Dr. Lloyd Rudy was that he said when I start my surgeries I have a monitor their and when anyone calls my phone and doctors get a lot of phones and pages and stuff when calls me I have the see of accident because the phone alarm cutting in the somebody is my assistant for nurse will come in and and sticky note on the monitor in effect to become stupid it’s Aldrich is by the end of a long 589 hour surgery the state becomes like a big long yellowtail and should this patient said what was the long yellowtail hanging from my electric monitor and he said there was no way because when I start my surgery this detail of the phone calls when I begin and end he you he gets emotional releases that I’m not sure there’s something else there’s a higher power and that our consciousness is not purely coming out of a great so that’s really really intriguing man and a kind it can always switch gears a little bitch is looking at this research paper that was conducted out of Amsterdam and they were talking about and D’s and how often they occur but there’s there is another side to that. There’s some people don’t experience this there was a study done out of Amsterdam by Vincent Myers and the were studying out of how we people would have an D’s and I think they studied 344 people and out of out that it was it was only 62 which is 18% of the people they studied experienced and indeed type phenomenon type experience and some most of the people didn’t really have anything in a notable to express

me midnight was no memory of the event or nothing happened so that kind of leads me into asking your do you think that it’s NDE’s are common and you think to think everyone experiences this or is there a kicking process Irene from the purely subjective point you my opinion is that at NDE’s are given to the world, wake us up little bit then I can happen all the time but just something is rare doesn’t mean it’s not real I mean that’s one of the big mistakes and science makes the state where not real air meetings that it will better very very very real submission there seems to be a consensus or mean there might there may be an idea that perhaps not everyone experiences this and may be people do you think maybe some people have souls and other people don’t and maybe the people that do are having these NDE’s or that’s a scary question the people that have sold some of those I think that’s a good question there’s a difference between something being where and saw something being frequent often in science with the military websites as other doesn’t exist and there are many things that are rare and very real draw big square on your wall with some neutrino outerspace to do that in the square you won’t be looking for my taken 2 May 200 years in science are many things that are rare and still very real so when skeptics go down that route that also advocates my scheme going but in answer to your question it’s not I think that is now in my opinion is probably some of the gift that’s open to a falloff in a way that the way

I view it is that you have to sort of as injury or anything as the sort of like going from point a to point B and not everyone is going to the whole process maybe not everyone needs an especially difficult but the stupid district of the physical permit you know if you walk from take a trip from Boston to New York you wake up in your tennis shoes buy a ticket walk somewhere Bosket on a training on I got wrote the person who is just part of the tennis shoes in the phone call to this weekend the next week and to enforce the process and I think that the finished the process is for you I do not coming back so the probably many realms and mentions that we don’t know that even though it might be very detailed incredibly the probably stuff you that an enemy is documented into the Spirit molecule work the ayahuasca stuff people talk about the kaleidoscope of well after Wilmette for definition and I think that’s were given here is that the it’s a long road and in some people are just in the very beginning of it for example though have a car accident and the lightly injured and dealt of the body season. But back in the body that’s it the love of tunnel angels and relatives other people get into about it quite some love and acceptance happening back in the body is other people who conducted with timeless place where there discussing things with Soros and God and in the fields like this for months and months before they come back to the timeless great so that it would complete the journey interesting there’s there’s been a lot of kind of researching there at the moment of death not sure if you saw 21 g there’s a theory about and the study it’s called guest physical 21 g the figure that at dad to soul could weigh 21 g because the body is lighter by 21 g at the moment of death and settlements as it bears a piece of your body or a piece of your conch your consciousness itself is is exiting

your body and thereby reducing the weight of your physical body to think that’s interesting to what you think causes and in the Tempest [21 g of your drug joke or something, but that’s that’s really cool before into the causes thinking out the problem science on them actually have been more than when they think the question is not serious they won’t even examine and assistance that the wrong attitude so if you said is a if you said to them was credible study by 20 special skills in the ICU measure people they probably would laugh and not even study it and so considers no evidence for this and that will find its way don’t look and I think that if that’s true about 21 g that’s totally fascinating and there was a lot of interest in the study psychical research in the England and the US like a late 18th and 19th centuries of history buff but in some ways and is the more they open-minded than now that you just asked me what I think causes them right now I think that we have kind of several anatomies I think the physical anatomy and silent is my opinion, spiritual anatomy death and I think they are sort of joined all the time and I think that when you have a bad injury or even

you get scared to death for meditation experiences in several types of unusual experiences physical anatomy and spiritual anatomy get out of sync with each other and and that so the short answer what is going on sides of the fact that your body is not doing well on the verge of death your consciousness seems to be able to to travel much easier than your healthy interesting because regardless of your religion or your background or culture the one common thing that we shares that were going to die at least physical body bodies are going to die soon and so under wonder how much of this has become sort of a coping mechanism mean it’s very intriguing to read about these experiences and in not that I’m afraid of death I just I mean it’s it’s interesting manage his diabetes the stories about you this endless love and I’m with my family and it bears if we can get into the game aspect in their it seems as if you in a few the experiences I noticed that in this this lady talks about how she kind wakes up and there in front of these kind of like computers that connect them into something in there she’s laying next to bunch of other people who are also connected in and it’s almost as if I think you mentioned this earlier that its offices if were playing this game here on earth and youth we forgot that were playing entirely so yeah good good points the point and I live on efforts I absolutely know I’m glad you brought that up because basically we’re mentioning there is what is always about what is this about in the in the really large scheme of

things and those NDE in our database recall exactly which one is enough for them if you search for the terms individuation of consciousness and basically with the Indian person was saying was that all of humanity and maybe even stuff you know other of the worlds we know is basically made of the same consciousness the same web-based consciousness and at some point it may be billions of years ago our instant timeless dimension we decided to be separate little bit and have separate experiences and to serve again as Melbourne party indispensable part masks and they scare each other they go creep around the world to me to come back and they come back to the banquet table they start laughing against a Blu-ray scared you again and maybe this is big cosmic party where we were all together in this big ball of love and we need to irresistible love for billions of years and said this is great as comfortable as well but it may be that we decided to create a stage show retrieval or something but that one post in the form of individual individuation consciousness said that the Custis was basically like a big billable and when it got cut up and all these little things that become baguettes or whatever and we chose the individual for private time and in the stuff goes back a ways in the 60s of you hotel and lots Is a is popular with the hippies and stuff and got a great lecture series the like a 10 hours of lectures he goes into consciousness and some of the Eastern philosophy principles and easy to get rid in earlier you see a lot of that stuff like Romana marshy in the 40s and 50s we all want to open source initiative pop up again I don’t know exactly when 90 50,000 court told power now and a new earth that it will connected so I felt with the original question was but if we can if we just get back into cut of the science aspect of this there nature has this process it doesn’t really ever create anything that is junk rate and an science is explored of like me 10% of our DNA were still figuring out what DNA does quickly we still have no idea what our bodies and indeed in this DNA and science is termed it jumped in a suit nature doesn’t really produced junk ever not sure if you agree with… Dark matter so secure manage it’s interesting that you know we exist in these human lives and perhaps feared to go back to my previous point perhaps we forgotten that this is a game and how exactly living diet and we leave were were so immersed in our 9-to-5 jobs and everything that were doing to survive that we’ve completely forgotten that he came here to kind of experience and learn and grow and NCI deftly vied with everything that our Watson these previous authors have been saying about how we are one and were connected all that seems to ring true for me what it said United seems like we decided to give ourselves a good fight and the unit of the NDE’s they talk about love is the basis for everything and I think that we arrive here as this delusion thinking that were separate individuals that will connected to each other and then we get scared and then we start no getting corrupted and stealing money from each other and buying up all the land when your neighbor can barely eat and stuff but in the NDE’s they talk about it’s all about love and loving actions and this is a good segue because there’s a YouTube channel there’s Alicia talks about God’s glasses and it’s a video clip that’s awesome because she has NDE she was just taking diet pills which should only be taken for a few months she was taking them like for 10 years and she managed to get yourself into complete respiratory arrest and and basically what happens is she has the NDE and she is a life review and she sees the events of her life and choose appropriate girl talks about the cheerleading squad and graduate high school and graduated college and buying a car always sort of like things and then sums were probably being says to her okay cool now there’s an glasses in the table which is the portable and she puts on the glasses and civility life review again and so they kind of you know

the table whatever and she sees her life again and not of that stuff is there not the cheerleading that the graduate high school about the buying the card nothing only the only thing that she sees our love-based events she sees when she called the lady carry groceries across the street when she just gave someone her ear needed to talk when she basically did any of loving action and she was like the glasses.while and the light being or whoever that intelligence was said that was those were the only things that were important to me in her life loving events so I think we are here to it’s like a hard house ride at the beach here to give ourselves a skilled bit and see through it and act loving like the Eastern Masters talk about you got distressing to the illusion and understanding who you really are cats of the question man rewiring here that’s huge huge question so when do you think it’s part do you think it would be possible to chemically induce an NDE experience in absolutely interesting question where I look where I live that would not be possible you know this question would be the same type of event would be a similar event right and I know people who smoke things and compared it to meditation and said no it was similar but not the same guy said I’m sure it’s not exactly the same into the morality question I know that in that Terence McKenna as you well know talks about DMT and also extracts and talks the DMT Spirit molecule and some experiences people going to other realms and like an entity and intelligencer were relative will save them what you must be here felt the kind of you know at and at the other side does not appear to be very judgmental that base tonight because judgment is not really a big part of entities at all but it makes me wonder if some sort of a sanctioned pathway – and were a sort of a wise way of doing versus unwise way of doing it I just I don’t have enough for wisdom to even answer that doubts you intriguing just because it if this is all occurring in the pineal gland and it’s kind of manufactured through DMT in your brain naturally then perhaps smoking DMT is similar to an NDE and yeah and yeah there is a huge morality aspect to it just because they are taking to a person to the point of death and and then bringing them back. I think there’s been a movie made about that’s the results are never something that yeah Manny that all this is highly intriguing is is there is are another story that you have maybe for us that you are listening and I also am I wanted sought after this thread like to talk about the judgment and maybe ask you a question or two when the US short one here this one is from Carol V she’s the database and the she’s become a friend of mine who are nice person she had a NDE in January 1963 and the reasons I love this one is because she was only 12 years old and so with this kind does is reduce the religious baggage of the experience one of the things that skeptics will tell you is that the overall

we have these religious visions because we’ve been indoctrinated and the Baptist person has a Baptist NDE and the new guy has a Hindu NDE and that’s really not the reality forcing the data and get someone young enough they might not have had any religious indoctrination and and 12 a sort of on the borderline but it had NDE’s of people for years old three years old five years of drowning kids who might know the Lord God but do not know know you need to be saved by self baptism and so by the Romans in Ephesians Army than I can know that stuff while you have so those endless kids do have profound’s NDE subtilis thinks you start comparing them but kills she and that’s by the way why the Ender has in the questionnaire did you have a knowledge of NDE’s 40 had your experience some people of the books by Raymond Moody and others some have heard about a little bit and others have never heard it like what’s NDE and why was I flying above my car after car accident so that helps the researchers to update a little bit but kills NDE she said that she knew not that much about religion so it’s not very long registry is to this says I froze to death at 12 years old it was around three in the morning January 6, 1963 my family just returned from a holiday vacation to a frigid house that had no heat or electricity or water to device formerly that evening the temperature inside the house was below freezing went to icy cold beds we would deal with the situation in the morning we were all exhausted from the all-night drive my body temperature plummeted hypothermia set in I was totally not then my spirit essence left my body I traveled to pass my body up to the ceiling of the room and through the roof of our house I kept going I traveled through tip through time and space and and towards a point of light as a travel experience in life review my grandfather so greeted me on the other side when counted many other souls entities light beings Angels experiences of realms that were unlike anything with an argument contexts… 12 same as I recognized great masters such as Buddha Krishna and others whom I have no names for the perfect beings on earth I experienced light beings who were knowledge give me answers to all the questions the universe universal truth and knowledge experience Christ and finally experienced total and complete and perfect light Lovejoy and God consciousness I understood how we are all part of this amazing frequency that is God resignation I was told it was not my time to stay in that I was being sent back to my 12-year-old body

I was given information and omission I was the enemy was sent back against my process gravity hit me at one point that was the most painful part of the whole experience gravity when I came to I was dazed and my sister who’s the next week was crying of this website should been trying to wake me because she knew something was horribly wrong I stopped breathing and was lifeless she thought I had died while some pretty intense very intense and not all them see Christ by the way you know Jesus Christ administers some do some doll vendors to stripping away the religious aspect of this are implied societal moral aspects of this like you have you read any suicide type NDE reports where a person that says attempted to commit suicide and failed and instead had NDE I have but unfortunately it might my memory is not real good on those IT TOEFL in the forms because we don’t want people to think that you know you get off Scott free any problems the reality is that we just don’t know and it’s I think the recall some of them those people are not viewed as sinners they are viewed as people who got a soul sickness and they need healing and I think probably was going to go on as a recall a little bit light beings organelle encounter them and bring them to places of healing is as I understand it on the other side there are email counseling centers clinics places where people heal you places where you learn how to heal others in the given to love the attention they need and may involve also a lot of inconvenience some people in NDE’s find himself in a negative light in a completely black no love just a sense of, live on thinking I do consciousness but where is everybody and you can call it how you can call purgatory you called separation and generally that’s not stories indicate that the snapper permit people you are there and they call on the city God Angels you know whatever Jesus you who does not call upon in the new site somebody mutely arrives and pleasant to the light or too different to mention it’s more positive when people end up in that state it appears it’s, self-exile due to shame or fear intermittent somebodies dying and they’re worried that they did a lot of bad stuff the life so when they approach the light to think while I should be near the light in our you get punished or maybe went to a church sermons with a feather you get punished so they kind of note regarding closer and that’s when the mice to prologue to this was given a shot as corrupt and limits their very interesting. There’s there’s a few kind of statistics that go into how common or uncommon rather and D’s are and think there was a study area and there’s no way to pull everyone on the planet for this and it was something like 13 million out of 13 million adults 1% of them had experienced NDE’s Susan of this is in a common things is highly rare to experience this have you you write about any more dark challenging experiences where it’s not love

enlightened yet it is deftly exist and the music the offset that they are the minority and exact numbers escape me but I want to say maybe for five or 6% like that some talking overwhelming odds I think I can get embarrassed investments can say I hear the wrong number but it is deftly the majority of positive health is a couple of theories of was one of the negative ones one theory that the person feels ashamed that the promenade can get judged but they’re worried they will that’s one theory they feel ashamed of what they feel shame that they might get punished by the by God for their life so they try not to approach God or higher self or whatever you want to call that civic don’t go towards the light cut the exactly they are afraid to go into another welcome to going while that’s why your people say well you know send good vibes prayers and meditations of the go towards the light but another theory that you have some of these are really horrific at normal kid you some people feel indignant Demons #some people feel like they’ve met some sort of negative energy that makes them to shreds there is a guy some 11 Howard storm he was a rule name Eric into his high school teacher but measure and he knew that experiencing describes feeling Demons was ripping to shreds of and it just got worse and worse until he cried out to God and then light being came and helped him and immediately he was protected and went to process send that to our basic inspector tells about it with a series about some of his very negative ones is that there is a mix of your physical consciousness and your spiritual consciousness an example like this have you ever you like a horrible sunburn that you cut your leg really bad or something and you you wake up in the morning and your leg is hurting for your sunburn is hurting and you realize at the same time your dreams are totally sucking you know it’s like the physical pain during a somehow messing with your dreams that so there’s a there’s a theory that people who weren’t for example organ failure might be having hellish NDE’s because the pain is starting to really present their consciousness a lot and I think that Howard storm FAQs and organ failure or ruptured appendicitis or something like that briefing.

It may be just pure spiritual and may be that there are negative entities out there and some people allowed to see that as a wake-up call don’t really know the answer do you think do you think it’s prudent to assume that perhaps if you had a good life or if you look good in your life and you are generally a good person that perhaps you would have a better NDE than say Hitler was a tough one but there was someone in the forms recently in a minute trustees accurate on this he said that studies have not really found a good connection between nice people have a nice NDE’s and horrible people having horrible undies I think whatever the stellar you know machinery or are curious of that process will that’s going on there is beyond us however the NDE’s do not talk about judgment on the much at all was not affect usually they talk about having a life review and then we judge ourselves in other words light being war in the light or something might this will think you did in the person might say that I entered a horrible job and the light might say you know it’s okay just learning is learning and I’ve read so many dozens or hundreds of times I was my own judge the candidate accounted so if you in this life have hard time you know the nice yourself or saying no is a bad day but we all do and say things like that you can have trouble in your life review because you got to realize that everyone is in a nobody’s perfect and all learning and you cannot learn without mistakes can help so you get that flexibly that love and compassion in your

life review is not to be like oh that horrible moral sense is is this the scores of red interesting man in a side effect of a point of the quote here regarding judging myself is used to so many that I at least one here so some is coming from a lady of leashes and Australia are made in New Zealand member but it’s Jazmin S NDE number 6992 and can be just a little bit disaster okay everyone was becoming clear to me when the nurses were calling my name was crying tears another was saying all my God we’ve lost or meanwhile I was above them thinking what silly Billy’s they were making a fuss when and why they couldn’t see me and just know that I was publicly fabulous I was flying through Golden this pure serene delightful Golden this a while was held by the serenity for the longest time I couldn’t do anything except bewitch it did with me it was inside me it was me it was in and with everyone and everything I had always been in and with everything it wasn’t his truth and love and compassion and generally and all A all this growing was held all information and by the way that’s someone to educate intricate to talk about with your cash record to continue with Jazmin says it was the one mind it contained the creation of all of everything ever created I felt experienced everything that has ever been another Shelby Hall is simultaneously occurring that goes back to be here now with Ramadoss send the original all is simultaneously occurring there is no past or future it all just units there is no need to describe the immaculate

beauty this experience though every day for the last 35 years and wish I could find a way this is a new descriptive word yet does not give to you wish what wish is the second incomplete of experience I saw and experienced every single detail of my present life up to that moment like watching a movie starring as the main character simultaneously that made me feel quite sad as I not live my life in a state of serene joy and felt ashamed ashamed that I had not realized how imperative it is for them to be incredibly happy in this life no matter what the circumstances the pain the fear the met no matter what all the material conflicts of body and mind are quite unimportant in the state of ultimate freedom and blissful awareness to which we shall all return I felt I’d been unfaithful to the great presents like a divine loving mother I’d let down I was my own judge and yet I was this love simultaneously I somehow all of humanity as more guys just look at your not opening wide the beauty of the one loving presence of gold piece in which we truly live yet do not see that I was from Jazmin so we show are approaching the end humanity is or anything that you want to get out or say or anything for listeners that like to rush to heaven NDE medical bills for you have this thing about are they are they really happening on the hallucinations neurosciences having a debate right now and there’s an academic neurosurgeon recently had an NDE some of your listeners memory heard about him as Evan Alexander coming he’s a teaching professor academic

neurosurgeon and he had a very unexpected was the word meningitis bacterial meningitis and it got so bad and so out of control human in Tacoma for a a few days or weaker summing up of the time but he came out of it and he’s written a book recently if you want a guy that understands the brain and all its features all the structures you know how much blood pressure should keep you alive much cortex should be happy to be thinking this is the guy and he think even met a young dead. Young sister that he never met or something outside some vertical detail like that I can recall but this guy is now going around giving lectures and he’s quite convinced that consciousness is not the brain he’s quite convinced that consciousness the brain is a tool to feed human experiences into your real consciousness and so that’s quite fascinating and yes about wrapping up just give you to quickly thoughts you listeners can watch an awesome video on YouTube they need to look for Anita Moore Johnny at Ted asked that’s Anita and her last name is MO all our JA and I Anita Moore Johnny at Ted X chip trick that NDE and and a form we just recently had a a new member and he had a profound NDE is rigid with

him this is Scott W NDE number 7578 I felt this feeling I can only call love that knows no boundary of time space or consciousness it covers everything that has been is and will be I’ve read it’s I’ve heard it I’d intellectualized it believed but never have I felt my soul until then not because we can bribe love acts or control with tenants of faith it’s just because we are and it loves us all no matter what mom is a really powerful man in and yeah I’d it does seem like death is just a transition and in America switching suits and yeah I am fascinated by this topic in this power by the city I forgot to credit from time when the administrators which is editor.NDE the main site is under.org but there’s also on the unformed hearing from Canada helps the programming and reading posted stuff so a big shout out to Gary does a good job and toolbar for members to apologize a job to do very cool so people can find the near-death experiences research foundation over at Endor PR.words and they also form their and yeah sure this is our great and I really thank you so much for being here this human experience within a transition back to our bodies and who had a few guys that says

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