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In a bank is entertaining and silly topic of intense and frontotemporal stimuli to the human experience putting the mindless back into your everyday with my guess pilot Karana and Elliott Larkin of find mindfulness pile. Welcome to a. So before we get into what to find mindfulness is if you could both just give us a short synopsis of your backgrounds what are your respective stories the question I’m asking is who argue pile you start us off all about me and will and will and ship me a rehab when it was ultimately a end of private grain in this tiny but with an Indian on a day when I a lot have a tradition at about the same held preliminary of militarily apparel and tell you all at the action that they can engage me and the lawyer Dr. engineer and had the amusing that the start a land in corporate America about eight years) then have a left and on the left granddad thinks that your salary in divided tad frightening and started at a later lead a all of that really I can wear me out and I think with an attorney likely upon that of the 12 getting the incubator and very cool and Elliott with yourself so came from the background very wealthy family in South Florida and growing up had essentially everything I could ever wanted and now I graduated you from the University of Florida with a degree in art history and management and while it was in college I had a really difficult time assimilating to the lifestyle was in and run around me seemed to be having a good time with the things that they’re doing but I felt a place and having everything I wanted I was wondering what was going to bring me happiness and I stumbled upon a couple books that began to change my life and look inward and going to mindfulness and ended up being pile working on find mindfulness with her very cool suit moving on right into your mindfulness project pile if you could just give us a brief introduction of what you guys are doing at find mindfulness in the history of how you got into doing what you’re doing question. L me about that big part of the way that about outlet starting the journey of learning and related currently in late help me luck their claim that we live in an Israeli public election out at best years without started thinking about a

108 note networking with all the times required to Eric Lyons by the extern on a very late start back about the next and into the startup of the family of the recalled and aimed at their aimed at themselves and so help me and looked at me only helping a lot of friends with no covering mindfulness and I never cry Wolf and Murray doing so why not share that And admit they can’t come down to one moment something out with one and then being and not nor will it be of 100 hundred person company and keep pitching any idea to send all of them like on the know really in himself that it is not a friend of mine knows that I’ve been asked about meditation and see that you pay what he had to going coronary meditate about three minutes and dad know that when the coroner letting there are quick meditation grounded him and came at stake his old another person you live for years with concise with you believed what he was saying was that the applicant feel at the whole different person investment five-minute difference in the wetland like okay no cool and can be helpful between the cars sell a created a shell of a four-week program and I don’t care for about 67 Knight doing on these other things that one day we how that can adopt air at starters based incubator that and he wants Elliott and where just talking me andseems to be back interested in what was happening at starters they felt like a fellow and the first thing out of his mouth was meditation and it insists that sell interesting to me how old light then think my now because

in man now is so quick for me to think I will program that I’ve been working on when you be interested and helping me and is a very quick and you know you got together and we put our bays and hard into the program and I will let you let him get a little bit of his perspective it’s loud that I was out it all came together suit sounds like you had a very serendipitous moment there with finding Elliott very cool so if we could just get Mrs. get right into it with dig into it with the DNA is mindfulness house of work let’s puzzle this together for our listeners so feel like mindfulness first and foremost is about awareness being aware of your body wherever your thoughts and emotions and aware what’s going on around you in the external environment and so you have to be able to have a desire to change the status quo because so often we find ourselves in habit patterns of waking up in a brushing our teeth going to work coming back in doing the same pattern it almost makes it easy to be on autopilot and not challenge ourselves and mindfulness is in essence being aware of what you’re doing when you’re doing it and there is another aspect of it that I’d like pile to speak about right now 🙁 so now when when I think the DNA is different when asked right and this awareness of being and also looking with so you know I truly believe that we’re all born with a compass and we were we returning to their furniture for us without our digital found that we care my best without an actual physical combat we would know which way to go ape

truly with every cell in my body believe that the thing had we all get socialized we all know we are family whenever I meet with him everyone constantly all the external things into telling us what we want what what to do when you know that we & thing and we kind of lose touch with so you know I think one of the biggest part the DNA of mindfulness is be able to get to be able to be able to interact inner compass to lay back to our true like to read you do this feel like mindfulness is becoming or meditation even is becoming more and more commonplace mean what you think there’s there’s such a big paradigm shift towards being more mindful to the East has been doing this for thousands of years what makes you think the West is finally catching up so such a beautiful question is mindfulness is trending in America and around the world right now because of our societies progressing people now have access to way more than they did 100 years ago and they have constant stimulation or something choices one would think that our quality of life would be an all-time high but if you look at statistics showing higher rates of depression so severe that it drives many Americans the suicide to take one of American American idols Robin Williams for example someone who everyone thought was just a happy person and someone better looked at with such reverence and how she was not able to handle his depression and how that his whole life you know those stimulation everything ended up ending his life angry with Elliott now if you

think about it like the Vikings had been doing this for years and I personally think the black with possibly actually doing it before before the iPhone kind of thrown in and trial I’ve been making no dad like more and more Americans are currently better than Taliban into their phones on the Internet notice that we coming can be turned on you can be reached at any time now and how often are people actually had no in aligning grocery store and not looking at how often are they having no valid you you guys pay attention to that but when you go to a restaurant now people are just looking down at the is a group of five people now looking at the and all being added to it brings this need for mindfulness is people like turn it off and are grateful to know the real you find your answers very to the point and I like that silk but if you are needs to be a distinction between made between mindfulness and meditation. Is there not the same thing or are they now a meditation it cool to allow it to be and that’s that the biggest thing is mindfulness is something that we practice during our entire day you know this idea that meditation is no way it interesting that we do to get us to be more so with you guys and what is the practical week is the impact can be what you what would be seen in your own lives from practicing mindfulness during the first half so I guess I can take my own example you know before when I would get home I would feel like I want to turn on the TV and distract myself distillate to relax and it felt like so so much

heaviness and fatigue coming home from work and this just desired just to get home and just waiting for the weekend I guess once I started practicing more mindfulness started to see space in where I had a decision so instead of maybe going directly to that CD and to the free refrigerator to cut now myself I had a moment of clarity where I could be a this is one option but this doesn’t have to be how does an I was able to make a decision okay maybe I could go for a walk or prepare a nice dinner for a friend or you know maybe I’m recognizing hey I’m feeling really unclear right now I’m going to go take a few minutes below myself just relax meditate and then come back out and interact with the world and all the things that are unfolding and I just see that is an incredible changes in and also maybe a lot more efficient in my work was wasting time don’t need to follow through because of Facebook all the time anymore things like that definitely had a agree with a lot of what I like and allow that to recognize the patterns that we have to know it and it’s hard at her kids were doing we been doing them for years and mindfulness into that field here awareness a lot in this conversation that Jimmy is one of that the biggest impact that it has had on my life is stepping out of story that know me we can create like Hermione can be so creepy know like one thing happened to me turn it into a tornado is can you show up to minute you know it and that death magnetic disk I got a you know I send a text message to and they don’t respond right

away and used it on responding to first-time reason all the sudden and create a story that this person is that me and I don’t like being in a link in the horrible person and I don’t deserve them know it’s there that this week then and so I feel like mindfulness allows to come back to this aware to me like you know you in that same story definitely be undetected she does apply and if I start the pattern of the story of hope me unable to recognize the weight and creating a story don’t know she panicked me like how mad I pick up the phone and call OR about a distinction you wait though it that recognition of the story that were creating first to diving deep into story really like the Hindu that seems to be assertive Buddhist tangent to what you guys are doing them put out this quote that said something like that do not dwell in the past cannot dream of the future concentrate the mind on the present moment and it really seems that you guys are doing with with your program so I guess my next question is what can people expect from signing up and why should a person like me I meditate and I’d like to I’d like to think I’m mindful but why should I sign up for your course and why what what you guys what exactly people to expect for from signing up bank easy sorry it’s hard sometimes the start and you have it on your own you know I think yet been biggest benefit it to do things consistent and we want to change your life in any way would be willing to give things we have done before though you are doing a program like it the community

now you multiple people doing that at the same time as you so there’s an entity and there is a support the think that one of the number one and they’re all doing it at the same time as you an offensive were all in the same cloudy And it you know it committing to the state the space of an exploration and the space to examine Mike we think about mostly feel the young we created for weeks that has a theme and we then know person pretty I am biased but pretty amazing meditation at Elliott I think and how amazing boys so you know I think they needed to experience this four-week program that we spent a lot of time on When the way people better understand who you are in discussed Elliott who are your influences in booth you can into this but Elliott first to improve your influences entrepreneurs meet leaders some people who change changed your perspective on your thinking and evolved the way you see the world absolutely well the first person who I was introduced to in terms of mindfulness was a man named Dan Millman with his book the Way of the peaceful warrior and the reason is related to me so much was because I was in college at the time and this story is about a college student who gets to see what his life would be like if he continues on the path that he was on and I really resonated with that and it’s it scared me and so I started reading other books like by authors like Eckert: the power of now and Michael Singer’s the untethered soul and the people were all talking about the same thing in its they’re talking about

that awareness and then you have the power to two make your own future and by being present right now you don’t have to just go along with the status quo and makes me think of more recent people who have taken up the cause for mindfulness and Russell Brand who was literally just reading pages of these authors on his his podcast and Opera whose having them in for interviews and it’s just really need for me to see people with such power using it to help others to gain the think controlled their lives and I go Elliott’s hacker to a new earth was huge and went on me and the way you see how that ego and he now explains how to go takes over at times think it is beautiful and its know it’s mindfulness that gives you that awareness to when your ego is speaking when it’s truly you and then another person that was huge influence on me with Elizabeth Gilbert and I think that’s kind of controversy SHE’S not know a quote on quote mindful leader but she was superb on a ball and eat pray love and she shared her experience on experimenting with meditation you sheep Indiana lived in an Osterman shared how difficult it can be Watch it and I just I loved you know

her openness and her willingness The curious and a big mindfulness that a lot can not respect her cool to what are some of the personal mindful hacks that you can use a report teacher person someone like me or even someone listen to the podcast right now that they can maybe implement into their life right away on some I think so couple things have we had what we needed that I’m mindful lab a couple weeks ago and one of the questions we are asking people as was your first Baptist morning and I think it’s a great tool to ask yourself know some people couldn’t answer what their first thought life and is an insane itself is you’re not paying attention to sometimes we just jumping up grabbing are found getting on her email it’s not allowing that space so what I’d say is hate give it a shot you know for the next week enough attention to what is your first thought and see how does you just pay attention to how it affects the rest another one I would say is to use triggers something like opening a door so when you turn the knob to take take that that little moment you have to take a breath and come back into your body and you wherever your mind is wandering you to ask yourself where is

mind right now is it in this room that I’m actually in or is it just is it in the future is it you know in a whole different country than I’m actually existing and I now is not question where is my mind right now and different parts that I love that trigger I’ve been working with the trigger of every time I turn on my car I just pause for a moment and take a deep breath to come back because it just felt so much and I also found another trigger that’s been very helpful as using an online meditation timer which is concocting that is Arlington meditation timer.com or insight meditation phone app where you can set a timer for two hours or an hour with intervals of five minutes or 10 minutes or 15 minutes at each interval there is a golf echoes off just one time and whenever I hear that gong i.e. evaluate how I work how it’s has everything going to my being efficient with my time and my needing a break or to just take a glass of water were doing some stretches or whatever and just taking a moment to breathe every time I have that interval sluts very effective and then most importantly would not really a hack that it something that everyone can do starting today is committing to spending five minutes in the morning to just observe the breath just observing the inhale and exhale without looking at the phone just setting a timer for five minutes in the morning in just doing each day whether you want to or not this is the thing that will make the biggest change and in our lives very cool to produce will shift a little bit just to find out more about you guys of people can learn about who you are and some pile this goes to you if you could go back in time and tell yourself one thing that would change the direction of your life what would be at hello this question thanks I would go back and count myself to experiment experiment experiment experiment when I look at the way you know in my early 20s you evenly

peanut used away kind of took the approach to life is I took the here the map here this is where you got out and growl and I did the question I was told to go to college and either be a lawyer doctor and engineer so I chose one of those they didn’t explore writing even see that the rather major they didn’t see that I could study the things they did and didn’t experiment and then you after college a latest goes straight into working for Corporation made and didn’t even try anything house so I think this experimenting would be a huge thing I think that’s something that I bring into my daily life Elliott seem to question this reminds me of a from American Buddhist her name is, children and she talked about approaching everything with these three qualities the quality of gentleness equality patients in the quality of laughter and I see in myself that for so long that I didn’t approach life with too much seriousness with too much rigidity and just being able to relax and smile and appreciate the smaller things has made such an impact in my life and helped me to have more compassion for other people that when I see them coming from place of no maybe being judgmental of themselves and appreciate

the excellent colliculus loose Sue pile handbook this goes to both of you on what would you say is your biggest fear and your greatest source of strength and think the biggest fear right now is there a failure hand it scares me on a daily basis that you know all of this that I’m doing is going to just a part of my face and I will share that I think mine is source of strength is being able to continue even and now is still showing up and doing the work and regardless of what the outcome will be doing what I love Elliott Barnett vacuum to do so by biggest fear’s just getting to the root of it is is that failure as well it’s it’s needing to to fulfill the expectations that I feel it And placed on me and it’s funny that place them on myself as well so at first they were to note have a job that my parents always wanted to have and after letting that go I see in myself I created this expectation of myself to find peace and I have a fear of not achieving that peace and I recognize the irony in that but it’s the unit is a funny thing I noticed that myself and then I think the biggest strength that happens is my determination and I drive to always try my best to one of doing excellent colliculus loose Sue working people find your website and sign up for your course and text@heavyheavy.Imindfulness.com and where on Twitter I speak mindfully and we’d love to you in conversations with people on what their thoughts are on mindfulness and the different experiences they’ve had with the dead start the conversation is easy Awesome world is one thank you guys so much for being on the human experience and I really dig we guys are doing great and I suggest that people go into one of her course think you guys both so much for being here thank you thank you thanks guys this is human experience and we are signing out

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