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Attempting to place an excellent frontotemporal occipital I at the things that he wanted to extend the list the human experiences in session my desk tonight is the car who specializes in the yoga 40 welcome to the human experience so particularly just kind of give me an idea of how you got into practicing yoga it will land in the paperwork with working with pot all it what what what you had a linear that a bit older night honey you that you are at it but wanted to but tell me

delete at it at the did you did you go from the two opposing things have you go from this sort of modeling career to this can lead yoga practice how does that happen well getting bulleted really did that you need not all that but at the old know and and the morning at the but at the but the target object is host little bit more about your we budget budget and is cool is that America and early you create everybody be better than what it and hide them but all at but but he’s starting to protocol is what many many many different like you any of the key to the security started a whole school called the health-related the high command how tequila and eight he called an empty mythology as a whole system is losing it’s not just a posture process can be easy to manipulate and officiated as well what is what religions that if the secret like a friend about anything you know the spirit beheading that you don’t have to be a busy very tolerant you independently

you are at all be part of it you know they were many safe and effective practice kundalini so what what is kundalini define the forest please immediately you’re like and it been like that teaching of you which are called to be a child have equally be organization are designed for Internet information and to independently commit healthy happy holy people you computer all and completely healed and is stopping human being in it he would get medically indicated that the patient hundred and that the minimum is that it and the and the which is that the early we how is integrated mean you know you you know exactly how quickly everything that we can the company are mine it is really and on the mind so one point you traveled to India to learn more about this can you tell us about that I traveled in the and that he will bring it back in 1990 was working on on the city,
and I decided it with my kind to go and Jerry anger and so I had written a letter and 8mm and come not from 1990 but 30 years now

I don’t know Emily Gary that I can hope I I hundred dollars and I’m difficult tell actually did not go to India you and I went there is studying variability Anger it would you told me about the date out to the guiding the rickshaw that driver which is about a 20 minute rickshaw driver like and ended up staying at the Asheville show us and hiring the rickshaw driver you be my late July daily for mind the being together and dictated the meeting and then dragging and the rest of dancing and that English is the whole different content so I think so I think I think the African immediate I think you actually New Mexico so I mean why why the shift would you notice about cooling yoga versus get this other type of yoga that so different for you on the other day not the first time and and and and be after I out on many know that I have to learn fundamental open and build upon it in a linear way like I’m in kindergarten and first grade and eight you you can start anywhere and being an e-book in three years. The you know idyllic

That explains a lot energetic energetic on you how did the strength yoga again.

Coming kundalini feel really on their the strength meaning yoga allow you know that the immediately like an example on the ideally I have to learn what our armed degree angle in the fingertip length like your arm linking of the day mouth over your head like how go to article to my ever now so after you know it many quite difficult or a lot of bring Google holding onto a leading somebody is really strong muscular the how do you tell me whenever it ran red and take you know that you can’t go to the pain holding the 11 okay Mancha and it is Monica Delaney got it is a mediocre because now I can outmigration you see that you your kundalini is awakened I don’t know I don’t know I I had addicted it really big for me at the between joy and when I feel more joining and containment and yet I feel I feel more life now there was of a specific thing that happens when your kundalini awakens music is the purpose of can yoga to awaken your kundalini I am I the only in an grandee you know it. The old on you know like they kundalini not the build of our nervous hold economy is Nalini like shot be very low your circuit right now think that my the people 80 not the goal is to unite to be authors your power and or three all how do you know that elevate yourself and serve others you have got it all that serving certain so it sounds like it sounds like you’re building yourself up to this point is even accurate you’re building yourself up to this point where the kundalini can awaken is a goal of all really Michael now I mean I only child felt very connected

I lay awake at the you know like what you me you know I mean my you unite you are you able to not it you know I think it alcohol or marijuana on you can you you you and and and everything you be you why you can’t me immediately you action now so it’s more about a sort of awareness and like bringing your body into a rhythm and all those things you written you meditate that I think the distinction insight there’s some was written in their the written in motion there is written I outmigration little lie music around you have beautiful I think not and you know go to irritably on your all the you know people have written the application of the universe how the ballot the Thursday you know and how can I prevent a kind way and me immediately what you do it anyway got make money you know if I I Berry you for the more abundant prosperity you now you did a very wealthy man. That you can go visited by know the heart but you know what you say the would you sit there is a resurgence of sort of East meets West type of thinking where these Eastern philosophies and paradigms are kind of seeping into our Western society you your appointment for reaching the point where pharmaceutical medication not work and her know how many people who you I know that the medication work it out! And working on your device and the time that were very very negative. I’m where that if you can’t make a decision in three second the unique able to make a decision in three second not report it if kundalini yoga is that this line that the, that

the 90 years on this your feel more connected to you truly are make it you would you say we since I do again for you say to someone who thinks that this is pretty much just a people should and isn’t really paying attention to the 90 this how do you you that. Leniently week we my cottage of it. And that will you know fire the fire people were three-minute notice it you do it I think that if you opening beer that it will quietly the third I would between your eyebrows the if you know the you go in the going to me awaken your genial pituitary gland Get it completely glands secrete your master plan they enable center fire and that that in your land now very experience what you think that you think that has been you were most fundamental understanding through this practice was was the thing that you think the use learned the most through practicing kundalini yoga great question I’ve learned on all had be joyful any and think that may think that on the joy and then my father used it probably the only talking about bringing joy in the world and me where and that deleted I couldn’t in Q1 that anymore is that the village and that With a lot of fear a lot of darkness Nalini yelled after that

that had not all and recently really connected deep into the court can’t wait you and I traveled around one day all day of medication and did they we did 531 medications in one and the help me happy, reconnect back to my personal joy a delay in my life right doing joy a 11 grade now like me advantage in how I think that there the underworld dark shadow i.e. dog fight for be killjoy: heart of the type and connect cannot reconnect Over and over and over again as many opportunities people to take immediate I make go to create.org website find future is calibration strength. In New Mexico. Winter solstice celebration and playground where I read the white hundred kilograms brief days ago sitting across of the night of the different much I think you and 35 and when they much about the keep up and you become In-house (your third eye point developing your intuition is what about before making a decision three second to last year intuition that he very much about the spirit I quite ballot being hope the situation and many year intuition kind you would you say what you say the main differences between kundalini yoga and other types of yoga are you know that it daily think the thankful that on the water unite the boat and Rob all the off will in very very similar things about every boat about the boat what they do the unit about the bring mean-spirited and result in a way that how you get there in a meeting of it very much about much does that these mantra the feet pawnshop in a mantra it now FHT any now and ever

I’ve been but I wasn’t mean I actually I am not now identity is you now mentally vibrate and it you at Be by the mouth with I focused the idea of either like the third eye point know you I simple the think that’s right now they want to begin to experiencing the fact that they can have a hand the company that but that’s the truth of it index finger geometer of knowledge and that I J comfortable because the chairs I ended how mentally vibrate start to into the meaning onto her mouth that highlighted for three-minute and minute 31 minutes.com mindset -5 it’s like this. That negative I think it positive kundalini yoga out there will very energetic numerology it had copy on the 10 body and I hope that the members you like what you can numerology they the first body and so botany in the next three body to preempt what the negative my that had with my fourth the
been the an end they can or more energetic body or mine think electromagnetic field or a aided chronic body nine at the body had been rating body had to see with all about like like like bringing body you know like any from your or 80 all directions checking account that finicky you now like the bandying expanding itself. Life we live rhythmic movement combined with mantra glass about really expanding your in your battle seem you can you perhaps disambiguate what the different a Salazar you know that all these different yoga practices they have postures that the use what mean how is it different with kundalini yoga the really good and for me personally having study very bony alignment my younger years after it and years before you even thought it possible that it with any other valid system on the plant you know

I Adriatic the only it’s really a angry of rate go foundational work it but if you’re a musician certain extent now you know everything in any other instrument I very we alignment be active that you know the radio that they are part there there is there every codes have postures you might be quite the own online will that chakra alignment energetic my email if you have okay) the other people when the Colbert hope you go hope you like the flexibility legitimate by owner invited speakers

Fire flies is the case particularly helpful really depends an ovary uterus and so yeah this is very difficult. There and I’m not being either the devotion many as well on I think rack fire a lot of holding of the graph in and out on the mantra focusing third eye we now you can the modern a lot of brain stimulation crossing in alternate the are in the armed in a call they call of Fort Bend in a 100 miracle that simply did you cannot that the armed that it had on the help betting oh it and then you would do that quickly think I think yeah very similar to the to you another level of very creating a very playful and then hopefully we can keep the what is what see understanding in regards to how I say at all have ovaries so I mean I like your man’s personal power or energy like that like the think the out by right. Organically now created you now reproductive organs you your your your you know so all economic is there is are any sort of body of understanding that talks about preserving that sort of life force ferment well the way and the idea about that like that you know what I I think that are you the you know this which about the bed that you guys definitely you energetically you know I yeah your work that

help you do that will enable you where you were connected to your mother the 12th path you have the heart the top very you vibrate your word if you if you speak that they everything become interesting so I mean any last bots or anything that you want to get out there as far as message of the you to do with you that it is the other pilot seeking the service and giving you know people of guide yourself become empowered enough yeah. Carman made that it activity you let you connect the earth and the think that make you happy think really happy you I like message think that’s a good message is there thought is a website or place that people can find out more about your work why a website it yoga with me and that, yet he had and I am your government name for that there any you been able to update it lately you can email me. I went in what’s is your email address just for the people that you know you see the famous my website big alchemic the Gmail.com okay benefit I out the balance in the create a website the wonderful how it should be a.work and everything everything they wanted but I can is a great have a good like that you kind of pitching the whole organization not just your studio most people would be dislike out know come to my studio but your them in your you’re a broader message which I think is is cool of the week the out here and I can see myself the out a making the thousand and we lucky that I like it know preparation what is one which is what I’m aiming all of the much better picolinate I want to be with world everyone in that you now me like I want everyone to be happy everyone great we cannot what by itself by so that that’s really might my purpose not mean me and think many my cock at are already now yeah yeah to think you so much for your time and you your presence for being here this the human experience guys think you so much for listening will catch you guys next week

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