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A happy so intergalactic brothers and sisters in this edition experience coming at you almost live you guys are looking forward to paying due respect to the selectivity of your choosing work posted coasting into the new year with Lance Ferguson skywalk astrology the timing of this episode couldn’t be met with a reset of counting mechanisms to measure pixel for someone yet again is one to give a big thank you to all the guests who graced us with their presence for 2014 – check your main page comes person at the worst 11 Peter took us out there in our YouTube channel will be hopefully next year and the death was better and better so very excited to let you guys thank you for listening to you will see that Lance Ferguson skywalk astrology in the studio Lance Holcombe and welcome to the human experience a way we all not a problem in so you know I’d I know a little bit about astrology and just as if you could just kind of breakdown briefly what what is astrology are basically what to astrology words are God the time they are to be chosen on and what’s on the chart is that you yes you know will you each little part of our idea about our to use this is a outcome of an everyone always good and so severe RDs a

strological alignments at the moment of my birth and these alignments influenced my life so that you must get your illegal or the Excelsior nature at all children regardless will require abettors of visual and similar vehicles will you choose to do it as you chart your grade was that there but it all… Is my life and I think you are and what was telling me things about myself abilities I had about all really helped me realize that will be the in and be right there to promote understand there are four elements Earth career fire and reach each sign has an element that associated with it and you compatibility well as well you have a science cancer I see Scorpio and emotional as Libra query Part Assigned to

You and Your You Saw in His Element. But Europe Will Ground You Are Recycled to Party Your Body and Lower Lower Back Problems Your Hybrid and As We Were Intestines Which Major Versus What All in July 200 All but You Realize People Are to Taste Feelings in Your Chart Suggests a Taught to You from Other Lifetimes Incarnation and Your Chart… If Somebody Was Going to Do Cool and so over at Sky without You Guys Have Listed Daily Blast of What Is It a Daily Transit Is That What It’s Called in the Newspaper’s Molecules about Her Son to What Is Astrology God and Is 124 Years Ago Was an Employee of Sky Watching and Simple Your Altars of God at Venus and Scott Love You God Show Process of What an Knowing My Student Days to Let You What Is Going to You. And As I Watched Them Go Astrological Planets in the Morning and Afternoon, Recording of Daily Energy Very Interesting Show to Sit There Are Certain Alignments That Are Beneficial and Others That Are Kind Indeed Experienced What Would You Have That Liked You to Do Notice World Events That Correspond with Certain Astrological Alignments Is That We Think That Was When the Violence in the Sky. What Marx’s

Violence Used with Other Planets Watched on Your House and You Know the Violence Level Goes up and Everything You Can See the Energy of the Day the Mood and and and When You’re Stressed Days Older on ESO’s Once a Break of Day to Seeing the Societal of Room Energy Initiatives, 26 Years Professional Astrologers Look at Sky Watch Because We without This Is Your Chart Is Really Complicated Cancer Was the URL. K Say Audiovisual Good to Have Time to Do Something or Else Sale Saturday Is Real to the Sky on Saturday Year of 100 Days What Jakarta and Started It Was a Cranky and You See a Golden Life so You’re Looking at Is a Chart of Where the Stars and the Planets Were at the Time My Birth and Then You’re Aligning It to the Sky Watch the Two Separate Things Correct There’s There’s This the Sky Watch Which Is What’s Happening on a Daily Kind of Basis like the Transits and the Moon Is Is Trying to Say and Then and There’s Your Natal Chart Right Okay so so through the Natal Chart Weekend We Can Find out More about Who a Person Is What There Likes Dislikes Are What They Might Be Good at the Kind of Argument at to Their Personality Traits so so Then the Sky Watch Is a Se

parate Thing so the Sky Was Assertive Daily Kind of Blast of What’s Happening on a Daily Basis Right Yes It Is Also about the Cycles We Could See Things in the Sky Watch the Last Occurred in 1931 Ethanol Indicators and the Power of What’s Happening so by Watching Patterns and Resell Complicated All the Astrologers Which Is What Is the Planet the Angles They Make Signs That Your Group Cycles Grouping Themselves so by Watching on This Last Pilot Segment Where We Know Is That Energy on so What Are Some of the Patterns That You’ve Noticed Lately We’re All in a Pattern of Its Time to Let Go of the Items That You Change up in the Sky Is an Angle of 90° Means It’s Challenging to the Planet of Extremist Astrologer Access to All of Us Clean up around Whether It’s the Garage Literature Phonebook… You Don’t Know Things We Have Get Out Of Control and This Is a Time When You Have Lost a Total of World Readers Fortunately Will Start the Next Year and Other Things Will Occur Next Year’s Things in the Sky Out Of Good Luck

Atlanta Change of Healing the Recurrences Suggest Time When Things Go Better When This Is Dollar in Healing and Wellness in Response of the Best in the Glenn Healing the Better Constant UK, Is Not Cycles. If I Start You Know When I Was His Can Ask Is This a That Unite a Talk to My Friends and Times and They Mention Mercury Being Retrograde and I Hear That One A Lot so I Was Kind Curious to What That Means Exactly What Happens Is Three Times a Year in Its Orbit Swings by the Use of the Sky Mercury Goes Three Weeks Details Communications the Where I Will Be Going Backwards Details of Schedules Change the Wednesday Only One Starting at January 21 February 11 Three Times Year It’s a Good Time to Go Back and Review Things Which Are Doing but It Will Be a Time of Usually Delay Is Mercury on Explaining All the Sky Watch Every Comes around Is so so Then so Venus Being the Planet of Love against Right about That Is and so to Venus When It’s in the Sky and Is Is There a Special Alignment for Kind of Love Is That Does Not Happen Often It’s Going to Happen Time and 215 Yes Love Meets Mars Planet of Sex and the Three Kinds Next Year Venus Is Going to Meet the Planet Good

Luck This Time Next Year Will Be Days When the Jackpot’s Everybody Will Be like Really Good Alibi so I Want You… We Next Year Venus Will Go Retro According to His People All over the Wrong People. I Try so to the Rio De Janeiro Is Awake When Exactly Did That Happen to Suck and Write a Policy That Politics Should Do Think I Want to Say August through Early September at the Book Is Reading This Article It’s the Title Is Millionaires Don’t Have Astrologers Billionaires and Talks about How J.P. Morgan

Was Scheduled to Be on the Titanic and Pulled out at Last Minute Because This Is Astrologer Told Him Not to Did You Find Defined That Some of Your Clients Are on the Higher End of Things and They Do Notice That These People Who Have Money Are Making despite Big Business Decisions Based on What They Read at Sky Watch Yes One of My Clients Is a Friend of Writings President Reagan She Saw and Using Astrologer to Keep Them up Right When It Was a Bad and Most of My Clients Are Well Rich People D

o You Chart Expresses Your Own Lawyer to Start You Talk about Timing A Lot Once I Have Your Chart Can Say Which She Their Next Year the Planet of Good Luck. So Next Year… You’re My Lawyer Next Year I Would Buy in so Children to Chart the Woman Is One Couple in the Chart of the Lawyers Are Husband (with Cycles of the Going through the Wind Out Of There like Chomsky Looks Sort of Compatible or Sort Anger so You Be Surprised against the Client Talk about That Tell You about Most of Georgia Coffee Area of Keystone up Lambs She Was a Kind of Migrating Your She’s the One Was

She Saw Astrologers Used to Super Scorpios Is Your One so the Next Engineer/18 Years or Life to Timing by Some Real Estate Community While There Are The

re Are Auspicious Days in and There Are Specific Just Moments but That’s Kind of What Astrology Is Served the Math behind Creating This Sort of Timing for Making Good Decisions Yes 100 Times Better Constant Sky in Any Services of Better Times to Doing Your Own Personal Chart Takes A Lot Of Work in This One Chart Sky Watch Your Deeper One Watch Everyday but It Does Make a Difference Better Days Than Others and He Just Watch It Every Day Status Is Not the Leaders One-Size-Fits-All People Don’t Get It Does Make Them Happy Doesn’t Help Me Astrology so It Helps Me Understand Me I See My Chart about Are Some Assume I Am Picky but They Were Really Critical about Things You to Be Very Picky People Say All I Will Know You Want to Be with Somebody Splitting the 😉 Would You like and Some People and Stubborn Old People Don’t Change Much so Every Sign Has Its Own Gifts in Its Own Weaknesses and so We Tried It Was Finally Be Aware That Always Gets over Here Will Help You Away from Warning about the Things You Can’t Tell You

A Lot in Others There’s a View Something Have You Heard of Something Called the Four Effect That Is Roughly Doubles Advocates for Second Here It’s the It’s It’s Also Called the Burning Heart in the Fact to the PT Barnum Affected Basically Just Says That When You Assigned Vague Vague Interpretations If You Keep Things Vague Enough That the Kind of Fit for Everyone like You Have a Need for People to like and Admire You You Have a Tendency to Me Critical Views of Next Pretty Much Anyone Serving with You What Is Your Response of That Humiliated Your Child Started to Much More Particularly, Just Opening the Door of Reading Real Astrologer Is 5000 Nobody’s Ever Sent One Back Back Iraq Was One Wonders If This Is in the Documents Is the so If You Are Really Reading from the Start of 100 Bucks Which Might Not All on and I Do Readings Never Meet People Who Chart This I Don’t Talk to Them Never See Them Send out a Record One Hour Set without You…

Timings Them Back Here Later on Me on That Claim Bank Astrology Is a Real Subject with Parker Most People’s Water What Are Some of the Different Take Civic Astrology and Others Vedic Astrology in Here Suggest Chimes Astrology so You Have Tools Use of Tools or Metrics of Our American Totally Different Names As France’s English Vedic Astrology Totally Different from Standard American-Style Consultants Current Sales Seminar What Some of the Things That You Use in a Natal Chart What Is Something That Comes out to You Right Away with Meet You Look at First, First so Much There in Your Chart What I Realized Is Also Very Shy, Easy-Going People According to Chart Scorpio Scorpio Gets Discarded Deep inside I Hope You Represent All A Lot Of Very Sensitive Feelings about A Lot When You Really Get Bored into Something You Get into Anybody’s P

olicies You Know Know You Understand Yourself Better and Really He Realized I’m Smarter Than That I’m Liking This Leads Me to Make Good Decisions on Not Everybody Is like Everybody Else in with the Ability to Realize That Your Leader and You Want a Regular on Understanding and Your Childhood and Subconscious Program Could You Could You Tell Us More about That Understanding Ourselves How Do You Know Looking at Planetary Alignments Are Natal Chart and Looking at the Sky Watch How Is How Would Someone Go about Understanding Themselves More Because One Thing That Always Writers Labrador Books Watch Every Person Who Has Plans to Start the Written Detailed Accounts of What It Means You like Your Chart What It Says Is a Very Unusual Very Good Day Was Spot on about Your Mother Was, She Was Unusual She Was Liberal Martin’s a Crazy to What I Learned My Mom She’s Not Crazy I Know Yeah That’s Right on the Beginning What You Can See, like Family” in the Existing €a Part of This Lesson on One Side of Your Sons Jupiter Gridlock Senses Were so You Are Caught between Its Optimism Conservatives Are You Yeah You See, That’s Phenomenal and I Want to Know More Aga

in I Don’t Make the Show Just to Becoming a Focuses Night I Wanted Your Time so I Can’t Give You the Longer You Planet Labs and Layout with a Real Romance You like Romantic’s Because People Are Romantic. In the Lobby on What I Do See It Is That Way or Not This Is the Oldest Olympic You Have Mercury in Libra Music Times of Trouble Making Decisions That Was Repetitive Use of Plan Thinking China’s Yours in the Scales Well We Wanted to Do This Is Well Interesting Thing about… Is Go Talk to Branden Listened Yourself about Right Words I Now Know As President of Missionaries like I Haven’t Astrology Is That “200 Alarm and Nobody Does It All the Thing Astrology Is a Symbolic Language Cost Is Where People Have Years Wanting the Same Thing with Your Chart Each Astrologer Is Only Looking for. Basically the Second One Is White As the Time and Place of Where Your Born Effective Reading so Much Is It Because There Is a Planetary Energy Kind of Happening Though Because We Want to Know Exactly What the Class Work. Right on Index of the Computers before so the Time Place of Origin about the Zodiac Is a Circle Is What the Plans Are Always Interesting Social Rising Sun Send Saddam Not so You Want to Runtime As I Think Is Route 6 PM You Know Exactly Look at Your Birth Certificate to Do This Your Data in Your Vagina 6 PM to Say a Rising Sun’s License to Me since the Thing about Shoes Only Where Wanted to Be Heard A Lot about You That’s Mind Blowing I Don’t like Wearing Shoes I Wear Sandals Pretty Much All the Time

and the Violence He See Things to Week Side of Your Assistance… Like You’re Clearly Sensitive to Poisons Chemicals Back Drives Don’t Totally Homeopathic Try That Offers What Guns You. Have Dan at Spot on so to Water What Are Some of the Other Thing That We Can Use a Mean There’s There’s a Rising Signs until Smoking Going to More of the Specifics of How You Doing Reading. Basically in OC Will Planets Are Sometimes the Connections That I Go to the Books You Other Authors Say and I Usually Go out and Brought Back Roads Grains about and about an Interview Later Documents and Records CD Was Chart See a Little While Let so Much Complicated I’m Trying to Set Him Apart Trying to Make It Simpl

e for You That It Is a Call This Little While You Charts and 79 How Did You How Did You Move into Doing This I Was about to Commit Suicide Is Wondering My Chart Blew My Mind I Realize Okay I Will Be Unilateral about Her Looks Started Studying for Years Later I Was a Television Man Calls Oklahoma Quit Dropped out Some of the Assault Just Became Tomatoes like This Is What I Should Further Specific Elements That Go Well Together Just Breakdown Basically We Would Go to That Report Assigns All Schools Grounded to Talk Real World Solar Proton 11 Assigns All Emotional and Want to Cry at Movies That Will Harm the Promotions out Well Other Emotional Signs MySQL Is Concerned Is Your Best Friend You Knowon You Is My Mom’s Birthday Is March 4 Season Policies She’s a Real Sweet She’s Got Wilderness about ICs Is Tinkerbell’s MSU Students When You Are ICs Will Impact the Creating Gadgets Also Sometimes Could Say There’s There’s Also a Son and a Moon Sign Right so What Is How Does the ¢ Direct Person Is the Sole Measure Ego besides Who You Are on the Charts on the Truck Is Suzanne Psalm Was Dry As Your Emotions or Feelings Very Important Medicament Is Even More Born in the Sun but the Sun Is Your Ego What Really Turns You on As of Early Touch You Want to Analysis Your Mobile Mercury Rule I Think You around My Other Size like Water Signs Feeling of All in All His Waistcoat in Emotions so Basically Your Air Compatible with Their Signs Gemini Labor Aquarius Are Signs the Battle There’s a No Astrology Uses of

Heliocentric Model of Kind of Interpretation Which Means That the Sun Is the Center and All the Planets Is There Is Other Constellations That Affect Readings As Well or Notes to Something the Planets to As the Stars Back There Of Stranger Basically Were Dealing with the Planets in Our Solar System This Is Us and Include Our Company Will Planets You Said You Do Yourself to Believe in Destiny or Do You Feel That We Have Free Will and Were Able to Make These Choices It Seems like Using Astrology It Kind of Tilting the YM but How to How Does It How Does with Which Planets Are in the Sky When I’m Born Affect My Life Account Is That an Imprint Work of Dislike of Your Born Well It’s like You’re Being Born in Eagle Eagle Will You Fly the Vehicle As It Will Euro Your Charts As You Analyze Things You Can Analyze Betting Schedules You Could Be a Veterinarian Are over Analyze Other Charges Is the Disposition of Nature Nature to Think about Things A Lot so with A Lot Of Other People Is Again Where Everybody Thinks They Are Is What Everybody Else Is so the Chart Says That You Born a Fast Runner to Baseball Related French Recognition of Things but Everybody’s Got Yes You Are Aware of T

hem Usually What I Find His People Go Right to Them and Go Back to the You What I’m Going to Help People Do That You Help Find What People Are Good at and Then You and That’s What Started in Also These Are the Things That Stop Maybe You Fear May Be Greater Things All Kinds of Things or Blocks Astrology… See the Psychological Side Slackers on about Your Family at the Way in Gasoline Is Reading from the outside Let You Know Your Streets Your Weaknesses Stairs in Which Wanted to Be Well Interesting so Let’s Go Back to Know How Your Day-To-Day Works See You You Get up You Get a Person’s Time and Place and a Birth and You Can You Get There a Kind of Chart and You You You Is There It the Interpretive Quality Is Very Intuitive Kind of Feeling That You Get Towards Your Readings or Is It All Based on Math and Alignments and It Starts out All Based on Logic and Based on When You Have a Moon in Scorpio There Are Even Watching This Placement Is in Your Chart 2000 Years and Evidently Seeing This They Written down What It Means so I’m Going to the Sign of What Is His Main and Tells the Time of You Done 20 Years of Reading You Get Another You Get a Little More Body Step in Your Instinct Excelled at More Than A Lot the Basically No

Dislike You Medicine Your Chart I (Well When One Bit When They Will Have This Is What They All Is Redistributed to Be the Best Principle You Had Somebody Will Help Us You Are What You Choose You Are There Other Aspects Time to Prayer Readings Something That You Find Incredibly Rare Enough in a Chart That You Have Never Seen You Describe That the Chart of Apple Computer’s Great You Can Do Turns Companies As Well and Adults Horses Anything That Starts Buying House Buying a Car Getting Married Livestock Is Born As a Chart Chart Is a Symbolic Picture of the Energy Involved at That Moment so Sometimes You Chart of the Syllogistic All Lucky All Good Things Are in Jail My Student’s Death

the Chart What I Saw Was the Luckiest Charts Usually Work You with a Harvest Charts with Things in This They Were Some of the Most Successful so See You It out Will Be Going to Do with Their Energy Solid to Their Legitimately Can See the Some People Ever Are the Roman Others Some People Got Easy Very Interesting. Think so You Know I’m Looking at the Sky Watch Website Written out Says That the Moon Is in Scorpio and It Makes One-Stop during the Workday It’s Rendezvous Is Realistic and Sometimes Cruel Saturn How How You Guys behind Assembled the Stuff like That Can You Go into the Meanings of What What Is the Void Of Course Was That That Means Is That the Rules Your Instincts Are Certain Times When It Is Disconnected from Other Planets… Walking around She’s What Brownstone in the Bar You Know What She’s Doing during That Time Your Instincts Will Be Very Good

It Happens Every Now and Then Every Two or Three Days Long and Short She’s One of the Resistant Skyline Each of the Planets He Has a Personality Status Beginning the Monotonous Mama Burglaries and Communicator Abuses the Letter Parses the Warrior Jupiters the Philosopher’s Hands of Builder Uranus Is the Rental That Is the Spiritual Was the Killer so Each Each Planet Has a Personality That Allows Us All to Their 1212 Houses and Each Each House Is Another Aspect of a Person’s Chart Each House Can Determine Key Tells More about the Houses Sure There’s 12 Pieces upon Those of the Houses Each House Support

First out Your Personality Second Your Money Third Goes and Systems That You Have a Planet of Ours in the Third House of Arguing with the Buttons so the House Is Jealous Where the Synergy Comes out A Lot in Your Chart I See Love and House Friends Side of Feeling That You Have Really Good Friendships Is a Really More Importantly That’s Partially True Everyday Etiquette Backtrack You with the Astrology Is an Alternative You Are Trying to Say This Is Your Leaning This Is Your Instincts You May Not like Them for Reasons You May Just Know What It Is so the Houses Are Pieces of Your Life 7000 Well If You Have Neptune in Their Plan of Confusion Is What Happens A Lot in These Letters of You Have the Planet Jupiter and There Are Somebody’s Rich If You Have the Millionaire You Marry Somebody Mothers Smoked Salmon Being Houses Give Us Direction Where the Energy in Your Life Goes Alice Signs Houses Were Basic Facts Astrology Taught along the 34 Things That Will You the Studies Talk Usually Stops. What What Else Can You Tell Us about Having Tedious but Show Us Shows How to Get Him You and Your Chart to Good Idea You Can Go on the Web Even Get the without You Get Your Birth on the Shortage of Her Makes a Difference Analysis Accurately Know Exactly What Your Plans You Really Make a Big Move Her Bikini

Timing Is What I’m Really in the Specialist Naturally What I Do with People Who Have All Money They Want to Know What Time Travel with Undefined Cell Say to Be Successful You Says You Got a Song Saying Your Days White Astrology Is Good at Understanding Your Cycles Which Are Going through Now What’s Ahead of You Seek Lampwork Understanding Where Your Strengths and Weaknesses to Say Okay in Your Chart You Have a Ritual, I Have the Transit Timing in Your Life over This Last Year Than Usual People and Sickness That You Go through an Unusually Difficult Couple of Years You Say Away and I Could Say to You Well Next Year OF the Accident Happened As the Disciples Moving All the Time and Ideas and so You Could Say It’s Not All Just a Shock We Went through There Was Something to Learn from Its Easily You Asks Is One of the Greatest Gifts Astrology Is Our Times, Go to Confusion Times Lifetimes and Pointing That out to You Right Now Is Trying to Do Something on the I Tend to Look at My Horse Scope When I’m Having a Bad Day and I I Usually Got Your Scope and Noticed to Confirm or Configure Outlook Why I’m Having Such a Shady Day Today and I Am Wondering Yo

u Know There’s There There Does Seem to Be an Aspect of Okay There There’s Alignment Here so This This Makes Sense That This Is Who I Am and It We Have Your Sky Watch Which Tells You What’s Going onto to You Kind of the Mood of Things but You Can See What I’m Getting Is It of Its More about Understanding Yourself Making and Giving Yourself Enough Information to Make the Right Choices Right Yes Your Salesman Is the Really Good Days and People Will Want to Say Yes but What about You Guys and People Will Say No No No Electronic Given up in Fuel and the Only Way to Studios Sky Watch Everyday and What Moods Change to Get Children They Act out You Skylight Really Is the Mood of the Her Mood Was Going on Students so Itself Police to Know Okay This Real Dangers That Come in Karmic City Is a Vibrant Arc Sphere Where the Possibility for Trouble Codes up on Certain Days like the Biorhythm Whatever What Are Some New Things You’re Doing over at Sky Watch That Makes Your Website Different from Similar Places That Do Readings Published Two Things One Is the Sky Watch Which Is the Day-To-Day Thing and It Also Published Date Talks about the Best Days the Entire Yea

r so Use It on a Vacation Summer As They Were Getting the Best Days When the Mercury Retrograde Czar When the Venus Retrograde Czar Should Avoid a Sony Digital Plan Okay Today’s, For Instance… Bad Piece Is Not in the Sky Watch Because It’s the Mood of the World with His Gaze Call Everybody the Energies on Streets As They Now Some People in a Bad Mood Nurses on the Doctors Lay You See Why These Are Much More BUT If You Watch It Will See There Is a High and Low Highs and Lows Sunday’s Real Malware Sunday Interesting so I’m Good I’m Looking at Looking at the Datebook Here That Your Mentioning and It Does No Does Go into the Sort of Operating Instructed Instructions for How to Deal with You Know That the Year That’s Coming up What What Else You Have To Say to People about What We Can Do to Try to Improve Our Lives and and Really Understand Ourselves That You Are Going to the Now Is to the Many Kinds of Healing and We All Need Some of You about the Child, a Solid Is One Time Don’t You Really Help Me and I I Had Were All Different Kinds of Their Some Work for Some People Some Brothers Apparently Was One of the Best Things of It Doing Passed Why Walked down the Steps and I Was Teaching Astrology Need to Get All the Make Trying to Know Understand Yourself and What You Were Programmed to Get Help That They Were All Program in Well Which Is Pretty Good Idea Piece and Helps Us Understand Ourselves As Well) Quality Is Wrong As We Don’t Know What Were the Donors Is the Line of You Understand What You Store What’s the Difference between Kiss Day and a Quack Day I Can Say the Moon and Venus Talking to Each Other This Moods Your Cool You Pay the Moon and Mars Fighting Planet Spirit Angles to Each Other Whatever Plans Are 90° Apart at Noon on the Clock to 3 O’clock at the Square Planets Are like This against Each Other the Challenge Is an Energy like School Round Suddenly Happens Also to Get Ahead Is Not All Unsuitable Appliances Saying the Square City Square on the Using All the Astrological Terms of the Senate Gifts Trying Sex Movies and Things Square since the Bad Things of Drugs} You Don’t Have To Know Astrology People Use to What What’s Coming up for 2

015 That You Can Kind of Give Us Insight on the A Lot This Idea Real Explosive Violent Energy We Have Now to Continue to March Not Everyday That Week When. Really Difficult Change Second 2015 Contains Positive Connections between Good Luck Change Means Second Half of the Game Is Really Time Start a New Job and the Planet of Good Luck Will Line up in Harmony with No Celebrity… Change Your Help the Really Positive. So This Is a Couple We Positive Undecided This Influence Well Enough to Start Something Works Sometimes Accepting This Will Help You Start Things Will Work Such about Organizing Your Life and and This This Newsletter Is a Splash That You Have Does That so It Gives You an Idea of like What’s Happening with All These Transit Send Squares and an Interview Timing and a Sense of Doing That Yes so Time What I Sa

y the Datebook Is Open Your Calendar up and Mark K Enqueue Is Is Is a Medical Doctor: the Day When Everything’s Harmonious When There’s a Good Time Not Do Anything a Tri-State Pool Don’t Go to Dennis and You’ll Notice the Conflict in Your Life Anyway so It Loses It’s a Timing Guide and the Whole Year You Say You Will This or Three Weeks around the Really Good Student Interesting Plants Have You Have You Noticed Any Correlation between Sort of These These Esoteric Events and and What You’re Seeing on Your Your Charts Such As like 9/11 with What Was Always Something That Came up on Your These Global Worldwide Days Where Where Everyone Was Kind of Paying Attention to Be Noticed a Pattern There Sometimes Sometimes Not a 9/11. Dated You Really What Was I Wrote Is Distributed by Companies. Any Successful in Some Dou

bt I Don’t Have a Child Does Something on the Chart of Your Site Really Get to Their Astrology but They Did on the Day When Something Should Work That Things like the Violent Things Going on Now You That Is These Two Planets Uranus and Pluto West at a 1930 Indicates When It Occurs As Was the. Social and Economic Turmoil on the Air above so below What We Seek Conflict up There with You and You Almost Guess Is That There Apple Computer School… Is There a Resource That Wins We As Children Born Lately Were Not like Our Parents Arrested All the Holy Spirit Is Coming up with the Most Amazing Astrology Very Different from Us the Great Talents and Abilities Way beyond Anything We Can Tells More about That Is the Cycles of the Planet Granddaughter She Has the Planet Rules the Course of Some Sign in Her Chart Happens Once You Use S

he Is the Most Incredible Person with This Willpower’s Ability to Being Use One of the Whole Group Kids Born from 85 to 1994 1985 or Displacement Some of Them Are Killers This Is Assigned Legal Rules Death Therapeutic Killers Also Agreed Healers Great Great and so We Do See Certain Generations the Boomer Julio Is an Expert Comes along with Hosting a Planet That Are Different in Different in Different Is Now Really Different with Our Parents Went to Notice a Pattern Changing in the Type of People Who Are Asking for Readings Will Usually the Best People I Do Want People Days Will Negative to Me and Astrology but Now More More People Being Opened and Disabled Students I Find Your Work Pretty Intriguing Man Is Anything Else That You Can Want to Get out There Were Were Approaching the End Year Man What You Give Me Your Time Your

Birthplace and on down 1 Hour CD Recording of CDI’s New Radio’s Mandatory Show You the Good Things in the Steps in Your Chart You Taste of and Am Nobody Else’s Site If You Feel That You Know You’re Different You Need to Do Things Different Strahl You Might Be One Way to Really Understand What You Feel Craziness Is with Colonic Phones One Windstar Also Strange Medical’s Not All of the Seeing but There’s A Lot Of Information about Medical Stuff out Your Body and Stress See Definite Chart Say That Florida Was on His Hospital but It Is If You Have Questions about Your Life Questions about What You’re Good at Questions the Timing Is One Thing You See Things to Think about with Respect but This Is Very Close to Where Can I Website and Get Access to Skywatchers Frolicking about a Possible Nice and Easy My Things up If You Are Sending Email (UPC Copy Everyone Is What They Believe Will Help You to Select the Very Cool It Is Pretty Much with Xavier Hume Experienced Difficult Astrology Reading Done with God and I Know It’s the Holidays so Things Continue Little Distressful Better to Understand Yourself More Landscaped so Much Again Playing out to You That You Will Will Will a

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