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The human experiences colliding particles at nearly the speed of light with my guess night Dr. Florian Goertz Florian it’s such a pleasure to have you with us welcome.

Let’s just start this conversation by going over a little bit of your education your background how did you get to working at CERN?

so I started to motorists also do the regional is is is is is is is is is is so you so I will will will will will will will will your undisputed, to my physics is lackluster at best a man pretty good at math but organized agreement to simplify for and make a little bit entertaining for the people who are listening what exactly is going on at certainly 40 guys doing over there will will will know whether or present. At the beautiful soul warming is impossible all will will will will succumb is best for you is will is all we finally I will use go out of business really is the coldest I will love you know full all the coldest vulnerable articles looks just as long as showing all the most common measure of rehearsal can you tell us more about this expose I mean why is it so important as you will you will will will will will motorists are all articles will will from you is very hot school is most often subject matter is why it is so smooth and you will will will will will need to see what was you know exist. And five understanding what why we know you’re go was in the computer so would you would you call this the greatest mean scientific discovery known to man is someone will Christmas card design all in all the is this this will will will
him with all the way to was we we could is mowing it was the biggest mystery is something that you always shown as possible as will will will will come as well 60s sold as will will will will also recently go was the is is really amazing music will introduce lathe is a little is cool know is you is you are you will notice the details related will will you just know you don’t was also is thought all was you soon will will will refuse to go on the small ones and things will there’s there seems to be this wide range of canvassing opinions about what you guys are doing and she was sort of the mascot of Stern and and there there a lot of religious people who think that there could be a wormhole that opens up her a black hole or something how valid are these concerns of the business is all that will furiously developing the install based on the old okay ultimately improves mobility was what was already finished up create a will expect you as I noticed him: he jumped out of the really because there are serious arguments against the will is will is one what will you listed as we small that will soon you will be and. Is there will always will extent of them. On the skills you will will is viewed as an computer is your first that will the is will him would come to call God is autonomous of because of his will. Limbo him as number of installer: we will. Listens. The LIMITED collision is will will will will be for the soul in the things was called the guilt of all the we will will you will will consuming have you guys fired it up again since the first time now I’ve always written all next week will will will will is will will what was the meaning of the reasons you know it will work on some is right now is as cooler so the students to use them all is time with them will pay a very interesting so when you talk about but the standard model of nature and reality what and what is that going to that little bit more please guess you we met him the things I made all the outcomes decidedly old mentor also on some business all coming this will school of is will is his name was focusing on the most moment of the consequences made all those protons neutrons of the articles you scholar you wish is a result we don’t know is something you will is no is: is understandable articles looks we resume to him will will will will will you around is the method you sold leased this metal particles interact of the winter solstice. His crime. You will leave the website. When you come in the form is in the citizen lifetime then some business is exchanged all this is the scribe was you I was be there is something to strive all is described I missed you read which is called probable article will lose this will will is as though for which originated some call to taste a little strong will will soulmates at home; is what I got them them them them credence is almost recourses that is what is most vulnerable of the will was credited to him about this is not was a small is a big problem because creditors voted week. Will describe those reinforces the moment is and we are is also vital part of your you will best credit to but not limited to medical reasons of the stonewall pilothouse this model is all was right this moment will will reasons the same to legal small distance related imagination is that we we is so my understanding of of this big device minutes this huge machine underground the earth and be it’s it’s like a big gun right electromagnetic gun that’s firing these protons at themselves and their colliding and in your observing the collision correct right) we we should consult your own company will employ this on this race is: is this what you see the light of the week. ascetic will be accelerated all i will noticed that you will never really thought is like the company must let go to sleep will what you are all part of eucharist he will how is this also will will will is as you jump artist by mark combat and gold is a list microscope will also implement was going on the most memorable love you really will will will will is was once muscular and he was in the shape accelerates problem is as we discussed through the system that is very interesting so since i mean since you guys authority found that he expose on the what what in your opinion would be the next remark most remarkable thing that you could find from the search is the west is will him will all of which it will will will because whole him before you are able to is the the the the the the most useful when we wish when you of the upcoming problems your most of the articles of this is already will will will that way is is this machine represented we can test this is will will will will your comments will will will will be better this. someone is this a the documents it was a little envelope will your is artist will express tinseltown really all you will be the is the we are all included on the pool tool really make the point will be this console is there anybody reasons of these things that will will will scrub chromatid is also something party and respect all pics pics.) will is is this really like a principal the most national but important artist will hire so we don’t understand what is like to substitute this price also hold will will will will will understand politics will dilemma because all the of the maximum on paper was made as much to the small and i will it was the explain what is most is called some started also works already wrote about it at the very possible from the work will medicine songs” clothes that will help small life is always excelled was always corpulence that will is the moment explain the will is is this one world possible is it will you notice something is will so many questions that the i we this article is it certain was that was you for example in specific to you know i think of probably walking will and will will will will probable and continued is really my resume to job on which is called just we can find all is “best very very intriguing so i mean from what i’m understanding you guys because were basically at first you are confirming. that was developed in 1964 by peter hakes and and you were able to discover this elementaries for particle that and confirm it and now you double the energy in this device and your you’re trying to confirm more so the standard model and develop it further you don’t know when the fund is useful we i will will will article on one side we are testing the stonewall is laudable precision vessel we will make his old tricks. collect hayes articles stomach will make the other insurrection salt. it will will will will computer vision; this will bastard oracle the places will is in the process them. the case is already have look you just produced weeks. you introduce met him out of the statistics of the beheadings look at all these so small (your life samples so this program is stopping already cool more precise really cool. pessimistic tool will be optimistic is in these is as little bit more that we are all the about weekend seaweeds you recently picked up in total problems local currency this really present it what you will you will focus is six minus the produce of the particles by for example about the will. so for example you might scholar this ‘articles business really really excited know what these things think it’s very interesting just because you don’t think the technology to do an experiment like this is ever existed before did you think it’s possible that we could maybe spawn of many universe by doing this experiment will always be in the extreme since cavity walls we of which almost as chromatid this is really all marketing become do with was dismissed yet you really want him creating impossible unless unless some serious will will like the is us the of the guilt always the musical was very personal number scale this is also a debate about whether you case closely touristy things will pick up about one of the most people is all my friends case the really expect might create very strange things like all so is the of you become of the money is the them… but go into what your life is like in inside of certain what you do there honoring the based mean how bit how does that happen how does that work yes all i will years old you’re going to people probably don’t see at the the the the purest i’m i’m trying school predebate is to do in recent cyclamate predictions will be once he is in the will down the what you see so this is the smart all the people that we them up the majority of some old sort of this wrong resolve the people working to generate of thousands you are you 60s later so so we really as well. the dispute is really running the was see them the the. carpeted lingo that are important work of what i’m going on the other i was facing up and so you send is not you recall five might euro-american people really remembrance pseudonyms are also is most exciting place of the will and what part of the alternative experiment article by the artist of the healthcare the bullet learning i got was the morning artist: 85 you will also time want for example am working on recently won’t stop trying school, will we will that once the olympics will scarce so and celebrities limitless you want included would be stressed for example, one for really try talking with longtime incumbent will the process oil-producing scarce so i was starting him the multics is produce the stomach will is not the record is small and i’ll reprising this is this will will come away with about five) really hollowing and all the amenities you also can be lessons that is the other members list and i’m just working on of the will means that you will my computer program aimed at all incredible strides will single masses will is my articles thinking because there are many things that are hostile description at all) so what were able to go about your goals and explore them talk to you on you was when he was is you’re still rondon mike reno that will will will bloopers express corpulence of an idea about the new numbers that amount make some predictions might the external world of so this is and one out but but i don’t know if you search the internet for what going on at sternberg people people were worried people are bit scared the reasonably so to me let’s dispel that year let’s what sort remove the veil of and how how can me understand better what is happening at lhc having the was a you your because when we look mean something i mean something we wish the only fault is collisions the world you have the people that will be accelerated of them confused and it is the experience your risk will love is all reasons that we come to the so this is we are trying to stop the process is the most all was try. about this illegal was will be the is this you will will become explore what sometimes really try absolute understand what is happening what was completed, the language dictations, old school you you feel trying to understand that change break. doing what how do you think you mentioned changing our lives how do you think you could change the way that we live mean in a practical way and i will tell without the result will will him just you will probably is the most you always the future is this really small research you don’t know what you don’t call girl becoming that.com’s like like cows authorities for example on the focus will will him particle accelerators assaulted history this is this this will but so what carried was going to go solo am passing which is always a close really know is that without knowing what you the latest information for example we communicate all what those some was was is no sciences trying to make the communication is also innovations instrument we really your many the accelerated really am required techniques also engineering industry discount will use is the capital markets, perhaps love him just and exalted” something that will and hallmarks is not we we will think everyone is the fourth. trying to understand the why universes of this will the battle some questions
address the most medicine of when we met is the sixfold week before compromises this is all important consequences on the future will for example olympics in much the the the the the claimant was an unstable of the you to take you oh holy multics we know that that will probably lost the older interlock becomes recommend is more exactly of the of these questions in what we do on his own stupid was written on this tubular part is this will was written the best document will created you know them to the in the big question is like that is the old government against will make you have you also we try to understand these questions people when we met this is what articles become “find all is the white all the best document object and you will find better things to all old people about it can be unexpected benefits will this is very intriguing work it any any advice for budding physicists your particle physicists that are kind of want to pursue the feel that you’re pursuing you was is always interesting always be the pope’s funeral you, the questions of the saw you started limiting them to us they are the riches was a very good (but i will speak with people i like that answer point is there is there i mean should i just direct people to the certain website or is there a way to contact you on my all on the outsized suv, but before the colbert told the revision will come over this is a robot is all the questions it will will look at you as you is just everyone started that will accelerate as i will will will will will will thing of this procedure worried i really appreciate your time and that he so much for being here this the human experience guys really got here a case in which listening

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