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Jerry and I met at a conference and I found we had think so interesting that I just bought bring them up to the show so if you enjoy this episode please get to our don’t page paid for the human XP.com/donate to survive on your porch also find us on Twitter YouTube and Facebook all at the human XP thank you guys so much for listening this for the great episode human experiences discovering the fourth phase of water as we welcome my guest Dr. Gerald Pollock to the show.


Jerry my could serve welcome to Atrix be upset so let’s it’s a it’s a real pleasure to be with you sit and look forward to your questions so Jerry when we met not the conference that we were both and we had lunch the conversation was so fundamental I felt like was necessary to bring you want to this format and discussed her findings of the humor was also pretty good if you could just give us an introduction to work for the people that don’t know about it because I like a lot of’s work it hasn’t been really heard of before so does give our audience bit of an introduction of who you are and in the work that your conduct.

it was okay so I love professor at the University of Washington in Seattle. out which often gets confused with Washington University which is in St. Louis or George Washington University which is in DC and there in in the state a lot we have at least four universities within the Washington Eastern Washington.

the Western Washington Washington State University said they were in Seattle and that Seattle is a terrific place water because we had a lot of rain during during the but but that’s not be what inspired this works what what inspired his work is originally is is a meeting with fellow named Gilbert Lindsay.

ally engine and and Gilberto Gil it was interested in the biology of the cell and he came up with his radical idea that inside the cell the water molecules does it was full of of of water and 70 present is a is a figure that’s typically given but you know if you actually count the the Molly Diller do it all of molecules one by one that you encounter is go through the sale 9900 or more active water molecules.

because they’re so small that order to make up that two thirds by volume in the a lot of those little molecules to to to to do that so so the idea of which is not only Gilbert things I have the other people who came before him that the water inside the cells was was different. somehow from the water inside glass of water and that it was organized like a crystal liquid crystal it in in some way that this kind of that crystalline form of of water was really important for life for what what the cell does.

initially I had been a different field field muscle contraction and here was Gilbert Ling saying that what is really important and always muscle scientist trying to figure out how muscles work completely ignoring the facts that the cell is filled. with water they talk about the proteins that are involved in the contraction of muscles that’s what we’re trying to figure out how.

how it works and and and the ideas that these these proteins do whatever they do to create contraction in a vacuum. basically was obviously not true a lot of water molecules and you think that the 99% count meant that the water have some significance and so I was swayed by by the presentation of those Gilbert Ling but also them outwards.

and Georgie who won the Nobel Prize for discovering vitamin C and setting muscles at the white a few years and I I just got discovered recently that in one of his many books that he says that the trigger for muscle contraction has to do with the structuring of the water. in other words the water is organize structured pretty much the way Gilbert things thoughts and the end of the initiation of the contraction was triggered by that water flowing from the structure will organize for extraordinary water and and the I just found out that a few years now.

but but anyway meeting Gilbert Ling and listening to him talk at a conference in in Hungary and and also coming into contact with the with people who had evidence to support his point of view. it was like a trigger that said to me you know not only is water important probably for muscle contraction my field but but also important for all aspects of life. and so I gave out some of Gilbert things books some of my students to look at postdocs and every one of them said this guys really onto something court I thought the same myself and so I began thinking about the contents of his book.

I came to realize that the book was pretty esoteric Gilbert’s note 97 years old and 96 if I forget still no alive and kicking and kicking strongly and and him and I realize that it was important to get Gilbert Lindsay message out to the world and Enzo Gilbert Ling was that is is alive and kicking.

and I do however his his book actually books now I think he has six or seven are not easy for even for physical chemists to to understand and in my mission at the time around the year 2000 was was directed book that explains what Gilbert was thinking. because in his work with seminal and really if he was right it was critical for understanding of of all of biology and thought I undertook the task of writing a book and then: the book was to make Gilbert’s ideas understandable to to the general public.

in the book did come out it was called cells gels in the ends in the life and I was considered controversial many people. have still reading at that even after 50 years but the main point and buckle as an was goes beyond merely delineating expanding on the ideas come Ling it could it it went further and it came to the conclusion that this the same.

as what Albert send Georgie said inherent to go and I got Lindsay was it and Nobel laureates and that. Considered to be the father of modern biochemistry. and that is that the transition from the wanted water to the disordered or ordinary water was actually an important trigger for for turning on the cell to do whatever was his job was does so in a muscle so for example that transition from the mortgage they to the disordered state would be responsible for triggering the contraction ends were ourselves it would be responsible for triggering the the signal transmission or action potential.

and and for secret Tory cell it would be responsible for basically for ejecting whatever is being secreted from the sense of you. idea is that this is not only the ordering of water inside the sevens is not only important but it’s absolutely critical for some of the order many of the most basic mechanisms of life movement to signal transmission etc..

so so that’s that’s background naturally when the book came out we were terribly interested in following through in learning more about about this kind of ordered water so-called structured will order that: by different instant so we can run a of preparation that we could use experimental preparation that we used study the phenomenon and I was I was really excited to find that it turned out.

it was it came from a conversation with Japanese colleagues and I need to go into great detail but it addicted is set up is really simple and that is you take up a chamber small chamber and in the chamber you put either gel or the some kind of material that is hydrophilic that is water loving supply material work if you wanted to drop the droplet of water on the water spread out that’s hydrophilic substances.

as well as a hydrophobic where like for example If You You Drop Some Water Idea Stays Away from the Surface of Hydrophobic or Fearing Water Fearing so so Is the Surface Was Hydrophilic. We Found That in Most Cases Every Single One but in in Most Cases That That the Water Next to That Material with Changed Dramatically and We Could See the Features of of of of That Water by Putting Little Particles in the Solutions on the Chamber Chamber with.

We Had This Material (Water inside Water Are Suspended Some Particles and We Used Microspheres That Is Little Spheres 1 µm Sound Louder and What We Saw Initially Was That These Spheres Didn’t Want to Get Anywhere near the Surface of That Material. They They They Actually Got Pushed out Initially There Right up against the Material If You Watch over 345 Minutes These Particles Get Pushed Away and I Stay Away and and the Distance Were Talking about Is Is Maybe Typically a Quarter of a Millimeter.

Is Almost Big Enough to See with Your Naked Eye Level User Microscope so so Again Seeing This Again and Again and We Thought This Was Interesting and Unique. Was Not Unique Cause 1970 Somebody Have Published Pretty Much the Same Observation in the Journal of Physiology and and but Anyway We Couldn’t Understand Why Why This Would Happen Of Course.

We Had and Not the Back of Our Mind and That Is If the Water Sitting Next to Those Services That Water Were Converted from Ordinary Water Which Is Put in to Kind of Water That’s Organized Structured. This Structured Water Being Much like a Crystal Sort of like Ice or Snow of the You Know As As Ice Grows It Pushes Everything out Because the Ice Crystal Is Pure.

Anything That Was in the Water Gets Ejected from the Water in the Same Thing Seem to Be Occurring Next of the Surface of Looked like It Could Be a Sign That the Water Was Becoming This Kind of Structured and Ordered Water That Gilbert Ling and Albert Send Georgie Were Talking about.

so What What We Found Is It Is Really True We We Found No Fewer Than Eight Now Close to 10 Different Properties That We Measured of This Water That Was near the Surface Compared to the Ordinary Water. Everyone Different and Some of Them Differed Markedly Physical and Chemical Properties and and and and so We We Realize That Them at What’s Going on Is That the Ordinary Water: Bulk Water That Needs the Surface This Gets Transformed into an Entirely Different Kind of Water.

That We Referred to As a Different Phase of the Fourth Phase of Water As Idea Had Been Predicted Hundred Years Ago by Famous That Physical Chemists. and Said You Know We Can’t Really Understand All the Properties of Water and There’s Only Anomalies.

That We Need Actually a New Phase Are a Different Phase of Water to Help Its Account for All of These Anomalies and I I I Think This Thousand and so the Book That I Wrote This Was Just That Three Years Ago Called the Fourth Phase of Water beyond Solid Liquid and Vapor.

I’m Not Only Does the the Book Explain the Experimental Evidence for This Fourth Phase but It It Gulps on to Explain Many of These Unexplained Phenomena in a Very Simple Way and End of the Book Has Actually Caught on That A Lot Of People Have Been Interested in Suit.

Your You’re Demonstrating You Could Use of This This Other Fees in the Discovery and and Your Interest in It Which Is Remarkable for Me Because Yassir Our Planet Is Is Two Thirds Water. We Are Mostly Made up of Water so What Does This Say Towards Our Conventional Understanding of How Water Works and Why Have These Ideas Been Pushed Aside for so Long. Why Are We Discussing This More All I Think of the Reason without Discussing This More Is Really Is Less about Water and More about the Scientific Endeavor in a World As Scientists Were Scientist but First Which Humans and Work Subject to the Same Limitations and for Penalties.

As Everybody and and One of Those Is That We like to Feel Safe and Secure so so Imagine Imagine That You Are in Your Scientist and Eat You Eat Your One of the Group of People Who’ve Been Studying Flat Earth and It Is A Few Hundred Years Ago and and and You Feel Contented Secure Because You’ve Studied Almost More Than Anybody Else That the Flatness and the Nature the Flatness of the Tiny Undulations and It’s Pretty Obvious. That like Everybody Else out There on You Look out the Window It Looks Pretty Flat and so Understandably the Earth Is Flat.

and As Somebody Comes along and Says but Wait a Second, I Have Some Evidence That Seems to Conflict without I’ve Seen Some Satellite Photos and You Know I’m the Master Photoshop Date They Really Look As Though the Earth Is Round Spherical. Is Not and by the Way You Know I Took off Last Month from Seattle and I Stopped in Hawaii Went on to Shanghai and and Then Stopped in the Middle East and Went on to to London and Flew Back to Seattle from Their.

Current of the Earth Is Flat As a Possible and so Why Would like to Do Is Him I’d like to Study Does the Potential for around Earth Considered Flatterers and Subsidies National Science Foundation of Whomever Give Me Some Money. Because It so Is so You Know the Result of That the National Science Foundation.

That There Is Person Who Takes That Grant Proposal Emotions” This Is This Pretty Revolutionary If Is Guys Ride on Be a Big Deal I I Better Get Better Recruit. Some Reviewers Really Understand All There Is to Understand about the Shape of the Earth and so Court Is Going to Be Well Obviously These Are the Flatterers People Because There There the People Who Know What There Is.

Now about the Shape of the Earth so You Are Proposal to Get Money You Can Imagine What Is Going to Happen to Have Been There Because Many Many Many Examples Goes to the Review Committee Look at over. They Read What You Have To Say and That and They Inevitably Come up with Some Reason Why This Is Not a Proposal That’s Worth Hundred and One One Component of That.

Reasoning Is They Feel Threatened Because If You Write about Your Rounders Idea That Deposition and Scientific Societies Jeopardize Their That Have Been in the Scalar World Authority on the Shape of the Earth. and Is This Young Hold of Startled Comes along and Said Everything You Ever Thought about Is Wrong.


so so so the Responses It Is Inevitable I Don’t Say That on This Exactly What’s What’s Happening with Water but We All Will Correct Understanding That There Were Three Phases of Water and Every Piece of Solid Liquid Vapor Every Every Piece of the Scientific Literature Makes That Assumption. and Starts with That As a Basis and Develops Sometimes Very Complicated Theories to Explain Observations Someone Comes around Several Ways.

That I Think of Four Phases Not Three Phases in Your the Other so so What You Do If You Are Part of the Scientific Community Well What You Do Is Is That It Is an Act of Self-Preservation. You You Basically Ignore It and Wait If If Your Colleagues Somehow Begin to Take It Seriously Then You Kind of Feel like State Seriously but Otherwise Decided to Just Go on What You Doing Pretend It Doesn’t Exist and Move on from There.

I Want to on and I Want to Go Back to the Experiment and Simplifies Much As Possible What We Are Looking at When Were Conducting This Experiment. so We’re Just Were Taking Container That Is Dripping down into Two Other Containers That Are That Are Charged by Voltage Right and No Water Strolling down and Were Observing the Behavior of That Water.

It Difficult Know Dropping down so It’s a It’s a Chamber the Container and in a Container We Will Put Either a Jailer of Some Company of Polymer That Has Hydrophilic Surface Inevitable. Just so and Then You Don’t Then Fill the Rest of the Chamber with Water That Contains Particles Are Microsphere Reading the Guide Doesn’t Really Matter.

Which One and and We Look See What Happens Is the Microscope What Happens Next to the Surface of That Material. at First You See Nothing Interesting but If You Watch over a Period of Six Usually about Five Minutes You Can See a Zone That Starts at the Surface and Builds out to beyond the Service That Contains No Microspheres.

There Are Excluded from This Region That’s What the Exclusion Zone and and Stabilizes and This Is on That Has No Microspheres or No Die. If You Could Kind Instead This Is the Zone That Were Talking about.

This Is the Zones That We Determined through Many Studies Is Different from Ordinary Water” Exclusion Zone Is Imagine Because It Excludes but It’s Got More Interesting Properties in the Properties Are That of a Liquid Crystal Unlike Ordinary Bulk Water Does That Help on Yeah. Yeah I Does so There’s a Type of Social Behavior That’s Occurring within the Water Molecule.

the Particles of the Water in Area You Might Say Finger You Go to a Party in Your Been Excluded That’s the Social Behavior Was This Mean and What Is This Mean for the Larger Perspective. Yeah That’s a Good Question What What It Means Is That Pretty Much Whenever You Have a Hydrophilic Surface and Water Meets That Hydrophilic Surface the Water.

That Meets the Surface Is Transformed Enormous Lake Is Not Just One Molecular Layer That Meets Actually Addicted This Change Propagates over Many Many Many Molecular Layers Because It Were Talking about A Few Hundred Micrometers. Which Is the Typical Size Were Talking about Millions of Molecular Layers so It’s a It’s a Gross Transformation That Is Not As One Letter but Many Many Many’s.

This Is the Fourth Phase That Help Equipment and We Continued Our Thinking and so Sewer Mean If We Could Put This in Reachable Sense for the Masses How Can This Be Used in Science or for Medicine. Okay Good Good Question so of Talk about Medicine in the Moment but for Science or Actually but It for Technology Come That We Started a Company to to Do What What I Will Talk about the Moment.

That First Thing Is That If You Can Extract This Zone Is Large Enough That It’s Extractable We Found Ways to Extracted This Is Free of Particles Molecules Whatever. so That in Essence It’s Contaminant Free so If You Have a System of the Physical System and You Have a Tool That’s Going into the System That’s Called It an into Contains Contaminated Water.

If You If It Is the Output of the System Is Just the Easy Water That Easy Water Should Be Free of Those Contaminants Because It Excludes Them and and That’s What We’ve Done We Demonstrated a Geometric Set up Where Where We Can Actually Easily and Continuously Extract the Easy Water and so We We Demonstrated Proof of Principle and That the Task Ahead Which Would Make Great Progress Is Scale. That Because If You Take One Little to That We Might Use to to Achieve Just Mentioned and You Kind of Get a Trickle of Output the Output Rate It’s It’s Essentially Contaminant Free but Is Not Much of and so You Want to Use It for Practical Applications.

You Need to Somehow Build up the System to Do This in Mass and the past Few Months since since the Company Was Great We Achieved That and and We Hope to Implement That for No Further Than Humanity Because More and More Our Waters Are Horribly Polluted with with All Kinds of Ions and Pharmaceutical to Throw Away Drugs and Such. and Peter Certainly Not Beneficial to Our Health so Something Is to Be Done about It.

You Can Do at Them There Is a Technique That You Know That’s Called Reverse Osmosis and Is Effective. You Are Not Completely Effective but but It Requires Huge Amounts of Energy to Do and so It’s Practical in Saudi Arabia Where the Oil Is Pretty Much Unlimited and They Use It in Fact Because They

Have No Natural Water Sources.

so All the Drinking Water Essentially Comes from Out Of the Head of Saltwater the Seas That Have Been Desalinated and but the Requires Huge Energy and in the System We Do It without Energy. and so I Explained That That Is Been To Get That You Know in Order to in Order to Achieve This Separation Was Creation of of of This Zone in the Energy.

Because You Can’t Get Something for Nothing and so What Is the Energy Come from. That As First We Were Completely Befuddled Had No Idea We Can Figure It out and Then One of the Undergraduate Students with Efforts A Lot Of Undergrads Working in the Lab.

and and the Undergraduate Student Took a Lamp Shining Lamp on the Chamber and He Noticed We Notice That Were He Was Shining Lamp of the Exclusion Zone Grew inside Were Enormously and If You Pulled Away A Lot Of It Went Back to the Original Size. so You Know It Didn’t Take a Rocket Scientist Figure out That a Maybe Light Is the Energy That’s Driving Us and so We Started in a Formal More Formal Way Wavelength of Light Ranging from the Altered Ultraviolet to the Visible to the Infrared.

and We Had a Really Clear Is out That All of These Wavelengths Tended to Build the Size of the Exclusion Zone but Most Affected by Far Was Infrared Light Particularly at the Wavelength of That for about Three Seconds Nanometers. so This Is Is a Wavelength That Water Absorbs the Most Is Well-Known What We Found out Is That It’s Also the Wavelength That Uses This Absorbed Light.

It to Them to Turn It into an Easy Growth and This Is One Thing and Him Saying You Need the Energy to to Do That Especially Infrared and That Energy Is All around Us. It’s Free You You Said That These Exclusion Zone Layers Can Come Together to Form Colloidal Crystal Right but so This Is a Stable Structure That Can Exist for a Duration of Time.

yet What Do We Need Technologically to Conduct This How Can This Colloidal Crystal Be Important to Our Conventional Understanding of What Water Is Doing. What What Water Is into of Well and so Now We Get to the Second Part of of of Your Question with Which Has To Do with with Ourselves and and and and Medicine in Such.

an Him so That It Just Forget to Let Me Say That This Zone Is Not Neutral in the Way Water Is That We Found through Experimentation That Usually Zone Is Negatively Charged and the Region of Water Adjacent to That Zone Is Positively Charged so What What’s Happened Is That the Water Molecules of Split into Negative and Positive and the Negative Parts Build up Together to Form This Very Large Zone and the Positive Part.s the Protons Are Are Excluded There outside the City beyond the Exclusion Zone the Start I Thought Answer Look for Answers to Your Previous Question.

for We Get That Matters You Got Charge Separation Is like Battery. so’s If You and the Batteries Run Mostly on Infrared Light Puts Driving It’s Recharging the Battery so If You Put One Electrode in the Negative Part in Another Electrode and the Positive Part Then You Get Energy Out Of This Electrical Energy.

and the Input That’s Driving All This Is Infrared Basically Light from the outside so Is like a Photocell Made of Water That Converts Light Energy into Electrical Energy. and so in Terms of Technology Is Another Potentially Cool Application Because It If You Can Build This up on to a Useful Scale of Them Then You You Don’t Have To Deplete the Earth of of Its Valuable Minerals.

Because Is Just Water It’s a Renewable Resource and It Runs a like See so so the Companies Also Working on Developing This and Enough in Terms of of Energy of Your Running Low on Energy Is a Very Simple System to to Create Energy.

so so I Wanted to to Bring That up and but Also the Fact That This Zone Is Charged Is This Is Important so Severely Answer Now Your Question about Know What Why Why Is This Important That and How Does It Change the Way We We Look at and Nature and so in Terms of Medicine in Terms of Your Cells. so so Your Cells Are Filled with with Water in a 70% Who so I Went Volume in the Question Is Will What Kind of Water so Most That Medical People and Scientists Have Been Thinking That What in the Sat inside the Cell Was Born Ordinary Water H2O but the Evidence in Fact Which Is Presented Both in My Previous Book in 2001 Cells Just Engines Life and Also in Its New a Book about Easy Water and the Cell Was Actually Filled with Easy Wate.r

Unwise It Easy Water Well on the inside the Cell There’s Not Much Space for Water the Large Molecules Sitting Very Close to Each Other and in Fact the the Average Surface to Surface Distance between These Macromolecules Mostly Proteins Is Is Equal to about Five Wate.r 07 Water Molecule Diameters Is Very Very Very Close That Means That Essentially Every Water Molecule Is Right near One of Those Hydrophilic Surfaces Is Only Learned over the past Decade.

You Have Water Next to a Hydrophilic Surface It Tends to Be Easy Water Is Liquid Crystal Structured Water This Is Kind of What Gilbert Ling Albertson Georgia Were Saying but Now We Have More Evidence for so Your Cell. and Myself I Think That Our Are Filled with Easy Water and Not with H2O so If You’re If You Want to Understand What the Cells Are Doing and What Might Turn Them into Pathological Cells You Really Need to Understand about That Water. Because the Water Is Part and Parcel Those of the What’s inside.

This out in the Evidence Points to the Fact That since Easy Water Is Interfacial Water and Most of the Water inside the Cell Was Interfacial Water That inside Your Cells in My Cells Is Not H2O but Mostly This Fourth Phase. Which Is Actually Each 302 Your Cells Are Filled with H302 Not with H2O and It Because the One of the Reasons Your Senses Water Is Negatively Charged Could Be the Reasons Why Cells Are Negatively Charged.

There There Are Standard Reasons Understandings for the Negative Charge of the Cell and I Mean I Can Go into the Reasons That I Don’t Want to Digress but I Think That’s Not True.

I Think That the Negative Charge of the Cell Is Actually Comes Mostly from the Water That’s inside the Cell and A Lot Of Implications Because You Know What What Was You Know That the Water Is Easy Water. Then You Have a List of of Properties of This Water We Know What Affected We Know What Depletes Know What Increases in Set.

so We Have a Different Set of Operational Tools for the Sale so You Don’t For Example If It Is Out Of the Hydrated If You Don’t Have Enough Easy Water That Values Is Not Working Properly. Because All the Proteins and in the Cell Their Job Is to Fold to Go from One Configuration.

That’s a Unfolded to Fold It That Represents the Work of the Cell the Particular Cell but These Proteins All Have Easy Water Normally Surrounding Them the Walk Easy Water and Approaching Are Actually One and the Same. They Stick to One Another They Form One Inseparable Unit but If You’re so It’s Missing Some of That Easy Water the Board of Events What You Want to Do Therapeutically Is Is a Is Whatever Is Responsible for Rebuilding That Water. That One of the Things That That Your Doctor Will Tell You in Your Sick Is Drink A Lot Of Water.

That Makes Sense Because Because Water Is the Raw Material for Building Easy Water Know We Also Note That in Order to Build This Kind of Water Infrared Light Really Important so Maybe of Had Experience You Notice in the Sauna & Is Hot and What That Means Is That It’s Just from Infrared Energy. You Absorb That Infrared Energy What Is It That Will Build Easy Water throughout Your Body.

Your Body Needs the Easy Water to to Repair What What’s Wrong with Your with Your Body or with Your Cells and so That Taxes Is a Reason Why When You Come Out Of the Sauna You Generally Feel Pretty Got Your Your Brain Feels Good to Feel Relaxed and Happy Muscles Are Free of the Aches and Pains to Some Extent. At Least That’s That Happened When You Walked into the Sauna and Infrared Is It Is Critical for That so We Don’t We Are Walking Crystals Basically without the Liquid Crystals.

Exactly Nice Book by Mae Wan Ho Dennis Regulate They Wormhole It’s Called Rainbow and the Worm Demonstrates at the Creatures like Liquid Crystals and Just Beautiful Pictures That Demonstrate That It but yet Where Where Walking Crystals. That’s a Really Good Way to Put in the Very Interesting and Because This Exclusion Zone and the Bulk Water Zone There’s a Charge between This Area Right Well and Charts yet Potential Difference between the Easy and the Reason of Water Next to the Easy Right.

so Technologically Mean We Could Use This As a Battery or an Energy Source. Yes I Was Getting to Know This Is Was One of the Earlier Concepts That Came Out Of This Is to See If We Can Do That Then We Have Published Some of Experiment Evidence That Shows That It Really Works.

That You Can Put One Electrode in the Negative Part Another the Positive Part and and You Can Extract Electrical Energies. the Battery in the Exactly It’s a Battery so Where Batteries inside with That Negative and Positive Charges and These Negative and Positive Charges Separated These.

This Battery Is At Least in Part What Runs Our Body Very Intriguing so It’s Not Only Just Drinking Water but Also Going out into the Sun and Letting Light Your Crystal Body. of This Worker Feel Good When Especially in Seattle Work There Gray Skies Most Important Thing at This Time of Year and When the Sun Pops Out Of a Feels Good.

so We Think It Must Be Some Kind of Psychological Issue but I It May Be but It Certainly Also in Part of Physical Kind of Thing That Ourselves Crave the Sun Because We Need the Energy to to Build RBZ Water. Which Is Critical for Function of Our Body Bodies Filled with It.

Mean If You You Gave a 10 Talk A Few Years Ago and You Made the Case That As Humans 99% or Molecules of Water Where Does This Lead to the Understanding of Human Biology and in Some of the Misunderstandings That We’ve Been I’ve Lead in the Wrong Direction. Your You’re Trying to Redirected into This Better Understanding of What Waters Actually Doing.

Correct That’s That’s It Really Good Question Well Put and so It If You If You Look at Some Modern Textbooks on Either Biochemistry or Cell Biology and You Look in the Index and You Look under the Word Water.

Hard to Find the Word Water Is Not Absent Credits Virtually Absent from the Book and and the Reason for That Is Is That Most Scientists Have Come to the Opinion of the Conclusion of Hypothesis. Whatever You Want to Say That That Water Is Not Centrally Involved Anything It’s Merely Updating Meeting for the More Important Molecules of Life.

so As Bathing Medium Unit Is Not Too Important Is Just a Medium in Which All Other Interesting Reactions Take Place. so That Has Led to an Understanding of Biochemistry and Cell Biology That I Believe Is Fundamentally Erroneous.

Because If If the Water Is More Central to Function As the Evidence Seems to the to Indicate That You Got a Start All over and Think of Water As and That Isn’t of an Innocent Bystander.

but As It Absolutely Central Player in the Game of Life and and the Evidence That Black to the Either Growth in Our Lab in and outside the Laboratory Is Some of the Waters Absolutely Central. so You Have Enough of It Can Function in the Really Need to Contain a Critical Love Is Also It’s Also a Site for Information Storage and I Know This This May and May Sound of Rather Radical.

You Know This Kind of Crystalline Water Can Behave Very Much like That of the Computer Memory so so What’s a Computer Memory You Know You Have Memory Stick and You Put into Your Laptop and Is Just a Series of Atoms of of 77 Dockside. It That Are Arrayed Very Regularly into a Three-Dimensional Array and Each One of These Atoms Can Be Accessed in the Could Be Either Zero or One Could Be One State to Another State.

the Structure of Easy Water Is Much the Same It Consistent with Regular Crystalline Array of Hydrogens and Oxygens Just like the Computer and Array except for a Couple of Interesting Different. There’s Number One the Water in in the Case of Easy Water the Atoms Are Very Tightly Packed High Density the Second Is That the Oxygens and Oxygen Has Not Two States but Actually Five Possible Oxidation States at Minus to the Usual.

When We Think of but Also -10+1+2 so so in Theory At Least This These Oxygens Each One of These Oxygens in the Ray Can Take on the Two States with Five Different States. Know If That’s True Then You Have Potentially Have the Memory Element Basically That Is Is so Rich with Opportunity with Information Density and His Own Question Is Will Is There Any Experimental Evidence to Show That Is Easy Water Really Is Capable of Storing Information by Changing the Oxygens or or Some Other Aspect of It.

and and Answer I Think Is Yes Resoundingly Yes Because I Organize Each Year the Annual Conference on the Physics Chemistry and Biology of Water. Usually It’s in Bulgaria Lately and Probably Be There Next Year As As Well and Also Always One or Two or Three Group Stand up and Present Their Their Evidence about the the Memory of Information of Water.

This Was a Very Controversial Topic 25 Years Ago and a Famous Immunologist and Shock Then Dismissed Basically Lost His Career Is Laboratory 50 People Went down to Zero When When He Switched. Is Internet As He Became Intrigued with the Question of Water Memory Water Information Had A Lot Of Evidence That Suggested That That That Was the Case and and His Evidence Was Confirmed Independent Laboratories in the Center Paper to Nature.

They Busily Got Crucified Because the People from Nature the Want Accomplish It and They Felt under Pressure from There Is Groups to Publish and They Finally Did. You Condition Was That They They Send up a Group of Peers to That Laboratory in Paris to to Look over Their Shoulders and See Whether Really Doing and Then They Would Report Back to to Have to the Readers of of Nature.

so They Came in the Paper Was Published and They Came and They Spent That Few Days in the Laboratory and the First Couple of Days When When the French Group Performed the Experiments the Results Came out Exactly As They Had Written in the Publications and Is Today One of the of the Visiting Group. It Experiments and the Results Turn out Differently and so They Huddled in Their Hotel and They Came to the Conclusion That Well Logic Says That When the French Do It It Worked out but When We Did It Didn’t Work out.

Therefore It Must Be Some Kind of Track and the Visitors Were Interesting Group People.

One One Was the Editor of Nature Himself John Maddox Who Felt under Pressure Because He Was Being Labeled Is Unfair for His Refusal to Publish the Paper. the Second One Was the Amazing Randi a Magician Who Is Well Known for His Ability to to Figure out the Magic Tricks of Other Magicians That That They Never Could Quite Figure out.

in All That the Group Was Accused of Sloppy Joe Taking Anything. One Was a Guy from the from NIH National Institutes Of Health from That Center for Scientific Integrity and and This Is Group Is a Group That’s Charged with with Looking into Allegations of Scientific Fraud.

so You Know It’s like If If I Write Papers Thing That My White Rat My White Rabbits Group Black Patches and and Someone from the Next Laboratory Notice That I Had a Paintbrush and I Was Painting the Rabbits Have Black and They Would Report Me. so These People NIH Are Are in Charge of Examining to Find out Who’s Right and Who’s Wrong.

That so That in Essence This Was a Fraud Busting Team and and Is Other Integrated Destroyed the Career of This Guide Is Evidenced by the Way It Is Experiments of Been Repeated Many Times and and Confirmed in Different Laboratories. so at This Annual Conference That We Have That the with the Tenants Were There It’s It’s Become a Fact That These Results Are Correct but in the outside World Is Big Scientific Joke.

like Having Having Trouble Remembering Drink Some of His Famous Memory Water Your Lunch You Talked about This Experiment Where There Was a Some DNA Placed in a Cop Glass with Water in It and There Is Another Glass with Water in It and Can You Talk about That Experiments. I Thought Incredible Yeah It to to Many Scientists It Is Incredible of so This Is Done by Luke Montagnais Who Happens to Be a Nobel Laureates Who One Is Nobel Prize for the Identification of HIV.

so That so Do That Work Many Years Ago and He Was a Friend of the That I Just Mention of Jacques Been the Best and When Jack Died Now about 10 Years Ago Began Using Essentially His Techniques to to Study Different Systems and so I Told You about Is Indeed to the Sealed Flasks Sitting Next to Each Other and One Flask Contains DNA in Water. but It’s Been Diluted Many Times so You Might Say It’s a Homeopathic Dilution of DNA.

to A Lot Of Water in It and Not Much DNA and Sitting That Stewart Is It Sealed Flask of Water and so He Found Is Basically Collected to Sit Next to Each Other for a Day or so and You Usually Applies Some Extra. You Might a Generic Kind of Energy like 60 Hz or 50 Hz in France or or 7.8 Hz That Schumann Frequencies That It Doesn’t Really Matter Too Much As Long As Some Energy Is Coming That Way.

so the Hypothesis Is That the DNA or the the Water That Surrounding DNA Is Transmitting Electromagnetic Information Out Of That Content Receiving This to It and so It Ideas That Water That Sitting Next to It Is Imparted with DNA Information Is a Sub to Test the Hypothesis of What He Does. This He Takes That That Water in the Bottle of Water Any Added to the Materials That Are Necessary to Build New DNA PCR Is Some with Your Listeners May Be Familiar with It.

and Out Of That Get New DNA and What Interesting Result Is Is That Sequence of That New DNA Is the Same As a Sequence of the Data Had Been Sitting Next to the Water. through Saying That There Is a Transmission between the Flask of Water with the DNA in It and the Flask of Water with Just Water and the DNA Is Copying Itself into the Flask Next to It.

That’s That’s What He He’s Suggesting. Yeah That’s It Essentially the Results of the of the Experiment Him so He If the Experiment Was Correct and You Know Luke Says That There Are Two I Think One Is Italian and Another Group That Have Confirmed the Results.

Then You Know It Looks to Be Interesting One of the Limitations Is That All of the Details of the Work Have Not Been Published in Sufficient Detail. That You Are Your Friends Could Repeat the Experiments and and I Think That’s One Limiting Factor but If If It’s Correct You Know.

A Lot Of People Who Are Listening to These Experiments Some Are Incredulous and Others Are Accepting This As As Essentially As Fact in the Idea of Memory of Water Is Is the Time. I Mean It Essentially It’s Proved. The Experiments Correct There Other Similar Experiments For Example One of the Evidence Published the Put the Same Kind of Experiment.

He Put a Homeopathic Preparation the Sealed Vial Right Next to the Sealed Vial of Water or or up Saving Solutions and You Know If You Just Put the Two Vials Next to Each Other Nothing Is Supposed Happen. but He Found That the Water That Was Sitting Next to Him Be the Homeopathic Preparation Actually Changed.

You Can Measure Structural Features of of Water Using Infrared Spectroscopy. so so For Example You Would You Would Measure the Properties of Water Ordinary Water That Would Be the Baseline and and Next to That Water a New Sample of That Water He Put a Particular Homeopathic.

Preparation Sitting Has To Each Other for I Think Was a Day and and Examine Infrared Spectroscopy the Water Once Again Compared to the Original. Inevitably It Was Different and for Different Home You’ll Have To Preparation the Changed Was Different so Eat in Other Words for Each Individual Homeopathic Preparation Put Next to the Water You Get a Predictable Change in in the Spectra.

and This Was Repeatable Experiments Are Done the Blind and That Is Was Published a Couple of Years Ago by Fellow from Vladivostok Is in Scoring down and It Appears in the Journal Water. While Community Really Demonstrates Do You Do Informational Transmission of Did That Water Has the Possibility to Contain You I Another Enough Experiments to Suggest That. at That Again Further People Usually Attending This Meeting It’s It’s Pretty Close to the Fact That for Your Help People out There in General Audience and and the Audience of Scientists There Highly Skeptical.

Because You Don’t Think of Water As Having Any Capacity to to Store Information but She This Crystalline Waters Different Because It’s Semisolid Has a Consistency of a Gel or like Honey. Such an Somali Do Not Dancing around Ran the Way up a Gazillion Times per Second Are Stable and You Need Some Kind of Stable Organization in Order to Retain Information.

Everybody Are Dancing around a Myriad Molecules Dancing Rapid It Is Really Not Much Basis for Information but Is Something Stable There. Is an I Think That’s Been Part of the Resistance. That People Not Realizing That There’s a Stable Phase of Water.

They Can Imagine That Any Possibility of Water Molecules Dancing around Retaining Information See That Celebs Pedestal Block. While Jerry Think I Could We Could Sit Here and Talk about This for the Next Three Hours but on My Know You Have Another Appointment Coming up.

so You Know What Can People Do Listening Right Now in a Know the You Have Another Book That’s Coming Tentatively Titled What Makes the Earth Turned Surprising Your Ideas about Our Physical World. Where Can People Find Your Work What Can People Do to Support Your Research.

Give Us That Police Okay Well That Those Are Two Very Different Questions. That so to Find Our Work on at You Mentioned That’s Other out to Them. Because I Get Another One about Three Weeks Ago I Think That the First One If You Just Google My Name Gerald H Pollock Ted Ted Ask You Find That It Probably Fund Both of Them. I Hope This the New Ones out but It’s Not Widely Circulated That That’s the First the Older One That’s Three Years Old so Four Years of the Provides a Kind of Conceptual Basis.

for the Things I’ve Been Talking about but It’s Of Course It’s Brief and Superficia.l It Doesn’t Explain Anything That Did to Him to Get the Ear in Index Background I Think the Best Place Would Be My Book the More Recent Book and If You Just Checking on Amazon Again Just Checked the Fourth Phase of Water and My Name You Get to Attend the Book Has Some Pretty Nice Recruit Reviews That My Mother If She Would Be Live Would Be Very Proud.

and Was Illustrated by My Son Was Gifted Artist of so That the Glazing the Book Is Written Not for Experts but Ill for People Who Have Curiosity and Interest in the World around Them. It Really Doesn’t Take 10 Years of Science Education to Absorb It.

Tried to Write It for Intelligent Laypeople and Enough That the Author Real Surprises That Some of His Staff so Is the Included in the Movie a Recent Snowboard Movie That Came out It and It’s Made by Well-Known Snowboarder Champion Snowboarder Travis Rice. and Travis Were Never Heard of before Content New Year Ago He Said You Know I’d like to I’m Making a Snowboarding Film This Is Amazing Stunts and Own Snowboard That in the Backcountry at Sponsor by Red Bull and the Guys Previous.

Them Was Actually There Were in Terms of Sports Action Movies This Was the Most-Watched Sports Action Movie Ever so Someone Came out and Travis Wanted to Name It after My Book so It’s Called the Fourth Phase and Is Amazing to Watch. Not Because of My Minor Participation in the Movie but Because You See Snowboarding Feeds That Are in Use It Does Look Impossible but These Guys Do It in All over the World and Different Backcountry Dropped off by Helicopter Some Mountaintop That Nobody’s Ever Seen before Heard of the into and Eight in Other.

Than Right at the Top Me Do All Kinds of Snowboard Feet Seven and the One That Still Alive after after Doing It Anyway so so the Fourth Phase of Water Plays a Fairly Minor Part in That Movie but They Did Something on the Discovery Channel That Has Its Five Minutes Long and It Has a Bit More about the Fourth Phase and Integrates the Fourth Phase of Water with the Snow and the Ice and Snowboarding Charts. and If You Just Look under Fourth Phase Discovery Channel Was on on the Discovery Channel with My Manual You Find It Right Away It’s Kind of Fun Five Minutes That You Know That Describes It in Terms of Support I’m Really Glad You Brought That up.

You Know It’s It’s Really Difficult to Get Support for Laboratory When When Laboratories Involved in Challenging the So-Called Prevailing Wisdom. Is Is Our Laboratory It’s Any and Every Laboratory Have Ever Heard of and I’ve Heard of Quite A Few That Challenge the Establishment. Going to View Was Usually the Establishment People Who Are the Ones Who Review the Applications Are Don’t Want It Succeed Because It’s Not in Their Own Personal Best Interests.

and and Also the User Sometimes Tainted with That Kind of Influence and and so We We Actually What Made It Possible to Do All This Work in and to Write the Book When It Possible Is a Generous Grant from the National Institutes Of Health Is Going Transformative Grand in and We Were in the First Cohort to Get.

It Was Really Wonderful Because It Provided Half Million Dollars per Year for Five Years to Basically Do You Want and We Had Freedom and the Ability to Hire Postdocs and Students with Diverse Background and so We Could Work Cooperatively toward the Goal of Understanding Water and Really Bitterly It’s What Made Possible All of This Discoveries That I’ve Been Talking about.

That Expired and It Generally We Knew That You Get It for Five Years. and so Them Know the Lab Has Become Accustomed to to That Level of Support As Difficult to Get so so Where Way below Critical Mass and I Would Love the Ability to Restore That Critical Mass Because Are so Many Interesting Questions That Remain and Follow Us Particularly regarding Health.

so You Know If Any of Your Listeners Are Either Themselves or Acquainted with People Who Would like to Do Something to Return to Society. Something That Will Have Made Major Impact We Think We We Hope Just Send Me an Email and I Will Your Uncle I Believe I Did to to Chat with Those People We We Need Money Badly. Think Societies Really Needs to Understand What It Was Know about Water so Central for All of Life and on Each.

I Agree so Much Jerry Think You so Much for Your Time and I Found the Book Highly Intriguing in Our Conversations When We Met Even More Intriguing. so Thank You so Much Will Make Sure That All Everyone Gets to the Book and More of Your Work with.

That Guys It Is the Human Experience Thank You Guys so Much for Listening and We Will See Guys Next Week

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