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and then tell yourself that you need to take this course mentioned human experience it go and sign up right now at www.findmindfulness.com what’s of folks this is the 50th episode of the human experience and still getting our 50th anniversary show idly wanted to make special for you guys are artist Gerald as the extensive amount of research and his work that I’m sure he would never admit this but it really feels like he is picking up where the sacrifice which is left off this episode is full of information and I truly mean that God into so much including the end not you are many come from their story is claims exiting the reality simulator and more but you have to ask yourself how is the mainstream history is is a complete application ask yourself why mainstream culture in esoteric fashion worship these beings Hollywood yet academia anything more is not this wonder why that’s happening in our Gerald kind of opens up for you guys that don’t know about this topic and about the way we switch to his latest rewrite but again that is the structures a 60 minute conversation so we will deftly have Gerald on again for around two later if you have not registered for book giveaway on Facebook do follow us on Twitter at the human XP subscribe to our YouTube channel I absolutely recommend a copy of Gerald’s newest book the seventh planet Mercury rising and as always thank you so much for listening the human experiences awakening from an exiting the reality simulation matrix as we speak to my guest Mr. Gerald Clarke Gerald my good sir it’s a pleasure welcome to Atrix be Xavier it’s really great beer Michelle Alexander warm welcome to year-end all your death so Gerald think that you we spent so much time kind of emailing in been playing this episode out I’m very excited to bring your knowledge to our audience tonight your latest book seventh planet Mercury rising had all of my shockers activated your words resonate so much but let’s let’s lay the foundation I mean for the people that might not know who you are we in your book you look at the end knock you which are a race of beings that your research shows had quite a hand in the history of humanity briefly who are they were to come from let’s let’s hear that rent well you like to get to go through all what I’m doing books in a discussion that oftentimes drop a lot of about ultimately you have about tonight even though their all their listed in both my books and promote for those who don’t know immediate I was an electrical engineer for most remarkable career having spent seven years flies helicopters in the Army is focused on the electronic circuits and systems for telecom and broadcast radio so I have a lot of communication is exposure and so you know that there was a really quite far stretch for me about the discovering the of the truth about the market because I was supposed LA southern Baptist and I wasn’t I was I I do I guess I would say I was somewhat of a fundamentalist right until the time I got to college and I I had my head somewhat accosted by the liberal on situational Is but I still have my fundamental beliefs I was, hard-core military officer even though it was living in Southern California in the effect so so who are the our knocking out and what why did I even care about these been an engineer well I was looking into writing a book on Internet history I bumped into sections work many many others I started with Eric Montano come by what’s I read everything I could get to find out about agent history because I was really excited writing a book on energy technology in that actually ended up we need to be on market so let’s let’s go to where I started I was looking for the first language of that would give us a clue the one that we could be here and others probably others now but I started I ended up landing in those Samaria looking at the cuneiform tablet which many people about it around for we found them turn-of-the-century style tens of thousands of we didn’t we were able to read the human soul know 50 years later it and then you know the time it took for the week out through academia into the public it’s really just now becoming something that you can get your hands on without without relying on someone’s translation so that’s that I I looked into some of translations it were done by various academia academia organizations and publishers in particular really like Oxford press out of love the United Kingdom and I had done some really great fieldwork in looking at these tablets and so I have met all section stuff but I’m still and behind everyone else to and I read Anton Parks book and several others and on second had a list of several documents that I wanted to lean on to root to tell the story and really a lot of the story was told in what was once called the Dr. Jesus this is a document the Sumerian clay tablet unified the other one was the new mailers is a scientist I was always curious about how things work and this one appeared to have a very scientific telling which was given to us and told to me by some sections work to do look at this better that they had some credible evidence to show how our solar system came to be obese was very on a Nokia cosmology if you will help how everything came to be February cultures not one of those but this one was very sophisticated for something written about longer so that caught my attention so between the author Jesus bulimia wish and of course the famous the literature epic of Gilgamesh it starts to expose us to some the main players that the Sumerian said were their dogs to update particular pretrade is no larger than they were brilliant and also extraterrestrial be they were not from planners and they have a lot of writings to describe where they thought these beings were from the technology they gave them and and everything that they had been accredited to be on octave that shared so you know this old story of a aliens have giving mankind barbarians of civil about civilizing technology are knowledge and that appears to be what the Sumerians believed enough of a wrote about so for most of the history of both of the archaeological community they treated this is a myth is matter fact the book that I referenced primarily in the Dr. Jesus was called the myths from left Mesopotamia so you know whenever you have a cultural belief system and you and they’re not the victory but what they believe the myth right so one of the great heroes actually looked at this and his paradigm was there will maybe what they said is true lives try to make sense of this message and in my opinion they had any given right now but but he sure had a sure it awful lot to try to make sense of a whole picture for everybody really seems like you are carrying on Sachin’s word can mean it his legacy you releasing like you’re peeking out from not and in this book it’s it’s the most vast account of everything in an ocular that rent well I actually never attempted or wanted to be pretrade a somebody carries torch I just solve it you gave references draws work so you can go and look those up in our like any good scholar so so hookups of his references in like a set I I really want to tell the story tonight in order to get the praise the version for someone who hasn’t heard the story I wanted I wanted just reemphasize the 3.risk of the introduce these Minkler in my genealogy table that I published on my Facebook page it’s digital and in a vinyl squall would you know my website it talk about these main players and I wanted just introduce a field just real quickly community used in this discussion so we don’t lost definitely ride so what was start with the father figure who was called on new he was apparently the King at the time that of his kit one of his kids came to earth use the King of the’s home planet some call it planet back some call it the brew some plot: lots of other names and actually in the epic of the Babylonian epic of creation one of his grandkids Marduk renamed the planet after himself called Margaret so what what we what we basically understand is that I knew was the king he had a son named inky was his firstborn with his with his life on to he was very scientific very very very capable and the half-brother of name animal he was the son on new in his house sister key rashes another name for review look at the table another key player that was also an offspring of on who was the moniker of minimart or budget several minutes was going in Montréal in Egypt she was known as ices and then we had the some of the kids of inky and we come to call those and Shiites in the and then you have the sons of am old and we couples and lights will is coming easy way to group them together but because these two were the top sons of on it one of them the firstborn according to their inheritance law was not given the right rule you had to be born of the father and his half-sister in order to have that have that right so even knowing he was firstborn he didn’t have the inheritance right words brother did so animals, bureaucrat commander type of that so you can target is were building these characters Telstar you can get an idea was going on and then will introduce the new seat in a non-and Marty up in the north of these are some the kids up and get animal so so what happened according to the prehistory on their planet there were problems because there there planet and our planet was part of a small solar system apparently they have their own son member several homes satellites around that’s on could be up to seven movie review demolition were talks about this account so in this account of their planet and their solar system were caught into our solar system’s orbit on probably through some galactic intermingling of their galaxy bars and more through a perturbation in space going to the galactic center and causing some major perturbations I’m it’s like billiard balls flying around in space in some circumstances and things happen when outputting this account of their there’s planet most solar system were caught into our solar system’s orbit and that they experienced a elliptical retrograde orbit that lasted 3600 years and this is what’s recording some area counsel made all their Sumerian kings list terms in terms of the of time. In which the specified is a sharp knife without so many many Shaws ago on the guru they were having problems better atmosphere is become as their planet more whole system came in the) healing with the sun so as it came close to getting all this outside radiation only just another sign that the interactions of their son will our son and it was causing devastation to the row Mr. M in life forms on the planet so every 360 years ahead this was repeating problem with and to do something about it and apparently they had been seeing their atmosphere were finalizing substances like the transition metals in order to shield us and and now think about is that if you keep doing this and keep doing this every time you go to be our solar system this whole artificial ionosphere or atmosphere that you created gets is impacted by objects and gravitational: a lot of the things even of heavy redo this over and over great right so they had a basic need for a transition metal the didn’t degrade so readily in the big finalizing the primacy of the shield is radiation so this is a story of why they came to the earth was partly for this reason is because there were quantities of both Mono Mono atomic and mineable gold that they could taken ionizing partner atmosphere so out so that for this reason that they came to the earth there was a long story about the usurpation will wrestling match Achaea King being replaced and ultimately on and ended up his King’s son into the scientists was dispatched of your box me for 50,000 years ago on in the records and you can count backwards from the smearing kings list and see how many kings were the first rulership for the flood flood came that the flood that they account for a will believe it was knows what it was it was a flood the 247,000 there’s 12 you have a whole Kingsley stop it comes out to offer practically the time frame for 50,000 years were talking about here so the record of kings and actually seems to coincide with the story did not as hard as it is the bully so the sun comes the rear is named inky lands in the Persian Gulf for some reason maybe because they’ve done spectroscopic been there were few own petrel resources aren’t all the resources they might need to set up an outpost and get what they need and by the way out think the earth was the first place they ever give this kind of prospecting and seating civilization of the subject atomizer telling the story even though we find it shocking so in the Persian Gulf right worse of the Tigris and Euphrates enter into the sea of reason about areas where according to him they set up the first city along with about 50 helpers which he referred to as the UGG so the UGG apparently were place a set of helpers it came with energy of according the records about 50 of them initially they landed build the city of the do try to prospect for gold in the Persian Gulf model atomically is what their initial plan was a after realize that was already in a Mono atomic form you can use basic at acids in chemistry to get this this talk of white powder substance back out in the early how to process but so did enough to go through some smelting process to get this ionization that they wanted something I was the original plan I didn’t get it fast enough on new on the on the burden got impatient and about 5000 years later dispatched is a second born son and and tool was like a commander to to take over some of the functions and to push the process along the was taking too long about you have to realize the we don’t know exactly where in the order they were inbound perihelion are just going outbound and they just experiences damage but it was so devastating they were thinking of responding the volcanoes to artificially put something in the atmosphere to shield them so bad okay so and is touting the the Persian Gulf is that is impatient senses half-brother really Really stand it turns out they don’t belong out all and they end up competing for the same title Lord of the earth and the ended up getting split up one cup warmer waters of the Lord the air but and little was in line to roll because he was born the half-sister so he ended up asserting himself and ended up following and key down to Africa were he thought he could get gold faster and had a enough fortress out there, being a bureaucrat they ended up casting lost is the father realize that they can possibly be in the same domain same territory get along this is in the other cases they cast lots and chose territories and you got Africa and will got Mesopotamia in non-a got the Indus Valley and then mom who was known as Isis got the bond have in your area on the Sinai Peninsula is first it even though and will treated it pretty much as a zone of essence of these are the facilities the been set up in the predelivery and cities that you can see in southern a rap that they were using to go back and forth in the Berlin transit transport the month of the war weather was very processor not back to the planet so we had some major cities in southern Iraq that were associated with this original building of the city of keep in mind it was the first one and this is an easy had temples there about probably the oldest city that we know of on this planet right so now they’re down Africa been found goals Brad in the southeastern part along the Zambezi River in it he says up of operation down there and there some of these UGG your who had been digging canals and during irrigation work at the Mesopotamia now brought down to Africa to do mining and at that point it looks like when Ingle came he brought smarter they had close to what looks like at least 200 maybe up as many as 600 of maybe working these mines for very long time in the other cases and says they been working digging for approximately us are more All-Star were 3600 years just imagine that the imagine the brutal work they were undergoing okay so at this point they had enough and and and decided you know the we just we can does this work is too hard it’s it’s it’s too much and they were complaining and and and always hearing about it and so are some of the other are level on a Nokia apparently composed a 12 person Council that ran everything in these look is beings it show up in the seminal documents you know the characters the ones that show up the individual excellence show up in the Dr. Jesus in the same ones that show up in the epic of Gilgamesh and it almost covers all them there actually the main players is now was met lots of kids and things like that I’m just a focus on the main ones right and so get to South Africa BGG of had it one of the year fellow God disease called his name is all rabble-rousers into mutiny against the command of envelope for some reason he’s down there know get income the commands even though this is a case territory all Africa was entities so in the account based around his house wrote with all leading they burned all the tools they took their weapons up against animal and is a is gay garden they they said we won’t really cements it will animals that is is people out to find out what was going on is gay garden newsgroup basically they could convey the message to him and he decides that they need to call in some help so he calls in the inky his father on new and I believe a couple other ones were there name always there and they were discussing what we do about this weldment of animals as well lineages: will come back to work Canadian his father Robinson out they so that their their claims are valid you know we need to do something and so you can get the character what animals like right from the getting to know his bureaucratic commander of to tyrannical be down this the pedagogy appears to be a Yankees were like a creative scientist type so he’s probably not really great of these the human issues in terms of management running those cooperation is more about creation from I can tell okay so that’s about God’s on his is not they need relief and 80° and and eventually inky in his half-sister Nin mantra that to be the medical officer get volunteered to go do some genetic experiments to create a permanent worker to replace these UGG minors about this point we got a long discussion about me versus tools in which one under these circumstances would be the most effective of their operations thing in mind able to use the UGG for 3600 years before so the kind of into using biology to do their work even though they probably at some point would introduce more highly technical tools but the of the circumstances for some reason they didn’t seem to have major excavations and things like more factories or anything else suits of these beings are incredibly advanced me genetically there there altering genetics of beings that are the primitive beings are already on this planet. You did you workers are paste the need a solution they find this sort of primitive race us it means that were we start is that where the kind of center this this story we out and upcoming to be a little bit of of of of a primer and that there was a collision account with the one of the on satellites of the group coordinates sign with a planet called Tiamat that actually was in the position where the earth is now so that they believe there were some unintentional panspermia went on so so the seeds of life got shared on this planet that were also in resident on the ribbon that’s one of the reasons would they had a particular interest here according some of the writings okay so when they saw bipedal hominids in this southern steps of Africa but Lewis and leaky had described it all the way back to your also Australopithecus africanus Lucy and many many other bipedal hominids all the way up through Neanderthal we the Dennis so begins it came out a couple years ago that he discussed with George Nori on coast-to-coast know 400,000-year-old instilled Neanderthal so they make make apparently got this mission to go create a permanent worker through genetic experimentation I started with animals and various chimeric is according to account most of them were not successful then they finally gave up on the animal types and decided to use a female zygote from one of the bipedal hominids which we believe is Neanderthal and then mix the actual reproductive material from inky herself with it is the you know in a petri dish essentially that’s how is described in the ultrahazardous then its in vitro fertilized in vitro fertilized and put into Nin Hartsock was Goldman more also turns out to be entities half-sister and she’s the medical officer okay so she’s it is the it would make sense it should be involved in something like this they messed around they didn’t get rightly finally produce day being that they considered worthy and after studying her for a while they realized this being cannot procreate kind of like mixing horse with a meal always you get something that sterile okay well that’s where the next person comes in who was entities other premier sign that he wasn’t Scott he was discussed in the epic of the humiliation of as being affiliated with the planet gaga which about to become bloomer which turns out to be Mercury okay so Mercury is the other name for this being as Nishida claims noticed off Mercury on the whole bunch other names we didn’t I wanted you confuse about but he was a geneticist as well and he ends up carrying the caduceus this genetic sign of the intertwining of two of the double helix of DNA are that’s hard what that means is it of these got ran a five still shows up with the AMA and the and and healthcare related so is it had to do with healing and health won’t that these guys were hard-core they had only done genetics right like what we can do now become then looks at the problem studies it often in African lab and decides what needs to be done in the chromosomal he so that these beings have an X and Y chromosome the reproductive chromosome so they could they could produce offspring that Mrs. Wiggins very controversial according to be a The accounts the these two beings the first the mailman a female of but now they’ve have the upgrade the genetic upgrade their taken up to the radio where entities temple was and is garden where you get the Genesis story about the garden of Eden right were of God comes in the garden thousand not deep not to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil Wellsville died those exact words of the Bible the veil diabetes well somehow they get convinced that they were told know you wouldn’t die by this other being who was represented by a snake or these this serpent symbol of the caduceus right actually inky was the one with the geneticist caring the symbol before he gave it to us on okay so that was one of his symbols and just and just to give you a little heads up were this is going he became Lord to see like I told you was also known as beside WERE TALKING ABOUT GREAT NAMES AFFILIATED WITH THE MARION NAMES FOR THEIR GODS AND THIS IS WHERE IT GOT REALLY REALLY INTENSE BECAUSE WHEN YOU FALL AT BRENNAN’S COVER THESE BEINGS REALLY ARE IT EN MASSE WHOLE GAME AGAINST VERY SCARY WHEN WE REALIZE WHAT’S GOING ON SO YEAH SO NOW BACK IN MESOPOTAMIA THE ONLY PLACE IT STILL BELONGS TO NT IS IS AREA OF THE EVENING THE THE THE THE CITY READY WAS IN THE GARDEN HAS THE GARDEN OF EDEN RIGHT IT ALSO INCLUDES A LITTLE BIT OF A PLAYING OUT THERE WHERE THEY GREW FOR BUT HAD OF A HUGE GARDEN THESE BEINGS ABOUT THEIR NOW THEIR GENETICALLY UPGRADED SOMETHING APPROPRIATE THE BEING AND WILL WHO’S PLAYING GOD DOESN’T DON’T EAT ANYTHING YEARS DIVING IS GARDEN IS WRITING HIS CITY IS THERE JUST OBSERVING IS A BUREAUCRATIC COMMANDER RIGHT AND TELL THEM ALIVE IF YOU READ THIS FIELD BY WHERE AND REALLY WHAT WAS ABOUT IF YOU TALK ABOUT KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL WERE TALKING ABOUT ACCESS THE HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS IS A SLAVE TASKMASTER IS NOT INTERESTED MET THAT IT SHOULD NEW WAYS YOUR CONSCIOUS IS ENJOYING HIS STAFF IN OR ANYTHING ELSE LIKE THAT YOUR FUNCTIONS TO BE WORKING DOING WHAT THEY TOLD YOU TO DO SLAVE IT’S SLAVERY. RIGHT SO INKY COMES ALONG AND SAYS THE NO IN THIS HOW IS BETRAYED IN THE HEBREW PLAGIARIZED VERSION IN THE IN THE TOUR OKAY THIS IS NOT THE TRUE ACCOUNT YOU ARE THE TRUE CALGARY THE AUTHOR HIS AND THE OTHER ACCOUNTS FROM SAMARIA THEY PREDATED THE BIBLE BUT VERY LONG. TIME YOU DON’T KNOW YOU’LL ACTUALLY GET THEM YOU’LL GAIN THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL LIKE WE HAVE MERELY ON NOT THE RIGHT HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS IN THIS LOW LEVEL WORKSHOP BEING THAT THEY CREATED BARELY BE ABOVE THE ANIMALS GOING WELL WHAT HAPPENED IN THE STORY THEY PARTICULAR SHOULD THE EIGHTH OF THE FURTHER WHATEVER WAS FROM THE STREET WERE ABLE TO GAIN SELF REFLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS THE BIG COMPARE THAT THEY WERE DIFFERENT THAN OTHER ANIMALS THE WORK THEY WERE NOT WHEN CLOSING OF THE BEINGS OF THEY WERE AROUND THAT WERE SO THEY CAN SO IS THIS IS ALL SYMBOLIC THAT THEY RAISE THEIR CONSCIOUSNESS TO THE POINT WHERE THEY WERE ENSLAVED AND THAT’S ABSOLUTELY NOT WHAT IN THE WANTED OKAY SO AND HE WAS DEFINING HIM BASICALLY OKAY SO NOW WHICH ONE NOW IS WHEN YOU FIND OUT THE NT SEMEN WAS MIXED WITH THIS FEMALE ZYGOTE OF THE NEANDERTHAL TO CREATE US $REALIZED HE HAD A VESTED INTERESTED IN US PROBABLY NOT BEING SLAVES FOREVER BECAUSE I THINK HE WAS A LITTLE BIT MORE ETHICAL THAN THAT HE WAS EXPEDIENTLY DOING WHAT HE KNEW HOW TO DO IN ORDER TO CREATE A WORKFORCE BUT I DON’T THINK HE WAS REALLY COMPLETELY DOWN WITH THAT PLAN MFR PROBABLY WHEN WE GET TO OUR CONSTRUCTS YOU’LL SEE THAT RIGHT OKAY SO IT WAY AROUND SAVING HAVE A KID EVERYTHING LOOKS GOOD NOW THEY’VE EATEN THE FRUIT KNOW THIS ORIGINAL SANDWICH ACTUALLY IF YOU DIDN’T CHOOSE THAT I HAVE ACCESS THE HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS YOU’VE CHOSEN ENSLAVEMENT AND THEY WANT THAT AND I THINK BECAUSE THE WAY THEY WERE MADE THEY WOULD ALWAYS CHOOSE HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS NUMBER ONE WERE STILL DOING IT TODAY NOTHING’S CHANGED RIGHT OKAY SO INSTEAD OF BEING THROWN OUT OF THE GARDEN ACCORDING THE BIBLE WAS SAID ACTUALLY THE ADOPT WAS KEPT BY INKY IN A REDO ENTRAINED IS HIS CHIEF PRIEST AND YOU’LL SEE THAT OF MY SECOND BOOK IN YOUR DR. TAYLOR HE TALKS ABOUT ALL THE ALL THE FUNCTIONS HE PERFORMED IN THE CITY ROOTED THAT THE REALTOR NOW ASK YOURSELF THIS NICE AND €73 IN CHICAGO WENT TO A RACK WENT TO A REDO GOT THE PICTURES THESE BRICK STICKING OUT OF A STANDBY PROBABLY DONE SOME SECRET EXCAVATIONS AT NONE OF US REALLY KNOW ABOUT THIS THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST PRIMARY IMPORTANCE ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITE ON THE PLANET AND NOBODY’S TALKING ABOUT IT RIGHT BUT FINAL BUT FINAL YOU HARDLY YOU IT’S INCREDIBLY YOU CAN GO LOOKING AT GOOGLE EARTH AND I PUBLISHED PICTURES OF IT AND THEY ACTUALLY HAVE SOME OF THE MULTILAYERED TEMPLE COMPLEXES THE ONLY KNOWS HOW FAR BACK AGO BUT ACCORDING TO WITH IT IF THE SAMARIA WRITINGS ARE CORRECTLY GO BACK HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF YEARS SO OKAY SO NOW WE GOT TO THE GARDEN THE WE GET THE TRUE STORY ABOUT OUR GENESIS WE ARE ON THE NIKE TIME ERAS. WERE PART, NOKIA WERE PART PRIMITIVE BIPEDAL HOMINID WITH ITS NEANDERTHAL CRO-MAGNON WERE WELL WHATEVER OF THE UMPTEEN NUMBERS THAT WERE HERE BUT IN ONLY A GENETICIST TO TRULY VERIFY THIS AND I THINK THIS IS BEEN HIDDEN AS WELL I’VE ASKED OVER AND OVER TO GET COLLABORATION WITH PEOPLE TO GET THE GENETIC EVIDENCE AND YOU KNOW I THINK RYAN FORRESTER DAVID CHILDERS THESE PEOPLE AND BEEN DIGGING AROUND THESE PRACTICE GOALS AND ASKING FOR THE ACTUAL TESTING TO BE DONE EVERY TO DO IS REALLY GOOD WORK OF HELPING TAKE THIS THE NEXT LEVEL TO HAVING THE PARTY FOR SECOND AND SO SHE WERE HERE WE ARE WITH THESE BEINGS THAT YOU KNOW HAVE HAVE NOW GENETICALLY ENGINEERED THIS BIPEDAL HOMINID THAT THEY WANT TO REMAIN SUPPRESSED TO KIND OF CURE OR BELIEVE THESE AGG WORKERS WHO WERE PROTESTING AND NOW THEY’VE GIVEN US A CHAKRA SYSTEM MEAN DO WE HAVE A SOUL WITH THIS AND HOW HOW ARE THEY PLAYING OUR ENERGY SYSTEM WITH WITH GREG JOHNSON THAT’S REALLY GOT REALLY GOOD QUESTION ACTUALLY ONE OF THE DETAILS THAT I LEFT OUT BUT IT WILL GO BACK AND TIE THIS INTO OUR PROBABILITY OF BEING AN AVATAR IN THE EARLY PART OF THE AUTHOR HIS HIS TABLETS WERE INKY DECIDES TO HE TAKES US ON FROM THE COUNCIL THE COUNCIL DECIDES ARE AT GREATER WORKERS THAT’S A GOOD IDEA BECAUSE OF THIS WHOLE RITUAL IN THE ACTUALLY ENDS UP TAKING THE LIFE OF ONE OF THE UGG IN THE EVENING SO IT IS AND TAKES HIS ESSENCES SOUL AND PUTS IT INTO THIS BODY AND ANIMATES UP THE LIFE ME THIS IS A LIFE IS LIKE FRANKENSTEIN YOU KNOW THIS IS THIS IS HIM CREATING THE FIRST AVATAR WHICH YOU NOW REALIZE WERE PROBABLY ALL ENERGY THAT’S AN ANIMATING THE BODY WHEN YOU WERE WE REALLY GET DOWN DEEP IN THE SYMBOL TALK ABOUT SO YOU KEEP OUT OF MIGHT I WAS IN GOVERNANCE IS SO THAT’S ABSOLUTELY AMAZING INTO BEEN MY OPINION IS THE WITNESSING THE CREATION OF THE FIRST AVATAR OKAY REALLY REALLY DOES SO THE IDEA THAT THEY HAVE THAT LEVEL OF COMMAND OVER ENERGY AND MATTER IS A MATTER OF SCIENCE AT WE DON’T UNDERSTAND ON NOT SAYING IT’S NOT POSSIBLE BUT IT’S MIND BLOWING JUST MIND BLOWING SO NOW LET’S LET’S FAST-FORWARD WILL BIT WE GET OUT OF THE GARDEN. WITH APPROPRIATE THEY START WORKING ROLE WILL HARD TO MEET THE LABOR FORCE GOD ONLY KNOWS WHAT KIND OF MILESTONES AND GANTT CHART SYMBOLS THEY HAVE HAD HAVE TO BE MET IN LAND ACCORDING TO NOW ME BODIES THEY NEED A VERY SO THEY CAN ABOUT SO THEY TAKEN BACK TO AFRICA ARE WORKING THESE MINES AND THIS GOES ON ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE AND ACCORDING THIS AMERICA WHICH COINCIDED EXACTLY CONSIDERING THE CITY OF SURE IMPACT WHICH WAS NEW IN LAW OR IN HERZOG’S MEDICAL CENTER IT WAS ALSO THE LOCATION OF THE VERY IMPORTANT BEING WHOSE NAME WAS AFTER JESUS IN THE ACCOUNT IS OTHER NAME WAS THE IS SUTRA AND HE WAS ALSO KNOWN AS THE CUSTOM IN THE EPIC OF GILGAMESH THESE BEING SEEM TO CHANGE NAMES KNOW EVERY EVERY WHAT WELL WE GET THAT WHEN WE GET OUT OF THIS LIFESPAN CONTROLLING AGING AND ALL THAT I THINK IT’LL MAKE SENSE GIVEN OF THEIR LIVING A LONG LONG LONG TIME WHERE THEY COULD CREATE A NEW SUBSTATION THE NEW CULTURE AND INTRODUCE THEMSELVES AS A DIFFERENT ENTITY IF THEY WANTED AND YOU WOULD NEVER KNOW THE DIFFERENCE FROM WHILE OTHERS I DIDN’T FINISH UP WITH BIBLE CORRELATION THINGS PEOPLE SEEM TO LIKE THIS AND I’LL SEE YOU GO READ YOUR BIBLE LOCALS ARE NOW A LOOK AT SAMARIA DOCUMENTS IN A LITTLE MORE SENSE TO OKAY SO IN THE CITY SURE IMPACT WHERE NOAH WAS KING ACCORDING THE BIBLE AFTER 600 YEARS THE FLOOD CAME RIGHT WILL NOW GO LOOK AT SAMARIA DOCUMENTS AND IT’S IN THAT EXACT ACCOUNT YOU AFTER JESUS AS AFTER 600 YEARS OF HIS PRIMITIVE BREEDER WORKING PROGRAM THAT ALTHOUGH A LOT OF PEOPLE IMAGINE MEAN YOU AS THEY SAYS 300 MILLION AFTER 200 YEARS OF THE CONCEPTION YOU KNOW THAT’S NOT INCLUDING ALL: WARS AND DISEASES OR ELSE WORTH ALL FOLKS WRITE ABOUT SIX YEARS HERE AND TRANSPIRED IN THE KIND OF LEADER LABOR REQUIREMENTS OF THEIR TRYING TO PRODUCE AND PROBABLY AS QUICKLY AS THEY GET THEM TO GO THEY HAD WISH THOSE SECOND HAD A POPULATION EXPLOSION AND ANNUAL GOT REALLY UPSET ABOUT THIS IT DESCRIBES IN THE TABLET WHERE HE CALLS A COUNCIL MEETING AND SAYS THEIR BELLOWING LIKE BULLS THERE DRINKING ON THE PUDDLES LIKE ANIMALS OR FROM ATTACK WHY CAN’T THEY CAN WORK LONG GONE AND THIS IS WHERE GETS PRETTY UGLY OKAY REALIZING THAT SOME ANCIENT ASTRONAUT WAS LIKE COUNCILMAN GAVE THE GO-AHEAD FOR US TO BE CREATED BUT ALSO TOOK THE AUTHORITIES SINCE HE WAS HIGHER RANKING WITH HIS BROTHER YOU HE WAS THE HIGHEST RANKING ONE ON EARTH RIGHT 50 THE HIGHEST RATE THEY HAD THEIR SIX DECIMAL SYSTEM WAS 60 AND ON WHO HELD IRAQ BUT HE WHEN THEY CAST LOTS I DID MENTION THAT HE WENT BACK TO NUMBER THREE WAS NOT ON THE EARTH SO ANIMAL WORLD OKAY IS IN CHARGE AND I HAD I DON’T KNOW HOW MUCH THEY ARE THEY JUST BLINDLY FOLLOWED EACH OTHER’S ORDERS IT SURE DOES NOT SEEM LIKE IT SEEMS LIKE EVERY OPPORTUNITY INKY HAD HE TRIED TO SUBVERT HIS BROTHER THERE WERE THERE WERE AT WAR OVER THIS PLANT OF ZYGOMATIC CHEMICAL IS REASON DO WE GO BACK AND LOOK AT THE WARS OKAY SO AFTER 600 YEARS AND A LOT OF KNUCKLES COUNCIL MEETING SO THE ONE GONE AND HE GETS HIS WAY THEY START INTRODUCING INTENTIONAL DISEASES TO: POPULATIONS DISEASE A SOCCER DISEASE AND THAT HE INTRODUCES THE A FAMINE the food Catawba water but does everything he can to destroy these people and after six years of that they were eating each other that I maybe was happy with that but apparently he wasn’t completely happy that right that pointing out racist because his brother inky over and says I want to bring flood open waters of the deep take off the belt the binds the deep seas and release it I want them off all gone and they sworn oath of the that they would they would do that will inky didn’t go down without you you said no answer somehow the flood came anyway so I think probably what was going on a lot of people believe this is that as they moved of the orbital passage of the brew recalls great perturbations on the planet the watery planet Earth may oftentimes had floods and this is recorded in the Egyptian history mid-major floods in my flood lots of it wasn’t is one Noah flood lots of so they probably knew this and sworn oath not to tell the humans or anyone else that this is happening according the records is what they did and inky book that both in a legalistic way by going to his son the King of sure group that know what was his son and told him this was coming build look at your craft and save yourself and was a lot more sophistication to have a plan to save the genetic samples of the seed bank on his craft he had on a Nokia navigator put on the vessel with them told him where to take them so wasn’t just have some some of. Mystic duty got directed to get out of this is that this was actually the the chief scientist and the geneticist who created mankind it was his son he saved the great so I can we can tell that her at story of the want but I was quite interesting that the ended up there the on not be saw the destruction that happen when the flood came surveying us like little broken sticks piled up in the mud and the mother of mankind was very upset about a new modern in Herzog was on board the vessel and she was lambasting envelope for he was the highest one in charge for allowing this to happen and for swearing in the window and of not doing something disabled workers so it has got a parallel of what going on right now as in the days of Noah underground so you those in the movie 2012 rather the little path to go say there bots will everyone else dies well this is what was going on and so love the fact that one of them survived caught animals attention he looks down from his craft says Wheelabrator Nuno sworn knows of no survive how did this come to be so they lands on Ararat recording their records did say Ararat get out inky enamel are going at it in a see a temple with the after Jesus is built there to honor his God turns out to be his father inky okay that’s where I will find out about inky finally spills beans as you know I’ve been at work is still being our missions not done who’s been of who’s been abroad food is good to all this manual laborer you been to do it and we need them and Anil agrees and somehow of the goodwill of his heart I don’t know where it came from but he decides that the author hastens can have access to the bread of life in the elixir of life and just in shorts basically gave him access to eternal life in this context is down to love these questions about lifespans and I’ve I hope you have just look at the Sumerian kings list to see some of their role should it’s it’s a lot of information and I just interest to kind of 10 runs listening this is a lot to absorb and immediate the room just covered a lot of a lot of information so and were just catching up to kind of current events are weakening regarding close yet so let’s fast-forward and to get to know where we are here and now all discovered in your your previous book and Nokia of

What you’re doing when looking at the seventh planet Mercury rising and in it hopefully such a huge part having these Emerald tablets that he kind of gave us to counteract this darkness first light how this is all plan why why can’t about our community know what was coming go from why the second book anyway you know when you get real deep in this first one you realize if it you all the evidence points to the fact that the on hockey did with us Americans that they did is hard as it is a swallow the these on hockey you were the same gods were shown up in all these other religions okay so now you realize the the truth when you look into that so the question comes up always well okay there were a couple of them that seem to be benefactors were they all fallen Angels is the right wing questions of try to I don’t think so there on the same kind of evolutionary path the consciously you and I arrived you can see that when you start studying them they had personalities from serial killers the Saints just like his on this planet so that shouldn’t be a surprise so I had a look at this and said well if you are not be created us that means there’s a there’s a greater is much greater than man who is that in every facet the question will be on my feet created man is a genetic experiment which we could do today by the way who created them as we all that into the bigger picture of what this life means that brings up really deep questions and so that’s why I wrote the second book mental in what is the answer that so I started looking at all the players that were involved I said will which ones were kind of our benefactors and have something to teach us that maybe they knew something about the state of reality that we do in the made give us a clue in order to have a different experience okay the only to the time connected to me, scientists were the scientists met with inky and his son think Sheena and it is Zechariah surgeon wrote a book called the lost book of and keyword I know what access he had to writings to do that it was a friend of phenomenal book since you have references admitted just been his accounting of how it all came to be or have some special sources he couldn’t site I don’t know that in a way that book agreement covered and I really felt connected to this mission of father and she did was put off in the lab go study this give the answer and never really counted got much credit it on said he was what made things were happening behind the scene was a really in the limelight well turns out he was the God of wisdom and writing and calendars in Egypt and and now he was brought he was brilliant and the site, decided on what I wanted to follow some his writings and see if I can figure out from his standpoint who he believed the career Mollusca there was mentioned in some of the writings and how this how the whole reality matrix fits together and it turns out that I stumbled across the some of his writings and I read lots of now I’m a nine looked into the Egyptian book of the dead them just recently was one of them studying by in the in the account especially this account it what it was it was authored by him any claims to abandon Atlantean thought the landing was the same Egyptian thought it was the God in Egypt vessel in the points of it is it a coincidence or names with the same and I said looking into this and after studying the Emerald tablets for many years I decided that they were so much part of what thought was trying to teach us about the quest the answer to the question that I was asking for the first book you know who created us and what you Manual of What Specifies How Are Composed Water Limits Are Can We Do Telekinesis Are We Undoubtedly Is Be What What Are We Capable We Don’t Know Can Remember Given a Manual Right Right and We Cities and Always of These Kids All the World That Have Various Capabilities That We Don’t Have and Relate While Mike Can I Be a Metal Bender Loblaw Bob and Also the Idea of This Energy and Matter Interaction Place for Me Was the Most Important Because I Was an Electrical Engineer That’s What I Was Focused on so I Look at It from That Standpoint and Some Stuff That Was Coming out in the Emerald Tablets Written by Thought Were Answering Questions about Science That Science Would Had Not Even Figured out yet If You Could Just Open Your Mind and Read It from the Standpoint It Wasn’t a Myth Right Okay so Fun That I Actually Produce Very What I Call My Holographic Model of the Universe the Comes from Him As He Describes Multiple Dimensions Access to Them Capabilities How an Avatar Takes on a Body Blah Blah Blah and When You Look into Something This the Principles It Was Written 50,000 Years Ago Is Mindbending Might’ve Really Really Truly Is a Mean There’s There’s One Part of the Emerald Tablets at One Get into and Were and and This Is This Is Long Ending It Did There’s Did Takes A Lot to Bring You Back but They so There’s There Was There Was a Part of the Tablets Where He Gives a Way to Defeat Darkness Anything Talking You Talk in Your Book You Talk about How He Asks You to Call upon the Specific Names That Can Send of Vibratory of Vibration through Your Mind through Your Body Don’t Your Feet and Then Recite These Names It Can You Can Go through That Dallas Is Listed at Her Know about to Run Out Of Time by with We Do Another Show Won’t Go All into the Energy Body How He Describes As We Got a Whole Picture but Mrs. Cottage up and into Emerald Tablet Six on Chapter 5,000,000 Books of My I Love This One by What He Talks A Lot about How to Basically Tune into Yourself Your Vibration and Make It Something That You Want to Can Experience a Reality That’s Different Than What You Expected Illnesses, Fundamental Basis of Out Of Body Experience Another Energy Experiences and That Come with Meditation Another More Consciousness Seeking Cultures Not like One That Focused on Materials Is so to a Materialistic Culture This All Know What a Bunch of BS to Electrical Engineer Who Can Had a Math Equation to It While This Is Real and Had a Pragmatic Experience with Celeste Davis What Was Lessons Established the Premise That Thought Indicates That There Was a Battle of White and Are Going on Here on This Planet When They Intervened a Very Long Time Ago Prior to the Establishment of the Lantus Which Goes Back More Than 50,000 Years Ago According to Him and He Says He Had Is That Latest Avatar Experience Born on the Island of Lyndall in Atlanta’s Vessel You He Was from There and His Father Poseidon the Dweller Was the King and Everybody Knows of Only One God Ladislaus Poseidon Well All Of A Sudden the Source Make Sense This Is Anti-Is Poseidon Okay Solanki Any Song in Tschida over Here There Facing Some Dark Problems They End up Closing a Portal Causing the Flood Thought Leaves and Lantus What It’s Thinking 50,000 Years Ago Heads the Blend of Camera Egypt Is like His Father Told Him Okay Well in These Tablets He Starts Talking about How to Deal with Some of These Dark Forces and Brought Indoor Space Is Okay in This Was Something He Was a Fan of out All the Refusing to Samples and Making Allegations toward Darkness and Satanism Let Me Tell You You Can Have Him to Deal with Comes down That the Way in Chapter 5 Emerald Tablet Six He Talks about a Couple of Methods for Instantly Confronting Darkness Weathered Zone and Electromagnetic Frequencies Is Being Sent Your Way in the Extreme Low-Frequency from Some Transmitter the Dark Entity or It’s Coming from Your Own Mind Space Where It’s Coming from the Method to Deal with It First to Try to Find of Vibratory Frequency to Essentially Trained Changer Might Your Brainwave Frequency to a Frequency Where You Can Be Relaxed and Let This past If That Doesn’t Work He Tells You There’s a Little Help That You Can Get from Us Seven Very Important Beings Who Were Light Beings Are Working with Them but Take up Residence in the Halls Lamented and Are Saying around in This Chamber underneath the Giza Pyramid Where He Describes It Okay There’s a Huge Complex of Your Giza Pyramid That He Had at That Thought That Access to and Just the Giza Complex Itself in the Sphinx Are Only Small Artifacts on the Surface the What You Know What’s Underground According to Him Which He Built He Claims to Build That over so It Anyway He Says the Seven Beings Can Be Addressed Directly by Somebody Who’s Seeking Light in Order to Really Put a Barrier of Yourself and Actually Probably Bring Great Harm to the Dark Forces That Are Attacking and That He May in Some the Cycle Masters Mean These Are Masters Who Were in Charge of Different Dimensions That Are Designed to Merge Those in the Future Dimension at All in One Plane According before so There There There Cycle Coordinators Okay Galactic Global Coordinators in Iran for 3 to 9 Okay You Go Okay Will Where’s One into What Turns out That the since They’re Dealing with All Third Dimension Here on Planet Earth It Starts from the Third Dimension Goes through Nine Which Is Seven Beings Is There Are Seven Levels and Same As the Number of Levels in Your Chakras Will That’s No Coincidence You Can Also Consider Three through Nine the Shopper Cops Them in the Same Beings That Are Represented God My Opinion At Least Symbolically in the Hindu Religion of the Gods Who Control Your Access to Higher Consciousness through These Quantized Nerve Ganglia Centers along Your Central Spine Your Chakras What Each One Has a Different Wavelength of the Frequency and It Turns out to Be Quite Interesting and You Know We We a When You Really Think about Our Holographic Simulation It All Comes down Frequency and so a Light of These Beings Are Are Some Can Be Summoned and I Do This in My Audiobook and Also Put It on the YouTube’s You Can Get but the Ago Something like That Is Described without Telling I Can Do It from Memory but I Will Want to Do Is Look at the Elements He Basically Calls Forth These Beings from the Halls Lamented Couloir Animating a Frequency That’s Being Emanated from the Flower of Life This Is Some Sort of Crystal That Is That Was Very Important and Said Symbolized in Ancient Egypt and Several the Cultures of You Have in the Sacred Geometry Look at the Flower of Life and I Highly Recommend the Development Giza Textbooks Volume Wanted to Sit of the Sacred Flower of Life Series That He Was Teaching Is Similar so Easily Startled by Saying Filled out My Body with the Spirit of Life of Come from the Book Come from a Halls with the Seven Dwarves Role You Know Any in Any Names Are Names and Each One Has a Specific Function That Called up Emerald Tablets When You Look at of These Are the Functions of Your Correlated with the Various Attributes of Inscribed in Your Chakra Waking up so If Your New Woodchopper You Know More about Fight and Flight Know More Read Energy, Stuff Will Will That’s and Thomas Corey Okay so until You Overcome Your Physical Blockage in Your Spiritual Lesson Your Noggin Passing Possible This Is Exactly What the Hindus Are Teaching Them in the Religion so There’s Been Others These Quantized Places in Your Consciousness That Work Are Controlled in the Simulator Talks A Lot about Overcoming That so He Talks about Two Primary Energies Your Your Ball in Your Kind Do Not Only Get Too Far into This Because Will Will Be in the Second Book Already in Another We Didn’t Allocate the Compound Always Were When You Time and I’m Here Is a Fundamental the Fundamental Thing He Teaches Is If You Can Activate This Certain Energy It Will Overcome the Caught Energy Which You Were Born into Mean You’re Born with a Energy Field That Enslaves You and He Calls with the Illusion of Call for a Some People Call the Illusion of My Rights of This This the Perception That Physical Objects in Your Simulator Are Real and They Are the the Reality Is Not Is Not the Truth and We Can Get Really Deep into the Program I Do I Call It the of the Poets of Percent High Quality of Perception Prison That Caused by a Skewing of That Reality Know This Can Be Done with the Heart Know the Electrolytic Spectrum That Were Sensitive to Others for Your Eyes Your Ears Are so Society When You Start Thinking about the Construct of Avatar I Went Really Deep and about My Second Book to Show Electromagnetically and Physically How They Abuse Control Systems and Knowledge of Your Creation in Order to Keep You Enslavement to Be Dumbed down and Thought Not to Not Get Too Far Be Almost Thought Those Teach about Activating Additional Energy within Your Body That’s Part of Your Design and This Is Where We Go Back to Anti-Greatest First Avatar Going by Jamaican Just a Big Enslaves Earth Are Is an Upgrade Path of the 20s Models Well It’s like There’s an Upgrade Path for Us That Black Should Lead All the Way to If You Look Is What Some of the Ascended Masters of Them but Other Spiritual Parables by the There’s a Whole Range of What They Available to Us and in the Simulator but That’s Not Very Much so Okay Okay so I Mean I’m I’m Doing Best to Keep up with Everything Is Again This Is so Much Information and We We Just Have To Have You Back on Again to to Cover It Want to Get I Want to Get into What You’d Say about the Twin Flame Because I Mean This This Is Talked about and A Lot Of People Who Kind of Practice Time Try the Kind of Talk about This and Everywhere Else I’ve Seen This It’s Kind of This Move There’s No One Has Ever Put Really Any Science to the Twin Flame Phenomena and You Have Your Book so Can You Please Just Kind of Go over You Know What What You Say the Twin Flame Is Anyone Doing You Any Good Words You Have a Describe the Math Equation We Might Be Will to Far Longer Math Equation Right Unless Doing That Still Works Okay so What What What Is What It What Is It That Potentially Could Be More Beneficial from Two People Versus What Wallace Countless Go Back to Frequency Again If You Got to Frequencies a Column Tuning Forks of People Can Visualize This There There and Make the Creating a Vibratory Way Okay so Is Even More Visualized for You Imagine These Two Ways Come Close to Each Other Okay or You Direct Them into a Waveguide with a Have To Bounce into Each Other There’s No Way to Escape Focus of the Getting Intermixed Somehow Someway the Science of Those Ways Intermixing Is Called the Superposition Principle When It Applies to Multiple Types of Waves so the Bottom Line Is If You Have Waves That Are Synchronized Together Their Peaks Might Had up and You Get Higher Energy Whereas If There Out Of Phase Meeting Hundred 80° Out Of Phase That the Worst-Case the Peak of the Top My Lineup and Especially If They’re the Same Frequency Then You Would Get Basically a Flatlined Because the Peak of the Valley Would Negate Each Other That’s How the Principle Works Okay Somatic It to People That Come Together They Have Chakras Are Operating at Various Frequencies If You Take Each Stock Chakra Assuming It’s Active in Your Some Them All into a Waveguide with All Bouncing Together Okay They’re Not Segregated Anyway They Were Greatest Superposition of Some Signal That Would Represent You and I Would I Would Guarantee You Three Letter Agencies Have the Techniques and Capabilities and Telemetry Equipment to Look at You and Determine Exactly Where You Are in the Process While If I Could I I Guarantee You They Could Get It Okay I I Postulated before They Been Able to Do It from Space the Were All These Walking around Blips of Various Colored Life That There Keep an Eye on near the Middle of the Rope the Beer in the Bar Another and Are Doing What We Tell Them to Do Where Is the Blue and the Indigo Violet Once There A Lot More Problematic They Want to Be Sovereign Citizens Aware for Your Mollusca Visit They Know They Are Endowed by Their Creator Have Right so so I Hope That Got a Gave You a Background on What Happens When to Frequency of Gnostic It to a Man a Woman They They May Have an Physical Attraction to Themselves Just by Using Their Eyes Will Eventually Wonder in Close Proximity There Also Having an Interaction with Their Energy Bodies and like I Said If There on the Same Path and Their United Together One Flashing the Heading in the Same Spiritual Direction You Might Experience of a Mutual Coupling of These Two Energies into a Higher Amplitude One Word There’s More Energy Available Together and There Is a Part of and That Is a Called Experience of Love People Who Say They Found Their Soulmates Them a Sense Yeah so so Mathematically I Would I Went Back Previously Were Talk about the Human Energy Body I Actually Specified What That Is and Also You See That the Wavelength Frequency Are Things That Show up in That Equation Will These Are Exactly What Is Needed Describe Your Chakra Because You Know Everything in the Electromagnetic Spectrum Is Composed of Wavelength and Frequency When Multiplied Equal Speed of Light so Matter Which One You Have You Can Drive the Other One Assuming the Speed of Light It’s Now Somewhat of a Constant Is Such a Big Number That It It Dwarfs All the Other Scale Scalars at You and Abusing That Equation While and Also Entire You Know There Are Certain Practices Vietnam but Also Involve the Breath and Heighten Your Energy in Doing Yoga at All These Other Things That Amplified the Effect of Your Personal Energy and That Coupled with the Your Partner Okay so and It Seems to Me That They Looking at the Archetypes This Was Part of an Archetypal Design That the Male and Female Energy When They Were Unified in an Individual Also Caused Very Powerful Effects of Mrs. the Supposedly Synchronizing the Heavy Sinking of the Left or Right Brains It Happens of the Corpus Callosum Is the People That End up on a Very Advanced Spiritual Path They Described This Is Something That Happens and This Is Described by the Symbol of the Caduceus Dinner with the Wings in the Knob on Top Remote Twin Serpents Going up Whole Will Allow Wings Represent the Wings of Mercury Which Are the Lateral Ventricles in Your Brain That All Of A Sudden Start Popping Cerebral Some Spinal Fluid the Way They’re Supposed to and It Causes the Brain and the Pineal Gland Having Start Working Correctly so so This Energy Is Energy Is Important in Your Body Could Also Couples with the Endocrine System to Affect Various Glands Are Your Glandular System For Instance the the Pineal Gland Is Always Talk about Being Coupled with the Seven Chakra Well There’s Also the Pituitary Gland and Other Glands That Are Correlated with Your Chakras Best and so If If You’re If You’re Chakra System Is Waking up in Your Glandular Systems Can Be Doing Well to This Coupling When Use of These When When Young Male and Female in India in Your Book You Talk about Hermes Being That Hermaphrodite Having Both Sexes That an Innocuous Putting Them Part to Create the Sort of Disparate Disparity between the Sexes and Escorts Are Conflicting Energy Know Unless until You Find This Sort of Person That Is on the Same Wavelength As You Are Has the Same Mission As You Do Which Is to Get off of This Planet to Exit the Reality Matrix and so What Would You Say Is Is the Type of Feeling That a Person Would Experience When They Encounter Someone They Consider Their Twin Flame Audio How Do You Know When You Flat out a Twin Flame Essentially Well Not Only Is There a Feeling of Heightened Energy and the Ecstasy in Their Presence but Also There’s A Lot Of Us Synchronicity’s That Happened in a Kind of a Mind Meld of the Well like You Feel What the Other Person Feels Which Is Very Bizarre Oftentimes Are Thinking about What They’re Thinking so You Are Very Much on the Same Page of the Same Frequencies or That You Know and If You Can Spend 24 Seven with a Person Go on Travel and Him and Be with Them and You’re Still Excited about It in the Oftentimes Is Because Your Neuron the Same Frequency Otherwise This Can Be Something Any Some Issues Are to Come up You Know When the Is Is a Very Special Experience I Think It’s I Think It’s Universal I Think Is Available to Everyone so If You If You’re a Certain Frequency Layouts Is on the Frequency It May You May Not Be Completed yet in Awaken Your Chakras but At Least Together You May Be Allowed Access the Neck Chakra Together Just by Your Joining Together in a Being Together but I Doesn’t Mean You Should Use Got Look for Someone That’s Discovered Complete You and That’s All Done Because There’s There Stuff You Can Do You Antenna to Get Their Yourself That I Think That’s Part of Taken Responsibility of the Relationship to the Physical to the Nonphysical on This Planet in the Specifically Them Talk about Your Body and Relationship to Gravity so That Maybe One We Will Wait for Next Time and We Can Get Real Deeper Than That but It Has A Lot to Do with Your Personal Energy and Your Experience of Energy When Energy Really to Me Is Quantize Consciousness Energy Is Consciousness in the Religious Group When I Was Religious We Would Call It Spirit Energy and Spirit Are Very Much Analogous Terms to Me Yes You Can Have Various Types of Energy That May Not Be Spiritual but the Essence of the Human Energy of the Human Soul Is Energy Right and It’s in Its Each Well It’s Not Something Is Not Something That Is Finite the Moment What Avatar Body Went up in Your Spirit in Your Your Soul Is Eternal in Time Thought Teaches That It’s Very Important Anything about Back Compared to Dogmatic Organizations Are Telling You What You Do This and Do That the You Know You Will Go to Heaven or Whatever That Means Will Have Eternal Life about the Lie Because You Are Ready Have It All You Do Is Take It Now Realize It Amplify Your Energy and Perform the Highest Level of Avatar Listen You Are Supposed in the Scintillator a Graduate Right and That’s Where Were at Allies Keep Coming Back and You Going through Its Enslavement over and over Again… You Cannot Remedy Have Housewives I’ve Had Once the Isn’t Enough for Me to Get It I Mean a New End and You Can You Get into This in Your Book and and There’s like God We’ve Just Get through so Much Information If You Look at Bad for Healing and and I Suggest Highly Suggest That You People Pick up This New Book 7 Planet Mercury Rising and so They so They Can Get All This Information and and a Just Meanwhile Man NEA It’s Incredible How Much Research How Much It Just How Much You Will into Information You’ve Poured into These Two Books Special His Latest Book and That I Mean the Enclosing and and I and I’ve Been Wanted This Keep Talking to You but I Mean to Kind of Connect This Back Together Where Are We Now and What and Where Where It Is Humanity Stands I Mean Our Are We Are We Going Are Reexperiencing Ascension Are We Are Is Is Happening Now Know Three Leading Towards That You Are We Going Heading Towards Another Flood Agenda of Apocalypse Type Scenario in What Is What Is Your Stance and I Was Your Opinion on That Bothers Appreciate Free Have a Questions Because It on to Do an Entire Show Just on That Answer I’m out… Quick to so There’s Of Some Continuity As I Mentioned the Inky It’s in Our Lives or or Oppose Each Other That May Be by Design in Order to Bring Duality in Your Consciousness Is We Don’t Understand Thing without Its Opposite and You Can Test That on It Just about Anything You Realize It’s True the Lemons Find a Good Good Copy No One Claimed Back up One of Them Standing Your Your Desires for War and Destruction of Power and Greed Every and in the Seven Sins of the of You Know That Alija Destruction and Repeated Experience As a Slave Illness but If You Believe in Reincarnation Which I Do or You Can Play the Game of the Other One Which Is to Seek Light Overcome Your Ego. Fire Consciousness and Receive Higher Guidance from Them to Go As Far As You Can in This Avatar Believe Is Good like Path an Event on Simultaneously Gratian the Structure Always Going on Simultaneously Okay We Are at the End of the Zodiac Will Age of the House of Pisces Going into Aquarius Each Time That Happened If You Have My First Book You Know the Zodiac Old Changes Were the Term Limits for the on Lucky Rulers on the Council Oftentimes They Seem to Have It Set up Where You Would Ping-Pong between and Inky Eight and and a Light on the Council of You Had an Analyte You Probably Experience a Pretty Rough Ride You Know Think about Going Back to the Minds This Is Beings the Bureaucratic Commander Standing There Going Was Just Kill Want to Go Back to Work They Been in Their 3600 Years so There’s That One and His Kids A Lot Of They Seem to Play the Same Role Applied That to a Group Them Together Not Always Looking Always Know You Shouldn’t Generalize Too Much so Wearing in the Zodiac Will House I Believe That One of Inky’s Sons That I Said This All along or Aching Himself It’s Him or His Son Is Going to Ascend to the Rank of 50 Lord of This Earth Annie’s Is System of Government Everything Else Will Be in Control Okay and I Think Eventually or to See a Female on Their to May Had Six Females and Six Males Melissa Was Balanced I Believe Based on Everything That’s Been Shown in the in the Expectations of the Coming of the Messiah This This New Age Is Both the Last Thousand Years Will Listen We Start Reading the Stuff Meant Correlating It with the Able Tablets the Bible and the Samir Document You Realize That One of Those Beings in Their That Was Given the Mission to Help Us out That Was Nishida Use Whether through Was Aligned Razor Consciousness and You Could Reach of Ascended Master Level Graduate from the Giza Pyramid in the in the Kings Chamber after Ingesting Starflower Gold Having an Out Of Body Experience Okay He Was Waking Humans up in His Mistress Schools and and Will Do Not Want That up and Onward Was That without Those Beings Are Still Here and I’ve Said This Many Times before I Believe That and Little Yahweh Jehovah Is the God That’s in the United States the God That There Referred to You Took over the Masonic Order As the God of That Order in 1895 in England a Son Numeric That Was the Chief Warrior Wasn’t Shy about Using Nukes and Fly around Craft Blowing Stuff up I Give You More into.All Sophomore That Will on Several Others Okay Is the Is with His Dad and on the Same Team and His Team Is on the Planet As Well and There Opposing Whatever This Premonition of the New World Order Is You Actually Analyze What’s Going on Stealing Sovereignty Enslaving People Busily Old World Wars Not New Nothing New about It except the Technology They’re Using to Do It Has Worsened 1984 Right the Scepter Doing Brain so There Is a Conflict of Light and Dark That Was Referred to the Armageddon the Bible Well I Don’t Think That One Writings of John I Don’t Think Were Completely Accurate but Focht Those Tell You When We Had Weapons of War Are Weapons That Are’s Powerful Lightning and We Traveling around the Planet

The There Will Be a Great War and It Will Be Nuclear and a Third the Plants Could Die and until That until We Stop Striving against Her Brother He Said There Not a Step in As Soon As It’s Reaches a Certain Stage He Severed a Step in and Reestablish a New Set of Rules on This Planet but It Does Look like a Good Lettuce Preliminarily Do Part of World War III on Oil for about That: Four Right Now These These Entities That Are Using Humans Is Dauntless and They’re Not Open to Negotiation There to Do with Their Set to Do at It There’s Nothing with. It I’m Here to Tell You so What What Emerald Tablet 12 Said about This Coming Destruction Is Happening and You Can See It in Simultaneous without in Others There’s A Lot Of Other Things Going on the Planet That Culminating into a Great Cataclysm and As Part of the Changing of the This This Matrix into a New One and We Can Talk Really People about What’s Going on from a Higher Level about and I Think We Need More Time for Them While and I’m Blown Away Gerald IMing All This Information Is Just Every Night and and and in Which There’s One Thing about Just Kind Reading Your Book and There’s Another Kind Hearing It You Know from You and Just I’m I’m Kind of in Shock and and and and Just Just Absorbing All It Is It Is It Is Shocking I Know so It Actually You Know What That Suing I Just I Think I Just Want to Give You a Chance to You Get Your Website out I Know That Your Holding a Mexico City Symposium Kind of Guilt Tripped When Is That You My Website Is Joe Clark 77.com GER Ailed the UCLA Okay 77.com We Held a Symposium in Did Chichen Itza the Last September the Went Really Great That Are Really a Fantastic a Set of Conferences and Lectures and Tours and Things like That so We Had a Good Mix of We Decided to Do Something in Mexico City of This Made Way First and Can Be Doing a a Celestial Event so We Tried to Get That in There As Well so Love Bill Be a Lecturer and Then Two Days of Tours to a Teotihuacan Were Really Don’t See the on a Nokia Connections to Mainsheet Who Was Quite Vocal Awful This Is the Big the Big Thing to Find out about the Lost Realm of Mexico and and This Area Is That They Were Significantly Influenced by Remnants of the on Occupant Start of the Civilization so We’ll Talk about That Sherry Bunch Evidence for That Have To Teotihuacan and See the Pyramids That Caught the Bottle Was Credited with and Some of the Other Things That Are Look at Some of the Various Architectures What They Were Doing with Golden’s Mother Precious Metal of Minerals There Which Is Very Fascinated Turned up a Very Important Site Is Already Go out to Establish the Connection to Be Olmec’s Which of Frequented Mexico in the Area of Veracruz and Tabasco and They They Had a Very Interesting Lineage That Clearly Was McGrory Don’t Connected Back to Africa Now That We’ve Told the Story You Understand That Was Inky’s Domain with His Son Mainsheet and Eventually Marty Were There As Well and They Were Gods of Egypt As Well As If You See That New Movie the Gods of Egypt Obesity up Nominal That Actually Will What You Hear the Story Then See That Some of It Is Really Fantastic of the Open of Players and on a Shows up in Their Pretty Significant We Didn’t Get to Talk about Herbert Much Even Though She Got the Indus Valley A Lot to Do with Those Religions in the India so Joe Clark 77.com May 21 of the 23rd Were to Go to Mexico City Go to the Anthropology Museum See All the Artifacts Linked Realm the Athlon Who Which Was the Source of the All the Seven Tribes That Ended up Migrating down Much Them Some Came from the Looks like North America so That’s Very Fascinating Absolute Wonderful Artifacts Are World-Class Place of You Never Seen It and It’ll Help You Establish This Connection of Old Macs the Poll Tax the Aspects the Mayan How It All Related to Each Other and to Their Cause Word How This Connects the Unlucky Story of the Unlucky Dominions Mexico and a Hopefully We’ll Get a Good Turnout This Languages That Would Last on Sounds Great Man Signing out Gel You Take You so Much and Thank You so Much for Being Here I Am Good after We and This Recording Unlimited Try to Get You to Agree to It a Second Episode Here but Thank You so Much for Being Here Mantra Really Really Truly Appreciate Your Presence in Your Work Why Appreciate You Pursuing It and Hold Me the Fire to Be Back to in Some Radio Shows I Got a Slacked off to Him for A While a Kind of Tired of Doing BRCA2 Years Just over and over and over but That but It It’s Always Good to Have New Enthusiasm in a Different Perspective and I Think You’ve Got That so Appreciate That and for Going through All the Material That You Did before Committing to Doing the Show You You Sensibly Points Are Really Good Really Great Talking Points and I Think We Have More Talk about Yeah for Sure I Guess This the Human Experience Thank You Guys so Much for Listening Pick up a Copy of Seventh Planet Mercury Rising Gerald Clarke We Are Getting It out Here Thank You Guys so Much for Listening


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