Episode 41 – Stuart Sovatsky – Transcript

So and yoga today disguises this fact because all the awesomeness are done by the memorization by imitation but for much longer time is some scholar says 700 you. You discontinuities yoga was much more prevalent than got a hold is like I say we siblings movements that they call charismatic religions of the religions where people are shaking like holy rollers shake or like a belly dance felt this is not just an entertainment of Middle Eastern restaurant for something that is, of the sexual is limited That can happen spontaneous kundalini is active in the female body and that those cultures they feel that they’re not just feeling excited about the woman they feel that the off of feminine energies which is connected to fertility answer the source that have been energized by some start to see of the energy of sex as it keeps changing goes up the spine causes the body shaking about this worldwide RELIGIONS and this very good simultaneously moves the energy throughout the whole body and what I’m saying it much worse the gland… And matures it so much that we have to eventually met with the body goes through a quickly puberty that comes after the teenage so I mean that be an interesting question on a dating site is your kundalini activated guests know serving these compounds a talk about the brain DMT specifically seem to me as I can evolution compound when you’re when you’re activating your pineal gland it seems like you’re orienting yourself to participate in your own evolution through activating these more subtle bodies but to play devils advocate here bit what would you say the dangers of of activating your kundalini would be well you know what what are holistic way that would be very little danger because of your character would be maturing your value system off how how fairly wireless other people are your family history will be going well childhood know the culture such of our is ours people can take up a practice substance feel just like a lot of the heavy breathing and not pay attention to our my lifestyle illustrated people can do something relief force was energies to awaken and that forced a way of waking what has side effects for many people that this is not a balanced awaken ago be? Was first to publish on the last about 1970 and 71 the dinner forced awaken describes in great detail is sitting for about 1516 years woefully talk to you soon dancing for example just was, all himself into this some kind of what and as a result see his system was too hot willfulness creates heat just like too much vicinity not much will happen will be lethargic that he was way over on the side of being very forceful then describes how that was he was pot all the time and I have been difficult and that was in India so he you’re not like many things going to a therapy for him in the sport want to go into in a way that balances lots of aspects of just you and them I’m imagining all become is into this right now suddenly getting incredibly aroused but Ed anything you go into soon yoga postures how how important are these us on Eisenman draws mother done with them what the motive of devotion or like dancing then verify not just a lot of playful way but the joy of being devotional grateful of the magic of the ability to provide a sort this really the result is a bodily expressions can come from an emotional place for them to do technique and that unlocks their home I called the deeper significance and just ways of on kiss sex practices of the x-axis efficient it’s on this is it’s out of and enjoy each other and the Internet since the drug the Scripture same is also time and that when the time sufficiently aroused for months and years at a time it will is will trigger a kind of orgasm the body of so is fingertips could have types of orgasm what if you’re a certain type of joy seeing the understand. But I’m there’s JOYFUL ways instructed get just liberated from the guilt ridden sex to express is the partner is doing it with you that was the of from my book without from an experience of a partner and it was just that magical interactivity and is filed with hand gestures with gestures just out of the body from where there been waiting to come out longtime interesting i.e. you know I I want to talk about marriage and relationships just because it seems like society has changed and i.e. in a more more through my parents and my friends who are married and have kids now and I I feel this pressure to get married or moving to you know of a serious relationship and how how important is it is that to that were talking about it is interesting is wonderful wonderful questions on we have to imagine this marriage is the is the prize instead of something that will overwhelm us to fall in love is probably all agree to find someone who falls in love with you all of what is just a wonderful wonderful thing the the the the possibility that that that type of love could be strong enough to never exhaust through 15 years of ups and downs money issues around one city to another argument difficulties communicating the possibility that will that you wanted so-called honeymoon. As we saw it on in love with last a lifetime in only get better year after year what you started the age of 20 excited to jump right and curses on each other but that this will be able to go through all these different stages problem is void only mapped out human development to the two major and said that’s what sex is is not much of a change after that that all sciences since then and better how much you have a five about the pineal gland of oxytocin all of that first one I’m in publishing about will over 30 years now but you know takes a while to change of message paradigm about that maturity how far can go but the dispute is what going to happen kind of partner would be like to start the years of the of 20 oh so instead of feeling pressured by culture in which we would be conflict the expectations by the washing is almost completely the opposite dating sites the of just facilitate people that I sent different people that nobody waste any time because they feel that energy of attraction in my book hopes to show people hundreds of different ways to overcome problems communication problems sexual problems problems with money problems with in-laws parents become parents oneself issues about aging coming. Old 4056 is always tries to map all difficult issues that show how is beautiful can be difficult than what some some of the pressure is much more about enthusiast caught someone needs to tell us to do not is is is a simple on a hot day people were good job and you have any advice for a person we meet my last three dates were terrible and these are way to the more ambiguous kind of site I essentially I’m looking for someone who is is as aware as I am and I just feel like relationships are so ambiguous nowadays and people just kind of are looking for one thing to sex and the sacred the notice of of the experience is gone and I just I feel like an alien on of our planet and I’m just it’s so frustrating and I don’t know and maybe you can give me some advice medicine (another it away from your very hard the hopes of from a very long life is of most of the visits much more intellectual and I really touch as I can feel here me to call love with someone who will problem with you and create a separate container for the just seem frivolous and we knew great respect for the woman to make the woman feel that circle of connection you you ready for an the sadness is but I know some people are very scared and scaring each other and so much beyond the first or second day is people are calling it quits before you get started that is America stop this for 40 some years I saw this beginning to happen it’s funny because match.com going to help people it also be people so many possibilities that alone is the only way that if you lots of possibilities by stop of the first first deposit people are entering to with somebody people in the dismissive each other of sometimes just because they happen other people on their on their website they wanted check out and by the time you come back to the other one is frustrated or they find somebody will other someone to just woke up steps and that’s one not some kind fragment some not I’m not sure if you’re a fan of Salvador Dali the surrealistic the elite 1920s he did a very interesting approach you he made a paining called the great masturbator and you can you can see the evolution of of how we view sex and and units in the 20s and just you’re looking at this this guy is faces down with women and I mean really interesting way of kind classifying how can not. People viewed sex so mean what in your experiences there is there anything that struck you as profound or I mean is there something that you can share with us that kind of changed your thinking was very questions about Dali is this is that but there are very much originated in Western culture where sex is thereby this is problematic from the Catholic Church’s you for example we know of have is is making love with each other in a very different way but it’s about time because see couples often you can find errors in the genders Eisenman very high state now I think looking at Salvador Dali will get experience of Western unconscious mind is of the very problem that but if you look at Tonga from that will see him just which it success and we almost this field is I can think of is to try to the transition from of Western culture which is very problematic history and all the artist that the artists also Hieronymus Bosch lots of the artist you try to was going on Western torturous looking paintings but that got out to you another image of Christ been flirting with a Mary Magdalene the Catholic Church will will boycott everything is artist that you have temples is this is a difficult it is a secret enough of type of connection just called people getting it is much more whole you see how small aluminum upon were Salvador Dali was course is presented come up with a tortured experience with the best you can, great masturbator I really like that comparison that think it’s very accurate well said so in your book you use you talk about sublimated passion to few yoga movements postures getting the bodies, to four is needed what what is sublimated passion end how does this effect on a movement you are at all the support sublimation is this from psychoanalysis sentences was something about it that is Sanskrit word would be would relate to and it translates will is this full blossoming the seem and so it’s just a with the genital puberty the teenagers San Carlos sublimation of it is much more than you know of blissful feelings and why don’t amazing is one of the sensitive to so that you can name whatever those feelings are way that generates bodily movements the dancing the Dawson is is body, body it just the way it will make you feel good feeling and that’s liberation liberation a lot of embodiment is free to move our body Majesty excavated at Salvador Dali showed your whole body of my favorite is over here smile and so I’m totally free I can go as much joy as a result system I had once I start feeling that’s when I say a few who asked questions such as social stop saying that you are in my mind might say is a radio and I’ll say attracted visitors asking the buzz is the romantic life by that I was live footage is something about what it was improves and move to that and then I do I spread out capacity globalists similar to what happens this gigantic bubbles but I’m I’m just I’m everywhere that changes StarfieldI would be about intercourse so I just about it is the wasn’t nobody could put onto a ballet or up dancing festival is everyone would think it was extradited yeah that makes a lot of sense know so we have to yourself from this X-rated this lets the arrows go everywhere but not introduce now it’s sexual is that but a ballet performance which is everybody’s rushing that there have and ballet since of pornography without know so just as sublimation this animation examination with all kinds of emotions and so finally this passion that we respect well respected to the genitals we restrict that passion to the nipples stays there for you find this kind of it goes but it redistributes itself soulfully it’s the same old sexual hundred that Stewart that really woke me up a little bit I makes a lot of sense to me so so is moving on here so in in Aeros consciousness and can you talk about contracts celibacy and I I think a lot of Westerners shunned sold the celibacy it’s kind of looked at down and pain how how is celibacy important and very upset about that is another super question 160 a while my words to say again because of such as the celibacy is Catholic Church has very little in common with what Buddha did although he also was a it’s like saying every baby is a little bit different in the body what argue with that just because is called baby cousin that they are cookie-cutter it’s equally true of Solomon six and sold go over to something like Buddhism in some of the great mystics like Mike Meister Eckhart or Teresa of St. John some of these high-level states of the Richard they taken this puberty that is described in puberty have start having been balancing energies for the active inside of one’s own body more erotic than that type of experience of dealing male and female energies is the genetic background chemistry somebody that’s what yoga actually met you was a person of the path of the sun the great energies in the in the body interact with each other within your own body and yoga was the outcome is still types of movements blissful types of patterns and and find the whole conscious mind has a kind of a sort of Essen it’s called the called and what is so awake is the energy has marrying inside oneself there’s this past is a monk look at don’t think all that poor guy problem is the priests and nuns and monks in the Of religion Much yoga that they had to make good on their file very restricted mode of celibacy and it proved too much for was just traveled to model of the body that are the puberty is that I’m describing and this marriage see it’s it’s it’s a joy I did it first started you could save us from Soloway and as we welcome experience to Mr. where we are approaching the end you that by but being do you describe these cultural barriers and how how do you think we are being affected by this like it and yoga is being practiced more and more through Western society and and people are kind of catching on to moving it’s the kind of seems like you and I are ahead of the curve by about 1015 years well so you know of at but I was thinking of them 72 they continue to work with our without was the last 40 years others only 5% of the… Is translated and that’s a problem because when people become an expert in those 5% authentic and they like that will instruct is the threatening there’s the sometimes more that I don’t know about why I bookable this for the next 5 to 10 years of people such as yourself that are interested in we can have to be humble is it’s a whole huge cultural transmission from such as China without the colony that that’s of dollars to yoga all this information in and you know how many thousands of dollars spent on promoting the sexual liberation process that that 60s and 70s all the movies all the music that helps to stop guilty about sex some percentage of that to transform pornography for example so. Going back to the first puberty but it’s all shockers as it did you songs and then yoga classes at the radically transform some of the freeform and not just flow but ecstatically flop of a we summarize something probably won’t change it sense of what Americans that is a joyful ball and chain when the baby is and maturity that comes along with it the tone for abortions by large and contraception the tremendous maturity will change the world hopefully in the next 510 1520 years until where the world will be now will be justice for all as I saw what happened between 1949 when I was born when for example on the revision of black the jaws is something you know by schools are the person that integration come along way to have a black man in the White House in a year 2000 32,045 that for myself the incarnate so I is somewhat like how you are so well Stewart this conversation has been enlightening sewer I really truly appreciate your time I highly suggest that anyone listening pick up a copy of this it really struck a chord for me the book is called advanced spiritual intimacy store where can people is her website the people can go to to find you yes you can get a signed copy of you really like that by just googling my name going to my website that my email address be happy to describe personal message of value a copy if you want go quickly just go to Amazon.com books of us out on Amazon.com almost everything what is what is your site called the eyes the undermining so spot Stephen it’s called counseling services okay will make sure that the link is available for anyone listening short thank you again serve it’s been great this the human experience my name is Xavier and we are getting it out here we will see you guys next week


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