Episode 38 – Raghu Markus Transcript

it’s a pleasure server welcome to reach XP say goodbye dimension so am what you give us some background for the people that might know you are program director in Montréal it tells what you do observed please do know you will what you’ve done and what you chromatid well I started off yes I did I started often radio and I was program director for me to rock ‘n roll station in Montréal and I’ve been basically and media my whole life all the way till now were of an executive director of the foundation called love serve remember foundation with truly represents all of the around us who live in those around us out there who wrote be here now and in many of the teachers better on the spiritual circuit today who were with us in India way back when with around us and the so we do a lot of the books we do films send we do workshops will do live retreats in Maui we do webinars online courses and then my other had is with mine pod network which is a podcast network and that includes so myself what I do with my growing with my partner David Silverman Rondon’s and Krishna Das subject Cornfield insurance Sulzberger Duomo Soria Doris and a few others so you have very very interesting career that you have over there and it when you you met Ron Das how to how does that occur in what was was that like that actually happened when I was soon I was in Montréal at that rock ‘n roll station and one day somebody rang up and said to we would love for you to promoted talk to lecturer that this man from doses can think that I went around us like that that and they were Richard Alpert tamely Reno it will ship yet love those people because I was on the psychedelic a day right and of so I said but before I do anything I really would like to hear something of what is done before I know some stuff around Eastern spirituality and so on you know that that was it was more Leslie going over the Hare Krishna people’s place on Sunday and eating the great food that they had was that little I did TM transcendental meditation stuff like that so I wasn’t completely unaware but I had never heard of around us and and so they sent over lecturer done earlier in the leaky in the year and they so I put it on in the studio right away and and reword just hit me like a ton of bricks and it was like everything I had been waiting to hear that there was an opportunity you could be happy in this life in this life was beyond cultural norms that we were put in a straitjacket with the at that time especially and so I put it right on the air I said get up with the sludge here right now I put on the air I tell you the switchboard lit up you do went nuts in Montréal who is this and then I met him I brought them down at the station I interviewed him and and then I started going to say his father’s farm those famous couple years where he was doing these amazing sought songs with the whole pile of soil spiritual hippies doing Sufi dance and chanting he would give lectures it was a ball it was just incredible that he said I’m going back to India and I surround grown to be said well as he was not supposed to say a word about his guru he was instructed not to of course that’s all he talked about because he could not stop himself from sharing which is the beautiful essence of this man and how long and short of it is admitted to India and met and Corolla about sort of the boys some of the personal I mean transfer transformations that happen for you that caused you to follow Ron Bost India transformations well I was really unhappy I was terribly unhappy could not believe that what society offered and what religion offered you know straightahead Judaism Christianity had any promise to be happy and fulfill any it you know any of my questions about what’s with this life is all about so it i.e. I was really get on my teenage years pretty disturbed and unhappy and the only thing that saved me was music I I have been in I’ve worked in music I don’t independent label for 20 years actually Los Angeles just before sort of working with this foundation and the only thing that saved me was the likes of John Coltrane with who I saw one night in Montréal I mean I don’t think I was more than 1617 and just it was a transcendent experience transformational experience alongside of psychedelics which were transformational experiences and that gave me the inkling of course that there was something else to our lives beyond our senses mind ego and I wanted to pursue that and so when I went around us came along and he elucidated all of that all of those spiritual truths and he was so honest about his own pitfalls and so on that everybody could relate with so I I just said I get to get me some of that I went India while while meeting will you say how how do you think from DOS is teachings are so different and were connected you to them so much that mean you felt draining your that you selves you compelled in this way very what what would you say are some of the core messages that from DOS is presenting I guess it what I’d I just said one word that was super important and that’s on the self honesty he was so honest with himself about all of his Fogelson all of this stuff that was going on in his mind all the shadows that we like to put down and stuff way down deep and not to and not even in a not even allow any awareness whatsoever for any kind of transformation so that self honesty was a huge thing that immediately touched me and the other thing that you just comes often it’s a it’s a it’s a shady word is called love a man he I remember when I first went I first met him in the first moment he just contacted me you know I do I and there was just something that I could feel a compassion a level of empathy a caring and in that moment there was not anything else going on for him except being in that moment with me and those things were extraordinarily impressive to me I had not even my parents I cannot maybe when I was a baby with my mother something but this was something that I hadn’t really experienced in this way especially with a stranger somebody I’d never met so that that obviously was key and and the other thing was there was a trust level so that the things he was talking about I really resonated with there was something beneath all of it that allowed me to have the kind of trust and was only when I got to India met winker Ali Baba the grew when we call martyrology that I realize where that always emanating from so from DOS was really an incredible ambassador for what we now know’s unconditional love sports any let’s dig into that how how do we find a way through this constant suffering that we are dealing with here and how do we how we love ourselves well tough stuff for us Westerners to love ourselves and not judge ourselves I I would say that and we talk about this all the time on podcast we do with the different teachers I mentioned before part of my blog network and the very very I mean it certainly helps everybody at some point has some sort of ineffable experience where there’s no time and space you just completely present relaxed you’re not looking for anything more not looking for anything from anybody and you were you just feeling in the moment be here now this round is going the word and so at that time so with that experience then you can save yourself okay I have now a little bit of trust that there is something that I can enter into and relate with that is completely diametrically opposite my normal day-to-day experience so that’s the first start the that’s the first of important thing that somebody has to realize the second thing that everybody has to understand this you have to develop the chops to be able to engender those moments those ineffable moments the spacious moments those moments between the thoughts with by practice everybody has to have a daily practice or you just are taken over by your mind and you got a start with a one pointed practice of any sort of It’s looking at a candle flame were doing a breath meditation or doing a mantra I mean there are many many different ways in fact is a little commercial go around us.work because in July for four weeks we’re going to be putting up a summer meditation course with Robert us so that if for those of you out there listening to the show that might give you an opportunity will this only bouncing here because when I I experienced in a stage I started meditating very early in my life offer after college and I felt that same sort of suffering state where I just felt like the world wasn’t enough I wanted answers and and now years later i.e. ISO meditate but it’s not the cornerstone of of my life it’s part of my reading routine and a believe in it but it’s as if there something missing in thought, well I was good as in the other and that it’s in this practiced just practice it doesn’t it’s not a solution just a method by which you can get some kind of some kind of ground from which you are not taken over by your mind okay so it’s not the solution to life what is also necessary is on as much as one can get with the teacher who you know a righteous teacher who is has some experience and for instance and when we been talking about Robert also was will continue he in his those lectures and the one that I heard one of the main things he talked about was with those couple of a number of them obviously but one thing that was really crucial important was developing a witness so that you are looking at the data that the phenomenon that’s been created by the mind and you know as things commanded reacts to stuff anger lost read all of it and and you get and you just get run down a tunnel you just just on a merry-go-round so what is necessary is is to develop a way in which you can have a vantage point that if we call the witness and it would be from not from your mind but from that place that little small place in the middle of our chests we call soul spiritual hard the whatever the pure mind Buddhist would call it and and then then you start to have a little bit of a fulcrum so that you are not so caught up in the vicissitudes that come to us on a daily basis and you start to see that that’s suffering that I’m we we all experience it you know through our lives it as the Buddha said suffering is the first noble truths but you start to see that those things can be converted and by converted I would say I would mean that you see that these things can contribute to you getting free of of the shackles of one’s mind and emotions and and that is run DOS calls it I love suffering has he says I love suffering it brings me closer to God and that’s a big statement and and again the way but it is a vantage point where you start to see that everything that happens is is is fodder for being able to to transform yourself would you say it’s necessary to push yourself into these sort of uncomfortable boundaries will know I don’t at all is you get enough uncomfortable stuff coming to push yourself anywhere on the culture which you may not actually well I just mean that maybe a person can’t sit still for more than five minutes or they find their own thoughts so unpleasant that they always have the radio or TV on so in that sense kind of meditating would put you into the sort of uncomfortable state to masking have you found that pushing yourself through these uncomfortable moments when you said that earlier you said that we need to chops for this writer so I mean have you found that putting yourself into this sort of uncomfortable space allows you to grow further or see parts of yourself that you couldn’t see before you I I wouldn’t put it putting myself into an uncomfortable space in my own experience I just day-to-day no matter what I said and and it’s not a matter you know one day I if I don’t feel enough I don’t feel right I don’t feel good or I feel great I don’t even look at it like that I just sit just because just as if you were you know you’re your your training to to do you know an event of any sort of athletic event you just do it because you know that that’s what’s necessary to be able to call it or to to be able to do what you want to do and in this case sold it if you’re only going to do it when you’re when you’re in a once you realize that there’s different levels of it but the initial level is just unhappy with your life and you want to change and you realize that one of the ways that that can happen is through and it doesn’t you don’t have to admit of meditation I mean I would say to everybody that really it is necessary to to get one pointed so that you’re not at the whim of your mind I’m on that’s absolutely necessary and and and that only Is something you know you realize that that this and you’ve had enough experiences where that makes sense or you just are so unhappy as I said before and you just do it because you know that that will give you the leverage over this being caught and it’s not and the reactions to it and the judgments you make about it so you just end up doing it for no other it not for any big reasons of becoming enlightened or anything like that but it’s an internal investigation that we need to do so that we understand our minds and the Buddhist of course a very good at this and they talk about this a lot I think you there are people that are maybe don’t spend a lot of you know they don’t spend time in that respect and chanting for instance that’s a meditation that’s the you know I’m in Juneau Christian rushes by the with so Chris and us that’s his main his main practice that’s what he teaches and and if you go to one of his concerts in your there for to three hours you know after a while you find use you find that you’ve lost yourself into the moment of the mantra and it’s it’s it’s for some people it’s quite a lot easier because it’s got music behind it it’s got energy behind it about the people who were in common with and and you find that that does it for you and then you know you can do that on at home on on a daily basis it does need a daily practice of one sort or another and it does need we do need a teacher I mean it helps to have somebody that we can trust that has trodden the path you know I I recently changed locations and move cities and near one of the seas was a Christian temple and reluctantly I would go there is overlap to about the whole thing but I would go there because the free food and i.e. I noticed something in the eyes of all through the monks and people who go there and I never seen of force this point I is like the new some secret to something and one of the of the monks gave me a set of beads the mullah many encouraged that I start chanting and this is something that I would never do I just I would never do this but I was suffering so much.I I was going to do anything and so I started chanting and I can’t we use words to describe how powerful and how much it changed my life because it really did so just your thoughts on that and mean here you talk about it is is amazing I think that you said exactly would would you confirmed is it chanting is meditation there is no difference absolutely none in fact in India they say because it’s the call yoga you Abuja destruction the most efficacious way to transform yourself is through chanting chanting Hare Krishna of course they say but any chat so I took again what is necessary is in my mind is doing it on a daily basis a regular practice is super important because it consistently brings you back into that 1 Pointed Pl. or one hearted place or identification with the who we truly are so that when we step off the you out of our little corner of the room without with our over are also whatever were using and we go through our daily stuff there is always that connection to to that place which is beyond the kind of caught up this that we we tend to get to our daily lives so absolutely and I’m I think that’s very much a big part of what we were given in India by maharaja was chanting immediate actually never he would send us to these Buddhist meditation courses of but you only because we kind of wanted to go you know it wasn’t very close he wasn’t the teacher is not a teacher you never taught us anything you just the his being was the teaching and of course you in on there’s a lot of other happenings that you everybody’s sure is read about or you can read about in around us is preparing our medical a blog so that is very much part of my own personal practice absolutely every day I mean along with the sitting practice I just find that energy using a sitting meditative practices is is easy to clear the might and I will tell you one other thing that’s interesting around us I remember him saying you know he went off to some Buddhist meditation courses and and it came back and you know he had a very felt powerful one pointed this that they had gained and he said it absolutely helped him to open up that heart place that place of bhakti that is the center is a centerpiece of a brew the tradition we come from which is bhakti yoga how how important blogger would you say is gratitude and in our lives I think it’s essential it really is essential I mean when you know yes you talk about stuff like well were doing that’s a were going to do all this work on your cells we meditate we chanced when we read the books that that help enlighten us go hang out with teachers sought song community we do all these things why so that we can become personally emancipated a nothing else I don’t think so I don’t think that’s why we were put on this earth and ice I think that gratitude you know is is something that is very much in line with being able to give a should about our human the humans that we relate with on a day-to-day basis and I and I think we have to have a gratitude that we were given this incarnation this body to be able to be of some service so I think in that sense gratitude is it you know this is very important and it also helps defeat shall we say some of those mind spaces that really created tremendous self-interest is the Buddhist caught and so yeah I mean I think gratitude is this is super important and especially related to being able to to to give something to the people around us so I got it out such a powerful message our time is a bit short here but I got one last question for you if you could go back and tell your younger self 20 years 30 years one thing that would be by could go back until I got I got it tell you I mean when I met name Caroli Barber that first day moment and I realized you know I had the most overwhelming feeling of being home and I know that this is something that happened the I’ve been connected to him will be for way in the future in other was no time and space and I thought I’m finished I really had that thought okay that’s over now it’s just a matter of playing out, and I have had a lot of karma play out over the decades I just I mean I’ve done some pretty dumb stupid things-in my life that but I don’t think about going OG if I could go back and have something in the different I I think that it really was all designed perfectly to get the the little bit more why is that a little bit more free of this cool like self cherishing right that we do from the morning at the minute we get up in the morning and we start this crucial as calls it the movie of the you know I mean mine and so it is absolutely necessary for all of whatever happens to somebody in life and that’s where talking about before about suffering you suffering is is a grace and something to have gratitude for because it’s the only way that we get woken up and is the only way that we had the opportunity to transform our lives and so looking back in a on a rational worldly level there things that I wish I could say to myself I wish I did this study other but that doesn’t last for more than a mind moment and I I because I firmly know at this point that everything was is my whatever actions I took and that was karmic results in and I and all I was able to to see it for the good and see it for the way in which its can helping transform my life yeah while longer thank you so much for being your serve as water wisdom in your in your message working people find your website find your work well I encourage everybody to go around us.work and you know we have so much media and so much information so many things going on like that summer meditation and mindfulness course it starts July 6 I don’t know when this podcast about but of people certainly go there and that’s what a great resource and then if you all like podcast which you must go to listening to his if you go to mine pod network and the one that I do with my partner David Silvers called mind rolling and the just mine pod network.com and and look up mind rolling and every all the other podcasts are up there it’s very very rich resource for all this kind of stuff the we’ve been talking about perfect and we will make sure that the links for that are all below thank you guys so much for listening this is the human experience I’m Xavier and we are getting at here

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